Ishqbaaz 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Tej and Shwetlana come in disguise

Ishqbaaz 8th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika throws flowers on Shivaye. He falls down. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks her to listen. Om sees Gauri caught between the fire. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika walk ahead. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. Shivaye touches her face with the rose petal. Rudra congratulates Shivaye and hugs. Dadi asks Bhavya to come. Bhavya says no, I m fine. Pinky says she came here again. She calls out Shivaye and walks ahead. Shivaye turns and makes Anika sit on the swing. Pinky cries and goes. Shakti asks Rudra to take his magical selfie. Rudra takes Shivaye and Anika’s pic. Khanna comes and thinks its not right to trouble Shivaye now, I will go and see. Rudra takes family selfie. Bhavya goes.

Balram and his men look for Om and Gauri. The man says car is here, maybe they are inside. Balram says then they will die together, burn the hospital. The men pour kerosene. Balram ignites the fire. He laughs. Om and Gauri see the smoke. Om says I think they did something, we should leave. Gauri asks Om to take her support. He says I don’t need help. She says you also helped me, come fast.

Bhavya gets sad and cries. She sees a handcuff and pulls it. Flowers fall over her. Rudra comes to her. She thanks him for making her feel special. He asks her to keep smiling, she looks good when she smiles. She says we shall go now. Anika runs after Shivaye and throws flowers on him. She gets shocked seeing yellow tulips. Shivaye holds his chest and collapses. They all get shocked.

Anika asks Rudra to call doctor fast. She says sorry, I didn’t know there are yellow flowers in basket. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks her to listen, I have less time, if you have to say anything in heart, just say it, I don’t want your life to go through regret, you didn’t tell me what you wanted. She sees medicines in his pocket and thinks he is fooling me. He asks her to just say it. She says I m scared to say, I wanted to say, I m not a big Pappu/fool. Shivaye says just say it. Anika shows the medicine. He gets up. She asks are you fine, you felt I m foolish and won’t understand your drama. He says its my medicine. They all laugh.

Anika says you all were together, so I was thinking I m shouting for doctor, you all didn’t call. Bhavya says I called doctor. Rudra says we were doing our roles, Shivaye was our director. Anika says then Shivaye ordered this yellow flowers. Shivaye says yes, I told Khanna and had anti allergic medicine. Anika says how can you joke, I was so worried because I… He asks her to say. They all ask Anika to say. She says I won’t. Khanna comes and says there is a big problem, someone entered the house by breaching security, no one left from the house. Shivaye says it means that person is inside. Khanna says I told them to search in the house.

Gauri and Om reach the car. She stops and runs back in the hospital. Om falls down. Dadi asks who entered the house. Shivaye says don’t worry, our security team will find him. They see Jhanvi and Tej coming. Dadi says you got time to come, there is marriage at home. Tej asks how will I do acting, tell me who are they. Shivaye asks acting. Rudra asks what happened to your dressing sense and language Papa. Tej says I m not anyone’s dad, I m Peter from Goa. Rudra says you will become repeater from Peter if you repeat so much times. Tej says I like your sense of humor. Jhanvi says I will explain. Shwetlana comes saying Swami…. They look on.

She says you left me alone and came in, very bad, its such a big house, very good, I m Kaveri, he is my husband Peter. They get shocked. Gauri goes and gets the idol. She coughs and tries to leave. Om tries to get up. Rudra says so he is Peter, not Papa, we know she is Shwetlana, but we have to do acting. Jhanvi says we have no option, I got Tej by difficulty to know why is he acting. Shivaye says I m sure Shwetlana did something, I will call commissioner, police will set her on her place. Jhanvi says Tej didn’t call police, there will be reason, we have to play along. Dadi asks how can you let Shwetlana come here as Tej’s wife. Jhanvi says I hate her, but I love Tej more, he will be in front of our eyes here. Rudra says I will make her leave. She stops him. He says she is blackmailing dad. Shakti says what’s the matter by which she is blackmailing him. Jhanvi says she has some proof, till we get that, we can’t do anything. Bhavya says we have to know her motive to catch her. Anika says when Om and Gauri know, Om can’t tolerate her. Shivaye says he came out of mental trauma, I don’t want him to go in that zone again.

Om sees Gauri trapped between fire. She signs him not to come. He reaches her. Shivaye says till we find Shwetlana’s motive… Tej comes and says fantastic house, would I get some drink, I love Kaveri and drinks. Rudra asks why are you doing this. Tej says I want a drink. Jhanvi says you will get what you want. Rudra says Papa… Tej says Peter, not Papa, you have a solid body, are you a model, try in films. Shivaye says he is my younger brother, we are three brothers. Tej ask where is three. Shivaye says he is out, he will come. Jhanvi asks Tej to go to his room. Tej sees Dadi and says you are mother india, I should touch your feet. He takes Dadi’s blessing and goes.

Om lifts Gauri and gets her out of fire. Saathiya…..plays….. They leave in the car. Balram and his men run behind. Balram gets angry. Rudra says he is my Papa,, how to call him Peter. Shivaye says its tough, you have to do this. Anika says it will be tougher for Jhanvi. We have to become her strength. Bhavya says Anika is right, if we have to end Shwetlana’s drama, we have to do this drama, can we start investigation on our level. Shivaye says that’s a good idea, we have to find her agenda, why did she come back. Rudra says we have to find her plan first.

Om asks Gauri is she fine. She nods. He asks her to have water, give idol, I will keep behind. She says no, this idol is precious. He says not more than you, what was the need to risk life for this. She says your family tradition is linked to this, this is part of your family. He says you are also part of my family. She faints. He asks her to open eyes. Rudra says I wish to shoot Shwetlana. Bhavya asks him not to take her gun. He says I m just saying, I will crush her with my muscles, I will ask you to use gun, you can say you did encounter, its good idea, do her encounter. She says its bad idea. He says I know you will work well, sit, mission name will be Throw Shwetlana out, you will need a smart man, everyone knows I m much smart, I played imp role in your missions. She says but in spoiling it. He says don’t underestimate the power of a common muscle man, Shwetlana is equal to ten masterminds, you can’t handle her alone. Bhavya says you want to become my partner. He says its good you agree. She says I didn’t. He says even if you don’t ask, I will help you. She asks him to keep cartons in guest room safely.

She asks does this have proof against Shwetlana. She says no, its my belonging, I m shifting to guest room. He asks why. She says there is no threat from Sultan, we don’t need to share room. He says fine, Shwetlana’s in this house, she is dangerous, she will attack me first, I m everyone’s fav and yours fav too. She says who said, you are not my fav. He says fine, so will you let me die. She says are you mad to say anything. He asks her not to go, he is public and has threat from Shwetlana, police work is to protect public, gym equipment is here, you have to stay fit. She says yes, I didn’t think of this, I should stay here. He says I will keep things back. She asks him to pack his stuff, he will stay in guest room now. He asks am the host and guest. She says yes, you gave this brilliant idea, I can’t go as gym equipments are here, shift fast. He says you are making me leave from my room.

Its morning, Rudra says what to think, poisonous gas…. I will go to her room and leave poisonous gas, she won’t wake up for 2 days, Bhavya and I will check her room, either you guys are jealous of my smartness or being so dumb to not understand. Shivaye says you want diversion to investigate, you will get it. Anika asks how will you make her busy. Shivaye says a function. Bhavya says we will get a chance to check her room when everyone is busy in function. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and says I will also get a chance to make you say your feelings. She says its imp discussion going on here. Shivaye says who said just one work can happen at a time, we Oberois target two by one arrow. Rudra asks what will you do. Shivaye says something amazing….. They smile.

Shwetlana says I wanted to come back in Oberoi mansion, you should thank me, you came back home, you would have got tired doing waiter job, how do you feel acting as my husband in front of your wife and family. Tej gets angry. He says I m feeling as a stranger in my house, I can’t my mum as my mum, I can’t my wife and son as mine. She asks since when did you start believing relations. He says since your true avatar came out in front of me. She says you didn’t see my real avatar, I want something that’s here. He asks her to take it and get out. She says I will take it, don’t you worry. She smiles and says its just a lock away. Tej thinks what’s this key. She asks him to stay in character. She gets something from cupboard. Tej looks on. She locks cupboard and goes. He says I m sure this key has some connection with her plan.

Dadi asks what’s this Lovakshari. Shivaye says Love plus Antakshari is Lovakshari, its just love songs, if people can’t say, they can sing and express.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. VHM

    Pinky You are dumb…when it’s Shivika’s marriage functiosn Anika would be there.
    Shivaay control yourself…what message are you giving to your chichora younger brother by romancing infront of him.
    Jhanvi are you serious…i have never seen such a dumb woman in my life..
    Rudra and Bhavya were good today..
    Sorry shivaay your prank failed miserably
    Rikara the less i speak the happy i am …
    till a point Om was limping and unable to get up but seeing Gaowri in fire he got up and walked normal above that he lifted her in arms and made her sit in car.
    Guari you proved to be a illusionally super woman…fire , fire extingusher, dangal, jungle, bhoot…nothing can harm you..
    so i think you must fight one to one with swethlana…a battle to look for…
    All in all again a filler episode.

    1. Zaveesha

      Again first commentor…waah Harika di…great going…
      I agree to all ur points…
      Seriously Shivaay has no control on himself when he see her Khidkitod wife…
      Gauri is indeed a superwomen…

    2. Lve_surbhi

      Go hari di . Go .wow di fir se . Congo Congo .

    3. Banita

      Agree with omri point…

    4. Swathi..

      go Hari di go.
      yeah Gauri is some illusionary super woman ?

    5. Can you please tell y you call jhanavi dumb. In this type of situation what shall she do.

    6. VHM

      Jhanvi is dumb to get into this situation…she couldn’t assess even for a while about swethlana’s smartness…if she was wise enough she would have kept a check on swethlana before coming to Nainital along with Tej…simple…well this is my personal opinion expressed on a public platform….no offense intended.

    7. Gauri is just smart…she didn’t win dangal…she barely managed to cling on to that man’s back…at the end she was thrown down….it doesn’t require superwoman skills to use a fire extinguisher….I will agree on the fire part…but it is not as if serials don’t make characters do things that require superhuman skills…

    8. VHM

      Gauri is immensely smart i accept…a person who doesn’t know how to use pepper spray will definitely know about using fire extinguisher.. (frankly speaking even i don’t know how to use fire extinguisher, though i know how to use pepper spray)…but the way the whole scene was picturised didn’t make any sense…yeah fire extinguisher usage …superwoman skills are not required but the same co2 released from fire extinguisher would equally harm Gauri too at that point…she was not shown covering her face or eyes…yet she managed to reach Omkara, when none could see anything amid smoke … and despite of smoke or gas she was hale…which did not make any sense… i called her as superwoman….and coming to what you wrote about all other serials…i only watch IPKKND 3 and IB and about these both serials if i appreciate few things, i do criticise other things …as a viewer i guess i have complete freedom to do so…as i said above this is my personal opinion on a public platform no offense intended…

  2. Nila

    ???Haiiii pkj ????

    Shivika’s welcome with Oh janna????? ??????? & petals
    Romancing in front of guest cheapde Shivaay??????

    Pinky :if she don’t like the function then y she wearing theme outfit????????????

    Shivika like teenage lovers throwing petals?????? with special oh Janna music????? awwww I enjoyed it????

    Dramebaaz Shivaay so cutee???
    OMM kanna Ji ne wo flowers basket ko change kiya??

    Annika’s outfit is ek dum khidkithod??? & thank god finally bhavya’s hair style is changed plz change gauri’s Hair too???

    Tejlana?????irritating shwetlana???? waiting for Om’s reactions

    Rikara plz jaldi wapas aavo☺

    Precap: Smart Singh oberoi ???????? & I am waiting but Monday yeppa varum??

    1. Banita

      Yeh Nila finally Bh’s hair style change….. I luv and miss Gouri’s straight hair style in dbo after leap……

    2. Nila

      Hii bani ????
      Yaa ?

    3. Piyuu

      shivika’s welcome with oh jaana scene was nice….shivaay anika ke saath romance karne ka ek mokka bhi nahi chodega.

    4. Nila

      Shivaay????????? ya true??

    5. Pushpa

      Hi nilu
      I loved shivika petal throwing event….great like just kids…loved o janaaa…..
      Pls throw pinky out…..nautanki shivaye poor dude today ur plan failed… too irritated wt svet scn a business man Tej cant handle villain svet???? Cm on..

    6. Nila

      Haan puspha?????
      Seriously yaar shwetlana track OMM I can’t tolerate this anymore fedup with this drama???

  3. Swathi..

    hi pkj how are you all?
    watched half of episode only a 3-4 mins of shivika scene was there now tejlana drama to continue in Om.
    I’m waiting for proper shaadi track. let’s hope for khidkithod functions.
    good night all.

    1. Zaveesha

      Yeah swathi hoping for khidkitod functions of Shivika…
      Good night..

    2. Swathi..

      good morning zaveesha. lagta hai shaadi ke functions ke liye aur intezaar karna padega. they are showing other functions other than rasams.

    3. Piyuu

      hi swathi hw r u?
      waiting for shaadi track…

    4. Swathi..

      Hi piyuu I’m good. How are you?
      Waiting waiting waiting…

    5. Piyuu

      I’m Fine swathi


    1. Shivaye-Anika secenes were nice..
    2. Flowers made bhavya smile ????⚘?? and rudra was happy
    3. Om-Gauri secenes were nail biting
    4. I wonder jhanvi is so well maintained that she did not look mother of 3 children, she is getting younger day by day..
    5. Jhanvi was looking so beautiful in today’s suit ??
    6. I hope Family soon find sewtlana blackmailing tej
    7. I hope pinki realise her mistakes soon before its too late?????
    8. I miss priyanka in show..
    9. Lovakshri ?????????
    10. Rudra favourite of swetlana like seriously ???????? her favourite are tej an om ?????

  5. After long shivaay got a classy top for function I think
    Shivika is asusal ??????

    But I feel like again rikara track is going down means little dragging without base…..but they are doing well and getting ss

    And iam happy that swety is back
    Now waiting all three to tackle them
    Om without Villan looks unusual so wlcm swety…
    I can bear only you
    Not kaamini or Ragini

    And pinky what are you thinking
    If Annika not in her wedding function means who will be there
    First of all who called or invited you
    Dresspanitu vanthuta

    To make realise pinky and redemption
    I think
    Ani will save pinky or something something like that
    Just my wild thought

    1. Banita

      Yeh [email protected]
      just dragging omri part…. Hope they join with family in next function……

    2. Pushpa

      Yeah agree …rikara track draghing thy shld b back to celebrate shivaye function….but now gauri fainted…cvs pls decide & bring thm both back….

  6. Thank God they gave us a good weekend……………….

    @asthababy …..oh my god..your comment. ……gaana accha laga…haan…??????…

    Coming to episode. .

    1.Shivika scene..kya aaj bhi shivika magic cum thi..but mujhe toh aisa nahi laga..

    Sso was soooo mesmerised by annika…..his hand bcame restless to touch his pyarri khidkitod khobsurat biwi… …he removed that rose petal from her hair,Caresses her cheeks w8th rose petals .and make her blush…then straight her hair ( of course ubka fev kaam jo he)…..playing with her hairs…But rudy now you……….why????

    2.rubhya BG music is really heart touching. ……….but still i miss RUMYA soooooooooo much..kassh uss jagah pe soumya hoti.. ????????….

    3.OMM ye ladki fir yahan aagyi..pinky ponky ne ye kyun bola…mere ko samajh nahi aa raha…????????kisi ko aa raha he?????
    Glad Sso ignored her.

    4 then Annika’ phool fekna on Sso with my fev oh jaana music……i really love that BG music…Sso started his drama..for a sec i thought Sso was really in very bad condition but

    Remember Sso

    If you are SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI then she is also ANNIKA

    And if you are BILUJI then also she is PANNIKA..

    So bach ke rehena…aap Chantomai ho toh woh bhi smart he..
    So sambhal ke..

    5.then Annika made pappu of Sso?????????.puri family was pushing anni but khaanuji aagaye…..

    6 So woh intruder koi aur vilian he.PH God aab ye kya raita he.??????

    7.I ignored PETRAVERI part…..aab they will irritate me more…??????..So didi is worried about rikara….ya and now all family will team up and will do kaamal

    8.Sso aap kahi bhi suru ho jate ho na…thodi toh privacy mai. Rakho apni romance ko….bacche aap se sikhenge bt it doesn’t mean ki kahi bhi…kabhu bhi…but As we know..SSO KUCH BHI KAR SAKTA HE…….?????…

    9.RIKARAPART WAS REALLY NICE.. tum meri parivaar ka hissa ho..Om has also changed….soooo much…..And murti….Mujhe na CHENNAI EXPRESS KI YAAD AAGAYI……..thodi similar thi…….
    Yarr koi in dono ko OM pahuncha do……

    10 precap- I am egearly waiting for this .. ..don’t know who will confess first……and how…..

    P.S.-P.S wali pagli. …..where are you????????????????????..

    Anu ki vacation khtam nahi hui ka????????????

    1. Pushpa

      Arpi….shivaye just cant stay away frm anika….of course his fav moves…caressing her hair bhd her ears..touch her cheek…but cvs editted him kissing her hand the scn where he plays his drama…precap ws owsm another love function i think shivaye will confess …..lets c

    2. Nila

      Msg from Ammu:
      Message for Arpu baby – I m sorry arpu sorry yaar I m not able to fulfil ur wish pardon me nd others …. what to say this tests r all set to take my life along with them ….. sorry yaar ….. ??????for  u

    3. Arpita even i dont undrstand why pinky said that line… It was shivay n anika’s function… Use to vahan hona hi tha…kuch smjh ni aaya?

  7. Archiya

    There was just 5-10 mins of ib today n remaining all just drag..

    Shivay acting as sick was really good, but this is unfair tat the whole family is giving shivay side.. They should infact support Anika… No worries babes.. Everyone here in r pkj will support only u. ? ?
    An Shivay u can romance I front of everybody but ur not bold enough to speak it heart out.. U can’t tell her tat u love her..

    Ruvya I felt were much better today, for the first time I saw some emotion in bhavya eyes… Their convo was nice..

    Rikara simply draggin.. Pls bring them back to OM soon.. Atleast some good scenes they might get with family. what y r trying to show is.. The boy will do how much we ever bad.. The gal will always think abt the boy n his family. Which is super crap.. Never happens

    Tej shvet janvi… Don’t know when this drama will end.. It’s boring, to see the same thing again n again.. Shvet always one step ahead.. Though I love the actress..

    What was Khanna telling abt an intruder..i thght yest it was Rudy tryin to get some now who is this new person..

    Precap… Why is shicay forcing Anika to propose first.. Why can’t he.

    1. Swathi..

      hi archu. true there was only 5-10 mins of IB. I’m just waiting for shivika wedding.

    2. Archiya

      Swathi dear
      M waiting for it too

    3. Kanfi

      I wasnt finiding reply option there so replying here???
      That reply was for me????? @UF wala??
      If yes,,,ofcourse i rmmbr u swathi….n about emoji,,hmko neend arhi th uswkt???……gd mrngg

    4. Pushpa

      Hey archu….agree i enjoyed shivika totally…well finally i think it woll b shivaye confessing his love first….rudy is always cute….reality of married women life isnit archu….v women always think about boy+his family.?………darling shivaye will tell fisrt wait& watch dear….

    5. Archiya

      Agreed.. Harsh reality of a woman… It’s always about the boy n his family

    6. Piyuu

      agree archu rikara track dragging hope they back to soon.
      precap same question in my mind….

    7. Archiya

      I hope they r back soon too

    8. Krish6868

      ARCHIYA,excuse me for not replying to you yesterday.

      SHIVAAY was like a love sick school boy.Only allowed to drool over ANIKA ,but no touching!Poor SHIVAY!

      BHAVYA looked pretty last night and her expression of emotions has improved . I am starting to feel that RUVYA will make a great detective team along with ANIKA bhabhi.

      Somehow I felt that ANIKA and BHAVYA looked like sisters in green !

      How could SHIVAAY and OF even dream of fooling ANIKA? She is a born SHERLOCK HOLMES!

      GUL loves to demean her heroines,bring their morale to the lowest ebb ,then show them as SHEKAR says, as PHOENIXES rising victorious from the ashes ,ready to stand and defend their men and family.
      I hated those scenes where ANIKA and GOURI (DBO) were humiliated so badly,but they seem to have
      forgiven their men.GUL should make them subtly torture SHIVOM like MAYA in BEYHAD ,atleast for a few episodes !

      I hope this TEJVILANA drama might end before SHIVIKA’S wedding. Somehow the VAMPS are more resourceful and seem to have more common sense than the LEAD ACTORS(excluding ANIKA +GOURI)!

      The new person KHANNA was referring to could be the vamp SULTANA come for BHAVYA.So now we have 3 VAMPBAAZS in OM. I wish the CVS provide enough grey cells to the LEAD ACTORS this time ,so that they may anticipate the VAMPBAAZS moves earlier and give the audience a treat without excessive DRAMABAAZ from the vamps as during MAHI track.

      SHIVAAY might be feeling insecure regarding ANIKA’S feelings or he wants to be reassured that ANIKA is entering wedlock wholeheartedly without any bad feelings associated with the past experience
      (indirectly seeking his redemption).But.I still want SHIVAAY to propose first.

    9. Archiya

      I was waiting for ur reply yest… But it’s OK.. U may b busy

      Born Sherlock homes… True, she catches the smallest things..

      I feel it’s not just GK..its the whole star plus.. They just want to show women low, simply crying n taking the insult all the time.. But unfortunately r society is like this only.. Where a gal is taught from starting that husband home is everything.. I hate this totally

      An yeha I like it tat shvet has so much intelligence…

      I don’t think for Shivay its abt surety.. May b just tadi as always.. Even I want him to propose Anika first.. She totally deserves it

    10. Archiya… Agree wid u…jst some minutes of shivika’s moments n rest was jst dragging…. N yeah…reality of our society…jst thnk abt boy n his family…nothng else is important here

    11. Archiya

      Absolutely dear… It’s expected from us by the society.. I hate it too much

    12. Krish6868

      1.REG.portrayal of women in society:
      This is a patriarchial society,created by men for men,because they felt threatened by the natural or innate strength of females.Women have been always un- selfish fighters,fighting , for their men ,children and families since time immemorable.Anything powerful is female,MOTHER EARTH ,MOTHER INDIA .PARVATI is the Shakti or power of LORD SHIVA.Without HER help he is powerless to blow even a wisp of straw. So,to create a false illusion of supremacy ,men have created laws confining women to certain areas.KERALA is most developed ,it is a matriarchial society.
      2.AVNI in NAAMKARAN is respected by all in her in-laws place except HER MIL.HER MIL is kept under control by DADI.IT’s a very positive atmosphere. Iwatched only a few episodes.
      If SHIVAAY’S insistence on ANIKA confessing first is due to his TADI and not for assauging his guilt,
      then,ANIKA should stick to the conditions she set for SSO (when ANIKA was shot by KAMINI and
      SSO expressed his wish that she should depend on him all her life.)
      1.Describe her as KHIDKITHOD KHOOBSOORAT.
      2.Express that his BREATH STOPS ON SEEING her.
      4.Accept that his COLOUR-LESS LIFE HAS BEEN FILLED WITH COLOUR after her entry in his life.
      HE has already expressed 1,2. to ANIKA .No.3 to OM and no.4-the truth is glaringly obvious to
      the entire world and the OF.SHIVAAY was so demented and lifeless after ANIKA lefthim. .Hiscondition reminded me of the prisioners( whose life and soul was sucked out by the DEMENTORS and were like the walking dead) In the HARRY POTTER series THE PRISIONER OF AZKABAN.
      So ,when all the conditions are fulfilled and ,SHIVAAY acknowledges them to himself why are the
      CV’S delaying his proposal? They have always favoured SSO and have treated him protectively.
      SSO must propose first!

    13. Archiya

      pls dont mind me asking this, and answer only if u want to… r u a gal or a boy?
      pt 1. Such nice lines to show women r powerful, but in reality i haven’t seen anyone as weak as them, in terms of putting upto everybody.. thinking more abt others than herself..but of course its her nature

      pt2. i did watch a few epi of namkaran, but see unfortunately i saw only that episode where her inlaws questioned abt her character.. an switched off the tv immediately.. same thing wld have happened with the boy.. would his family have questioned him the same..never

      pt3.i m hoping that whatever anika asked him, for all ur points i want him to confess in the same way to her.. ,.. i agree the CVS always favored shivay, they have always wronged only anika..

  8. Misha_Mikul

    Thoroughly enjoyed! ???
    Such a bliss episode!! ???
    Three love stories have been developed very well, glad for that!! ❤❤

    but I really hate the editing team..I don’t know who are them!! but hate u guys to the core!!???
    I’ve watched in a segment, Shivaay kissed Annika’s hand when he was acting and asked her to confess her feelings!!
    but in today’s epi the part was cut off!! Damn it!! I fed up!! ??
    Don’t they have any other scenes to cut off, this is not a first time even!! ???

    Shivaay??? seriously I’m not getting bored of praising you!! in fact, searching for new adj to use for appreciating your shades!??
    He slayed today??
    I always torture my sis by telling “look, how handsome/cute/hot he is” whenever Shivaay comes on screen????
    that’s why once Shivaay comes, My sis either closes her ears or closes my mouth???

    ❤❤❤Loved Moments!!❤❤❤
    ?Shivaay didn’t take his eyes off from Annika even for a sec!! kept looking in her eyes while walking in… OMG???
    ?The way Shivaay removed the petal from her hair and he felt to kiss the petal but controlled as they were surrounded by guests???
    ?The way he corrected her hair…Uffff?? both were tooo hott..only SSO can bring up the initimation feel in a small romantic action???
    ?Rudi pulled him back, hugged him? but still Shivaay kept looking at Annika? ShivRu’s smile was so cute??
    ?Yess… SSO ingnored the Pinky ??? protected Annika from that evil?
    ?Family selfie ?? missed RiKara there ?
    ?Awww…Annika was throwing flower petals on Shivaay?? She was so cute, more like a kid when played with her man??
    and the way Shivaay reacted for that ??
    Lol…Annika threw yellow flowers on Shivaay???
    ?and here Shivaay’s cute and smart act was started!!?? The way he acted..LMAO????
    ?tried to take the “I LOVE YOU” out from Annika’s mouth…Ouuuuhhh!!! as Annika is not less, She found out his silly plan!!???
    ?Lol…Annika’s expressions after found out the truth!!???
    Shivaay – anything that you want to confess so that you have no regret later…??
    Annika – (Crying) Main itni badi pappu nahi hoon…??
    ?but the Most Funny thing was Shivaay still continued acting even after Annika caught him?? LMAO ???
    ?He got up and asked her to confess!! went close to her???? Control, Shivaay!! Public2??
    ?Shivaay planned to do another function !!
    Bhavya – Ya, so that Swetlana will be busy in celebration..we’ll get a chance!!
    Shivaay – I’ll too(holding Annika’s hand) started romancing Annika??
    ?Rudi’s expressions for that??? he was like “why did my brother changed from Tadi Singh Oberoi to Sweet Singh Oberoi, he can’t stop being romantic for a while even” LoL????
    ?Woww…Shivaay’s multi task ???
    ?Oberoi couple are gonna do something kamaal!! they’re on mission Swetlana again??
    ?Shivaay was so naughty and cute??? I just adored him!! ??
    ?RiKara scene was lovely!!?? Gauri nailed her character as always!!??

    Precap- Shivaay wants to play LoveAkshri??Wow..his level of chantomayi!!? Antakshri with only love songs?? Oh my Gosh!! Shivaay ??
    Some romantic scenes are awaiting ❤❤

    1. Pushpa

      Misha..shivaye was suoer hot cool & s*xy yaar….i enjoyed totally frm flower petals yellow tulip drama up to shivaye svet planning…but cvs hv chopped tht hand kissing scn yaar…..hw could thy????shuvaye just cant keep his hand away frm toook it all the wayyyyyyyyyy….

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah Pushpa.. He was damn hot!!?
      I want the hand kissing scene!! really want to watch it!! ?
      Why did they always play with ShivIka fans’ heart..? ??

      nd Yep! This SSO can’t give rest to his hands! always looking for his Love Lady…
      More more romantic nop hot scenes are awaiting…Just can’t wait to watch them!! ??

      This time, ROMANTIC SSO ROCKS!!??

  9. Hi everyone….. This is maahi here…. how are u all….
    Todays episode was just ok ok…. not anything to say….
    Everything was in bits and pieces…. but still manageable…..

    Guys I saw that many of u didn’t liked the dangal idea for Gaurikara….

    Same goes with the GAURIKARA as well…. OMKARA decided to fight for his Grandfather and The Oberoi’s….

    Also in the show it was not shown that Gauri is using Dangal tactics to win …. She just saved herself from balram twice, once kicked him on leg , jumped on him once and atlast was pushed badly by Balram…. (and all this thing didn’t go illogical anyway like saving oneself , kicking a person and jumping on someones back)….


    I have a complain ….. NO ONE REMEMBERED ME ( accept @arpita)….

    Amaaya, astha, nivedita, pushpa, archiya , nikitajai, anikaaa, nilash, kanfi , ranilya , navz, anu , shraddhaDBO, swathi….. And otherpkj members…..sab bhool gaye mujhe….(mein sab se naaraz hoon…… ) ???????????????????????????
    @arpita- I am very busy with my studies now a days so not getting time to comment ….

    1. Maahi I totally agree with all you said. y2k women are not just housewives to mill around the kitchen and clean the house. we are fighters. fighters for what we believe and indestructible forces to be reckoned with for the ones we love. and i too just simply loved the dangal challenge it simply showed that women will/should stand up to whatever we believe in and for those we love.

    2. Kanfi

      Hey maahi…
      Yr i m also not coming here regularly…
      I came here as aamu has given spcl invitation to us to come n commnt here to reach high nmbr of commnt???
      That dangal idea i do agree with you…bt to be honest i m not liking rikara track these days,,they are just dragging it…
      How are u??

    3. Swathi..

      @UF how are you? Our old IB is back ???? and one thing I wanted to say to u. Aapki comments mein emojis Kyun itni Kam hai? I’ll visit TU on weekends as I don’t get enough time to reply to u all.
      P.S : u remember me right? ??

    4. Hii maahi dii… I miss you so much.. It is not like that… I forget you….
      I said in many of my comments on ib page that you are missing and I am missing you……
      I also know that if you are not coming… It will have a strong reason…
      A part of that you are fine and back… Waiting for your shayari… Love you…

    5. Nila

      Message from Ammu:

      Maahikara I missed u so much my lady pkj poet…. me too was missing from here for long nd now too I have to leave ….. my enemy for pkj is Same as urs that is Study …. Nd I miss ur poems shairies more than u ??? kidding u know na how much ur chatter box love u

    6. Pushpa

      Hey maahi hw could u say i forgotten u,,…u always be missed by pkj members…ur syayiry one writes any…..well i miss u dear…happy 2c u back….

    7. Piyuu


      ham kaise bhool sakte hai thume .thum hamara mahikara hey na…
      i know thum busy ho phir bhi time mila tho zarur aana…miss ur shayari

    8. Swathi..

      hi maahi how are you? no dr how can I forget our maahikara in fact I cannot forget pkj family I’m not commenting these days because my Clg timings & all doesn’t gives me time & I’m not even watching IB only Friday episode I’m watching. but I’ll try to comment on weekends.

  10. Pushpa

    Entertaining episode ….
    Lovely couple yea both shivaye& anika..lookedmgorgeous walking down with the petals showering thm both… fav song again ….shuvaye eyes locked to anika ….tht single petal did he kissed it???? Rudy why disturb…

    Anika looked beautiful and so cute throwing petals on shivaye & running around …this is wht we call family..oh no yellow tulips….shivaye fainted…i must say v need to praise shivaye to keep on 2his act so anika will confess but sorry na shivaye…He asks her to confess so that she has no regrets later & anika saw shivayes alergic pills… caught u there….She keeps crying and tells shivaay mei itni badi papu nahi hu ???This was so owsm…

    Wht the wuck???…where is the hand kiss???????? Cvs u edited the scn…??????

    Omg i must say svet entry was superb wth the style hw she walked in.. and rudy …..”mission throw svetlana out”…bhavya dun under estimate the power of muscle man ” and the OF smartest chap……rudy u r so another drama to find ourselves…

    Om wow u carried although u r injured…and thk u 4taking dadi’s moorthi…Wht now gauri fainted??? Cvs… r u guys out of idea…please visit pkj TU page to get superb script&motivated.

    Today the whole epi… shivika rocked…
    Rudy so cute & i think he’s the keeping OF lively…
    Pinky is alive? Throw her outof OM……
    Gd nite

    1. Banita

      [email protected] Dr Shivika always rockkked……..
      Yeh how can d stupid editor edited hand kiss scene…..?????????
      I m also waiting 4 this scene at first I thought I miss it that’s why again I watch it on hotstar BT this scene wasn’t there….?????

      Don’t underestimate d power of a common muscle man……??????

      I m glad that today u notice other member of of also????

    2. Pushpa that scene was really awsum when anika said while crying ‘ m itni badi pappu nhi hu’?? n pinky is alive still?? don undrstand why was she in theme dress….thank fully she jst came n went not irritating more?

    3. Nivedita

      I loved the main Pappu nahin hu Dialogue too of Ani..????
      Yeah Swetlana plot I have been enjoying mostly this time around. And Reyhna has such flair. ?
      I am liking that Rikara is getting good screen time, but they do need a fresher plot for them..they mostly keep getting recycled plotlines..many of the fun plotlines r Rudy’s currently but with MS..most of them end up looking super annoying…

      Gauri fainting is plausible..cause of smoking inhalation and hoping for some CPR from Om yet again..??

  11. Nivedita

    1) Today’s episode was total fire ??? and passion. It was very evident that Lalit Mohan ji ???was back and everyone looked great in the ceremony scene..even the WitchYa!

    2) Thank you Lalitji for making Shivika look gorgeous and magical! ??????

    3)Loved most of the Rikara scenes too..????

    4)It’s obvious that O was away from OM to make Swetlana’s entry easier.. it’s a clunky plot but tolerable cause of Rikara…and on the other side Tejvilana’s potential is also getting realised well..all 3 acting and looks were ??

    5) I am just puzzled with the pinky dialogue just didn’t gel with me..I am still hoping that pinky is alluding to someone else other than Ani.

    6) she has disappeared since the Shivika scene..or was I wrong? My hunch is Ragini and co. r Upto something fishy in OM..

    Overall enjoyed IB very much today.
    Few clunks:
    1) the burning building plots just don’t work well for me..this time they addressed the villains checking on their victims ( unlike Rudy burning bldg plot) but the running hapless villains were just too OTT! ??
    2) The 6 toes of Tej.. how did he change that in one day?
    3) The burning building Om saving Gauri part wasn’t executed well.

    But overall I felt the old IB charm and loved the episode! ???

    1. Nivedita

      Tej Peter toe plot was from before..but I always think of that during tej Peter mentioned today..

      And I hope the Pinky weird Dialogue clunk today..will be resolved Monday .

    2. Pushpa

      Hi nivi….gd 2 c u back….yes wt lalitji is back so v got a super duper shivika shivaye hot track….yeab me too dear i thought pinky saw svetlana entrh and said tht…but overall i loved shivaye alergy drama ws splendid……waiting 4monday ..

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah Pu. I at first thought Ragini l, then since Swetlana came from the front gate later on. I am thinking it was Ragini or someone working with Ragini. Let’s see what unfolds..I am liking this mini mystery again.

    4. Nivi (hope u don mind calling u that)… Today shivika’s scens were really beautiful as lalit ji is back…. Nd that tej 6 toes thng…i also didnt get that???

    5. Nivedita

      Yeah that toe thing is the only silly part of the plot.. but I am liking it overall..the Swetlana part..since she is way more tolerable as Kaveri..

      Yup Shivika were gorgeous! ??

    6. Nivedita

      And Ayu. u can call me Nivi. No permission needed..? hope Ayu is ok .

  12. With happy flowerbazz weekend
    So many flowers with beautiful decorations it’s so cool
    Shivika with ojana ….loved it
    Shivay plan fail ho gaya next time better luck shivay
    From Monday fully-fledged swetlana drama started in OM …

  13. Nandhana

    IB is doing wonderful these days…just waiting for marriage alone..tej is back in OM.. think shivika will make him out of the problem..Omri that was just a dragging part..don’t Know why CVS make them useless..they can do wonders with these cutie pies… anyways om is slowly falling for gauri..that’s a gud thing…ruvya..just enjoyed..
    But want more shivika..with equal importance to all..
    Dinky again nose cut..unaku venum..inum Nala paduva..u deserve it…????
    Shivay…you are so naughty…u think Ani di is pappu???
    Finding time to romance in a bit of minute…so cute????
    Wish I get a partner like you???
    Anyways happy weekend pkjs…
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ???????

    1. Ur comments always raise doubts……Its ok u love Shivika more…But don’t u think rikara story shd take d centerstage now??Rikara story shd b connected to Oberoi family now….

  14. Even if the scenes were good, it was not properly connected.

    Why Pinky said “Woah vapas aagayi? Kaun vapas aagayi. She knows that Annika is already there and rituals are happening.

    Why Bhavya cried and went from function? Why she became emotional? I did not understand. Something were missing in connecting the scenes and progressing.

    Finally Tej is back. I am sure. This is not Svetlana. some other villain in face of Svetlana. OM and Gauri scenes were ok. But I felt it is hyped. They went in a hospital. Usually hospitals has several types of patients. Villains evacuated the whole hospital and set it on fire in matter of minutes and nobody noticed. Such a hype. I feel CVs spoiling Rikara story.

    Rudra makes Bhavya happy. The scene was good. They are on track.

    I felt Shivaay’s ishqbaazi is little too much today. In front of guest and family. He was behaving as a teenager. Where is the dignity of SSO. That too went with NKK? Shivika was for fierce, passion, togetherness, power couple. I miss that chemistry. Anika is shying too much and Shivaay too much PDAs.

    Rudra is always a treat to watch. Favorite of all family members. Me too. Rudra is convo with Bhaya in the room was hilarious to watch. “Maan na maan, mein apne khar mein mehman”. Punch dialogue.

    I think now they are going to show Gauri in hospital. Hope Gauri-OM comes to Oberoi mansion to help Shiv, Ani, Rudi, Bhavya in Peter-Kaveri mission.

    Bohot dino se Obro moment bhi nahi hua. I miss ShivOmRu kitchen convo.

  15. Kanfi

    Hey pkjs….
    Ammazingg update….
    Starting scenes were good….
    I m srsly not liking this swetlana track???
    N also rikara track….why they are all alone there..come back to OM soon…
    I was waiting for this antakshri???
    N on mnday will get to watch it ….
    Gd night

    1. Swathi..

      Hi kanfi sorry dear. I replied to UF in your comment. Actually I was replying to all don’t know what went wrong & this new version of TU is confusing too. How are you kanfi??? Kab wapas aa rahe ho? Love you ?

    2. Kanfi

      Ohh no prblm??
      I m fine dear..what about u.???
      I m using insta thra bht??
      Kafi hectic day hogya h…whole day collge yr…?

  16. Zaveesha

    The episode was quiet good…love Shivika as uaual…they r becoming more cuter day by day…Ruvya were also good…I like them too…Rikara were just one point Om just can’t stand on his legs then he even took Gauri in his arms…hope that they’ll be back soon in OM….
    Excited for Loveakshari….
    Love pkj…
    Love ishqbaaz…

  17. tdys epi kidikitod darwasatod palangtod epi enjyed all triosss especially shivika itna cute couple mein life se nahi dekha aap bohath pasand hai tdy green black and green white combination is superb loved that phool thrown walking scence shivaay cant wait for marriage he is just cant leave anikas hath toh aap chote bhai se bhoth training karte shivaay he is just doing infront of ruvya shivaay ji plss control do it somewhere alone;-):-P
    and tht tejviswet for them in rudras style (hey bagavan enda evanga tracka kamichi engla verupu ethuringa
    janavi is the most coolest patni ever i seen dumb ntng in her face except dialouge no expressionsss ruvya full of romantic modess tht handcuff suprise is awsme and room prblm fightss alwayss like rumya fighting for everything miss u rumya
    shivaay drama anika fooled u pavam again got paapu sso khannaji the villan hahaha grt suspense nethu epi therinjipochu pongapa tej brilliant acting supera panninga ji rikara babies fire scences saved murthi so many risk adventure by gauri hatss off om now cobfess love to her right moment ib rocksz DIL BOLE ISHQBAAAZ
    narbhi cake segment hug aww♥♥
    surbhi we miss u enjy vaca baby
    loveakashari new arre wah shivaay singh oberio toh anika to love confess kare bade plan se arra lets see who spoilers say its anika cant wait for antakshiri epi mon eppo varum

  18. Even if the scenes were good, it was not properly connected.
    Why Pinky said “Woah vapas aagayi? Kaun vapas aagayi. She knows that Annika is already there and rituals are happening.
    Why Bhavya cried and went from function? Why she became emotional? I did not understand. Something were missing in connecting the scenes and progressing.
    Finally Tej is back. I love Svetlana entry. Somehow, I like Kaveri. I am sure. This is not Svetlana. some other villain in face of Svetlana.
    OM and Gauri scenes were ok. But I felt it is hyped. They went in a hospital. Usually hospitals has several types of patients. Villains evacuated the whole hospital and set it on fire in matter of minutes and nobody noticed. Such a hype. I feel CVs spoiling Rikara story.
    Rudra makes Bhavya happy. The scene was good. They are on track.
    I felt Shivaay’s ishqbaazi is little too much today. In front of guest and family. He was behaving as a teenager. Where is the dignity of SSO. That too went with NKK? Shivika was for fierce, passion, togetherness, power couple. I miss that chemistry. Anika is shying too much and Shivaay too much PDAs.
    Rudra is always a treat to watch. Favorite of all family members. Me too. Rudra is convo with Bhaya in the room was hilarious to watch. “Maan na maan, mein apne khar mein mehman”. Punch dialogue.
    I think now they are going to show Gauri in hospital. Hope Gauri-OM comes to Oberoi mansion to help Shiv, Ani, Rudi, Bhavya in Peter-Kaveri mission.

    1. Kanfi

      Totally agreed…
      There was lack of connection b/w scenes….n i m not liking rilara plot these days..

    2. Kanfi


    3. Krish6868

      ANIRU,when PINKY uttered ,WOH VAPAS AGAYI?,she must have recognised someone who must be known to both SSO and PINKY. She tried to bring it to SSO’S notice ,but as he has disowned her as
      his mother and family, he was conveniently shown ignoring PINKY by the CV’S and keeping us guessing
      regarding her/his identity.
      BHAVYA was missing her family.
      KAVERI is very pretty.But we SOUTH INDIANS are not so over decked with jewellery. And only young girls dress like that ,that too only for close relatives functions.
      Aniru,set aside logic in IB.When the CV’S can create secret passages and underground secret rooms
      in OM unknown to the inmates or security staff ,but known to all the villains in the Universe,setting
      fire to a hospital is nothing to the CV’S. But IB is better than many other shows.
      Glad that RUVYA’S relationship is progressing steadily and sensibly.
      Regarding SHIVAAY’S happiness,whenever the CV’S show SHIVAAY’S excessive exuberance, I feel they
      have something nasty planned for SHIVIKA.Past experience of SHIVIKA SEPARATION.Sorry for being
      so depressing.

    4. True Krish. IB is better than any Saas bahu show. This is the only hindi show I watch. I started watching only 2 months back. I watched all episodes in hotstar. But now I am not getting hotstar in the region I am living. However. I loved Shiv-om-ru characters. Three different flowers in one garland. My favorite is Om. But now, CVs made him like Shivaay. Many fans will kill me, some how I did not like OM-Gauri pair. However, both are powerhouse performers. Also Ru-Bhayya paid. I miss the magic. Rudra-Soumya pair was equal to Shivika, even if they had less screen space compared to Shivika. I felt the magic was there. I feel too, Pinky has seen someone on Friday episode. I re-watched the episode for the Shivika back grourd. I cpuld not find not even a shadow. Personally I do not like the way Shivaay treat Pinky. He just believe what he saw or hear. Either black or white. No grey area. How could he became successful in business. In business, diplomacy/negotiation does a major part. Anybody can manipulate him. Hope going forward also, we get to see good story.

  19. Banita

    Shivika entry walk with O Jaana song…..??????

    Shivaay removed rose Patel then caresses Anika’s cheek….
    Haaawwwwww!!!!!! Shivaay bhaiya kanhi pe vi suru ho jate hain…..?????

    Seems like pinky ponky ki Memory loss ho gaya hain…… It’s Shivika’s function so Anika should be there na….?????

    Ruvya BG Tune….. Like it…. BT not Bhavya……

    Anika throwing rose Patels over Shivaay…. Luv d scene…???????????

    Mere Chantumai bhaiya urff Mr. Director Singh Oberoi along with his team tries to make Pappu of Anika BT khud hi ban gaye…. That time all family members laugh for their stupidity……???????

    Tejvilana totally ignored……,

    Again Cheapde Singh Oberoi….. Kahin pe vi suru ho jate hain aur Anika ko blushing queen bana dete gain…??????????

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rudy boy everyone’s Favorite even my also…???????????

    Rikara talk was Awesome BT just dragging……

    Shivaay fully concentrate on Mission I love u……. LUVAKSHARI….????????????????

    1. Hey banita…. Agree wid u on ruvya’s point….i lije their bg tune bt not bhavya…. Rudy to hai hi every1 ‘s favrite….happy weekend to u

    2. Banita

      Happy weekend Aayushi….
      BT it’s not happy for me becz Sunday me vi meri tut hain……????
      Luv u Dr….??????????

    3. Pushpa

      Bani…yes mission I Love U….waiting dear….whose gona say it first….

    4. Banita

      Yeh di we all waiting 4 it……… BT if u want u can say first to Shivaay bhaiya…??????

    5. Pushpa

      Im telling him everyday…….but he loves anika more… dun know wht 2do ??????

  20. Hi everyone, I hope all will have an enjoyable weekend. The episode was beautiful initially and like many I feel it started getting draggy. When they show Omkara and gauri part in slow motion, it gets irritating.
    Shivika part was great but I feel they are not developing their part fully. IB is made up of this couple then the rest of the couples come. They are even developing Bhavya and rides part well.

    I wish we have more shivika’s scenes. Yes Jhanvi is dumb. She should fight all the way with shwetlena to get her husband back like what Anika did in the past and gauri now.

    Anyway finally Omkara will understand the love gauri has for me.

    My only question is why can’t Shivaay be the first one to declare his love. Usually men do it. Why should it be Anika first?

  21. Shabana

    Good morning pkj

    1. Piyuu

      gud mng shab

  22. Loved Shivika as always? Amazing, Awesome?
    Yes we asked for more romance btw Shivika and we got it…..thoroughly enjoyed Shivikas love and playfulness ??
    Love the current track of nok jhoks leading to the wedding ❤
    Cant wait for lovetakshri? lol
    Cvs loved when Shivay went to help dress his dulhaniya….the only thing missing was that he did not put on her flowered waist belt..?
    Plz add some romantic gestures as such…it will raise the temp even more…although Shivika make even a small screen space btw them awesome?
    Im starting to actually like Rumya together❤, their love is progressing slowly but surely…dont like the rushed romance that cvs sometimes do.
    Love Rikara ? but their romance is pushed too quickly which loses the charm…
    I loved that Shivay is not scared to show his love for Anika either in front of the guests, his family or even Rumya?
    Anika needs to reciprocate and show her love and feelings a lil bit more. We know she is shy ?but she can be comfortable holding his hand voluntarily? or hand on shoulder or chest, rest her head on his shoulder, hug him voluntarily otherwise it feels all one sided.?
    At least throwing flowers on Shivay and chasing him was an improvement from running away all the time?

    Plz cvs do not spoil current vibe of the show by messing Shivikas RL becos of Pinki Ponki. She deserves the heartache and more…..☹
    Her redemption has not started as she is still against Anika, plz show genuine regret and a mothers love as true and honest that she completely changes, to the extent that she protects Anika in hardship. That will win Shivays love❤
    We loved Pinkis character b4 she became evil, she had heart where she would’ve given her life for her family.

    LOVE IB,
    Eagely waiting for weekend to pass.
    Want to see Shivika, Rikara and Rumya all together in OM , loving and supporting each other as always.? fighting for their family against all odds?
    Cant wait to see our Shivika?

    1. True Sara. Even I felt Rikara love story is superfast. Also I agree with Anika needs to reciprocate a bit more. Regarding Pinky also, you are 100 % correct. She had a heart. If you remember earlier episode she was well aware that her son cares for Omru first, then family, then mother. She was proud and fine of that. In Tia family forced Shivaay to marriage during Gayatri case, she was not that happy to accept the marriage. I understand that she wanted NKK girl for her heera beta in order to compete with Jaanvi. still she was a good human being.

  23. Krish6868

    Finally, the story line has become clear.
    GUL’S style of operation in IB is:

    1.Create ISHQBAAZ TEAM
    3.Bring them to a common venue(OBEROI MANSION)
    4.Arrange a MARRIAGE(SHIVIKA’S in this case)
    5’Reveal clues or expose some villain during the marriage ceremonies.

    IN the previous*xPOSURE TRACKS (TIA,KAMINI+RANVEER+FSSO, RAGINI+VIKRAM),there was FACE-OFF between NAFRATBAAZi’S and a single ISHQBAAZ couple(usually SHIVIKA).

    But in this track,the stage has been set for THREE NAFRATBAAZ TEAMS VS THREE ISQBAAZ COUPLES

    The planning for exposing NAFRATBAAZ has begun.
    BHAVYA has shifted to the guest room easily accessible to SULTANA.
    SHIVIKA is to divert SWETLANA .
    PINKY must have observed SULTANA’S entry and recognised her(my speculation)

    BUT this time the ISQBAAZIS have to tackle professional NAFRATBAAZIS and not amateurs as before .

    I really hope SHIVAAY comes up with some really foolproof ideas and not his usual harebrained ones.Otherwise, he can give the planning to ANIKA and he can execute her plan.

    Really looking forward to this track, and hope Gul does not disappoint us like she did during Kamini + Ranvir + F SSO climax.

  24. Aastha_Reddy

    See…I am present but secretary is absent or late. Huh!!! this is not fair. Protest karna padega phir se.
    Yesterday she tried to clap loudly with her single palm and see today, pkj again is a normal wu page.
    @Arpita…sorry darling but I don’t like songs much…only Oh jaana, Saathiya…and Rabba vey..nothing more.
    @Maahi…I didn’t forget you. I am on strike from pkj…Protesting against less comments..I want it high back, pkj back so… I am not visiting pkj much.
    @Pushpa…chose few songs from today, you have three days to choose the best confession songs…I love you(from body guard or Jai ho..kaisa rahega??) ..whatever Shivaay bhaiyya gets meaning with… I love you…??????????
    Haarika…GHG for few days. I will bang in for sure in future if pkj returns as insane.
    Strike is not off…Its still on. I am making pkj as Ramleela maidan…
    Take care girls..Love you all…Happy weekends…

    1. Nila

      From Amaya

      Message for Aastha di – Rockstar sorry sorry sorry infinite times sorry as I m breaking my promise but I have to go now my coaching announced a surprise chemistry nd physics test going to held in this coming week suddenly nd I m not as good as physics nd biology in chemistry so I have to revise it throughout. …. but I’ll try to be back on next weekend …… Rockstar do pardon me ….. and by de way I m equally disappointed by today’s no. Of comments so this is 1 of de reason too but looks r busy in their respective scheduled but no offence to anyone as me too facing same prob. Love u Rockstar

    2. Aastha di still strike going on…u know i m missing ur comments…ur analysis bt not u ( hehe jst kidding?) plz come back na…ramleela maidan kbhi kbhi bana lena why everyday… Chlo as u wish bt still try to be here nxt week
      Love u toi n a happy weekend

    3. Swathi..

      Hi Aastha how are you??
      I’ll visit TU on weekend pakka & do u know one more tragedy of mine?? I’m not even watching IB these days on TV ? just watching Friday’s episode. I don’t know till when I’ve to be like this.
      Missing you all pkj members here on TU where are you all?? Jaldi aajao our Aastha baby is on strike..

    4. Pushpa

      Astha…welcome bck v r all gathered here .. sirf 4u only……yr bhaiya looks gd in tht outfit and his chalu cheez lovely hand cant keep awsy ffm anika…OMG u giving me only3days to choose song…..babrae…..i got to seek pkj family help….kya karooooooo…

  25. Piyuu

    episode was good
    shivika entry with oh jaana song i loved it.
    anika throwing rose petals on shivaay love the scene.
    chepada shivaay sab ke saamne anika ke saath romance karthe hi
    shivaay anika ko pappu banane ki koshish karthe khud hi pappu ban gaye.
    rikara scene were good but dragging
    tejilana track really irritating

    lax , anu where r u?pls come back soon miss ur comments.

  26. Dhwani_Naidu

    Just now watched yesterday’s epi.. TU has upgraded and it’s new page looks gud yaar.. Such a khidkitod epi.. Shivika romance aawwwwwwwwwwww… Rudy’s surprise for bhavya was nice.. Shivaay bhaiya neenga ivlo kashtapattu nadichathu ellam flop aagiruche.. Anika’s reaction when she said am not that big fool… She was being sarcastic.. Shivaay bhaiya she is ur tadibaaz counterpart.. U can’t fool her that easily.. Why do u want her to confess first?? Why don’t u do that?? Bhaiya is ready to romance with bhabhi in front of guests but doesn’t want to confess..
    Rikara scenes were very very little ya.. All in slow motion.. If put together they won’t be more than 3 mins.. Loved when Om said this idol isn’t more important than u.. U r also part of my family.. Cutie pie om awwwwwwww…
    Rudy bhavya convo was nice.. Dint feel bored.. Serious ah moonjiya vachukite comedy panraaru rudra… And comedy ah serious ah solvaaru.. Cutie chotu rudra.. Svet is back.. I can tolerate Tia and svet as ib villains.. Tia is now a gud char so OK.. I can never tolerate this pinky and ragini.. And this balram, he isn’t a villain man, he is a comedian.. Avar moonjiya paathale siripu siripa varudhu..
    Precap : I think anika won’t confess and shivaay bhaiya will be like why this kolaveri kolaveri de.. Bhaiya, it’s better if u confess first.. We all want tht.. Jai magizhmathi!! Jai ishqbaaz!! Jai pkjbaaz!!

  27. Renimarenju

    Hello my 200 + sweet ishqies….Pkjians, MAY I COME IN???????????? …….Hope all are enjoying weekend, but am still in office with work pe work only……
    @ Maahi Ishqie…..Like u i was also damn busy with workload and got sucked with certain issues also, that’s why didn’t came here…..And how can we forget u dear, it’s not possible for every one 2 come and comment always, but we should try @ least 2 drop a single comment whenever we gets time naa……
    @ Aastha ishqie……Seems u are still Stubborn Reddy only……Be cool and hope the cold war will end soon……
    And abt episode, Didn;t get time 2 watch…..Just going through the updates, i missed my *****daring darling*****vampy girl***** swethlana’s reentry in oberoi mansion……How can i miss it yaar ???
    Missed shivika and rikara also, and what again this peter swamy and kaveri drama……
    ayyyyayyyoooooo…….Why this kolaveri ???? Seems pinky is silent now , hope she will realize her mistake soon and waiting 2 see an emotional scene between shivay and pinky …….
    Sorry my workload has increased much so i will not be able 2 catch u all here….and my readers of ff, thanks for commenting and sorry for not replying….i will be able 2 update them after 13 days only , so guys pls wait….going for field visits by today evng and i will be busy upto next 2 weeks, so don’t know when i will get time 2 come and comment here….Watch ishqbaaz and spread ishq 2 all …. Love u my ishqies…..Bye…..

  28. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies….. Episode is good… Ishqbaaz has organised fifth time sangeet in the show.. When ever you get time @renima dii.. Visit pkj…
    @maahi dii.. Love your comment..
    @amena dii you are rocking.. How you manage.. So fast tiring 43 minutes episode update in writing… @harika diii.. Please give me a wild card entry in milkha Singh school…[email protected] dii again you vanished.. @Aamya… Apply for registration…
    Love you dear pkj most…

  29. Dear Friends
    Waah TU Page Ka Map Hi Badal Gayi?So Arpu Main Bathayana Sat Ya Sunday Ko Aaunga.Epi Ki Baare Main Apna View Bathane.Look Iam Coming.But Thoda Mushkil Hai Monday To Friday Epi Ki Baare Main Boln Tho Jo Remember Hai Wo Bathaunga.

    ShivIka And OmRi?????????This Two Kidkithod Couple Rock??RuVya Bhi Kam Nahi.But Mujhe Zyada Impress ShivIka And OmRi Kiya Hai.ShivIka Ka Last Challenge And OmRi Idol Get Back Journey Is Impress.

    ShivIka Tension Free Hoke Ponky Ki Buri Nazar Ki Bina Peacefully Third Challenge Complete Kiya.Anika Ki Ghar Main Shivay Ka Stay And Their Moments All Is Give Really Happy Feel?OM Pe Hotha Ponky Ka Mu Dekhna Padtha But Mon To Wendes Thak Villanfree Epi Tho Bahuth Acha Tha.ShivIka Titanic Romance Is Nice??I Think Anika Ka Kitchen Pe Shivay Food Nahi Bana Paayega Jab Usne Stave Dekh Kar Jo Expression Dikhaya Tho.But SSO Tho SmartSO Proof Kiya.Really Like Their Food Eat Scene???And Shivay Ne Wo Small Dinner(ab dinner hai ya bf i don’t know)Cute Banaya With Red Rose??Current Jaane Ki Baath ShivIka Ka Hug?Jiss Tarah Candle Light Karthe Time Anika Shivay Ko Tightly Hug Kiya That Is???Jab Anika Apna Darkness Darr Shivay Ka Saath Share Kiya Wo Dekhkar Meri Aakhon Main Bhi Aasu Aaya???Anika Ka Chawl Shivay Karidha Tha?I Like When ShivIka Support For Each Other.Anika “Meri Pathi Pe Haath Lagaya”??Shivay”Meri Biwi Pe Haath Math Lagana”??Aww ShivIka??Like Their Care,Love,Support For Each Other???Aam Aathmi Bhi SSO Hai??I Like That Scene Too Jab Shivay Anika Ko Bola”Iss Ghar Se Iss Jaga Pe Tumhara Aur Saahil Ka Kithna Acha Memories Hai.Main Isse Thodne Nahi Dhunga”?SSO Ko Ek Minute Nahi Lagega Anika Ka Chawl Bachane.But Shivay Anika Ka Billuji Bina SSO Power Ki Uska Chawl Tootne Ki Against Raha.Aur Anika Bhi Usse Support Kiya??Khanna Ji Ka Role And Entry????ShivIka Flower Wearing Scene And Shivay Make Anika Love Confession And Anika Catch His Act???All Is Awesome.But I Want Shivay Confess His Love First.So Please First Shivay Anika Ko “I Love You” Bolna

    Ab OmRi Ki Baare Main.I Feel Like DBO Is Watching Again?OmRi OM Se Door Family Se Door Kahi Aur Pe Wo Bhi Outdoor That Is Intersting?ShreNal Rock Their Part?Specially Shrenu(gauri)?Gauri Mimick Om?????????Yaar Mujhe Apna Kamar Pe Pain Tha.Aur Upar Se Gauri Ka Wo Mimick And Expression Dekh Kar Control Nahi Kar Paaya Main Ithna Hassa Hai Ki Pain Zorr Se Hua?But I Can’t Control My Self Look That Scene???Om Fight With Their Maid And He Run?Phir Aaya Dabang Gauri???I Like Their Moment And O Saathiya Song??Saath Main Lait Kar Hasna That Scene??? Om Ko Practise Karthe Dekh Kar Jaise Gauri Apna Mangalsuthra Hold Kiya???Om Ne Tho Bahuth Practise Kiya But Fight Tho Zyada Gauri Hi Kiya Hai.I Like Gauri Angry Mode??Uski Eyes Pe Tho Ek Fire Dikh Raha Tha?Om Ki Baath Ko Bekhar Na Jaane Ke Liye Om Ki Respect Rakhne Ko Usne Fight Kiya?”Bass….Agar Hamari Pathi Ki Baare Main Ek Shabd Bhi Bola”I Like That BASS Uff….Fire Tha Uss Bass Pe??Gauri Ka Fight Is Awesome?Om Fight Also Nice?OmRi Talk Is Nice?Jiss Tarah Om Gauri Ka Face Hold Karke Baath Kiya”Tume Aise Dekh Kar Tho Mera Gussa Ithnaa Bada Ki Khudko Rokh Nahi Paaya”Aww Love That Om?Jab Wo Old Man(mujhe unka name yaad nahi)Unko Congrats Kiya Tha Om Ne Gauri Ki Sholder Pe Haath Rakhe Uski Saath Khadi Raha That Scene??Balraam Chilathe Tho Gorila Ki Yaad Aatha Hai Waise Wo Kisi Gorila Se Kam Nahi?Gauri Shivparvathi Ka Idol Dekh Kar Smile Karne Ka Scene?She Is Looking Beautiful?Gauri Shivparvathi Ki Jaise Pyaar Chaatha Hai Apni Life Pe.Pehle Om Tho Boltha Tha Pyaar Ka Definition But This SSO 2 Om Is Silent.Gauri Is Right Jo Bolna Chaahiye Nahi Boltha?Iam Wonder Sirf We Views Missing Old Om.Show Pe Tho Koi Old Om Ki Baare Main Nahi Booltha Sab Log Bool Gayi Old Om Ko?GK Chennai Express Pasand Hai Ya Uska Actions First IPKKND 3 Pe Now IB Pe Chennai Expression Scene Dikhaya.But It’s Not Bore But It’s Awesome.Patha Nahi Ab OmRi OM Pe Aaya Hai Ya Nahi.TejVi Aaya Ab Bass OmRi Ka Aana Baaki Hai.Sulthana Ji Aaya Hai Gauri Ready Ho Jaana Usse Apna Smartness Dikhane?

    RuVya Is Nice.I Like Their Convo.But BGM Pe Male Voice Woho Ho…I Don’t Know Why But Wo Male Voice Sunke I Feel Michmichi?

    OMG My Mobile Battery Gona Die So Main Jaldhi Jaa Rahi Hu.Ab Main Travel Kar Rahi Ho Tho Charge Hone Ki Baath Waapas Aaunga Okay.RuVya Ki Baare Main Thoda Aur Bolna Hai Wo Bhi Bathunga Baaki Jobi Epi Ki Baare Main Bathana Miss Kiya Wo Bhi Bathunga.Ab Spelling Mistake Bhi Correct Nahi Kar Sakthi So Adjust Please.Iam Goin Wapsa Aaunga In
    shaa Allah????????…………

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Banita

      Heyy @UF nycc to see ur comment after a week *almost*……. Tumne pure week ki ib ke bare me ak saath comment kar diya…..
      Well come back when u get time…..
      Luv u Dr…..???????????????????????????

    2. Hey uf…gud to see u back…tumne to pure 1 week k baare m ek sath likh dia…chlo apna phone charge krlo…n mondag ko bhi aajana ok bye take care

    3. Dear Friends
      Iam Back?So Continue Karthe Hai.

      ShivIka Flower Function Epi Is Awesome??I Think Shivay Flower Ka Waist Chain Bhi Pehnayega Ya Phir Pehnayatha Kya?… I Don’t Remember Correctly.Agar Nahi Pehna Hotha Tho Pehnane Ka Scene Hona Chaahiye Tha.Guys I Know Main Thodi Cheapdi Ban Rahi Hu But ShivIka Ka Baath Hai Tho Koi Bhi Ban Jaatha Haina???One Think Notice Kiya Shivay Acting Karne Ki Time Pe Anika Ka Hand Pe Kiss Bhi Kar Raha Tha?But?Epi Main Wo Scene Cut Kiya.Guys Ye Tho Bad Haina? I Mean Unko Cut Karna Hai Tho Kuch Aur Kar Sakthe But Wo Scene??…Kithna Sweet Tha Wo Scene Awww???Seriously Telling Ab Iss Good Scene Cut Karne Ki Baare Main GK Ya Jo Bhi Iss Cuting Edinting Pe Work Karthe Hai Unhe Nahi Bathayengi Tho Aage Bhi Aise Scene Episode Pe Cut Ho Jaayega.Agar Yaha Kisine Wo Scene Miss Kiya Tho Youtube Pe Search Kijiye IB Segment Aisa Kuch Type Karke.Zaroor Dekhne Milengi YT(you tube) Pe?Anika Ka Waist Chain Is Nice.But Wo Perfectly Nahi Wear Kiya Hai.Mujhe Aisa Laga Wo Dekh Kar.I Also Think Waist Chain Thoda Simple Karna Chaahiye Tha. White Big Rose Chain Is Perfect For Neck Chain?But White Big Rose Is Look Bore For Waist Chain.But ShivIka Look Awesome??????And Anika Look Very Nice And Different. Waist Chain Thoda Acha Hona Chaahiye Tha?Shivay Ka Act Tho Good Tha But Anika Pakad Liya?I Like Anika Reply”Shivay Main Aapse Bahuth Dhin Se Kehna Chaathi Hu Ki….Main…..Main….Main Papu Nahi Hu…Main Papu Nahi Hu Shivay..”???That Is Superb???Anika Please Kuch Bhi Ho “I Love You” Math Bolna.Nahi Tho Your SSO I Love You Kabhi Nahi Bolega.Hame Shivay Ka Confession Chaahiye Not Anika.So Please Makers Shivay Se Three Magical Word Confess Karana???

      RuVya Challenge Is Nice?I Think Rudy Ko Aise Challenge Dena Is Best.Thoda Responsible Hoga.I Hope Responsible Rudy Main Cool Funny Rudy Bhi Rahe?Rudy Ne Apna Kamaaya Hua Paisa Bhavya Ki Haath Pe Rakhne Ka Scene Is Nice And Bhavya Happyness And Dialogue Also Nice?Flower Function Epi Pe RuVya Rose Petal Falling Moment Awesome??But I Like Bhavya Scene?Rose Petal Shower Hone Ki Saath Wo Smile Karke Turn Karne Ka Scene Really Nice?Rudy Ki Entry Ki Baath Mujhe Zyaada Pasand Nahi Aaya But Acha Tha?Rudy Look Handsome In Black And Bhavya Look Beautiful????

      TejVi Swetlan OM Pe Wapas Aaya I Know…But Iam Not Watch That Scene???Waiting For OmRi Reaction To Swetlana Re Entry.Now Thodi Der Pehle Insta Pe Pic Dekha Shrenu And Mansi Ka.Tho Samajh Aaya OmRi Is Back In OM.Anyways Shrenu And Mansi Saari Pe Tha Bahuth Beautiful Bhi Hai Dhono Uss Look Pe??????I Wish OmRi Ka Kuch Beautiful Scene Dekhne Mile.Saath Main RuVya Ka.I Know Iam Not Like RuVya Couple.After Watching Their Rose Petal Fall Scene Mujhe Bhi Unhe Pasand Aane Lagi.Bahuth Pasand Nahi But Pasand Aaya Hai.Jaise PriVeer Ka Necklace Wala Scene Dekhe Pasand Hua Waise Nahi But Thoda Pasand Aaya?Iam Sure Agar Soumya Uss Scene Pe Hotha Tho Rudy Ki Entry Ki Baath Jo Scene Hai Wo Bhi Bahuth Acha Hotha.Mujhe Bhi Zyada Pasand Bhavya Ka Scene Tha?Rudy Ki Entry Ki Baath Zyaada Nahi Thoda Aaya Hai Pasand.RuVya RuMya Ki Kami Kabhi Poori Nahi Kar Sakthi Iss Ka Proof Hai….Agar RuVya Ka Rose Petal Fall Scene Dekh Kar Kisine “Kaash Bhavya Ki Jaga Soumya Hotha Tho Kithna Acha Hotha” Socha Ho Tho Samajhna RuVya Never Fill RuMya Place In Over Heart.Agar RuVya Best Scene Dekh Kar Soumya Ka RuMya Ka Kami Feel Nahi Hoga Tho RuVya RuMya Ki Kami Bhi Full Karega Ham Sabka Heart Full On Jeethega?

      O Bros Ko Dimag Chalne Main Time Lage Ya Na Lage But Unki Better Half Tho Always Smart Hai.Kidkitod Anika,Dabang Gauri,Acp Bhavya Ki Saamne Tho Swetlana Ka Plan Zyaada Der Nahi Chalega.Maza Aayega Sab Milke Swetlana Ka Against Planing Karthe Dekhne?Specially Anika And Gauri?

      So This Week Is Good???????????????I Hope Jiss Tarah Swetlana Drama Over Dose Ki Karan DBO Ka TRP Kam Hua Waise IB Ki Kam Na Ho.I Think 10 Pm To 11 Pm Dekhna Sabko Hard Hai So Inko IB Ka Timing Change Karna Chaahiye.

      Dear Arpu
      Iam Telling Na Iam Come Back On Sat Ya Sun So Look Iam Back???Ab Se Epi Ki Baare Main Aise Sat Ya Sun Ko Hi Comments Hoga.Epi Nahi Dekhuga Tho Kam Hoga Comments.But Try Karung Sabko Comment Karne In Regular?Aap IB TV Pe Night Ko 10 Pm To 11pm Bina Scenes Miss Karthe Dekthe Hai.Dekthe Hai Tho Kaise.I Mean Aapka Family Mana Nahi Karthi Kuch Trick Hai Tho Mujhe Bhi Dena Kaise Family Se Chup Ke IB Tv Pe Dekthe Hai.?????

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      Dear Banitha
      Thank You Soo Much Banitha.Full Week Ki Baare Main Jo Bhi Yaad Hai Wo Comment Karna Not Easy.But Jo Dekha Jo Yaad Hai Wo Kiya I Think.Jo Logo Ko Yaha Pe Regular Comment Karna Easy Nahi Tho Kamse Kam Sat Ya Sun Ko Try Kana Chaahiye?Sure Iam Back When Iam Free.But Epi Ki Baare Main Now Sat Ya Sun Ko Hi Comments Hoga

      Take Care Stay Safe?

      Jinko Yaha Regular Comment Karna Easy Nahi Hai Tho.Atleast Try To Comment In Sat Ya Sun


      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  30. IB_Fan_Girl

    Finally the villain is back.. Happy..less pinky now.. Swets.. Tracks r always..osm.. And suspenseful… And clever. … And SC Is on leave .. So I think… Its my my my rikara….story…Haye… I m obsessed with them… Iove love❤❤❤ for this cute couple . !!! Waiting for their…cute love story…❤❤❤❤ rikara rikara now I jus want to see them…!!! Nakuul is always best ..!!! Rikara. Is back.. Bang on….?????????????????????

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