its my first time writing a fanfiction for ishqbaaz but do read my other fanfiction
– tashan e ishq kirya luthra or kirya sarna
– yeh hai mohibbatein romhika
– mere angne mein im back!
lets get started dont worry shivika will happen

in the oberoi mansion

anika is preparing for shivaay’s and tia’s wedding
pinky and anika is talking to tia’s mother and robin is present ( yes tia’s brother)
anika gets maya’s call (her rich step modeling career sister)
anika doesn’t pick up the call

in the fugerou mansion ( yes maya is half christian and indian)
sahil is worried for maya because she is having labour pains
maya tells sahil to call robin……umm no call priyanka ( robin is the father of the baby but there was a issue between them…. thats why robin does not talk)
s: di….who should i call robin or priyanka?
m: priyanka! owwww
sahil calls priyanka and priyanka is shocked and tells anika secretly
anika looks at robin as robin is confused and worried
robins says in his head why is she looking at me like that whose call was that?
anika texts robin to go outside

robin goes and tia’s mom said to have fun with ur would be brother-in-law, rudra, and om
anika says there is a issue i will come in the afternoon
dadi says its okay we r deciding we will write down everything
anika goes outside and sees robin with shivaay and the brothers
anika takes robin in th corner and says why r they with u?
r: tell me wht happened?
a: maya is in labour…..

shivaay,rudra, and om r shocked robin is talking to anika but he never spoke to us
s: wht the hell he is talking to that! and is pretending to be angry but is actually confused
robin is shocked and gets in the car but the 3 also gets in the back and anika sits in the front…..
rudra: what….??
s: something is obviously wrong
then they reach a big mansion the 2nd riches person who is behind the obroei’s
robin tells them to come and stay in the mansion
rudra says this is the famous model’s house maya fugerouuuu…
robin gets angry and says thats my girlfriend and anika says thats my sister
the 3 gets shocked and says sister and girlfriend?!
robin says i mean…. nvm

they all go inside the house and sees maya on the floor unconsious…. and sahil crying worried
robin picks up maya and takes her and rudra also goes and om
only inside the house is shivaay and anika…. and sahil
shivaay asks anika what happening?
a: ummmm robin is the father of my sisters baby…..
s: what!! but how is the famous model maya fugerou related to u?
a: we were separated in our childhood….. maya got good guardians who treated her nicely as their own daughter….but me and sahil we were stuck with the worstst care taker
in the hospital

robin and the nurses rolls maya into the labour room
robin waits outside
rudra and om asks robin how is she related to u?
robin: she is my gf….. i mean ex
om: whoose baby is she carrying?
robin: m…mines
rudra: the hot maya fugerou
robin looks at rudra….. om hits rudra in the head
om: but u r not married to her…..
robin: ik….and we just did it…

rudra: how is anika related?
robin: anika is maya’s sister….and she knows……me and maya got separated when my friend charlotte liked me and set me up and maya came to the hotel and thought i was cheating on her….. thats why she did not call me and called anika and priyanka
om&rudra: ummm sorry
they hear a baby crying and robin is happy
shivaay and anika comes and they come to the room and sees robin and maya fighting and the baby crying
m: why r u here?!!

r: because my baby was bout to be born and u…..
m: well really i belive the baby but not about me….. u should have thought bout that in the hotel
the baby is crying and robin tries to pick up the baby but maya says no put her down and maya picks the baby up and calms it down

anika and shivaay sees this from the door window
anika walks in and says stop!! maya!! robin helped u when u were in pain and brought u here or else the baby would not be here in ur hands today
m: dont forget he was the one who got me pregnant and he was the one who cheated on me…… and i did not wanted to keep this baby…. but aborting this baby is a crime also and why? hurt the baby that just came to the world…..
robin is shocked and sad….. and says this baby is a mistake? our love is a mistake?
shivaay is shocked and says what r u saying? why r u guys fighting in the hospital and the baby was just born and maya just gave birth it’s not safe!!!……

precap: robin wants maya to give his name to the baby….. maya says no…….robin says then i will fight for alia’s custody…..maya is shocked

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