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Ishqbaaz 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti says whatever it is, its not good to run away from marriage. Jhanvi says we should not judge her without talking to her. Om says running away from marriage was not right. Pinky says she can’t stay here. Tej says if Mallika wants to stay here, I don’t want a problem. Jhanvi agrees with Tej. Shakti asks Tej not to use Shivaye’s personal life for his business. Shivaye says Mallika will stay here till she wants. Anika smiles. Some time before, Tej and Jhanvi come home. Tej says this is the best news. He asks Shakti and Shivaye did they hear news. He tells Shivaye about Mallika, your ex GF’s marriage got fixed with Siddharth, she has run away, I m very happy about it, not much happy, I always said the country girls should take part in athletics, don’t know where did she run now. He gets

shocked seeing Mallika there. Shivaye signs Tej. Tej greets her. Everyone come in the living room. Tej asks is she really here. Pinky says yes, her marriage did not happen.

Mallika apologizes to them and says trust me, I need some time to think, I have no place to go. Jhanvi says I understand, it maybe tough, you did good to come here. Pinky asks what, Shivaye’s marriage is fixed, if ex GF comes back, we know what happens, we have seen Silsila. Rudra jokes. Pinky says she has run leaving our enemy Rana, its dangerous. Mallika tries to say. Pinky asks her to go home. Om defends Mallika. Pinky says whatever it is, she has to go. Shakti asks Mallika to go, its not good to run away. Jhanvi says we should not judge her without knowing anything. Rudra asks Pinky to see, Mallika looks worried. Pinky says she is Shivaye’s ex GF. Tej says she can stay here if she wants. Jhanvi agrees. Shakti says I know Tej wants to stop her here to use her against Rana, please don’t use my son’s personal life for your business.

Mallika says I don’t know you all to have arguments because of me. Pinky asks her to go, arguments started, you can’t stay here. Shivaye asks why can’t Mallika stay here. Mallika gets surprised. Shivaye says Mallika will stay here with us till she wants. Anika smiles. Everyone look on. Tej says then its settled. Om asks Shivaye are you sure. Shivaye says I m damn sure. Om says I also want to support Mallika, but running away from marriage is not easy. Shivaye says its not easy to judge right and wrong, she took this big step, there maybe some big reason. He recalls Anika’s words and says same. He says Mallika has been part of my life, we shared a meaningful relation and supported in good and bad times, we will support each other even today. Pinky says but she is your ex. Shivaye asks is it written that ex can’t be friends, our relation changed, but our bonding and understanding is same. Mallika cries. Shivaye looks at Anika and holds his smile.

Soumya says Shivaye proved that if guys work hard, then they can become sensible like girls. Anika says yes, he has played helicopter shot today. Om and Rudra stand with Shivaye and support him. Tej nods too. Rudra says I did not know ex GF can stay at our house, give me phone. They ask him to shut up. Pinky asks Shivaye did you take life 5 years back. Shivaye says Mallika can stay here. She asks what about Tia. He says mom please and goes.

Mallika thanks Shivaye for doing this and I hope you mean what you say. He says you know I mean what I say. She says I know, I was checking, did you just say to show Tadi. He says don’t use such words. She says such words look cute and tells some words. He says don’t use such words, I know who is teaching you, come out of this lahenga, I don’t want to see you brushing in bridal wear. She says I m not comfortable, its difficult to run away from marriage, you don’t have time to change clothes. He says no experience, I will send Priyanka with clothes. He says if you don’t agree with my reasons for running away. He says you are imp, not reasons. She says Om says right about you, I thought of you when I have run away, I always knew you are the one. She holds his hand. Pinky sees them and says Oh my Mata, this girl has come back in my son’s life to trap him.

Shivaye and Om cook. Mallika tells them that decisions should not be unplanned, I have run away and then got to know of auto strike. Rudra asks then. She says I had run 4kms. Rudra tells Soumya that fitness is necessary. Mallika says you are still same Shivaye, and Rudra and Soumya say rude, adamant….. She says no one can do this Shivaye’s style step, how you move your hand over your hair. Shivaye says no, she can do this. Om and Rudra say wo…… Shivaye says you did not change. Rudra says your chemistry is still good, why did you guys breakup.

Mallika and Shivaye see each other. She clarifies its life and says the worst part of our breakup was I missed you guys. Om asks why did you not talk to us. She says things got awkward that’s why I did not talk to you. Om says I understand, you both handled with breakup with dignity. She says but Shivaye took away all contracts. Shivaye says but Rana gave you contracts, you are the best architect. She tastes the food and compliments Shivaye’s cooking skills. She asks Shivaye to have food and feeds him. Pinky gets worried. She stops Mallika and breaks their makeup. She tells Shivaye that Tia called from London. She tells Mallika that Tia went for shopping to London.

Mallika asks Shivaye are you getting second thoughts about marriage. Shivaye jokes you have come back and you are single, I m get second and third thoughts too. Pinky asks Shivaye to check her temperature. Anika talks to Dadi on phone and says date is not final, what will we do of designers. Pinky comes and says Tia went to London, and Shivaye is eating paneer from Mallika, its bad. Anika asks whats bad. Pinky says its bad to have paneer from ex, and asks Anika about her opinion. Anika says this did not happen with me. Pinky says you are also like me, and tells her schedule. Om and Rudra smile.

Anika tells Pinky that love can go if any relation ends, but friendship can’t, Shivaye did right to support Mallika. Om asks Pinky not to worry. Pinky says we know everything, if any mistake happens… Rudra asks what mistake, and sings Roop tera…. He says don’t take tension, monsoon has gone. Pinky says stop it, times changed, we had honeymoon in Haridwar and these days you guys don’t think anything. Shivaye comes with Mallika and says mom…..

Shivaye says you are still worried mom. Pinky says you are not mum, and won’t understand. Rudra jokes and says you will understand Pinky when you become a Maa, but don’t become mum before marriage, else family name will get ruined. Shivaye says Mallika and I are not marrying, we are friends, not couple, we are together, it does not mean something will happen, I broke up with her, it does not mean I hate her, we are mature and know to handle ourselves, is that fine. Pinky says yes. Shivaye says come Mallika, I will show you how bathroom shower works. Pinky worries and says shower will create problem. Rudra jokes. Om asks him to shut up.

Shivaye asks Mallika to just say it, your face has it written, I know you. She says you should not know someone so well, you said you broke up with me, it does not mean you hate me, you lied so that no one knows truth, you said you brokeup, but truth is different. He says you should have corrected me. Pinky hears them by hiding behind the tree. Mallika says everyone will know truth which you have hidden… the reality. Shivaye says don’t act like this daily soap thing. They joke. She says your mom is cute. He says don’t make fun of my mom, come. They go. Pinky says Mallika is laughing on me, I will ruin your plan, what is the secret which my son is hiding from me.

Pinky scolds Mallika and reminds that Shivaye dumped you .Mallika says I know he is good, it does not mean every girl will marry him, just for the record, your son did not dump me, I dumped your diamond type son. Everyone cup their mouths in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read a spoiler that Mallika will notice that Shivaye is more close to Anika than Tia. Will Mallika bring Shivika closer or not is to be seen. Anika will also tease Shivaye after knowing that it was Mallika who dumped Shivaye. Another spoiler is that in upcoming episodes Oberoi family will celebrate Halloween. Omkara will become Lord Shiva and Rudra will become a scary ghost. Some said that she saw Priyanka in ghost getup in a pic. It must be of the Halloween.

    1. What about sso????

      1. yah I just forgot what about sso what he is wearing

      2. It was not mentioned in the spoiler that what will be getup of SSO.

  2. really then mallika will realise to shivai that hi loves anika if it happens then it will not be boring it will be very interesting well hope that serial will not be bore

    1. Nikki I THINK Mallika will break shivaays and tias wedding somehow(I don’t know I just think will happen) then somehow I hope she goes away and ANNIKA SHIVAAYS ROMANCE SHIVIKA starts!!!!?

      1. I too hope so but Idon’t that mallika has a nagative role im this whats say

  3. Omg luv dis serial!!!!

    Couldn’t watch for few days, but read written eps… Why are there so little people here, when this is the only sensible serial in start plus??????feeling sad for that…

    But SHIVIKA IS HAPPENING!!!!!???? omg annika and shivaay… Such opposite personalities coming together!!!! Lovely!!!!

    Also i h8 dat new girl Mallika…. She doesn’t look like bad character but I am feeling same as shivaays mom… She is EX!!!!! Afraid if she will come between SHIVIKA…????

    Guys enjoy the upcoming ISHQ in ISHQBAAZ everyday 10pm.

    1. Sorry guys…I didn’t know comments started NOW ????enjoying ISHQBAAZ anyway!!!!!

    2. Ro ur welcm dr do comment k. But plsss what u told about only little ppl are here what means that

  4. Hii…everyOne…I am back…After one day…???
    My exam was too good….and I have some days holidays for preparation….till 11th. …
    Anyways the episode was very cool… …but I missed it….???
    How are you all…..mukta,haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di,renima di,priya….

    1. Hai piyali……how are you ishqie… fine dear…..

      1. Di I am fine…???

    2. Hai dear,,,I’m fyn 😀

    3. hi piyali dear how r u???

  5. Pinky said about silsila……i loved it….now sso’s life is like silsila….. one difference …..the film was a TRIANGULAR LOVE STORY WITH 2 HEROINES ……Now …..ishqbaaz is a Triangular Story with TRIANGULAR heroines…….. for……SSO

  6. Dhamakedhar Entry maari – Anika
    Faltoo Entry maari – Tia
    Bindass Entry maari – Malika
    Abb “ATM” ko sambhalnaa
    Billu ke bas ki baat hai…….naa????
    Kyunki sso ko fark nahi padta…..

    1. Devga

      Wah Wah…. Kya bath hey….

      Kahan sey milthey hein thume aise dhamakedhar dialogs renu….

      1. Thanks Devga Ishqie

    2. Renima dr u are just fabulous dr i love ur creativity dr, and ur told in previous page that mahis mom called u for function ohhhhh i just thought hw exiting u are ishqui….. I just prau u should get ur ishq….all the best my cute ishqui renima dr….

      1. Thanks shahabana ishqie for the support…….

    3. awesome

      1. Thanks shivani ishqie

  7. Hi ayesha

  8. SSO baby hardly need some reikis……tia baby…….do it……otherwise IKAS i mean anika and malika will score the sixers and you will not be able to cross boundary itself……then you can just say ……”.its all because of bad karma….”

    1. tia send reiki for for sso

  9. yaar this mideration ko na band kar deni hayiye har bath pe toktha hai

    1. Don’t get upset nikki ishqie…..TU ishqie is very sweet…….you just send reikis……it will post ur comment soon

  10. Leading Ladies name ends in Letter “A”- Anika
    I love TriAngels of Ishqbaaz- Amazing, Admiring, Awesome Angels

    1. Wow cute..

    2. You rocked it

      1. Thanks tharu ishqie and disha ishqie……

  11. hi all ishqbaazians…
    mukta…u remember all fans of ishqbaaz love u yaar…n i m f9…
    renima di i agree wid ur view…
    pinkys… highli8…
    i guess mallika came 4 sm intention…u knw gayatri said 2 bua abt d plan so guess bua send mallika…may b she knew d reason bhind shivmal brkup…
    rudra was so cute…n om too.shivaya recalling anikas wrd n control smilling was so nice 2 c…

  12. mouni roy fan

    what could b the truth????????!!!!!!

  13. Sat

    Hi guys, how are you all, hi renima di, disha, aliya, priya di, luna, piyali, ooshi Akbar, mukta di, haya , roz , rose,kat, nazeen Syed, yazhu, Shivani, fatarajo , nivedha ,Kiki, nelka ,sunanda, tharu , sunanda,ridhima, shivika fan, Liya,shalini, cutie pie, chetna, shahabana , mp, tanu , shakaib, yazhu,ayesha ,anuldiya, pradishma, Belle, Priyanka, Riyad Cruz, zhoya . Good evening. The show is rocking as always . Waiting for shivika scenes and ishkara patch up. Can anyone of u give à link for o Saathiya song

    1. Good evening sat dear.missing ishkara and shivika scenes….?

      1. Sat

        Ha yaar

    2. Hai Sat I’m fyn 😀

    3. Hai sat am good dear ishqie… are you ishqie????

    4. song-in-ishqbazz/ –
      You can download the full track fromhere

    5. Hi sat… Hope the cvs show some shivika scenes today waiting eagerly for today’s episode

    6. hi sat .m fine

  14. Helloooo gd evng my dr sweet ishquibaazians. Im waiting for today’s episode guyz. Hope todays episode will be faintastic. I think mallika will bring shivika closer or create problem for them. Hope she will be postv only. Hmmm waiting for shivika ishkara and rumya plssss cvs.

  15. Hi sat how are u
    I’m fine
    Reni di super entry wala poem?

    1. Thanks Nivi ishqie…..

  16. Ihope aj tho ishkara moments dhekne ko milega agar aisa hua then we all will be very happy right. and alsoshivika moments i like shvaiy expressions when he will see anika hina guys

  17. hai roz remember iam nikki. aj shivika moments hoga tho bahuth acha hoga N also ishkara waiting for that

  18. Golden stars of Ishqbaaz- Shivika- Amazing Saga of Love
    *they made ishqies to laugh a lot
    *they made ishqis to think a lot
    *they show concern 2 each other which made ishqies so happy
    *they are natural at their ways which makes ishqies to become their fan followers
    *their care for brothers inspired ishqies a lot
    *they are out standing for ishqies….

    Genuine stars of Ishqbaaz- Ishkara- Admiring Tale of Love
    * they made ishqies very emotional
    *they poured different colours of love for ishqies
    *their rare moments created magic for ishqies
    *their painful ishq made ishqies to became their fan followers

    Graceful stars of Ishqbaaz- Rumya- Astonishing Journey of Love
    * their cute moments makes ishqies very energetic
    * their concern for each other when one is sad really gives a nice watch for ishqies
    * their show off and pulling legs gives ishqies full of entertainement
    *their buddy ishq made ishqies to became their fan followers

    1. wow renima bahuth acha comments bechthi ho thum its simply superb

      1. Thanks a lot nikki ishqie and disha ishqie…..
        and how are you nikki ishqie???

    2. you noted everything in this
      love your comments

    3. you noted everything in this
      love your comments

    4. Your comments are very creative di..

  19. Hey Ayisha Ishqie…..welcome to the wonderful family of Ishqies…..keep commenting ishqie…

  20. Now the 3 ladies may propose SSO….in my imagination…
    1.Anika….”Billuji kya aap mujhse shaadi karogi? ” Mere paas gaana hai….aapke liye….billu ki shaadi hogi…..billu ka sehra sajega……billu ghodi pe chadegha” aur mein achi khana bhi banati hoon..”
    2. Malika…..”Shivaay will you?…..I know…it’s not easy….phir bhi….mein guilty feel kar rahi koon shivaay tumhein dump karne ke liye…..but i must remind you ……mein jab chahe bhaag sakthi hoon….”
    3. Tia……”Shivaay baby just marry me…….you know jab tum office se aayenge ……mein tumhein heal karungi…….baby……mein tiffin tumhare office nahin bhejungi as i don’t know cooking…..but mein reikis bhejungi……you will feel good….”

    1. Hats off for u di
      U nailed it
      poor sso

  21. Uff moderation…..seems my way of proposal imagination made Tu Ishqie scared…..
    Don’t worry…..just a sample……in the upcoming episodes i think we get more 2 watch and TU i will give you the bomb blast… alert…..

  22. Richu

    I don’t think mailka has evil motives….
    In fact she’s cute……..
    And she may bring shivika closer….

    Hope fr the best…..

    How r u all ishqbazians

  23. Ishqies……i just want to see dadi- anika moment, shivika nok-jhok and ishkara scene in today’s episode…..malika’s entry they are not focussing on shivika and ishana ……what is her condition?……. ridhima with om made ishana scenes less…..missing sahil also

    1. I am missing shivika nd ishkara sceans

    2. sorry remima i did’t see it but your just awesome kya kya comments bechthe ho where your from tell me

  24. They may show that Mallika will see the connection between Billu and Annu ?and will decide to do the duty of best friend by not letting Shivaay make a wrong decision. So she may do acting of being close to Billu to breakup him and Tia. And later her differences with Siddharth Vikram Rana will sort out and she will marry him after all. All through this Billu and Annu will realize their love for each other. Ishkaara will be an interesting one. If the spoilers are correct and Riddhima does slap Ishana then Ishana may decide to expose Tej to take revenge from Om . Then his words that if he will always choose truth will come back. But all through it she may realize how good he is and will truly fall in love with him. Enough of my predictions??sorry for the long post.

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