Ishqbaaz 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop attacks Shivaye

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Ishqbaaz 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye walks the ramp. Om shanti Om…..plays…. Omru also walk the ramp. Media clicks pics. Gauri walks the ramp in her style. Bhavya comes next. Shivaye and Anika walk the ramp. O jaana…..plays…..Anika feels distant. Om and Gauri walk together, holding hands. Music plays…… Rudra and Bhavya walk holding hands. Music plays…… They smile. ShivOmru walk together. La la la la….plays….. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya walk along. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…… Later, Gauri asks Anika to come home. Anika says no Gauri, that is not my house anymore. Om asks what are you saying, that house is yours. Rudra says everything sorted out now then.. Anika says few things don’t get sort out easily.

Om asks Shivaye to say something. Shivaye says there is no point to say anything to her, I had asked her to wait for me, that no matter what world says, don’t believe anyone till she hears the truth from me, but one who doesn’t want to listen, I don’t want to say anything. Anika says when someone asks a lot, the person doesn’t say anything, when things spoil, its the mistake of that someone. Om says we can discuss this at home. Rudra says what’s new, fights are the foundation of your relation. Gauri says we know you both are angry, but not going home isn’t a solution. Anika says its not my house anymore, that is your house, you go, stay happily, take care of yourself and everyone, I can’t come there. Rudra asks Shivaye to say something. Bhavya says say something, why are you quiet. Anika recalls Shivaye’s marriage. Shivaye recalls the police station camera feed. Om and everyone ask him to stop Anika. Shivaye says I will ask Khanna to drop you home. Anika says I know my way home. She hugs Gauri, Omru and Bhavya. They cry and ask Anika to please stop. They ask Shivaye to stop Anika. Shivaye says one who should go, we shouldn’t stop. Anika cries and leaves.

At home, Gauri says there hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t pray for my sister, when she was in front of me, I couldn’t stop her. Bhavya says everything will be fine. She hugs Gauri and consoles. ShivOmru look on. Om says all three of us always stayed together, if we have to get away for a day, we can’t bear it, Gauri and Anika met today and…. Rudra says and they got separated, Gauri has Om and all of us, but Anika has no one to console her. Shivaye says take care of Gauri.

Om asks what are you doing, you accepted Anika as your wife in front of media, when Viraj was walking the ramp with her, you couldn’t tolerate, when you had to get her home, you didn’t. Rudra says you think Anika is responsible for Pinky’s state, we all know you love Anika so much, why are you doing this. Om says you feel Anika has given the proof to police, you want to punish Anika. Rudra says you seriously think she can do this, never. Om says speak up, why are you not getting her home. Shivaye says because I don’t want Roop to harm her, I don’t consider Anika responsible, I didn’t ask her to come home as I don’t want Roop to target her again, Anika and Gauri lost their dad and childhood because of us, I don’t want her to go through the pain again, Roop wants to take revenge about Veer’s death, if she knows Anika is back, she will target Anika knowing Anika is my weakness.

Om says you have told everything to media about Roop and media, I m sure Roop has gone crazy. Shivaye says I wanted this to happen, this was my motive, this blackmailing is enough, everything will happen in the open now, when I saw Anika at the fashion show, I felt why are we doing things the way Roop wants, Anika and I misunderstood and took wrong steps, we know Anika can’t stay happy without me and I will just die without her, I can’t live without her, so I decided to expose Pooja and Roop, so that Roop does something that I get a chance to expose her. Rudra says you want Ropp to hurt you. Shivaye says I want to wait for Bua’s reaction, this matter has got much stretched, I want to end this for once and all. Om says I really hope it happens as you want, Roop also may not know how will she react.

Pinky is in her room. Roop comes and holds the oxygen mask. She cries and says your son didn’t do wrong, Shivaye has snatched my Veer, he died, he made Pooja out, I fell all alone, but I m enough alone, if I want, I can kill you right now to take revenge from Shivaye, but that won’t give soul peace to Veer, you have to stay alive to see Shivaye dying. Pinky cries. Roop says when you will know how it feels when a mum loses her son. Shivaye says its late, I will go and see mom, Om go Gauri needs you, Rudy you also go and rest. He goes upstairs. Someone hits him. Shivaye falls and rolls down the stairs. He gets up and sees Roop.

He thinks my plan worked, Roop has come here on her own. She takes a wooden stick and says I won’t spare you, I will kill you just the way you killed Veer. He says I didn’t kill Veer, it was an accident. She says you have snatched everything from me. He says I did what you said. She says no, you have spoiled all my plans, you freed Tej and Shakti from jail, you saved Anika. She beats him. She says I won’t leave you and stabs the stick. Pinky hits on her hand and saves Shivaye. He sees Pinky and asks are you fine.

Shivaye asks will you kill my son, dare to touch him, I will break your arms. Shivaye holds her. Roop says Shivaye has to die. Pinky says till his mum is alive, even Yamraj can’t touch him, you have created a lot of mess Roop. She says because of Roop, our lives got ruined, Shivaye she did everything, she instigated Anika against us, she gave all the proof to police and accused Anika for it, she was behind my accident. She cries and says Shivaye, your Anika is innocent, she didn’t do anything, Roop drifted you two apart. Everyone gets shocked.

Roop says I have done all this, this is my house, no one can do anything, you don’t have any proof. Shivaye says who said that. She says I m saying it. He says whatever you said, everything got recorded in my phone recorder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Today’s episode was full of emotions. Gauri saddness anika se dur hone ki. Shivaay ne bhi aaj clear kara diya vo anika se nafrat nahi karta usey bhi yakin tha anika ne complain nahi ki bua ne misunderstanding create kari thi. Rudy was awesome as usual “Aa bua mujhe maar”??. Shivaay accepted anika uski weakness hai isliye usey ghar nahi laya nahi toh bua anika ko target karengi. Lekin iss episode mein Noise pollution ko itta screen space kyo de diya? aur upar se aaj pinky k samne rona sar dard thi vo toh. And finally Gul khan cleared the rumours that Ishqbaaz is not going off air anytime soon?
    Read this News:-
    Misunderstandings have torn apart fans’ favourite couple Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna). With Roop (Shradha Kaul) having successfully created misunderstandings, Shivaay blames Anika for Pinky’s accident and Anika trusts Roop about Shivaay siding with his family over her when the time came.
    However, the upcoming episodes will see the Ishqbaaaz couple’s reunion.
    Pinky will be seen waking up from her coma and on realising that Shivaay and Anika have separated over Roop’s misunderstandings and her illness, she will confront Roop. Pinky will also tell Shivaay that it was Roop who was responsible for his and Anika’s separation and Shivaay rushes to stop Anika.
    And that leads to the couple’s intense romance in the rain.
    But let us tell you that even though Shivaay successfully stops Anika from leaving, the couple still will be seen dealing with some trust issues.
    And solving these issues will be Pinky, who will now play cupid between her son and bahu. Pinky will help iron out the differences between Shivaay and Anika and bring the estranged couple closer.

    1. Congrats for being first. …

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks jeni and r u new because i think i have not read your comments before on ishqbaaz page and welcome to our ishqbaaz family

    2. Arpita6

      He Aayush ..week started by your comment..
      Congrats GAG..
      Don’t worry my dear.Noise pollution is gonna left the show….wait..

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita and even i hope she lefts soon so that my ears can get relief. But episode was nice finally pinky aunty coma se bahar aa gayi y track zyada stretch nahi kiya separation vala

      2. @ Arpu your Friday comments were so good.. Hope all your imagination come in upcoming tracks…

      3. Thnx di…hope all will come true..

    3. Go aayush go ,congo on being first ,,yeah today’s epi was full of emotions rona dhona ,,by the way when om said to shivru that they can’t stay away from each other for one day then how will gouri or anika will handle this ,wo to abhi abhi melhe hai ,that time i really fell sad for aniri ,,???

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania yeah even i felt sad when om said that

    4. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations once again..?
      I think Pinky’s bad influence in Shivika’s life is over officially.Trust issues will be there always but Shivika need to stay clear on this matter.This KMM was a great lesson.And Pinky’s insecurities have also ended.So,she can prepare to become Dadi and welcome her grandson/daughter,her long cherished wish?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa and yeah pinky has finally turned positive and her insecurities are over .

    5. Yes aayush and congrats for being number 1. It was full of emotions and Pinky will do the job well I am sure. I suppose cvs want to develop Pinky and Anika relationship

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks sindhu and yeah maybe possible what u said.

    6. Go Aayush bhaiya Go!
      Congo on being first !
      Ya ……..that noise pollution was irritating but dont worry i think her chapter is going to end .
      lets see.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks ishita and yeah since kalyani mills chapter is ending so i think bua ka chapter bhi khatam ho jaega ab.

    7. Hi aayush Bepanah serial also good I like the dialogues Aditya and zoya way of talking

      1. AAYUSH

        Hi aditi and yeah bepannah is also a nice show

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. After long time, itna awwwwwwww wala episode….

    2. Show is slowly coming back on track..

    3. I am very much upset when shivaye said that anika is his weekness, rather she is his strength, with whom he can conquer world with her on side, fir roop bua kya cheez hai…

    4. This bua is very irritating, kalyani mill drama day 1 of show se suspense banna hua tha, but end bhut long long long long long hota jaa raha hai..

    5. Om said right, 3 brothers ko ek din alg hona pade to jaan nikal jaati hai, but yeh log bichari priyanka ko bhul jaate hain, mana uska character end ho gya, but koi behan ko aise bhulta hai…. ???????

    6. Show ki story bhale hi har bar twist and turn se change hoti aayi ho, but ek cheez humesha consistancy ke sath hui hai, vo hai oberio family me koi drama ho or har baar koi na koi family member gayab hota hai… Jaise aaj kal dadi.. ?????????

    7. Roop ko jail se jayda mental hospital ka rasta dekhne ki jarurt hai, she is mentally ill…

    1. AAYUSH

      True shraddha roop needs mental hospital but vaha doctors ka kya hoga phir??. And om was right 3 bhai ek din alag nahi reh sakte toh aniri ko toh aaj hi pata chala vo sister hai aur alag hona pada he understood gauri’s emotion today. Agree that anika is her strength but shivaay thinks uske enemy anika ko harm karenge uski vajah se and thats also a valid point. I hope writer ye na bhool jaye anika sahil ke treatment k liye money k liye mumbai aayi thi sahil ko bhi dikha de shivika reunion k baad

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        I hope soo tooo

      2. Aayush dear..that is my biggest fear right now………..
        Hope Cvs remember Sahil..but i am not expecting bcoz Cvs can do anything

    2. Arpita6

      He Shraddha. Dear
      Vomit is going to mental asylum only..
      And Dadi wil comeback
      May be in upcoming prblms Shivika’s trust will help them to solve their issue

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Fingers crossed

    3. Sharaddha I suppose what shivaay meant is if anything bad happens to Anika, Shivaay knows he can’t handle himself and will break. That is why he said Roop knows where is his weakness. The one he loves very much. I don’t he meant the other way. She is still his strength when coming to problems.

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        May be what u are saying he meant that… But it could have been at better way…

  3. Heyyy everyone,
    A good episode again.
    Everyone nailed it today (expect bua) be it NM, SC, KJ, SP, LM, even Mansi expressions were good today.
    SSO- Tadiwali walk
    OSO- Such a cute smile
    GKS- Dabang walk
    RSO- Cool dude walk
    BPR- Simple
    PS- Hope u all will get to know the full form 😉
    SHIVIKA- Anger+sad walk
    RIKARA- Gentle men/women walk
    Aaj bahut dino bad o sathiya. Achha laga.
    RUVYA-Sweet walk
    Phele mujhe gussa a raha tha Shivay bhaiya pe. But when he kept his point I was satisfied.
    Thank god they got to know that KM is stretched a lot
    Both misunderstood each other.
    Bua has seriously gone mad. I have a doubt was she crying or laughing.
    How dare she to beat my bhaiya.
    Pinky Aunty is back.
    She shld have beaten bua more.
    By the way so much happened in house, where are Tej, Shakti and Jhanvi.
    Precap- Look like KM track is over
    All might be knowing dadi is back and their is going to be a rain sequence b/w Shivika.
    And then might be some Rikara and Ruvya is there.
    As girl playing sultan is back.
    @Ayush bhaiya- Behpanna is also a wonderful show with something new. I have seen few epi.
    Take care everyone

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah ritu everyone was good today even shivaay said kalyani mills vala case zyada atretch ho gaya but its ending soon and bua character also end with it i think And tha ks yeah bepannah is a really nice show with great suspense and twist. And yeah pinky aunty is back now misunderstanding will clear between shivika☺

    2. Arpita6

      Hii Ritu..
      Nice definition on everyone walk…
      Just missed Annika’s single walk..

    3. Oh my Rittu I loved SSO tamp walk and the peppy song Om Shanti Om. Later on the Lafzon song. Fantastic. It would have been nice to watch shivika ramp walk holding hands but too bad.

  4. Pinky mom is bacckkkk !!! ?

    And finally after 10 days shivaay realised to use his phone to record ???

    Ok.. somebody in IB team finally realized this kalyani mills raaz had stretched mucu.. and they made it as a dialogue ???

    Shivaay is too clever , he said he will ask kanna to drop her ( so that he can find her house ) – wow wow.. tadibaaz + care ???
    He is still anika’s billu ji.. he didn’t call her to OM bcz he doesn’t want her to get hurt by roop! ??

    Pinky mom revealed the truth ??
    Great transformation of pinky.. from rude mother in law to caring mother.. tried to save anika..And conveyed everything ???

    Ok now it’s time our sso to convince his anika ??

    1. kalyani mills raaz had stretched much**

    2. Ya ya ya.Dhanu .Sso is a big chantomai..
      Now time for rain fighting of our bagad bilu and bili…
      Hi hi hi..

  5. Pushpa

    Today the episode was damn good great owsm….
    Love u more shivaye…. thum bhohot achae hoe…..

    That ramp walk i tell u NO models will succeed walking in tht style shivaye walked….??????

    OmRu try to stop anika but failed … shivaye didnt say a word he us more hurt when anika said OM not her house….

    I can only explain to someone who wants to listen.
    I told her! To wait. Don’t believe anything anyone said until I confirmed it.Now if she still wants to go, she shouldn’t be stopped.

    Both r right…both r wrong….just need to clarify …please people 4once sit & talk ……its ok thy will do it under the rain ???

    So v now know tht shivaye didnt stop anika frm leaving is to only for her security reason…He wanted to keep Annika away from him because Bua knowz that his weakness and she will target her agian. …u r a good soul ???

    Can we spend the rest of eternity appreciating Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s grumpy, annoyed, pissed yet caring, affectionate and to die for expressions………

    Shivaye plan worked… bua cm out frm hiding threthening to kill shivaye….. pinky mommy out of coma….so she once again srand by her hera beta..and shivaye knows the truth…finally he also recorded bua confession….

    Well tomoro is a better epi wt rain scene….ehmm…ehmm…ehmm
    Gd nite gals cant wait4tomoro ????

    1. Yes pushpa that is what I said earlier in my comment that Anika should have been more
      submissive to Shivaay. She should have recognised that she was at fault here for just leaving the house and not waiting for any answers. Shivaay just needs to protect her at this point of time because of Roop. He has to continue the drama to end the KYM and Roop. Anika should have swallowed her pride and just gone to the mansion with the rest. Omru are correct just sort it out at home.

      1. Sindhu di..sry i can’t agree with you.
        OM wale Stil MU annika that She gave that proof to police.
        And that moron janvi would say some blah blah.which became irritate for us.
        It is good yar..Otherwise senior Oberois once again started their blah blah ..

    2. Your Shivaye is giving more and more husband goals..
      Keep it up..
      Loving Shivaye…
      Shivaay+Puspa=??????????????? ????

    3. Archiya

      hey dear,

      ur shivay sure looked dammned handsome wen walking the ramp

  6. Bua become paagal..

    Ishqbaaz on fast track..

    Hope it won’t end soon..

    Waiting for reunion..

    1. UB dear. Ishqbaaz is not going anywhere..
      It is just they want to finish this track ASAP..
      And yeh.waiting for reunion..

  7. Helllo guys
    Mixed Emotions…….Start with happiness and ends with happiness for
    me……An awesome episode ? l loved pinky mom in this episode……..
    Shivaye loves her anika a lot……….Finally roop is going to hell ……..
    Well Actually me and afna are together so we thought to comment together …so l change the name like this…………..

    1. JeniAnd Afna..he he he..i recognised you..
      How are you both of you?????.
      Really pinky ponky rocked today..

  8. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    Welcome to a dhamakedar week of Ishqbaaz.
    Lets take a fun ride…

    1…Sso your style..Maa Kasam.i am flattered ?????????Pehele kisko marke Hospital pahonchao..then…Full on Tadi ke saath stage pe ake pose do…..khidkitod style..ok i love it.?????…
    2.Then introduction of all BG music.
    Shivika- Oh Jaana
    Rubhya– no song..just Oh hoo. (Kassh Rumya hote..deep sigh)..leave it.
    Oberos -lafzo ka ye rista nahi..
    Introduction khatam????..
    Ok i really love the ramp walk…rikara were looking sooo cute…And Shivika stealing glances from each other with Angry eyes..????..

    Now come to fight. .lets play fight fight..
    Rudy you are right..Fighting is the foundation of their realationship. …..And Both are wrong…Yest voth are right .
    Now i can’t say LOVE BIRDS they are angry birds now… ..?????….
    Aur ye PALAT..PALAT game ka dusra version start hone wala tha kya????????..
    Sso tum hame Confusiyai dete ho.if you wanted to kep safe Annika then why iyou became angry when she just that she left without telling anything to you.???????.if it is then i wil be ok.bxoz last time separation i was ok with i am.ok with you also……Koi are doing yiur work. .Anika will do her work..everybody will do their work..mere ko kya??? Kuch bhi nahi.bas chole bhature arrange kar wado..mere liye. ?????.

    Vomit like Chal Maar..te te te ye te te yeeee… ???????you are a good fighter.
    First time i am appreciating The Actress for perfectly nailing the mad REVENGEFUL lady…..
    And Sso..kya yarr.Bete ne maara, Maaa ne mara, sirf bap ki kami rehe gayithi..?????..
    But but but..your obsession with gayab or what????????…So now you are obsessed with your Baal??????????Just asking..

    Pinky ponky..Aap toh Hatori maar di aaj…aao fighting fighting khele..hi hi hi..glad that you are out of coma.and clear the MU of Sso..
    Aab koi JANVI KO Coma main dal do…

    Precap-Good Job go and stop your Jhansi ki Rani….
    Btw you wanted Khanna to drp Annika at home..WHY?????Is it because yiu can stalk during last separation. .you were watching here.Is baar bhi kuch aisa itaada tha kya????..
    and today i got back my Omru…yes yes..yes.. .
    Waiting for tomorrow desperately. .

    1. Arpita6

      Forgot to Say.Sso just said our dil ki baat.KM MYSTERY STRECHED SOOOOO MUCH..THAT SOME PEOPLE LEFT THE SHOW.

    2. Hi arpu ,,what an comment yrr???really good ,
      truely shivay today rocked it by his ramp work ,,what an style man ,looking so dashing ,good looking and hot with full of tadi ,,
      r e yrr yeh to maine dheian hi nahi dia tha ki yeh bua aj apne daat o ka use hi nahi kiya ,,hmmmmm you are right i think now she want ” balo balo mai “??

      1. ??????.yes Tani..Balo Balo main..hi hi hi..
        I got scared by seeing here…most annoying and dangerous vamp of ishqbaaaz .till date.
        Sso and his swag is katilana..
        I like it..

    3. Arpu dear thanks for your comments on Friday. I was so busy over the weekend and could not reply. I can see you must be drooling when Shivaay walked the ramp. I just loved the episode and it is going good like this. More to come as Shivaay will turn SSO and carry Anika back home to the mansion with rain romance. Oh my waiting for that.?

      1. Me drooling over shivaay.. Sometimes hapen.not everytime..hi hi hi.
        Can’t wait for rain sequence…

    4. Hi Arpita di ,
      Kese ho aap ??
      Me too flattered on Shivaye .
      Nice intro .
      Rok lo ……
      Ruk ja…….
      Rok lo ……..
      Ruk ja…….
      I LIKE IT .

      and I like ur fun ride too.
      It is as khidkitod darwazatod like u

      Love u my sweet and cute didu.

    5. Archiya

      Arpita dear,

      i totally agree that the actress is too good.. infact i love all the viliians of IB.. they have a total class.. they r on total par an equal terms as to the leads..

      Keeping my promise.. trying to b here as much as i can 🙂

  9. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Hi guys… Lutaf I m back…. After all my exams….. Missed Ishqbaaz for a month…. But read updates….

    When I heard about leap I was excited to hear Anika’s Pregnancy news….
    But no it didn’t happen??

    But atleast last week witnessed Sister’s union????

    Tomorrow hoping for Shivika union???

    Heard Ishqbaaz is going off air soon… By the end this month….. Hw far is it true guys????

    It’s so bad…. Whichever serial I had planned to give critical analysis on daily basis are going off air or have been gone already….. So mean???

    And by the way hw r u all???

    Hope atleast few remember me..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Krishnai,
      Welcome back with band-baja and lots of love.How are you and how your exams have gone?Hope you performed khidkitode.And don’t worry dear.IB is not going to off air any time soon.You can relax and enjoy completely without any tension.PKJ remembers its every member always.Anyway,take care.See you soon?

    2. He well wisher ji.welcome back..
      Now take rest without exam stress..
      Hi hi hi.
      Relax.IB is not going anywhere…chill.just enjoy Khidkitod episodes..thats you.

  10. Wowww,,today was also a nice epi ,
    the ramp walk part was superb ….o god really after a long time “sathiya” plays☺☺☺☺rikara and ruvya look superb ,and sivika also ,,
    today everyone did a great job i have to mention that ,shivay ,rudra ,om ,
    and gouri aur anika ,aur bhavya bhi all are superb???.
    once again BWD did a good job ,???pinky ko finally utha hi diya great ,but her lines and expression make me laugh today ,,
    yeh sivika vhi na kavi nahi sudhrenge ,bas hamesa ek dusre ko tadi dekhana hai aur jaghra karte rahte hai ,offfff???by the again shivay was just think about anika’s safety ,,thats really sweet ,,and precap – omg this bua’s reaction always make me laugh???tomorow shivay will go to stop his anika ,,go shivay go and get her back ,,,

    1. Hii Tani.cant say about Rubhya but yes Rikara were looking soo cute today..
      Tadi without shivika..he he toh ho hi nahi sakta…..

      Pani, Tadi and Tashan,Fight..
      Ye main foundation point he shivika ka..kaise chod sakte he

      1. Yes rikara looking vert cute ,and i still feel rumya is the best ,,,rubhya have no chemestry ,,they really not look like couple ,,

  11. Hello pkj
    I’m back after my exams mainly neet
    today’s epi was emotional
    had enough of this chudail bua just throw her to some pit or send her near to her son??

    1. Hiii Maagi don’t worry.she is going to Mental asylum..

      1. but arpu di,i think she doesn’t even deserve going there
        she’ll simply trouble other patients

    2. Hello maggi,
      Have u given the NEET examination?
      And if u have given then how was it?

      For me Physics was some what difficult and what about u?

  12. Awesome episode…oberoi’s ramp walk was very nice…couple’s ramp walk with their bg music was awesome…shivaay was right about bua that she’ll hurt anika again…and he was right why are they doing what bua wants them to do…finally shivaay have learnt something from separation…and finally bua and kaliyani mill’s track is going to end…

    1. Hii dear..that is the bigeest thing that KM is going to end..

  13. Vidyakrish

    Wow wow superb finally pinky reveal the truth to shivaay waiting for shivika reunite. Ok and gauri ramp walk was so cute. I love it

    1. Yeh.Om and gouri were looking super cute tpday
      And pinky ponky ne toh helicopter shot mardi..

  14. Luthfa

    The luck of Shivaay when it comes to understand his feelings almost everytime deceives him especially through the people he knows.It’s a known fact that Shivaay takes care of every smallest detail of everyone around him but unfortunately he can’t expect the same from others.There are very rare moments when someone understands what actually he wants.Anika is supposed to understand him most but she also failed in her attempt.The way Shivaay made it clear it was his pre-planned to end bua’s autonomy,it revealed only his inner most desire to get back Anika in his life again,the moment he saw her in the ramp.He can’t live without her and it’s a universal truth for him.He also knows Anika and her feelings deep down but restrained himself somehow.Those concern,worries,tension,fear are the expression of his pure love which is very much visible in his actions.But question is still there,how much his closed ones understand him that whatever he does,does for specific reason?Everyone is ready to judge him instantly because their is a patent dialogue-Shivaay would make everything alright.When he becomes unsuccessful to live up to this statement,everyone starts judging him on the basis of their own set belief.Even Anika has fallen into same category.She misjudged Shivaay and took everything for granted despite knowing him from head to toe.And for this thing,Shivaay himself is responsible.He never lets other to do anything as he loves to take all the pressure and burden on himself.His this method made Anika misunderstand him and situation also added fuel to this fire of false misunderstanding.Shivaay should have accepted that he is a human and its not possible for him to do anything without doing any mistakes.It’s high time,Shivaay himself,Anika as well as whole Oberoi family have to understand this…………………………………..

    1. Your points are so true… Annika is the one who know about him head to toe misunderstand him because he didn’t share anything.. Atlast from now on please share things with your wife when the matter is on serious note.. It’s more needed in relationship.. Otherwise get ready to face your jhansi ki Rani with her Tadi..

      1. Luthfa

        Kadhambari di,Anika misunderstood Shivaay because she made believe all those drama to be true.Shivaay was confirmed that Anika won’t misunderstand him because she would believe him and his words,not anything else.As it’s the old habit of Shivaay to hide things from Anika,it overpowered Anika and her thinking.But Shivaay should tell Anika when she is also involved in any matter.This one sided nature of Shivaay to solve problem created all those mess.

    2. Hi i have been reading ur comments since a long time and i always enjoy it. U are right everyone does rely on Shivaay too much and shivaay doesn’t share enough with others too much but he cant be blamed for that too much. For one this was he was conditioned while growing up and for the other it may have been many episodes for us but shivaay was essentially kidnapped then escaped from that kidnapping on same day then got in an accident and forced to marry someone within the span of a few hours so he didmt really get a lot of time to tell anika.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Harshiii,I am not blaming Shivaay that whatever happened,had happened because of Shivaay only.That was a mutual venture of misunderstanding.Partly Shivaay and partly Anika went wrong to understand each other.And dear,Shivaay had a whole day to inform Anika that he was being blackmailed by bua the day he had gone to Anika’s house for the first time.If he could he would have told everything to Anika.His silence fearing that what Anika would do restrained him from revealing anything.And if to point out who is the real culprit behind that mishaps,it will be situation and Destiny which came in the form of bua.But Shivika went with the flow and that was not expected at all.So,both of them contributed respectively to their miseries,that’s it.Anyway,thank you so much for the compliment.Take care.

    3. Dishani01

      luthu dear?????
      ur 1000% correct … I’m impressed …

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehe….So sweet of you.Thank you so much dear.Me too is impressed.

    4. Hey luftha my dear girl you are amazing. Some of my thoughts were so similar. I had it in my heart and you penned it down.

      Yes I agree to everything that Shivaay does not want to trouble anyone as he is the Wall and wants to set everything right. Anika should have know. That about Shivaay but as it was established earlier that she also has pride and ego and sometimes that stops her and she does not know what is in Shivaay’s mind. She could have learnt patience and see how things develop.

      Yes shivaay should have told some others his plans. He told Omru but he didn’t reveal certain things you anika which caused all this unnecessary misunderstanding. I am sure now everything will get sorted and new track will come on.m board with this Viraj guy.

      Sorry could not reply to you on Friday as I was busy

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,very glad to know that you and me are grounding on the same thoughts.Yes,Shivaay did mistake of not informing Anika such big thing of her life and Anika could not stand on her trust for Shivaay.Their own family came as a wall to create that misunderstanding between them.Half truth is always dangerous to deal with.And Shivika were the victim of that half truth.Anyway,di,plz don’t say sorry.I know you have been busy even me too is busy nowadays.Love you di.

    5. This time Both shivika are fault…
      Just hope both will realise theor mistake..
      And Sso never share anything ….
      If one person wil hide each and every stuff from others then MU will happen.
      And about Annika.yeh She should trust him..bcoz she already saw Sso’s tension.and worried ness for her… but may be that situation was soo cruel that Annika’s heart and mind both stopped work…
      Aab aage ye issue unke kaam aaye bas yahi dua he

      1. Luthfa

        Arpita,who is at fault and who is not,is not the main problem.The thing is why they misunderstood each other despite knowing each other thoroughly.They took everything at the face face value and lost the control on the situation.that’s it.Situation was against them and if you have remembered both Shivika fought their level best to trust each other and not to go with the flow.But they could not succeed because of hostile situation and their own self-made conclusions on the situation.Let’s hope this thing won’t happen again.

    6. Hello Luthfa di,
      Shivaye always hide things from their loved ones in the name of protection .
      but his way of protection is not right.
      He should not hide anything from Annika and others bcoz many times this hiding nature create a big blunder .
      Lets hope after this track Shivaye will understand this thing and Annika will understand that she also comes in Shivaye’s priority list now.

  15. Cover up episode for Sso for those who scolded him.. Even I’m the one who scolded him. HS how ever you cover SSO he is not right @ this time because how can a wife be quite after watching her love of life getting married to someone…
    Shivika blame game on… They both are so natural not like acting.. Also their tadi with Ishq are takkar… When Anika said ho ab meri pariwar nahi hain… Shivaay broken inside but unable to reveal…
    When he said will send Khanna to drop u it remind me when she almost left his left when Kapoor blackmail and divorce.. Shivaay with tadi but protective..I know u wanna know to know where she is living..
    Funniest part when shivaay got beaten by his Bua.. Don’t know why but I laughed..
    Pinky aunty u stole my heart today.. Now I got to know from where shivaay got tadi.. Both sass & bahu using bat to break or beat something..
    Forgot to mention chutki & jiji moment was so cute…
    RampgRudy stole my heart..
    While ramp both shivaay & Anika showing their tadi was perfect..
    Actually both are correct and wrong at their POV..
    Me & hubby always fight like this I mean the blame game many times… It quite natural in couple goals.. so, tomorrow Roop in mental asylum and shivaay have to win his lady love back to Om.. So, we will be watching tadi, Tashan, romance… WOW..
    HS love on Ipl (CSK) will be clearly seen in IB after our shivika Réunion.. Shivaay with yellow t-shirt 17.. Our new captain for super smasher..

    1. Kadhambari it was nice right when he was so coneemed for anika and wanted Khanna to drop her.

    2. Di you are right..Sso became heartbroken when Annika says those words..
      Nice coment di..
      Love you.

      1. Yeah ,,shivay was really hurt when anika says OM is now not her home ,,we can see it by shivay’s kanji eyes that how he was hurt by those words

    3. Hello kadambari di,
      Correct Shivaye was really heartbroken to hear that words from Annika ..

      and me Too was thinking ye Annika kya keh rahi hai.
      But after all she think that bcoz of senior Oberois she lost her father.

  16. Riana

    They had crossed every limits of stupidity, pinky a comatosed lady jumped off her bed and suddenly saved shivaay ???
    Hoop is mainly the attraction today, her daanto daanto mein (eww) wasnt heared at all ! ???
    Funniest part was when they walked on ramp, Rikara was supercute ??, Shivika were okay ??, but Ruvya ?? (lifeless ?)
    Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi ye sab kya mahine kaa raashan lene gaye hain kya ! Aadhi raat ko nautanki chal rahi hain hall mein aur voh log hi absent ! ??????
    Anika ko toh matlab, always anika will suffer and shivaay will stay in sorrow but lead a ravishing life…
    Btw where’s pooja ! Chali gayi durhogayi…Do din mein packup ????????
    Seriously sometimes i feel watching cartoon not a serial !…???
    But still DIL B?LE ISHQBAAZ

    1. indian dramatic serial he yarr…
      If you noticed when Bua was saying that She wil kill Sso Pinky ponky’s eyes got moist….
      Means she was regaining her consciousness…
      Aab miracle toh hota hi he na show main.
      Koi nahi yarr chalta he..
      durhoja ka packup done
      Me too laughed as wel as sacred seeing Scary Bua…..
      So jao..??

  17. Hello;
    How r u all ????
    I hope that all are doing great.
    by the way pehchana kaun??
    Today i am so happy for so many reasons ——
    1- i am commenting after so many days toh khush hona to banta hai right????
    2- Pinky aunty came out if coma .
    kehna padega kya timing thi aapke uthne ki.
    3- Its very good to hear that Shivaye did not misunderstand his Annika all that drama of misunderstanding was his concern for his jeene ki wajah.
    4-Gauri found her jiji and Annika found her Chutki
    nice ‘behan milaap’
    5- last but most important aal sab se interact karne ka chance mil gaya .
    Ok bye !
    Good night!

    1. Oho ho ho.Tere ko abhi hum logo ki yaad aayi…
      Chal ja..mere ko tere se baat nahi karni. ????..
      Welcome back….not with jhappi.but with rotten tomatos ?????????..
      Ha ha ha.Just kidding Ishu
      I missed you soooo much littile sis..
      How are you,??.
      Chal baat nahi karni bolke bahut baat karli.

      1. Please di dont be Annika .
        like ab tak mene aapka pyaar dekha hai
        ab mein aapki narazgi dekhungi.
        A big No…
        nahi ye sunne se pehle mein mar kyun nhi gayi…
        di please naraaz mat ho ye naeazgi bahut
        rayta phela deti hai .
        aur aap sweet se face k upar gussa accha nhi lagta .
        so smile please.
        just for ur lil sis

        and last chalo codho bhi ab jane do
        aap hi mujh se rooth gaye to kus se baat karungi.

        Love u di .
        man jao na
        with puppy face.

  18. Amenah faruk

    Wow awesome?? thank God I have relief of mind now waiting for tomorrow ….love u all ishqbaaz fans

    1. Hiii Amenah… relief time….
      Love you too my dear..

  19. Finally Shivaay did the recording of Roop’s statement. I was wondering it was about time that why none is using the phone to record when Roop tells everything. Great he one good thing. I am loving our SSO. He still wants to save Anika from Roop. I knew that is why he pretended to be angry with her. Our SSO knows Anika can never do that.

    But looks like Anika has still pride and ego in her. When Gauri was pleading at least for Gauri’s sake she should have gone. Anika has still not gotten rid of pride. Obviously Shivaay did not want her to come home as he knows it is not safe for Anika at that time.oh such a wonderful Husband our SSO is. I am impressed. Shivaay gets thumps up!!!!

    Finally Pinky told everything to them. Yay!!! pinky you are wonderful. Tomorrow will be the rain romance I think. Waiting for that. Roop you need to be in asylum. That it would be the right place for you Roop.

    Finally!!!!!Kalyana Mills have come to an end. Very Glad. The chapter closed. Now new track. About time we want to see new track. This KYM went in for such a Long time. From Abhay svetlena time to vanwas to Veer and then to Roop. It was since end Sept onwards. goodness that Long.

    1. Hi Sindhu di,
      All good ??
      Yes finally kalyani mills cgapter going to close.
      Lets see tomorrow will be rain romance or not.

      1. Yes Ishita all good. Missed your comments and glad you could come on being busy with exams

  20. Hey luftha arpu banita sneha beauty kadhmabari pui and many others.

    Sneha thanks for your reply as well.

    One thing I don’t understand why when they show the FB for Anika she keeps remembering the wedding rounds of Pooja and shivaay. It was already established that the marriage was fake and Pooja left. I can understand why shivaay’s flashback was Anika at the station because shivaay cleared the misunderstanding but anika has not.

  21. So anika just walking out of Shivaay like this is not justified properly. I also agree with some of you all that if Anika thinks like Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi everything would be sorted but she is thinking like Anika Harshvardhan Trivedi and that is where she is making a mistake and stilll living in the past when she kept telling SSO that he should not live in the past but to move on.

    1. Sindhu di……It is not about the pride and is jut that She dont want to hurt herself again.
      Just thibk if she will go back to OM then OM still MU Anika about that proof matter.
      Janvi and co will start their blah blah.and they will sure blame Sso for this…
      May be Anika is unaware of it..but still she could face insult from…oberois.
      It is good if Sso himself will bring back…
      And i just felt sad when Annika said AAB WOH MERA GHAR NAHI RAHA .it actually hurted Sso a lot.

  22. Hi friends enjoying the episodes I think this track will increase trp and don’t change any character style becoz Shivika fighting rikara simplicity ruvya cuteness is perfect for their. Today episode will rock

  23. Can somebody clear this doubt. Few months ago there was a bua who said that she loved Om as her own son… Om was guilty for causing her son’s death unknowingly.. that lady was then sent to asylum… who was that….

  24. Hello Vidhya,
    I think she was bua maa.
    Not Roop bua.

  25. I I think most of the Pkjians are missing.
    But why??
    Krishna di ,Beauty di,Niya , Shana,Sana,Banita di , Dhawni di.

    where r u all?

  26. Nikita_jai29

    Shivaay turn the tables.. Pinky little action is amazing…

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