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Episodic analysis………….ishqbaaz…..
Hello every one….first of all my hats off to the team of ishqbaaz for providing us a good entertainment……………………..every actors are living their life as ishqbaaz

So here goes the analysis…i am not here to offend any one personally , its purely based of the fictional characters. If i had hurt anyone i do apologize…..
So here goes ishqbaaz from the show start to till now
1: brothers…like friends……shivay claims to protect every one
Now: every one has their own secretes (which are blind)
Now: not even noticing their changes in characters……..
2: shivay s claim of tia as official wedded wife
Now: left the divorce part

3: tia points shivay has the father of the baby to be born
Now: shivay starts flirting with anika
4: shivays idealogy of khoon kandan……..
Now: being silent knowing om illegitimacy(which can be accepted)
Now: shivay getting closer towards anika
5: shivay a shrewd business tycoon
Now: blindly believing mrs kapoor
Now: still allowing tia to claim than proving her wrong or atleast showing some efforts towards it

6 : dadis pravachan for tia in shivays room instead of anika
“sagai se pehele ghodth barari nahi hothi”
Now: dadi didnt even react knowing this…..(dont say she is not aware of it)
7: anika….a girl of hardworking..self respect…..most humiliated by shivay
Now: forgot every thing at one second……and started acting normal…..
So these are some of the contrast things going on this current track……….so guys what do you think………

Coming to point 1
They said brothers are friends, cousins are brothers in the starting of the series….but now….they started proving that they are just cousins…..
Prinku claims shivay to be closer than om and Rudra..but she didnt say a word to shivay about accident so as om… this the life of series ?
Om started taking drugs due to swetlana…but now they are showing that only after the accident he started….so prinku is being aware of this….but she didnt say it shivay…but she claims that shivay to be closer…..
Shivay being older didnt even notice that his sister is being traped by acp ranveer….how come he doesn’t eye on his sister who is walking all along the series with tension since marriage of shivay……..but he claims he will solve all the problems…….

Its till now unresolved….
I am not involing rumyas marriage and shivikas romance as it can be justified.
Going to point 2& 4
Growing with the ideology of blood line , lineage…..shivay used anika to protect his oberoi identiy….he found tia was kidnapped, he announced tia to be his wedded wife in front of all. So how come he can accept anika in that house till now…and his feeling towards anika is like a open book…is it possible to come out of the ideology so easily.
Going to point 3.5&6
Tia claiming shivay…..

When shivay knows he is not wrong..y didnt he check with tia s past..its shown that he gets every thing done by his own ways and means…so y didnt he check with the dna test or tias friends circle.
Ok if he is accepting her and her so called baby , he should have thrown anika out…but instead he wants her with in his circle which is obvious.
Mrs kapoor’s claim….he belived it in one instance…he didnt even probe this from daimas side or mrs kapoors side. Y he didnt relate with tia .as tia could be aware of this….but one thing he is a business tycoon.

Going 7
i dont know what to say

Going to 8

It can be partitioned into two, anika before marriage….and anika after marriage…..
They showed her as a girl of self esteem and respect…..but how come she can accept a guy who humiliated her to the core. Is love is that blind that u should forgive him in single instance. At least cvs should have shown him pleading but no…i accept that some times inner feelings over powers every thing
But how come she can forgive him for the way he used sahil for marriage..and how he lashed her naming “bazzari aurath”. For a girl whose life revolves around her only brother and her self esteem, using those two for some one else profit, is this can be forgiven at one instance….? and anika melting down so easily for a guy who took every thing from her. Just by asking sorry is this all dead .
So anika as anika shivay singh oberoi

What will be her next move…as she confessed her feeling in yesterdays episode… moving away from shivay will be a correct decision? Will shivay accept this?

At last anika’s inner feeling blasted seeing her charm at dead bed. For a girl who accepted the marriage by heart , will she be able to confess to him boldly? .though shivay accustomed towards anikas company unknowingly,lf this truth comes infront of shivay…will he accept anika keeping his so called ideology(which he forgot long back) aside, or will still claim for his ideology and that lady baba..
Though i personally love to see these nok jhok and flirting side of sso and asso i dont want anika or shivay to be spineless at the cost of identity……

So what will be shivays decision……will he stay with his ritual wife and official announced wife with in the roof of oberoi mansion. If shivay chooses tia….what will be anikas decision on this….?
If he chooses anika…how nafratbaaz going to handle this?

So cvs as to say what’s the next…..
So guys what s ur opinion….

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  1. I totally agree with you.. In this even l think the way they are portraying shivika character is not good.. Love is blind but self esteem should be there.. I don’t know why anika is behaving so lovey dovey with shiv.. Nd be normal what cvs is showing is irrelevent

  2. Khushilovesroumya

    I think that now the show has started being focused on anika and shivaay and they don’t show much of om and rudra.i find that really annoying because on the first place I started to watch because of om’s poetry and rudra’s anika is like taking all the limelight because first I used to like her because of her chirping but now she act like normal person not like her character was.i mean how can she live with shivaay because he was the one who didn’t accept her in front of media on the first place.i know this was long.but I am tired of watching ishqbaaz.

  3. Yeah I also agree with u pragya…i mean this show is of three brothers not only of shivika that they are showing just shivika as a saviour shivika as a lead..romance of shivika tragedies with shivika suffrings for shivika..i mean common yr its height now dealing with shivika all over…there should be some screen space for omru even priveer as well…bcz they are also the part of the show as well as loved by evryone…but no…
    Well for ur other points i totally agreed for that too..this serial is simply losing its story its charm and becoming like other crap serials.Really not happy with the makers although the actors put thier full effort yet its all wasted as its not a propr story to work on.:/

  4. yes, in promo they told that it,s a brother’s story but now it seems to be shivika story

  5. Miss.murty

    I completely agree with you even I think the same…. Now a days the track is completely going baseless…..previous episodes of Ishqbaaz are very good and very entertaining but now I am losing my interest

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