Ishqbaaz 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh gets exposed

Ishqbaaz 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says we will reach venue on time, I don’t have time to check, I have a press conference. Daksh comes and hugs him. He says thank God Priyanka got fine. Shivaye says she had to get fine, it was not her mistake, one who is at fault will be punished. Daksh says of course, where is Priyanka, I can’t wait to see her. Anika comes and says you won’t change, tell the truth to Shviaye at least now. She says Shivaye, I know you won’t agree, but I will still say this guy isn’t right for Priyanka. Daksh says you are saying as if Priyanka is your sister. Anika says she is no less either, Shivaye you are making big mistake. Daksh says she is still trying to break my marriage, she is insulting me, if Tia sees this…. Shivaye says I will handle Tia, I know the truth. Daksh says I m scared that she will instigate Priyanka against me. Shivaye says Anika will do what I say, she knows the consequences of going against me.

Anika says you are not doing right. He says I don’t need to learn this from you, don’t stress, focus on press conference, I thought it will be a surprise for you, I think I should tell you, I decided to transfer Priyanka’s shares and property to you, Priyanka also wants this. Daksh smiles. Shivaye says I m going to announce this today. Daksh hugs him. He thinks this is what I wanted, I didn’t know that it would happen so soon. He says thanks, you think a lot about me and Priyanka, but Priyanka is imp for me, not shares. Shivaye says I know what’s imp for you, Priyanka wants this, I never go against her wishes. Daksh says I know. Shivaye says we shall go, press must have arrived, come. Daksh goes with him.

Anika says I should also get ready for press conference. She applies sindoor and takes mangalsutra to wear. It drops. Shivaye comes and holds it. O jaana….plays…. She recalls the old moment when he broke the mangalsutra. She says its same mangalsutra, which you broke, why are you saving it today. He says Priyanka is calling you. He hands over mangalsutra and goes. Priyanka stops Shivaye. She says what did you think, I won’t know anything, you have hidden such a big thing, but why. She makes Anika stand with Shivaye. She says I can’t believe you both got married. She hugs them and says I m very happy. Shivaye says I will explain.

She says no need to explain, its a good thing, I m very happy, I m feeling bad for Tia, you could have never found a wife like Anika, she is the best, when did you guys fell in love, I never imagined that you guys love each other, we didn’t know you can be so romantic. She hugs them. They hold Priyanka. Shivaye gets his hand away. He says press conference will start, I shall go. Priyanka says I m sure you will take care of Shivaye, he has been taking care of her, we shared problems with him, he had no one with whom he could share problems, joy and sorrow, we have a big family, still he has been lonely, he is hot tempered, stubborn and rude, but he is good at heart, he will keep you very happy, just give him some time. Anika says he is a riddle for me, but I know he can do anything for his family, especially you. She hugs Priyanka.

Tyagi asks why did you call this press conference. Shivaye says to show you that I keep my word, I fulfilled my promise and got Daksh Kapoor. He calls Daksh. Daksh comes there. He says I went from marriage mandap that day, you started accusing Priyanka, I left the venue as I was unwell, really sorry Shivaye, Priyanka I have done wrong, forgive me. Priyanka says its okay. Shivaye says everything happens for the good, and whatever doesn’t happen is for the best. Tyagi asks did you call us to make Daksh apologize. Daksh says no, actually. Shivaye says let me talk now. Daksh thinks I m also waiting for this moment, I wish Tia could see how amazing I m, she will see this on news channel that Shivaye transferred Priyanka’s shares and property to me. Shivaye says sometimes we wish something and something else happens…. I have a surprise for you, Anika….. Anika comes. Dadi and everyone look on. Shivaye says don’t be afraid Daksh, Anika has brought a gift for you, Anika give it to him. Anika slaps Daksh. Omru and everyone get shocked.

Daksh asks what’s this misbehavior. Shivaye says you did wrong and this is the answer, Priyanka do you have to say something to Daksh. Priyanka goes to Daksh and raises hand. He turns away. She slaps him with the other hand. Daksh falls down. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye says last instalment is still there. Payal comes and slaps Daksh. Tyagi asks what’s happening Mr. Oberoi. Shivaye says these three will tell you. Payal says this man lied to me that he loved me, he made a false promise that he will marry me, then he had kidnapped me so that he could marry Priyanka. Priyanka says this man wanted to marry me so that he gets our property and money. Anika pushes Daksh and asks what did you to me, you forced yourself on me, you think you can do anything if a girl is alone.

Shivaye says I called you here to publicly expose this man, so that he can never use any woman’s emotions, the world should know Daksh’s truth, the problem is with the society, the women don’t raise voice against such men, as we have forced them to stay silent, everyone blames the girl if the marriage is called off, if she says that a guy forced himself on her, the girl is blamed, if a girl says that a guy made a false promise of marriage, people blame that girl, truth us, guys like Daksh are wrong, but they get saved, because they are boys, the truth is one who harasses girls is characterless, our society judges girls in a wrong manner, I have made this mistake too, I doubted Anika, truth is Anika is not characterless, Daksh is characterless, Daksh did mistake, but I have made a big mistake, I kept believing Daksh’s lie, I got blinded by my love for my sister, I wasn’t aware of the truth, I did wrong with Anika, I want to apologize to her in front of you all. He says I know I have no right to apologize, you shouldn’t forgive me, but I would like to apologize to Anika in front of everyone today, I m sorry Anika. Anika looks at him.

Shivaye says I wish I should have believed you that day. Anika says you are too late. He says I know what I did to you… She asks what do you want from me now. He says I want your companionship.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i feel that this redux track is going to end soon. The way Shivaay asked for her companionship, I think that they will return to reality and prove Mihir that they are made foe each other

    1. Hi hi Ishaani dear..congrats.
      No redux is not going to end.
      D is chapter jyada stretch hua tha..they are just ending it..
      Abhi tho unki real love story start hogi..
      And precap is just flashback…of yesterday night..

    2. Luthfa

      Go Ishaani Go.Congratulations on being first….?Welcome to PKJ family?
      Redux is not going to end dear.They will end it at the right time.Till then,let’s enjoy.Take care?

  2. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagalsHiiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 38…
    A bad news guys..I am.gonna miss my khidkitod dp and Arpita6 name..I got new phone so ..if I will get time then I will get registered..
    But still gonna miss my dp…
    @Sekhar bhaiya.. am I dreaming ??you are here.
    Chalk you remmebered me that is the best thing.
    @Sindhu do yeh you were right…
    @lu I am.just loving your analysis..keep it up..
    Ok I am.not feeling well
    So.short comment.
    Episode was super fast..
    Today DIL HUA SLAPBAAZ,,?????????????????? want a slap for PAYAL so badly.. just shut your mouth and get lost…….
    Otherwise I will kill you.
    Loved Annika’s cold behaviour..
    She was standing emotionless at prinku’s talking..

    Ok a honest confession
    May be I can scold hate bash annoy with Sso…But when he shows his puppy eyes and crying face..I melted..ab pata chala why Annika melts so easily??…

    I want a perfect OMM OF That reporter too..bcoz of him first MU happened between Shivika…???……

    Want more punishment for D as well as guilt side of Sso…..
    Whatever prinku said about Sso is actually true.
    But Annika plz don’t melt so easily.
    Ok now I am.too sleepy..can’t write more…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      You are not well?What happened to you?Sending lots of healing wishes.Get well soon darling?
      By the way,did you change the sim card as well?You can do one thing.Try your user name Arpita6 with its password on your new phone and log in as usual.It may help.

    2. Luthfa

      I missed the sounds of those epic slaps though I doubt whether those were actually slaps or not.Without any sound slap looks boring in serial.Hehehe…???????
      Anyway,looking forward to Guilt Singh Oberoi and his redemption.Take care.Lots of love?
      P.S.Thank you sooooo….very much for your love.I will try?

  3. Vidyakrish

    Another superb episode so fast to expose daksh. Wow om reaction is to cute. Waiting for tommorow episode.

    1. The vidya ..waiting for next episode like anything….

    2. Luthfa

      Everyone is waiting for the episode.Let’s see?

  4. Riana

    Aakhir kaar hamra sapna pura huigawa ???
    Sivaay bhaiya ne anika bhoujai se maafi maangli !!…
    Priyanka’s slap was the OUTSTANDING PART today ???????????????????
    Ek hi slap pe FLOOR KISSED ! ?????
    PAYAL toh matlab ???, Anika kaa Slap…
    Anika – ?????????
    SLAP ???????
    Speechless hearing shivaay’s speech ! ????
    No comments…
    Precap – Humka aur kitna rulaoge !!! ????…Ab maafi maangrahe hon….haaye daiya ! ???

    1. Sso no speech…I just roll my eyes…,????…
      Cvs ka pyarr for Sso…..
      Chalo..I am waiting for buri halat of Sso….

    2. Riana

      @Arpu… Sso ke prati cvs ki bhavnaae ???????

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,kemon acho?
      Me too couldn’t digest Shivaay’s speech and his speech made everyone speechless for sure.Priyanka’s style of slapping Daksh was unique.I expected some verbal attacks on her part but Shivaay took the floor.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    4. Riana

      @Luthfa.. Bhalo…Yaa the episode was good but shivaay’s speech was actually UNDIGESTABLE ?…Yaa waiting for today’s…Take care ?

  5. R. I. P Daksh.??

    @Shekhar – Gold out of waste..

    Luhfy ( Luthfa)’s comment is definitely Gold, but Ishqbaaz is not totally waste, especially if you compare this with other Hindi family drama serials.

    Anyway my #2yearsofIshqbaaz is still baaki ( left)

    1. Hello biliuji..,???….
      Yeh ishqbaaz is not bad…bas sometimes cvs me Dimag main dahi jam jati he…?…

    2. Luthfa

      Ye sab choriye and kaam pe focus kijiye.Baki kab Puri karnaki soch rahi hain aap?PKJ and me want to know?

  6. Luthfa

    I believe,Daksh is a typical womanizer and he won’t change his nature no matter what.Those slaps and press conference can’t make him feel guilty or ashamed.What a girl goes through when she faces something like Anika,Payal and Priyanka had faced,no one would be able to measure and feel it.Such experiences are worst than nightmares.This society always point fingures at a girl when anything goes wrong and it’s a universal truth.People like Daksh were,are and will be present till doomsday happens,would continue harassing girls and it’s permanent.There is nothing new in it.Whatever Daksh have done to those girls are intentional because he is carrying the characteristics of Ravan,Duryudhon,Dusshasan.Those are expected from him.But what about Shivaay Singh Oberoi?We can’t think him in those abovementioned characters.Okay let’s forget them still we can’t see him in the place of Daksh as well.They both were standing together on the stage but a very thin line separated Shivaay Singh Oberoi from Daksh Kapoor.The reality is what Shivaay has done with Anika,equates him with Daksh and this is the truth.To break her marriage to render her characterless and calling her Mistress,his every act was shouting in silence,that time he was Shivaay Singh Oberoi but from inside,he was representing Daksh Kapoor.Some would become his defensemen stating that he has done those because he wanted to take revenge for Priyanka.And most importantly,he was away from the truth that’s why.Everything happened unknowingly.Are these things enough to justify his actions?I think the answer would be no,in the most.Nothing can erase those horrible incidents from Anika’s memory.Those wounds she received through Shivaay’s words,actions,perhaps would take time to heal but definitely would leave scars on Anika’s soul,invisible to everyone.Shivaay Singh Oberoi was delivering justice to the victims through punishing the culprit and that’s very good.But he shouldn’t forget that he himself is also a Culprit,Culprit To His Own Conscience.

    1. Wonderful comment, just pefectly apt and exact

    2. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooo…very much for the appreciation.God bless you?

    3. Waiting for OMM of Sso and a slap from Dadi…ye lecture such main kafi irritating thi…..
      Nice lines lu..

    4. Luthfa

      It could have been nice if Anika and Priyanka had delivered it.But cvs love Shivaay so very much so all time.Moreover he was not in the right state to address such speech.That’s why we couldn’t relate to it.Don’t know what else is waiting for Shivaay.But I am really excited.Thank you soooo…much for your love.God bless you?

  7. please annika…
    don’t forgive shivay soon. let him suffer for some time.
    by the way thanks makers for giving back to back excellent episode…

    1. He shamrin dear….Sso will repent….That also very badly..

    2. Luthfa

      Hmmm…..Let’s see.

  8. Hi hi… Hw r u guys…. 2day episode great… 3 Women did superb instalment slaps..
    I’m happy for prinku… SSO start to melt rdy.. Vr soon to c shivika moment…
    Gd nite guys..

    1. When ishqbaaz became slapbaaz.,??

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Jessie,
      Shivaay’s melt down has started and would turn into a big flood soon.Waiting for it?

    3. Hi Luthfa… Yaa its true… I’m waiting na… ????????

  9. At last , I though they will stretch the torture of Anika track for a month or two but it ended. Guess all the backlash which Gul Khan received work. Anika please don’t forgive Shivaay so soon.

    1. Abhi dear..most important rule of watching ishqbaaz.
      and this is exactly happened…
      Ok but I am surprised fully….,?

    2. Luthfa

      Hahaha….don’t worry.Those are typical for Gul.IB is famous to give abrupt ending of anything.Let’s see what happens next?

  10. I am very happy not just me but whole fandom especially anika fans were waiting for this type of episode seriously i love the way shivay exposed daksh infront of media and even love the way shivay apologized anika yes shivay did wrong with anika and he should not be forgiven easily but shivay is not a bad human being he is very good by heart he was no in his senses when he is forcefully married anika but after priyanka recovered even shivay senses recovered he rectified his past mistakes i think he should get another chance to prove that he will be a ideal husband for anika he asked SORRY to anika in front of whole media without any hesitation like in previous episodes he hesitating to say sorry i think shivay should be excused this time now the real takkar ki ishqbazzi starts i know anika will be on cloud nine from tomorrow because the anika fans they always wanted to see first shivay falling for anika and its happening in this redux in original one it was anika the first to fall in love with shivay anyhow lets see how will shivay win anika back this time by love so daksh chapter is closed i thaught priyanka will do drama and will turn against shivay for daksh thank god nothing happend like that she got know about daksh true colours what about tia won’t she come back
    I have a question to ask i was not watching redux from starting i started to watch it from shivka forced marriage
    Why did tia turn negative it was told that she wil be positive in redux
    Cvs should have released promo of daksh exposure then fans would have been more excited to see upcoming episodes anyhow i must say this was first fast exposure and fast track in history of IB

    1. Tia’ complete family is in debts and so Tia and Daksh want to marry Shivaay and Priyanak so that their family dosen’t go bankrupt.

    2. PROMO for ishqbaaz..
      Starplus is totally forgot about ishqbaaz.
      Nopromo since 4 months..arghhhhh..
      And this was the first sorry of Sso in conscious state.
      The he will give another chance but he needs to repent whatever he did with Annika..

    3. Luthfa

      Shivaay’s getting forgiveness is mostly depending on Anika.Then his family members are also in the list.And I am counting Priyanka on it more than anything.Shivaay should earn his sorry rather begging.He has done irreparable damage and it shouldn’t be forgotten no matter what.And Tia was also marrying Shivaay for money.Kapoors are here to play the villain part be it in RU or AU!

  11. Anika pleae don’t forgive Shivaay so soon.

    1. Me too want this.

  12. Luthfa

    My Observation And Opinion:
    In the forced marriage episode Anika is seen begging Shivaay’s mercy(probably)falling on his feet and this created uproar in the fandom mostly among staunchest Feminism believer,all SSO haters,Anika supporters,and to a great extent morally concious people(including boys and girls).I have seen countless remarks on it,almost everywhere.Everyone hated that scene like anything and expressed their ultimate disgust.Few went ahead and demanded the shut down of IB and felt ashamed to watch IB!
    Anyway,the truth is,Shivaay never compelled Anika to fall on his feet.That was Anika’s emotional breakdown.She lost her balance over everything and it happened naturally.This act was very much TRP material to attract TRP aunties who mostly sympathize with heroines and their pathetic situation.Everyone who was against that scene became violent and cursed SSO openly using whatever word they can afford.And the funniest thing I have seen is,few posted that pic Anika holding Shivaay’s feet to spread negativity against IB and bash it for showing such content as if it were only happened in IB for the first time.This amazed me and I had much laugh.Showing the heroines helpless beyond imagination is the favourite pick up of almost every serial cvs.The more heroines cry,the more TRP comes to the serial.It was a pure TRP stunt and people started fighting and bashing SSO like he lives somewhere and doing it in real to take revenge.One came up with legal procedures to put SSO in jail and what punishment he would receive.So serious!
    In our society,where real people live,girls are facing cruelties to such an extent that one would get frightened if he or she get to know it.Serials just show the polished items though those reflects real life but the thing is,girls face even more harsh treatment from people around her.How I wish instead of giving gyaans to serials’s cvs,bashing fictional characters,people could help those tortured souls who are going through such extremity and help one or two!

    1. Very well said Luthfa. Yes people should learn from serials and Ensure such torture does not happen to women and if it does they should know what to do.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Instead of raising one’s voice against such things which are occurring in our society,everyone was busy in bashing fictional character.Those who bashed forgot that reality is much more hard and rough.In real life,not everyone is Anika who will get back their respect and everything eventually after facing something like that.Anyway,thank you so much di?

    3. Negetively Dekho tho ye thik nahi he..but positively dekho toh hamara show kitna famous he..,???during marriage time all were used to talk about our show….
      Emotional attachment is good but still people should know about reel and real ( INCLUDING me too ,????)…

    4. Luthfa

      Hehehe……That’s the most funniest thing.People can’t stop talking about IB and everything related to it despite hating it.Our show is on limelight,always.Let’s cheers????????

  13. So previous wala shivay back today . The way he talk infront of media .
    Now we can see shivika .and OM gauri and Rudy bhavya story also

    1. Waiting for beginning of Shivaay and Annika as being SHIVIKA..

    2. Luthfa

      Hope so?

  14. It was nice to watch for once Daksh getting slapped by three persons. Redemption time but sorry Shivaay you are too late. Anika is right. When you were to believe her, you chose to believe Daksh because he is ‘rich’ and a man. Anika is middle class and poor. How can Anika forgive you that easily as you labelled her mistress. Yes she is happy priyanka is not marrying Daksh and that is what she ever wanted. It materialised finally. Now that her Mission is completed anika’s Job is done and she can leave the mansion with her head held high up.

    Shivaay sorry my bhaiya I love you so much but I think you need to redeem yourself and it has to take awhile.

    Anika will get kidnapped by daksh and finally Shivaay will save her. I think anika will stay on for Priyanka. Priyanka will plead with her along with dadi and Omru. She has to stay there if not how can they develop Gauri and Om’s love story.

    1. Nice analysis….Sindhu di…

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Absolutely agree with you.Anika’s job is done and it’s time for her departure.That marriage was not a marriage but one-sided show of power on a helpless girl.It’s time for Shivaay’s actual repentance.Waiting for it eagerly.Hope cvs would do justice to it.Nice reading your analysis?

  15. to be honest the episode was khidkitod and yah i missed shekar’s comment,coming back to the episode, i hope anika should not melt so easily for sso….and good morning guys have a lovely day..

    1. Yeh Sso needs redemption..

    2. Luthfa

      Good afternoon dear.Hope Anika won’t become ice cream that easily.Let’s see?

  16. WOW???????
    Just love D Exposure….wish tia was there also to be humiliated.
    NOW SHIBIKA TASHAN….have a feeling shivay will grovel, Anika will hold the upper hand…..but still Shivika together?

    1. Shivika will be together…no matter what….

    2. Luthfa

      Shivika are the end game so that’s going to happen today or tomorrow.Let’s see what cvs have stored for us.Take care?

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Awesome episode… But want a good cold behaviour from anika towards sso…

  18. First of all today’s episode had justification and I was really glad that cvs covered all loops instead of hanging some here and there.

    Second I am upset that Shivaay apologised to Anika for not trusting her but he never publicly acknowledged the audacity thing he did to her that is of forcefully marrying her by dragging her from the mandap. If his family or society comes to know of it they would spit on his face and will feel disgusted. He never had the guts to apologise to Anika for that so how can anika stay on in the mansion still? Omru do not know what he did. They only know he married her but in what circumstances no one knows.

    Even if anika wants to forgive him the flashback of him dragging her doing the 7 rounds and pulling out the mangalsutra will keep coming to her mind and it will be difficult to forgive SSO. He made marriage a mockery and never understood the value of the mangalsutra. Shivaay has to learn the hard way to gain Anika back and I applaud Anika for leaving the mansion.

    After saying all this I also feel sorry a little for Shivaay as he was so blinded by his love for Priyanka since he lost his parents at a tender age and all he has is his Sister so when someone and outside is telling him to stop the marriage he can’t accept that and when Priyanka was in coma Shivaay’s whole mind state and perspective went out of focus and clouded everything by listening to poisoned Daksh so looking at this yes Shivaay is indeed a huge riddle and a complicated person due to his bitter past.

    Shivaay goes in search of anika and lives near her place I hope they create more Shivika’s scenes and of course Om and Gauri scenes too.

  19. Hello my dear Arpu thanks for your reply and I hope you are doing well. Have you recovered my dear? Please rest well.

    Btw Arpu Ishqbaaz is 6th place in Starplus. Isn’t that great? Overall it is 18th position so I was jumping for joy.

  20. Luthfa sorry could not reply to you but thanks for liking my analysis. Thanks so much my dear. Hope you are good too

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