Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya -FF by Luna(Episode 27)

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Hi guys, I’m back again, I hope u all remember me(don’t u???)…Again sorry for late updates, but I was busy voting for Bani J in Bigg Boss finale, which all went in drain, because she didn’t won.….Because of my absence for one week, I’ve made this episode quite long. And if u have forgotten the story, here’s the link of my previous episodes:

click here for all episodes

Scene 1(Oberoi mansion): Rudra is standing in the main hall. He’s very tensed and is biting his nails in tension. He’s looking at the main entrance and waiting for someone. Soumya enters the Oberoi mansion. Rudra sees Soumya and gets a sigh of relief. He runs towards Soumya, Soumya gets shocked.
Soumya: Rudra??? What happened??? Why are u so tensed???
Rudra: Sumo, thank God, u r here….u don’t know happened….I really need your help.
Soumya: Rudra…relax!!!!!! First take breaths with me.
Rudra(without thinking): Okay!!!!

(Both start taking deep breaths with together. After few seconds, Rudy realizes, what the hell was he doing and why???)
Rudra(confused): wait a second!!!! Why are we doing this????
Soumya(grinning): My yoga teacher taught me this, when u r scared, u should take deep breaths, it’s good for health…I can teach u some asanas also.
Rudra(confused): what????
Soumya: Oh!!!! I forgot to tell u…I’ve joined Yoga classes a few days ago.
(Rudra bursts into laughter hearing that)
Rudra: you and yoga??? Nice joke!!!! And a girl who eats 20 parathas a day is talking about health….hahaha!!!!!(Rudra doesn’t stops laughing, Soumya gets angry)
Soumya(angry): Duffer Oberoi, u called me here to make fun of me??? Fine, I’m going.
Soumya was about to leave in anger but Rudra holds her by her shoulders and stops her.
Rudra(tensed): no no no…plz don’t leave, I really need your help.
Soumya(angry): Leave me…. I’m not gonna help u.
Rudra(making puppy face): no no Soumya, plz…I beg in front of u(Rudy folds his hands in front of Sumo and fakes crying)
Soumya(angry): Stop this overacting!!!! And wipe your fake tears.
Rudra removes his non-existent tear but still makes puppy face. Soumya gives annoyed expression.
Soumya(disinterested): tell me…what problem do u have????
Rudra(making puppy face): Soumya,my dad got to know what we did with Maya.
Soumya(shocked): what????
Rudra(making puppy face): yeah… he scolded me a lot…and now, he again wants me to get married now what should I do????

Soumya(disinterested): How will I know, what should u do???
Rudra(opening his mouth wide in shock): hain???? What do u mean by how will I know??? Because of your stupid plan only, I got scolding from dad.
Soumya: what?? Because of me??? Are u crazy???? Because of my plan only, ur alliance didn’t happened, otherwise u would have got married by now and I would have been dancing in your wedding.
Rudra: Sumo….your plan was just third class!!!!! I would have made a better plan than u.
Soumya(smirk): Really??? Great then make your own plan and save yourself…I’m leaving.
Rudra(again starts making puppy face): No no…plz don’t go(starts fake crying ) Soumya, plz save me from my Dad…I beg in front of u(starts crying loudly) I don’t want to get married, you are my friend na??? will you leave your friend in such a difficult situation. your r right, I’m duffer Oberoi, I don’t have any brain, but u…you are so smart( Rudra starts grinning) Soumya, plz save me, plz save me!!!!!(again starts crying)
Soumya: Why are u so much afraid of your dad???

Rudra: Me??? Why?? Uh…because, he looks like Amrish Puri(does his logic sign)
Soumya: Why don’t u take a stand for yourself???? If u don’t want to get married, then just go say it to your parents.
Rudra(innocently): But I already said it, and I even got scolded for it.
Soumya: Don’t be afraid of your Dad, just go and say it, that U will not get married, no matter what?? It’s your life so it’s your decision whether you want to get married or not. Why your parents will take the decision??? U should be the one, who should take the decision. A person should always have the control their lives.
Rudra(smiling): yeah, u r right. That’s what I told to my dad,(his smile fades) and then he scolded me.
Soumya: Don’t be afraid of your dad, even if he scolds u, be firm in your decision. He can’t force you like that.
Rudra(worried): But what if my dad threw me out of this house???
Soumya(confused): uh…then….

Rudra(excitedly): Then will u let me stay in your house???
Soumya(awkwardly): uh, my house???
Rudra(grinning): yeah, we are best friends after all( Rudra pats Soumya in the shoulder)
Soumya(smiles vaguely and says): uh…Don’t worry!!!!!! That’ll not happen, Bade bhaiya and bade baal wale bhaiya will not let that happen…They will save you from Tej uncle.
Rudra(getting more happy): yeah….right…why didn’t I thought this before???
Soumya(murmuring): Because u r duffer Oberoi.
Rudra: what????
Soumya(giving a fake smile): Nothing….okay…enough talk…now just go and just say what I told.
Rudra(smiling): yeah….but(getting confused) what did u told me????
Soumya(making annoyed expressions): Duffer Oberoi…did u forgot everything??? Just go and say your dad that u don’t want to get married!!!!!!
Rudra: uh…yeah…but how????
Soumya gets irritated but tries to control her anger. She starts laughing. Rudra gets confused seeing her laughing.
Rudra(confused): Why are u laughing???

Soumya(smirking): uh.. laughing is good for health, it’s said that u should laugh when u r angry.
Rudra (gets confused and scratches his head in confusion.): How can anyone laugh when they are angry??? And…why are u even angry???
Soumya(giving a fake smile): uh…no need to think about it so much…your remaining brain cells will also get damaged. Just do what I say, go and tell your father that u don’t want to get married.
Rudra(worried): But how will I do that???
Soumya(smiles vaguely) you have legs to go to your dad(points towards his legs)…and u also have a big mouth to speak(points toward his mouth). As simple as that.
Rudra(with a scared face): But…I don’t have to guts to say this……whenever I see my Dad Amrish Puri face, I forget everything…My mouth gets sealed in front of him…I start shivering, even in a hot temperature and I also start sweating despite AC being on….Sumo(starts grinning), plz go and say this on my behalf.
Soumya: hain??? how will I tell this to Tej Uncle??? U should only say this…Rudra, don’t be afraid!!!!! Have the guts to face your fears…go and just say it. Come on, u r Rudra Singh Oberoi, the handsome( gives awkward expressions) hunk.
Rudra(getting happing hearing Soumya’s compliment): yeah ….right..
Soumya(smiling): Come on Rudra…be brave!!!!
Rudra(smiling): Yeah…I am brave…I am brave…..uh…but(giving confused expressions)…..what if I forgot my lines
Soumya fumes in anger seeing Rudra’s stupidity but controls it.
Soumya(smiles but also seethes): This is not a shooting of a movie that u will get lines…just go…and say whatever is in your heart.
Rudra(worried): but…what if I forgot what I have to say in fear???
Soumya: okay fine, we’ll use the same plan again….(Soumya takes out the Bluetooth headset from her pocket and gives it to Rudra), wear this in your ear, through this I’ll give u instructions on what to say in front from dad .
Rudra(scared): what??? No…last time, because of u, I got slapped from a girl.
Soumya(smirking): believe me, u don’t need me to get slaps, anyone who will talk to you even for 5 minutes, will want to slap u…listen, I don’t whole day for all this, just do what I say, otherwise I’m leaving.
Rudra(worried): but Soumya….
Soumya: Rudra…my plan worked last time, this time also it’ll work. Just do what I say. Don’t use your non-existent brain so much.
Rudra(unconvinced): uh…okay…but Sumo, u will save me na???(asks innocently)
Soumya (smiles and holds Rudra by her shoulders): Rudra….u trust me na???
Rudra(smiling): yeah!!!!!
Soumya(smiling): come on….lets go!!!!
Both Rudra and Soumya go upstairs.

Scene 2: Rudra and Soumya are standing outside Tej’s room. They are very scared.
Soumya: Come on….go and just say what I told u. and don’t be scared…be brave.
Rudra: Soumya, if anything went wrong, u will handle it na???
Soumya: yeah, I’ll handle it, don’t just go.
Both Soumya and Rudra wear the headset, and Rudra enters Tej’s room, Soumya stands outside. Tej is looking for his clothes from the cupboard, Rudra goes and stands behind Tej from a distance. Tej doesn’t notices Rudra. Rudra starts shivering in fear seeing Tej.
Rudra(smiling but scared): uh…Hi….dad!!!!!
Tej turns back and looks at Rudra.
Tej(rudely): Rudra?? What are u doing here????
Rudra(taking a deep breath says awkwardly): dad…uh…I wanted to…talk…to…u.
Tej again starts looking for his clothes, without giving any heed to Rudra. Rudra wonders what to do???
Soumya(through Bluetooth): Rudra, say something…don’t be scared
Rudra(to Soumya): but what????
Tej(hearing Rudra): hmm, what did u said.
Rudra(scared): uh…nothing…nothing Dad.
Tej(arrogantly): Then what are u doing here????
Rudra(giving a fake smile): I’m just passing by so…
Tej: Rudra…if u want extra pocket money, then I tell u that u r not going to get it, and if u came here to talk about your marriage then I don’t want to hear anything. U are getting married and that’s final, and no one can changed this decision. Now go.
Rudra’s mouth gets sealed. Tej again starts searching for hi

s clothes, ignoring Rudra.
Soumya(through headset): Rudra, just say that u don’t want to get married, don’t be afraid…just say it…don’t hink, Rudra just say
Rudra takes a deep breath.
Rudra: DAD I CAN’T GET MARRIED.(Rudra says it in one go)
Tej turns back and gets shocked. He fumes in anger. Rudra gets afraid seeing his dad angry and makes puppy face.
Rudra(thinking): Sumo, u got me in trouble again.
Soumya(through headset): Rudra….say that u can’t change my decision, it’s my life and I’ll take decisions of my life on my own.
Rudra(without thinking): Dad…. U can’t change my decision, and I’ll take decisions of my life on my own.
Soumya(through headset): u can’t force me.

Rudra(without thinking): yeah…you can’t force me.
Soumya(through headset): I’ll do whatever I want.
Rudra(without thinking): yeah…I’ll do whatever u want…uh, I mean..I’ll do whatever want.
Soumya(through headset): I’ll never be happy in this marriage.
Rudra(without thinking): arre, what this marriage?? I’ll never be happy in any marriage.
Soumya(through headset): arrange marriages suck…how can anyone chose their life partner just in one meeting????
Rudra(without thinking): arre, what arrange marriages??? The whole marriage system sucks…how can anyone spend their whole lives with the same person.
Soumya(through headset): Rudra, stop overacting!!!!
Rudra(without thinking): yeah, stop overacting…uh..what????
Tej was silently hearing all the nonsense what Rudra spoke, and was fuming in anger……He was glaring at Rudra, as if he’ll eat him alive. Rudra finally gets back in his senses, and sees that Tej is angry on him. He gets hell scared and starts sweating.
Rudra(thinking): Sumo, u got me in trouble again…now what will I do(makes puppy face)
Rudra(shivering): Dad…uh…I…uh…I was…saying.
Tej(seething): what u were saying???
Rudra(shivering): uh…I mean…I… wanted… to…uh… tell.. u …that, I’m in love.
Tej(shocked): what????
Soumya{through headset(shocked)}: Rudra….what are u saying????
Rudra: yeah…uh…I’m…in love.
Tej(angry): with whom???
Rudra(without thinking): Soumya!!!!!
Tej and Soumya get shocked.
Tej(shocked): what??? Soumya????
Soumya{through headset(shocked)}: duffer Oberoi!!!! Have u gone mad???? What are u even saying????
Tej fumes in anger but doesn’t says anything. Rudra was completely scared and was takes deep breaths.
Soumya(thinking): Oh God!!!! What should I do now???? This duffer Oberoi has landed u also in trouble.
Tej(angry): Rudra, are u speaking the truth????
Rudra(scared): uh…dad…actually, I wanted to say that….uh…I want to make my career before getting married.
Tej: oh Really??? That was unexpected!!!! Weren’t u saying that marriages suck a few minutes ago????
Rudra: Dad…..actually!!!!!!
Tej(shouting): JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Rudra gets very scared and almost about to faint.
Soumya without thinking enters inside the room, seeing Tej angry. Tej sees Soumya.
Tej(to Soumya): oh!!!!! So u r also here….great!!!!!
Soumya(scared): Tej uncle…I can explain everything…..
Tej(shouting): NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING!!!!!
Jhanvi also enters the room.
Jhanvi: what’s going on here????
Tej(to Jhanvi): plz come in…u were the only one left!!!!!
Jhanvi: What happened Tej??? Rudra, Soumya??? What are u both doing here????
Rudra(to Jhanvi): mom…what happened is….
Tej(to Jhanvi): I’ll tell u….your great son doesn’t wants to get married, he says that I can’t take his life decisions, I have no right to do that….and this Soumya..she was telling him what to say, from outside.
Rudra and Soumya get shocked.
Tej{shouting(to Rudra and Soumya)}: What do u both thought??? I’m a fool???? And then he says, that he’s in love with Soumya and wants to marry her after he stands on his own feet and makes his career…..but I’m not an idiot to believe all this nonsense.
Jhanvi: Tej plz…stop now
Tej: now also u r telling me to stop and about your son????
Jhanvi (looks at Rudra and says): Rudra…what your dad is saying, is it true.
Rudra: mom…actually…..
Soumya: no aunty…..I and Rudra really love each other.
Tej, Jhanvi and Rudra get shocked.
Rudra(shocked): Soumya….what are u saying???
Soumya: No Rudra…no need to hide it anymore….Tej uncle, Rudra wanted to say that only, that he loves me but was afraid t say that, and that’s why I was giving her instructions from outside. Whatever he spoke before didn’t meant anything…he was just scared. He wanted to marry me but before that he wanted to make his career.
Tej(angry): What Soumya is saying??? Is it true????

Rudra looks at Soumya. He doesn’t understands what to say.
Jhanvi: Rudra…..tell us….is it really true that u love Soumya????
Rudra was still looking at Soumya. Soumya signs Rudra to say yes.
Tej(shouting): Rudra!!!!! I’m asking you something.
Rudra(looks at Tej and says): uh…yes Dad…it’s completely true

Tej and Jhanvi get completely shocked.
Tej(angry): Okay…my…mind isn’t working now…I don’t what to say…uh…I’ll talk later on about it.
Tej without saying anything more, leaves from his room.
Jhanvi gets happy and smiles. Rudra and Soumya were wondering what to do now???
Jhanvi(smiling): Rudra, Soumya…I’m really happy for both of u and I’ve no problem with your relationship. Soumya, u r really a very good girl and I always wanted a daughter-in law like u. and don’t worry, Tej will also have no problem with your relationship, it was just that it was very shocking for him. I’m also happy that Rudra, u have finally thinking about your life. Your brothers will also be happy to hear this news., but before that, I’ve to talk with Tej.
After saying that Jhanvi leaves from there. Rudra and Soumya look at each other with worried faces. They were still wondering, what the hell happened right now????
Soumya(shouting): Rudra…why did u said that u were in love with me????
Rudra(confused): uh… I got very scared… I didn’t knew what to say…I said it without thinking.
Soumya(shouting): If u will have brain, then u will think na.
Rudra(shouting): oh hello!!!!! And what was the need for u to say the same thing in front of my mom and dad.

Soumya(loudly): To save u, from your dad, duffer Oberoi.
Rudra: u have not saved me….u have created a big mess for both of us.
Soumya(opening her mouth wide): haww!!!!! And what about u???? it was u who said it first, that u r in love with me.
Rudra(angry): And it was u who came up with this stupid plan, yet again!!!!
Soumya(angry): And it was u who didn’t wanted to get married.
Rudra(showing his finger): U……

Soumya(showing her finger): u…..
Both show their fingers to each other in anger. They both glare at each other for few seconds, and then start crying like kids. They hug each other to console.
Rudra(crying): Soumya…now what will we do????
Soumya(crying): I don’t know!!!!!
Rudra(crying): plz save me!!!!
Soumya(crying): u plz save me!!!!!
Rudra(crying): ab kya hoga????
Soumya(crying): phail gaya raita!!!!!! (Anika’s dialogue is very famous now)

To Be Continued……

Precap: Ishkara flashback

Thank you for reading guys

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    1. Thanks Renima, yes I’m a Bani fan. and yeah, I watched DBO promo, and honestly, I’m disappointed with it. Om’s characterisation has been changed. Om is acting like Shivaye. Om used to believe in love, but now he’s calling it a deal, just like Shivaye. I’m not liking this at all. yes, I agree that Shrenu being a run away bride is bride. It’s a very cliched concept and I didn’t liked that at all. Seems like it’s the same repetition of Shivika story i.e. angry young man and bubbly girl. Why will we watch the same type of story for a different couple in the same show. Om is a different type of character and should be like that only. Also, it was said DBO will show the stories of both OmRu but the promo only focussed on Om’s story, what about Rumya?? I hope the makers don’t sideline them. I’ll watch DBO but I don’t have much expectations from it, and I’m more interested in seeing Rumya story now, because their track looks more promising. Om’s story doesn’t looks much promising, from what I saw in the promo. Also it will difficult for me to accept a new girl with Om because, I was a big Ishkara fan and their chemistry was unmatched.

      What I’m hating the most is that we’ll hardly see Obros together now. Their scenes will be completely abandoned and that was actually the main theme of the show

      1. Renimarenju

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