Ishqbaaz 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye catches the elders red-handed

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Ishqbaaz 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye recalls Roop’s words. Jhanvi gives file to Tej and asks did you take BP medicines. Tej says yes, anything else. Shakti asks Pinky why does she kill him by giving sugary tea, she can give him poison at once and close the chapter. She says I have put extra sugar, he is saying so much. She says you have forgotten that I m diabetic, you call it sugars, I will be doomed. She says let your enemies get doomed. He says to be honest, you are becoming my enemy, you are adding much sugar every day. She asks Tej to take a sip and say if its much sweet.

Tej says if I say anything, you will say I m taking my brother’s side, give the tea to Shivaye and ask him if he likes it. She says no. Shakti asks why not, Shivaye is her lovely son, she doesn’t want her son to taste it. She says no, he likes black coffee without sugars, he will find this much sugary. Shivaye thinks Roop is lying, my family can do mistake but not sin, I shouldn’t think of Roop Bua’s words. They get some message and turn tensed. Pinky says I forgot to do puja and goes. Tej says I need to go office. Shakti says I will come along. They all disperse. Shivaye looks on.

They all come to Roop and ask about the message, why did she write that they have to go mills at night. Roop says our manager Shukla called, he said police is investigating Kalyani mills case after Shwetlana’s arrest, if police finds Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, it will be a big problem. Pinky says they didn’t get the body that time, what are you saying, it must have decomposed by now. Roop says no, police can find his identity by bones and teeth, we have to move that dead body, else you all will be suspected, you all got benefited by his death. Shakti says but we didn’t kill him. Roop says I know, how will you prove this, if Shivaye received Shukla’s call, don’t know what would have happened, go and check the dead body. Tej says I think she is right, we all should go to mill. Roop thinks I want Shivaye to catch you all red handed, then he will believe all my lies.

Rudra sees Bhavya’s luggage and says is this all, this room is yours as well, it can be easily accommodated, its not much, I will keep it. Everything changes in the room. She likes the pink decors and says mindblowing, now it looks our room. Om and Gauri come. Om says maybe we entered the wrong room. Rudra says no, wrong happened with my room. Om says much wrong. He says very nice. Gauri says it looks so nice. Bhavya shows her the room. Rudra asks did this happen with you. Om says on the very first day, I explained Gauri that she got married to me and she was entering my room, I m the man of this room, that side… keep belongings there, her stuff shouldn’t come on my side, be a man, love your wife, listen to her, but don’t obey her, you will become a wife’s puppet in some days. Gauri asks Om to show her new hair brush. Om says sure baby I will get it. Gauri shows Bhavya. Om says I had explained you, love your wife, this is its good example. Om jokes on him. He says I understand it now, man of the house, big deal. Om says one has to say, be a man.

Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and Pinky come to Kalyani mills. Pinky says we are here to dig out the buried corpse today. Tej says I remember, the fire broke out here. Shakti says I remember Mr. Kapoor’s dead body was lying here. Jhanvi screams seeing skeleton hand. They get shocked. Roop records and says just four hours more, Shivaye will be here and they will be caught. Shivaye thinks I m not able to decide, there is no need to go to mills, when I know my family can’t do this, Roop is playing some game, but I have to put an end to this.

Anika asks where are you going. He says yes. She asks right now, when its raining heavily. He says I have to meet clients. She hugs him. Tej and Shakti run back to mills. Anika says I thought we will enjoy the rains and have a chat, we will spend time, your meeting ruined my plan, don’t go please, work can be done tomorrow, but rain won’t happen. She plays with rain. He says I need to go. She says please don’t go, I feel scared to be alone at home, the new pair has gone for a romantic dinner, Om and Gauri went for a movie. He asks where are mom and dad. She says they have gone to attend a wedding with Tej and Jhanvi, don’t go anywhere, we will enjoy this rain. He thinks whose wedding, did they go to Kalyani mills. He says I have to go, I will ask Khanna to take care of you, I will be back soon, meeting is imp.

Tej and Shakti dig out the soil. Anika shuts the door and sings Haye ye majburi….She hugs Shivaye. He sees the time. He says I m sorry but I have to go Anika. He leaves.

Shivaye reaches the mill. He gets shocked seeing Tej and Shakti’s cars. He leaves his umbrella. He thinks it means they have lied to come here. Shakti says this ring belongs to Mr. Kapoor. He recalls. Tej says Roop is right, Mr. Kapoor’s dead body is here. They see the skeleton. Shivaye looks on shocked. Anika watches tv. Lady says do you know where is your husband right now, he is having fun with another woman. Another lady says no, its a lie, my husband went for work. The first one says what work does he have during midnight, meeting and all are excuses to fool wife. Anika asks really, no Shivaye isn’t such, he has really gone for a meeting, but why hasn’t he returned till now. Lady says you are so innocent, all men are the same, they lose interest in wives after some years of marriage, the wife stays at home and husbands stays outside. Rudra and Bhavya come. Anika says I will show him, he left me alone and went.

She throws water assuming him to be Shivaye. She sees Rudra and says sorry, I thought it was Shivaye. Bhavya laughs. Rudra jokes and says its okay. Bhavya asks did Shivaye go anywhere. Rudra asks where. Shivaye thinks of Roop’s words. Tej says this is really…. Shivaye says its your business partner Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, right. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Shivaye says Shwetlana told me, I didn’t believe her, Abhay told me, I didn’t believe him, I ignored the tapes too, but today seeing you all here, its proved that its you who killed Mr. Kapoor, you all are murderers. He cries.

Shivaye says if you had killed Mr. Kapoor, it means you were the ones to set fire in mills, you all are murderers. Pinky says no, we didn’t kill him, this is just half truth, even we don’t know the entire truth. Shivaye says you all kept lying to me, but not anymore. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dishani01

    omru scene is very funny cute one???

    1. Banita

      First of all WELCOME TO PKJ Dishani dr… Sry for late… KEEP COMMENTING ALWAYS…
      GDG…. Congratulations for 1st comment dr…
      Hope so… Everything will be f9 soon…

      1. Dishani01

        yes dearest banitha thank you somuch… what’s that pkj??

    2. Luthfa

      Go Dishani Go.Congratulations on being first…..?

      1. Dishani01

        ?????? thsnk you somuch

    3. Hi Dishani dear,
      congrats for being 1st… yaa lovely

    4. heyy dishani dear
      PKG means pagalon ka jhund…..hope u r also a ib pagal…
      welcome to our family..Sry i am late.Happy to exchange words with u
      Keep commenting

      1. Dishani01

        Yes ??? thanks dear

    5. He Dishu dear..
      Congrats yarr for being fast..
      Go Dishu Go

  2. Dishani01

    poor rudy ???And cute annika
    our sso is in verymuch pain???
    all is well .. everything will get fine soon..
    thankyou to whish me yesterday pushpa

  3. Dishani01

    luthpa dear thankyou somuch
    God bless you to..

    1. Luthfa

      You are most welcome dear?

  4. Pushpa

    Today shivaye hormone ws not on at all… he was too into thinking about this stupid KM raaz…. if not the romance would hv been different… when is this raaz gona end….
    All i think shivaye going to b shatered to pieces witnessing thm at the mill…..but shivahe please b smart singh oberoi and dun get yr self trapped into roop evil drama…… u shold know yr family better thn any strangers….. but oberoi isnthe one murdered anika dad… this i dun know wht u will do…
    Thd senior oberoi bonding lookx great& luvly…..
    What the hell….rudy room in pink???pink room luvly room …omg this is funny….
    Precap….oh no my shivaye breaking to pieces…..calm down shivaye think….yr parivaar u built this family u know them better….do u think thy did this?????
    Again in detectivebaaz…
    Kalyani mills raazbaaz
    Gd nite….

    1. yes dear..It will be always like that.Sure shivaay is getting broken..I cant forget his face in the precap..oh god.
      But even after knowing the bua’s true face why is he trusting her so much????
      It was her master mind.She tried to part shivika…even tried to kill anika.
      Dont know what will happennn

    2. Yes pushpa I was also thinking he should just romance with anika.

    3. Pu dear..yaa i was also thinking same..
      If Sso’s hormone could be on..then…What could be happened..???????????????????????????

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Hormones of Shivaay was off yesterday because of KMM.Don’t worry di,it will be back on track once this mystery gets solved.Waiting for a romantic Shivaay and ending of KMM.Happy weekend di?

  5. Hi friends!!☺️☺️
    Happiness, fun, emotional , love , shock – a full packed episode ?

    SSO believed her ” lie ” as truth ! ???
    Wondering how he will react if he comes to know senior oberois are responsible for Anika’s dad death ?

    Monday will be emotional overloaded ??

    Take care friends… Happy weekend ?

    1. Yes dhanu a full packed episode.
      Hope it will continue.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Senior Oberois are not responsible for Anika’s father’s death but Shivaay can be misled.Hope he will sort out lies from truth soon?

  6. Hiiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals…
    I am just not able to.write anything.
    I am.speecless.i am.just wondering what happens to.CVS mind..
    Sometimes they give us dragging track sometimes thry give us KHIDKITOD episode JUST LIKE TODAY.
    Comedy+thriller+couple moments+heart break.
    Everything is there .. tejvi and shinky after soooo many months they talked like this..this was surprise..
    Ok i am.not interested?????..

    Annika why you are sooooooo cute yarr.
    I want to pull your cheeks.
    Cvs this is not fair..When Sso’s hormone is on then annika’s gone and when annika’s on Sso’s gun.
    Btw we are begging to them.give us a barrish wala thry give us that also.WITH A IMAGINARY WINDOW..INSTEAD OF POOL..
    Leave it..when Annika was sitting in Sso lap…..i was just awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…
    Soooòoooo cute…
    And Curtain..has also a very special role in their life.( prove- previous episodes).
    Today annika di was totally behaving like a child..and really love it…

    After Om.Rudy also became victim of Annika’s water throw style.
    And omru scenes.??????????.

    Sso i can’t even imagine his conditions….
    He is soo broken..
    He is now surrounded by Misunderstanding….
    Hope…he will male everything alright..

    Precap- thank god thry didn’t show anything.other wise i will bit my nails in excitement all time.
    Weekend is sooo boting without IB…

    Starplus ne kya idea nikala he Trp pane ke liye.?????.
    Episode ke questions ka jawab do..aur IPL dekhne ka mauka pao..???for log dekhenge.
    And even chandu di promoted about it.???good job.

    I am still cinfused about corpse part.

    Naks bhaiya Enjoy your vacation…..
    Good luck.

    And now here in Be mausam ki barsaat is happening in real.
    Too much wind like a storm.

    And my fingers are
    paining because.i wrote about 33 or 34 pages.
    I am going byy.

    And love you all of you.

    1. Banita

      I m just not able to write anything..??? Seriously..!!!???? Aur kitna baad likhegi tu… nd yeh line maat de na comment iitttttttttttnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii baadi lag raha hain mujhe….
      Star plus question mein IB ka que hain Who’s related to KMM?? Aniri dono related hain na toh opt. mein dono ko kun de raha hain..??? I know they r giving priority to Ani . but still….
      baarish..?? Aethi ta gote topa vi barsa haeni…

      1. Hiiii Bani..
        Pagali.i am not saying about ehat questions or whom.Cvs are giving priority.
        Waise i love my annika di..
        I am saying Starplus ne kya idea nikala he…..Log show dekhenge..questins ka answer denge. IPL jayenge..
        I dont know woh jayenge ya nahi
        But hope INKI TRP jaroor badhegi ??????
        Are kya karu yarr..
        Likhte likhte mrre dimag main dher saari batein aa jati he..aur tere ko meri comment padhini padegi..
        Yiu have no other option..?????..

    2. Hi Arpita dear,,
      s dear cannt understant abt cvs.. yaa dear now its rudy turn to become victim of panika…. cant watch shivaye breaking…. kash shivaye atleast given reaction to anika dance. cutyy anika.. same to pinch yaar here also same halat hell assignment is nt ending only 1 subject got over. must write all last 5 yrs question paper of all subjects…. still 4 more remaining .. hope ur figer pain get well soon.. love u .tc

      1. He jeevi.
        Last five year questions of all subjects.
        God…soo much of writting.
        Hope it will end soon.
        And now my fingers are good.
        And yes Sso should give some time to annika.
        But koi nahi KMM track is also getting ecciting day by day.

    3. Yes agree arpu dear. It is misunderstanding after misunderstanding. Goodness me. I am sure shivaay can think and piece things up to himself

      1. Sindhu di i just hope both shivika will set everything fine…

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Awwww….You are too cute.Hehehe…..Yeah we wanted a romantic rain sequence but cvs gave us tension-filled indore rain scene.Don’t know when this mystery track will finish.Episode was really nice.Happy weekend?

      1. Luthfa

        indoor game.Hehehe….????

    5. Lovely !!!!!
      I love IPL game….

      My whole family is crazy for cricket and IPL too…i have a tension how i watching IB…. please payer for me….

  7. Hello all..I am new to this comment section..I was a silent reader all this time..but I know most of u
    Rudy was so cute today…??
    Poor shivaay I hate when shivaay is sad…I dont know why I am missing veer…it was very funny when he stood beside reminded me of snow white and seven

    1. Dishani01

      welcome dear
      I’m also new here??

    2. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Arunimaammu….
      Wah kya comparision hain…. LOL…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arunima,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of sweet love.Awww…That’s really very cute of you.Keep commenting dear and join us spreading love.Take care?

    4. Hi Arunimaammu,
      A warmheartly welcome to our pkj family dear.. tc

    5. welcome to our GPKJ…Always keep commenting
      Oh god..u miss veer.I just loved him in that holi epi.

    6. Welcome dear to our family

    7. Welcome pkj

    8. Hiii Aruni dear…welcome to our pkj or iahqbazon ki duniya keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      Yaa briken Shivaay is very hard to watch.

  8. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Arpu – Teri itni himaat ki tu mujhe maaregi…!!! Wase vi meri pyaari choti mujhe nahi tujhe hi maaregi… But yeh main kanhi nahi jane wali…. Chali jaungi toh teri dimag kon khayega..???
    Lu- I m good… Me too missed U yaar… Happy that U enjoyed while reading my comment… Luv U dr….
    Sindhu – Thank U dr…
    Epi was average one….
    Senior Oberoi’s sweets moments with OMM’s sugars….
    OMM..!!! Yeh kya ho gaya meri Rudy bhaiya ki room ko…. Pure pink pink…. Naaahhhiiii….. CVS plzz change Rudy’s room like before…. I like Shivaay bhaiya’s blue wall , Om bhai’s painting wala room nd Rudy’s gym wala room…. Ab usse ek girly room mein change maat karo yr… Ase laga jese sb Prinku ke room mein hain… No..!! I want that old gym wala room…. I WANT means WANT….
    Om kangi le kr ghum rahe hain…!!?? Koi baat nahi apni hair ke liye vi kaam aajayega…
    Om’s gyan to Rudy was Funny….
    Shivika dance was Beautiful….. But CVS jb vi ase small small Cute , Beautiful moments dete hain na toh samajh lo Dag mein kuch kalla hain… Nahi nahi… Puri daag ki kala hain…
    (BTW yeh dag hain ya daal.???? Jo vi khud adjust kr lena)
    Anika nd her daily soap…LOL… Wase sahi hain Indian daily soaps ase hi hote hain (Sayad)….
    Poor Rudy boy…. Hahaha… Anika once throw water on Om nd today on Rudy…. Hahaha….
    Now d serious part…
    KMM…. Why all Oberois trust on DWB’s (Daanto Wali Bua) word..?? She successfully mislead Shivaay nd creat MU between senior oberoi’s nd Shivaay…Shivaay’s vulnerable state with missy hair… He broke down after knowing his parents kartut (Eng word yaad nahi aaraha hain)….
    Hope he will find out the whole truth before everything mess up….
    Precap – Waiting….
    GN PKJ….

    1. Banita

      They show Mr.Kapoor’s ring in his hand in fb… But there was no ring with that skeleton..??? Or there was..!!??? Anyone can clear me this plzz… I think i miss to see that ring..!!! or there was no ring with that skeleton..?

      1. Luthfa

        Ring was there which he had on his hand in fb.Tej and Shakti found that ring first and identified him as Mr.Kapoor while digging.Perhaps you missed to take notice.

    2. Hi Banita dear,
      hru. i totally agree with u dear their room represent whose it is.. shiveya’s of standard with the blue.. om’s portry n love towards nature with tht scanary… n rudy gym n nautyness with the gym equiments n things thrown n sply his bed color yellow with red y dont know wen ever i c it i get laugh…. s dear even me felt a moment like prinku room.. even though it look good bt want rudy room nt ruvya room…love u .tc
      happy weekend.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Jeevi….
        I m good dr… How about U??
        Yeh want Rudy’s room not ruvya’s…
        Love U too dr… TC..

    3. Yes banita dear I don’t like when they make shivaay vulnerable.

      1. Banita

        Yeh Sindhu dr… Me also don’t like to see Shivaay like that…

    4. He Bani.
      Teri dimaag ki satki gayi he kya???
      Dost hun teri.
      Main nahi marungi toh koun marega tujhe …bol..
      And if Annika di’ choti will hit me…then i will prblm.issi bahane Annika se meri mulakat toh hogayegi.. na..????????….
      And all credit will go to you..pakka.
      And you loved Rudy Pehelwan room
      Me too but what to do now..He is became paraya…
      Love you soooo much

      1. Banita

        Haaww..!!!! Haawww..!!! Tu mujhe maaregi..??
        Tu mujhe maari na toh main teri naam pe case kr lungi Auntiji ke paas… Toh ulta maar tu hi khayegi…
        Ab chal thik hain kha le maar tu apni didi ke Chutiya nd meri Cute kumari se… Of course credit toh mujhe hi aayega na , after al main hi hungi tere pichhe tujhe maarne ke liye…
        Haan meri Rudy bhaiya ab paraya dhan ho gaye hain….
        Love U too…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Yeah Rudra’s room got changed after marriage.But I am missing my intense Om very much.Loved Senior’s get together.Hope Shivaay is going to make everything alright.Happy weekend?

      1. Banita

        Yeh Lu me also missing our intense Om… Rudy’s childish nature toh ab bhi hain , but Om’s intense nature ki puri OMM ho gayi hain… Hope so yaar…

  9. Luthfa

    Family,only family was and is his first priority,responsibility,adoration and absolute pride to take on.Shivaay,for whom family is everything,his enemy is taking inordinate advantage of it to use against him.Shivaay keeps on believing that his family can’t commit any crime but KMM demolished that belief of him.Senior Oberois have done nothing still they feared that if KMM comes in front of their children especially before Shivaay then everything will finish.Fear,this fear has brought them inside Kalyani mill at night to dig up buried fear but because of this they had to confront their biggest fear-fear of losing respect in the eyes of Shivaay.

    1. Luthfa

      Shivaay who worships his family and puts it always ahead even of himself and his happiness and they didn’t want their children especially Shivaay to know about it no matter what.Shivaay came to put an end to his inner fear whether his family killed anyone or not and their involvement in KMM.Unfortunately Senior Oberois and Shivaay found themselves facing their respective fears which they wanted to avoid very much but went in vain.

      1. Luthfa

        For the first time Shivaay was compelled to point finger at his family but his heart knew how difficult was that to do but he had to.Shivaay felt cheated,betrayed,heartbroken and what not?Blind trust and love always leave a person devastated and completely shaken from inside.Shivaay has learnt this painful truth offering a huge price,his family,his priceless wealth……………………………..

      2. Hi Luthfa dear,
        Queen of analysis… well said dear.. lovely dear… i loved the last past … super.. hope shivayee dont fall weak… get to know the truth….. bless u n ur writting…
        I think ur going in proces of writing ff…. looking forward for it …. i have full trust tht like ur analysis even ff will b super. MY WISHES FOR THT “ALL THE BEST DEAR”
        i dont on which pair ur going to write, bt if it of Rumya r rumya as jodi in tht story i will b bit more happy becoz some how v can shivka n rikara in tv itself.. atleast in ff v can c rumya as pairs…
        Dear till i come back just think tht afte u post ur comment tht im saying tht I LOVE U N UR ANALYSIS. BLESS UR WRITING POWER… MISS U DEAR.. LOTS OF LOVE…TC

      3. Luthfa dear, hope ur adminition completed successfully. All the best for ur PG course. ??????Tc

      4. Luthfa

        Queen of analysis?Awwwwww…..So sweet of you.Yes I have started working on my ff and will post it soon.And dear I am not going to include Bhavya in any of my writing.It will be only Soumya,who will be paring with Rudra.Thank you so much for this lovely suggestion.My admission gone well.Now waiting for classes to start.Will be missing you so very much.Come back soon.Lots of love?????????????

    2. Yes luftha I agree but shivaay should know better than that. If veer is roop’s Son he should know Roop will not let go of his family that easily. I hope anika comes into the picture and strengthens shivaay

      1. Luthfa..very much well written dear.
        I really love it.
        And also agree with Sindhu di.
        Now Both Shivika can be strenth of each other
        Let see what is thee in store for us..
        Hope Cvs will not ruin the track.

      2. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Shivaay shouldn’t fall weak because of this misleading that his family is involved rather he should turn on his shield mood to protect his family.And Anika can join him if he is willing to share it with her.Let’s see what happens.

      3. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment.Me too agree with Sindhu di.Let’s see what Shivaay is going to do.Take care?

    3. Luthfa…. correct ur point of view……
      Last line was perfect….

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment dear.God bless you?

  10. Luthfa

    For the first time Shivaay was compelled to point finger at his family but his heart knew how difficult was that to do but he had to.Shivaay felt cheated,betrayed,heartbroken and what not?Blind trust and love always leave a person devastated and completely shaken from inside.Shivaay has learnt this painful truth offering a huge price,his family,his priceless wealth……………………………..

    1. Yess for SSO his family is the priceless worth.I Just hope he will control his emotions.Anika pls help him face it

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Sneha,how are you?
        If Shivaay falls weak because of his unbound emotion this time then things will be very difficult for him to manage and bring the culprit to justice.He shouldn’t fall weak no matter what.Let’s see what is actually waiting for us.

    2. Banita

      Agree with U Lu…
      Just hope he will understand his bua’s planning soon nd drag d whole truth in front of d World before it getting worst…. Before it break any of his relation….
      Luv U yaar… TC…

      1. Banita

        Nd Thank U dr for meri confusion dur krne ke liye…

  11. I want annika separation form shivaay becoz how many times annika show love for oberios it’s time to show how much oberios three oberios love annika how will they get annika in their lives again

    1. Aditi agree with you.
      I want Annika leave OM but not Sso.
      Bcoz now they both have to give each other strength.
      I just want Senior Oberois will fold hands infront of annika…specially pinky ponky
      It will be really good to watch.

  12. OMG SOS will throw his parents and uncle aunt in jail this mean Roop plan succeeds now all will get sad.

    1. Lara dear .dont worry just chill.
      Lets wait for it…..

  13. Hi guys, good episoid….. she started her work stupid bua…. good senior oberies moments sply pinky n shakti was good… pinky u must hv given tea to shibaye the person who can eat anika’s deepppppp fried dishes tea is nothing to him…… bechara rudra room….. expect bed colour everything got changed….. the 1 who teased om by saying ” teddy n barbi dolls r kept it look like prinku childhood room” tht same thing is happened now with u RSO.. without dolls only ur room looks like prinku room..
    it was tia n Ridima who said to shivom they will b changing they room by purple n pink… tht dont happen with them but non said anything to rudra bt it changed…… om really did u say tht words to gouri…
    guys do any one excit sketch of OM…. from where did rain coming from….. confusing home… pavam annika wanted to spend time with shivaye in tht rain… sry anika di ur wish dont happen…… anika dance was good…. hoooo god tht skeletal fingers is this Mr. kapoors r veer ……. from where did anika get such shows….. Om ki bari finish now rudra turn….. but really missing tht shivka moment..its hv been soo long tht v got tht to c…….
    one big ??????? did anika father died becoz they showed tht the monitor screen was offed…..
    Guys even i was hving same dout n feeling tht they r showing n filling all the loops weather ib is going to end r wt.. hope so it doesnt happens… tc
    Happy weekend guys..

    1. Jeevi dear I have a feeling that anika’s Father maybe alive. Just a passing thought

    2. Jeevi….. wow nice comments!!!!

      I think,someone ll know full true… there’s something fishy…….
      Till wait…

      Mujhe pata nhi kia chal raha hain meri maan me….. episode dekhne ke baad kya smja pata nhi chal rhi….ajeeb sa feeling ho raha hain…..

      Sso condition ????

    3. Jeevi
      I forgot to mention
      That Om really called Om as Baby…??????…..
      And i think Cvs are trying to get back their old viewers who left ishqbaaz
      Now it is IPL hope through this mystery IB trp will do good.
      And about Annika’s father..
      Lets see.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,
      Me too was surprised when Om responded Gauri by calling her baby!!!!It’s a universal truth that a girl’s room would be pink in colour.Anika’s romantic mood ki OMM ho gayi.I was thinking so that may be Anika’s father is alive.Let’s see what is going to happen next.Happy weekend?

    5. Banita

      True… Who can eat brunt food , he can drink sugar tea…. LOL….
      Yeh Tia nd Riddhima only said , but Bhavya did it… Me also want that old gym wala room…
      About Anika’s father only CVS can say it… Let’s wait…

  14. Hi Sindhu n kadhambari akka , Arpita n Luthfa dears for replys…

    Sindhu akka : Happy akka tht u have seen n experienced a good thrill trip… n carried lots if happy moments n sweet memories along with u .tc

    sry guys it was yesterday comment this hell Uncle has eatten up my 4 comment hate u uncle n network..

    1. Thank you my dear jeevi for your generous words

    2. Luthfa

      It’s ok dear.Sometimes network sometimes TU do golmal.I have faced it countless times.You are most welcome dear?

  15. Ok after all this I dnt knw why all of a sudden I thought of the first episode in which a man burns himself n commits suicide during the Maha aarti….is it related to this kalyani Mills incident ?? Can anyone explain me if anyone knows ??

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shreyanshi,
      You are right.That man is Aashok,Gayatri’s husband who set himself ablaze during maha arti in the first episode.He was told to be related to KMM but cvs has not solved this mystery till now like others.

  16. Guys i feel really sad to say tht from monday i may be irregular to this pkj as my 3rd internal r going to start soon n they hv annoced final exams dates…. by this all my lectures all killing us by give assignment n complete the records tht 18 – 19 expt of each subjects n telling to submit within 10 day all the works …As my 2yr syallbus r too hard. n want prepare i will b nt coming till my exams ends…. yaa till this month end i b coming irregularly…. guys plz pray for my studies this year is too difficult n v.hard portions for us… i b reading ur comments now n then….. will b missing u my lovly pkj’s..

    1. heyy dear..concentrate in ur studies
      WILL PRAY FOR U…do well in ur exams nd come back soon and hope by then everything comes to normal after the kalyani mills raaz..will miss u

    2. Concentrate ur study….
      Koi baat nhi jab time mile aa jaana yehn…. first study then other things

    3. Luthfa

      Jeevi dear,
      Don’t worry a bit.Focus on your study wholeheartedly.Exams come first.All the very best for your upcoming exams.God bless you with ultimate success?

    4. Banita

      It’s okk Jeevi… Concentrate on ur study… I can understand ur problem becz we both r in same boat…
      Will miss U dr… Study well… TC… Luv U…

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    thanks to all those u replied me yersterday..
    Beauty dear a warmwelcome to our pkj family..

    1. Yeah Jeevi…. never forget!!!

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      We are going to forget you dear.You just complete your study for exams and come back soon.Will be waiting for you.I am going to miss you a lot.Lots of love?????????

      1. Luthfa

        So sorry Jeevi.It’s are not going to forget you.Typing mistake.Sorry once again?

  18. Today’ episode was nice. First time I ever heard OM calling Gauri yes my baby.. ? that’ was so romantic. Very ncie. Also I liked the part where anika threw water on Rudy and of course the best moment is always shivika moment of the dance sequence. Oh come on Shivaay baby, Anika is trying to seduce forget about Kalyani mills and romance her ya….. It was such an enjoyable treat to watch.

    Now Roop I want to really set fire ? on you. You are becoming worse. How clever of her to frame the elders and separate Shivaay first with the elders and then Anika. I am sure shivaay still is convinced that it can’t be the elders. Cos everyone received the message the same time. Shivaay is not that stupid to fall into Roop trap. Remember he always has plan A to Z.

    Something does not add up. Cvs must have brain transplant. Remember sverlena said in Goa that she enlisted Veer’s help to frighten and separate shivika cos veer is a distant Cousin. Now how did that happen. Veer a Oberoi and they are Kapoors and how did veer ended up being svetlena distant Cousin. Cvs are forgetting all this minor details.

    1. Ib no logic….our famous cvs always forget … create links but forget solved problem!!!!

      Lovely write!!!!

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      This KMM is a treasure house of loopholes and logical mishaps in itself.Cvs have lost the consistency of the story completely to insert Veer and his mother’s stupid drama.Shivaay couldn’t romance Anika because of the tension of KMM.I am thinking the same.Shivaay does have some plan to tackle bua and her evil game.Let’s see what is going to happen.Happy weekend di?

    3. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu dr….
      I m with U , just set fire on that daanto daanto mein ko… She is hell irritating…

  19. Hello my dearest PKj family hope everyone has a blissful weekend with relaxation. My love to luftha dear jeevi dearie, pushpa, arpu dear, banita dear, dhanu Sri and many many more wonderful people here. Love all of you and I am telling you now that I love all your comments and analysis. Take care everyone dear ones

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Thank you sooooooo….much for your such sweet gesture and love.Lots of love from my side too????????????

    2. Banita

      Thank U Sindhu di…..
      Hope U have also a relaxing weekend…
      Love U…

  20. Hii dear
    I read that ur trip was grt..actually when u said abt ur journey i thought of wishing u a happy journey but was busy with ma exams..thanku for ur u too.I hope u saw all those missed episodes

    1. Oh thanks sneha. Yes I enjoyed very much. Nice comments dear

  21. Hii guys
    According to the spoilers nd my own assumptions i think shivaay will take anikas side nd support her to face the truth that oberois r the reason for her fathers death(even though its not true)But Anika who knows shivaay’s bonding with the family nd he is the strengh of the family thinks of leaving them all including shivaay…but it wont end with shivika separation..just a small emotional indifference..nd then by knowing truth they become one nd the our fav baby track nd obro momentsss

    1. Yes sneha I have a feeling that anika will stand up for shivaay’s family instead of shivaay and that will be the twist. She will bring Roop’s truth out. How cvs will do that i don’t know. Anika is the one that was affected the most with being blasphemed by Pinky and even Tej at one point plus svetlena Tia Ragini Tanya and Veeroop now. With all this arrows that constantly shot her she survived and only took the side of Oberois family. So she will go in search of Shuklaya and maybe that will be the temporary separation. It is only my opinion but not sure that is what cvs have in mind

      1. Sindhu…. idea mast Hain…itni din shivaay aapni family ko sambhal te Hain but ab anika eaisa karega toh…. twist and twist hoga…..kash eaisa ho…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      There could be a small emotional separation if Shivaay holds responsible Senior Oberois for ruining Anika’s life.And Anika knows how much important is family to Shivaay.They can’t be separated physically like previous one but emotional separation is very much possible.Let’s see what is going to happen.Happy weekend?

  22. REally smthng is wrong with this tu much time does it take to post a cmnt nd after that awaiting moderation..oh god..i dont know whether it is bcoz of my network or this page.Do u guys have any prblm while posting comment???

    1. Shivikalover

      Same here DEARIE

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      Yeah,because of network and TU I have to break my comment in parts to post.Hell irritating yaar??????

      1. Luthfa… network ki baate mat karo… always problem and TU dam irritating…..

  23. Good morning my lovely Gpkj.How are you all?? anyone missed me??I was missing you guys.sorry for being chhu mantar.busy in my assignment and project work.yesterdays episode was great.i just hope Kmm ki koi bura asar Shivika relation or Na pade.btw arpita banita di how are you doing?and my lovely sister lights di every time you just nailed you di?????????.and welcome to new ones to our great family.keep commenting and keep loving ishqbaaz.

    1. Hey Puja how are you?hope your exams are fine

    2. Luthfa

      Hi PUJA,
      How are you my dear?I am good,thank you so much.It’s ok.Do comment whenever you can manage time and let me tell you,I was missing you very badly.Best wishes for the success of your assignment.And thank you sooooooo…..much for the compliment.Lots of love???????????

    3. Banita

      Hlo Puja…
      I m gud dr… Tu kemiti acchu???
      Miss U dr…. It okk… Come here whenever u get time…
      Love U… TC…
      BTW tu ko cls re padhuchu??

  24. Aarosh

    this is the second biggest misunderstanding of shivay hope it will be cleared ASAP

    1. Luthfa

      Yeah,hope so.Let’s wait and watch?

  25. Hiii everyone
    I’m back ??? finally ?

    How are you’ll?
    Thank you for you’ll prayers ❤❤❤ you’ll thee best ppl EVA ?
    I’m feeling much better i had high high fever and for some reason my whole body was paining but I’m okay now

    Hope you’ll okay ..??

    Anyways coming to the episode ?????? ishqbaaz is getting so interesting even tho I missed so much I still watched it online but hotstar isn’t available here in this country so Idk how it works

    Anika and gauris surname is trivedi ? and roop tool was responsible for the death and kmm ?

    I wonder whats gonna happen to both shivaay and anika when they find out?

    ? what’s happening to pinky so much of affection towards anika nowadays it’s a good thing but wasn’t expecting it…

    Rudra got married ? Idk what to say .?

    Yesterday’s episode was sooo nice ? but poor shivaay he really thought d ifferebt about his family but to see them there like criminals is like the worst feeling ever
    I wanna kill roop ❌??she is soo urrrgg I get angry when I see her seriously
    Shivika were ?? shivaay wasn’t in the mood today ? but anika was sooo ????? I really wanna meet her in real life one day when I come India I hope I meet her ???

    ???????? what happened rudra room it kinda reminded me of Om and ridhima when they were dating ..

    ??? anika what are you watching and shame she threw water on Rudy instead of shivaay ??

    I’m eagerly waiting for this kmm can’t wait it’s super exciting I can’t even miss a minute of it

    Take care ❤

    To all the new members welcome ??

    1. Shivikalover

      Hey Omaira u are from which????

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dearest,
      How are you now?Hope you are going good.So many things had happened behind you.Bua is very much irritating yaar and everyone agrees on it.Waiting for KMM to end soon.Take care.Lots of love?????????????

    3. Welcome back to home!!!!
      Thanks welcome me!!

      Reviews was fantastic…. everything is there!!you are describe whole week of episode…..just loved it….

    4. Hi omira dear,
      Hru. Hope ur recovering soon. Take care dear.

  26. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies…
    Episode is good… Anika expressions were awesome….
    Rudra ka room kya se kya ho gaya…. Wrong change cvs…

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,
      Anika is just amazing.Enjoyed her antics as well the episode except that bua and her evil planning.Yeah Rudra’s room is changed now.Poor Rudy?????????

  27. Hiiiii pagals….
    Yiu know what guys.
    TODAY is one year anniversary of one of the most simple yet hottest shivika scene DARD HUA SEQUENCE…???????????????i can bet simple hand kiss of any couple Can’t be hotter than Shivika.
    I laready watch more than 100 ….times.
    Still it is new for me
    And our all comments was on fire that day..
    New pkjians..Anyone remember that scene?????????
    If you didn’t watch it yet go and watch it on hotstar….on 7 april 2017……

    1. Arpita….i remembered that….. really beautiful!! How could forget that secne yr…..old pkj member itna khush tha iss scene ke liye ……. never ever forget this scene

  28. Luthfa

    Yeah everyone was so happy for that unexpected romance of Shivika amidst Kamini and Mahi drama.Mouni di’s blush club was fully on.Awwwww……I miss those days as well as old gold members?

    1. Luthfa…. Right…moni di blush club and later everyone joined this club…. shivika secne always remember in whole heart…. everything is crazy!!!

  29. Hello Bani di am too missed all of you.but how ever I managed to read all of your comments.btw mu ebe kandhamal district institute of education and training ra 1st year student.but me from Cuttack.good night di have a sweet dream

    1. Banita

      Puja… I think U r my di… I m not ur…??

      1. Ha ha ha…

        Confusjayain gayi dono…..
        Kon didi aur kon nhi….

  30. Good morning!!????????
    Have a great Sunday!!!

    Take care

  31. Hi Good morning dear,
    To Sindhi Akka, Arpita Banita Luthfa Beauty n Shena dear for ur reply n wish. Tq guys. Love you all. Will b missing u all. Tc

    1. Love u too….miss you… come back soon!!! Till wait

    2. Luthfa

      Me too is going to miss you so very much.Do come back soon.Lots of love?

  32. Good morning my love Gpkj.have a great and dhamakadar Sunday.

    1. Luthfa

      Good morning to Jeevi,Beauty,PUJA and all my GPKJ family.Have a khidkitode Sunday everyone.See you all soon?

      1. Niya.IB

        Thanks Luthfa. How is your sunday??. Missed you all so much. Hope all will be back today

      2. Niya.IB

        Luthfa dear,how is your sunday?? Missed you all so much. Hope that all will be back today. I’ll try to be regular from now on.

      3. Luthfa

        Hi Niya,
        First of all,congratulations on being registered member.Very sorry for late wishing.My Sunday was ok.Hope you had a great one.See you soon.Take care?

  33. Niya.IB

    Hi pkjians,I was not well so I couldnt comment here on last few days. I hope you all are doing well
    Waiting for today’s episode

    1. Luthfa

      How are you doing now?Hope you have recovered.Yeah waiting for today’s episode.Lots of love?

  34. Shekhar

    So by exploring ANNIKA’s past and its connection with OF ,CVS gave indication for ENDING of IB, cz it is being the last mystery to come up. As there is no major secrets to come up, and all three couples get married, CVS has remain no reason to stretch it. There is no major secret to come up for we viewers as most secrets is know to us we viewers, but it us secret among characters now, and they are about to know it.

    ROOP was absconding for a long and now she is absurdly present on screen advertising for CHOICE TOOTH PASTE for free fund and unsuccefully trying to add thrills and suspense, but all is going in vain. After BHAVYA, she is second in queue to bore us.

    Anyway, I would be more happy if CVs end IB after exposing all mystery with decency and logic!???

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