Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 28

Episode 28

RECAP: RudMee’s past is revealed to Soumya………..Ishana gets a new friend……….Arjun’s college friend Radhika enters……..Anika feels jealous seeing Shivaay-Radhika close

At present, Night at Oberoi Mansion, Anika’s room,

Anika was holding the file in her hand but all her attention was diverted to only one person who was none other than Shivaay, for the first time, she was thinking about someone other than her family, and all this was because of his closeness with Radhika, the entire day Radhika was with Shivaay which don’t know why but was irritating Anika to such an extent that she fired two employees because of this anger or more precisely jealousy,

Anika (thinking): What is wrong with you Anika……..why are you been affected by him so much………no…..nothing is wrong with me……he is only wrong……waise to itna attitude bhara hota hai par…….he was behaving so sweetly with that Radhika……..Oh God………Anika……..stop thinking about all this………..why do you care………….I don’t care……….mujhe koi farak nahi padta

Her thoughts were disturbed by Ishana and Soumya’s voice who entered the room and made seats on her bed, Anika turned to them,

Anika: You both are still awake?
Ishana: You are also awake
Anika: I was just completing this work. (She showed them the file and seeing it IshSou burst out laughing which confused Anika) Are you both mad, why are you laughing like this?
Soumya: Because you all completing work with inverted file (She made the file straight and started laughing)
Ishana: You are so busy with work that you didn’t even realize that the file is inverted
Soumya: Not with work Ishu, she is busy lost in his thoughts

IshSou again started laughing and Anika gave a whatever wala look,

Anika: Stop it both of you….I wasn’t thinking about Shivaay

Anika realized what she had said and IshSou looked at her teasingly,

Soumya: But we never mentioned Shivaay Bhaiya’s name
Anika: I was…..i was just…..telling….
Ishana: But we never asked for explanation
Anika: Ok bas enough now….I am feeling sleepy…..let me sleep

Anika walked towards the bed but IshSou held her from both sides and made her sit on the couch,

Ishana: Ok jokes apart, but Anu yaar, after your marriage we’ll miss you a lot.
Soumya: Di, why don’t we make Arjun jiju as our ghar jamai. Why always girls have to go away?
Anika: Acha itni senti kyu ho rahi ho, whenever you’ll need me I’ll be there for you both.
IshSou: You are the best sister in this world
Anika: Same to you both

They share a hug.
(“Laafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi……..” plays in BG)

The next day,

Ishana was going to her dance academy when she was reminded of her new friend, she saw some more paintings for sale there, she decided to check upon them, and she parked the car to one side and walked up to the paintings.

She was admiring the paintings completely lost in their beauty when she bumped into someone, the person immediately held her hand preventing her from falling, his one hand encircled her waist and the other held her hand, Ishana clenched his shirt tightly, they looked at each other and were shocked to see each other (because he was none other than Omkara), they share an eye-lock,




Ishkara realized their position and break the eye-lock, Om made Ishana stand up properly and Ishana immediately left her hold on his shirt, there was complete silence.

At Oberoi Mansion, Rudra’s room,

Rudra was completing his work when there was a knock on the door, he looked up and saw Soumya standing there,

Rudra: Tu phir aa gayi, now you won’t let me do any work and waste my time.
Soumya: How mean….Ok, if you don’t want to talk, I am going.
Rudra: Ok I surrender, bolo kya hua
Soumya: Actually I came here to take you down.
Rudra: But why
Soumya: One of my friends has come, and I want you to meet her.

Saying so she dragged Rudra out of the room. They came down to the living room, Rudra looked at the girl and was shocked to see her, as it was none other than Meera, Meera was standing there guilt in her eyes, Rudra looked at Soumya in disbelief while she just escaped his gaze.


Soumya: Hi Meera, Soumya here, we met in the mall yesterday
Meera: Ya I remember, but why you called me
Soumya: Rudra told me about you two, and I understand whatever you did was not intentional.
Meera: Now it’s no use talking, its better you stay away, I don’t want clashes between you and Rudra.
Soumya: Please Meera, just for once, can we meet?
Meera: But Soumya
Soumya: Please
Meera: Ok


Back to Ishkara,

Om broke the silence,

Omkara: I am sorry, I didn’t see you.
Ishana: It’s ok, btw what are you doing here? Still following me (Om looked at her shocked) Why are you so shocked, did I say anything wrong?
Omkara: I know I have done wrong with you but you can’t doubt me like this always.
Ishana: So you still expect me to trust you.
Omkara: No not at all, how can anyone trust someone like me but I’ll still say one thing, bhale hi maine laboon se jhoot kaha ho, meri aankhon mein koi fareb nahi tha.

Ishana looked at him, still she could see the same truth in his eyes, Om left from there without saying anything further, Ishana looked on.

PRECAP: Why is Radhika in OM………Soumya clears RudMee’s MUs………Ishana thinks of Om

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Superb one… Annika is jealous… Loved IshAniSou cute talk… Ishkara scene was nice too… Who is the artist??
    Waiting for the next one…

  2. Fenil

    Bhai wah again Anika Billuji ke khayalo me kho gayi….i would like to share song”Khoyi khoyi dhadkan hain,kuch toh hua hain…Ishq mujhko hua hai….”:*:*:*:):):)@):[email protected]):[email protected]):-<3

    Osis's moment was mind-blowing.

    Soumya came with Meera lol Tu khush mein bhi khush.:)):)):))

    Awwww Ishu in Zulfi's arm……Kab tak mujhe sak ki nighaho se dekhogi ishana Jooth jooban pe tha aankhon mein nahi.loved it.

    1. Prajkta

      I knew you would love that line of om

  3. Dhar

    Such a cuteeeeeeeeee episode… Plzz do post the next update ASAP


    Dear Prajkta
    Anika Jalkukdi And IshSou Tease Her Is Funny?AniIshSou Sis Moment Is Nice?IshKara Moment Awesome?Soumya Try To Patch Up RudMee.This Remind In Serial Rudy Try To Patch Up Soumya And Reyhaan.I Meera Is Like Reyhaan Female Version.IshKara Talk And Om Last Dialogue Is Nice?Totally The Episode Is Intersting??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  6. Awesome…… Amazing……. Superb…..Osiso’s scene was soo cute. Anika’s jealousy was good. IshKara’s scene was fabulous. Om’s last dialogue was toooo good. Somu is very sweet. Trying 2 help RudMee. Luvly, post soon.

  7. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved ishya’s teasing section… ishkara part was wonderful… aur sumo tum rumee ki misunderstanding dur to karna chahati hai lekin baad me pachhatogi tum khud hi… that line of om “Bhale hi maine laboon se jhoot kaha ho, meri aankhon mein koi fareb nahi tha”.. dil ko chhu gai… awesome….

    1. Prajkta

      I knew you all would love om’s last line in the convo

  8. Banita

    Awesome epi dr….. Luv this lady jso….
    Waiting 4 nxt…

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  10. Aarti32

    Awesome update..soumya’s decision of getting Meera in Oberoi mansion was a shocker

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