Ishqbaaz Analysis

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Hi guys today i am going to juggle between an Fanfiction and Analysis.Since my last analysis got more that 25 comments of yours without my reply.Which was amazing and an milestone.Also because I don’t get it what the heck is writer doing.

Important:I work hard on this.So if you don’t agree with me.That is fine by me.But don’t leave a comment if you disagree with me.This is just my perspective.

1.What is wrong with Shivaay’s characterization?
I am so disappointed in him.Like,he can’t balance between his mother and wife.He just gave credit to Anika.What about Pinky.I actually felt bad for her.I got real mad at Shivaay for not saying Pinky’s name.I would first say my mom’s name rather than my husband’s name.First he didn’t even gave her credit for saving her that to 2 times.

2.Who wants to see Pinky as a villain in her own son’s life?
I don’t want to see her as a villain.I hate it when writers decides to turn mothers into villain.The only reason i like Saathiya is probably because Kokila supports her daughter-in-law so much.Because in other shows they don’t understand how bad impression it leaves on the viewers about their mother.But right now i don’t hate pinky.I hate the writers.

3.Anika’s Costumes?
I don’t get it.They gave anika so good costumes when she was a middle class girl.But when she is a daughter-in-law of India’s Richest Family “The Oberois” they gave her bad costumes.

4.Three Brothers Show?
Brother’s Slogan – “Hum Saath Hai Toh Baat Hai” Agreed if they are together that is when i like to watch the show.
Shivika Slogan – “Romance Without Love Confession” They do so much of romance without proper confession.They don’t even know each others feeling.You know that you love each other but can you confirm it for us.So we can decide if you actually like each other or not.Because first it was farq game and now it is khoon and khandan.
Rumya Slogan – “We are the cupids for Shivika” I don’t get it.Like the writers can write for them when they have to make rumya cupid but when it comes to their story progression the writers cannot write anything for them.
I don’t watch dbo so no slogan for gaurika.

5.Where is Mahi?
I would like to watch Mahi and Rumya more than the lovey dovey scenes of Shivika which comes at wrong time.

6.Anika and Self respect?
First i used to say anika is very different.I take it back i am sorry for that.But no,how can she stay with the same man who married her forcefully.She should be angry at him instead she is hugging him.

7.Did the writers ran out of ideas?
Can any reporter dare to ask Harneet Singh that does she have any idea what she is writing or did she ran out of ideas? Because in writing the most important thing is Character development and Story should sound and look natural.

8.Special Mention Luna:Go to Hotstar and when You go to its category it should have FAMILY,HINDI,STAR PLUS.Maybe it looks different where you live but in United States it says family.Sorry to break your hopes but it is a family show.It mentions thriller nowhere near there.But you are right a dad with a mistress,a person who was a drug addict.It can’t be in family show section.You yourself mentioned that on wikipedia it shows Ishqbaaz as a family show.Then why can’t it have family scenes.

9.Why are they trying to make anika a mahatma.Because we are tired of watching one couple trying to handle a whole family/show.Bring us something new.

10.Why do the writers want one kind of love story for two brothers.A bubbly girl and a rude businessman love story.We don’t care about them.I swear to god i hate all the love stories with the same storyline so much.Gul Khan copies from her own show.


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  1. Agreed,Annika’s character is on the line of becoming jagathmata.Priveer individual story was compromised to show Shivika as larger than lyf couple.R really wanted to see them together.Rumya was the first couple to get married but have been forgotten for too long.Ishqbaaz was introduced as a family show bt just because the CVs got high trps ,they r trying to show Shivika with same plots.They should have made Rumya and Priveer also target of villains.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Agreed to all ur points as well . thanks neha

  2. Nikita_jai29

    You are right dear…. I think writers and CVS are having lack of good and creative ideas… That is why they moved show only shivika…..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Correct and thanks Nikita

  3. Soha

    i agree with you

  4. Dear Khushi , aap ne to meri man ki baatein bata di…
    Mereliye ISHQBAAAZ mein sabse interesting part ye thi ki theen bros aur unki love stories [in one show]. Ab to writers ne poore show ko barbad kar diya. Whenever I decides to stop watching the show the 1st season runs into my mind and I change my decision. I hope the writers read this analysis..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      For me too the only two reasons I used to love ib was for 3 brothers and rumya.

  5. Kaushiki

    totally agreed with you i mean shivaaye gave all his credit to his wife not thinking of her khoon khaandaan and per the current track he is mad after annikas. khoon khaandan

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      That was what I was thinking when that scene was going on.Thanks Kaushiki

  6. I also agreed to almost all ur points…

  7. I do accept……. The characters have become so dull I thought the characters will grow as the story grows but it is not and SaaS bahu drama is boring now a days and pinky’s character is not good and it’s all due to shivay he doesn’t knw to balance two important ladies in his life and the fault is on Shivay he failed as a son to make him win as a husband and the analysis is good……. I thought that more than Tamil shows hindi shows are better but here again same SaaS bahu drama and what not all characters shd be given same space and more the unexpected drama more the failure of the show….

  8. Alvia

    I totally agre with this
    1. yes shivaay has no connection with word balance he is actually always bent on only one side
    2. Pinky’s character is just losing the fun side and being nosy and it is just being so typical saas bahu types
    3. I know right infact i think the whole dressing thing is devastated i loved all their dressing and all at time of shivaay and tia’s functions and by the time we reached for prinku duh
    4. I do miss o bro moments the basic essence of ishqbaaz their “shut up rudra” and that “moment nikal gaya”
    5. they are giving no attention to rumya they deserve the best story
    7.They have no creativity in story development
    8. Right right and dbo needs to be changed from romance to crime
    9.Damn right they just think its trp elevation formula add more baseless shivika romance and there you get trp
    10.Inhe lagta ha aik chal gaya to hr kisi me ye hi daal to no creativity is serial ka ye dala is ka ye is ka ye aur ban gaya dbo once on used to be my favourite but they have ruined his artistic soul and the softness of his character

  9. Kiya

    Yes… I agreed to ur all points…. When Saumya’s kidnapping part was going on I am thought that now they will show some rumya scenes but no….. There only devar bhabi scenes…. In DBO also there was only Devar Bhabi scenes…. I liked them but sometimes they can show proper Rumya scenes in two shows….. When DBO started they said that it is basically Om and Rudra’s love story…. But now they r showing just Gaurika and villains….. I like Gaurika and I like Rumya too…. The worst part is there is two villains in DBO… Swetlana and Kali thakur bt there is no scene of rumya… Its really bad….. Sometimes I thought that DBO is showing the journey of Om Gauri and Swetlana not Rudra Saumya……

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      yes agreed but you seem like a Gaurika fan. But thanks kiya

  10. Totally true

  11. Thank you for writing down my thoughts buddy … intially it was my fav show and a lot different from other shows but now .. i have already stopped watching it …
    Its really disgusting to see illogical yracks going on …. specially dbo … i thibk writers have sell their brains… cant they think of any other story line … whenever i think now this svetlana track will get over .. she wins again … what the hell is going on yaar .. i miss ishana track .. in that track om was om … his character was not changed for trps and no. Of episodes.. he hated lies and strongly stood for it … ishana was practical and natural to watch .. it would have been a great plot if they dint shut it for once … om would have learnt tht its necessary to lie sometimes to survive . Sorry if it offends anyone elses thinking but this is the truth … no one is perfect … we have flaws … we lie ..we fight … like any normal human nature … but gauri is something really differnt … she is behaving like a goddess of sacrifices and selflessness. Noone is like that in todays world yaar … ishana was something who used to live in real life and thats what it made her character above all …
    N even i miss omru scenes yr … it was so relaxing to watch them… now i laugh wen i remember … one for all and all for one. And soumya and rudra … instead of giving screen space to unwanted ppl tej svet … cant they take forward their story ..? It is so loving to watch them … i dont think they r doing justice to soo beautiful actors like nehalaxmi or soumya and leenesh or rudra .. i heard once hes quitting show long back .. why wont he .. makers have just turned him into a link .. m hating them now ..
    Makers Plz watch krpkab .. u will know what is naturality in a show … !
    Plz conment if u agree … and sorry if i offended anyone … plz comment khushi

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Even for me the show used to be different but for good trps Gul khan did this change.She loves trps more than good show.Some people just watch the show for shivika but I don’t like them.Totally agree that ishana is way better than gauri.Thank you and you didn’t offend anyone.

      1. U really write good analysis.. keep writing n i will keep commenting and supporting .. ♡♡♡

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