Ishqbaaz Analysis: Who do you think Rudra should marry?

Ishqbaaz has been in the track of Rudra’s marriage preparations as well as the ceremonies since a few weeks. The secrets of the three Oberoi couples, Veer and Soumya had also come out but none of them had remembered them as they were inebriated. Now we know that Veer and Soumya are planning to get the child Aryan in front of Oberoi family and just lie that he is Rudra-Soumya’s child. Don’t they have any other idea else than faking? Keep it aside.

Rudra and Soumya’s marriage that was supposed to be true has been discovered by Oberoi couples as a fake wedding. Neither of the Oberoi jodis nor fans had expected Soumya would turn negative but it happened just to break Rumya’s admirers. Policewoman Bhavya has been chosen to be Rudra’s bride. The pics of Rudra-Soumya marrying have also done rounds. That could be a fake marriage. But what if she turns positive one day and comes back to Rudra for his love? By that time Rudra would be living with Bhavya happily. So would you wish Soumya to repent and deserve Rudra’s love? Here are your options (Not as poll but comment the numbers).

1. Want Soumya to change and realize her love; Go to Rudra before marriage happens and apologize for troubling (May not be possible)

2. Want Rudra-Bhavya to get married and Soumya to realize her ownself and leave (Happy life for RuVya and emotional leave for Soumya)

3. Want Soumya to destroy as she has turned villain. (Bad end for Soumya)

4. Soumya should be a part of happiness for all; Become a member of their family and help them like Tia (Only sometimes)

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  1. Madhu.r

    2 or 3

  2. Option 2
    I love Ruvya to the core??????
    At first i loved Soumya but her negative apperance has broken my heart.
    I want to see only Ruvya ❤❤❤????

  3. 1 or 3

  4. I want to see ruvya

  5. AditiB

    I feel very bad when they turn a woman into a villain to just make another woman fit in the life of the Obros, first it started with Ishana, then Tia, and now Soumya. I was always on Annika’s side so Tia is a not a point of consideration. But I felt very bad how Ishana and Soumya have been villainised. After this I don’t want anything to happen, coz after destroying her character, they should just make Soumya exit with honour and integrity. So I’m totally hopeless about Rumya, and just want peace. ??

  6. 1,2,and 4, why do you people want Saumya to destroy Oberoi’family just because she is a villain.who said villains should always remain bad they can do some good things too.they have heart and life too only if they learn to move on in life leaving the bad they have done.

  7. 2 or 4

  8. I want 2 or 3 to be happen.

  9. Naina0411

    Like Aditi Di said, I’ve always hated it when cvs turn a character negative for the entry of a new female lead. I’ve never liked Tia but I’ve always shipped IshKara and RuMya. I don’t hate Gauri or Bhavya but I agree that Soumya should have a graceful exit and she shouldn’t destroy the Oberoi family and have a bad exit! ?

  10. Akshayaaa

    I love Rumya’s love story very much

  11. Nikita_jai29

    I want rumya marriage.. Like a new shade in show as others pair married life started with misunderstanding, hate…

  12. 2
    I started hating soumya but that does’t mean I will think bad for her. I m a great ruvya fan now

  13. TBH Rudra Sumya and Omkara Ishana were the best couple idk why those stupid bhavya and guari came form

  14. 2
    But soumya doesn’t have to leave she has to realize………

  15. I Want rumya marriage any more person who support rumya

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