Ishqbaaz 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika tries to expose Abhimanyu

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Ishqbaaz 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I won’t spare him. Gauri stops her. Bhavya says many girls don’t report such incidents fearing they would get defamed, that’s why such disgusting men get encouraged, he has to get punished, then such men will learn a lesson. Gauri says that cheap men is the brand ambassador of Shivaye’s mobile company, if he is defamed, it will be loss for Shivaye, Roshni is going to help Om, it will be loss for them. Anika says money is nothing in front of a girl’s respect. Bhavya asks how can you think of business in such a time. Gauri says I m thinking of my respect, I m a woman, everyone will blame me, not that man, I request you, suppress this matter here. Anika says I won’t. Gauri says just swear on me, don’t say anyone. They hug and cry.

Anika says fine, I will do this if you want. Om says just an art admirer can present the art of an artist before the world, I m really glad that Roshni liked my art, thanks. Abhimanyu looks on. Anika collides with Roshni. Roshni says so sorry. Anika says your husband has to say sorry for what he has done, be thankful that I m just telling this to you, what he has done with Gauri, if Shivaye knows this, he will destroy your husband, before I slap your husband, take him away. Shivaye finishes the call. Khanna asks Shivaye to approve the party footage that is to be sent to PR. Shivaye says show me the footage. Roshni asks what a joke, my husband is a superstar, may girls love him and want to have affair with him, when they fail, they accuse such cheap things, as far is your sister is concerned, she is also my husband’s fan. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu dragging Gauri forcibly. He asks Khanna to go. Khanna asks is everything fine.

Shivaye says just leave. Shivaye zooms in and checks. Roshni says I trust my husband, go and ask your sister, I m sure she tried to woo him, when she failed, she must have torn her clothes, she started acting like a helpless woman, you know typical despo fan tactics. She goes. Anika gets angry. Shivaye recalls Gauri’s words. He throws the tab and his wig. He sees Abhimanyu and goes to him angrily. Anika says Roshni is equally disgusting as her husband, these people are so shallow, why is Shivaye looking angry, did he learn about his misdeed. She stops Shivaye and takes him aside. She says listen to me once. He says I won’t leave that man, you don’t know what he has done. She says there will be a huge scene created here. He says I will kill that man. She says Gauri doesn’t want this to happen. He asks did you know, why didn’t you tell me. She says Gauri made me swear, she doesn’t want anything to happen with our family.

Shivaye, Dadi, Bhavya and Anika talk in a room. Anika says Gauri made us swear… Shivaye says we can’t even imagine the trauma Gauri is going through, when Om knows this… Anika says Om shouldn’t know this, Gauri doesn’t want this. He says a man tried to molest Gauri, I can’t let him go just because the outsiders don’t know about it, that’s not going to happen. She says I m also angry, I can’t disregard Gauri’s pain, we shouldn’t do anything that she doesn’t want, she will be in more pain. Rudra comes and asks what are you all doing here, is there any problem. Shivaye says be with Om, make sure he doesn’t come here, Bhavya you go to Gauri.

Rudra asks what happened. Shivaye says just listen to me. Om looks for Gauri and says she must be gossiping with Anika and Bhavya. Rudra asks Om to come with him. Bhavya says I will look for Gauri. Om says I will look for her. Rudra acts of having stomach ache. Om takes him. Abhimanyu says strange hosts, they invited us in the party and got missing. Roshni says better start praying that they are covering up your act, if they decide to expose you, then no one can save you, all the best. Anika says I told this to Roshni, she started blaming Gauri, she said Gauri must be wishing to have an affair with Abhimanyu, I wish to strangulate her.

Shivaye says that man should be exposed, he is famous, so he thinks he can have his way with women, I know Gauri doesn’t want this matter to come out, I m not gonna spare him. Dadi stops him. She says don’t do anything, whatever happened was bad, end this here, the more we try to scratch a wound, the more it hurts, Gauri’s fears are true, so is her decision…. people will talk all sorts of things, they will humiliate her and our family. Shivaye says you are saying this, you taught us to raise a voice against injustice, today you are asking me to be silent. She says I know wrong happened with Gauri, if you try to make this right, her character will be questioned. He says that’s the problem with our society and mindset, victim is blamed and punished, instead the culprit, just because victim is a woman, Gauri is crying there and culprit is enjoying the party, Dadi is asking me to keep quiet and let him go due to the fear of the society.

Anika says Dadi, I support your and Gauri’s decision, but I m also with Shivaye, I don’t understand why girls are asked to keep quiet always, why do people point fingers at a girl, we are taught to protect our respect, no one tells the boys to respect the girls, our character is judged by our clothes, living, and appearance, no one blames the boys, there is no problem if a boy doesn’t return home at night, but if a girl returns home late, many questions arise, is it solely the duty of a girl to keep her family’s honor. Dadi says you both are right, but our society is like this, just women suffer, Sita Maa had to give Agnipariksha, not Raavan.

Shivaye says not this time Dadi, if this is the mindset of the society, we need to change it, I will take this initiative, its okay if Gauri doesn’t want to take action, but I won’t spare that man, I promise both of you, Gauri’s name won’t come in between, but that man will get punished. Anika says I m with you. Dadi asks but how will this happen. Abhimanyu flirts with a girl, praising her beauty. He asks her to meet him at his bungalow, she can know her role and meet director too. She asks what if the director refuses to cast me. He says don’t worry about that, just have a drink and enjoy. Waiter stares at Anika and spills the drink. Abhimanyu asks what are you doing. He turns and sees Anika. He smiles. Anika comes wearing a short black dress.

She asks for red wine. Abhimanyu introduces himself. She refuses to know him. He asks what, I m a superstar, don’t you watch Bollywood movies. She says I m Monalisa from Paris, you are a Bollywood star, nice. He says beautiful. She says I m here to pursue acting, like you, Bollywood star, I m happy to meet you. He kisses her hand. She says nice party. Shivaye and Bhavya look on. He asks all set. She says I have done as you said. He says Anika will do the rest. Abhimanyu asks do you know Hindi. She says little bit, I m half French and half Indian. He says I can make you a superstar, trust me, its too loud here, we can talk in private, lets go. Shivaye signs Anika. She says I must say that its a very good idea. Abhimanyu and Anika leave. Anika positions the spy cam fixed in her neckband.

Abhimanyu says I will give you a chance in my film, but you have to do something for me in return, you just make me happy, I will make you a star. Everyone and media watches him on the big screen. Anika slaps him. He shouts you slapped me. Reporters click his pics. Abhimanyu asks them to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    So happy today Ishqbaaz is at 9th position with 1.6 trp episode was nice abhimanyu toh gaya anika as monalisa was great

    1. Go AAYUSH GO ,,
      Congo on being 1st ,
      Wooww ,,thats a really good news ,,i hope ki aise hi trp increase hoti rahe ,,
      GD N8,,bye,,

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania and yeah even i hope so trp increases.

    2. Go Aayush Bhaiya Go .
      Congo on being first .
      Wow Bhaiya it’s really a good news that our Ishqbaaz is in top ten .
      Aur wo bhi 9 position.
      Once again Congo Bhaiya .
      No .. no ……
      Not for aapke first aane par .
      Aap to mostly first hi aate ho .
      Ishqbaaz k ninth aane par .

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks ishu and yeah congrats ishqbaaz k 9th aane pe☺

    3. Hi Ayush,
      Yeah the TRP is 1.6… But they deserve good trp.. But I’m happy that they beat YHM
      (1. 5)which has bakwas story.. I just hope next week trp getting higher.. Anyways even Ipl also over..

      1. I totally agree with kadhambari. YHM has the most worst storyline and they keep separating the couple and depicting the protagonist as a drunkard. I wish it goes out of the trp.

      2. AAYUSH

        Yeah kadhambari ishqbaaz deserves more trp and it will increase hope since ipl is also over and yhm trp decreased because star changed his timeslot that too because of mariam khsn which got a trp of 0.9 but yeah yhm has become a trash no story left.

    4. He Aayush dear..
      Congrts GAG…
      Yeh its a great news..
      Annika was great as Monalisha..I realy love her accent.

      1. Yes arpu dear anika was looking so stunning that Shivaay will fall in love all over again?

      2. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita and yeah anika was superb yesterday

    5. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations once again..?
      Let’s see what will be the trp of next week without IPL.And Anika was looking superb?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa and i hope without ipl trp increases as competition at 10 pm slot will increase when drishti show on colors snd ekta on sony will come already isa in top 5 so just hoping for the best.

  2. Tdy I am the first

    1. AAYUSH

      Sorry belinda but u r second

  3. Pushpa

    Women rights women power ✔????Wow shivaye.. anika u guys r owsm… #ishqbaaz hooray….for speaking on behalf of all women …..
    Cm on gauri u hv been molested ..u want to ke.ep quiet… i know its all about khandan izzat… but dun u feel u hv expose this chePde..
    But shivye iz not going to leave thi chhePce in peace..gauri cash is nothing in front of a girls respect…and tht roshini trust her hisband my foot…and accuse gauri ” typical despo fan tactics”

    ShivYe ” aadmi mere ghar me aake meri choti behn ko molest kare aur main chup rahu taaki bahar walo ko na pata chale ..thts going fo ts not gonna happen” yes shivaye go for it…im wt u shivaye…

    Dadi!!!!!!!? What hapoen to u. I thought u r open minded but u r not……..when all saying abour khandan maan mariyatha izzat…wht this only in the hand of women not men? Shivaye will expose this 2rps chepde… where is Om?????? Wht intv ? Here yr wife is being moleated u wt reporterz…. wah….

    Anika transformed as mona lisa…wht an accent…kya style look tht heels… beautiful… Her accent.. no chance anyone can do this perfect….

    Tomoro chepde exposed and anika tappar abhimanyu..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Dadi ko dimag satki hui he..????…
      Just waiting for Abhimanyu ‘s Bajao Band….

    2. Pushpa dadi is from the conservative society so she wants to save the honour of the family but shivika wants to bring justice and wants such criminals to be punished so this will be a lesson to others. But you rightly said dear

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      For Dadi,the respect of Oberoi khandan is the most important thing as she is used to think like that.But I am glad that Shivaay questioned her thinking.At the same time I was surprised that Anika was silent because Gauri made her to swear on her!This matter is not small or some dramatic aspect that can be hidden for any advantage.I just want Gauri to come forward to end this matter.Take care di?


    Gauri aur dadi apni jagah sahi hai but its really disgusting y always women is blamed Shivaay was right someone has to take the initiative and ishqbaaz is doing great job by taking such social issues. Dont know how will OM react after knowing what that abhimanyu did with Gauri. And Roshni should be equally punished instead of trying to correct her husband she is covering up for him what kind of wife is she. Gauri ke character k baare mein bol rahi hai jabki pata hai uska husband kaisa cheap hai. Being a superstar or a normal man doesnt give u te right to molest a girl. Promo was awesome abhimanyu the so called superstar ko uski aukad pata chal jaegi. Anika as Monalisa was awesome. Shivaay got to know What happened with Gauri through CCTV. His anger was justified. He would have shown Abhimanyu his place at that time only agar anika ne roka na hota . But this way of exposing him is better as media can see what kind of person he is. And people are also watching ishqbaaz take on social issues as we r at 9th position in trp everyone which is a great news hope we increase more next week.
    I think 1st rime itta bada message likh diya so let me end it now. Good night everyone.

    1. Ha ha Aayush dear..
      Nice comment..
      Yeh this is one way to expose Abhimanyu real face..
      Moreover I wanted to slap that idiot Roshni..
      Stupid lady.

    2. Aayush I am waiting for OM’s reaction more than shivaay’s reaction. Let’s wait for today’s episode and see what happens

    3. Luthfa

      Hi AAYUSH,
      Gauri and Dadi are thinking according to the rules of society,not being a girl and woman.As girls are asked to keep this matter aside so they are just vocalizing that.I am expecting a bold Gauri.Shivika’s plan is good.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  5. Sherya

    Wow.. Amazing episode , and I like shivika today and I again start to watch ishqbaaz bcoz now it’s turn good day by day and precio is more interesting waiting for next episode

  6. Sherya

    Wow.. Amazing episode , and I like shivika today and I again start to watch ishqbaaz bcoz now it’s turn good day by day and precio is more interesting waiting for next episode love you all guys good night

    1. Hii Shreya dear.welcome back..glad that yiu started to watch ishqbaaz again..hope you will love it more…

      1. Sherya

        hii Arpita dii …. thank you so much … ya i like this very much and i loved it really

    2. Hey Sherya Glad you are watching IB again and hopefully you are watching on TV

      1. Sherya

        hii sindhu …. thank you very much for your love and yes obviously i watched it on TV

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Shreya,
      Nice dp dear.Welcome back.Keep watching.Take care?

      1. Sherya

        Hii Luthfa dii … thank you so much…..ya i like ishqbaaz now more and yeah you also take care

  7. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Another best episode. ..
    Annika’s sister love for her heart touching..
    But whatever gouri is doing………or saying..most of the girls do…we always hide this fact just to avoid humiliation and yes she is right..finger will rise on woman’s character first…….And this weakness give courage to those beasts and they do more such beast type things……..
    And Dadi…if a girl said about this issue to her family…sometimes family member also hide the facts bcoz of society cheap mentality.

    .Dadi.though yiu presented the thoughts and fear of being a family member and dome how it is true…but Still you dissapointed me.I thought you will give courage to Gouri to fight back….

    And Roshni. …bcoz of wife like her Husband like Mr Raheja get courage…yeh I know sometimes These kind of husband threatens and harass their wives but here nothung is like that.Roshni could do better treatment for her husband..but still..She took her husband side…And put a finger on Gouri’s character. …
    One more disgusting

    Noks bhaiya..No Doubt today I liked your acting…..good you are a very good actor.
    But this Time I wanted Om to know about it.first….I really thought he will give courage to gouri and help Anivya and Sso..I am.dissapointed…I wanted to see Omkara anger……
    Sso anger was good…but stil………..

    And whatever Annika said today there is nothing to disagree except not telling Truth to Om….Common …He is her husband..He has first right to know about his wife’s condition. …
    But about girls..her pov was totally right.

    Now come to main part…Chandu di..TUMHI BATADO MUJHE KO TARIF KARO TOH KAISE KARO..
    I mean you are nailing evety character
    Kumari Kalavati Thakur(Adarsh Patni)
    Anisa Begum( Urdu )
    Kumari Rosie Rani ( village accent )
    Monalisa….( french girl)
    My yiu do all these perfectly. ..
    Btw yiu were looking soo hot in that dress.
    And your french accent ha ha funny.
    HE Annika is speakimg English soo good..I want her to soeak English for once in show..
    And Their Trap for Abhimanyu is also good…
    Vut this man ..Kabhi sundhrega nahi..
    Precap -I STILL WANT A ANGRY VOLCANO KARA…..very much needed. .
    aand gouri will confront Abhimanyu. .
    And Abhimanyu Time is up…
    Tu toh gaya beta.
    Waiting for tomorrow
    TRPnot increased but yeh we are on TOP 9
    I want this position after IPL too.
    Kash aisa hojaye.
    YE SPA HOGA KI NAHI..??????????

    1. Arpu rightly put. Anika is nailing every character even when acted as an elderly person to save Gauri from the marriage. She also nailed that character well. Wow whatever suits Anika perfectly and well done and kudos to her!!!

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      I don’t know why Gauri requested Anika not to disclose it to Om.He has every right to know what has happened with her.He is not typical husband of the society who will point finger at her or question her character after knowing the truth.And Dadi just reflecting the usual thinking of sorting this matter without causing any harm to Gauri.Anika was looking dashing.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  8. Arpita6

    For got to say onething.
    Celebrity ki Ego ki chop karna koi Annika se sikhe.
    Sso ki ego ki chop toh hogayi leave him
    VIRAJ SHOLANKI….’I have no interest in cricket and i don’t watch cricket and i don’t know you’
    Biggest chop of his life??????.

    NO..ek aur chop.?????????

    1. Hiii Arpita di .
      I agree with each and every point of your’s .
      Annika is the best in doing chops .
      But di I don’t think ki Abhimanyu Roshni ko darata dhamkata hai .
      And agar aisa hai bhi ,if he threatens her in that case also she should Not stay quiet .
      And Roshni Sirf chup hi nhi hai wo apne ghatiya pati ko support karne k chakkar Mein khud bhi ghatiya baatein Kar Rahi thi Gauri k baare mein.
      And ya…….

      Annika nailed every role ,phir chahe wo Kalavati Thakur ho ,
      Kumari Rosie Rani ho,
      Anisa began ho ,
      Ya phir Mona Lisa

      Bye .
      Good night di.
      Love you .

      1. Hiii Ishu..yes..I forgot to say.She even played Dadi…that was also awasome
        Humm Mr Raheja dont threat his wife.but Roshni is so cheap…kahan kahan se ye namune aate he yarr.

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..Yeah,Anika is a ego-crasher of high quality.She has started her innings with Shivaay Singh Oberoi and now it’s Abhimanyu Raheja?????????

  9. What a fabulous episode.. Abhimanyu & his wife both are disgusting creature.. Wow she is trusting her husband for his bad behavior.. She is just saving his respect so that she can tell outside world that she is a superstar wife.. I feel you spit on her face..
    Whatever Gauri said is true.. Whenever some bad happens that just pinpoint on girls character they don’t even ask what’s the issue..
    I hope our culture mentality change in some point of time..
    Shivaay Gussa is as of audience.. What he said is 100 percent true.. We have to kill those of person.. But in our country they are easily getting bail & roaming outside the world happily as if they do any bad..
    Surbhi our Mona Lisa was so cute.. U r rock in whatever performance u were asked to do..
    Love you dear.. How dare you touch and kiss SSO’s biwi.. He is watching there he gonna kill you for it..
    I’m feeling bad for om.. Till now he doesn’t even know what happened to his lady love.. In what condition she is in.. He is feeling bad that he couldn’t mange home like shivaay & couldn’t happiness to dadi same has shivaay.. Now after knowing this surely he gonna feel bad that he doesn’t even able to protect his wife.. Yesterday, when shivaay asked her to promote the mobile with Abhimanyu she said no.. Then when anika said she is not keeping well.. Shivaay saying him to go after her.. Does he doesn’t understand her fear or condition on his condition.. After shivaay saying only does he needs to go.. Cv’s plz don’t spoil om’s character.. What happened to his intense anger & love that he had in D.B.O does everything hot vanished.. Plz for to shine shivaay’s character don’t make other character in dark side..
    Don’t think I’m Rikara fan..I like everyone in IB.. Specially shivika.. But showing like this also not good..

    1. I totally agree with you why CVS is spoiling om’s character he should be with Gauri I am truly a shivika fan but nowadays they are giving more and more previlages to shivaay ofcourse he is the bada Bhai sab sambalthe but when matter comes about Gauri on should be there too bad

    2. I agree with you totally …?

    3. Hello kadhambari Di .
      Yes you are right ,Roshni is doing all this just for her so called status.
      But I can’t believe how can she support her husband in his bed deeds .

    4. Totally agree with you di.I really wanted Om to know each and everything…
      But still he dont know anything..
      Ok yes one thing.i don’t want DBO wala Om back.bcoz of his that rude avtar i started to dislike him.but this time His anger should be shown….
      Yes Sso is the main but He is also Gouri’s Husband…
      He has first right.
      I am still waiting for it

    5. Agee Agee Kadhambari. I want to say Om’s anger and not shivaay’s anger. Om is Gauri’s Husband and I want to see Om protecting his wife’s honour and dignity and really thrash the pervert and shameless disgusting moron

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      It’s absolutely normal that whatever happens in such cases,only girls are considered to be responsible in this or that way.Roshni is accustomed to such behaviour of her husband and she has accepted that her husband won’t change.Typical mentality of married woman inspite of being in an abusive relationship.Omkara needs to know everything and after that we can see what he will do.Let’s wait and watch.Take care di?

  10. Hii everyone .
    Kese ho sab ?

    Today I totaly agree with Shivaye, our society always blame victim .
    And always victim has to bear all the odds of society .
    And if victim is a girl then we all very well know sab kuch ho Jayega but justice kabhi nhi mil payega.

    Dadi was also right, society always points finger on girls only.
    For them always we girls
    are at fault .
    Always girl has to proof her innocence.
    But that does not mean that we should be quiet .

    And agar society ki ye thinking hai then we have to change this.

    Annika was looking so pretty in that black outfit .
    But I have a doubt ,
    Is Abhimanyu don’t know her?
    Is Abhimanyu don’t know that Annika is Shivaye’s wife?

    And I am waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode .
    It will be very interesting to see his Oh my mata.
    OK bye .
    Good night .

    1. Ishu….
      Annika ki getup toh Mujhe shocked kardi..
      And also Abhimanyu mi ankh toh Gouri pe thi..Annika pe dhyan hi nahi gaya hoga..???aab usse kahan pata SSO ki biwi kya he aur kya kar sakti he
      Galti karna paap aur galat baat sehena bhi Paap..
      Waiting for tomorrow

    2. Yes Ishita society always points finger at the women and calls them cheap but the rich and famous escape without getting defamed. In Singapore molestation is viewed so seriously. The arrest takes place immediately regardless of whether he is a politician or famous actor. It has happened many times and they also publish it in the newspaper but without mentioning the victim’s name or photo

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      That’s the sad reality of our society.Here victims are always targeted for everything.Girls are safe nowhere.This has to change.And Abhimanyu knows Anika but not Monalisa,that’s why perhaps.Take care?

  11. Inspiring episode. Hope that people will learn something.

    1. Jerin dear..Hope So…..

    2. Luthfa

      Let’s hope for the best?

  12. Meanwhile Kunal (in mind, while acting) : Kamino….meri biwi Ko molest Kiya hai….Kam se Kam iss Baar toh 2 line bolne deta… technically mera haq Sabse zyada Banta hai, uss bande Ko thappad marne ka….Sara social dialogue, romance and action sab…Shivay kare….
    Shrenu (in mind): tumhara chodo…mera socho…mujse badtameezi ki hai…ek thappad bhi na mar saka…uske liye bhi CV ne Anika Ko new get up de diya….
    Laanat hain uss Gauri pe jo har dus min me ye kehti hai ki “ek jhaap me diwar se sata denge…”machar tak to marne ke liye Anika Ko bulana padta hai aur usse new get ups de dete hai….

  13. Wowwwww,,,IB is going great ……..
    What a nice epi ,,i just loved this show too much ,,this is really very different from other melodramawali serial …
    Ok so ,about the epi …….
    Mujhe sab se jada gussa to us bulshit guy ki biwi pe a raha hai ,,which type of woman she is ??? How can she support her criminal husban ,,aurat ke nam pe dhabba hai o ..

    Gouri ki soch hamari society ki soch jaisi hi hai ,,kiyun na ho cahe kuch bhi ho jaye hame isi society mai jo rahna hai ,jaha ek aurat ko hi hamesa dosi mana jati ,galti har bar ek aurat ki hi hoti hai ..
    But at that point anika is right ,,dunia ki sari doulat ek taraf aur ek aurat izzat ek taraf ,,ham aisehi bandhe hue hai chakar bhi kuch nahi kar sakte ,,kuch log apne apko justice dila pate hai kuch log nahi kar pate hai ,,aur hamara sab se bara weekness hai hamari respect aur family ki respect jike khatir ham kuch bhi bol nahi pate ,,i feel very disgusted to think this type of thinking ,,
    I hope isse hamari society ki thora sabhi soch badle ,,
    Anika take a big step ,,and she will going to success on this ,,
    But i don’t liked that thing ,when anika stop shivay not to tell om about that matter ,,but i think they should say this at first to om ,,he has the right to know the fact ,,and gouri needs him most …..

    Precap __so tommorow that chepade man ki om my mata hogi ,,,i am egarly waiting for this ,,i want ki uske sath sath uski biwi ki bhi band bajade anika ,,disgusting aurat ,,aise pati hone se to na hona acha ho ….
    **anika look really stunning and hot ,,
    Anika suit anything ,she can carry anything ,,so again we got a new avtar of anika “MS.Monalisa” too good Surbhi ,,awesome ,,

    Sorry guys for not replying to anyone ,,actually i am little busy with my personal work ,so sorry ,,
    Ok bye good night ..plz keep watching IB on TV ,,only by that trp will increase,,

    1. Hii Tania .
      Don’t be sorry Tania for not replying .
      And yes wo Roshni aurat k Naam par dabha hai.
      Aaj mujhe pata chala ki log aisa kyun kehte hai ki ek aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai.
      Ye jaante hue bhi ki uska khud ka pati galat hai Kya Kya nhi bola usne Gauri k liye .

    2. He Tani..
      Even I don’t like Annika’s idea about not telling truth to Om………….Om’s anger to that guy is very much needed…….
      Aab toh lagta he dil ke armaan dil main rehejayenge..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      We girls are like that.Always think about family reputation and respect.What Gauri expressed is the echo of almost every girl who has went through such thing.And me too didn’t like that Anika forbids him not to tell anything to Om as per Gauri’s wish.She was looking smoking hot in that black outfit.Let’s see what happens next.And plz,don’t day sorry for this thing.Take care?

  14. Luthfa

    The war between conventional thinking vs new thinking got mingled in today’s episode.Girls are always considered some different species so would be their life rather they are confined to some specific rules to do everything.Like we make to-do list,girls need to follow specialized to-do list before doing anything.And this list is made by ever famous society and its people.If any girl faces anything wrong,gets harmed,attacked,still this society would emphasize to follow the list and forget everything like it never existed.If something remains,then it’s pointing finger at her that she is the responsible one for her condition.Family,dignity,respect,reputation,many more things are important than any girl’s pain and suffering.In this matter in fact in everything which is related to a girl,society and its people love to ignore,asked to ignore and eventually becomes silent,forever.What a girl goes through no-one bothers to take notice but her silence would be taken care of.This age old thinking that no matter what happens a girl won’t speak up or bring to light the injustices are done to her,has become the slow poison to kill her from inside before her actual death.Because of the stigma society forced upon her,she becomes a living corpse,worst of all.The thought of the society that a girl should remain silent at any cost even after facing gross injustice,has to be changed.This can’t and won’t continue.Time to shake off every burden and take stand for one’s respect.#SaluteToWomanPower.

    1. Hello Luthfa di
      How are you?
      I agree that this age old thinking that no matter what happens a girl cannot speak up against all the wrong making them weak .
      This type of mentality is affecting girls and womens directly .
      And our society indirectly .
      Kyunki Kisi mahaan vyakti ne kaha hai

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ishita,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
        Yes you are right.But sometimes looks/appearance can be deceiving?

    2. Lu ..that is what most depress thing that Society is changing, life style is changing, technology is developing. People are chsnting mantra of manners ,manners ..
      But Narrow mind of society is still there there is nothing change..
      Their thinking capacity was like this ..still like this ..don’t know about future..
      Love you for this .

      1. Luthfa

        You are absolutely right.Everywhere everyone is singing the song of changes but when it comes to girls that changing aspect takes backseat again.It looks like this motto of change is not applicable for girls but available for other matters.Anyway,thank you soooooo….much for your love.Love you?

    3. Hey luftha my dear you are right. The problem is women keep quiet when they get molested cos they don’t want to bring dishonour to the family and society will know about it. It is Shane to the family but the criminal escapes. It becomes an outlet for the wrongdoer to escape and continue committing such a cheap act.

      Nice analysis dear

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Sindhu di,
        Yes di.This is the normal scenario in most of the cases.In the fear of losing family’s reputation and respect most of the girls don’t want to drag this matter and try to negotiate somehow.Still comprising won’t come any help as society would point finger at her no matter what.Anyway,thank you soooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

  15. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today i could not watch d epi becz guests r here in my house… I don’t want to read d written update also becz i want to watch epi first like always… But read all of ur comment… Nd it seems interesting… Hope i can watch d epi tomarrow…
    Nd TRP of IB is 1.6 … Nd ib in 9th position… Yeehhh..!!! For now it’s ok with rating… I m waiting 4 nxt week Trp… Hope it will come good becz on going track is khidkitode…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hello Banita di .
      You really think that I am special .
      Bcoz telly updates is not showing my coment under moderation.
      But mujhe lagta hai telly updates mujhse naraz hai.
      Leave reply k just neeche recent comments mein bhi Mera Naam show nhi hota pata nhi aap logo ko hota hai Ki nhi .
      Mujhe bilkul bhi accha nhi lag raha .
      Pata bhi nhi chalta comment post hua ki nhi .
      Uske liye bhi mujhe subhah tak ka wait karna padta hai.
      OK leave all that you just tell me how are you Di ?
      And ya I am special bcoz I have you as my elder sister.
      Love you.

    2. Hello Bani..
      Yes Go and watch episode..I am sure you will love it..
      Even me too want Good rating now…
      Lets see….

    3. Hey banita how are you my dear. Hope alls well with you. I am hoping IB will be number 5 soon.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      It’s absolutely fine yaar.Do comment after watching the episode.I am expecting a balanced trp from now on.Take care.Lots of love?

  16. Showing as gauri doing as common girls thinking society, reputation and etc I understand why the victim will not be annika anything haven to her she first tell shivaay only and that person ki tho annika sabaka jaroo sikathi and Shivika combination is good to teach lesson for everyone

    1. Aditi dear yes for any prblm Shivika combination is khidkitod and this time too..
      But still missed Om’s anger….

  17. I dont know how many are waiting to see angrykara but i waiting to see dabang gauri getting courage to fight back and my eager is increasing after seeing the video where gauri confort abhimanyu in public yes i also wanted om to take action against abhimanyu but no problem its ok shivay his taking action and from past few days why everyone is balmimg om how does he get to know that his wife his getting molested in his own house i think no on will ever dream such a thing come on guys blaming om is not correct he doesnt have third eyes or he doesnt have sensometer like shivay i am not intested in shivika action or angrykara action i want to see the action of gauri because she is a victim she should have courage to give it back to abhimanyu like gauri said in the video i want gauri to beat abhimanyu with slippers and spit on his face and obros cut his p*nis into pieces so he doesnt dare to molest any other girl next time

  18. I dont know how many are waiting to see angrykara but i waiting to see dabang gauri getting courage to fight back and my eager is increasing after seeing the video where gauri confort abhimanyu in public yes i also wanted om to take action against abhimanyu but no problem its ok shivay his taking action and from past few days why everyone is balmimg om how does he get to know that his wife his getting molested in his own house i think no on will ever dream such a thing come on guys blaming om is not correct he doesnt have third eyes or he doesnt have sensometer like shivay i am not intested in shivika action or angrykara action i want to see the action of gauri because she is a victim she should have courage to give it back to abhimanyu like gauri said in the video i want gauri to beat abhimanyu with slippers and spit on his face and obros cut his p*nis into pieces so he doesnt dare to molest any other girl next time

    1. I know Abhi somehow peoole are blaming Om and he is not at fault..
      But his anger is very much needed…
      He always misunderstood Gouri and this is the time to stand with her..To give her courage.
      Gouri will fight for herself that is very good thing……But Still. Om is needed….
      This my pov…..

  19. Today it’s a great episode … No words to praise the persons who directed and acted in the show … ??
    All are right in their perceptive and view .
    They handle the situation in a nice way.
    The show deserves best TRP then present .every dialogue In today’s episode is….. “heart touching “.

    1. Hiii Lucky…..
      Yes today actors and directors both nailed their work……
      Show deserves good trp…
      Lets see.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Lucky,
      Yes,everyone’s doing their job perfectly.Let’s hope for the best trp?

  20. Nice episode… I want OM to trash that abhimanyu…

    1. Hiii Lucky..
      ok i got confused Are you the same or another lucky?????.
      Welcome to pkj..keep commenting and enjoy the fun.
      Yes me too want..
      Lets see.

    2. Luthfa

      Welcome to PKJ family dear.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Take care?

  21. I want to see the reaction of on after knowing what abhimanyu did to Gauri.

  22. I an eagerly waiting to see the reaction of OM after knowing what that abhimanyu did to Gauri…

    1. Yes Sweetly dear..
      Om’s reaction ia needed..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sweetly,
      Everyone is waiting for Om’s reaction.Let’s wait and watch.

  23. My my what a great and heartfelt episode!!! No words to describe it. Evryone’s Acting was excellent. Gauri was concerned for the respect of her bade bhaiya and om’s business. Trivedi’s girls are always concerned about their loved ones. Anika also saved shivaay when he was accused of Gayatri murder and she took the blame of being characterless. Amazing sisters!! I laud them but such crime should not go unnoticed.

    What Abhimanyu did is a crime but the greatest sinner is Roshni who conceals her husband’s disgusting act. No one should condone that. For Roshini I don’t think she loves her Husband very much. She probably married him only for high status and money so she can live comfortably and just clean his mess.

    What both shivika said are right. Women should not succumb to such a treatment from famous people. So what he is a star? A crime is a crime regardless of whether you are a star or politician etc. Shivaay is so incest with anger. I only wish they tell Om. Gauri’s Husband has the right to know not shivika. It is Om who should take action. I hope tomorrow episode when Om comes to know what happened I want him to bash Abhimanyu and not Shivaay. This wil made Gauri happy and I want Om to bring Gauri in front of Abhimanyu and make Gauri slap and spit on the pervert’s face.

    Oh wow Anika the Monalisa was stunning. She looked slimmer and great make up. I am glad nowadays her wardrobe designer is giving her good designer clothes.

    I am waiting for precap.

    Hello hello Arpu dear banita nice comments yesterday but was busy to come on often and luftha dear beauty where are you my dear jeevi Sister Ishita dear Tania and kadhambari dear Krishna omaira missed your comments aayush and many other new ones and wonderful lovely people. Glad also to know IB is number 9. I hope it gets number 5. Why is it not taking that slot?

    1. Hi Sindhu,
      I’m fine.. How about you?
      My little champ also doing well.. Here in bangalore daily heavy rain…so, to he got bit cold have to take care of him.. That’s why my comments may delay..
      Yup comments were as usual mind blowing.. Today epi we will see courageous Gauri…
      Next track topic I don’t know clearly but I think something related to dog.. I Think it gonna be fun.. Our SSO got frightened & standing on top of dinning table with frying pan..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      You are absolutely right.Roshni is like a trophy wife and she only cares for her own comfort and fake status.She is with this disgusting man only for the monetary security and social position.And AniRi are always concerned about Oberoi family with or without any involvement since beginning.And Om is the husband of Gauri and he should take everything in his hands but don’t know what cvs are up to.I am waiting to see what Om will tell or do after knowing everything.Very nice analysis di.Take care?
      P.S.Sorry di,I couldn’t reply you yesterday as network was slow and page was not loading?

  24. Hii guys
    Arpita,luthfa,Shanaya,dwani,banita,sindhu,kadhambari,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,Nikita,mahira,Zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,dishani,riya,jeevi,riya,ss,Misha,jeni,shivya,shyni,riana,Aastha,rahul, abhishek,anitha,sana…etc etc.sab kaise ho?how r u guys???missed u all????i was a bit busy nd was not well….oh ib is just rocking…??loved anika’s look
    Waiting for om’s reaction….

    1. Hey sneha how are you? Glad you are back dear!

    2. Hello sneha Glad you are back. Nice to read your comments

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      How are you now?Hope you are recovering.And I am good dear.Thank you so much.Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love.Take care?

  25. Hi Sindhu,
    I’m fine.. How about you?
    My little champ also doing well.. Here in bangalore daily heavy rain…so, to he got bit cold have to take care of him.. That’s why my comments may delay..
    Yup comments were as usual mind blowing.. Today epi we will see courageous Gauri…
    Next track topic I don’t know clearly but I think something related to dog.. I Think it gonna be fun.. Our SSO got frightened & standing on top of dinning table with frying pan..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Yes it’s raining every now and then and are doing OMM of network.Take care of your little Prince.Lots to love to him.And thank you sooooooo….much for your love di.If this is upcoming then it will be fun to watch.Let’s wait and watch.Take care di.Love you?

  26. Gouri is trapped oh no did abhimanyu takerevenge to obroies .roshni realised that her husband is not a good man

  27. Just want to add the self respect of a woman in society is very important. Usually the ones who is very modest and naive are the ones taken advantage by animalistic men. It is not those who are wild and provocative women.

    That is why these episodes are good in IB because serials should be like this. It should be a composite of love fun elements, family affection quarrels disagreements and social lessons for everyone. Just a spoonful of such varieties make serials fun to watch and enjoy and relax. I am Glad and kudos to cvs for not dragging this Abhimanyu part but speeding up the episodes which is good to watch.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Girls have to suffer because of their soft and mild nature.Jhanvi was tortured because of her tolerating nature by Tej and he took full advantage of her weaknesses.And these kind of episodes are good to watch still.Let’s see what happens next.Take care di.Lots of love?

  28. I want cvs to kill om’s much bashing that character is getting..i love om’s character from beginning because of his intense talks and his looks..he was softspoken among his brothers..they totally killed him today….nd anika idea abt not telling om do anika wat happened with gauri previously..they are just so called sisters i can say bcoz wen rikara suffered wen they went to vanvaas they were busy romancing in goa…wen they were in barielly anika was busy with her own securities……y didnt gauri tell anika that wen she went to barielly after their breakup…i m feeling bad for om very much…they didnt showed rikara progression…..i felt bad for om who went out of his comfort level wanted the world to know how much he loves gauri…n in todays episode also they’ll show bade bhaiyya ka lecture…kunal also dont wat he want to play….om was the one who protected gauri unknowningly so many times..he saved him from kaali thakur and he kept ajay away from her wen he was eying her….he saved him so many times from dying…om has lost his charm..after their confession track….

    1. Agreed!!in DBO they made him as SSO part two…he has saved Gauri many times even when he hated her… makers just use RiKara whenever they want…they don’t do remarriage for them but for Shivaay so many girls that he almost married…for makers only shivika shivika shivika…in this case,Om is the one should know…for a girl, her husband’s support is enough for her to fight this entire world…but again they are showing shivika fighting for Gauri without telling Om…what is the use for Om being her husband?? And Gauri is perfect for this situation… Annika and Bhavya can’t perform as her…

  29. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    Yes di.In most of the cases,this is the natural scenario.Fear of losing family’s reputation and respect most of the girls don’t want to drag this matter and try to negotiate somehow.And compromising also doesn’t come to any help as society would point finger at her no matter what.Anyway,thank you soooooo…much for your love di.Love you?

  30. Luthfa

    Hi Lucky,
    Yes everyone is doing their job perfectly.Let’s hope for the best trp?

  31. They did the same thing to Omkara in DBO. He was always just roaming around in the mansion like a zombie. Always hearing noises but always to late to find out anything. Writers never gave him any importance in DBO. Always just Swetlana Swetlana. I hope the writers will rectify it in the coming episodes and let him get to know what is going on and supporting Gauri.

  32. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good… Shivaay angry mode is also good with his questioning mode towards the thinking of society..
    Needed Omkara angry reactions too..

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