Ishqbaaz 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye believes the family

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Ishqbaaz 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you are murderers…… Shakti says no Shivaye, you are mistaken. Jhanvi says we haven’t done anything. Tej says let us explain ourselves once. Shivaye says I have seen it by my own eyes, hadn’t I seen this, I would have not believed it, I fought with time, world and myself for you all, I was proud of you all and believed you more than Lord, but now I m ashamed, just a sec, if you have killed Mr. Kapoor, it means you have set the mills on fire, you killed many innocent lives. Pinky says don’t say this, this isn’t true, I swear we didn’t kill him, this is half truth, we don’t know the entire truth. Rudra asks did Shivaye go for business meeting at this time. Anika says he has come, now I will show him. She takes a glass of water and says come Shivaye, cheers. She throws water. Om and Gauri come. Water falls on Om. He laughs and asks did I do anything wrong. Anika says no, you look good, sorry I felt…. Bhavya says that its Shivaye. Rudra says welcome to the club. Shivaye says I don’t want to listen anything, you all kept lying to me, if you were not involved, you wouldn’t be digging out Mr. Kapoor’s body, how shall I believe you now.

Shakti says listen to us before you take a decision. Tej says that night, Mr. Kapoor called us here, when we reached here, we saw he was already dead, when police didn’t get his dead body, we thought to keep quiet. Shivaye says it means you had hid the truth. Tej says we had no option, we couldn’t prove our innocent, we would have been blamed for setting Kalyani mills on fire, we would have gone to jail. Shakti says so we kept quiet. Pinky says I can’t false swear on you, I swear on you, we haven’t kill Mr. Kapoor, we didn’t set the mill on fire. Shivaye says I agree but….

Gauri says maybe Anika is angry. Rudra signs them and says Shivaye went for business meeting. Om asks what, who is such client. Anika says some foreigner. Gauri asks is it any female client. Anika says I didn’t ask. Om says but Shivaye didn’t tell you. Rudra says its such romantic weather. Bhavya says does anyone attend meeting in such weather. Gauri says its wrong. Rudra asks did he say where is he going. Anika says he went to office. They laugh. Om says you are so cute, office is closed, everyone would be left. Bhavya says he would have gone to hotel. They say he is at hotel in the middle of the night, in such romantic weather, that too with foreigner, without informing Anika. Anika worries.

Shakti, Tej and Jhanvi also swear on Shivomru. Jhanvi says trust me, we haven’t done anything. Roop comes and claps. She says wow, its easy to make false promises and prove yourself innocent, I wanted to show your truth to Shivaye. Gauri says I sense something fishy. Anika says even I feel the same, what should I do. Om says I will tell you, call Billu. Gauri says yes, sound serious and ask with whom is he there. Bhavya says ask when will he come back. Rudra says ask him is he coming or if he wishes to stay back. Om says yes, call Billu. Anika calls Shivaye. He disconnects. Roop says see Shivaye, they got caught red-handed and is false swearing. Tej asks what rubbish are you saying. She says I m saying the truth, the complete truth is I had seen them killing and burying Mr. Kapoor. They call Roop a liar and scold her. Roop says fine, I m lying, are these pics also lying. They get shocked seeing pics, where they are seen with Mr. Kapoor’s dead body. Roop says you have learnt the truth now. Anika says his phone is switched off, there is surely some problem. Om says I will try once. He calls and says switched off, this never happens, Shivaye never turns off his phone, this can’t happen that he doesn’t answer our calls. Rudra says sorry we were kidding, we didn’t know matter is serious. Gauri says maybe his battery is drained, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Tej asks how did you get these photos, it means you did all this, you clicked these pics to trap us, I will kill you, you are a stain on sister’s name. Pinky scolds her for cheating family. Roop says I condemn such a family, for whom fake prestige is imp than a daughter’s happiness, you didn’t even give my share, you made me stay away from my child, if I was the one at fault, why was my son Veer punished. Pinky asks is Veer your son. Roop says yes, Veer is my son. They get shocked. Roop says he didn’t get mother’s love, because of you all and your fake dignity, I cried for him for years, when I got him now, you have sent him to jail, I will not spare anyone of you, I will surely avenge you for this. Shivaye says wait a min, Veer went to jail because of his deeds, because of you, if you didn’t poison his mind against us, you wouldn’t have faced this day, you forgot that truth can’t be hidden, but can’t be changed, I m so glad that you called me here and cleared my doubts, I understood my family is saying truth, we can challenge the pics’ credibility in the court.

Roop says no matter what you do, I will prove they murdered Mr. Kapoor, I have clicked their photos even today. She shows the pics in phone and says court will ask them, why did they dig out the dead body if they didn’t kill him. Jhanvi says we haven’t killed him. Roop says you know this, I know this, why will court believe this, imagine the breaking news, Oberois are the murderers of Mr. Kapoor, it will be proved that you all had set the mill on fire, you ruined my life, its my turn now. She leaves.

Shivaye says its clear, you all didn’t kill him, who killed him. Shakti says maybe the one who had set the factory on fire. Tej says we tried to find out that time, but didn’t know anything. Shivaye says try to recollect something. Tej says it was our company’s foreman, what was his name. Shivaye says I read about the same, its quite late, go home, I will come. They leave. He calls Khanna and says I was info about foreman Harshvardhan, just get on it. He says if we know about Harsh, we will know much more. Roop looks on and says this is what I want, that you get to know about Harsh, this link will break Anika and your relation, Harsh is Anika’s dad, poor Shivaye, what will you do when you will learn Harsh is Anika’s dad, that Harsh has killed Mr. Kapoor and set the mills on fire, what will Anika go through knowing this, its going to be fun.

Its morning, Anika wakes up and calls out Shivaye. She says he didn’t come yet, he didn’t call or message. She goes to check room. She says he is not here either, it means he didn’t come back yet. She calls him. She says its switched off, where is he. Khanna comes to Shivaye. Shivaye says I told you, I want info about Harsh. Khanna says Shukla gave me this file, it contains info about entire staff. Shivaye says its just employment record, I want all personal details, address, family… Khanna says Shukla told me this would have addresses too. Shivaye gets an address. Khanna says its been many years, I don’t think someone resides there. Shivaye says but still I may get some clue there.

Shivaye asks Tia to please tell him, is Anika really Harsh’s daughter, please tell me, its imp for me to know this. Tia nods and says you are right Shivaye, Harsh is Anika’s dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I m back. So starting from friday’s epi-
    Oh god this bua is so chatomind. She traped senior Oberoi’s in her crime.
    OMG what bhavya did to Rudy’s room. (Mere room bhi itna pinky nai hai).
    Om bhaiya was giving gayan to Rudy…ha ha ha…
    I loved the way he said ya baby.
    Now today’s epi-
    So, finally Shivay bhaiya got to know half truth.
    The way danto danto mein was shouting, I was laughing at that time. No emotion.
    Agar Shradha Kaul ki jagha Vishavpreet Kaur hoti tho sayad bua ka role aur acha se hota.
    Phele Rudy then Om bhaiya. Both had to face panika.
    I loved the way everyone was teasing Anika di.
    Just hoping for no separation.
    Precap- waiting…
    Wasie I have heard SP is going to revamp after IPL. And serial with low trp will be closed (IS IT TRUE ??) but I don’t think IB will be shut too as it is getting good trp.

    1. Hey Ritu congrats for being number 1 commentator

    2. Congratulations being first!!!!!

      Star plus revamped after IPL… don’t know this

    3. Hii Ritu………
      Congrats.yarr GRG..
      I for sometime senior Oberois are out of all yhat
      Bcoz now focous is on HARSBARDHAN TRIVEDI.
      If he will get blamed then…BIG Raita will spread……….
      hope IB will stay safe..

    4. Congrats for being first

    5. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations….?
      Yeah SP is going to revamped after IPL.Separation will not happen but emotional one is possible.OmRu’s pranks became serious.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  2. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    1.raaz baaz is continues..So Sso believes the family
    2 Now we have to.see …. HARSBARDHAN TRIVEDI will open which Riddle. .
    Bcoz now my head is spinning in 360 degree.
    Just hope
    ..Annika will not put any blame on Sso…
    Btw Om joined with system.AAO MUH SAAF KARE??????????..
    Noce episode and thank.god they are not dragging the scene.
    Hope they will not ruin it.
    I am.very much scared of CVS. ..??????.
    Ok yhis my shortest comment ever.
    To much sleepy.ok byyy love you

    Keep.pwatching and keep commenting and keep loving ishqbaaz..

    1. Yes true arpu dear, I am glad they are not dragging the episodes. Now seniors and shivaay know that Roop is the black sheep

      1. Yes…but they r not showing it.I am sure shivaay is able to take the bull by the horns.

      2. Black sheep..???? just want to kill her…..

    2. Lovely comments….

      Kia hone wala Hain…
      Cvs scared me… raaz raaz chkkr me sasre ulta ho raha hain….
      Anika tension me aur shivaay ko raaz ki peeche padhi…

      1. Only one thing we can say.

    3. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..You and me have fallen into same group I see.Om became the target of Anika’s water attacks.LOL!!Hope Shivaay is going to set everything in the right place.

      1. Hmm but i want both shivika will set everything fine…………

    4. Pushpa

      hi gal..
      i think anika will stand by Shivaye and say im sirf Anika…

      1. Finger crossed Pu…..
        Hope Annika will say this…….

  3. Suspense-baaz !!! ????
    This bua… Evil overloaded ??????

    Finally SSO found its not his parivar who killed Mr.kapoor. ?

    Omru Anika conversations very funny ???

    Precap ?????
    Too much twist is awaiting in 2nd day of week itself ?

    1. Yes agreed dhanu. I don’t know what kind of twist the cvs are going to bring coming episides

    2. Yeah Daanto villain overlord……
      Twist waiting for that….

      Anika ka b’day aa raha hain…sso celebrate kar rhi….i think

    3. I jist want kill bua..
      She is realy really really annoying..
      Gul choose a wrong person for BUA character..

    4. Luthfa

      Yeah bua is evil maha-overloaded.Today’s episode should be promising.Let’s see.

  4. Hiii everyone
    How are you’ll?

    ???????? shivaay gonna find out about anikas father …ik so shocked I cant even think about the future story like what’s gonna happen why is roop like this I’ve already killed her in my head ?
    I wanna see where all this is gonna head now so looking forward

    @luthfa I’m doing great how are you and finally after long got to read your comment

    @shivikalover I’m from South Africa

    @jeevi I’m doing great feeling much better how are you doing?

    @beauty welcome dear and thank youu ?

    Take care ?

    1. Hhiii Omi how are you???
      It is totally dark.about future.
      Don’t what is going to be happen…
      Lets see.
      Btw how are you????

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Omu,how are you?
      I am good dear.Thank you very much.That’s really very sweet of you.Me too is waiting to see what is going to happen.Take care.Lots of love?

    3. South Africa….????Oh ib is hvng fans from there toooo
      So how will u watch the

    4. Then how do u watch IB as I suppose its not available online…

  5. Yay..first comment…whohoo.pehli baar..yaya…aha..???????
    Mujhe ye track bilkul pasand nahi arahi he…uffo..kitna drama he
    Ab less shivika scenes..obro moments sab miss kar rahi hu…#disappointed?

    1. Aruni dear..
      Dear actually this the original main base of IB.
      Since first this raaz was there. And finally after 8 month dragging of KM raaz.thry are proceeding to it.
      I know there is less shivika and obros but senior oberois and bhotni Bua will be there…
      Bcoz all these things are directly related to them..
      Don’t be dissapointed…ok…just

      1. AmmuArunima

        I know…jaldi hi yeh track stop karni hogi..he bhagwan plzz

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Anurima,
      This track is stretching since September 2017 so it should end now.We are going to get Shivika scenes today.Let’s see.

      1. AmmuArunima

        Ya… let’s see

  6. Pushpa

    Hi gals…hw r u
    Hope u guys had a great weekend…
    What the hell happenned to the KM raaz ??????
    The senior oberois r not guilty now but again getting anika into trouble. Why cvs ? Why ? Why again our shivika suffer… u senior oberois r suppose to feel the guilt… now when shivaye finds out about trivedi and this evil roop will change story proof anika dad is the murdrer … oh no another twist in shivika life..

    I just want to, poison roop anyone hv the most poisonuos poison for roop… so she suffer and die dhanto dhanto…..devil…..

    Shivaye have nailed the scene totally first mins … those expressions… lines…. i trusts u more than god..he sound shatered when Tej Shakti pinky & jhanvi trying to calm down shivaye so he can listen to the actual story but the proof is in front of shivaye….there come the evil dhanto dhanto roop…….. i poison her yesterday.. but still alive…but not2worry shivaye going to kill soon…
    Hate2c her site totally ruined…

    And u dun get the idea behind OmRu trying to masti wt anika and she belived??? Thts not our anika at all….this svn was full of seni….
    The next day khanna got the info on tribedi… now lets follow shivaye to track we all go shivaye dooms

    Precap….well anika is trevedi??? Who put KM on fire & murder mrkapoor ….kyu…..u shivaye.
    Full,of suzpence accounts…
    Gd nite

    1. Yes pushpa I also loved shivaay’ s expressions and his anger and regret to trust the elders and how he calmed down after pinky reassured him. Finally he got the picture whole picture of Roop being behind their family.

    2. Yes
      Bua is hell irritating.
      Her danto danto main is really very much annoying……
      I think Annika was not thinking about any Angrezzi chireya.
      She became worried bcoz Sso cut her phone and that also in dark night.
      You can see it on morning.she was really worried for it.
      IB Is Now thrillerbaaz and suspense..hell excited for next episode..

    3. Luthfa

      See na Pu di,Shivika just can’t lead a normal life because of this or that problem.Shivaay should support Anika and his family forgetting other things.Let’s see what happens

      1. Pushpa

        i think this is the time Shivaye will become real ishqbaaz …. choose anika not his so called
        ” parivaar” … tht will be the best scene ever…

  7. Hello everyone of my dear PKJ family, dear Arpu, banita, jeevi, Beauty, Luftha dear, Kadhambari dear, Omaira, Sneha dear and many others who will comment later.

    Today’s episode was nail biting episode. Finally Shivaay’s doubts were cleared. I really would have taken the chunkul and hit Roop on her head. Uncontrolled anger and frustration over the years and Roop has not forgiven her family. To err is human but to forgive is divine. To Roop is to revenge is divine.

    Now from tomorrow onwards I am not sure whether I can sit through to watch the episodes. On the one hand, I feel Anika will not believe that Oberois would have killed her father and she will find out the truth. On the contrary, I have a feeling that Shivaay will also just know half truth that her father might have killed Kapoor and set fire on the mills. If that happens who is going to walk out of whose life temporarily I am not sure.

    Who will know the truth unless Roop reveals herself that she killed both Kapoor and Trivedi. I just have a gut feeling that Anika’s father may be alive. Did her mother pass away already? Nothing mention about Anika’s mum. So if Anika is affected won’t Gauri be affected? Unless gauri’s foster mother tells them her name is Chutki or Anika chances upon Gauri’s childhood photo. Then both will know that their father was actually the foreman.

    I wonder how the story is going to turn on from tomorrow onwards. How is it Tia know about Anika’s father? In fact I thought only Roop knew about it? That is strange because Tia must have been a little girl and how did she know about Anika’s relationship with her father?

    1. Hello sindhu …h r u….

      Yesterday episode was revealed few things.. Shivaay got to know that his family not involved ..this relief him…but what about anika… always trouble with shivika…..
      Don’t know what happened next day… feeling scared

    2. Hiiiiii Sindhu dear..before everyone..only Tia knew about real truth of annika connection with KM mystery..
      She didn’t wanted to break shivika relationship.
      But actually it is very confusing that who wil be the BALI KA BAKRA..

      Lets see.
      And you said
      Whether i can sit through to watch episode!!!

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I am also thinking the same.How come Tia and bua know that Anika is Mr.Trivedi’s daughter and all?Cvs are not letting us connect with the story properly.Don’t know what Shivaay is going to do.Waiting is the only solution for the time being.

  8. Moonlight_luver

    well..well..well… I never thought that this would happen!! I don’t want Shivaay and Anika separation…. but the precap was hell exciting…

    1. Dear..even we don’t want shivika separation…..but i think there will be some conflict between them……….

    2. Luthfa

      No-one wants Shivika separation dear????

  9. Luthfa

    So,Shivaay self-discovered that his family was innocent.The way he made believe looked unnatural.Seemed like Shivaay was sure his family did nothing and he was misled.He only wanted to confirm and got the confirmation he needed.Now he is leading towards the real mystery of KMF and Harshvardhan Trivedi,who knew the real truth.Whether Shivika’s relation will suffer because of bua-made illusion or not only time can tell.But it’s time to self-realization or self-deception for Shivaay.Let’s see,what Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to choose…………………….

    1. Yes luftha how cvs are going to twist the plot we don’t know. Is it a temporary separation where anika goes on her journey to prove that Oberois are innocent and her Father is innocent? Actually I don’t mind if that happens then Oberois will appreciate anika even more especially pinky. Will shivaay join in the quest of answers to questions? Have to wait and see

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        In OM everything stops coming to Anika only.Same thing is going to repeat this time also.Anika has to come to the field.But the question is,will Shivaay support Anika?We can ask questions but cvs will not give answers that easily.

    2. Luthfa….Wonderful said u… first line was correct…will see shivaay going to choose whom…. anika ya family….now it’s time to choose any one??.? But choose both with plan???

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment.You are right.This time Shivaay should deal tactfully.Let’s see.

    3. Yaa are right…
      Let’s see what Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to choose.

      1. Luthfa

        Well,we will see?

    4. Pushpa

      im sure shivaye will play along to proof roop is the murderer… pakka mummy kasam.. i believe my shivaye…

      1. Luthfa

        Me too di????

  10. ????????????????????

    Precap… interesting

    1. Yaa interesting..

  11. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    I don’t know what to say about today’s epi…
    Shivaay learned d truth of his parents nd his bade papa , badi maa…
    Did really Janhavi told that she didn’t compare between Shivomru..!!!!??? Seriously..?? Becz of her only Shivaay went for Vanwas…
    DWB successfully start her game plane to separate Shivika…
    Why anyone didn’t suspect on Roop that she can fire d mill nd kill Mr. Kapoor…??
    Poor Om bhaiya…. LOL…. Ani , Rikara nd Ruvya lite moments r fun… This type of lite moments were really need for serious epis like today’s….
    Anika was tensed for Shivaay…
    Precap- Shivaay will learn Anika nd Mr. Trivedi’s connection… Pata nahi what will happen after that…!!??? Just hope for best..!!!
    GN PKJ…

    Why they couldn’t understand that

    1. Nani dear maybe shivaay will hide the truth from anika about her father and from everyone because he does not want anika to leave him. Roop may end up telling anika the truth

    2. Shivaay aapni beta smjte Hain… really jhanvi
      Nice comments

    3. Yaa Janvi is such a paltibaaz..
      Shivomru main no difference..????biggest joke of year..
      DWB-danto wali bua..???…nive shortcut name Bani.
      Yaa My also coming..
      I am becoming irregular..
      Btw you have to irritate us…if yiu will not do that then i will throw water on you..
      Waise fyda teei hi he..garmi main thodi thandak milegi.?????

    4. Luthfa

      That dialogue of Jhanvi really had me on roll.She is the most confusing character in the history of IB.AniOmRu moments were hilarious but turned serious at the end.Waiting for today’s episode.

    5. Pushpa

      hey darling hw r u?
      thts bullshit Jhanvi with her ShivOmRu statement… she chased shivaye frm OM remember…. now wht she’s saying to get sympathy frm shivaye?

  12. Banita

    Hlo everyone….
    I want to say something , that my exams will be there in May… So from now i may be irregular most of the time becz of my sedule… So sorry from now only… Will try to come whenever I got time….
    Nd anyone don’t say “I will miss U” becz i m not going anywhere… I will be just irregular that doesn’t mean that I will not come here to irritating U all…. Trust me it’s one of my fav work to irritate U all…
    Nd last line in my comment was…. I don’t know how that line repeat again… So sorry for that…
    Love U all….

    1. Study hard banita dear. Exams first so don’t worry. Do well then come on

    2. All the best for exam!!

      Miss u all times…tum jaana chahogyi toh bi jaane nhi dunga…

    3. Luthfa

      Awwwww….I love getting irritated because of you.Don’t forget irritating us especially me ever ok?All the very best for your exams.Lots of love?

    4. Pushpa

      hey gal… all the best study well do well get good marks… this is your goal…

  13. Hllo GPKJ…
    Interesting epi….hope that SHIVIKA dont get separated….BTW STAR ke aur koi kaam nahi kya…sirf apne shows ko revamp karna chahte hai.

    1. Don’t know yarr.what is going in Starplus Mind..

    2. Luthfa

      Hope so that Shivika will not get separated but I don’t trust cvs at all.SP is going to revamp show with low tpr.Just hope IB doesn’t come under it.

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Well it is good episode… Looking forward to see the shivika relationship…. I think they will not be separated…… Hope dato dato wali bua ka plan failed ho jaye…

    1. Hii niki.
      Sry i am not getting time to reply you.
      How are you my dear..
      Me too Hope So.Shivika should make pappu of her…
      Love you.

    2. hey u remember me???
      u welcomed me when I came first to this page appx 4 months back..nd after that ur cmnts were less.I too hope danton ke plan fail ho jayega…

    3. Luthfa

      Me too don’t want any separation yaar.Can’t endure another trauma.Bua will fail definitely.Let’s see.

  15. How could shivaay leave annika whether he didn’t no the whole truth on basis of annika father murderer he leave annika it not possible not fare while annika will leave shivaay when she known that his father murderer becoz she did not trouble oberios especially shivaay who face the media for her past she loves family and shivaay very much

    1. Just hope Danto Danto main Bhootni bua plan wil fail…cant see her.on our tv screen…

  16. Gudmng dears….hope u had a gr8 weekend
    And after 2 days the much awaited episode have arrived….I didn’t thought that shivaay will so easily trust his family after seeing his condition in the past epis..but i loved it.Oh shivaay didn’t sleep the whole night he was looking tired nd our Khannajii…he is always there for him whether its day or night.What happened to Shivaay?????He forgot foreman’s name..maybe bcoz of his stress nd lack of sleep..but later he got itt……….

    Precap is good nd tia looked beautiful..did u guys notice?i loved her earring tooo…hahaa
    U may find me crazy as u guys were keenly hearing their convo nd am looking at the earring.
    @luthfa I am great.Hope u r also doing well.U r also hvng network prblm.But the main prblm is with this page.
    @Shivikalover thanks 4 ur reply
    @sindu thanku for ur reply..just hope everthing gets fine
    @banitha do well in ur exams…u r never irritating naa

    Did u notice when ib was playing something was scrolling below.. to send msgg..did u guys send????
    Loved riakra,ruvya nd anika bond they were pulling anikas leg.but pls..they n
    know anika is very possessive.Om saying cute nd pulling anikas cheeekk…loved it to the core
    Bye guyzzz

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,how are you?
      Me too didn’t expect that Shivaay would trust his family so easily.He was looking really tired.Waiting for the next twist of Anika’s relation with KMM.I have not notice Tia’s earrings.And dear,it happens sometimes because of TU and network in combination.Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

      1. Love u tooo…..Haa now I am getting adjusted with the prblm..I used to copy my msg after typing and sending nd then if it does not send ..I will again paste it nd send.Now it has became a habit…..ha..haa

      2. Luthfa

        Hehehe…Same experience yaar.I have to cut my comment into parts to post it.Sometimes takes really long time and sometimes gets posted at first effort.Now like you me too get adjusted with it??????????

    2. Hiiii Sneha..even i didn’t expect it…
      I think Monderation Uncle love your comment sooo much so he eat vomments just like Bani’s comments..
      Koi nahi..meri bhi kha jata he.
      Bhukkad he na is liye.??????.
      Love you….dear..


    1. ????????Vidya dear..yiur comment cracked me up….
      Btw yiu are 100% right about Cvs..they will do that thing which
      we don’t want at all.

      Still lets see what is there is store..

    2. Luthfa

      Wow,your idea is very nice.But the great CVS are not going to mould the story the way you mentioned.Yeah,because of trp Shivika separation is very much possible and I don’t trust CVS at all.Let’s see.

  18. Now the cat is let out of the bag.Hope shivaay won’t misunderstand that the foreman is the one who set fire nd killed mr.kapoor

  19. Plzzzzzzzzzzz cvs no Shivika separation plzzzzz, we might not recover from it thiz time…..we lost many Shivika fans in last separation, trp wont recover again….
    Anyways most important …..someone plz kill daat wali Bua ko?
    So annoying….why does IB bring more negative characters than positive….whatever the twist coming ahead….just want……
    #Some peace in shivikas life, their romance n relationship to grow beyond anything and All….their journey to becoming parents, the crazy cravings of Anika, Shivay satisfying all her whims and mood swings, the joys of from being kids to parents themselves ..true love, honesty, trust, nok jhoks, romance WIth Each Other?

    # AniRi? the positive to come out from current track that will make the right from all wrongs……..✌ plzzzz we want AniRi to find each other n to enjoy their sisterhood…hoping once its all settled Anika will want to see her Only Chutkis wedding hence Rikaras wedding with all rituals and fun filled as weddings should be ..of course last Obro wedding….no negative presence. Hope cvs are listening ?

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Zara,how are you?
      Even me too want to see all these.But don’t know what cvs are thinking.Would love to watch those you have written.Let’s see?

  20. Hiii Zara dear..When Rubhya saadi was happening They all.are used to say that this is the last wedding of oberoi khandan…….
    I was wuite shocked. I don’t think Cvs will give us Rikara wedding.
    And Peace in Shivika life…dont know when it will happen….
    Btw early…noooooooooo
    Let them enjoy for sometimes..
    Hope this KM raaz will.end soon.
    I am not getting irritated by episode.
    Just that bua is hell annoying..
    I want to kill her..

  21. Hello everyone..

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