Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 22

Episode 22

RECAP: Preparations for Ishana’s event….Shivaay ignores Anika…..Rumya cute nok-jhok….Anika is irked by Shivaay’s ignorance

At present, Shri Ram Nikiten Kala Bhavan (it’s completely imaginary – the place where Ishu’s event will be held),

The day of Ishana’s event,

Back stage,

Ishana: I hope everything happens well. This event is really imp for me, this is for mom. I hope it works out well.
Anika: Ishu, just relax, sab ache se hi hoga, don’t take stress and concentrate on your performance, nothing else.
Soumya: Haa Ishu, rest all we’ll manage. You just rock the stage with your amazing performance.

Ishana smiles at them and the three of them share a hug. After some minutes, they broke the hug. ShivRu come there.

Shivaay: Ishana, all guests have come, if you are ready, let’s start with the event.
Ishana: Yeah sure.
Rudra: Ishana di, you don’t worry at all, everything will be well.

Ishana smiled at him, they all took their respective positions.

Trisha went on stage,

Trisha: A very good evening to all present here, I welcome you all to our Nriti Dance Academy’s new event, “My inspiration”, I would request our chief guest, Mrs. Jhanvi Singh Oberoi to come up on stage and light the lamp marking the beginning of the event.

The audience clapped as Jhanvi went up to the stage, the entire Oberoi family except for Tej was present there. Jhanvi lighted the lamp and came back to her seat.

Trisha: I hope you all enjoy today’s event and appreciate all performances.

The event started with “Saraswati Vandana”.

There were various performances.

Now it was Ishana’s turn, she went up on stage and was welcomed with a huge round of applause.

She took the mike in hand and stood in the centre, all lights focused on her.

Ishana: Hello everyone, I am honoured that you all took time from your busy schedule and came here to attend our event. This event is really important for me as today’s event is a dedication to my mother, who is not only my mother but my inspiration, it is only because of her that I am standing in front of all of you as a successful dancer. When I told my mom about my dream, she supported me, inspired me. She was with me in all stages of my struggle to make my own identity in this world. Many of you may think that being an Oberoi, I wouldn’t have to face the same difficulties but that’s not right, even I have seen many ups and downs in my life, but through all these, my mom stood by me. Thank you so much mom, thank you so much for believing me, thank you for trusting me, supporting me and for making me who I am today. Thank you so much. I love you a lot.

Ishana had tears in her eyes, Jhanvi’s eyes were also filled with tears, she was so proud of her daughter. All Oberoi family was happy seeing the mother-daughter relationship.

Ishana: This performance is for you mom.

The music plays,

O jheena jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Jheena jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai

(Ishana begins with her back towards the audience, she slowly does her moves and turns to face the audience)

Rang teri reet ka
Rang teri preet ka
Rang teri jeet ka hai laayi, laayi, laayi..

Rang teri reet ka
Rang teri preet ka
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi

(All her moves were so graceful that the audience was just mesmerized)

Jab jab mujhpe hai, utha sawaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai

Jag se haara nahi main
Khud se haara hoon Maa
Ik din chamkunga lekin
Tera sitaara hoon Maa
Maai re, Maai re..
Tere bin main toh adhoora rahaa
Maai re, Maai re..
Mujhse hi roothi meri parchhaai

O ho.. meri parchhai, tera khayal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Jheena jheena jheena re, udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi

(Her expressions, her moves, her style and her emotions were potrayed so well that it left everyone in an emotional trance)

Rang teri reet ka
Rang teri preet ka
Rang teri jeet ka hai laayi, laayi, laayi..
Rang teri reet ka, rang teri preet ka
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi

Jab jab mujhpe hai, utha sawaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Jheena jheena re, udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi

(Her performance was an emotional one which brought tears in everyone’s eyes)

As Ishana finished her performance, all ppl present there stood up for her appreciation.

Trisha took control of the event once again,

Trisha: Now, I would like to invite Mrs. Sakshi Mehra on stage, she runs a NGO for underprivileged children and all the funds collected in today’s event will be a donation to her NGO, “Ujjwal Bhavishya”. I would also request Jhanvi ma’am to come up and hand over the cheque to Mrs. Mehra.

Jhanvi happily came up on stage and handed the amount to Mrs. Mehra.
All were proud of Ishana’s move.

The event ended.

The next day, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika were in Anika’s room doing their office work, even after the event, Shivaay hardly spoke to Anika, Anika was surprised as Shivaay, who spoke non-stop was so quiet,

Anika: I think the meeting with the Batras can be fixed for tomorrow, as by then we would learn about their deal with Rana’s.
Shivaay: As you say.
Anika: What is wrong with you? I am trying to talk to you but you are being so stubborn, why are you ignoring me?
Shivaay: You really don’t know or are you trying to show that you don’t care. (Anika realized that he meant about the engagement night when she said that a person without NKK has no value in her life) Looks like you know what I am referring to.
Anika: See whatever I said is true only, I won’t ever value a person who doesn’t even know his surmane.
Shivaay: But why, why is NKK so imp for you? Why do you judge a person on this criteria?
Anika: That’s none of your business.
Shivaay: Ok, then me talking to you shouldn’t also matter to you so much.
Anika: How can you even speak to me like this, don’t forget I am your boss, you work for me?
Shivaay: I work for you that doesn’t mean you’ll speak whatever you feel like about me or to me. What if I don’t have a surname, I have my own abilities and that’s why you have hired me. So stop showing me this being a boss attitude, I don’t care about it.

Anika was surprised by his answer but even she is Anika, how could she back off so easily.

Anika: How dare you talk to me like that, remember if I wish I can destroy your life forever, you won’t be able to retrieve it even ever again.
Shivaay: Give these threats to someone who is afraid of them because I am not, if you are Anika Singh Oberoi, even I am Shivaay, no one can break me.

He leaves the place in attitude leaving a shocked and angry Anika behind.

Anika: You have challenged the wrong person, Shivaay, now I’ll show you what I can do.

(NOTE: The above incident may look like IB with all this challenging stuff but believe me there is more to it which will be revealed in further episodes)

PRECAP: Rumya, Shivika and Ishana in danger

Sorry guys, for not including Rumya in today’s episode. I am really busy with the family function so sorry once again.
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