Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 16

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episode 16:
Hey guys I am back sorry couldn’t upload sooner due to my engineering exams. But now let’s start but before I forget those who are reading this for the first time here is the link of my earlier episodes
click here for all episodes

And now the episode starts with:
Everyone is shocked to to see the villainous trio standing in their way with their goons surrounding them they get out of the car.
Swetlana:bravo it’s everyone together. Now everything will be finished once and for all I will take my revenge from whole family at once.
Rudy: your revenge? But we thought bus was mastermind.

Swetlana:Rudy remember one thing Everyone does everything for their own profit only.
I did all this for tej I have loved that man all my life even in college when he was my senior but he never even laid his eyes on me why? Because I was not modern and I was dark? I even proposed him but he just made fun of me and got together with jahnvi then I completely changed myself as from Sheena to swetlana and trapped him too he didn’t even recognize me but no matter what I did he never gave me a proper place in his life and treated me as an object everytime I asked my rights he had only one excuse his family and his children and especially his Om so after trying all Hook and crook I finally decided I will destroy him as he did to me he loved his family no so I cut him from his family first emotionally then permanently and I met my like minded people you see. I did it .

Everyone especially om was stunned by this revelation.
Roop: surprised? Said Rudy wanna see another example? Come here sweetheart!
Soumya goes and hugs Roop everyone gaped exasperated.
Shi: soumya!You were to me like my Rudy or prinku and you? After knowing what she did?
Om:somya you?
Soumya:they still think I would believe them against you ma’am afterall you are like my second mother.and I would not go against you even if god came and told it to me.
Shi:but..But you ?
Gayatri: enough of this emotional drama now let’s start the game before he flees again.

Shi:see you have always wanted me I am here please, please let my my family leave I will do whatever you want .
Roop:so typical of my nephew see I never wanted to hurt anybody I just wanted you all to break but then you acted smart and I had to kidnap you then you brought them all in the game one by one now what ever happens here is on you now SSO.
Gayatri takes out her gun : let’s play a game friends let’s shoot our least favorite person one by one and see who is alive to mourn at last .
Swetlana takes the gun: OK but whom to go with om or shi they have both been the bad boys (she smiles and shoots om but Shivaye comes in between and falls).
Everyone is shocked anika drops on her knees om and Rudy stand shocked and motionless
Roop:oh no.. no problem swetlana you will get your turn again don’t worry I will leave your Bait for you only.

Om and Rudy try to charge but the goons point their guns towards Ani and Ishu.
Roop:na na don’t worry you will all be with your dear brother in no time…. Anyways my turn she points the gun at Rudy everyone covers Rudy (except anika who is still on ground staring at shivaye)but she turns it towards soumya
Soumya:oh what?
Roop:you are seriously a great fool you are the last symbol of the deceit your father played on me and so you will also go.
Soumya:but….(then she smiled)thank God I thought this will never end but finally you are here

Roop is confused and turns to see the whole place is covered by the cops and acp ranveer place gun on her temple.
Ranveer:game over
Everyone is shocked they see shivaye as he moves and they help him up
Ani:shi you (and hugs him passionately).
Shi:hey hey I am OK

Ishu: but…
Shi: I just fainted becoz of this rubber bullet
Swetlana: rubber bullet?
Rudy: oh not to fear when smarty hot Rudy is here I will explain….

Precap: roumya proposal
Please give your veiws on the FF till now as I am thinking about ending it(may be 1 or 2 episodes more.) So I will be happy to know your veiws and please tell me if you would like me to continue.

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  1. Very tragic

  2. Nithu

    Loved it….in which year are you studying…and in which coll….im curious also an engineering student…

    1. Aditi9

      I am in 3rd year and you? What do you think of my ff

      1. Nithu

        Im in 2nd year of engineering…nd i love your ff…its tooooooo gud….superb di…

  3. Shivika

    Awesome…….fab……post soon

    1. Aditi9

      Thank you

  4. Awesome

    1. Aditi9

      Thank you

  5. Kehkasha

    No dear plz don’t end it so soon….plz….
    Its really amazing and I am loving this a lot….plz don’t stop….

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