Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 3

episode 3:
Thank you everyone for such a good response I will definitely think something about four suggestions.
The episode starts with om disconnecting the call.
Ishu: who was it om?? Why are you so surprised ?
Om: it was.. please don’t get angry but it was Ridima.
Ishu: that soutan she still calls you? I have not received any call from her for more than 2 years.
Ishu: OK I believe you what was she saying.
Om: she wants to meet me she says it’s something urgent.
Ishu: what? ..when?..why?
Om: oho.. I only know she wants to meet me at coffee house in half an hour she sounded somewhat tensed.
Ishu: and you will go(she asks sadly)
om(looks at her and smiles):you know I love you don’t you believe me ( she smiles and they hug) now can I go.(he leaves)
Ishu:I believe you om but I hate that soutan I don’t believe her at all. What to do?? I know let me call dadi she will give some solution.
Om reaches the coffee house and asks manager about reservations manager points at the table om goes to the table and sees someone sitting at the table.
Om: Rudy you here?
Rudy(astonished): what are you doing here? I should have understood it was your plan when Ridima called me after so many years.
Om:hey if would have wanted to call you I would have done it myself and Ridima called me therefore I am here.
They both are about to leave.
Ridima:hey guys I know that I am late but this was important.
Rudy: don’t bother Ridima I will not reconcile with om(and turns to leave)
Ridima: this is about shivaye.both om and Rudy freeze and turn to look at Ridima
Ridima sign them and they have seats.

On the other hand anika dadi and Ishu reach there hiding themselves while following brothers.
Dadi: Rudy and om both in one place Ridima must have done some magic.
Anika:shh let’s hear them.
Ridima: what will you have?

Om: Ridima leave the formalities what were you saying??
Ridima:OK .. I saw shivaye today in a hospital. I had gone there for social work as always.
A kid spilled something on my dress and I went to search for the washroom when I heard his voice I searched and he was there wandering in the end of the corridor near the back door of hospital. But before I could do something i heard someone.then when I went looking for him I could not find him anywhere I asked my friend who is a nurse there but she didn’t know anything about it. Om trust me something did not felt right there he was in very bad condition I felt I should not act impulsively and called you both.
Everyone was too shocked to react. Then om broke the ice: Ridima are you sure it was shivaye?
Ridima: om I have known shivaye from childhood how can I miss him?
Rudy:I shall call commissioner
Om:(angrily)shut up Rudy stop talking like a typical Oberoi if it were that simple police would have find him long ago we will have to find out what is actually happening there and if it is Shivaye why is he there..we will need patience and plan. (He looks at Rudy and forgets all his anger and keeps hand on his shoulder)Don’t worry we will find shivaye..
Rudy hugs om tearily
Yes we will also help …brothers turn and see the ladies

Precap: the team plans something.
Gayatri, roop ,and shwetlana are seen somewhere.

  1. Akansha

    Nyc aditi waiting fr shivaay to com back.. N hope omru reconcile.. N don’t show riddhima in a negative role.. Nw her role is good

  2. You know wht i wanted some rudy’s tashan still i loved it

  3. ShubhangiRokxx

    lovely dear

  4. Shivika

    Nyc dear….eaiting for shivaay to return

  5. Puvi

    superbbbbbbbbbb aditi pls post asap waiting for shivay entry and dont apart rudy and om pls its my humble request

  6. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…. Waiting for next episode…

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