Ishqbaaz 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye reveals his plan

Ishqbaaz 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye apologizes to Anika. Tyagi asks Anika what did Shivaye do that he is apologizing. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and their marriage. Anika says whatever happened between Shivaye and me, its our personal matter, and it will remain so, nobody should be concerned about it. Shivaye sees her. Daksh runs. Shivaye catches him and says you are running away without apologizing. He asks Khanna to throw him out of the house. He asks everyone to leave. He says make sure this man is shamed before the world. Daksh says I will take revenge, Shivaye, I will return, you will have to pay for it. Everyone leaves.

Dadi hugs Priyanka and asks her not to cry, Lord will punish Daksh. Omru call Priyanka strong. Priyanka says Shivaye and Anika have given me this strength, they told me Daksh’s truth before. Om says you mean you knew it. She says yes. Dadi asks when did this happen Billu. Om asks when did you make the plan to expose Daksh. Shivaye says Anika and I have made this plan, if Anika didn’t help us, maybe Priyanka’s life would have been ruined, she repeatedly warned me against Daksh, when I found my lost cufflink in her clothes yesterday, I recalled her words, I lost cufflink the day I went to get Priyanka’s dress from Payal’s house, same day Anika told Dadi and me that Daksh tried to misbehave with her, I wanted to talk to Anika yesterday, Priyanka got fine at the same time, I couldn’t get courage to talk to Anika, I understood whatever Anika told me, I wanted proof against Daksh.

FB shows Shivaye asking Khanna to get Daksh’s footage from mansion’s CCTV footage. Khanna hands over the tab. Shivaye checks footage and sees Daksh misbehaving with Anika. He says this footage is proof of Anika’s innocence. FB ends. Shivaye says Daksh lied to me so much that I started hating Anika, I didn’t give her a chance to clarify, by the time I realized my mistake, I fell in my own eyes, I didn’t know what to do, then….

FB shows Shivaye walking on the road. A car stops. The man scolds him and asks him to watch out where he is going, else he will die. FB ends. Rudra says thank God nothing happened to you. Om says you handle everything alone, what if anything happened to you… Shivaye says that man was saying right, if person doesn’t pay attention, he will die, I realized I need to accept and rectify my mistake, being Priyanka’s brother, it was my duty to choose the best guy for Priyanka, I failed, I should have done a proper enquiry before fixing her alliance with Daksh, I didn’t check his character, if I had been more careful, my sister would have not faced this sorrow. He says if I agreed to Anika, she would have not gone through all that, I realized that to punish Daksh, I had to do something, I made a plan, I knew it won’t be successful unless Anika helps us, I was ready knowing she will refuse to me, even then I gathered all the courage and went to her.

FB shows Shivaye asking Anika how did you get my cufflink. Anika says when I went to Payal’s house to get Priyanka’s dress, this got stuck on my slipper. He says its my cufflink, maybe it fell from my shirt. She says it means you had switched on the lights that day. He says yes. She says Daksh got scared and ran away, if you didn’t come that day, Daksh would …. He says I wish I had believed you that day. She says you are too late. He says I know I did…. She asks what do you want from me now. He says your companionship, I mean your help to expose Daksh publicly, will you help me. She says fine, I m with you, but only for Priyanka. He says just for Priyanka, we need to inform Priyanka about Daksh, just you can tell her.

Priyanka cries and says no, Daksh can’t do this, he loves me, Shivaye clear this misunderstanding, he can’t do this. Shivaye says I know its tough to believe this, its the truth, we are lucky that you got saved from Daksh. Anika says Daksh doesn’t deserve your love, don’t cry, you are strong. Priyanka says how could I make a mistake in knowing him. He says I did a big mistake, and sees Anika. Priyanka says don’t worry, I m not so weak, Anika is right, Daksh isn’t worthy that I cry for him, I m with you, tell me what to do. He says I have called a press conference, we three will expose Daksh publicly. FB ends. Priyanka says if Shivaye and Anika didn’t give me courage, I would have not done this. Rudra says fine, but I didn’t understand Payal’s angle. Shivaye says it wasn’t easy to convince Payal, when we announced Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, it got easy.

FB shows Payal apologizing to Anika. She says I supported Daksh that day as he promised that he will marry me and give his name to my baby, I had forgiven him for the sake of baby’s future, but he broke my trust, he is going to marry Priyanka. Shivaye says I did all this to expose him. Anika says its better to give your name to your baby, you raise the baby. Shivaye says yes, you shouldn’t let his shadow fall on your baby, its not easy to be a single mother, we are with you, we will help you in raising your baby. Payal thanks him.

She says forgive me Anika, you helped me and I have put you in trouble. Anika says its fine, everything is clear now, you have found out Daksh’s truth. FB ends. Shivaye says Payal was ready to go against Daksh, I was waiting for the press conference, I invited Daksh and told him that I m giving him Priyanka’s shares and property, I trapped him, Anika and I pretended to fight, all of you witnessed whatever happened in conference. Om says we didn’t know it. Dadi says so Tia disappeared. Shivaye says Tia was also with Daksh, we couldn’t recognize Daksh and Tia’s true colours. Om says but in all this, something good happening, you married Anika, not Tia. Priyanka says I agree, whatever happens is for good.

Shivaye says I did much wrong with Anika. Rudra says apologize to her. Om says I m sure she will forgive you. Dadi says yes, you should apologize, I didn’t accept Anika as bahu, but she did all duties of a bahu, where did Anika go. Rudra says she must be in her room, I will see. Omru look for her. They say she isn’t anywhere. Shivaye goes to room and calls her out. He sees the mangalsutra kept and recalls Anika and her words. He takes the mangalsutra. He says I have done much wrong, I was so lost in my pain that I didn’t see your pain, I burnt your happiness by my anger, I m your culprit, until you forgive me, how will I live, whatever I did, it can’t be forgiven, you might forgive me, how will I forgive myself, how will I rectify my mistake, how will I return whatever I have snatched from you.

Shivaye says I want to meet Anika. Om says she doesn’t want to meet you. Shivaye says how will I repent if she doesn’t give me a chance. Rudra says its not easy to be forgiven if mistake is big. Om says you were demanding forgiveness, you have to earn it. Rudra says try sincerely, you won’t lose.

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  1. Hola everyone,
    Guilt can be seen in bhaiya’s eyes.
    I thought he is going to punch Daksh.
    Koi nai!!! I think he will be back.
    The whole planning and ploting. OMG.
    Bhaiya ne finally pane dimag se kaam leya.
    But he shld have told Omru.
    Anika di chali gayi.
    Bhaiya keep leye bura laga…but he deserves that.
    Precap- Shivay bhaiya Ko sir mein pair chop lag gayi. Kitni chot lagti hai inhe yaar!!!
    Mode accha hai isily balti bhar bhar keep pyaar.
    Take care.

    1. Banita

      Congratulation being 1st dr…
      Ab bhaiya maar khayenge toh chot lagegi hi na…

    2. Hiii Ritu dear..congrats..GAG..
      Yup…feeling bad for him but actually he deserves it..
      Waiting for his transformation……from Bad boy to lover boy…

    3. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      How are you doing?
      Well,your bhaiya is bound to feel guilty.Now he will have to work hard to win Anika back.Let’s see,what he is going to do.Take care?

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is 1.9 with overal 18th position… I m happy that trp is increasing , but it’s position is still in d same point (in between 16th to 19th)…
    I just hope TRP will increase more as well as develop in position…
    Now coming to epi ,
    Chalo finally everything got clear…. Now there will be only our Guilty Singh Oberoi nd Anika mannaoing mission…
    Well Anika didn’t told in front of media.. It’s okk…
    But Why Shivay didn’t told about his marriage…!!!?
    Revelation of plan…
    Chalo bande ne apni galti mana toh sahi…
    Nothing to say about that plan…
    Yesterday there was a scene between Shivika-Prinku where she just know about Shivika marriage , but today in d flashback she addressed Anika as her bhabhi….!!!!
    Seems like again CVS suffering from some head injury….
    I m happy that Prinku stand strong after knowing Daksh’s truth…
    Not like before one when she run behind him…
    Anika leave OM nd she left MS also…
    Yrr end mein Chachi nd Dabour Gulabari ki add dikhana jaruri tha…
    I was just laughing hard after watching that scene… LOL…
    Precap –
    Now waiting to see mere bhaiya apne gunha ka kya prayaschit krte hain…!!!?
    Nd of course when D will backkk…!!!
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hi I Bunny..welcome back.
      I think Sso also understood that marriage was not was a crime…..
      And Cvs aur unke dimag ki prblm…???..
      Even I want increase of both to and position..
      The I am watching on tv and hotstar too..

    2. Banita

      Thank U @Arpu…
      Yr hotstar pe dekhne se online trp increase hota hain , but tu toh tv pe vi dekh rahi hain… That’s gr8…
      Yeh now he understand his mistake… Just waiting to see kese apni galti sudharta hain…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?
      I think the scene we watched in the episode where Priyanka was congratulating Shivika,it should have added to the flashback.Anyway,now everything is revealed so Shivaay will start his Anika manao mission.Let’s see.Take care.Lots of love?

    4. Banita

      Heyy @Lu…
      I m f9 dr… How about u??
      Yeh uss scene ko fb pe rakhte toh sayad thik hota ya fb mein Prinku ko bhabhi nahi bulati toh thik rehta…
      U too TC yr…

  3. Today’s episode is too nice. I really like it. Shivaay find his love for anika comes interesting for day by day. I am waiting for the next update

    1. Banita

      Same here dr…
      Waiting like anything…

    2. Same here Naz dear…..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Nazrin,
      Upcoming is going to be very exiting.Waiting for it?

  4. Hiiiìii mere khidkitod pagals…
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 39..
    @lu..I am ok..No I am loving my name Arpu…3 cheers for us..and our show..,???
    @Riana..,??????right…that also umad umad ke..
    Ok come to episode ..
    Well placed episode..
    Loving it really..
    And Annika Annika Annika..why you are so nice….kash my heart could be so big as you…….
    Really you forgive payal..I really wanted to kill her so badly….
    And loving her cold behaviour towards Sso..

    Prinku…I loved her acting..
    So he stinky mere ko accepted he..
    But ek baat samajh nahi aayi..
    That in morning pronoun get to know about Shivika marriage but in night she used the word BHABI.
    Ye kya locha he ????

    One by one revelation..actually it was good..
    Sso started to feel guilty ..
    I want to kill him.

    D’s chapter is not over yet…..He will comeback..hope this time Annika will reach hospital..?????..
    And dont want to see tia at all..

    And CONGRATULATIONS GUYS..finally OM ok CCTV kuch toh kaam aayi..,????..

    Annika left.guilty is just gonna be khidkitod. Waiting.

    Precap- Banda pit ke aaya he.. let’s see what will he do to manao Annika.
    Ok cant write more..sleeping mode is on.

    1. Banita

      Just go for it…
      Kill him…
      Hum sb tumhare piche hain…
      Same mujhe vi yeh bhabhi wala part samajh mein nahi aaya..

    2. I want to kill him but if your bhaiya will kill him with his hands…I will get sukoon…

    3. ????????what was that..
      Ye auto correct…??????.prinku ko pronoun kardiya….???????????.
      Aur ye prinku mujhe accepted he….ko…stinky…..

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Arpu,
      Hahaha…..Arpu/Arpita both name are beautiful.I just provided you one solution of your registration problem.Otherwise I have no issue?

    5. Luthfa

      Hahaha….Don’t worry darling.Tumhara dil bhi kafi bara hain.The way Daksh tried to escape just had me on ROFL mode.But he promised he will return.Hope iss bar Anika ko hospital main dekhne ka sapna fulfill ho jay.Jai cvs?????????

  5. Omg today’s episode was superb,fantastic, mind blowing, thrilling and what not?????
    I am so happy that daksh and his BL**dy sister tia got exposed.
    I am glad that Shivaay realized his mistake and cleared his misconception about Anika….????
    But he was wrong so he should not be forgiven so easily and as per my assumption and future Daksh is gonna kidnap Anika who has left Oberoi Mansion without anyone’s knowledge
    And consequently Shivaay will save anika as how it happened before waiting for tomorrow’s episode
    And the way Nakul and Surbhi presented themselves was very good……..
    This is my first comment frnds so I hope I’ll be welcomed here ???????

    1. Welcome with 10000x love eee eee ????

    2. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Sarvya….
      Yeh i also dont want Anika to forgive him so easily…

    3. Welcome to pkj Sravya dear..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun…
      May be D will kidnaap her but not now….
      Let’s see..

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Sravya,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love?
      Shivaay guilt trip is going to start and everyone is waiting for it.Let’s see.Take care.See you soon?

  6. Hmm…Shivaay ka character toh CVS ne barbad kardiya…abb usse lectures maat dilwaiye…?it doesn’t suit…
    Anyway,I Want goons to beat SSO much,he has to suffer much.(no offence for Nakuul Mehta,I love you most billuji?)Yeah,I want him to regret,I want real Shivika Asap but redemption and forgiveness procedure should be loong lastiiing!?and after that,AU shivika should be made up…Annika don’t melt easily ok?
    Loads of love for the Ishqies!?

    1. Banita

      Heyy NSK…
      I also want all those things that u mentioned , but i dont want goons to beat Shivay bhaiya…
      I want Anika to beat him , then it will be more interesting for me… lol…

    2. Mene apko Jo reply dena chaha,galti se WO mene luthfa di ko dedi?
      Please read my 1st reply to luthfa do?

    3. NSK dear.yesterday I found Sso’s lecture irritating but not today..
      He revealed the plan as well as he shared his guilt..
      He is very much expressive….. i think…..
      And I loved it……
      The Annika should not forgive him easily..

    4. Luthfa

      Redemption and forgiveness procedure?????
      Nice one??????????

    5. Billuji ko me bhaiya nahi bol sakti….par unko goondo ne maara toh mujhe bhi bura laga? but as a girl,i think he should be beaten hard…aur unko aap marna chahte ho,apko moka mile toh mujhe bhi leejana….unse is bahane se mulakat toh hogi …?
      Love u dear?

    6. Haha thanks….aap sach me bohot Khidkitod ho Luthfa do?

    7. WHAT IS AU?

  7. Vidyakrish

    Wow super shivaay guilt come out I want this scene super Anika missing and she is not ready to meet shivaay wow shivaay must learn hear mistake and apologize super

    1. Banita

      Heyy Vidya…
      Hope we will get a proper Guilty Singh Oberoi scene…

    2. Hope so dear…

    3. Luthfa

      Guilt trip is just started.Let’s see what happens next?

  8. Luthfa

    Keeping her words intact,Anika have left Oberoi Mansion with her equally intact self-respect.Shivaay I hope you have not forgotten that you had asked Anika to leave your house as her self-respect was hurt by actions,rather sarcastically,in fun.She does leave OM not because of her damaged self-respect or her words being proved right.If you could read her eyes then you would have understood that she left because Anika didn’t want to see you in pain,in the pain of ruining her life mercilessly.Perhaps you don’t know but your pain was hurting her more than you could feel.If she wanted she could have taken her revenge very easily in front of the press people and your family members,the most important part of your life by narrating the whole story of your sheer injustice,you have done to her in the name of giving punishment.But Anika chose to be silent and kept everything to her.She didn’t want to damage your reputation,image unlike you.You had left no stone unturned to defame her,degrade her character openly on the day of her marriage.And today even after getting the golden opportunity,she uttered nothing much which can mar your Character and Reputation.Your dark deeds are demanding punishment and that only Anika can decide.But I am afraid of that punishment which you are going to infer on yourself for realizing everything much,much later.

    1. Luthfa

      Again typing mistakes.Nowadays I just forgot to re-read my comment before posting.Anyway,
      #Anika has left…
      #hurt by your actions…???

    2. Banita

      Wow!!!! Lu…
      Ur comment touched my heart….
      Each nd every word was soo true….
      Hope now Shivay will learn a good lesson for his mistake….

    3. Luthfa

      Awww….Thank you soooo…much yaar.
      Hope so that Shivaay will learn his lesson this time.Waiting for it.Anyway,you too take care.Love you?

    4. Perfect analysis dear..
      And Annika is Annika..So many people can hurt her. But she dont take revenge like them.
      She gives punishment by guilt.
      Loved it Lu dear..
      Love you too.

    5. Luthfa

      Anika is Anika so she can forgive anyone.It’s in her nature.Now it will be interesting to watch how Shivaay is going to forgive himself for the sin he has committed.Thank you sooooo…much for your love.Me too love you?

    6. The way you wrote it I felt u said whatever was there in my mind… You rock..
      Silent reader

    7. Luthfa

      Hello Sumathi,
      So sweet of you dear.We are exchanging words for the first time and this is making it more sweet.Thank you soooooo….very much for your absolutely priceless love.God bless you dear?

    8. Luthfa

      And dear if you don’t mind,why don’t you become an active member so that we can talk regularly?Do consider it okay?Would love to have you in PKJ.Take care?

  9. Wow amazing epi i lik da way shivaay felt guilty for what he did with anika,and anika s muh thod jawad to tyagi suprb

    1. Hi chanki dear..wanted to kill TYAGI….

    2. Luthfa

      Tyagi is a black spot on journalism??

  10. awesome awesome n awesome….
    nothing to say…
    waiting for upcoming…

    1. Yup..waiting for next..desperately…

    2. Luthfa

      Nothing but waiting….????

  11. First of all today’s episode had justification and I was really glad that cvs covered all loops instead of hanging some here and there.

    Second I am upset that Shivaay apologised to Anika for not trusting her but he never publicly acknowledged the audacity thing he did to her that is of forcefully marrying her by dragging her from the mandap. If his family or society comes to know of it they would spit on his face and will feel disgusted. He never had the guts to apologise to Anika for that so how can anika stay on in the mansion still? Omru do not know what he did. They only know he married her but in what circumstances no one knows.

    Even if anika wants to forgive him the flashback of him dragging her doing the 7 rounds and pulling out the mangalsutra will keep coming to her mind and it will be difficult to forgive SSO. He made marriage a mockery and never understood the value of the mangalsutra. Shivaay has to learn the hard way to gain Anika back and I applaud Anika for leaving the mansion.

    After saying all this I also feel sorry a little for Shivaay as he was so blinded by his love for Priyanka since he lost his parents at a tender age and all he has is his Sister so when someone and outside is telling him to stop the marriage he can’t accept that and when Priyanka was in coma Shivaay’s whole mind state and perspective went out of focus and clouded everything by listening to poisoned Daksh so looking at this yes Shivaay is indeed a huge riddle and a complicated person due to his bitter past.

    Shivaay goes in search of anika and lives near her place I hope they create more Shivika’s scenes and of course Om and Gauri scenes too.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Completely agree with you.Shivaay has done unthinkable and he can’t be at peace until Anika forgives him.To earn apology from Anika is his first priority now.Anyway,whatever has to happen,has happened and it’s high time to set everything in the proper place.For that Shivaay needs opportunity and hope he will get one.Let’s see.Very nice analysis di.Everything is on point?

  12. Arpu dear I hope you are feeling well now and thanks for your reply. Sorry i could not respond to you.
    You will be happy to know that IShqbaaz is on the 6th position on Starplus. Isn’t that great? Overall 18th position. Please keep watching on TV

  13. Hey Luthfa thanks for your reply dear but sorry could not respond. Nice analysis by the way and thanks for liking my analysis yesterday.

    1. Luthfa

      It’s absolutely fine di.You are most welcome.And thank you sooooooo…very much for your love.Love you?

  14. Mene apko Jo reply dena chaha,galti se WO mene luthfa di ko dedi?
    Please read my 1st reply to luthfa do?

  15. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good but want a good redemption from sso

  16. Suparb love it… ishqbaaz best

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