Ishqbaaz 31st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye saying I won’t see a girl like you. Anika walks to him and takes the tiny moon from his watch. He looks on. Some time before, Shivaye tells Om that Tej has stopped news coverage. Om asks why. Shivaye says we know he handles things. Om says I don’t trust him. Shivaye says but you trust me. Om says I know no one can harm Rudra and me till you are there, but everyone needs a support, don’t worry, I m always with you, I will always support you.

Rudra tells Priyanka to move curtains a bit, he does not want sunlight. He asks for wine. She asks him whether he has to party. He emotionally blackmails her. She holds her head. He asks her to do this to get gift on Raksha bandhan. Jhanvi comes and asks Rudra why did he not sleep. He says I want to hear lullaby from you.

She says I will send your Papa, he will sing lullaby. Rudra says no thanks, I don’t want to hear Amrish Puri. Priyanka says your college friend came. Rudra says that trick won’t work now. Sheena comes and Rudra gets glad.

Shivaye calls Om commitment phobic, its been 4 years and you did not commit, why don’t you go ahead, you and Riddhima like each other, I know Rudra’s hormones are stopping him from commitment, who is stopping you. Om says destiny, like it got you and Tia close. Shivaye says right. Rudra tells Sheena that he came in between Shivaye and bullet, and got shot. She calls him hero. He asks her to come close and say that again. She calls him hero and asks what happened to your ears. He flirts and asks her to come close. He likes her hair color. He gets message and asks Sheena to get eucalyptus leaves and dip in water, it will cure my infection. She says I don’t know that plant. He asks her to ask gardener or anyone. He sends her and smiles.

Ishana’s sister Mona and her dad wait, and see Riddhima. She tells her dad that this is Ishana’s sautan. Riddhima comes there and looks around. They protest for drinking water purity, electricity saving, and others. Riddhima says wait, is this protest for water of electricity. Mona says both. Riddhima asks where is that girl who called me. Mona says she is on the way.

Another girl Anju comes to meet Rudra, and he boasts of his love for her and also flirts with her. She calls him hero. Shivaye and Om look on. Sheena gets the plant and asks Anju what is she doing here. Anju says I came to meet Rudra, he was missing me. They both fight. Shivaye says Rudra is gone today. Om says what do you think, who will attack first. Sheena and Anju ask Rudra whom was he missing. He holds their hands and says when person is dying, all moments flash and he thinks of one he loves, you know whom I missed. They ask protein power, dumbbell. Rudra says no, you both are special to me. Shivaye and Om look on. Rudra says you both are my sports bike tryes, is this right to hug both of you, would I select any one of you while dying. He lies to them, and says he is managing with his illness. Shivaye and Om smile. The girls call Rudra the best and hug him. Rudra smiles. Shivaye and Om get shocked.

Ishana waits at exhibition and asks why did Om not come. Her dad calls Ishana and says leave from there, your sautan left knowing media is not coming, she went to meet Om. Ishana says I spent three hours to get Chandni looks, and she failed my plans.

Om says Rudra’s skills is unbelievable. Shivaye says he has to change when he gets committed, he is single now. Om says I don’t know when will he get committed. Shivaye says you are saying as if you got committed. Om asks him about feelings for Tia. Shivaye says I like Tia. Om asks like, do you love Tia. Shivaye says you, Rudra and Dadi don’t see anything else than love. Om says you have interest in everything than love. Shivaye sees Anika and avoids her. He says I will have green tea and goes. Anika asks him to stop. He goes. She says why is he not stopping, did his brakes fail.

Tia says I was waiting for you Shivaye, I selected ties for you for our cocktail party, I want us to look color ordinated, please choose. Anika signs him about moon. He puts curtains on. Tia asks why did you pull curtains, you can see well in sunlight. She moves curtains and says you seem to get naughty ideas. He asks what. He sees Anika signing him again. Tia asks Shivaye to take her in arms and say her name. He says Anika. Tia asks what. He says Anika is outside. Tia asks so? And turns to see Anika.

Tia says there is no one, why are you obsessed with Anika. Shivaye says don’t say like others. She asks who said that. He says Omkara and Rudra, Rudra says I m obsessed with her like SRK was for Juhi Chawla in Darr, does anyone say so. She gets call and says I have to leave for shopping. She goes. Anika comes there. He looks at her.

Mona tells Ishana about Riddhima’s drama. Ishana says when Om knows Riddhima’s truth, he will kick her out of his life. Mona says Om looks serious types, his heart can break knowing Riddhima’s truth and he can lose faith in love. Ishana says I won’t let this happen.

Anika tells Shivaye that she wants to talk about yesterday night. He recalls those moments and asks what happened yesterday night, it was nothing right. She looks at him. He says I forgot, its small thing. She asks do you catch anyone assuming Tia. He asks are you mad, do you think I m a girl catcher. She says whats this, I came to take my thing. He asks what thing, I felt you are Tia, I would never see a girl like you, you eat potato and talk to slipper. She says Chameli. He says does anyone name slipper, you use bad language. She says you started boasting and taunting/Tadi. He says I hate sound of this word Tadi. She walks to him.

Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you talk a lot. She holds his hand and shows the tiny moon stuck on his watch. He sees that moon and recalls holding her close. She plucks her moon and says I came to take this, you boast a lot that you run world, did you not know you are having my moon, sorry to waste your precious time, you can do anything now. She leaves.

Anika says I wish not to see Shivaye’s face. Shivaye says I wish your wish turns true. He leaves. Tej says Shivaye should reach Nasik by now, but his phone is unreachable. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am love with by co-ishqbaazians and the comments mukta l am also waiting for ishqbazz congratulations for completing 250 keep joing like this?????rudra is a????????ISHQBAAZZZZZ

  2. Sriranjani

    Hey Anyone want Ishqbaaz Oojaana song of audio and video please give me your mail Id I will send it in the Group msg.

    1. I had put a post on 30th episode update for the op Jana song?

    2. Khushi

      Plz plz plz send me dear….I want that track badly plz plz if u can then plz send me I love that song but was not able to find it so plz send me pm me yr

  3. Hello my ishqbaaz family. Lol I am not sure abt other serial update pages in this site, but we have created a great sisterly bonding here. So proud of you all ?????????

  4. Shai

    Thank for participating in the poll guys… You made me popular?

  5. back to work …. not able to watch ishqbaaz….

  6. Cheers to Sisromance of Ishqbaaz Minions ???????????????????

  7. Devga

    Wow crazy fans…. Evn me becoming crazy day by day….. Continue folks a grt work makng centuries…. I’ve done this b4 but as am bsy nwadays not possible to comment tht much…… Wil help u all wen evr i am free…..

    I am frm TN. Entered clg. I am vry old To tu….. Lol

    I hv read yesterday smeone started to ask question abt ishqbaaz…… So can i ask One question….

    #1 wich was the FIRST PROMO of ishqbaaz ?¿?

    1. Priya15

      Di u r also from TN??? If u don’t mind Wr r u from??

    2. I think the one with three brothers coming in a boat or smthng

  8. Mahi13

    I guess that time is not far when we’ll have 300 comments 😀 waiting for that moment. Ishqbaaz is 1 of the best serials. 😀 😀

  9. Guys can i join in your group l am new here love shivika

    1. hi rashi, as long as you keep the positive aura in this site you are most welcome to our ishqbaaz minions family 🙂

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    3. Haii rashi. U r most welcome…

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    Bang on ishqbaazians superb more than 250 comments wohoo we r rocking it guys….
    First of all sorry for late comment net was not working since last night and when it worked a lil at morning I was getting late for school so sorry…
    The episode was soo hilarious rudra really has that talent of persuading the girls and the last shivikia scene was soo cute mr bagad billa was so afraid haha I loved it yr waiting for today’s episode….
    Btw hello everyone how r u all???

  11. Khushi

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    Selfie no. 3 uploaded. .

    Now it’s sure that we r gonna make 300 cmnts so here is one good news for ishkara fans..

    GUL KHAN said this..

    Have patience guys.. Ishkara scenes will start . There were some points we were working on.. Which we wanted to add in the track. So now it’s ready.. So their track will start flowing!! With their NEW TITLE SONG..

    Is that indeed a good news.. Enjoy guys..

    1. when will rudra and soumya scene will start
      today’s epi was super mainly rudra’s part

      1. Priya15

        I don’t know abt it di.. If I came to know abt them I l share it here..

    2. Shai


  14. To be frank shivika is mostly Arnav and kushi….but I like it….ipknd is so superb serial….after that this one….same chemistry…..and u billu …we will see how long u avoid our Anika….we are are waiting for u to bend on ur knees before Anika…..but not with your tadi…….with love…..??

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    I’ve got many sisters here….some elder and some younger……all credit goes to ISHQBAAZ…… love ISHQBAAZ and all my sisters here?????

    Cheers for d Sisromance??????????????

    1. group hugggggggggg LOLZZZZZ

  17. God anshi ff is awsme I mn meghna is a gem…plz see it once sisters…i wud dfntly love if th stry proceeds in ths way I mn jst adorable?

  18. O jaana Khoya Khoya rehta he ye

    Dil Tadap ye kehta he ye

    Tu he mere Jine ki wajah..

    O jaanaa…..

  19. Ya ishika….its superb with 4 years leap…and ansh…..i guess it might happen in ishqbaaz also….guessing this story line is quite difficult and different…has it has 3 lead pair…..i guess billu will not confess h is love soon …..

    1. Ya I guess ben bt spoilers r sayng tht love stry gnba strt soon idk lets hope fr th BST n see

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