Ishqbaaz 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika meets her sister Chutki

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Ishqbaaz 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets angry and throws the table away. He runs towards the stage, while colliding with the waiter. He goes to Viraj and shoves him away from Anika. He punches his face. Viraj falls down. Anika walks to Shivaye. He signs her to stop. Reporter says as you can see, Viraj is unconscious and taken to hospital, Shivaye has raised hand on Viraj. Reporter asks Shivaye why did he buy Viraj for 20 crores, why did he then raise hand, won’t this badly affect the team, is Anika’s ramp walk with Viraj the reason for his anger. Reporter asks Anika what’s her relation with Viraj, since when does she know him, why was she doing the ramp walk in Shivaye’s event, Shivaye has got remarried, what’s your relation with him. Shivaye says just ask me, not Anika. Reporter asks didn’t you like your ex-wife’s ramp walk, is this your second wife, you didn’t release any press statement, who is she, tell us, you didn’t get divorced from Anika yet. Shivaye says I will clear your confusion, my name is Pooja. Pooja smiles. Rudra asks what happened to Shivaye. Om says don’t know. Anika gets leaving. Pooja walks to Shivaye.

Bhavya stops Anika from leaving. Anika says I should have not come here. Pooja says you said I m your wife. Shivaye says I was saying Pooja is my wife, but fake…. Anika gets shocked. Omru smile. Shivaye sees Anika. Reporter asks what does this mean. Shivaye says when pandit, mantras were fake, when marriage happened without sindoor, mangalsutra and ghatbandhan, it will be called a fake marriage right, Anika was my wife before and even today my wife is Anika. Anika cries.

Reporter asks why did you go against family, why did you get separated. Shivaye says whatever Anika and I have between us in just ours, that’s why I don’t need to give any explanation to anyone, do you get that. Pooja signs a reporter. Reporter asks what about Pooja. Pooja cries and says even if marriage was fake, I regarded you my real husband. Shivaye asks her to do drama on stage, not in his life. Om agrees. Rudra says when you came home, I told you to leave before Shivaye comes, you didn’t go. Reporter asks why did you do fake marriage. Shivaye says it was my aunt’s plan, she blackmailed me to do this. Anika thinks it means that was a drama, which I believed true. Rudra asks Pooja to leave else go to jail.

Pooja thinks to go anything, I have to throw another card of Chutki. She says Roop blackmailed me too, she told me I m Anika’s lost sister Chutki, if I want Anika’s betterment, I should marry you, that’s why I married you. Anika cries. Pooja says I m your Chutki. Rudra signs Om to ask. Om signs no idea and looks puzzled. Anika says you are my Chutki. Shivaye says wait a min, you are amazing in improvisation, you started another drama. Pooja says no, I m Chutki. Rudra says then I m Tom Cruise. Shivaye says you think I didn’t get your background checked, you stayed in my house, I know everything about you, you are not Anika’s sister. Pooja says no, I m Chutki.

He says then prove that I m lying, prove that you are Anika’s sister, what happened, don’t you have any proof, but I have a proof that you aren’t Anika’s sister, because I know who’s Anika’s sister, she is present in this party. Anika says my Chutki is here. He says yes, she is here. Anika asks him where is she. Shivaye goes and gets Gauri in front. They get shocked. Gauri says Anika, my sister…… Anika and Gauri cry. Anika says Gauri is my Chutki. Shivaye says Gauri is your Chutki, remember when I took you to your room for the first time… She recalls. He says you told me about Chutki and showed her pic, I decided to find her. Pooja leaves. He says before I could find Chutki, you left, then one day, accidentally I got same pic from Om. FB shows Om giving Kalyani mills file to Shivaye. Shivaye gets a pic and asks Om. Om says its Gauri’s childhood pic, its Gauri and her elder sister, they got separated in childhood. Shivaye recalls Anika showing him Chutki’s pic. FB ends.

Shivaye says then I recalled Gauri’s mum’s words. Shivaye says Gauri was adopted in childhood, she was called Chutki, I had to confirm this, I hired a private investigator, he investigated and proved that our Gauri is Chutki, Anika and Gauri are sisters. Gauri asks why didn’t you say this before. Om says Shivaye and I decided to tell this thing to both of you together. Anika hugs Gauri. They cry. Anika wipes her tears. Gauri says I m so foolish, my sister was in front of me and I couldn’t identify. Anika says I always thought what’s our relation. Gauri says I always thought if my sister was with me, she would be like you, I didn’t know you are my Jiji. Anika says I missed you a lot. Gauri says I have also missed you every day. Anika calms her. Gauri says I have always felt your absence. Anika says whomever I love, Lord snatches that person from me.

Gauri says but Lord united us. They hug. Rudra says I want to give the credit of sisters union to Shivaye, what was that movie. Om says Amar Akbar Anthony. Rudra says this looks like that movie climax, it would be perfect if your dad had made some tattoo or idol, Om got dual relations with Anika now, and Shivaye’s bhaichara with Om is also doubled. He asks Bhavya why is she crying, her track will come if she gets any lost aunt or so. Bhavya asks him to shut up. Om hugs Rudra. Omru hug Anika, Gauri and Bhavya. Om signs Shivaye. Shivaye turns away. Rudra jokes. Om says we came for ramp walk and sisters union is happening here. Rudra asks shall we have Obro moment on ramp walk.

Anika says I can’t go there. Rudra asks Shivaye to say something. Om asks Shivaye to listen to his heart sometimes. Gauri asks Shivaye to stop Anika. Shivaye says one who has to go, shouldn’t be stopped. Anika leaves. They all cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So.All.Pkjians s…ishqbaazians….
    1.SHIVIKA Reunion is going to happen..that also in rain..woohhoooo.
    2.PINKY PONKY will be out of coma.
    3.DADI is back.
    So don’t miss next week..
    Love you pagals.

    Plz plz plz.

    1. Banita

      Can’t wait for coming week…

      1. Muchi….hi hi hi.
        Yes Bani..cant wait for upcoming.

    2. Omg……….Is it true……Then its gonna rocks arpita……
      Can’t wait for next week……..
      AFNA is fine dear. …..Well she has joined DCA…….Actually her phone is no working
      so she can’t comment. …….
      Well l am going to her home for enjoying the weekend. …..So next week is so
      special for me….
      And with this news arpita…My happiness become double….
      Any way thanks for the news

      1. Yes is going to be superb..
        Now go and enjoy..and watch ishqbaaz and also enjoy..
        Happy happy face..
        Love you.
        Ok.Lots of good wishes fot her From PKJ.
        Love her and love you too.

    3. Are you serious arpu ,,it’s really true ????? Omg than it will be superb ,,wait for next week desparetly ,,
      Two days are very difficult without ib ,,???

      1. Yes Tani….
        It is true….
        I am sure all will gonna love it.
        And very much difficult twodays without ishqbaaaz……


    5. It’s true that Shivika union in rain so so good I waiting for monday

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,just saw Shivika’s pics of geeli geeli romamtic post.Upcoming will be superb.Can’t wait to see those on screen.Shivika will be on fire amidst water.Get ready to burn darling.Hehehehehe…..

  2. Hi pkj, yesterday epi is tooo gud. I love shivay’s dialogue” mere aur anika ke beech jo bhi wo hamara hai” the way he is saying i love this. Ek dusre ke bina jeena bhul jate hai fir itna larte hai, koi samjho ehne

    1. Simrat…
      Yehi toh he.shivika ki speciality ???
      Bina lade ek din nahi chalti in dono ki….
      And in dono hi ek dusre ko jhel sakte he…
      We are loving them too..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Simrat,that’s only Shivika’s style.Nothing else.

  3. Dishani01

    ????I’m blessed to have like this comment Partner ….

    1. Dishu ……can i know about whom you are saying this….. ???.. you.

  4. Hloo ishqbaazians
    Wish u a hpy sunday…and hpy smile day
    Just desperately waiting for tmr………so its confirmed that shivaay will bring anika back to om next week..waiting for shivika reunion,hope everthing will be cleared this week nd also waiiting for baby some hints from youtube

    1. Hi Sneha..
      Congrats for your result..
      And yes don’t miss next week…
      Baby track..noooooo not so soon…?????..
      Let them.enjoy.

      1. Thanku dear…yes i wont miss next week.Hee..hee ok .I will keep my baby track imaginations aside.I just wish for it bcoz then everyone will be happy.Ok..Ok now let all of them enjoy.I suggest everyone to go for a journey bcoz it was a tough time for all…just my imaginations

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,are you sure baby track is coming?Quite possible by the way.Let’s wait and watch.Hope all misunderstanding will be cleared.Take care.

  5. Hey guys my results r out…so so happy

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,how are you?Is it?Lots and lots of congratulations and sweet wishes for your future ahead of it.God bless you.

      1. I am great dear..thanks dii..i am having full A+ yaar.Lots nd lots of love

    I have lot’s of wish for shivika scenes in my bucket list..
    Want to mention it.

    1.I am missing Shivika bike ride..and champa ride..want go in a long drive..
    Sso riding bike Annika sitting behind him .hugging him tightly……..
    Or Annika Riding her Champa..Sso enjoying sitting with her
    2…Want a romantic dance sequence for them bcoz they danced either in sad ..or with prblms.. or so want a long romantic dance sequence for them..
    3…Reboot of DARD HUA SEQUENCE Where Sso will tadofying her biwi in party….And a romantic sequence …..
    4.Wall Romance….
    5 Behind pillar romance..
    6 Talli Shivika………
    7..Bangle Romance..
    9Shivika’s night out. Spending night in a beautiful hill area watching moon.
    10 ..jungle traveling.
    11 Car..riding…
    12…Outdoor romantic shoot…
    13.Having convo how the fell in love
    with each other specially Annika’s POV..
    14.Shivika’s morning kiss..
    15..sleeping in each other arms…
    16.Annika will call Sso HOT ????
    17.SSO will dance on DHINKA CHIKA…(remember their ..challange?????)
    18.Shivika’s oakdam pakdai game and hide and
    19.Reboot of hand wrestling scene..
    I want only one thing

    Gouri want to make a murti And Om will try to help her… back hug position..both will lost in their world…
    Uffffff…kaash ye sab hojata….?????????????

    Now Arpita stop your gutter mind ..??????????…
    Btw Pkj..what you wil love to see????????
    You can share.

    1. oh god..arpu just control yaarrr…tumara imaginations r grt..I will be happy if everthing is fulfilled..
      i wil share my imaginations later.IT takes time to write down…ha..ha
      just be in ur own ib world
      dil bole ishqbaaz..

      1. Ye Sneha ..and once again congrats for A+…
        Party toh banti he..
        Yehhh i am full on ishqbaaz world…
        Control hi toh nahi ho raha.. ???? .

    2. Your wishes is fabulous I like it

      1. Hi Adu…
        Thnx yarr..
        Kassh ye pure hojate….

    3. Luthfa

      Hehehehe…..Your imaginations are running quite wild darling.Zara break lagao.You know the IB team very well.But I would love to watch those very,very,very…..much on screen.Let’s see.By the way.why don’t you write some os and ff from your favourite list the way you want?And I have one wish that I want to see Ansh in near future if cvs are willing to work on it.

      1. Lu…time dear…
        Lack of time..if i will busy in my phone or Mama will smash my head..
        That is why i can’t write and studies are there na… is quite difficult….
        And yaa Now i am on break.??.
        I CAN BEAR HIGH TEMPERATURE OF SHIVIKA’S FIRE…????????????????….?????

  7. Oh arpu dear u want party…??
    Take everything u want..there is no other way Yaar…?????
    Love u dear….Thanku once again for ur wishes

    1. Sneha…dear..thank yiu..mera pet bhargaya.
      Hi hi hi…..welcome dear.
      Love you..

  8. Hi to all meri khidkitod GPkj walas! My great Sunday greetings to all Paglon ki jhund!

    How are you all guys? I’m here after so long and I missed you all so much.I hope some of you guys remember me.
    Since I was attacked by severe small pox disease, I was unable to come here and was unable to cope up with past one month episodes.
    Since I felt little bit better now I just came here to interact with you all as I missed you all very much.
    I haven’t watched episodes from April but I update it with TU &by my little sister.
    I believe I have missed watching such a wonderful track all these days but I’ll try to continue hereafter as I feel it’s gonna be interesting track as stated by Arpu di and others of TU.
    I thought CVS will drag Aniri track but it came to an end soon.
    Till then all of you take care and be happy.☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Luthfa

      Hello my lovely sister Shivya,how are you now?You were ill that’s why I was thinking why you took so much time to come here.Hope you are recovering.Lots of healing wishes from my side.And let me tell you,I missed you sooooooooooooooo……much all this while.Take care ok?Love you………

  9. Hi Arpu di,
    How are you di? I too wish let your dreams and imagination come true. I’ll be the most happiest person like you if all the wishes mentioned above by you will be granted by the lord. Atleast few from it. Fantabulous imagination di.????

    1. Look look.Who is here..
      Finally Shivya ..yiu are here.
      Somedays ago i was lu..that missing S grp….pagals..
      Now how is your health dear….
      Jaldi se thik hojao..
      Lots of prayers and wishes for you my dear…
      I am fine.
      And yeh..if all these imagination will come true then i will Kiss Gulneet..sure..?????Wish my imagination will come true..
      Now take care of yiur health..
      Ok…love you..soooo much..

  10. Hii shivya
    What happened Yaar..small pox?
    How r u now…tc
    I am fine…yes u missed many interesting episodes but just take care of ur health

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