Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 19

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episode 19:
Hi everyone I am back with my ff and hope you liked it till now so without wasting much time I will start with today’s episode:
Episode starts with Sahil hugging Rudy.
While shivika are seen witnessing the whole event:
Shi:hmm anika did you see how jealous Sahil is of me
Sahil I am not jealous of you
Shivaor maybe he got affected by Roadies idiotic nature
Ani: ha I also think so
Sahil: oh how am I an idiot?

Anika (angrily)you are right Shiva he is actually big idiot. do you really think I would forget you ? Or leave you?huh
Sahil actually Didi
Ani: what actually huh
Sahil: sorry I agree I was an idiot
Shi:Sahil don’t worry no one can take your place in Rudy’s or anika’s life you are very special in their as well as my life (wispered) remember how we used to have our midnight desert together alone in the kitchen.
Sahil smiled at shivaye while Rudy and anika with fake anger: oh so this team is already ready to leave us…Did you see it bhabhi… Hmm Rudy
Sahil:SSO do you smell something burning.
Shi: ha you are right Sahil(winking) let’s go before it gets too hot in here(shivaye picks Sahil and they run
Ani and Rudy: come here you two
The four have quite some fun teasing and chasing each other
Then they lay Sahil to his bed and disperse.
Shivika’s room:
They come smiling and dump themselves on the sofa with a sigh of relief
Shi:huh this all feels so good… So magical
Ani: truly and lays her head on his arms he gasps in pain
So sorry I just forgot you were I …..
Shi: shhh. It’s OK you know what me too.after so much happiness who remembers such trivial matters.
Ani:wait let me do the dressing
She applies the medicine while he jumps in pain. Anika laughs at how SSO who can handle everything is behaving like a small child.
Shi: what are you laughing at

Ani: nothing see it’s done. You know even Sahil is braver than you.
Shi:oh you don’t know how much it burns
Ani:ok..ok you are not bhiga billa you are my brave bagad bills
Shi:you will never change na(she nods and they laugh)
Scene shifts they have changed and are sitting hand in hand with their feet in the pool
Ani: (looking at shivaye) what are you thinking shivaye?
Shi:I thought last 2 years just changed our lives but now I see how everything has changed.
Ani: Matlab?
S:my baby brother has grown up so much and….
A cuts in between: shivaye don’t worry you have not missed on so much and this change would have come anyway everyone change when they get someone younger to care for and remember whatever happens always happens for the best see these years have made Rudy responsible and made him stand on his feet and whatever happens in front of you he will always be your childish,duffer brother.
Shi:you are right .
Ani:Chalo it’s late let’s go sleep tomorrow we have to prepare for dadi’s birthday.
Shi: finally the day has come tomorrow Papa and Bade Papa will also be back I have waited for this moment for what seems like forever
Ani: but you did it afterall has it ever happened SSO can not get what he wants.
Shi smiles looking at her….
In the morning:

Obros are cooking in their special obro style while girls are preparing for evening’s party.
Obros:come-on everyone breakfast is served
Soumya: wow Bhaiya the aroma is just moth watering
Rudy:and here is soumya back to sumo mode
Soumya punches him on his arms while everyone laughs
Ishana: what have you cooked?
Om:all the dadi’s favorite dishes? But where is she?
Shi:oh there she is .where have you been? See today you don’t have to do anything just sit here and enjoy like a queen (he makes her seated and serves her) eat and tell how is it?
Dadi:if you have made something how can it be bad ? It’s the best.
They all sit and start just when a voice call: everything started without us?
They all turn and see ranveer standing with tej and Shakti
They all run and hug and greet them and share an emotional moment
Tej:I never thought we will be back.
Shakti:all this is possible on because of our children.
Tej:yes, I am so proud of you all.
While everyone is enjoying RV simply slip beside prinku and whispers to her
RV: hi . Prinku smiles back
RV: aren’t you forgetting something?
RV: accha hi see I have kept my promise I did to you last night now you keep yours
Prinku:what promise?(she blushes and slips out while he smiles and stares at her)….

Precap: not decided yet ??
Thank you all for such lovely comments.
And guys those who are reading this for the first time or missed any of the episodes here is the link of my earlier episodes
Hope you liked today’s episode just let me know…☺️☺️

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