Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 20

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Episode 20:
Hey guys I am back so sorry for this late update but I told you my exams are going on. Whatsoever let’s start with the episode:
The episode starts at the OM:
RV:oh so you have so soon forgotten about the gift?
Prinku mischievously smiles and leaves with an excuse.

RV also slips unnoticed and goes behind her to the kitchen and holds her from behind
RV: what did you think you will just give me a slip so easily? Police wala hu madam
Prinku:RV someone will see
Rv: come on miss oberoi no one is coming.
Prinku: but…
RV makes a puppy face: what but? She smiles.They are lost in each other when they hear a sound of something shattering. They get startled and turn around to see obros standing there with their mouth open and plate in Rudy’s hand shattered on the floor
Priveer get started and stand apart awkwardly. It was pin drop silence till Ani enters
Ani:are where have all of you gone everyone is…
Shi:(roared) what was going on here?

Ani senses the tension and asks Rudy in sign language.
Prinku: bh…bh..Bhaiya…W….Wo…
RV:Mr.oberoi actually..
Shivaye signs him to stop: I am talking to my sister.prinku ??
Om: shivaye calm down
Shi: om what calm down?(om signs anika and anika keeps her hand on shivaye’s shoulder while om goes and stand beside prinku)
Om: shivaye , prinku,and RV come on let’s go to the room and sit down and talk peacefully….come!
Scene shifts to the room there is visible tension in the air as shi constantly staring at priveer om takes the charge.

Om: OK prinku now say and don’t worry no one will say anything.(Om could see her tensed so he turned towards RV) do you love her?
Everyone was looked at om shocked with such a direct question.
O: Shivaye…Yes I asked something?
RV: yes we love each other very much actually we went to same school I was her senior we were good friends then but after that my father got transferred and we lost contact.
Then we saw each other when she came to police station with Rudy to meet uncle. Then we met each time she came there and even outside..As friends at first but as time passed by….

Brothers looked at prinku but she was sat looking at the floor.
Rudy:prinku you are such a anika bhabi what was that chup…
Ani: chupa Rustam ( shivaye gave Ani a deadly glare and she felt silent)
Rudy: yes that you didn’t even tell me anything.
RV: actually we decided to take it slow as your family was so dishevelled and everyone was so tensed.
Prinku: yes Bhaiya and RV promised me we will move forward when everything become alright.

The room again fell silent even expression on shivaye’s face also softened a little but he still was eyeing them.
RV looks at prinku and she took the cue and slowly went to shivaye and sat beside him.
P: Bhaiya, please listen na I know you are angry I am really sorry I didn’t tell you but you know Na so much was going on and..
Sh: prinku whatever is going on you know Na you can always come to me.
Prinku: yes but…..OK see I am holding my ears now..
Shi: he smiled and pulled her for a brotherly hug:it OK

Prinku: Bhaiya we really love each other very much
RV: yes Mr oberoi I love her and want to marry her only. I promise Bhaiya I will always keep her happy and….(he glanced at prinku)
Shi: OK (he said slowly)

RV: and Mr.oberoi (he suddenly realized what shivaye has said) wait did you just?
Everyone looked towards shivaye totally astonished.
Shi: yes I said OK but remember RV if even a shadow of tear come in my little sister’s eyes you know I am SSO.

RV: (happily) I promise it will never happen
Prinku: hugged her brother happily: thank you Bhaiya I knew you would understand
Shi: I have always done whatever it takes to see the smile on all my brother s and sisters faces and if being with RV makes you happy then…..If we brothers can select our own soulmate why can’t you? I was just scared how things were moving so fast first Rudy and now you I really have lots to catch up to during last 2 years it feels like you all have grown up so much .
Prinku: Bhaiya it doesn’t matter how much things changed we will always be your baby brothers and sister
He hugs her.

Rudy:oh so all the love to prinku ha
Shi laughs and calls him and om also.
Ani and RV smile seeing their bonding.
Om: OK now let’s go out every one would be looking for us and also we have to tell them now we have not one but 2 weddings to plan.
Ani(importantly): yes and I will be the planner so I have lots of work to do.
They all laugh.

In the hall everyone first shoot questions but then slowly agree for the alliance as shivaye had said yes so it all went pretty smoothly.
Dadi: this is my best birthday ever first my billu gave me such a beautiful gift by my bringing my family back together and now all my kids are also ready to settle down in their lives finally ishqbaaz is at its peak
Hope you all liked this series. And I have finished 20 episodes I didn’t pan it to go this long but thanks to you all for reading also keep telling me your reviews (positive or negative) through the comments below and forthose who are reading this for the first time or missed any of the episodes here is the link of my earlier episodes

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