Ishqbaaz 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Nancy wants Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye sends Anika to Gauri. She leaves. Nancy comes to Mohit. He says you always take care of me. She says you have to take a bath before sleeping. He kisses her hand and goes. She says sorry baby, your butterfly likes some other flower. She adds sleeping pills in his tea cup and smiles. He comes from bath and drinks the tea. He sleeps. Anika wakes up. Nancy comes to Shivaye. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing her in his bed. He says you… Anika tries to sleep. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says I m not getting sleep. Gauri asks aren’t you getting sleep without Shivaye. Anika says I will check if he took medicines, you sleep, I will just come. She leaves. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. Nancy asks don’t you understand, why will a girl come to a guy’s room at night, don’t worry, Taj won’t go, Anika is with her sister, who slipped down. He asks how do you know this. She says I have done this.

He gets away and asks her to get out. She says I know you like me. He shouts just go, if you were not my best friend’s wife, I would have kicked you out of my house. She says aw, you look so hot in anger. She gets him in arms. Anika comes there and opens the door. She sees Shivaye and asks what’s all this. Nancy hides. He stops Anika. She asks why is this pillow fallen here. He asks did you come here for cleaning stuff. She asks did you take medicines, is everything fine. He says I took medicines, I m going to sleep. She says fine and leaves. Nancy says lying to wife, I like it. He says get out, if you weren’t my friend’s wife…. I will tell Mohit, stop it. Mohit comes and asks what will you tell me. Nancy says hi baby, its a surprise, I m planning a surprise for you, Shivaye was saying he will tell you about it. Mohit asks what surprise. She says it won’t be a surprise if I say. Mohit says sorry, she is such determined, sorry to disturb you, forgive her. Nancy says we will continue tomorrow.

Mohit says sorry, she is very adamant, beware of her. He smiles and goes. She gives a kiss to Shivaye and goes. Its morning, Anika and Shivaye bump into each other. O jaana…plays… Mohit says your romance didn’t end still. Everyone comes to dine. Mohit says I m dying to meet Omru. Tej says they will come in few days. Mohit says I just eat apples in breakfast. Jhanvi says sorry, staff didn’t keep apples. Priyanka says I will get it. Anika says no, Mohit is a big magician, he will get apples by magic. He says quite possible. Anika says you didn’t wear that magical jacket, how will you do it then. Mohit says you are quite funny Anika. She says I m smart too, get apples without jacket, show me now.

Mohit says as you wish. Mohit kisses his lighter and does magic. Anika gets an apple in her hand. Everyone smiles. Shivaye says well done. Anika says how did this come. Shivaye says its not a trick, but magic, eat it. Mohit says I did this by magic, its a secret. Shivaye asks her to have breakfast now. Nancy holds Shivaye’s hand. He gets shocked. He tries to get his hand free. Anika asks him to have food with right hand. Nanvy asks why are you having food with left hand. He says I have ache in right hand. Anika asks is everything fine. Jhanvi asks did you lift heavy weights like Rudra. He says yes. Nancy teases him. He gets up and says sorry, I have an imp video call. He goes. Anika says he should have taken breakfast.

Nancy comes to him and hugs. He asks what are you doing here. She says our matter was incomplete. He says get out, what’s wrong with you, Mohit loves you so much. Nancy says I also love him, cheating is normal. He says its not normal for me, I can’t cheat my wife. She laughs and says Anika… you don’t share bed with her. He says its my personal matter. She asks why do you have a problem, you should feel lucky when a hot girl is offering you, lets have fun, my husband and your wife won’t know this. He says I will tell everything to Mohit, don’t test my patient, just leave. Anika comes and asks what happened Shivaye. Nancy greets her and says now you explain him, I asked him to get gift for Taj, I m giving him money and he isn’t taking it, this isn’t fair. Anika asks is this the matter. He nods. Anika says he is saying right, you are our guest. Nancy asks how can I argue with both now. She goes. Anika says I got breakfast for you, have it now, take care of yourself, else how will it work, if anything happens to you…

He says you are really good. She asks is anything wrong that you are praising me. He says its nothing like that. He shares the toast with her and says I know you didn’t eat anything since morning. O jaana….plays….. They have a moment. He gets a call and answers saying her name. She stops and sees him. He says yes Khanna, tell me. She smiles and leaves. Mohit says Nancy, I m going to meet sponsors, will you come along. She says I m not feeling well, you go. He asks her to take care and goes. He asks Anika are you going anywhere. She says I m going to Sahil’s school, he is my younger brother. He says I will drop you. They leave. Nancy sees them. Khanna comes to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what bad news did you get, I understand its a bad news. Khanna says CCTV rebooting will take time. Shivaye says we have no time, fix it soon. Nancy comes to Shivaye. She says relax, I just came to take water, the weather is so hot, will I get ice for water. He helps her.

Nancy pulls Shivaye over her and they fall on the couch. Mohit and Anika come home and get shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh god this Vacany is highly irritating.
    How dare she came close to Shivay bhaiya.
    Precap- OMG.
    Ok I have a question out of this. How many of u support LGBT??
    Love u guys.

    1. Banita

      Go Ritu Go…
      Congratulations being 1st dr…
      LGBT..!!!?? Yeh kya hota hain.!!?

    2. Mona_2005

      LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bis*xual and transgender

    3. Banita

      Yeh of course I support them… We don’t have any right to judge anyone…
      We should accept all as they r in real…
      BTW thank u dr for explaining what’s LGBT…

    4. I support LGBT?
      N yeah She is ?

    5. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      How are you doing?
      Yeah,Nancy was too much to tolerate.And her evilness will continue further.By the way,what is LGBT?
      Take care?

    6. Sindhudi

      Hello Rithu, congrats for being number 1.

  2. Agga4102

    This is really bad!!! What’s wrong with that lady!! I want to slap her right now!!! This Nancy!!!!????????????

    1. Banita

      Do it dr…
      I m with u in this…

    2. Agga4102

      Unfortunately I am not in India!

    3. Same here!
      He is only Anika’s in reel .?

    4. Sindhudi

      Don’t worry NSK. Shivaay will start realising about Anika after this Nancy’s incident. Shivaay will realise he has a blue sapphire with him which he should treasure and not let go.

  3. Banita

    HLO PKJ…
    TRP of IB this week is 2.1 nd overal 11 in position…
    Whole epi was of that Nancy nd Shivay…. Bs thodu sa Shivika moment…
    Yrrr ye toh Nancy toh Nagini se vi jayda ho gayi…
    Bhad mein jaye Hot nd s*xy…!!!
    @Savitha u r ri8.. After watching today’s epi it’s shows that Nancy is d real cuplit only… But still i don’t want to come on any conclusion…
    Don’t want to say more about that Nancy ke bacchi ke baare main…
    How can Mohit got up…!!!? If i m not wrong Nan put neend ka goli on that na…!!
    For now toh Mohit is sarif sa magician… But lets see what will happen in future…
    Nd why Shivay didn’t said anything to Anika… Phirse banda ka chupane ki aadat suru ho gayi in this redux…
    Hope he will say everything to Anika soon before koi raita fail jaye…
    Shivika moment
    Happy that becz of Nancy at least Shivay coming close to Anika… I mean he gives complement to her nd al…
    I know all these things r soo simple , but in which state he is saying all r lovly… Hope he will open up with Anika soon…
    Khannaji wohi time mila tha call krne ke liye… Kitna accha Shivika’s eye lock chal raha tha…
    Shivay can understand what he/she is feeling by their face… Only few dearer people r in that list… Nd of course our Khannaji is one of them… His first love… How can he didn’t understand what he want to say…
    Precap –
    Just kill her ASAP… I don’t like her moreee then Nagini nd Tia…
    Kill her….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hahaha.Loved reading n felt relived reading ur comment.?
      Shi vanna is love ???
      Shivika is on another level this time?
      Nancy-pancy get lost bfr fandom does ur gangaram ?

    2. Banita

      Hlo NSK…
      HRU dr???
      Nd how about ur exm??
      Now i m good dr…
      Nycc to see u after a long dr…
      bfr..!!!??? What’s this..!??
      But yeh if not cvs then fandom will kill her only… LOL..
      Shivay nd Khannaji ki toh ek alag hi love story hain… *wink wink*

    3. Bfr=before ?
      Exams ka kya hain,me bewokoofnthi air bewokoof hi rahungi? exams can’t justify my merit lol ? (its almost over and im feeling relieved.) Its weekend here!
      I missed u much much moreeee.tysm dear.???

    4. Banita

      LOL dr…
      Chalo now it weekend befikre with PKJ…

    5. Sindhudi

      Don’t worry banita. Through Nancy Shivaay will
      come to realise the importance of Anika and realise anika is definitely a better Wife than Nancy. He will come to his senses.

    6. Banita

      Yup diii…
      I also think d same… May be it will be Shivay’s realisation track…

    7. Yes!???
      Anyway, which class do u read in Banita di?
      U seem an interesting as well as a funny person to me ! ???

    8. Banita

      I m studying BSc dr….
      Well i m that… After al Self prising naam ki koi chiz hota hain yr… LOL..

    9. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Seems like a big mystery is waiting for us.Mohit can’t be a saint and Nancy is already in the full mode of hitting on Shivaay.I just hope cvs spare us from the Nancy torture asap and make Shivika united,in true sense.Knanna ruined that beautiful moment of Shivika through his phone call and I was disappointed.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

    10. Banita

      Yup Lu…
      Nancy can’t doing all these things alone…
      Yeh i also dont want this Nancy-Shivay torture…
      Yrr yeh Khanna Shivay-Nancy ke moment mein call nahi kr sakta kya…!!!
      Always wrong time…

    11. OK,didi.? best of luck with ur studies.?

  4. Vidyakrish

    Shivaay and Annika moments was so cute I think Annika trust shivaay in next episode. Waiting for tommorow.

    1. Banita

      Hope so dr…

    2. Same here!?

    3. Luthfa

      Only waiting nothing else.

  5. Appy

    @Luthfa di..seriously you though I liked Shivancy??????..I let my frustration out on this way..kya di aap bhi!!!
    Ok but still I don’t think it is more cheap than Pia or Tia
    What ever happened during the night of shitia reception I still couldn’t forget.Tia trying to seduce Sso
    PLZ HOLD ME TIGHT BABY..IT is still ringing in my ear like a devil’s roar……
    And Pia.that was also biggest cheap part.
    And now this Titli..what kind of girl she is????
    Although being a girl.i can feel Sso’s disgust
    Just like all girls are not bad.same goes for boys.all boys are not bad
    And I am really feeling bad for Sso
    He can’t say this cheap truth to anyone that his best friend’s wife is seducing him..he is also being abused.
    Mentally and physically too.and also his biggest fear to cheat his wife…is coming true………
    CCTV CAMERA IS NOT WORKING (biggest danger).waise bhi no danger bcoz It’s CCTV camera never walked…
    Dinning table scene..arghhhhh.leave Sso you chepdi.
    And I can’t understand this mohit…..
    Ok but one thing surprised me..When Sso felt someone backhugged him.he instantly said ANNIKA????????????,I mean is he really wanted Annika to hug him?????????????….
    And Shivika moment and that eyelock. Damn cute and hot at the same time.
    Khannaji..wrong timing. Kya yarr.leave My Shivika alone for sometime…
    Ok but this hot word is irritating me.. Annika never said Sso hot this girl came and saying foot
    Sso ki izzat pe sirf Annika ka haq he.????
    Precap-kal kam thi kya..ek aur ghatiya scene!!!!
    PLZ friday ko aisa mat dena weekend ki band baj jayegi.
    Annika bachao apni pati ko..unki balatkar ho rahi he????????????(, ok I am serious)

    1. Haha.? nice comment.funny too.?

    2. Banita

      Hlo Appy…
      Yeh all boys r not bad…
      My poor bhaiya….!!!!
      CVS stop that bina pankh wala titli nahi toh pata nahi kya kya kyyaaaa ho jayega…
      Hope ur Anni will save my bhaiya soon…
      Kun..?? Why r u scared for coming week… I think it will be stable or will increase a lil more in coming week…
      But let’s see…

    3. Luthfa

      Dear Appy,
      I Did Not mean you liked Shivaay and Nancy’s chemistry.Rather I stated my doubt that how could you like their chemistry and all?Even I mentioned whether you were being sarcastic or not as I was confused after reading your comment for the Tone and Writing style you had used to describe them.That’s it.

    4. Appy

      Ha ha I understand Di
      Aap toh confusiya gaye…??????
      Love you

    5. Sindhudi

      Appy anika is such an understanding Wife. She never suspects Shivaay in anyway even though she has seen Nancy with Shivaay twice alone. She never concluded anything immoral. That is our Anika. But remember how Shivaay suspected Anika instantly when he saw Anika talking to daksh out in the street and came to a wrong conclusion. I hope Shivaay realises all this and he better treasure anika soonest possible if not he will lose her.

  6. Appy

    And Sso plz clear my confusion.

    You are keep telling to world Annika is your wife..wife
    Wife..But why can’t you say in front of Annika.
    She will be happiest person
    Sso plz make My Anni happy na.plz

    1. He will do that . but in a grand way in future . i hope to see that eagerly. Good night dearie.?

  7. Agga4102

    I am getting angry with this Nancy!!!! I will kill her with my bare hands if I see her in front of me!?????

    1. Same dear ?

    2. Luthfa

      Almost everyone’s state of mind.But we are helpless!!

  8. Banita

    @Sindhu diii ur account is still not opening… May be still some locha r there…

    1. My reply always gets scattered? so pointing out here. ?

    2. Sindhudi

      I sent a friend request to you Banita. Didn’t you receive it? The administrator said my account looks fine and they sent a Friend request and I accepted theirs. I also sent one to you Arpu Luthfa Jeevi and NSK but so far I didn’t receive any acceptance.

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi akka. I don’t y still ur pg is opening can’t even accpect ur request. ??.love u. Tc

    4. Banita

      Diii i tried , but ur accout is not opening for us… Even i searched ur name many times , but it shows “there is no user in this name”…

    5. Hahaha??

  9. Shajessie

    Hi guys…luftha, sindhu n all my dear.. Jessie bc..hope everyone gd after watched 2day epi…. Omg what’s happening… That vacancy is bad then tia baby n ragini nagin…
    Shivaay I can’t c nancy seduced u… Pls do something.. Better explain everything to annika.. It’s more save I tell u..
    Breakfast moment at bedroom was superb…and SSO said annika while answer the col… Tat means there is a annika somewhere in his dil… Ehh na..
    Hope 2moro vacancy will gv correct answer to both of them, mohit n annika..abt the precap.. erggh pls katham ki mohit n Nancy chapter asap… Vr irritating yaa.. Pls..
    OK guys c u 2moro.. Gd nite…

    1. Good night to u too dear.? nice analysis.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Shajessie….
      I don’t tomorrow Nancy will give correct explanation to Anika nd Mohit… Actually I don’t think she will do it anytime…
      Let’s see what new explanation will she give them tomorrow…

    3. Sindhudi

      Shajessie are you the same Jessie that we know. Not sure. But yes I agree that Shivaay should just slap Nancy in the room and ask her to get out and don’t care whether she is his Best Friend ‘s Wife or not. Who cares? How can he allow another woman be even in the room when his Wife is not there? I hope OmRu comes soon. They will set Nancy right.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      I just loved those cozy husband-wife moments of Shivika so very much.And the way Shivaay got closed to Anika to wipe out that tiny bit morsel of toast,was sooooooo….romantic.Anika ran away blushing!Perhaps she was remembering their almost pool-kiss!LOL!!!
      Waiting for today’s episode.And congratulations once again on being registered member.Take care.

  10. Hi guys,
    How are you all.. Back to page after so many days.. Sindhu, Luthfa, jeevi, arpu, bani.. How are you all.. Missed you guys so much..
    Poor shivaay is getting tortured mentally & physically..
    Why do I have a feel mohit has planned Nancy to trap shivaay.. He kept anika busy. with that magic lighter..he is the one who pour water on. CCTV..
    One thing is good because of Nancy shivika coming closer..
    OMRU is back.. Please save your bada bhaiya from getting raped.. ???

    1. Haha!funny !
      Hope ur actually the whole fandom’s wishes come true.?
      GN dear.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Kadhambari diiii…
      It’s nycc to see ur comment after a longgg time…
      HRU dii??? Nd how is our lil hero??
      Dii it’s not cleared that who poured water in that system , but yeh i also think Mohit also with Nancy in all these things…
      Diii u also.. Noo CVS now u hve to stop thisss… After all meri bhaiya ki ijjat ki sawal hain…

    3. Sindhudi

      Hey kadhambari how are you my dear and your little prince. Glad you could come on. Yes you are right. Could be Mohit and Nancy in cahoots together or Mohit could be innocent. Either one of this. They want Anika to be out of Oberoi Mansion.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      How are you and your little Prince?How are your Mom doing?Hope she is fine.
      I missed you and kept missing you sooooo…very much.Welcome back di.If Nancy is the master-mind then she is the one who sabotaged with CCTV and playing games with Mohit and everyone.But Mohit is still a mystery.OMRU are back and I am very happy for them.Anyway,take care di.Lots of love.

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi akka.
      Hru. good to c u back. Hope aunty health is good now. Me to missed u. Plz try to get registered. Love you. Tc

  11. Hello guys! Hope ur fine,0.(no not so fine ,had to miss me ,even if a bit ????)
    I see some new members!yay!lemme introduce myself.
    “HI.i’m NOUSHIN SAADAF a student of class 9,from Bangladesh. “What is ur name,how r u,where r u from,what r doing etc etc questions too.
    Well, i would like to friends with each one of u.?
    A very very warm welcome to PKJ guys.?
    I am honestly liking the episodes. Small and simple scenes are so worth watching.?old o ma ana is back,so happy about that.these small n cute scenes are really lovely for me to watch.
    Not saying anything about the negative characters.??
    Tysm for all the Best of lucks n wishes.u guys r too sweet.??
    Wish n love to all.
    @Arpu/arpita di-where are u? Hoe r u? Hope ur fine my cutest di.?missed yaaa.
    @Banita-im back hehe.missed u !much.? hope ur well.?
    @luthfa apu- bhalo achen Apu? Apnar writing skills dekhe ami shotti mughdho.?
    @sindhudi-welcome being a registered pa gal.?hope the problems fix soon.hope ur well.?
    @mona- hey, i love ur comments.Do u know my nick name is Mona too!?hope to be food friends with u.
    @jessie di-ur really nice.? hope ur fine.
    @appy- hello!hope u didn’t mind as i couldn’t recognise u.sorry dear.?hope ur fine.
    @raina-hiiiii.?hope ur keeping fine.
    @prabha- hehe,im back.? hope ur OK.lovely comments.
    @jeevithaTK di- ur awsmmm ? hope ur fine.
    @agga-hiiii.? how r u ?
    @all other pkjians- hello,hope ur fine.? see u soon.lots of love to all.
    I hope to get to know about u guys more ahaha!
    Keep watching IB n supporting the Team.?

    1. *o jaana.? sorry bout the typos!?

    2. Mona_2005

      di, u are also in 9th me too, I thought that I was youngest here but no I was wrong, I find someone of my age here
      Didi even my nickname is mona, my real name is not mona, my real name is maanya
      Many thought here that my name was Mona but I like ppl calling me Mona as every1 in my family used to call Mona and even my friends

      Can we become friends?

    3. No to call me didi if we r in the same class lol ! ? (im 14 now,but gonna be 15 on 10th??) when is ur bday hehe? Anyways,YES YES YES,we can be friends ! Actually our friendship would be awesome since ur in 9th,me too.Our names r also same!?
      Hope ur fine.TC.GN.? loads of love.

    4. Actually, tbh Mona is not my official nick official nick name Is OISHY. My family lovingly started calling me MONA n its my name now.everyone in my family calls me Mona.
      Gosh,im not copying u,but the things r soooo similar!?
      Gn no gm,tc!?

    5. Banita

      Yeh @Arpu…
      Where r u..?????
      I m also missing ur comment yr ???
      Yeh I m f9…

    6. Thysm for the flowers!grabbed it and kept it lovingly.?

    7. And note:most of my replies to u get scattered.?? sorry about that.

    8. Sindhudi

      Awwww so sweet of you NSK. To remember a number of us by name.

    9. And much more sweet of u to explain things with love ! ?
      I hope that ur fine di.BALTI BHAR BHAR KE

    10. Luthfa

      Hello Noushin,
      welcome back to PKJ family,your own family with lots of sweet love and band-baja.Hope you are doing fine and your exams have gone well.All the very best for the remaining exams.
      IB is getting intriguing with each passing day an Nancy is leading from the front.Anyway,thank you soooooo….very much for your precious love.Onek onek valobasha,tomar jonno.Take care.See you soon.
      P.S.In which group you are studying?Science,Arts yeah Business Studies?

    11. I can’t say anything before i get the result ? i don’t know if i did well or not,but yeah i completed my papers!?
      Hope to get a good result.?
      I am in science group.N what about ur study?
      PS. Love is a feeling hehe. No need to thank ur lil sister for the love.? tc n tysm for the good good warm wishes!?

  12. Mona_2005

    There is nothing wrong in lgbt, just individual perception but India is not a supportive country towards LGBT

    Don’t judge me ok, it was my mun topic, I literally did a lot of research, somethings were really like Soo.. ( not mine age) but it was the topic
    Our teachers were really laughing while we were debating, it was so awkward know

    1. Mona_2005

      I want to reply to Ritu di and it posted here
      So sorry

    2. Agree to u completely. For me there is nothing wrong to have different types of feeling,its just they r a bit different. But nobody shall forget they r human too! Even in my country LGBT topic is actually hated by maximum people.?
      PS.U debate? I too do debate!omg,so many similarities! R u my bichre huye behen?? don’t tell !e our age is also same n u were born in the same day or month (September)! If that happens , im gonna be sure that we r long lost sisters? gonna be happy though ?

    3. Luthfa

      For God,every human being is equal and He loves us all equally.But certain people think themselves of superior being and want to suppress those who are not Normal and Different despite having same physical traits and emotions.God doesn’t believe in discrimination but we humans believe so hardly.Humans have created the category of fellow humans when God has not any though He is everyone’s creator.

    4. So touchy ?

  13. Luthfa

    Nancy is enjoying her gala time with Shivaay based on one vantage point and that is-She knows Shivaay and Anika are not normal husband and wife even they don’t share same bed,common for every married couple.She is taking full advantage of it and aiming Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s goodness as her shield while attacking him.Looks like she has noticed every single thing about Shivaay in detail.Today Nancy somehow managed to show Shivaay the mirror image of his relation with Anika by uttering that-Anika is only Shivaay’s namesake Wife.Now the question is,is this the same which Shivaay also believe?Answer is definitely No but his actions and reactions for Anika prove Nancy’s words undoubtedly.Shivaay can fight Nancy’s dirty moves but he is helpless.Because Shivaay is not alone anymore as Anika is with him being his legal wife but most ironical and unfortunate part is,he has not yet accepted Anika as his wife.Nancy who is someone else’s wife is trying to seduce Shivaay the husband of another woman but wife link is totally missing here for him.Shivaay has the threat of cheating Anika,his wife and that wife is not his to consider!The most happiest and sad realization at the same time.Have read about trophy wife and husband and Anika’s present status is she is Shivaay’s trophy wife who he has won from Nikhil causing much drama.Now why Shivaay is self-uttering that he can’t cheat Anika?Perhaps the answer is even though he is not yet ready to accept Anika as his wife because of his own principles but Anika has accepted him as her husband already and personally she confessed it to him.So Shivaay is thinking being Anika’s husband(though Anika is not his wife still!)he can’t break her trust no matter what!Shivaay can’t let Anika know anything because she will start fighting for her husband with Nancy the moment she will get to know,by dint of her right and Shivaay won’t agree for it.That will mean he has given his approval for their relation and Anika is his wife.
    Situation is very complicated right now,for Shivaay.Simplification is very much possible and for that Shivaay needs to come out of his twisted relation with Anika at first place.Most importantly,Anika needs freedom to be Shivaay’s wife and do everything for him.She can get her freedom only from Shivaay.Would Shivaay Singh Oberoi agree for it?

    1. Again ur words Apu ! ? (sorry but i couldn’t help commenting fire because ur comment is something else ?)
      Good night ! TC.

    2. Luthfa

      Hahaha….Go ahead freely without fearing anything at all.I had problem with those cat-faced emojis not for those you and everyone is using.Thank you sooooooo…very much for your fiery compliment.And good morning by the way.See you soon.Lots of love.

    3. Banita

      Hlo Lu…
      Ur serious type comment is back..
      Totally agree with you Lu…
      I think at d end of the track Shivay will accept Anika as his wife… May be this track is for this only…
      But yrr now I m missing ur tension free comments…

    4. Luthfa

      Seriousness is back so is my writing.Many things will be there and major drama as well.Shivaay’s new journey will start and I am waiting for it.And don’t worry,I will continue writing tension free,light comments.Take care.Lots of love.

    5. Sindhudi

      Wow wow Luthfa again you nailed it. At this rate I think you could write a book. Shivaay is all convoluted and living in his own mould. He can’t go backward neither can he got forward. He is the only at the road block not Anika. Anika is very clear. Through Nancy’s incident I hope he gets clear headed at least to have the sense to see that anika is his Wife and he can’t cheat his Wife and not he another Sakthi like his Father. Then again Shivaay does not even know whether anika is his Wife. She is only his dost and that is what he says. Deep inside he acknowledges that she is her s Wife but he is not able to evoke that Wife Husband relationship openly as he feels she is too good for him and she deserves someone better and not him. Now with Nancy’s incident he would feel he is not worthy of Anika even more.

    6. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Awwwww…..I am all in smiling and blushing mood.Thank you soooooo….very much for your love.
      You are right di.It is Shivaay who is the main setback in moving ahead with Anika accepting their relation.Ongoing track has much potential to explore every dilemma of Shivaay,past and present.Though Shivaay is Shakti’s son but it’s not necessary that he will be like him or follow his footsteps.Shivaay has to understand that his life is his life so are his decisions.He can’t let any past incident or any person to decide for him and his life.Unfortunately he is not thinking likewise.Owing to those,he is denying Anika her right and restraining himself more tightly which is absolutely unnecessary.Hope he will self-realize that what Anika is to him and her importance in his life while handling Nancy and Mohit fiasco.Anyway,thank you once again.Love you di.

  14. Luthfa

    Hehehehe…..Sorry but the way Nancy was trying to seduce Shivaay made me laugh like anything.And most funniest part how she directly got herself under the duvet of Shivaay!And her tearing of Shivaay’s Kurta button!What to say,she was looking like a desparate tigress and no less than this!I must say,Gul has chosen absolutely perfect girl for this role.Mandana is doing mind blowing!Her broken hindi and bellow the mark acting skill is making those not-watchable scene more or less tolerable.If in place of Mandana we could get someone like Svetlana,it could have become very very difficult to watch.Thank God that Gul has made me relax by choosing MK for this job.Thank you so very much Gul???????????????

    1. Tbh,Swety could have done it better. But MK is OK too.

    2. Luthfa

      Yes,if it was Svetlana ,she would have aced those scene and taken to another level altogether.But Nancy seems little bechara type and she is missing the fierceness of a seductress unlike Svetlana.Only Mandana’s ill acting is giving me relief otherwise I would prefer to switch off TV.

    3. Agreeing to u completely!?

  15. Rajvi_shah

    Nancy tumhare liye iss show mai koi vacancy nahi hai

  16. Rajvi_shah

    So Jadugar taj kisi aur ke black magic mai phas gaye hai. Nancy is a negative character but hopefully Mohit is a positive character. Shivaay can’t cheat anika? I think Mohit will kill Nancy after knowing the truth about her and will frame Shivaay in Nancy’s murder as a punishment for getting close to Nancy.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Rajvi,
      I think you are guessing it right.Mohit has been shown as a hard-core possessive husband and he can go to any extent for Nancy.Possibility is very high.Still,IB cvs love to give us surprises.Let’s see.

    2. I spoilers that Mohit is SSO’s bro who wants revenge n all.? but can’t believe those until episodes at telecasted.?
      Lets see what happens haha!? n CVS just give us shock after shock.?
      Hope ur fine dear.?

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    Hello hello people, my PKJ family, Luthfa dear banita dear Arpu dear Jeevi dear kadhambari Shiny beauty sneha Ishita tania shivya NSK Jessie and many family members. Hope all of you have a good day

    Coming to episode, I would have killed Nancy myself. I don’t want to wait for Mohit to kill her. First of all this Nancy can’t act and she is so plastic. At least Svetlena can act very seductively. Nancy is trying to do her best but she looks very robotic. Second Nancy is a man in woman form trying to almost rape Shivaay. I just wished that Shivaay would have given a tight slap on her but he does not hit woman.

    Perhaps after seeing Nancy having all these advances I am sure Shivaay will value Anika very very much and would have thought that anika is 1000 times better than any gorgeous or hot lady.

    I jumped for joy when Shivaay told Nancy that I can’t cheat my Wife. Wow finally he does accept that anika is his Wife. I loved it. Each time shivika moment either Mohit or Nancy has to interrupt. I can’t understand this. He should not ask Anika to sleep with gauri in today’s episode. Now I don’t know what is going to happen in precap. Precap does not look good at all.

    I have to applaud Anika as she is fulfilling all her duties as Shivaay’s Wife. Shivaay you can’t get any better Wife than Anika. Please accept her and tell her how much you yearn for her and Long for her. Today I want to know what will be the reaction of Mohit and Anika. I have a feeling that anika seems to sense something is not right. Anika is very sharp and she investigates fast. I am sure anika knows it is not Shivaay forcing on Nancy but the other way round.

    It was so nice the bedroom scene where Shivaay gives her his share of food. He also noticed that Anika did not have any breakfast. Aww…. how sweet.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Though I am not liking it that Shivaay is taking way too much time in accepting Anika which he is doing intentionally but at the same time I am really happy that Anika is not forcing Shivaay to accept her.Shivaay has to realize Anika’s value all by himself and it should have to be a natural process.Now Nancy though is an uninvited problem,it can solve Shivaay’s every problem regarding Anika.Let’s see,what happens next.

    2. Awww.cute comment?
      How r u di?

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    Hi banita Luthfa NSK jeevi Arpu I already told administrator about my problem of opening he page. They told me to change my privacy setting to everyone and I also did that but I don’t why you guys still can’t open my page. I have also sent friend request to you all but so far no one has accepted so I can’t go into your page either. All I can see is only my wall. If you still can’t open my page then I have to tell them again. This is most frustrating. I thought it was simple but I Guess not.

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    2. I got ur request and accepted it also di.?
      But i can’t open many pages.?neither send requests to members,its so irritating!?
      Hope the problems get over soon.?

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    1. Hello dear! Welcoming u with buckets of love!?
      Feel free to comment here!?
      Hope to be friends with u soon.?

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      Hi Asthma
      welcome to our pkj family with lots of love. Tc

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    Hollo guys I am new member to this family I was a silent reader . Today I had some corage to write …
    Today’s episode was good

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      Hello Astmasiddika,
      Welcome to PKJ family with sweet love.Very happy that you have decided to break your silence.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.Take care.See you soon.

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