Ishqbaaz 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivika make a plan

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Ishqbaaz 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Khanna to just get the info. Anika says I look beautiful always, what’s those people called, whose every pic comes good, photo genie or photo genius, where is your focus, I think you really got distanced while acting, fine I will go. He asks can you live without me. She asks him the same. He says I will lose my life. She says don’t talk such things, I m not going away. He says I won’t let you go even if you want, no power in the world can separate us. Roop comes and sees them holding hands. She says come soon, its Bhavya’s first rasoi. She stares at them. She thinks I will separate both of you. Tej asks how much time more, I have to go office. Jhanvi and Pinky ask him to miss office but have food prepared by Bhavya. Tej jokes I hope its not raw eggs. Anika says I had prepared paneer butter masala in first rasoi, Shivaye liked it a lot and finished it. Shivaye says of course, how can I forget, it was incredible. Gauri laughs. Bhavya says I have made halwa. She serves them. Rudra asks did you cook using the recipe I gave you. Bhavya says no. He says it will be bad then. Everyone likes the halwa. Rudra jokes. Anika asks Shivaye to tell. Shivaye tastes and says its very nice.

Tej and everyone give shagun to Bhavya. Pinky says I wish Dadi was here, now our grandchildren will marry after 25 years. She jokes on Tej. She says Roop’s marriage happened last in our generation, I remember Roop made dal makhani in her first rasoi, Shivaye liked it a lot. Shivaye gives shagun to Bhavya and says I m so happy you don’t cook like Anika. Anika says you are jealous of my cooking. He jokes on her. Jhanvi says I just regret we couldn’t see Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. Shivaye says you can still watch it, I got it recorded, we will see it together in evening. Anika thinks why is Shivaye so lost, what is he thinking. Shivaye says stop making excuses and find out Veer. Anika asks what happened, you didn’t even finish breakfast. Shivaye says nothing, I had some work, you know Veer is still not captive. She says you don’t worry, he will be caught some day. He says no, Veer is very smart, no one can find him, I will make him helpless to come out in open. Tej asks Khanna who called the media.

Shivaye says I called them, I have to make an imp announcement. Om asks about what. Roop thinks they like to draw attention. Shivaye says its about Veer Pratap Chauhan. Roop gets shocked. Shivaye says Veer was our tenant in Goa house, I didn’t know he is a criminal, he compelled his wife to commit suicide, he has mentally harassed my wife, he also attempted to kill her, he is with Shwetlana, truth is Veer is a criminal, who is on the loose right now, I m not making baseless allegations, I have the proof. Anika says Veer confessed his crimes in front of me, this is the recording. Shivaye says we will give this pendrive to police tomorrow, police will find Veer, we have to alert everyone to remain safe from Veer. Roop scolds Veer on call. Veer says calm down, I haven’t come outside. She says Shivaye has evidence against you. He asks what evidence. She says what you have done with them in Goa, if pendrive reaches police…. He says no, our plan will be ruined. She says think what to do. He says you steal that pendrive.

She says I don’t want them to know we are together, can’t you understand. He asks do you want me to go jail. She says no, come here and find it, they are going to watch Rudra’s marriage video, its a good chance, its kept in red envelope. He asks about security. She says there is someone outside. She goes to see. Shivaye says I can understand last few days were hectic, so take a break, Shwetlana is arrested now, take a day off. The guards thank and leave. Shivaye asks Khanna to go, does he not have family, wife, children, go and spend time with them. Khanna asks how will you manage without me. Shivaye says just like I manage when you are here, I end up doing all the work, I feel confused, whether you guard you or I guard you. Khanna says you are joking right. Shivaye asks ar you my sister in law. Khanna says no, if I was, you would have joked. Shivaye says its better you go to your family. Roop says Shivaye asked his security to take a leave. Veer says great, its our good fate or a trap, I have no option, I will come. Gauri gets pakori and says its fun to watch film while having pakoris. She praises Rudra and Bhavya. She says I m Om’s fan. They all see the video and smile. Veer comes and looks around. He says Shwetlana has gone jail, they got negligent and removed security, they left door open too, fools, I have to find pendrive. Om says you got fat, you won’t have pakori.

Rudra says I have worn rented sherwani, my marriage happened in such situation. Om says Oberois’ marriage is never a regular affair, welcome to be an Ishqbaaz. Roop thinks where is Veer. Veer thinks I know where Shivaye has hidden that pendrive. Rudra asks Bhavya why does she seem intoxicated. Bhavya says I really was. Veer says Shivaye is the one who defeats time, one who defeats Shivaye is Veer. He gets the pendrive behind the clock. He says does anyone keep such an imp thing at such a place, idiots. Anika asks did you come to steal this, we did this to call you here, you won’t go easily now. She calls out Shivaye. He locks the door and holds her neck. He says call him now, I will see. She laughs and pushes him. She says I thought you were a fool, do you know what are you, a big fool, this was a plan to force you to come here, Goa was your Lanka, this house is Shivaye’s Ayodhya. He says I made Shivaye shoot you here in this house.

She says its your misconception, Shivaye was playing a game with you, he has filled fake bullet in gun and I acted to die, I fooled you as fake Anika, you forced your wife to die, you got a fake wife and daughter, you tried to kill Shivaye. He says yes, I tortured you in Goa and tried to prove you mad so that Shivaye abandons you, he didn’t leave you, then I terrified you, I forced my wife to die, I joined hands with Shwetlana to ruin your family, I will surely do this, I got Aryan here, I tried to kill Shivaye, I hired that sniper, so that you help me to swap Soumya and Bhavya, I did everything, but law wants evidence, this is the pendrive right. He breaks it. He says evidence is gone and holds her neck. Shivaye hits a bottle on his head. Veer holds his head. Shivaye pushes him away. Anika stops Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Pinky to say, if she was with Roop’s child, how did she get that child before marriage. She says that child was illegitimate. He asks Roop is she fine. She says I had a headache. He gets some pic and checks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I liked the episode today. Especially the family moment.
    Want to kill this danto danto mein bua. How dare she to interfare between Shivika.
    I liked TSO’s expressions today. Especially when Pinky made fun of him.
    Shivay bhaiya and Khan conversation….ha ha ha…
    U r a big fool Veer like Anika di said a DHACHU. Pappu is also less for u.
    Veer how can u even think of killing Anika di when SSO is there.
    @Krishna- Thanks for sharing ur views. Pata nai kyu par mujhe who siblings type dekhte the.

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Ritu….
      Congrats yarr GRG..
      Nothing new..?????

    2. Hahaha. I didn’t find them as siblings or anything but something lacked. Don’t know wat. No offence @ishkara fans?

    3. About ishkara I too felt the same but after I saw RuVya I felt ishkara having better chemistry than them. In fact swetkara having better chemistry than RuVya.No offense RuVya fans. this is my view only.

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations with lots of love….?
      What to say about this bua?She gets on my nervous always with that dialogue.Shivika get interrupted for family members often time and it’s normal???????

  2. Pushpa

    Hi pkjs..
    Such a wonderful episode..
    First 3min was a blessing to hv some shivika moments…. shivaye getting worried and so scared losing anika…u know gals mere kho na michi michi feeling wth shivaye saying this anika dads murder this roop plan to seperate shivika….god many things mere dimaag mae …. i just hope anika after finding out abt her dad……. she know its not shivayes fault and she will stand by him saying mae sirf Anika hu…. Anika rahungi…. what say u gals???? U think she will say this?

    Bhavya halwa must b tasty… anika is married for more thn 1year… she didnt learn to cook at all???? Brw tht was the best scene today whole family gathering…
    Im a little angry wt cvs…. when the oberois watching rudy wedding tape….why shivaye anika not holding hands the rest was siting holding hands…… why cant shivika have nice peaceful life…..
    This bua i think i want to poison her… irritating specimen… i know its shivaye plan to trap veer and yes he got trapped…..will police arrest him? Next will b roop…..

    I think tht pendrive is empty and shivaye hv recorded veer confession he made in front of anika…waise Smart Singh Oberoi was owsm today…

    So pinky tells about nadjaiz beta of OF… but still this bua is not tht easy to defeat…. and whts tht note shivaye is reading….. i think its roop plan to trap shivaye…
    Oh god cant wait 4tomoro..
    Well gals tc
    Gd nite

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Pu dear…
      I want Annika to say MAIN SIRF ANNIKA HUN..AUR WOHI RAHUNGI…
      This will give the true and real essence of KHIDKITOD ANNIKA..
      Love you

      1. Pushpa

        and proof of their ishqbaaz…

    2. Wen ur husband is as good a cook as SSO, y do u need to learn to cook?.. and shivaay would rather die than let Anika cook ?.. today neither shivaay nor Anika wer in a mood to enjoy Rudy’s Shaadi video tape. They were in tension and expectation of veer so it’s normal to not romance yaar.. I’m scared abt danton bua too.. it’s gna be her trap fr shivaay. Esp since he is gna get veer arrested. Bt I can’t blv veer let Anika and smart Singh oberoi make such a big pappu out of him. I jus hope he dsnt have a backup plan..

      1. Hiiiii Krishu dear..
        How are you????….
        Ha ha ha Krushu kabhi kabhi tension dimag ki akkal ko kha jati he..
        But i think Vanmanosh or DHENCHU will back..with something bigger..
        After all itna bada name jo he uska…???????..

      2. Pushpa

        its veer pratam chauhan …. anything is possible and everything happens unacceptedly in our IB…. so lets wait I watch….

    3. Yaar exams ki bohot pressures hai….parso toh PYSICS hai….khair Puspa di even I want Ani di to say that she only ANIKA sirf ANIKA….

      1. Hii Sonia dear..dont take stress.
        Go and rock in exam..
        All The Best Of Good Luck dear
        Love you

    4. Pushpa I am with you. Let’s poison her together. Oh my goodness her voice modulation is absolutely horrendous. I can’t handle it anymore

      1. Pushpa

        me too cant even her her voice & her evil eyes……

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Me too is angry with cvs.Can’t they spare some lovely moments for Shivika?What’s wrong in that?Don’t worry di,your Shivaay will take care of everything.Now smile plz?????

  3. Dishani01

    wow I’m new to this comment box but old too this update reading .. i love shivimru.. are you guys welcome me also to your group ???

    1. Dishani dear, welcome to our pkj family,keep commenting. Even I also joined here few days back.

      1. Dishani01

        ohh nice dear take my hifi??+???
        We are juniors ??

    2. Hiiì Dishani…..
      Welcome to our famous PKJ..
      Yaani paglon ki jund or ishqbaazon ki duniya..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun…

      1. Dishani01

        ohh nice dear take my ?? smile
        sorry i don’t know hindi .. I’m tamil pa i only reading subtitles when see ishqbaaz..and what is that pkj☺

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Dishani,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon.Take care?

      1. Dishani01

        thank you dear I’m don’t know much about commenting but enjoying your comment love you somuch you love dear I’ll try my best

    4. Pushpa

      hey welcome to our PKJ group of family… please continue commenting…..

      1. Dishani01

        Thank your dears ????

  4. Nice episode…

    1. Gayatri..
      Yaa finally they are not dragging it.
      Hope it will continue and everything will be fine soon…
      Btw Welcome to.PKJ..keep commenting and enjoy the fun.

    2. Luthfa

      Hope this niceness continues because a big storm is waiting for Shivika.

  5. Dear Ishqbaaz fans, how are you all? I am back from my vacation. Hello Banita dear, Arpu, Luftha, Jeevi, Kadhambari, Omaira and there are many well wishers that I can’t remember right now.

    Today’s episode was really nice. Confession time. First the cvs covered all the loopholes. The illegitimate son. There was a confusion on whether it was Shivaay or Om but now we know that it was Veer. Next, Veer himself admitted that he was obsessed with Anika and tried to kill her. He revealed all the truth that happened in Goa.

    At least now the story is moving along. Even Kalyani Mills mystery is solved. Roop is the villianous. Even Anika’s parents are identified already. Seems like the cvs are closing all the loopholes and I am surprised. Are they going to bring on a new track or are they finishing with Ishqbaaz? I just hope they are finishing this track and will bring on a new plot on IB.

    The special bond that Shivika share is simply awesome and amazing.

    1. Hiiiiii Sindhu……
      Finally……………You are back…
      Welcome back yarr.
      How was your vacation????
      They should finish this track..they dragged this track since SHIVIKA SAADI.
      I think Cvs want to finish this plot between IPL……….
      Bcoz after IPL…
      Starplus will close some shows and will introduce new show…
      So They just want to increase Excitement between fans.. so that people will watch.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      How are you?Welcome back di and lots of love and hugs from my side.Yeah finally KMM is going forward.Just hope cvs will finish it with proper execution of plot and story line.Because consistency is already lost and loopholes are overflowing.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    Glad to some old pkjian specially ANITA333..
    Complain baaz see i remembered you..
    And sry for not replying bcoz of busy schedule.
    Ok come to episode.

    1.AGAR TUM JANA CHAHOGI BHI NA…MAIN TUMHE JANE NAHI DUNGA….This line..may be it can be a line but the emotions it carried is priceless…Sso’ clearly show8ng that how much he has fear of losing Annika…His JENE KI WAJAH……This one line will prove later that whatever situation may be SSO will bot Let ANNIKA GO ( talking about sweet singh oberoi not sadu singh oberoi ).
    ..they both knows very well they can’t live without each other.they have to be strong.. they have to fight with against all odds.
    BTW Sso Annika Is Right.. You are not giving her a look now -a – days.I a m missing CHALU CHEEZ OBEROI. .
    Hope after all this our CSO will be back…?????-finger crossed-.

    2.BHAYANKARLY FANTASTIC once again Sso proved that he has good memory power ?????????????. .
    Pinky ponky’s tunting to tej…ha ha ha…..

    They can give takkar to whole world to protect each other and their family. ……… Press wale didn’t annoyed me…i am saying truth but bhootni’s eyes rolling..??????????…

    Rikara Scene was sooooo cute. …

    Ok But Sso..yiu didn’t do fair with Our most loveable KHANNAJI….hawwwww Khanuji ke biwi bacche bhi he….NAHI …NAHI….NAHI…..
    Aab mere Lijience dear ka kya hoga…bechari khanuji ko kitna pasand karti thi??????…Waise Sso said truth…that All security always checked by Sso.

    So Vanmanush got another name…DHENCHU…????????????really a khidkitod name
    And i must say that today chandu di and nikitin sir nailed last was really good.
    But Seriously
    Vanmanush you too brutus…Now it is oroved that DAKSH IS THE OBE AND ONLY MOST POWERFUL MALE VILIAN OF ISHQBAAZ.clap
    Btw Sso completed his revenge…Vanmanush Hit Sso head at God Now he d8d the same in Mumbai…
    And Vanmanush know Sso so well.WAQT part.????????????Shiveer the powerful couple..?????????.

    Precap -just waiting what will Sso see.
    Ok byy guys.
    Love you all.
    And keep commenting on okj and keep.watching IB on TV and also on hotstar…

    1. Yes Arpu dear I also noticed that she turned to Tej and even gave suggestion. They are always on loggerheads and for once she spoke with respect

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Shivika were soooo…adorable yesterday.Najar na lage.Their love for each other just amazing.And Pinky’s taunts always target Tej in this or that way.Let’s see how this KMM is going to affect Shivaay and Anika.Take care?

    3. Pushpa

      hi arpi… no sorry no thankyou in our pkjs diary yaar
      no worries we are ll busy at times but make sure peep in when there is time
      when shivaye is there all mystery will be solved….

  7. I also like the part on Shivaay feeling suddenly insecure that he is going to lose Anika after what Svetlena said. I hope there is no separation of Shivika. Why the cvs always want to target Shivika?

    1. Shivika separation will not happen
      And Shivika always target bcoz they have more takkar ki nafratbaazi with Vilians than ishqbaazi between them..???

  8. hello pkj
    busy with my exams,so could not reply
    btw i am watching ib along with the star utsav’s also
    dbo and ib epi r combined,its actually very good
    aniri,shivri,ruri conversations were just adorable
    rikara ki ishqbaazi bohoti cute hain
    so those who haven’t watched those epi,u can watch it

    1. He Magi dear.
      No prblm yarr.just finish your exam..then yiu can come here
      All the best of good luck.

    2. Luthfa

      It’s ok dear.Exams come first.Do comment whenever you can manage time.All the very best for your exams.God bless you?

  9. Hey Luftha, you wanted to know how my holiday was. Well Perth was such a beautiful place to visit. I went to the wildlife park and got close up with the Koalas, Wombats and Tasmanian Devil. The Rottnest Island was fabulous. Such a stupendous place and it is breathtaking. The island is untouched by humans and they have preserved it in its natural setting. The Indian ocean was marvellous. Margaret River was another excellent place to visit with all the wineries and lush green place. Overall an exciting place.

    I just returned and was busy watching the missed episodes on hotstar. I still have two more to go so can’t comment much on today’s episode except what was on the update.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooo….much di for sharing your experiences.Wow,you have enjoyed a lot it seems.Wish I could join you!Catch those episodes di.And yeah don’t forget to take rest.Lots of love?????????

  10. Luthfa

    If Veer Pratap Chauhan is the one who beats Shivaay Singh Oberoi who conquers Time,then it’s Overconfidence that fails,beats,overthrows Veer Pratap Chauhan in return.In the history of OF’s enmity with others no one appeared such a fool while confronting the Oberois.From the starting of his story only failure has come to grace him successfully.Veer openly calls Oberois fool but that suits him best.He always brags about his power and intelligence but those never work in time.Oberois are very powerful in crushing their enemies even they don’t spare their family and this Veer took them lightly!On the other hand Roop is showcasing her selfishness fully.She couldn’t do the task of stealing that Top Secret remaining in OM.Wow,for whom she risked her own life,put an end to so many lives,she refused to do what his son asked for himself,for his safety.KMM promised someone quite powerful like the Oberois in planning and plotting but Veer and his mother just ruined it by enacting the role of fools and that of high quality.But still I hope picture is not over yet.And we have Shivaay Singh Oberoi as the showstopper for every show staged against Oberoi khandan…………………………..

    1. Wow…wow…just wow….
      Luthfa you nailed it..

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment darling.Love you?

    2. You are right Luftha!!!! Veeroop always like to say that Oberois are bigger fools but the biggest fools are Veeroop. Veer maybe strong but his brain is useless and he has a useless mother. My my Veer is illegetimate child and he is roaming around as nothing happened. Roop will face her dire consequences eventually. How long is she going to hide like this??? She can’t carry on with these lies. Truth and justice will prevail

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Evil can’t win against Good no matter what.That’s why Veeroop are going to fall very badly for their own deeds.This time she is planning to separate Shivika but I am sure she will not succeed in her plan.Their intellect quota is really poor in comparing with other enemies of the Oberois.Let’s see what is waiting for us.Take care?

    3. Pushpa

      but lufy yesterday tht bahubali giangantic got fooled easily by shivaye&anika….

  11. Good episode..i loved it.. Roop Bua how much ever you can try.. But you can’t separate our shivika.. Missing Dadi a lot in dinning table.. I just remember how they dine together with smiling face hota hain hota hain sequence.. Dadi recover soon and join IB..
    Atlast we can saw our old khidki thod Annika..
    What a dialogue shivaay mere Jaan chale javunga.. His love towards her never decreases keeps on increasing..
    Veer is becoming biggest pappu.. How cleverly shivaay played his plan.. Veer is giving self statement of all his crimes.. ????
    Onside shivika’s love increasing otherside shivaay’s and Khanna bond is too cool & increasing .. ????????????????????
    They way Annika changed her expression when veer strangled her neck.. From frightened to laughind oh my Mata expression queen just rocks.. Love you dear.. Spa 2018 is waiting for you..
    After long gap we can see Rikara romance..
    Pinky & Tej convo was nice..
    Precap: Atlast shivaay had doubt on his Bua.. Will he find veer & Roop’s connection?

    1. Hiii too mussing dadi a lot..
      And yaa That hota he hota he sequence was really funny.and cute..

    2. Yes Kadhambari I also miss Dadi very much and with all the rasoi she is not even around. She really must be in bed with her knee replacement surgery.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Nice review of the episode di.Me too is missing Dadi a lot.Their conversations at breakfast table was really good.And Shivika are awesome as usual.Those few seconds were just bliss to watch and to witness their love for each other.Don’t know whether Shivaay will suspect her or not.Take care?

  12. Hellooo friends!!!
    The first few mins of shivika and family time so cute!!! ??
    Yes yes yes ?? veer is caught!
    When you entered the OM you thought they are idiots.. don’t forget you are dealing with SSO!!!!!

    Precap.. finally pinky said abt roop bua’s illegitimate child… And shivaay will learn abt the framed truth ????? i think that pic which shivaay checks wil be the photo which portray that senior oberois killing mr.kapoor ( which was taken by roop )

    I saw one post in insta … Synopsis ws like “shivaay and Anikaa realize that they are fated fr each other upon learning that Anika’s dad is the factory foreman.. roop has some proof.. which implicate senior oberois in fire..”
    Anika and shivaay will realize they have nothing to do with that…so there won’t be any separation track i guess.. ???

    1. Dhanu even i saw that synopsis on insta..
      Don’t know if it is true or not..but want to be true..
      And don’t know which photo will.Bhootni show to Sso..
      You pov is right.
      May be Bhootni wil try to frame oberois
      Yaa and your episode by episode Sso’s confession is superb.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Yeah IB family moments are best.No matter what Shivika shouldn’t part with each other.If that’s true then very good for them.Let’s wait and watch.Take care?

  13. Episode 296: ” sochna bhi mat, meri Jaan chaali gayi thi
    Episode 393:” Annika, tumhe kuch hogaye tho meri Jaan chali Jayegi..
    Episode 472:”main tumara nahi apni Jaan ko Bacha raha hoon”..
    Episode 512:” Meri toh Jaan hi chali Jayegi”..
    SSO love towards Annika never decreased a bit.. Lovely SSO..

    1. Thanku akka. I wanted to watch these moments again but didn’t remember telling episodes. So thank you for telling them

    2. Luthfa

      Oh di,you are making me emotional as well as nostalgiac?????☺☺☺☺☺☺

  14. I am happy that finally I got the point of that daimas video, oberoi khandan ka bara beta najayeej hai. That son was veer,
    Every problem has sort out. Just one thing I am not understanding. That swetlana carracter. At first they show she is very cruel and want to destroy oberoi, than they showed fake swetlana track, where fake swetlana was cruel, and real swetlana was good. Than again this swetlana came who wanted to steal a painting which containing a proof. And finally she again came to destroy oberois. Who is she? Real or fake?

    1. Hiii Manisha.
      Welcome to pkj.
      Dear only Cvs can give answer of yiur question.
      SUTLU is the most confusing VAMP of IB…??

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Manisha,
      Well Veer is not that Bara Beta of Oberoi khandan.Actually who is that illegitimate child is a mystery till today and cvs will not clear that in this janam.And dear,this real and fake Savetlana is the most interesting twist of NB sister and another mystery in the countless mysteries floating around OF and their enemies.

  15. Hi guys, good to c happy family moments bt missing too much.. get well soon dadi…. they must hv give any other dress for bhavya same dress.. nooo…. i was laughing remembering anika’s 1 rasoi…. pinky teasing tej haa..haa… cute rikara moment… loved kannaji n shivaye convo….
    shivka convo …fear of lossing anika is clearly cn in shivaye face… anika di is back missed her tali…..
    biggest fool is lumbu..

    @ krishna: im tamilian from karanataka..
    @Sindhu akka : Hru. happyy to c u back. hope u had enjoyed ur trip n got back beautiful memories backk…

    sry guys busy in assignment work so cant reply more of

    1. Jeevi thanagachi, are you in bangalore?
      Because I’m from Chennai but now settled in bangalore…

    2. Hii jeevi dear..first complete your assignment
      Then come back…
      Annika’s first rasoi was really khidkitod…

    3. Yes dear Jeevi I am back. Happy to read all your comments. Wonderful.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,how are you?
      Yeah family moments were awesome but I didn’t like the way Shivaay was becoming absent minded regarding Veer and KMM.Me too missing Dadi so much.It’s absolutely fine dear.Do comment whenever you can manage time.All the very best for your assignment and its success.Take care?

  16. Jacob Saathiyan

    Don’t they have multiple backups of the footage ?

  17. Luthfa

    Hello my PKJ family,good morning.
    Really very sorry because I couldn’t reply yesterday as I was busy with my admission for post graduation course.Anyway,hope everyone is doing great and having fun.Lots of love?

  18. Hi guyssssss….

    First of all I am sorry that I could not comment for the past two days because I was out of station. Also I missed those episodes. So I read the updates.

    So these three days are of kalyani mills. Finally the secret of Kalyani mills has been disclosed. Thank Lord. That was the limit. So the evil Roop has burnt Kalyani mills,killed Mr.Kapoor,killed Anika’s father and whatnot. Disgusting. And she is strolling in the Oberoi mansion like a good child. Huh……Wanna give a nice slap on her face.

    So Shivika’s plan is gonna work. Poor Veer has confessed everything to Anika. This was their plan….to make Veer confess everything himself. I think that Veer and Roop(not sure) will be soon exposed.

    Anyways happy that Kalyani mills secret has been disclosed.

    One question guys…Anyone from Kerala?

    Ok. Bye my dearssss….

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is ok kind of episode…. I want to kill roop bua when she says dato dato m… Luthfa dear. I am waiting for ur ff

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