Ishqbaaz 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye breaks Anika’s fast

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says the act to revise the terms will ruin our company, Agarwal will never sign this deal, he is already angry. Shivaye says the Agarwal deal is through, that too on my terms, sign it. Rudra checks the papers. Rudra asks what if I refuse. Shivaye says sign it else the world will know that the company suffered big losses when you led it. Shivaye says wearing a suit and sitting on CEO chair, won’t make you a businessman. Rudra says Om, warn this man. Shivaye says call me bhaiya, I m still your elder brother, say it else… Rudra asks else what. Shivaye says I will leak the losses report. Rudra says fine, Bhaiya. Shivaye gets emotional. He says this is your problem, your attitude, we were losing contract because of this. Rudra says this deal was under Om and me, why are you just blaming me. Om

says because you don’t listen to anyone, you don’t think about the company, you don’t think about profits, all you think is how to ruin Shivaye. Shivaye says you created a scene by calling the press, Agarwal doesn’t even want to see you, if you like this chair a lot, then you must become worthy of it. He sits on the chair. He says when you are wrong, have courage to accept it, sign it. Om signs the papers. He says leave ego, think about the company. Rudra also signs. Shivaye smiles.

Khanna comes and says Anika has sent lunch for you. Anika asks what do you mean he didn’t eat lunch. Khanna says he said he isn’t hungry. Anika says how will he take medicines if he doesn’t eat. Shivaye gets her call and disconnects. Om gets her call and answers. He makes Shivaye talk. Anika asks why are you annoyed like kids, answer my call atleast, I know you don’t regard me wife, I have heard it many times, now my patience is ending, this day is imp for Suhaagans, you are hurting me a lot, if you don’t value me, then fine, at least respect this day, I m going and packed my bags too, but before I do, I want to meet you once, I have this right, just come soon. He says I have to go to construction site. She says just come, you will do what I m saying, else, I can jump the car off the cliff. Shivaye says I m coming Anika. He leaves. Om says what happened to him. Shivaye comes home shouting Anika. He asks her why did she blackmail him for coming home. He says I told you not to keep this fast, you think I ill change my decision, I missed an imp meeting and couldn’t go to construction site. Omru come home.

Om asks Shivaye did you get the news, the building site where you were going had collapsed, many people died in the accident, its good Anika called you home, else… Gauri asks did you see, women keep Karwachauth fast for husband’s well being, Anika has kept this fast and saved her husband. Bhavya says this love and trust is called marriage. Gauri and Bhavya check arrangements. Gauri asks Anika where is she going. Anika says Shivaye doesn’t want me to stay here. Om says what you are doing with Anika isn’t right. Shivaye asks really, you don’t let Gauri and Anika talk, is this right. Anika says I have no problem in leaving. Gauri says you won’t go. She says I m not forcing you to give wife’s status to Anika, its Karwachauth today, let Anika stay here and complete her fast.

She asks Anika to come, panditain and ladies are coming for Katha. Anika says moon will come out later, I will be starving. She smiles seeing everyone. Gauri likes Om’s gift. She says you know my choice very well. Om says you also take good care of my likes and dislikes. Bhavya thanks Rudra for gift. Rudra says no sorry and thanks in friendship. Om says she is your wife. Rudra asks can’t wife be a friend. Om says point. Omru hug their respective wives. Shivaye looks on. He says I hope you aren’t expecting a gift from me. Anika says you came home on my saying, what can be a bigger gift. She smiles and goes. Shivaye says moon must be out, why didn’t Anika come to call me. He acts to be working. He says Anika won’t eat anything until I end her fast, where is she, I have to go and see. Bhavya says the moon is up, come. Gauri says look at the moon. Gauri and Bhavya do Karwachauth rituals. Omru feed water to their wives. Ghar aaja pardesi….plays…. They hug. Shivaye comes there. Anika sees his reflection in the waters.

She holds her net dupatta and sees his face. She wipes her tears. He asks did you eat something. She says yes, your scolding. He asks why are you crying. She says because I got the world’s most arrogant husband. She feeds him food. She says have something first, I know you didn’t eat anything, you kept fast for me, I know you are Tadibaaz, you will find many excuses to not break my fast, its fine, have food. He says you break your fast as well. She says this doesn’t matter to you, you don’t consider me your wife, you don’t believe in Karwachauth, fine, I have done my duty. She goes away and smiles. She holds her head and falls unconscious. Shivaye shouts Anika and holds her in arms. She asks Gauri to get water. He feeds water to Anika. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. Everyone looks on.

Anika says I m fine, please break your fast. She winks to Gauri. Shivaye asks are you fine. He makes her sit and gets food. He says you are feeling dizzy out of hunger, have some food. He feeds her. She says you had said you won’t break my fast. He says what will I do if you faint. She smiles. She asks can I tell you a secret. He asks what. She says if men have strength, then women have self-endurance, husband can be arrogant, rude, angry, we women tolerate him. He says listen…. nothing. She say you have all these qualities which I just said, you are world’s most arrogant husband. She goes to room and happily dances. He says its not easy to separate Anika from myself, but I need to do this, whatever happens. Anika says no matter how hard you try, I will not be leaving you.

Roop says this is called an amazing gift. Anika says Shivaye has sent it. Roop says tell me what is it. Shivaye says its Anika’s Karwachauth gift, I should have given this yesterday, as the saying goes, better late than never. Anika checks the gift. She says you know very well, when, where and how to do it, divorce papers on Karwachauth, only Shivaye can do this. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    At last, Khidkitod Anika is back! She is not Khidkitod, but Darwazatod!

    Her dance really showed that happiness has no steps.

    Shivaay, you are hurting my Anika, just wait! I will make sure that you will regret again for doing this!!!!!!

    1. Appy

      I want regret badly..
      Don’t know if Cvs will show it or not
      GAG congrats

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You, Appy!

    2. Banita

      Congo dr….
      Arre don’t worry khidkitode Anika will make sure what U r wanting…
      But don’t U dare to say about doing anything to my Shivay bhaiya… LOL…

      1. Appy

        Shivaay Bhaiya…..
        Tell him to behave with my Annika Di
        Hamesha rulati he…

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    One good news , well its not a fresh news (2days old news) but i wanted to share it here again…
    Our Art director of IB got award for Best Art Direction…
    Congratulations team….!!! No doubt our Art , cinematography is always best…!!!!
    Now coming to epi…
    Tadibaaz SSO’s mission Rudy backkk started… Just hope that badam ki dibiya isme apna badam naa daal de…!!!
    Om’s poor phone… Bichara marte marte bach gaya… Actually phone ki malik (Om) ne usse bacha dia…
    Today i like our Khidkitode Anika moreee….
    Shivay waited when Anika will ask to come… But she didn’t came to ask him… She did’t ask him to break her fast… She break it in her khidkitode style , but bande ko andaj ki lagane nahi dia…
    Precap –
    Want this khidkitode Anika to slap tadibaaz SSO ( not in real) , apne andajse….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Agga4102

      That’s why she is darwazatod Anika!

    2. Appy

      Want Annika to tear those papers.
      ..stupid Singh Oberoi…
      Yes Annika is khidkitod in her style…

    3. Jahanara

      Chill Ho jaa Rabbit…. Itni lambi comment 😂😂 I’ll get old reading this 😝😝😝

    4. ItsmePrabha

      hey bunny..meri anudi ko slap karne ke liye math bolo yaar..bichara mera billu ka kya hoga..itni cute sa shakal jo hai uska..😂😂😂😂

  3. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals …
    Pkj please be active yarr 10 comments is not pkj thing..
    Come back please…
    About the episode
    Rudy was needed to be scolded…..
    And Om is at least mature……
    Baki I am done with this Sso can’t handle with his rudeness towards Annika anymore …….
    And I was crying seeing Annika
    She was breaking her fast in these 5 years without her husband .and when her SO CALLED husband is back still she us alone
    Slow claps Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi
    Ok I will not say anything and if I will say I will end up bashing him so badly
    My blood is boiling ….
    Precap- well done Mr So called Shivaay Singh Oberoi
    I really want Annika to tear those papers….and throw on Sso’s face bcoz I know she will not leave him

    1. ItsmePrabha

      yayy cheapdi..dekh kaun aayi ..tadan..main..oh teri anudi sach mein divorse papers phaadne wali hai..tere mooh mein ghee shakkar..well billu ke muh pe nahi maaregi shayed…par maarleni chahiye usse..fingers crossed..

  4. Appy

    And lastly Annika’s happy dance .
    I live for her happiness……..
    She was so cute …😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍want to see happiness more………
    She deserves Happiness

    1. Agga4102

      She was so cute in the dance!

      1. Appy

        Yes cutie pie….

  5. Luthfa

    Today’s episode just stole my heart like anything.After a long time felt like yes,I am watching Ishqbaaaz.Though I don’t want to but like Shivaay,I too have no other option but praising cvs for today’s episode and everyone who is behind making today’s episode.Such a beautifully written and executed episode has been seen very rarely nowadays.Just enjoyed watching as it was a pure visual treat.Feeling like write each and everything about today’s episode!Okay,here comes the analysis-

    1)Starting was superb.The Shivaay Singh Oberoi showed what he meant to OE as well as showed Rudra’s real place.Inefficiency or inability or copying other in doing anything can’t make a person low or weak but his stubbornness definitely makes him.Shivaay took back everything those were his-his brother,his business and all those he was missing.When Rudra called him bhaiya,it was clearly visible that he was dying to hear that from Rudra’s mouth.Brother SSO marked his entry today,finally.
    2)How sweet that blackmail was of Anika!I think for first time Shivaay Singh Oberoi felt really good being blackmailed!Oh,what a dhamki she gave!Takkar,yes,that’s the word.Today Anika proved that to get one’s way,one does not need big words or loud screaming or continuous nagging.When you know in which way one’s heart works then it become easy.Anika knows very well that Shivaay’s prime weakness is nothing but Anika herself.She used herself to win against Shivaay and he had nothing to do but surrender.Loved Shivaay’s expression when Anika told she was all ready to leave.
    3)KC has blessed Shivaay even before it got over.So fast paced blessing!OmRu gifted their wives but Shivaay left behind.Anika is right in saying that her biggest gift is Shivaay’s return to home otherwise he could have been in the hospital!She needs nothing but her husband Shivaay which is more than enough.How sweet!
    4)Pati dev was getting restless to break the fast of his wife!Not bad Shivaay.Finally Anika broke her fast seeing the reflection in the pool water.By the way,how come Shivaay’s reflection was so big…Let it be.DDLJ’s KC song added to the charm of Oberoi’s KC.And what a dramabaaz wife Shivaay got!Anika knew it beforehand so she was well-prepared.SSO got clean bowled!(Cvs stole one scene from my FF!)
    5)Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished.Today Anika enacted the role of Lady Ethan Mathew Hunt!Congratulations.Loved hearing those “Gunn”of husband’s from Anika!Well done.

    Precap:Silsila-Gifting Divorce Papers To Wife-An Ever Continuous Story!

    1. Appy

      Such a sweet analysis Lu..
      Loved it…………..🤩🤩

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for your love darling😊

    2. Even I love this bagad billa a lot from day before yesterday’s episode I’m totally enjoying seeing that guy and but I still couldn’t see panika if it was like the initial episode she would have drenched him atleast 5 times for this behavior and I have no doubt in that, by the way nice analysis

      1. Luthfa

        Hello 1234,how are you?
        This bagad billa means?Sorry I did not understand.Would you plz clarify?And you are right.If it was RU Anika then SSO could be drenched in water repeatedly.But you heard na what Anika said?She has much more patience and inner strength to tolerate everything those Shivaay is throwing at her.Anyway,thank you so much for your love😊

    3. Such a nice analysis luthu

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for your love Medh😊

    4. ItsmePrabha

      OMM darling itni lambi comment..well comment se pata chal raha hai ki tereko epi kitni pasand aayi..and BTW Ethan hunt😂😂😂😂😂😂..Missed this comment wali chatting so much..good to be back..Love you ..

      1. Luthfa

        Bool toh aise rahi ho Sweetheart jaise maine kabhi long comment likhi nahi!PKJ ki history thora apni dimaag par roushan karo.Pata chal jayega ki hum jhoot bool rahe hain yaa saach.By the way,tum toh PKJ ki rasta bhool hi chuke ho.Kabhi main yaad dilaati hoon toh tum aati ho.Aaj kaise maan kar li yaha aane ki?Tum jo karwa chauth ki Chand ki tara humare saath hide and seek khelti ho,uska kya?

      2. Luthfa

        Aur tum Ethan Hunt ko nahi jaanti kya????Looking at Anika’s situation,I could not find any better similarity than that.Chalo,kam se kam tumhari darshan toh mila.Woh hi kaafi hain.Love you too😊

    5. I meant about his arrogant version if I’m right bagad billa means wild cat, I guess that’s y she used to call him like that (correct me if I’m wrong) I’m good thanks, how are you

      1. Luthfa

        Yes dear,you are absolutely right.I am fine.Thank you so much😊😊

  6. Sindhudi

    I loved today’s episode. One of the best of redux episode. Everything was well balanced. I hand it out to cvs. First anika keeping Karwachauth even though Shivaay disliked. She was glowing happily though her Husband was showing tadi. Only anika can do this well. How stable she is!!! Next, Shivaay gave wonderful replies to Rudra. He needs to be put right in his place. Rudra thought he knows everything and only wanted to revenge but never thought about the company’s growth. Shivaay answered him aptly. At least Om is more understanding. He conceded with Shivaay knowing now the company will run well with Shivaay there.

    The best is Shivaay can’t be tadi for too Long and was hoping when anika would call him and he also fasted for her. That is what we call true Ishqbaazi. It is so nice Anika knows very well that he fasted for her.

    The saddest part was when everyone was breaking their fast, poor Anika was all alone crying and finally he came in the reflection just like DDLJ. She feigned fainting so he will break her fast. Wow what a dance of Anika in the room. She looked so cute. The cvs covered all bases for today’s episode and I just loved it so much. Of course precap is very sad but I am sure Anika is khidkithod and she will come back.

    Just wanted to say something about the previous episode. I was so sad when Jhanvi sent Gauri and Bhavya the sargi but not to Anika. At least Roop should have given the sargi to Anika. No one gave her anything and poor girl was looking at the internet and doing all this to herself. I thought maybe Gauri and Bhavya could have make arrangements to give sargi through someone to Anika.

    Poor Anika she never got any gift from Shivay except the divorce papers. The rest of them got something for their wives. So sad. Anika was just smiling at them and never felt jealous. She very humbly said her best gift was she got that Shivaay came home and she saved him.

    Hi Luthfa banita Arpu jeevi Shiny pushpa kadhambari Agga NSK and many others. Sorry was so busy and could not come on. Hope everyone is fine and missed all of you

  7. Wowww ,,,, what an lovely episode…😘😘😘
    Love you shivika ……..😍😍😍

  8. Hello my pkg
    How are you everyone luthu, banita, agga, appi, sindhudi hope your days are going well.
    Coming to episode it was power pack episode
    1) rudra calling shivay bhaiya
    2) anika calling in om’s mobile
    3) om mobile saved
    4) anika saved shivay indirectly that dialogue was typical serial dialogue 😝
    5) rikara manaing shivay to let anika stay in home
    6) my fav part anika in her own darwasathod style breaking fast
    7) precap i dont know whats its going to happen after having gift
    Lets see ab kya hoga as new girl is going to enter ob hoping she comes with aura of laughter and fun
    Bye all keep smiling and take care

  9. Riana

    Yesterday episode’s whole credit goes to KHIDKITOD ANIKAAAA !!!!…
    Just loveddd it !!!!… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Especially that wink !!…😂😂😂
    That happy dance !! 💃💃💃💃
    Precap – SSO “so called” can only gift divorce papers to anika as they are less costly !!!… Cheap ssotactics !!! 😏😏😏

    1. ItsmePrabha

      5 saal se jail mein hai banda..bichaare ke paas paise nahi hai..issilye cheap gift leke aaya😂😂😂😂..

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