Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 29

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Episode 29

RECAP: Soumya brings Meera to OM……..Rudra is shocked……..Ishkara meet……..AnIshSou share O’Sis moments

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Rudra was still in shock looking at Meera and then at Soumya, Soumya broke the silence,

Soumya: I think you both need some privacy, I’ll leave.

Soumya walked away but hid behind one of the pillars, RudMee were still looking at each other, their eyes were speaking volumes,

Meera: Actually Soumya called me, I just couldn’t deny.
Rudra: You can say no to only to me, for everything else it’s a yes (His voice clearly showed how hurt he was)
Meera: I know Rudra, I have been very unfair with you but it wasn’t intentional, I had no other choice.
Rudra: You had a choice, you could have talked to me but walking off was easier for you.
Meera: Yes maybe walking off from you was easier than letting you die.

Rumya are shocked,

Rudra: What do you mean?
Meera: Rudra, you always knew Dad was against us from the very beginning, when I told him that I’ll marry only you, he threatened me that if I don’t leave you, he’ll get you killed……what could I do……Rudra……what could I do……you hating me is much better than you dying because of me…….I let you go because I wanted to see you live…….I know I hurt you but I was forced………

Meera sat down crying, Rumya were shocked by the revelation, Rudra came back to reality and seeing Meera’s broken state, and he rushed to her and hugged her tightly and consoled her.

Soumya was seeing all this, she was happy that their MUs had been cleared but somehow an unknown feeling gripped her heart, she wasn’t completely happy seeing Rudra with Meera.

Soumya (thinking): Soumya……what are you thinking…….he is your friend… should be happy…….but why I am not feeling happy……..why I am feeling bad seeing them together?

At Night, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was going to his room when he saw a shadow near the kitchen, he got suspicious and decided to check once, he followed the person, he moved closer and held the person’s hand from behind, the person was shocked, Shivaay turned the person towards him and both looked shocked at each other, she was none other than Anika, they share an eye-lock,

O JAANA……..” Plays in BG)

Anika breaks the eye-lock,

Anika: Fhat the wuck!!!

Shivaay immediately leaves her with a jerk, Anika loses balance but Shivaay helps her, Anika pushes him away,

Anika: FTW, what are you doing?
Shivaay: Actually I thought its some intruder so….
Anika: So you come and hold the person like this
Shivaay: There is no need to be so angry, it happened by mistake
Anika: Of course, all mistakes happen with you only
Shivaay: Itna kyu bhadak rahi ho, itna kuch bhi nahi hua hai, jab dekho bas gussa karti rehti ho
Anika: I get angry because you make me angry
Shivaay: Then why are you so much affected?
Anika: Because I….. (Shivaay looks at her to answer) I don’t have to explain you (She leaves from there)

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was still thinking about her meeting with Om, his words ringing in her head, “bhale hi Maine laboon se jhoot kaha ho, meri aankhon mein koi fareb nahi tha”,

Ishana (thinking): Was it really a coincidence that I met him or……was it his plan……but how can he know that I would stop there……it was just coincidence……..but why I am thinking about him…..why can’t I forget him…….he broke my trust…….he lied to me…….still my heart isn’t able to hate him………why do I feel lost in those eyes……..why I am unable to move on……..why is this happening to me?

Her thoughts were disturbed by her phone’s beeps, she checked the messages that were from her new friend,

*Mr. Stalker* “Hi”
*Ishana* “Hi, still awake”
*Mr. Stalker* “You are also awake” “Looks like something is disturbing you”
*Ishana* “How do you know”
*Mr. Stalker* “Kuch baatein kahi nahi jati, mehsoos ki jati hai” “I just felt it”

Ishana was amazed by his words, she felt a connection with him, whose reason she couldn’t explain,

*Ishana* “I met someone who has hurt me earlier”
*Mr. Stalker* “And you are confused whether to trust the person again or not” “Right??”
*Ishana* “Yeah” “I am not able to decide upon anything”
*Mr. Stalker* “When all gates are closed just listen to your heart” “Agar tumhari dil kehta hai ki wo insaan sacha hai, to wo sacha hai”

Ishana was lost in thoughts, she closed her eyes and only one face flashed in front of her, it was only Om, she immediately opened her eyes and was shocked.

(“O Saathiya plays in BG”)

Malik Villa,

Ardhika were sitting in Arjun’s room,

Radhika: Arjun, have you thought about anything? Are you really gonna marry that Anika?
Arjun: of course not, I have promised you, I’ll only marry you
Radhika: But then what about this wedding?
Arjun: You don’t worry about that. I have thought about it.

Arjun tells his plan to Radhika, both get happy. (Mind you all Ardhika are not negative roles, they are really nice ppl)

PRECAP: Radhika’s move leaves everyone shocked………Ishana’s friend is revealed (only to readers)……..Soumya’s new feeling

So guys, I hope you all are liking the story. Please do comment and share your views.

Also, I want you all to vote for one of the following options for Arnika’s Sangeet:
A. Family dance
B. Couple dance
C. Medley
D. Individual dance
Depending on what majority wants would be the sangeet. You can also suggest your fav songs for couples. I’ll try and include all your wishes.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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  1. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  2. It was awesome. ShivIka scene was amazing. Feeling bad 4 Soumya. Ishu thinking about Om is soo cute. OMM what ArDhika is planning??? Really excited about precape.

    I prefer couple nd medley dance 4 sangeet. IshKara will b there too?

  3. Fenil

    Hii Dost…I read ur reply on last chappy…may be we r thinking same or its only OUR Ishkara connection.

    Chappy was Gazab.
    Lo kar lo baat Soumya ke dil.mein.nayi feeling aa hi gayi.
    Shivika tadi nahi jayengi…Kutte ki puch ki tarah hain dono.
    Ishu ishu…loved it….Stalker is….hume pata hain.Aradhika loves each other nd there wiplb e a swapped drama….hahah i think.

    I want Rumya,shu,Radhsssd Shivaay jealouslybhi aa jayei dance on ‘Radha from Soty

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Amazing update… Feeling bad for Meera… Shivika scene was cute… Ardhika are loving each other… Why Arjun agree to marry Annika??
    Ishu’s friend going to be revealed… Waiting for it…

  5. Banita

    Awesomd chappy dr….. I want opt. A nd B for sangeet…

  6. Ankita27

    Amazing update… feeling bad for meera… saumya ki jealousy.. shivika part was superb… ishkara… ?? so Ardhika in positive role… I want option A and B and song for family dance ‘Lafzo ka yeh rishta…’ Eagerly waiting for the next part…


    Dear Prajkta
    Rudy Meera And Soumya Scene Is Nice?Soumy s Feeling Start For Rudy?ShivIka Scene Is Nice?Ishana And Stalker Convo Ishana Thinking About Om Is Nice?Over All It’s A Intersting Episode??????

    I Want Family Dance And Couple Dance
    “Gerua” Is Best For Couple Dance?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome

  9. Aarti32

    Awesome update.. Rumya, Ishkara n Shivika, all were brilliant..

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