Ishqbaaz 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: ShivOmru get doubtful

Ishqbaaz 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya does shayari for Dadi. Nani asks Dadi to answer him. Anika says we can’t do shayari, think of something, what do we do. Dadi does shayari. They look on surprised. Ye ishq ishq hai….plays…. The girls sing and dance. The guys sing Tum se milke…. They all dance. Surya takes Dadi aside. He gives a gift. He says its my love for you, I haven’t seen you in this saree, wear this saree and come to meet me at the pool side. She says I won’t come. He says I will still wait for you. Jai sees everyone dancing. He goes to room. He gets some files from the cupboard. He smiles recalling Shivaye’s words. He thinks my bid will be a rupee less than Shivaye’s bid, he will lose just by a rupee difference. He laughs and keeps the file back. He says for the first time in history, someone will

bear loss of crores because of a rupee, Shivaye get ready, your destruction is close.

Shivaye sees Anika sleeping. He goes out to the pool side. He sees Om there and asks you aren’t sleepy too? Om says no. Rudra says me neither. Shivaye asks shall we have hot chocolate. Dadi comes there. Rudr says I have a condition, I need less sugar. Dadi says I feel scared. Shivaye says I want you both to represent the company in an imp bid, I won’t be able to come, I have an imp meeting with Swiss clients. Dadi says they are still awake, what if they see me. Surya holds her. He sings Ye raat…. Shivaye asks what’s this song. Om says someone is singing. Shivaye says who is it. They go to see. Rudra says it would be a ghost. Om asks him to shut up. Om says maybe sound is coming from out. Shivaye says someone was singing.

Surya sings again. Dadi asks him to be quiet. Shivomru try to see. Surya and Dadi hide. Dadi says I was crazy to come here. Surya says don’t be scared, I m here with you. He throws a stone in the pool. Shivomru run to see. Surya and Dadi go. Shivomru turn to look behind. Shivaye says someone has thrown a stone to divert us, we came here and they left. Om says lets find them. Dadi asks Surya to just go, there is no love. He says one who is in love doesn’t get scared. She sends him. Om stops Dadi. She sees Omru and worries. She asks didn’t you sleep. Om asks what’s all this, why are you dressed in saree at this time of night. Surya signs her. Om asks what are you seeing there. Dadi stops him. She says what’s this, can I wear saree at this hour.

He asks where are you going. She says I was coming from Jagrata, Tandons hosted the Jagrata, go now, I m sleeping. She goes. She sings ye raat…… Omru shout Dadi…. She stops and asks what happened now. Om asks why were you singing this song. She says do you expect me to rap. Rudra says why did you choose just this song, there were many songs in old times. Dadi says they were singing it in Jagrata. Rudra says this old romantic song was playing in Jagrata. She says they have changed the lyrics and made it a bhajan, if you are done investigating, then go and sleep. Rudra says fine, we are going. Omru leave. She says you have come again. Surya says I forgot to tell you something, you are looking pretty in this saree. She says just go, else I will go. He says you like being with me, you won’t go. She says I have worn this, as I didn’t wish to hurt your heart, go and sleep. She goes. Surya sings ye raat and goes. Shivaye hears him and stops him. She says you were at pool side some time back. Surya says no, I have just come from club. Shivaye says this song? Surya says it was playing in club, its lovely song. Shivaye says such an old song. Surya says they played the remixed version. He goes. Shivaye says something is wrong.

Priyanka waits for Jai. He comes. She asks where did you go, at least inform me before going, I will have some answer to give them. He says I m not your servant to give you accounts. She says I agreed to marry you on the basis of your claims that you made before marriage, we are in Oberoi mansion, its not about me and you, but of my family, I can’t see them in tension, this is my house, rules are different here, improve your tone first, and behave like a normal husband at least when my family is around, its quite late, you should sleep too.

Its morning, Rudra asks Om to come. Shivaye says stop, its not an audition, but a bid, its final bid to submit. He gives the file. Om asks did you work on this all night. Shivaye says yes. Rudra says we were busy investigating all night. Shivaye asks what. Om says finally, we have found out where that song was playing. Rudra says Dadi had come from Tandons house. Om says she had gone to attend Jagrata. Rudra says Dadi was humming that tune as they played it in Jagrata. Shivaye says strange, Surya uncle was humming the same tune. Om asks did he also go there. Shivaye says no, he was at the club. Rudra laughs and says if it were a young boy and girl instead of Surya and Dadi, we would have thought that they are having an affair. Shivaye and Om ask are you thinking the same. Shivaye says how is this possible. Om says we are definitely mistaken.

Rudra asks what, tell me. Shivaye says focus on the bid. Jai comes and says I think Shivaye is very nervous about the bid, so he is checking the file again and again. Shivaye says whether Oberois get the deal or Kotharis, we are one family. Jai says you are right, all the best. Shivaye says to you too Jai. Jai says see you guys at the bid. He thinks Kotharis will get the deal and Oberois’ destruction will begin. Dadi thinks I was crazy to come in Surya’s words. She gets leg pain. Nani comes to call her. She asks what’s this. Dadi says its for Priyanka. Nani says you know I can catch lies, Priyanka just got married, tell the truth, whose is it, fine, don’t tell me, come to the garden if you want to have tea with me. Surya hides. Nani sees him and says the next time when you gift her a saree, gift her a blue saree, not a red one, blue is her fav color. She goes. He smiles.

Rudra says we will celebrate in my style, we will be going out for dinner. Gauri says no, we can’t go tonight. Bhavya says there is Jagrata at Tandons. Om asks what. Shivomru start coughing. Anika says easy… Shivaye says Jagrata was yesterday right. Gauri says no, they have returned from Delhi today. Shivaye signs Om.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hlooo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is 2.1 with overal 19th position… But still why i m not feeling good.!!!!??

    Now coming 2 epi…
    Kawali part was very nycc… Liked it…
    Honestly I don’t want dadi’s wedding now…. But their parts r good…
    Both r behaving like a teenager….

    Expected Obro moment… But koi nahi…
    Dadi – Omru , Uncle- Shivay bhaiya nd last Obros scene was hilarious….
    Waahhh…!!!! Just wanted some this type of love story 4 Priyanka…
    Precap –
    GN PKJ….

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Bani Go!! Congrats for being first…
      What???!! Dadi’s wedding!! Is that true bani?? If it’s true then makers are trying as much as possible to end S1 with happy thinking.. But anyways I don’t think they know that the fans seeing their happy faces will not be happy… We can’t be happy seeing them go.. 🙁🙁

      1. Banita

        Thank U Dhwani….
        Yrrr i dont know about dadi’s wedding… I just gussed it….
        Yeh we cant be happy watching them go….
        BTW How was ur exam dr??

    2. ShivikaSCNM

      How come it’s 2.1 are they playing any game?

      1. Banita

        Don’t know dr…!!!!

    3. Sindhudi

      Bani congrats for being number. Being awhile since we both say hello to each other. I have not been watching the episodes since Monday but just reading the updates. I only watched yesterday’s episode and I had a great laugh after a long time.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Sindhu dii….
        Yeh it’s been a long time we last talked…
        Yeh dii epis r really good , but feel heart broken while watching them…
        BTW thank U dii…

  2. Saw the new promo.
    And laughed until I heard the word ‘chichora’ like seriously for Anikas character this words should be used. WTF. I just these CVs.
    And about epi. Dadi has Affairs. Now only this was left to see.
    What is Nani upto.
    Take care everyone.

  3. Dhwani_Naidu

    Oh God.. What am I seeing😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Okay there is no age for romance.. Makers have gone like till now we had shown romances of Shivika, rikara and ruvya.. Let’s think of something different..🤔 Romance for Dadi!!! 🤓 Hehehe..

    Has anyone seen the new promo?? 😕😣

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      I’m really upset I will missing shivika,rikara and ruvya

      1. Sindhudi

        Yes Shivika me too missing Shivika. I just watched Monday’s episode yesterday and o was so upset that they used double for Anika. Now they are using double for Anika. This is really preposterous. What is the point of hoping for more shivika’s moments. At least I enjoyed yesterday’s episode as the Obros were really funny especially Rudra and his funny antics .The funniest is Dadi and Surya. Oh my it was so funny. I kind of liked it as I laughed after a Long time.

    2. Sindhudi

      Hi dhawani nice to see you here. Gao are you?

  4. Arey yaar just shut this budda and buddi love story kuch shivika and rikara😍 scenes dikha dete boring 😒

  5. ShivikaSCNM

    I was watching episode 295 and got emotional and now I see gul khan in pinky’s role how she separates shivika.

  6. Sindhudi

    Hi everyone, hope all are doing good. I loved today’s episode as it was all Obros moments and it was funny to watch just like old times. I just love this and also combo of dadi and nani. I gave up on looking forward to Shivika. I know they are going to show less of it. At least I can enjoy the Obros brothers’ moment salong with dadi. Nice.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Hi sindhudi how are u

  7. Hi guys good morning , the episode was nice . i didn’t like the way jai was talking to priyanka .She is good .By the way sad to say no Shivika scenes again .

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Gm sara

  8. Hello guys… enjoyed obros scenes after along time…but missing shivika’s scenes a lot…plzzzzz writers last few days Bache h plzzz Hume shivika’s scenes Chahiye…
    Have you all watched new promo???
    Quite upset with promo…how can they say Anika as chichori…bechaari ko show se nikaalre,Kuch to izzat rakho…khidkitod ya simple Kuch bhi kehlo par chichori kaise keh sakte… it’s so insulting…

  9. is it true guys that ishqbaaz is off aired i heard it on instagram . so sad😵😵😵😵

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Dadi little rumor affair is funny

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