Ishqbaaz, Dil Boley Oberoi – Analysis

Ishqbaaz, Dil Boley Oberoi – Analysis

Recently, there have been a lot of unexpected twists in both the shows which seem to be completely illogical and unrelated to the happenings depicted in the beginning. I’m going to point out some of them here in this article, and please feel free to add your own views to it. 


– Shivaay, all of a sudden, doesn’t seem to be caring about his Mom, Pinky. I agree that he’s grateful to Anika for saving him, but his character is being spoiled. I’m a die-hard ShivIka fan, and am pretty much enjoying the growing closeness between them, but currently, the unnecessary “Naam, Khoon, Khandan” is being brought into view just because the writers have been spoiling Shivaay’s character. He could’ve just dedicated the award to both his Mom and Anika, couldn’t he? Didn’t he do something alike during the jewellery recognition game too? Although, this is a different issue from that, but somehow, I suppose he could’ve managed.
(Probably, most of you won’t agree to this, but I’m personally of this opinion. Please feel free to express your views too.  )

– Shivaay is trying to change himself, yet he needs Anika’s background. Why? Warily, he wants all of this to be hidden from Anika, which means he knows she’ll be hurt when she comes to know about it, but still he wants Anika’s background.

– Pinky is one hopeless mother. How can she think without Anika, Shivaay would be ‘Happier’? Can’t she see he’s happier than never before? How can she, being a mother, be so insecure and not see her child’s happiness?

– Where has Mahi been? The main focus should’ve been Mahi-Shivaay instead of the ‘Naam, Khoon, Khandan’ track. There’s a lot to explore in Mahi’s character, yet it seems to be neglected. All the viewers had been liking Mahi’s character, but suddenly, he seems to have vanished. Hopefully, he’d be brought back to focus after Anika’s detection.

– The only good happenings in Ishqbaaz are: Sahil returning to Oberoi Mansion and the growing closeness between ShivIka.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Ah, this one. I’ve plenty much to analyse about this show. It had started from a completely different path and now it’s leading to ambiguity. So here it goes;
– Firstly, when the directors had added Swetlana she was shown as a rival of the Oberois and Mrs. Kapoor’s daughter. She wasn’t a masked person to begin with, but currently, everything seems upside down, ain’t it true? To add more to this, why didn’t Tia tell Swetlana was her sister? Instead, she let her stay there, so that the Kapoors could complete their mission. Is this what the director, producers, script writers call an improvement in a person?

– Swetlana has a masked personality, but she needs to keep the real Swetlana alive? Is this a supernatural show? And which doctor on Earth does such treatments where you can just take off a mask to reveal your actual face, yet you need blood and ice to keep your skin unharmed?

– Om trusted Chulbul so much, called him his best friend, but now, he just disregards whatever he says? He doesn’t even pay any heed to what Chulbul says. To add to it, he can trust Swetlana after all that has been happening? The directors, producers and the script writers deserve a STANDING OVATION.

– The entire of the Oberoi family stays in the same house or different? How come, not even once in a blue moon, Anika and Gauri have come face to face? How come the Oberoi Mansion during Ishqbaaz is filled with everyone except the Dil Boley Oberoi actors, and during Dil Boley Oberoi, none of the Ishqbaaz actors are to be seen?

– Tej Singh Oberoi! Which father on Earth plans on killing his child? He might not love Jhanvi, he might not like the fact that Om always supports his Mom, but does that mean he’d be wanting to kill his son?

– Kaali Thakur! Whom does he want to marry? Swetlana or Gauri? And wow, to add a cherry on top, whoever he wishes to marry will have to marry his brothers too? High much?

– Rudra and Soumya’s story is nowhere to be brought in focus. Neither in Ishqbaaz nor in Dil Boley Oberoi. And now apparently, they seem to be adding another female character opposite to him? What is this going on? Have the directors, producers and script writers decided to bring the entire universe to this one mansion?

Hoping for the directors, producers and script writers to include some sensible and logical tracks in both the shows and more importantly, to bring back the charm of the show. O-bro moments have been almost emitted out of the show. Looking forward to something better to keep all of us hooked to the show.

I’ll be concluding the analysis with this, at least for now, and looking forward to your opinions too. Do let me if it’s offensive because I didn’t want it to be. Please do let me know your views on both the shows. ?

  1. I agree Mahi-Kamini-Shivaay relation needs to be shown.Also there were no revelations abt ACP Ranveer.Who is his mother? Who is his sister? How an honest person suddenly turned to a dishonest villain? Does everything needs negativity.For SSO to get rid of NKk ideology now Pinky s shown in bad light.Anika is Oberois godmother rt but y she never tried to search her sister? Where is Priyanka??Who was that girl who helped SSO escape from emf house? How can a middle class ACP highjack a private jet? If camera was giving live feed, then how did Ranveer not know abt Shivaay using Phone? How did that masked man felt asleep?Soumya could not tell Anika her location,then how Anika know she was in basement? Shivaay had done a background check on Ranveer,then how did he not know abt Kaamini being his aunt.If Ranveer had shown Priyanka the pregnancy reports,then they must also have gone to the doctor?? Absolutely no fbs shown on Ranveer drugging Prinku.Y did Ranveer not reveal his sister’s accident??

  2. Richa19

    Cent percent true…… Both the shows are losing their charm….. No o bro moments, no logical tracks, no family moments… Rumya…. I guess they hv forgotten that there are characters named rudra n saumya….. Well wish ki cvs get their minds back and show some logical and family drama rather than going into all negatives…..

  3. Who s Kapoor’s 3rd sister? Does Mrs Ka poor not know that her daughter s replaced by a masked person

  4. Kiya

    Hey Ria… I think u just write my feelings… I write a analysis too but I can’t completely write my feelings… Ur writing style is amazing… And what a coincidence my best frnds name is also Ria…. I agree with ur all points… Missing obros moments so much…

  5. Thedreamsoul

    I agree with you , whatever you have said is completely correct . I have always wondered about the mansion thing . They all are in the same house but still dont know what happens to each other in the 2 shows . Yes I dont understand the character Svetlana at all , doesn’t a person die if they are put in freezer and how come real Svetlana is all fine and just tired . She is kapoor’s third daughter too and I guess Mr. Kapoor dont want her at all like there family was not seen after that . Rudra and Soumya are my favourite couple , why there aren’t giving any attention to them ever , they would got better trp if they showed their story rather than some stupid illogical nonsense track. I started watching Ishqbaaz because of the three brothers and their cute moments but now even obro moments aren’t there and it have turned to Shivika show like I do like them very much but why only them . My interest in it is getting low day by day but still I do watch it . Btw , beautiful analysis dear .

  6. Neha_Pheonix

    Totally true Ria…..I could relate to whatever you said ..its like no one from DBO interferes IB and no one from IB in DBO….Even the Obro moments look like a forcing compulsion rather than …natural moments.
    Superb analysis …I feel writer and makers should improve or they will spoil both the shows..?

  7. Nikita_jai29

    Dear you did good analysis…… If CVS trying continue their unlogical.. Experiment.. Both shows would spoil..

  8. Soha

    totally agree with you dear

  9. Cheequ

    Agree with everything. Someone right fully commented in DBO episode analysis page, that with DBO they are trying to fail all subjects. Already physics, chemistry and biology has gone down the drain. This series will create a new generation who will think that after gojng to a doc you can get fake masks. And to retain the mask you need the original person with you.
    People can live in a ice box for months without dying.
    All DBO characters seem bipolar. Switching their characters according to the plot of the week.
    And I really love Rahul Dev’s screen presence as a villain, but he takes the cake on being the yucky kind of villain with a draupadi like wife fixxation. What are the writers coming to nowadays? Are they reliving their sicko fantasies that all sorts of stupid villains and wild animals come to attack the non-existent happiness of the DBO characters.
    I don’t complain about IB much, because atleast the characters there seem to be marginally more in line with their character traits and have a relatively happier and logical life than DBO.
    Don’t get me started on the characters living parallel lives in the mansion. Why keep the two households in the same mansion and family, if the characters never end up interacting with each other. If timing of the episode shooting is an issue, please figure out something and stop ruining Omkara and Gauri, they are such fabulous actors. Especially Shrenu has a track of keeping a story going for 2 years, so with the right script DBO would get amazing TRPs.
    And even a slight improvement to a more logical story with less loopholes will make IB a top series as well.

  10. What if swetlana is a sister of Ria? And fake swetlana used her. So Ria would think that she is her sister right? And ols don’t judge it right now! Judge it after seeing what is going to happen. We don’t know what the writers have thought about it. And ya who knows that in the future they might show us the identity of the real swetlana and also wait a bit let the love story of Om and Gauri begin and i am sure that they will show us the love story of Rudra and Soumya. If things go like having no connection with IB and all the things you all said then i will be the first to complain but now i can’t say anything since nothing is known about what is going to happen ans who is who and why thigs are happening is not known! I hope the writters will come up with a reasonable answers.

  11. I agree, plots, characters and storyline has gone down the drain in IB & DBO off late. Atleast IB is managing to float somehow but DBO has just drowned! I have stopped watching DBO after initial few episodes because it just doesn’t make sense. Hence I don’t get to see Jhanvi, Om, Tej, Buama, etc. I really miss Obro moments and how Omru used to analyze Shivika relationship and create jovial environment around it. I miss Om’s character as i no longer watch DBO. They started messing up the whole thing after the spin off started.
    Reason why DBO characters do no appear in IB and vice versa is because then the production house will have to pay these actors for more hours of work which obviously will shoot through their budget. Hence even though they are same family, in same mansion, they are cut off in the other serial.
    I hope they are reading this and doing something to salvage the situation!

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