Ishqbaaz 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivika get back together

Ishqbaaz 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop says I didn’t do anything, Anika did that, you can check CCTV footage. Shivaye says I have already seen that footage, to be honest, I was angry, but then…. I realized I was doubting Anika, I can deny anything when its about Anika, I know you are behind all this, Anika can never do this, you are burning in this revenge fire more than us, you lost your son, stop it now, just stop. Roop says I will avenge Veer’s death, if you get saved, I will kill Anika. Pinky slaps her. She says Anika isn’t alone, she is enough to deal with you.

Roop laughs and says I made your lioness bahu dance on my fingers, I set Kalyani mills on fire, I killed Mr. Kapoor, I killed Anika’s dad, and who got framed, you all …. I blackmailed Shivaye and got him married, I showed that marriage to Anika, I made her against you all, I told her to give fake evidence to police, but she refused, I pretended to be Anika and gave proof to police, I did all this, this is my house, nobody can harm me, you don’t have the proof. Shivaye asks who said that. She cries and says I m saying it. He says whatever you said, everything for recorded in my phone recorder. She shouts give me phone. Bhavya holds Roop. Shivaye says I have proof.

He calls hospital people. He says you are my Bua, so I m not giving you to police, I will always have this confession, if you try to harm my family, I will give this to police. Roop is taken away. Shivaye asks Om to keep the phone carefully. Rudra says thank God you got conscious, I was scared, Dadi went US and you went on silent mode. Pinky pats him and asks am I any mobile phone. Shivaye hugs her and asks are you fine. They cry. She says let it be, its evident you are miserable without Anika, go bring her home, everything will be fine, I will be fine soon. They ask Shivaye to get Anika back. Gauri asks where will you find her. Rudra says we will track her phone. Bhavya says we can’t track her location if phone is off. Pinky says how will we find her. Shivaye says I know where she will be. He leaves. He drives off. He thinks Sahil told me Anika is taking a taxi for Pune. He reaches the taxi stand and shouts to some departing taxi.

It starts raining. He throws his phone angrily. Anika says whatever happens in life, your arrogance and style of throwing phone will never change, right. He sees her. He says I felt you left. She says I was going, but I couldn’t leave. He asks how did you leave last time, I told you to wait for me and not believe anyone, why didn’t you wait for me. She says its limit, you are scolding me instead of convincing me, I m going. He holds her and says just go and show me. She says let me go. He says how to let you go, you are my life. She says that’s why you don’t share anything with me. He says I wanted to prove it to you this time, you always complain that when it comes to choosing between you and my family, I always choose family, I chose you this time, I did everything for you, I wanted to prove your dad innocent, I didn’t know Bua will double cross us, you would believe Bua and leave me, I didn’t know.

She says I left but my soul was with you, you don’t know what I went through seeing you in marriage mandap with that girl. He asks didn’t you have faith in me and our love. She says I was clueless, you were getting married to someone, Roop was instigating me that you are doing this to save family, I was breaking down. He says you could have fought with me and questioned me, but you left, you abandoned me. She says you should have looked for me, why didn’t you. He says you think I didn’t find you, go and ask Sahil, I made him swear on me, so that he doesn’t tell you that I know you are at Chanda’s place, I didn’t want you to return home before Roop’s chapter ended, I was just trying to protect you Anika, and then mum’s condition…. She asks how is mum. He says she is fine, come home and meet her, promise you will not disappear again, don’t you dare do this again, don’t you dare….. He hugs her. They cry. She says then listen to me, promise me that you will never hide anything from me. He says I can’t change my nature.

She says do one thing, hold on your nature here, I m going. He pulls her and lifts her in arms. He asks her to go now and show. She asks what are you doing, everyone is staring. He says I m taking my wife home, is there any problem, I m forcing you to come, listen to me, I promise you, no matter what happens in our lives, be it your fault or mine, our love will remain the same, our trust will never break, I won’t let you go away from me. She asks what else. He asks what else. She says it looks good, keep talking. He says I forgot to tell you something. She asks did you do anything wrong. He says you have become too heavy. She jumps on to put more weight. Hum tum…..plays…. They come home. He says you have caught a cold. Gauri comes and hugs Anika. Anika says you will catch cold, wait. Rudra jokes on their union. Shivaye sneezes and says shut up, get a towel.

Om asks them to go and change. Pinky comes and hugs Anika. Anika says sorry. Pinky asks why are you saying sorry, stand there, will I welcome you just like that. She does their aarti and tilak. She says Kalyani mills matter ended, children had to go through a lot for our mistakes, I will pray that happiness returns in your lives. Rudra says happiness has come back, sisters united, Billu and Billi united, you came out of silent zone, Roop went to mental hospital, Kalyani mills secret got revealed, Pooja went out of this house, and my biceps have grown by an inch, if we don’t celebrate this happiness, then it won’t be right. Pinky agrees. She says we will keep jagrata. Rudra says we will keep party before jagrata. Om asks them to go and change, else they will fall ill. Pinky goes. Om stops Gauri and says Anika will stay here, let them spend time.

Gauri says I m so foolish, Anika will stay here. Om says weather is so pleasant, they would be spending time, we will also spend time. Shivaye makes Anika close eyes and takes her to room. She asks why, tell me. He asks her to open eyes now. She gets surprised and says all this…..blankets, colour of pillow covers…. He says bed linen. She says whatever it is, this brown colour rug. He says carpet. She says this wall paper, its of my choice. He says exactly. She says you don’t like this, then how did all this get here. He says I missed you a lot, I felt your presence by having these things here. She says ho…. He says no, its Aww…. did you like it. She says I liked it a lot, my happiness is not in these things, just lift your hands. She hugs him. She says I m happy when I m in your arms. He kisses her. Music plays….. He holds her close.

Shivaye says you are striking poses by wearing these earrings, so that you can have my attention. Anika says you think I have no work, as if this is the only thing to do. He asks what’s more imp than me. She says you will be jealous if you listen. He asks her to say. She shouts Shivaye. He applies brakes. They get shocked seeing….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today epi was very good…..
    Finally KMM ka d end ho gaya….
    Pinky , Kya dialouges maare hain aj…!!!! “Meri beti” (It’s not new) , “Meri serni bohu”…. Hahahahaha….. Pinky ke muh se ase lines sun kr baadi haasi aati hain…. But yup thapad kamal ka tha…
    Pinky – Bua tashan…. I m sure OM mein earthquake aagaya hoga…. Ab itni loud sound mein toh earthquake aahi jayega na…!!!!
    Okk jokes a part Pinky sacchi mein now I m thinking to forgive U….
    DWB… It’s good that her chapter is end now…. I m happy as well as sad for it….. Kitna planning kia tha mane about break her teeth , but…. Uski track end ho gaya , but ek vi daant nahi tuta… I m little sad about it…. But she did Amazinggg job in this psyco part…. Her last part acting was very good…
    Now 2nd part….
    My fav part…. But before starting it 2min silent for newly sahid phone…. Tumhara aatma ko saanti mile….
    Today I felt like Anika was wrong… No no Shivaay was wrong… Nahi yaar Anika was more wrong…. Okkkkkkk…… Leave it yaar…. Mujhe kya koi vi wrong ho…. Meri Shivika toh again khidkitode mode pe aagaye…. Nd yeh not to forget Chepde mode pe vi…. Mere billu billi ki milap ho gaya….
    Shivika warish fun…. But I was expecting something more… I mean something chepde…. But koi nahi it was also beautiful… That song made this scene moree beautiful….
    Yeh hume vi thoda pagle chiraiya nd chirota ka scene de do….
    Shivaay’s room…. No no… Now it’s Shivika’s room…. Full of green nd blue…. I love this new room… But sacchi mein I will surely miss that old blue room…. Actually now also I m missing it…. Shivaay was miss Anika nd did all these…. Awwwwww……!!!!!!!!!!
    Ani hug Shivaay…. That last hug was magical…. Nd kiiissssss………………
    Precap – Ab kya naya saypa hone wale hain…!!!?? Hone wale hain vi ya….??
    GN PKJ….

      COONGO on bring first .
      yes u r right bya dud great acting if mentally sick lady.
      Goid night di!

    2. Banita

      Thank U Ishu… Yeh she did it…

    3. Hey Banita dear,

      Go Banita Go!
      Congrats for being first to comment on this all time favorite drenchful episode ☔☔☔☔☔☔.

    4. Banita

      Thank U sooo much Shivu…. Nd TC of urself dr…

    5. AAYUSH

      Go banita go. Congo on being 1st

    6. Banita

      Thank U Aayush…

    7. Ohhhoooo.humne pukara aur tum chaleaaye..
      Bani..i missed you soooo much…
      Leave na. Ye dono main se who is wrong..bolna is impossible (danger combination of English and Hindi??).
      Nice and khidkitod comment..
      Love you yarr.

    8. Banita

      Ap pukare nd hum na aayen , ase ho sakta hain kya….!!
      Yeh it’s impossible….
      Chalta hain… Chalta hain…. Ase deadly combinations ki hume aadat hain…

    9. Go Bani go ,congrats on being 1st ,really bua did a great job ,and she really needs to go mental hospital

    10. Banita

      Thank U Tania….
      Actually she deserves to go mental asylum… Lol…

    11. Luthfa

      Go Bani GO.Many many congratulations with sweet love…..Hehehehe…,Pinky’s slap I think on be half of Shivaay.And we can forgive Pinky with the end of KMM.Shivika’s new room is so beautiful.Looked eco-friendly.Me too wanted some geeli geeli naughtiness from Shivaay.Anyway,don’t know what will happen next.Jo bhi ho,dikha jayega.Take care.Love you.

    12. Banita

      Thank U Lu….
      Yeh we can… I hope hum usse maaf karde before her short break from IB….
      I want this naughtiness from both side…. Just like laal ishq time… From both side….
      Yeh jo vi ho hume pata chal hi jayega….

    13. Hey banita my dear you are back and nice to read your comments. I can see you are very happy with the episode and everyone is.congrats for being number 1

    14. Banita

      Hlo dii….
      Yup di i m super happy with this epi…. After all itni khidkitode epi jo tha…
      Thank U dii…

    15. Go bani di go ?? congoooo

      P.s , am the same surbhi ha

    16. Banita

      O M G …..
      My Pillow is here…
      Thank U soo much dr…. Bahat din ho gaye hain tujhse baat kiye hue….

    17. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Bani go!! Congrats for being first dr!! Haan yaar, before breaking atleast one of DWB’s teeth, her track got over.. and yeah her acting part as psycho was good.. Shivika’s part was really soooooo cute and sweet with a pinch of naughtiness..Hehe.. Btw, How r u Bani??

    18. Banita

      Thank U Dhwani….
      I m f9…. How about U??
      Exactly ek vi daant nahi toda…. Ek vi nahi…
      Nd yanha nahi toh vi mein uss time active rehti hun dr… Humesha…

    19. ItsmePrabha

      Go Bunny Go…Meri Choti khaatne ki Sapna sapna reh jayegi Bunny..*Sob*..I missed you yaar..Lovely Comment with your special Wit…

    20. Banita

      Thank U Prabha….
      Sirf teri nahi meri vi sapna , sapna ban ke reh gaya…. I can understand yaar Dont cry…

  2. Archiya

    I am somewhat disappointed with the episode, as usual I expected a lot more in the dance sequence, a lot of heart to heart talk which did not happen… it was good to have some fun stuff.. but then after all the rona dhona and all that, what we get is only this.

    What I loved the most if my fav song “hum tum”

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr…
      Yeh me also like that song…. One of my fav old song….

    2. Archiya

      Mine too 🙂

    3. Archu…ohoo.My dp queen.
      And qatilana DP. ..
      Henn???? You dissapointed…ye shivika he. Ye log baat cum aur ladai jyada karte he..
      Fir bhi jo bhi tha..khidkitod tha..
      Your dp is khidkitod……
      And that song is more.. khidkitod…. I love it

    4. Archiya

      Thanks dear.. its shivika which is fire.. so DP automticaly becomes one.. i expected so much more after so much draggin.. some things were really good..

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Archiya di,even me too wanted some freshness in rain sequence.Because “mera intejar karna,pita ka iljam” etc. are being repeated since three weeks.To be honest,I loved the last part when Anika was in Shivaay’s arms and those words Shivaay told to her.And I loved the second part of the episode more than first.Anyway,take care.Love you di.

    6. Archiya

      oh thank Heavens.. atleast one person felt like me.. thks Luthfa 🙂 .. as u said some things were really good.. but after so much hype.. i expected more

    7. Yes luftha I also loved the second part of the episode. You know luftha what else I like when she told Shivaay to open his arms wide and ran into him to give him a firm hug and she said this is the only thing she wants from him and nothing else. The room decor was just a bonus for her but being in the Armando of Shivaay is her security. Hey luftha dear i am actually floating in the air thinking about the episode. I think watching it three times is still not enough. For 10 days shivika were apart.

    8. Luthfa

      Oh Archiya di,why are you thanking me?You expressed what you felt and me as well.But I am happy I was not alone who missed something in that rain sequence.Love you di.

    9. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,I loved that hugging gesture of Shivika so very much.Anika’s happiness was clearly visible in her every expression.Their new room looked absolutely refreshing.And I loved most the dialogue of Anika that her happiness lies in the arms of her bagad billa.Awwwwww…..I love my Shivika to the power of infinity.

    10. Hey Archiya my favourite song too Hum Hum. I recalled saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerjee

    11. Hey luftha i meant being in the arms of Shivaay…. this auto type spells bizarre mistakes

    12. Archiya

      hey Sindhu,

      mine too.. tat song has a great feel


    Finally what an amazing episode finally shivika ki sab misunderstanding clear ho gayi Shivaay ko pata tha anika chanda k ghar hai Now everything is clear shivaay promised anika that ab kuch nahi chupaega anika se shivika romance and confrontation and bonus rain . Such a wonderful episode. Shivaay decorated the whole eoom according to anika choice

    1. Banita

      Heyy Aayush…
      Shivaay didn’t said or promise Anika that thing…. He told that he can’t change his nature…. Wase vi tumhe laga tha kya SSO kabhi yeh kaam kr payega…?

    2. AAYUSH

      Banita usne pehle bola ye uska nature hai phir anika ne bola raho apne isse nature k saath mein ja rahi hu i think uske baad bola tha lwkin maine hotstar pe dekha phirse he promised vo ab ag nahi honge no misunderstanding.

    3. Hi Aayush bhayia,
      Haan Shivate ne promise to kiya hai but lets see wo promise nibhayega ki nhi kyunki promise to Annika ne bhi kya tha.
      Good night bhaiya.

    4. AAYUSH

      Hello ishita yeah let’s see shivaay promise nibhaega ki nahi

    5. Aayush ..Are you liked the room or not????.i am loving it…..
      And no doubt a wonderful episode……
      Lets see.if Sso wil share something or not

    6. Yeah ,the room look great ,,pura badla badla ,,but miss the old bule bg wala room

    7. AAYUSH

      Room was really nice arpita

    8. Luthfa

      Hi AAYUSH,
      Yeah at last all misunderstandings got cleared.Hope he won’t disappoint us in future regarding hiding anything important from Anika.Let’s see.Take care?

    9. Yes Aayush the promise that they made solemnly and I really hope both meant what they said and not just promises

  4. Shivami

    Hai pkj ?

    Wow ib is rocking??
    Past weeks Bua drama was so irritating

    Surprisingly aniri reunion ????
    Bojayi se jiji?????

    Thank god sab kuch finish veer bhi katam no more teeth ad ??
    All Oberoi Bua are in mental asylum ? let 2 Bua have fun in asylum but never come back to Oberoi mansion ??

    Shivika reunion ??

    Rain romance ??????????????????????
    The way he pulled her and hold her tightly ? I was it missing it since many episodes only nakuul can do it no one else can do it so perfectly ??

    Sneezy shivika ????

    Shivika ‘s room
    That wallpaper was good

    Last dialogue : meri Khushi meri taadibaaz Bagad billa ki haathom par??????
    Bagad billa so romantic mode par agayiiii??????❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Promo : new problem ???

    Missing rikara romance y they are avoiding them afterall they are also the main lead

    Google night?

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shivami…
      Yeh just hope that DWPB never come back….
      Me too missing Rikara scene…. Seems like cvs remember only Shivika…

    2. Hi Shivami…..
      Welcome back to PKJ…
      Yehh IB is rocking….
      Hope they wil show some rikara romance

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Shivami,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love.Everything went smoothly and bua-Veer’s chapter also ended.Shivika romance was awesome especially in the second part.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    4. Hey shivami you are back with your comments. Yes he pulled her back and he always like bend her hands from behind. His signature way of holding her

  5. Yuppie finally Bua & KM track is over..

    1. Banita

      Yeh dii finally….

    2. Luthfa

      Yes di,let’s celebrate?

    3. Yes kadhambari finally it is over and new track to begin. No more Roop. I must say she did act very well as a villainous.

  6. Finally… All happy faces ?

    Everything sorted.. without much drama..

    10 days of misunderstandings sorted just in 10mins…???

    Lovely episode ?

    I dono yaar.. i liked that welcoming scene of shivika in OM by pinky (That thilak scene) more.. The way he rested on her shoulder.. and she smiled immediately as a reflex.. ??
    Is anyone felt the same like me??

    And he knows where she stayed these days ?? typical SSO ?

    Green room … ??

    Kalyani mills over… Dono whats next ?!?

    Good nyt friends . Take care..?

    1. Banita

      Yeh Dhanu me also felt like U…. That scene was Cute….

    2. Me me me..felt samething..
      One of the nost CUTEST shivika..pose till date. Now SULTANI TRACK IS COMING………
      HI HI HI.

    3. Truely the wlc scean was superb ,they look beautiful at that time ,pura perfect ,,i also want to capture that moment when shivay ne apna chin anika ki shoulder pe rakha ,,,mammi kasam dono bohot cute lag rahe the ,,,????

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      You are right.Tika scene was so cute.Shivika were looking aesthetically beautiful at that time.And off course,typical SSO?????????

    5. Yes dhanu I liked the part when a shivaay rested on Anika’s shoulders and smiled. Oh wow what a capture.

  7. Very happy for shivika reunion..

    What abt the next track..

    How will Kapoor sisters react , when they know abt KM secret..

    Waiting for the new track and twists

    Upto that, happily enjoying reunion

    1. Banita

      Hlo UB….
      Kapoor sis’s reaction…. Me too waiting 4 it… But specially i m waiting to see Pasinalana’s reaction… It will be worth to watch…

    2. be honest i don’t want those kapoor sister to back…
      Bahut hogaya ..
      Hope now thry wil show a strong plot without streching

    3. Luthfa

      Hi UB,
      Everyone is happy for Shivika.Don’t know what cvs are thinking for Kapoor sisters.Let’s wait and watch.

    4. Yes UB I also wonder what would be svetlena’s reaction when she learns that. Roop is still an Oberoi no matter what. Is there going to be another revenge?

  8. Vidyakrish

    Super super??????romance in rain was awesome. Om and gauri action was so good. Rudy was awesome when he tease shivaay and Anika so good episode ???????

    1. He Vidya…Super duper se bhi upar….episode………
      Love it..

    2. Luthfa

      Yes dear,episode was really very entertaining.Rudra and his funny indirects are always superb?

    3. Hi vidya it was superb indeed!!!

  9. Hello my dear PKJ family. Wow I will be able to sleep in peace later. What an excellent episode. No complaints! It was executed beautifully. Gul my salutation to you for a great khidkithod episode. Roop in mental asylum. I loved it when Pinky slapped her. Shivika moment oh my goodness it is to die for. Their rain romance was installed for the last. The best is always the last. Both were so intimate here. Shivaay’s room complete transformation. What a subtle nature colour. Just like what Anika always wanted. Glad both sorted their differences and alls well that ends well.

    Both agreed what they should or should not have done. Sahil my boy such a good boy. He was the one who helped SSO and gave constant updates on Anika.

    Communication in marriage is so important and when there is honest communication no one can separate one another ‘s love. So now their love and trust would have grown more. I loved Rudra comic sense again. At least now there will be a short happiness for awhile. I don’t know what they were shocked in precap.

    Most truly I loved today’s episode and will watch at least another theee more times.

    1. Banita

      Heyy dii….
      Di i dont think there will be something shocking or anything measure…. Becz as u said there will be some lite moment….
      Yeh totally agree with u… Now there trust grow even more…

    2. Hello Sindhu di.
      I am fine n u ?
      Yes di u r correct communication is much imporrant in relationship.
      bcoz we can sort out problems only through communication .
      Sometime Silence create a big blunder.

    3. Hey Ishita nice to read your comments . Yes ish it is important. Come often ya though I know you are busy. Missed you my little sister

    4. Sindhu di.. started to watch episode on loop..
      Again..and again…again…

    5. Oh you too Arpu watching it again. It is nice right? I fell in love with the hum tum song and wishe it lasted longer.

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      You are so right di.Honest communication in marriage is very important.And I am glad Shivika confessed that they both are responsible for their misunderstanding.Very happy they sorted out everything.Shivika’s new is looking great.Waiting to watch them romance in this new room more and more.Take care di

  10. Hello to my dear loved ones Banu Luftha dear Ishita jeevi sneha beauty arpu kadhambari dhanu Sri aayash and many more PKj commentators. Have a great day tomorrow.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much di.Love you?

    2. Sindhu di .
      I am free from my exams so its easy for mer to come here
      me too Missed you di.
      Love u .
      Take care.

  11. Hi to all meri khidkitod GPkj walas!
    How are you all guys?
    Even though I haven’t watched today’s episode, I can’t control myself from coming to TU comment space after reading the written update.
    I hope it was Shivikalicious episode. I was completely frozened and drenched after reading the written update. I’m gonna watch it to drench myself completely in Shivika’s reunion & romantic rain.

    And my loads of hug and thanks to Arpu di, Meri Luthfa di, and Sneha dear for your concern and recovery wishes. Thank you once again.

    Luthfa di – I toooooooooooooooooo missed you a lot and your lovely analysis. I’ll surely read all that during my vacation. Love you di. ❤❤❤

    Arpu di- I missed you a lot and your lovely long analysis of each characterization on respective episodes. Like vanwas chapter I hope you’ll write next chapter. I’m waiting for that. Love you a lot di.

    Good night and sleep tight.???????

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shivu…
      I m good dr… How is ur health..???
      Missed u dr…
      nd yeh try to watch this epi… This one is really good…

    2. Hi Banita dear,
      Congrats for being first to comment on this drenchy episode.

      I’m recovering faster dear. Thank you for your concern.

      And I too missed you soooooooo much & your satirical episode analysis. Anyways I’m happy that I’ll continue hereafter.

      Waise surely I’ll watch the episode at any cost dear. It’s my PINKY PROMISE.
      Love you and take care.❤❤???

    3. Hii Shivya..
      We to missed you..
      Go and watch episode and get drenched with shivika love.
      About like chapter..
      Now a days i am loving make simple fun ride .
      Lets see now how story will move.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Shivya,
      You are right.That was completely Shivikalicious episode and high on romantic tune.You are going to enjoy or enjoyed a lot.That’s so sweet of you.Thank you sooooooo….much for your love.Love you too.God bless you?

    5. Hey Shivya, how are you and good to read your comments. TC dear

  12. ShraddhaSharma392

    Awwwww wala episode….. Due to heavy rains and storm i was not able to watch show, but thanks to amena, update just looks like everything happen infront of me….
    Sooooo nice episode… And finally roop in mental hospital…
    Is show ending as i have this feeling??? Plz clear my doubt

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shraddha….
      Don’t worry dr… IB is not going to end any time soon…. Gul herself cleared it…

    2. Shraddha..relax IB is not going anywhere..
      I must say..go and watch episode. I am sure You will love it.

    3. Luthfa

      I agree.Totally awww…wala episode.Don’t worry dear.IB is safe.Enjoy the show without any tension?

    4. Hey shraddha if you can try to catch it on hot star. It was truly great episode and I am still dreaming about it

    5. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks banita, arpita6, luthfa and sindhu for clearing my doubt…
      I watched today on hotstar.. …

  13. Coming to episode it’s a paka Vala treat for shivika Fandom..
    Wow pinky u did a gud thing by slapping Bua..
    Roop Bua I mean today some what I liked her acting.. I Think after watching other actors in IB she learned what is acting.. But if you saw her I G post she used to describe her acting skills like essay but while watching we can see only noise pollution..
    Shivika’s arm twist moment, romance, teasing each other wow wow wow..
    So except Kapoor sisters rest all the villans of IB are in mental asylum..billu gave surprise to his billi by interior decoration of their room..
    Shivaay interior decoration totally changed.. Even this is gud.. But old one is classy like him.. Blue to green change.. Satrangi type..
    2 seconds of Rikara moment.. Gauri don’t worry your jiji will be here only..
    I think pinky welcomed shivika with tilak after their first marriage (forced marriage) she thought it was Tia.. Now welcoming her bahu with full happiness.. During that time crazy shivaay was back..

    Shivaay is really chantomai hain.. He know where Anika was and sahil played cupid between them.. Wow sabah.. ???
    So, when shivaay was searching Roop Bua and not Anika when said I want to settle score with her.. Does my thinking is correct guys?
    The peck they gave each other was so cute..
    I loved when she said meri khushi meri tadi Bazz bagad billu ki baahon main.. Wow.. ???
    Totally loved it.. From past four days of episode IB is back on track..hope it continues..
    Precap: my babies teasing each other.. Why Anika screamed..Any guess..?
    I think she would have seen her food stall.. What you think guyz?
    As per today segment pinky’s surprise birthday celebration and Anika welcoming party.. And also dadi will be back..
    Nikita mam gonna leave IB for some months.. As she is gonna take maternity leave.. Let lord wish her full of happiness,gud health.. Wishing her to get baby like attitude of shivaay and anika..

    1. Banita

      Yeh di just now only it strike on my mind after reading ur comment…. Yeh now i also think that Shivay was talking about DWB that time…
      Di abhi apko food stall ki yaad dilani thi… Now i m thinking about many stalls like pani puri, dahibara aloodum , chat stalls nd… Nd… Aur kua meri muh pe paani aaraha hain…
      Nikita mam in leave… Is it??

    2. Yes.. After the birthday celebration of her she will be on leave..

    3. AAYUSH

      Yeah banita nikita mam is on leave because he last trimester is going on

    4. He Di..i too have same feeling. Finger crossed.
      Kaash ye hojaye
      Panipuri……or any food.Both will eat…kya khidkitod moment hoga….isshhhh….ok i am stopping imagining………

    5. Kadhambari who is Nikita ma’am?

    6. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,Nikita ma’am is Pinky Singh Oberoi.

    7. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Shivaay Singh Oberoi is a chantomai number one.He behaved like that and we fell into his trap.Sahil is really a Cupid in Shivika’s love story.Their romance is always a treat to watch.That room and its changing colour is looking good.May God bless NA a healthy and cute baby?

    8. Yes kadhambari you are correct. When Shivaay said he wants to settle scores with her, he meant Roop. She was in hiding. He had to be very open about it at the event instead of being so afraid of Roop and that is why he told media boldly that Pooja is not his Wife at all. Roop came out from her hiding place and now all sorted. Our SSO has so many plans on his plate

  14. Arpita6

    Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    My comment is gonna be a big..

    First ofAll.Gulneet and All cast whole up All Cvs..I am sending you 1000 kisses for giving such a beautiful khidkitod duniyatod episode. Thank you sooooooooo much….

    @Archiya..syry I could not reply you..But i am sooo happy despite of soo many works you came here…hapy you.
    @Ishu…bas bas kar.i am happy.chal tu bhi smile karle.

    Now come to pkijans I told yiu guys na… When shivika reunion will happen.they it will be khidkitpd.. and it happened.. wgenevwr i yhink this SHIVIKA scene cant be more best ten prove us wrong by giving abother duniyatod Shivika……Shivika never dissapoint us….
    @…Aaayush dear Finally Noise pollution Gone..Congrats .After 2 month torture of Vomit..finally she gone .lets do party…….
    Shivika scene. . .kya bolu..they left me speechless. ..THEY PARTED IN RAIN…AND THEY UNITED IN RAIN..DEFINITELY WATER IS THE MOST BIG CUPPID OF THEIR LOVE STORY……Those painful and accusing eyes, those confrontation, Those choked voice,And Those Hug ,Those kisses, Those promisesIt made me cry yarr..i always wanted a shivika hapy rain sequence and honestly i never imagined it will be soooo beautiful. ………
    That Hand twist.and Bridal style..Put fire on Water….And BILI IS ENJOYING SWEET WORDS OF BILU WITH FULL ATTENTION THAT ALSO BEING IN HIS ARMS. …At the same time voth are cute hot everything.

    Wait a miniute….They just played Sansooon ko…….And Those enjoying happy happy face of Bilu and bili…So can anyone will resist …them to not love …..I enjoyed fully… .And Bili my muchkin.and adorable Billu….oooooooooooojust wow..
    Ok Bilu bow listen now you have to leave that nature. ..You have to share things..And bili yiu have to trust him..
    Finally Bhiggi Bilu and bilu back to mad house.. he he he..pinky ponky. …i can see chng…keep it up..
    When Ponky was doing tilak of Bilu and he put his chin on Bili shoulder that was one of the most cutest scene.. i want to frame that pose…hi hi hi.
    Hawwww Pinch me..pkj.Bilu just Changed his room.Just to feel Bili’s presence. .Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.I don’t all wil like or not..but trust me it gave me HONEYMOON ROOM vives. …… is really looking sooo good..
    Difference is that they both were staying in city (bcoz wall was a picture of city ) Now they wil staying a jungle ( bcoz now wall is a picture of forest)…????????.koi nahi if un future they wil do wallromance then cinematography wil be khidkitod.

    BILU AND BILI yiu are torturing will I sleep.i amnow thinking.if That KISS happened or not..????????Bache log read at yiur own risk.?????????…..
    I realy want tomorrow to be continuation of this scene..
    Dil khush Kardita…
    Gouri ‘s love for her jiji is sooo lovely and adorable. .i love it.
    Precap -i know nothing will happen
    NEVER TRUST THEM..ha ha ha.???

    1. Arpita6

      And Who will not like the new vision of Shivika Room..feeling bad for you ( Supressing my laughter ??)..
      BANI WHERE ARE YOU??????????

    2. Banita

      Suprisingly yesterday i slept at 9pm nd wake up 11pm…. It’s not my rutine time…. After 11 also i was a little sleepy…
      Nd u want to frame that pose… I want just same a like back hug pose in shivika’s bed room when shivay put his chin on Anika’s shoulder with some romantic talk…

    3. Bani…..dont torture me yarr…
      If he will do romantic talk in same pose..i am sure i will dead..
      Kaash ye sab hojaye..

    4. Hii meri khidkitod Arpita di.
      Kese ho aap ?
      First of all Sorry gor NAUTANKI.
      I know kuch zyadachi hogaya .
      And Sorry once again bcoz aaj k comment mein bhi
      NAUTANKI hai.
      wo actually mijhe pata nhi tha ki aap maan gayi

      Di I know aap ko kabhi lagta hoga ki mein kitni irritating hun aur kitba zyada bolyi hun
      but kum bolne ki koshish zaari hai.

      yes di u were right jab bhi Shivika ka reunion hoga khidkitod hoga aur aapki analysis ne to chaar chaand laga diye.

      (Ok kam bolna hai Ishita )
      so bye
      Good night!

    5. Ishu..if once again yiu will say that kam.bolna he..i sm sure i will smaah yiur head..and most imp.this is not irritating at all..this is what call pagalpanti, doing nautaknki..batein jyada pkj ki speciality he
      Isse koi ignore nahi karta..
      I love to read long long comments …
      And you have to do it.
      No need to talk less…
      LOVE YOU..

    6. AAYUSH

      What an analysis arpita. And yeah i m happy bua and km chapter finally ended

    7. Thank you Aauysh dear. Lets party??????????????????????..

    8. Heeyyyy ,,arpu nice comment ,really achchese nind nahi hui tumhari ,,awww or mai to opend mouthed thi aur soch rahi thi ho ja ho ja but scean khatam ho gaya,,i really want ki aj ka scean fir se usi sai start ho ,,

    9. Arpu I just know from your comments you thoroughly enjoyed the episode and basking on it. Enjoy

    10. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hey naughty arpu, you want continuation of tht scene?? ?? Someone is so desperate to see my bhaiya-bhabhi’s romance..?? You thought separation was their plan? Haan yaar don’t trust our Billu and billi.. btw how r u?

    11. ItsmePrabha

      Arrey Meri Cheapdi..Kuch toh sharam kar ..Billu billi kiss karthe Aankhe band karo.. teek hai..Waise bhi meri instincts yeh keh rahi hai ki Koyi na koyi Aa jayega…*My Stupid Instincts*….How are you?? I was missing your This Naughty Analysis..

    12. Luthfa

      Hehehehe….Kya baat he darling,you are going gaga over Shivika romance openly.Thora to sharmana chahiye ki nahi????????
      And honeymoon room?Not bad yaar.Carry on with your ultra chepdiness I won’t stop you.By the way,nice analysis.Enjoyed reading?
      P.S.Why are you suppressing your laughter?You can smile showing all your teeth like bua?????????????????????

  15. khidkithod shivika??
    finally pinky maa ki birthday aarahi hai
    @ishitha,yes dear even i found phy part tough in neet

    1. Hello Maggj dear .
      Lets hope best for the results .
      Tension to hai but dont worry jo hoga accha hi hoga.
      and till then enjoy with our khidkitod Shivika.

    2. Hlo Maggi.
      Ye shivika are khidkitod….no doubt

    3. Luthfa

      Yes dear,our khidkitode Shivika??????

  16. Dhwani_Naidu

    Awww.. what a cute episode.. Loving this Tom and Jerry more than before.. Billu and billi have started it again.. everytime there is a misunderstanding their love just gets more and more deep.. Happy to see that they sort things out and are trying to overcome all issues.. Truly Shivika are Couple goals.. I want my future hubby to be like SSO with that manliness.. To be Soft and charming, with that short hair, like OSO and to have humour sense like Rudy.. Whenever I see Shivika scenes like this I always at the same time wish the same for rikara.. CVS!!….. Loved every sec of the episode except the first few min of roop Bua.. Gauri was tooooo cute when she went behind her jiji.. like a small kid..
    Precap: What next?? Swety/ another new villain getting injured by shivaay’s car and he coming to stay in OM dharamshala?
    Good night pagals..

    1. Banita

      Hahaha…. Sahi hain… It can possible… A new villian can coming to stay in OM… After al Shivay ki car se kuch hone wala hain… So if someone will again hit by Shivay’s car then it will be clear that he/she is a new vilian…
      So U want a hubby like fusion of my brothers… I hope ur wish come true….
      TC Dhwani…

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Haan yaar.. it always happens na? These oberois always bring their car-hit-victims-who-turn-villains to their home.. And yeah, want a hubby like a fusion of obros.. ??? Now what is this yaar, u hv started staying awake for replying to comments, again?!? Get enough sleep yaar.. Take care Bani..

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Hello Dhwani…How are you?? i Like your patience Dhwani..The way you wait for Rikara is something else.. Naaku nee oopika choosthe muchetesthundhi..Nice comment ..

    4. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Prabha akka.. Nenu Bagunnanu.. Sry for replying late akka.. And thank you so much for understanding… TC akka

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Dost?
      True yaar.Shivika are couple goal indeed.Just loved their inexhaustible chemistry like anything.Awwwwwww…..You want a husband in the combined version of ShivOmRu?May God fulfill your wish as soon as possible.Don’t know why cvs are neglecting Rikara and their romantic development like Shivika.But Dost plz,don’t be disheartened at all.Everything will be fine.Take care.Love you??????????

    6. Dhwani_Naidu

      Thank you so much dost.. Hehehe.. Yeah dost.. want my pati to be a combo of shivomru.. Sry for replying late dost.. love you dost.. take care..

  17. Awwwwwweeee ,,,,,,,so cute ,,,,,today to after first five miniute k baad mai yeh bolte hue thaki bhi nahi ,,,SHIVIKA ,are the best ,love them both ??????
    Woooohooo ,,!!!! finally the KMM is got over ,,????and our shivika reunion ,,???
    Shivay seriously you are the best ,i just know it that time when all family members were tensed that where will anika went ,but shivay will say ,”mujhe pata hai anika kaha ho sakti hai “lovely ,,
    shivika’s rain wala thasan ,romance was superb ,,what an joke rudra bhigi billi aur bhiga billu ,,???and both NM and SC did a great job ,hats of they are just awesome they have really somthing very special talent by that they always feel us the things are real ,,very real ,,
    Precap -kaya yr shivay atleast driving k time ph use aur biwi ki khubsurti ko taar ne ki vul mar kiya karo ,god knows ab kaya bakhera khara karoge tum ,,hope thori din ki to break do apne problem se abhi to ek khatam hua ,abhi nahi plz ,,ek din to puri santi se bitalo ,,

    1. Banita

      Heyy Tania…
      Yeh both of them did gr8 job… Nd i just hope koi new problem nahi ho… But dont worry dr there will some lite moment this week…

    2. Luthfa

      Tania dear,Shivika and Shivaay rocked yesterday and stole our heart completely.Don’t know what is going to happen next.Let’s wait and watch.

  18. shivika MELTED my heart today :* :3
    little rikara sc was SUPERcute wish it lasted longer :*
    Maybe @starplus keeps forgetting that there are 2 other couples that deserve alittle attention on the same show. Idk

    only 1 objection: How can Gauri b stone-cold-silent after Bua’s confession, I mean it’s her father too!
    I mean cuz of Bua she ws miserable she lost her father, sis then foster-fath, chance at edu to gain $ to look 4 sick poor mother, evil uncle-aunt nd Kali who nearly killed/wed her to himself nd his bros!
    which doesn’t explain her stone cold reaction at all!


    It’s both ironic nd hilarious that both Bua’s (Shivay nd Om’s) will thick as thieves in the mental asylum by now! Lol

    Future return joining forces? I hope not..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Dalida….
      Me also dont understand why Gauri was silent that time… I expected a slap from her side to DWB… Or at least some gussa wala dialouge…

    2. Yes dalida I also was a bit shocked when Gauri had no reaction when she heard who killed her Father. I thought she would get angry when Roop said that she ended the evidence to the police by using Anika’s name. At least I assumed Gauri would jump at Roop and tried to hit and question her why she did that to her Jiji but nothing of that sort so it is a little strange.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Dalida,I agree with you.Gauri and her expressions should have been portrayed the way you mentioned.SP and makers both are ignoring other couples especially Rikara.Hope makers will introduce beautiful tracks for them as well.Take care.

    4. Hey Luthfa, Sindhu, Banita
      I couldn’t agree more but I think if Gauri would react they would have to show her, give her some importance and the Cvs are hell bent on not giving her any ?(no hate or indirect bashing;simple sadness)

      I hear Sultan is back which means another track 4 the other less-sidelined jodi ruvya. Yeah they are also mistreated but not like rikara cuz they had their wedding awhile ago nd now they will have another track.
      Rikara is the only jodi which hasn’t been portrayed for over 6 months!

  19. Forget our mention there was sso who never wanted to change his room color to purple during shitia marriage track.. Now he himself his renovated man & so does his room too. But noted one is no one asked him to change.. It’s the progression of shivaay..
    Now he is Annika’s SSO..
    Earlier Rudy room and now shivaay room when om’s room gonna change.. HS eagerly waiting for Rikara’s track..

    1. Hi kadhambari di.
      How was ur day?
      Correct there is a change in SSO
      but this change is nice to see.
      Annika’s SSO is great to see.

    2. Yup, gud has always.. How about you?

    3. Luthfa

      You are absolutely right Kadhambari di.Shivaay and his journey from SSO to Shivaay is very special.He had gone through complete change after he fell in love.

  20. Hello all ,
    Episode was awesome .

    Finally billu billi mil gaye
    and what ahug yaar .
    i was waiting for that precious hug since long.

    Billu billi bheeg gaye bichare.

    and i love that background song
    and perfect for our Shivika.

    After Shivika reunion i was continuosly smiling.
    and wo to accha hai ivwas alone in the room otherwise mummy jaan le leti .

    Grah pravesh of Grah Laxmi by sweet saasu maa ( Oh my maara , i dont belive i am calling pinkuly aunty sweet )
    Was nice.

    Chutki ,
    Om was right give some space to ur jiji
    and u too spend some Quality timecwith ur Jatadhari.

    Rudy as usyal u were amazing today .
    So badi mom came out of silent zone.

    New decor of Shivika’s room is so enviornment friendly.
    all in the shades of green.

    PRECAP- Dont know Shivaye ki takkar kisse hui hai i just hope koi new villan na ho jise accident ki wajah se Oberoi mansion mein entry na mil jaye.

    Ok bye !





    And ya Arpita di asp sach mein baaraz ho
    please man jao ab to Shivika ki naarazgi bhi end hogayi.
    asp bhi chod do na naaeazgi.

    Aap chaho to ladai kar lo , daant lo, but reply karna band mat karo.
    Please didu!
    Love u!

    1. Banita

      Lovly comment Ishu…. Everything sloved now… New villian ki entry… Can possible…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,
      Billu and his Billi were superb yesterday.Their romantic gestures are awesome.NM and NC are nailing every smallest thing.More power to their acting skill.Yeah,Pinky has become sweet saas and I hope she will continue in that avatar.Let’s hope for the best.Take care?

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