Ishqbaaz: the beautiful couples (episode 1)

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Hi guys! You must have read the character sketch of my ff. I forgot to give the character sketch of AnIshYa ‘s Dadi. So here she goes:

Sudha Malhotra(played by Surekha Sikri,who is playing the role of Dadi in Pardes main hai mera dil): Dadi of AnIshYa and Ranveer. Childhood friend of Kalyani Singh Oberoi(Dadi of Shivomru and Prinku). Head of Malhotra family. Close to her grand daughters.
Note:guys,my ff will be in the real Ishqbaaz format,so I’ll write some part followed by kuch samay pehle(someone before)and then I’ll start the episode.

So here goes episode 1:
Shivika(shocked):Tummmmm! All are standing with confused faces.

Sometime before,

A girl is shown coming out of a hospital. The hospital’s name was Apollo hospital,one of the famous 5 start hospital. She was wearing a kurta and her white medical coat (which the doctors wear). She was Anika Malhotra(yes,our Anika). From behind,a girl came rushing towards her shouting Anu,wait,Anu!
Anika turned behind to see Tia panting.
Anika:Tia,you OK?why are you running like P.T. Usha?
Tia(panting):Anu,aunty had called. She wants you to return home,soon. She has called a family for giving your marriage. Kya naam tha us family ka….?
Anika:I know Tia. Tumhari memory achhi nahi hai. It’s OK. I’ll go. Come,we’ve lots of time. I’ll drop you to your house.
Tia:wait,Robin is coming today from his trip. I totally forgot!
Anika:is OK. Come. When you’ll reach fast,then only you will be able to surprise Jiju,right?
Tia:point. Let’s go.
They went in the car. They had lots of fun. They reach Tia’s house.
Tia:vaise Anu,ek baat poochun?(by the way Anu,can I ask you something?)
Tia:aren’t you nervous that a boy is coming to see you?I was so nervous when Robin was coming to see me.
Anika: not at all. They are dad’s business partners. I’ve not seen them. It will be exciting to see them!
Tia:you well never change,Anu. All the best and,bye!
Anika waves Tia bye and goes.

@ Malhotra mansion
Sudha:Kalyani!aap log aa gaye? Aaye baithiye.
Sudha and Kalyani hug.
Can you guess who’s coming over?you guessed it right,the Oberois had come over for Anika’s marriage with Shivaay.

All elders were present at hall.
All were talking about random things when…..
Vikram:Ishu,Soumu Anu kahan hai?
Jhanvi:ShivOmRu bhi kahin nazar nahi aa rahe. (Even ShivOmRu are nowhere to be seen)
IshYa come.
Ishya:hum yahan hai.(we are here)
Ketaki:beta, where is Anu?I had called Tia to tell her to come fast.
Ishu:maa Tia Di had called just now. She told Anu Di is on the way. Actually today was an emergency so she went to the hospital.
Pinky:why hospital?
Ketaki:voh actually Pinky ji,our Anika is a surgeon. Today she has taken leave but there was an emergency so she went. I called her best friend Tia,to inform her to come fast.
Just then, ShivOmRu comes.
They get everyone. When Omru see IshYa,they get shocked.
Ishya and Omru:tum!
Ishkara hug,while Rumya were giving deadly shouts to each other.
Shivaay:you know each other?
Om:Shivaay,Ishana is my friend.
Ishana:bye Soumu,how do you know Rudra?
Rudra:Didi,Soumu nahi Sumo.
Soumya:shut up crybaby. Didi,he’s my classmate,the great Crybaby Singh Oberoi.
Rudra:and you,the great Sumo Malhotra.
All were laughing at their antics,when Sudha shouted STOP IT!
Sudha:Ketaki,Anu Ko bulao(call Anu). Pata nahi kahan chale gayi(don’t know where she went).
Just then,Shivaay gets a call and he excuses himself.
After sometime…..
Sudha getting angry.
Sudha:Ishu,had hoti hai. Itna late?
Anika enters,holding her medical coat in hand.
Anika:main yahan hoon Dadi!sorry,I’m late.
Anika felt as if Shivaay was here,but she ignored the fact. Anika gets everyone.
Pinky:oh. Mummiji,she’s so sweet! Ab yeh meri bahu ban ke rahegi!
Anika stand near a pillar. Shivaay was also talking near the pillar. Both were feeling as Anika/Shivaay were there. Their heartbeats increased. Just then Shivaay disconnected the call and came out. He was standing next to Anika.
Rudra(seeing Shivika):Choti maa,Bhaiya aa gaye. See,he’s standing with Didi.
Pinky:Didi Nani Bhabhi bulane ki aadat daal.
Shivika turned to see each other. But what they got to see,turned to a big shock.
Shivika(shocked):Tummmm!(you !)
All were confused. There was silence in the Hall,which was broken by Rudra.
Rudra:Bhaiya,Didi,you know each other?
Anika:who can forget your Tadibaaz Bhaiya.
Shivaay:mind your language,Anika.
They started arguing.
Kalyani:stop it!Billu,how do you know her?
Anika burst out into laughter.
Anika:Billu…..hello Billuji!
Shivaay:shut up Panika.
All burst out into laughter hearing their nicknames.
Pinky:but how do you know each other?
Anika:actually,aunty,this person was my classmate and a very disgusting partner.
Rudra:you both were partners?
Anika:that’s what I said. Your Bhaiya never used to do homework and used to copy my homework when he came to school.
All were shocked. Shivaay embarrassed.
Anika:am I correct?
Shivaay(embarrassed):yes. But,you used to throw waste on me when we argued.
Anika:that I did too burn your tadi.
Kalyani:suna tha,har ek aadmi ke success ke piche ek aurat ka haat hota hai,par yahan toh Anika bachpan se hi iski madad kar rahi hai.(I had heard that the reason behind a man’s success is always a woman but over here,Anika is helping him since childhood!)
Pinky:you ate right mummiji. Then,she will be the perfect one to handle Shivaay as Anika is the only one who can answer back Shivaay.
Omru and IshYa:yes,you heard it right. You both are getting married.
Anika:married,voh bhi is kanji aankhon wale bagad bille se!
Shivaay was happy from inside,as he was getting married to Anika,as Shivaay had a childhood crush on Anika. But he didn’t show it from outside.
Shivaay:what about me?getting married to this Panika!
Tej,Vikram and Shakti:stop it,both of you. You are acting as if we are making you married now. First you both so fighting and develop a bond called friendship. Then we’ll talk about marriage.
Shivika:friendship,no way.
Seema: Anika,is not good to lash out at your to be husband.
Anika:chachi,you too?
Rudra:don’t worry Di,I’m at your side. These two people always irritate me. One-this bagad billa and second-this long hair creature.
Shivom:shut up Rudra.
Rudra:you saw Didi,they are promoting themselves.
Anika:no worries Rudra. I will be there with you when they tease you.
Rudra:vaise di,you are a doctor,right?
Rudra:can you please insert brains in their minds? I don’t think they have one.
Soumya:crybaby,I didn’t know that you can think,too.
They started arguing again.
Anika:stop it Soumu,why are you making a joker of yourself? You know,you can never beat me in quarreling,then why are you troubling Rudra?
Shivaay:see,you promoted yourself. That means you only know how to quarrel and to come late.
Anika:just shut up.
Ketaki:then why were you late?
Anika:actually,today Robin Jiju was coming home and Tia was searching for me in the hospital. After she told that you had called her,she totally forgot about Robin. Do I went and dropped her home.
Ishu:but Di,she told that you were on the way.
Anika:I knew you might call me,so I told her to tell that.
Ishya:Di,you won’t change.
Pinky(to Sudha): mummiji can you give me Anika’s kundli so that we can plan the marriage date?
Shivika:if you all don’t mind,can we talk alone?
Both were shocked as both asked the same question together.
All:OK. Go.

At terrace,
Shivaay:why are you still angry on me? I had apologized you and also asked you to come to a date,right?then?
Anika:I had come to the venue but…..(she starts crying)
Shivaay:but what?
Anika:but…….I saw you hugging some girl and I left from there.
Shivaay:what!which girl?
Anika:Naina. She was having tears and you were pacifying her.
Shivaay:do you even know that she was suffering from a breakup. She liked Daksh but Daksh betrayed her. She was the fair of commissioner,and so Daksh was just after her money.
On their date,Daksh got exposed by some girls who went there. Those girls were also the victims of Daksh’s betrayal? Naina didn’t have any support,do she broke down. As she considered me as her brother,I went and consoled her,that’s it.
Anika:that’s it!don’t you know how much it pricked me?you could have at least told me. And why did you call me for the date?
Shivaay:I tried to contact you so many times,but you never responded. And I had called you for a date as I…. I…….
Anika:I what?
Shivaay(in one breath): I called you for a date as I wanted to say that I love you!
Shivaay:yes,is true. I love you too the core. Do you love me?
Anika:yes!I loved you. I wanted to confess it ,but when I saw that scene,it pricked me.

Both were now in tears. They had a very passionate hug. They didn’t notice that the others were also there. All of them went to the hall.
Tej:now I guess the matter is solved. I think we should do their Roka as soon as possible.
Kalyani:you are right,puttar. We also have to plan the marriage dates.
Sudha: I have called the Pandit tomorrow for discussing this. We’ll inform you everything after the dates are fixed.

Precap: Shivika on a date. Priveer to return India. Tinika(Tia and Anika) conversation.
************************************guys,I’d you feel this FF is boring,I’ll change the track. Don’t worry,I also have some villains in my FF. And yes, Tia is also a doctor and her husband Robin,is Shivaay’s friend.

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