Ishqbaaz 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri saves her respect

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Ishqbaaz 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I know that my wife wouldn’t leave for such a small thing. He holds her close and says how I should praise your beauty. Anika says I know I m sporting this hairstyle, but I m not looking like any Chudail, how do I praise you, okay….. She gets away. He stops her and throws his glasses. Shivaye says you tell me, how I should praise your beauty, how should I describe your lovely eyes, your eyes are like a deep ocean, all the flowers blossom when you open your arms, when compared to your radiance, even the moon and stars look pale.

Anika smiles. He says I just wonder, how do I describe your beauty, you tell me, how should I praise your beauty. She cries. He wipes her tears. She claps. He says if you try to leave again, I will punish myself. She asks what. He says I won’t let you go. She says okay, try stopping me. She runs smiling. Lights get dim. Shivaye and Anika sing Tere chehre se….. and dance. Everyone claps for them. Gauri pushes Abhimanyu. He gets a wound. She says let me go. He says how, beautiful girls are my weakness, you are very beautiful, I promise no one will know, just please me, I will make your husband’s career prosperous. She cries and shouts no. She crawls back and pulls the carpet. He falls down. She runs out of the room. He follows her. She reaches the art exhibit area. He tries to catch her. Her sleeve gets torn. He catches her and forcibly takes her away. The red color gets on the painting. The doors open. He sees Shivaye and everyone close.

He leaves Gauri and poses as a respectable man. Gauri runs away. Shivaye and Anika see him. Anika asks what happened to him, what is he doing here, exhibition haven’t started yet. They don’t see the painting spoiled by red color… Shivaye asks did you show your paintings to Roshni. Om says yes, she didn’t say much. Shivaye says art admirers take their own time, I m pretty sure that Roshni will like it. Om says hope so. Anika comes and asks where is Gauri, I haven’t see her. Abhimanyu asks Roshni to buy all the paintings. She sees the nail mark on his face and says of course, I will have to buy them now, I m tired of cleaning the mess you make, you have shown your true colors, wasn’t she Om’s wife, right? Om says I was showing paintings to Roshni, I thought she is with you. Anika says we thought she is with you.

Bhavya asks what happened. Om says I will go and see her. Abhimanyu and Roshni come. He says Roshni is impressed with your paintings, congrats, she is buying all the paintings. Om asks really. Roshni says Abhimanyu insisted me for it. Everyone congratulates Om. Anika takes Shivaye aside and asks what are you thinking. Shivaye says its strange that she bought all the paintings. She says Abhimanyu insisted her. He says but why, is he trying to impress us, why is being so generous. She says you made him the brand ambassador of the product, so he must be trying to help, I will give this good news to Gauri. Gauri cries in darkness. She thinks of Abhimanyu’s bad deed.

Anika asks for Gauri and thinks where is she. Gauri takes a bath and cries. The red color gets on her face from her hand. She feels awful. Anika comes to her room and asks what happened, are you fine. Gauri says yes. Anika asks why are you not with us in the party, we have decked up, you changed your clothes. Gauri says some chutney spilled on my dress, so I changed my clothes. Anika says come with me, a good news is waiting for you. Bhavya asks Rudra to wear the coat. She makes him wear it and says button the coat. He asks what’s your problem, okay I understand, you don’t want any girl to fall for me. She laughs and says I haven’t seen any girl falling for you. He says its because you are with me, look over there.

He spills the drink on his coat and says now I have to take off my clothes. She says don’t remove the coat, else see what will happen, I will leave you. He asks what. She says I can tolerate everything, but I can’t tolerate seeing my husband getting shirtless and roaming around. He says wow, I didn’t know you are so possessive about me. She says think anything, if you remove this coat, I will file case against you for indecent exposure. He asks Shivaye where are you, Bhavya is threatening me. She says button your coat right now. He says its done. Anika and Gauri come. Bhavya asks Gauri why did she change clothes. Gauri says my clothes spoiled by chutney. Rudra says I need Bhavya’s permission to change clothes, you don’t need anyone’s permission, Bhavya doesn’t want Abhimanyu to look at me, she is possessive about me. Bhavya says when Gauri is here, why will he look at you, Gauri looks so beautiful. Anika sees Gauri.

Shivaye says Abhimanyu is brand ambassador of Aira mobiles, its time he launches our brand, I want a very special person to join us, Gauri is Abhimanyu’s big fan, I want her to do the launch along with him. Om and Shivaye ask her to come. Gauri says I can’t do this. They get shocked when she turns to go. Anika stops Gauri and asks what happened. Gauri cries and says let me go, I can’t do this. She leaves. Anika says Gauri is unwell so she left. She goes after her. Shivaye says Om… Om says I will go and see. Abhimanyu signs Roshni… She says Om, media is here, why don’t we make an announcement about our collaboration, come. Shivaye says lets just do it.

Anika comes to Gauri. Gauri wipes her tears. Anika asks why did you leave from the party, are you crying. Gauri says I m fine. Anika asks will you lie to me, swear by me, tell me what happened. Gauri cries and says Abhimanyu misbehaved with me. Anika gets shocked and hugs her. Gauri tells everything. Anika says how dare he do this with you, don’t cry, I m here with you, how dare he touch you, I promise I will not leave you. Gauri says it was my mistake, I couldn’t know his intentions, I should have understood when I was clicking a pic and he started misbehaving, I couldn’t understand. Bhavya shouts … Abhimanyu will have to understand now, he must know the consequences of ruining a woman’s modesty, he didn’t make a mistake, he committed a crime, he must be punished for this.

Anika says Roshni is equally disgusting, they are so shallow, why is Shivaye so angry, did he know about Abhimanyu’s misdeed. She stops Shivaye. He says let me, I won’t spare him. She says but Gauri doesn’t want this to happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My heart skipped multiple beats, I am so happy that Gauri could save herself but not everyone is lucky enough to save themselves.

    1. Go Abhishek Go !
      Congo on being first .

      1. Thank you 🙂

    2. He Abhisek congrats…
      Yes glad she saved herself…..

    3. Go Abhi Go ,,!!,,
      Congrats on being 1st ……

    4. Luthfa

      Go Abhishek Go.Congratulations on being first..?

  2. Pushpa

    Im loving this episode…
    Wow for shivaye syare for anika ..owsm… beautiful..
    It took 15 min to pen down these… phew!!! Here u go…..

    ” Chaand kahu toh kaise kahu, tu chaand se zyada pyaari hai
    phool kahu toh kaise kahu, phoolon mein khushboo tumhari hai
    aakhon ko jheel kaise kahu, aakhon mein tere samandar hai
    saare jadu, sab dariya sab teri aakhon k andar hai ” wow ILU shivaye…. kashhhhhh someone will tell the same to me… yeah keep on dreaming pushpa…

    My heart goes for gauri today… i pity her 4wht tht monster did to her… my god to tht extend chepde monster… and wht u call this women who knows her husband is a molester but still standing proud beside him… why do v still hv these women around $#@#$$$??? gauri yr performance ws owsm …. shivaye will always b looking 4anika but whre ws om… until anika asked him thn only he started looking 4her…im a little upset here wt om…… guys sorry if i say anything wrong here..

    And shivaye felt michi michi abt these 2cheapdes and he ws rite v c tht in precap.. anika bcm her sister mum friend and finally gauri open the can..for one i liked bhavyas ….consequences of ruining a woman’s modesty, he didn’t make a mistake, he committed a crime, he must be punished for this…. salute u officer…

    Precap…… sorry abhimanyu shivaye going to bash u up…
    Nice episode
    Gd nite gals

    1. Hii Pushpa Di .
      Thank-you so much for shayri .
      It is really as khidkitod as our shivika .
      And after listening from Shivaye it becomes more khidkitod .

      1. Pushpa

        Of course darling u r hearing frm shivaye it will sound goooood….

    2. Hiiii Pu di..
      Your Shivaye did Kammal..ha ha ha.
      No prblm di..kabhi na kabhi your dream will fulfil…lets see…..
      Me too agree shayri..was really awesome..

      1. Pushpa

        Hey hi fi…..mere shivaye is the best
        Arpi r u in our pkjmansion?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Di,I couldn’t believe my ears that Shivaay recited shayari for Anika.In holi he did the same.Whatever it is but I loved those lines.Thank you so much for mentioning in your comment.That Abhimanyu is a gone case now.Let’s see how his OMM will be done.Take care di?

      1. Pushpa

        Me2 cant belive it but tht was owsm…
        lets c hw shivaye do OMM to the superstar…..

  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    1st Shivika scene…
    Ufff… Sayar Singh Oberoi…
    Shivika dance sequance was Nycc…
    Anika ki hair style changed in nxt scene…
    Gouri… Today Shrenu nailed that part…
    It was soo natural…. I was literally cried while watching that scene… It was heart wrinching…
    Specially that red paint wala part… Her face was half red nd half normal , that pic looks like just like a paint…
    Why she didn’t told at first…!!?
    But this is what many girls does for their family’s reputation… Not only in small town in big city’s girls also stay quit thinking about their family… In fear they dont share it with their family also… But family members should help them to come out of it nd go against these type of cheap rapiest…
    Aniri part was Superbb…
    Bhavya is rite… We should not stay quit… It is just we r supporting these type of chip people…
    Precap – Gouri u should not stay quit… Nd Aniya ko vi support nahi krna chahiye …
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hello Banita di .
      Ya………Shayar Singh Oberois was really great today .

      I agree Shrenu nailed it today .
      And it was really very heart wrenching to see all that and for me more heart wrenching is Abhimanyu types of people are present not I only in Reel life but in Real life too.

      And it is very wrong to stay quiet after all that.
      Bcoz hamare Saath Jo hona tha wo to hogaya but ho Sakta hai hamare awaz uthane se Kisi aur innocent k saath aisa Na ho.
      Aur log aisi behudi harkat karne se phele das Baar socha.

      1. Banita

        Totally agree with U Ishu…
        We should raise our voice against these type of people… So that aage jaa kr ek aur gouri uski sikar naa ho…
        Agar his wife pehele hi uska against hoti then ase kuch nahi hota…

    2. And Banita di mere saath Sach mein kuch gadbad hai because jab bhi mein comment post karti hun your comment is under moderation show nhi hota .
      Aur comment bhi show nhi hota.
      But after some time suddenly dobara se telly updates page kholne par Mera comment show hota hai.
      And whatever is happening is so confusing because mujhe pata hi nhi chalta ki comment post hua ki nhi .

      1. Banita

        Heyy Ishu…
        Don’t be sad yaar… Lagta hain moderation uncle ne meri choti behen ko kuch jayda hi granted le rahe hain…
        Agar kuch dikha nahi raha hain then uss window ko close krke immideatly usre window mein TU open krke dekh teri comment post ho gayi hain ya nahi…
        1)Agar haan then that’s gr8 , teri comment moderation ke liye rukta nahi.. So u r SPECIAL….
        2) If no , teri comment show hi nahi kr raha hain na hi under moderation dikha raha hain.. Then even u r SPECIAL becz ase kisika nahi hota…
        3) Agar firse open krne ke baad comment under moderation dikha raha hain (which is normal) , then also u r SPECIAL… Becz U r my lil sister na…

    3. Hiii Bani..Shayar Singh Oberoi left me speechless………
      Yes that painting was looking a real painting..
      And that darkness part was more heart wrenching…………….and yes we shouldn’t keep quiet…

      1. Banita

        Hlo Arpu…
        let’s see what Obohus’s will do now…

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Shivika part at the start was awesome.Shivaay won’t let Anika go anywhere.He has learnt his lesson.Gauri put the act very well in front of mirror and in shower scene.Whatever a girl goes through at such a situation can’t be expressed in words or measure by anything.Still her pain was very much visible.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?
      P.S.Sorry yaar,I couldn’t reply you in the day before yesterday’s page.Was busy with some work?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Lu….
        Yeah in this situation we can’t measure d pain of that victim girl…
        Nd sorry kun bol rahi ho… It’s fine yaar… Ab main vi toh kuch dino se sbko reply nahi de paa rahi hun… Ab aagese kabhi sorry maat bolna… Nahi toh main sacchi wali gussa ho jaungi…

  4. Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Another nail bitting episode.
    God..Today was more scary than yesterday. ..
    Shrenu once again you did a fabulous job today.
    When Gouri’s hand touched that half women painting. .It actually showed the place of women now a days society.
    Her sobbing, crying bitterly and washing her body to wash away that creep man’s touch….It was really scary and heart breaking. When a girl get harassed by such things…her situation became like this.She portrayed that act so naturally. ……..
    Lastly her breaking down …..Yes it actually happens..and bcoz of fear of society girls keep quiet being harassed bcoz society always put finger on girls character. .always…bcoz of this issue..Girls are forced to commit suicide. ..
    Now Come to Shivika.

    Kya yarr.real main toh ye log romantic dance jarte nahi.always tali dance or chapri dance….qe are getting romantic dance inly on dreams.not fair.
    Btw Sso.there was a time yiu couldn’t express yourself.Now you are doing shayri……..
    Mere ko bhi senti bana diya.
    Shivika in 70’s look.yeh They can carry any look so perfectly. Annika was really looking soo cute and beautiful in that yellow outfit..

    I want to do a honest confession. Seing shivika I remembered a funny thought of my childhood. ..
    In my childhood i was soo innocent
    My family lives to watch only old movies..
    That time also romantic movies were showing..I had no idea about liplock.When heroines were became shy and go away from heros clutches and heros wiped their lips. i was always wondering why heroines always do this….???????????? ( I know its weird but Me and my chipdi mind???????bachoan se hi thi..ok today i realised it ???)…After 10th class..I understood And laughed thinking how much stupid I was.Thank God I didn’t ask anybody…warna……………….
    Today I saw samething in Shivika dance na.So i remembered it…
    Ha ha ha.

    Ok NOW I AM WAITING FOR OM’S REACTION i want to see his burning intense eyes….
    Waiting waiting and waiting…

    1. Hi Arpita di ?
      Kemiti accho?
      In Oriya hum how are you ko Yashi bolte hai na.
      Agar galat ho to sorry di .?
      Mera aap se Oriya mein puchnecka man tha to Puch liya .I hope Sahi ho .

      Your childhood memory is as good as you Di…..?????????
      Yes its somewhat weird, but what to do aap tab choti bacche thi.
      Aur baccho ke mind mein curiosity hoti hai.
      And ya bahut accha hua apne Kisi se pucha nhi.

      1. me a favour…
        Stop saying sorry yarr..
        Jab dekho sorry bolti raheti he..chup hoja..
        Bina galti ke sorry kyun bol rahi he..
        And it is absolutely correct.
        Mu bhala acchi..
        Btw How do you know Odia??????…
        Haan ye main sahi ki..kisi se pucha nahi..ha ha ha.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      I agree with you.After facing such things almost every girl takes vow of silence fearing the family reputation will spoil.And that makes the situation worst all the more.That painting was very much symbolic to the situation.Shivika are doing romance like normal couple and that is a rare case.Awwwww….You are so sweetly innocent.Thank God you didn’t ask???????????

  5. Thank god,Gauri u r saved from that dirty fellow..

    U should not hide such matters from anyone.. we should be brave Nd teach them a lesson..

    If u r hiding like this , how can u support girl child in this world in future..

    1. UB yeh..she shouldn’t keep quiet…..
      She has to rise her that persons like Abhimanyu will get a lesson in their life.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi UB,
      Yes,it’s not good to hide these incidents but that’s the normal scenario of our society?

  6. My God shrenu portrayed her role too well.. Kudos to her.. The director did his job well..The way he touched her she thought it must be star behavior I mean next generation or present behavior instead of thinking it’s molestation.. Gauri when she was in traumatic condition she made us also cry.. Shivay sensed something wrong in Abhimanyu behavior towards buying all his paintings..
    When Gauri confessed his misbehavior and the way Anika reacted was like mom and daughter reaction..
    Bhavya back to her police role.. Obahus comes up with a plan to expose that creepy..
    I couldn’t believe being a lady how could she not stop or expose his husband behavior..
    Most of people accusing and saying about Om.. That he couldn’t protect his wife..
    Guys be happy and proud that she saved herself.. Trivedi girls was like lion and tigeress..
    Anika did her best to Save herself from 8foot vanmanush tried to kill her when shivaay wasn’t there.. As like Gauri did her best to Save herself for that creepy s*xy needs.. Girl power rocks..
    If Om comes to know the truth he won’t spare him for sure..
    Precap: I don’t know why Gauri doesn’t want to expose that creepy guy.. Also when anika said Gauri name to shivaay his anger level increased.. I Think he is anger for some other reason..
    Today, shrenu rocked with her performance..
    Till in India me-too protest wasn’t much in high priority.. Hope to see good change in India via me-too..

    1. Hello kadhambari Di .
      How are you?
      Yes you are right Roshni should not do what she is doing.
      She should expose her husband .

    2. Hiii Di….I am also feeling something fishy about precap.may be Sso is in anger bcoz of some other cause…
      Hope Aniri will teach him a good lesson..lets see…
      Nice analysis di

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadahambari di,
      SP went well with scene and directory was also top notch.Shivaay was convinced that something is wrong.Anika was like a mother to Gauri at that time.Me too has seen most of all are bashing Om especially in Twitter.Whatever happened happened without his knowledge.He can’t be blamed for that I think.Looking forward to today’s episode.Take care?
      P.S.Sorry di that I couldn’t reply you in the day before yesterday’s page.Was busy with some work?

  7. Hello everyone!
    How are you?

    About episide-
    Wow Shivaye I liked your way of complimenting.
    Your shayri was nice.

    Then sing sequence
    It was AWESOME!

    But after that song Annika’s hairstyle changed automatically .
    Did anyone else noticed the same?
    Ya mere hi TV mein fault hai .

    What to say about Abhimanyu Raheja.
    Wo insan kehlane k layak hi nhi hai.
    He is worst than beast and not only him all the other men with similar mentality are so cheap.
    Even cheap word is also small in front of their harkat / doings.

    But what happened to Gauri ?
    Why you are not raising your voice ?
    Everyone is with you , so go against the wrong.
    Because if you won’t then aaj tum victim ho Kal koi aur hoga .
    And you are not like that you are our STRONG CHIRRAIYA
    Tum to ek jhaap mein diwal se satka dogi .

    OK bye!
    Goodnight .
    Love you all .

    1. AAYUSH

      True ishita gauri is really very strong and now anika and bhavya knows everything toh abhimanyu ko sabak bhi khidkitod style mein sikhayegi anika for sure.

    2. Hi ishitha,
      Doing good.. How about you..? When shivaay telling poem about anika.. I remember the blooper which was telecasted in insta..
      Today shrenu nailed her performance..
      I hope they must be planning something that’s the reason ani might have stopped SSO..

      1. Hi kadhambari how are you my dear and your little boy?

    3. Hiii Ishu….
      Annika’s hair style changed and I really liked that……….
      Yeh Shayri was awesome..
      Yes Abhimanyu is not countable as human..
      I want to be punished him by girls very badly..
      Yes Gouri us strong. Let’s see.

    4. Hey Ishita I also loved shivika’s part. Amazing and how are you my dear?

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode?
      That song sequence of Shivika was amazing.Loved it a lot.Shivaay went for shayari to please Anika and that was surprising!Abhimanyu will not be spared.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  8. I don’t have any words to express what my inner feelings are going through….thank God she got saved……how many times I have cried…I Know it’s a serial…bt in reality gauri like 100 hundred girls are attacked like this….
    I hope ishqbaaz family will take a rather action against him and should give a good lesson to him…by watching ystrdys and today’s episode I became weak by thinking & thinking… Let’s hope for best..and hatsoff to u shrenuuu…u are such a fantastic actress??

    1. Hii Liya..thats what we are waiting..
      Lets see how Abhimanyu will punished…

  9. I don’t know what my inner feelings are going through… thank God gauri got saved….. I don’t know how many times I have cried…
    I hope ishqbaaz family will take a rather action against this…we all are waiting for that…by watching ystrdys and today’s episode I became weak by thinking & thinking… let’s hope for best ??

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Liyasaifu,
      They will take action definitely.And dear,don’t think so much.It can affect you indirectly.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  10. I think this character will given to gauri because gauri is perfect to express this character because in past annika slap shivaay, dasksh, for talking about her character and BHAVYA is obviously police. And other hand touching his wife shivaay will show hell to viraj so obviously gauri is left but this time shivaay will not solve this mess this mess will solve by obahus are rikara is perfect
    Coming to episode once again Shivika part is best

    1. Aditi
      This time I want Om should join with Gouri……
      Sso toh waise bhi itna kuch karte he family ke liye.This time Om should take step..
      Lets see…

  11. Cheers to Gauri.
    Shr proved that a girl doesn’t need a guy to save her.

    1. Yeh You Are right….

    2. Luthfa

      Yes but that happens rarely.

  12. AAYUSH

    Shivika were awesome today as always but shrenu as gauri nailed today’s episode. Abhimanyu is really a cheap man i dont understand vo superstar kaise ban gaya hoga aur usse bekar toh uski wife roshni hai usey oppose karne ki jagah uski misdeeds ko cover up kar rahi hai.
    Ruvya scenes were funny.
    Now anika bhavya knows what happened with gauri toh o bahus abhimanyu ko chodengi nahi ab for sure. But really how can a person be so cheap.

    1. Hii Aayush Bhaiya .
      How was your day ?
      And I am sure o bahus will definately do Oh my mata of Abhimanyu Raheja in their style.

    2. I wanted to slap Roshni…what kind of woman she is?????…
      Yeh Shrenu was really good today….
      A.Rahrja is cheapest character..chi….

    3. Luthfa

      Hi AAYUSH,how are you?
      Shivika were in their own world of romance.Dance part was really cute.I enjoyed inspite of Gauri’s tension.Cheapness doesn’t come with any tag.Those who want to stoop low,become cheap automatically.

      1. AAYUSH

        I m finr luthfa what about u

  13. Hi guys I am new in this form. I want to share my opinion about today’s episode. I saw today’s episode and I am very disipointed because of Omkaara. I mean a man tried to molest her wife (Gauri) and he did not care about it! Ok I accept he is human so he did not know which was quite normal but atleast he sensed something fishy like annika, SHIVAY even when gauri went this party place he did not understand when SHIVAY told Om then he saw his wife. Today’s episode it was proved that Omkaara is not love her wife so much as much as Gauri love him he only shows his fake love for wife to family and world but actually he does not love gauri.Omkaara character is totally destroyed If I hurt someone plz forgive me. Plz guys share your opinion

    1. Hii Farin dear…
      Welcome to pkj..keep commenting and enjoy the fun..
      Yes Some how I am also little disappointed that What Shivaay found out..Om could not..
      But dear..He had no idea about it.not a single family member knew about it..
      When Im tried to go for gouri That Roshni stopped him for the collaboration announcement..
      When He will get to know. I want him to take leading action..lets see.

    2. Yes they destroyed om’s character…he always protected the one who he used to love…i love om’s character from the beginning of the show after shivaay he was a strong character..after dbo they made him so much rude as much as shivaay…y they always shivaay always saving anika and his family members…om can also do much things as shivaay.v have seen those things in dbo..unknowningly om helped gauri very much…he saved him from kaali thakur after that only she fell in love with om…he saved her from buamaa who was killing her…he fought for her wen he was in barielly….wen that ajay was keeping eyes on gauri during her friend’s roka n they on their way to lonavla so many people were there behind them…y cvs r showing on usless for showing shivaay the great…om was sculptor and dadi said in first episode watever om makes it get sells in crores and lakhs..then why they are showing him as nikamma..wen shivaay insulted rudra and him in front of they will not show om fighting they will show shivaay anika bcoz their journey is completed rikara after their confession….n bhavya she’s acp or not..she didnt prove herself right in that bribe case and she didnt fight sultan for taking her parents lives.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Farin,welcome to PKJ family.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love?
      About Om,I just want to tell that he was not aware of the situation.He was busy with his art.But I do agree that he should have asked for Gauri’s whereabouts in the party.About loving Gauri,cvs have not developed their love story unlike Shivika.They need time to reach at a certain level.Take care?

  14. Yes today episode is scary and thank god gauri got saved but i wanted gauri to fight like a tigress shrenu nailed in every scene in today episode especially that red paint on that women paint and gauri crying loudly in darkness shows how women fight within themselves to come over this type of incident anyhow lets see how cvs give justice to gauri and how will they punish abhimanyu and in precap i think shivay doesnt know about gauri matter he was angry with abhimanyu for some other reason but just think when shivay get to know about gauri matter what will be his action not just shivay if om get to know this i think he will kill that bastard abhimanyu but before obros thrash abhimanyu i want gauri to be the first one to thrash abhimanyu left right the way she did with did with kaali thakur

    1. Lets see How they will deal with it……
      Hope Om wil find out it soon…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Abhi,
      Girls are not weak and Gauri is going to prove it punishing that Abhimanyu.And Oberois also won’t spare him.Let’s see.

  15. Candiva007

    I can’t wait until Om finds out! He’ll kill Abhimanyu for touching his wife and he’ll be upset with Gauri for not telling him. He truly loves her. I can’t wait until they have babies. LOL

    1. Yeh..but we can do one thing.. …
      Wait wait and wait..
      Lets see.

  16. Luthfa

    Such blessed as well as cursed life we girls lead,simultaneously!Sometimes it feels like a supreme blessing of God to be born as a girl but often time,feelings are totally opposite to feel.Here in our society,girls are weak and this is an established norm.At the same time girls symbolize love,care,affection,shelter,strength,inspiration,list can go on and on.To every girl’s utter surprise,those above mentioned emotions which are very strong,are expected from girls whom society consider Weak,physically and mentally.For some people girls are like toys and they play the way want to play with them.Gauri and her plights are something that girls are facing perhaps since when human civilization had started.As girls and their girly instincts had become their own enemies.Very rare are those cases when a girl can raise her voice against any injustice done to her as well as other.As they are expected to be silent.For example-Mrs.Roshni Raheja,sophisticated,cultured,well educated,sizzling personality holder was completely silent even after knowing the filthy deeds of her husband.From her talking it is very clear that she knows her husband’s dark history all along.Is not she a girl or woman?Doesn’t she possess conscience?Why on earth she did not do or tell anything?Well,why she would do something like that?After all Abhimanyu Raheja is her Husband and to see him getting defamed publicly will tarnish her image.And by any chance if this matter gets disclosed,as main twist of a story people and society will point finger at her that Mrs.Raheja couldn’t control her husband that’s why he is doing all that.Wonderful,is not it?All the time,in every way,it just girls and women who suffer at the hand of some beast personified men be it outside or inside in one’s own house.Unless girls take stand for their own dignity in this absolutely male dominated society where some people are roaming with a face of human but predator by nature,those won’t spare them at any given time.Otherwise,Gauri’s will go on suffering,will feel self-disgust,will self-pity themselves without doing any mistake at all.And every Roshni will add to the sufferings of every Gauri as well as hers with her silence…………………………………………

    1. Wow…… just wow….
      You writing has some magic…….
      .totally right…
      Roshni Raheja….is also not to be called as a woman…Mr and Mrs Raheja both are disgusting person….
      But yiu nailed it my girl..
      Love you soooo much.
      Brw where were you yesterday.

      1. Luthfa

        Really?Awwww…So sweet of you.Thank you sooo…much for your love.And you are right.Roshni was silent knowing a girl is being harassed by her own husband.She only thought about her husband and her reputation.And I was busy with some personal works that’s why couldn’t come.Love you too?

    2. Hey luftha well said. True true girls are like toys for some men. How many rape cases in India that have gone unaccounted? This episodes will be a good lesson for men who are animalistic.

      How are you my dear? Take care and lots of ?

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Yes di,for some men girls are definitely toys to play with.And around the world,girls are becoming victims of their beastly desire every now and then.Most of the cases don’t come to light and the sufferings and sufferer remain unnoticed.Anyway,thank you sooooo….much for your love di.I am good.Hope you are going great.Love you too di?

    3. Hi Luthfa di .
      I agree with Arpita di, your writings have some magic.
      WONDERFUL di.
      For meMrs.Abhimanyu Raheja is more at fault.
      And you are right di how can she do it after all she too is women ?

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        Yeah,for me the main culprit is Roshni because her silence made her husband take liberty with every other girl wrongly.Her silence is destroying other girl’s life still she is not taking any step to stop her husband being a girl herself.And behind her silence her girly weakness is clearly visible.Thank you sooooo….much for your love dear.Love you?

  17. Hi ,everyone ,,how are you all ,,
    Ok so in today’s epi shrenu ,,you just nailed it ,,awesome job ,,really you are such an good actress i can’t express all the things looks so real ,,great job ,,
    But i really got scared today ,thand god gouri save herself ,,that 3rd class man use to hell mai bhi jaga nahi milega ,
    And his wife ,,what the hell is happening to her ,how can she support her husband ,,yeh kaisi biwi hai yr ,,aisi aurat ke liye to hamare society mai yeh crime aur bhi jada barti ja raha hai ,,agar khud apne log yeh sab support karenge to baharbalo ke liye in sab crime se bachna aur bhi muskil ho jayegi ,,
    Thanku so much cvs ,,to give us such an genius epi ,

    Aniri scean is so emotional ,i just loved anika’s reaction after learning gouri’s situation ,,is so heart touching ,,the thing is that ,,always the family members should supported the victim ,,as she needs this the most ,,bhavya also said right ,,they have to paid for their dad deeds ,
    Precap– shivay’s is so mush angry ,,but i wan’t the girl’s to teach a lesson to that disgusting man and specialy gouri ,,and om will be suppporting her ,,it will be great ,waiting for tommorow

    Good night guys ,,bye

    1. Hey Tania dear how are you? True I can’t stand abhi’s Wife and I loved how anika consoled her Chutki. The sisters really bond so well.

    2. Hii Tania .
      I am fine and what about you dear ?
      Yes Annika was looking pretty in that hairstyle.
      And Roshni Raheja is doing wrong by supporting her husband .

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      People like Abhimanyu was,is and will always present in the society.But Roshni’s silence is encouraging these Abhinanyu type people.I want Gauri herself will teach him a tight lesson that he won’t forget for a lifetime.Let’s see.Take care?

  18. And about shivika scean ,,woooww ,shivay you are just awesome ,,that dream sc is so nice ,,anika looks so cute ,and after that ,,anika change her hairstyle ,she looks more stunning ,,???

    1. Hii Tani nice comment dear…
      Yeh….I also want Om and girls gang will teach a lesson to Abhimanyu…
      And Shivika scene as always they rocked..
      Yeh Chandu di was looking really beautiful..

    2. Luthfa

      Agree completely.Shivika were awww…dorable?

  19. Oh I really feel very sad . Cried like if any wrong happen to gauri today . I thought of stop watching dis show at least a week. Becoz I like gauri character than Anika . Day 1 onwards gauri is so cute and didn’t hurt anyone very soft at heart …
    Feel happy she herself escaped from tragedy .

  20. If the oberoi brother knows about dis .
    They will support gauri and fighy with anyone .The 3 brothers will support their wives and trust in them.☺️
    I like dis in the show.
    otherwise other narrow minded serials will blame women if she face like dis situation
    .if family support and trust a women .a women can fight with anyone .?
    Ishqbazz is a nice they are telecasting present day problems and how to solve the situation .
    1 like parents should decide when they want baby …
    2 sahil admission in the school …
    Now gauri situation

    1. Hiii Lucky….yeh hope so..all will support Gouri..

      1. Definitely becoz she has nice family ..Anika ..shivay..she is the sister of both

  21. Hello pkjians.. watever I felt watching the episode is already expressed here but there are a few pov’s that I would like to give. I tink we are so used to seeing fictions wer the heroine lands into trouble and the hero somehow reaches there on time (including shivika) to save her that most of us forget that it rarely happens in reality. In fiction mostly the supporting characters get molested/raped or it might be the story of the survivor (maryada and Kali being examples). But here gauri is a heroine and the show shows her vulnerability, her desperation, her fear, everythin so perfectly. We were moved by shrenu’s performance. But the truth is that no prince is going to come to save his lady love in reality. We live in a world where we women have to save ourselves.. actually this is also not the exact reality as many women are raped/molested under their own roof while she is among her own family unlike gauri who was lucky enough to save herself. She might have been with her husband/brother/ father/in-laws one minute before and the next minute she might be raped by a guest or even worse by a family member itself.. many a times she can’t save herelf neither can she stand up fr herself. Even if she does she is will be blamed, shamed and ruined. Gauri is lucky to have a family like oberois in one sense that they’ll stand by her til she is avenged.

    Many people yesterday and today vented out against om fr not loving gauri enough/not looking after her. I saw many ppl trying to reason saying om could never know she was in trouble bt they refused to buy it. Shivika, rikara and ruvya- all 3 pairs are different. They have their own charcterestics. Shivaay could sense anika within 1 km radius fr radius from the strtn of their journey. Bt not rikara. It Dan mean their love is weak. It’s normal. Couples not having a sensometer fitted into them is NORMAL. Om and gauri are inside OM. How wld Om expect gauri to be in trouble in such a heavy security place wen she is surrounded by her family? Isn’t that the very reason y many of us are totally unaware that maybe our loved ones are being harmed ryt under our nose? He was busy showing his paintings to roshni. He has had a bad phase in his career and he is looking for a come back. This is his perfect opportunity.. how can people even compare his art to his wife. How can u ask which is more important to him? Issue is we are so used to shivaay being there for Anika that we expect om to be there for gauri too.. The last thing om is expecting at a party inside OM is his wife getting assaulted by a guest right under her family’s nose. It’s not a crime. Didn’t we all fall in love with omkara’s character because of his innate innocence? Shivaay and Anika can sense danger bcoz they have always protected their loved ones and fought tooth and nail with the world to reach where they are now. They can sense danger and bullshit from kilometers away. Not Om though. So I don’t think om should be held responsible in any way for wat happened to gauri.

    And everybody here is asking gauri to not keep quiet, to speak up but the truth is that many women in our society, no matter wat background she comes from, cant even speak up after one disturbing stare from a local rowdy frgt being molested. It takes time and courage. I am sure Anika and bhavya will stand by gauri to give her enuf courage to speak up while obros will kill that man wen they will come to know, but you should also know it wnt be easy fr her. We as fans can nly wait fr gauri to speak up and fight against the trauma that that monster made her go through.

    Precap- I somehow felt that shivaay dsnt know about gauri incident too like someonalready commented.dunno y the shock on his face somehow made me think so. Anyway good night pkjians. Sorry for the long comment. I jus hope ppl will stop bashing om fr not standing up for gauri nd gauri for trying to maintain silence (Incase she initially does that)

    1. Krishna I totally agree with you and that is what I mentioned yesterday in my comments. Om and gauri’s Love is still not strong unlike shivika’s love that was time tested

    2. No need to sorry krishu di..
      We love to read it.
      Actually Shivika sensed each other is totally different bcoz actually it not hapoens in real life at all.
      Like Gouri thousands girls are facing this situation.and luckliy Gouri saved bcoz tgat raheja saw people in window area otherwise….we cant even think what could happen to Gouri..
      And Om don’t have any clue..
      But now I want him to show is valcano side..
      Precap is something else..
      Lets see…
      Nice comment di.

    3. Krishna Di I agree with you but I just don’t want Gauri will remain silent .
      I just want her to take stand for herself .
      And for that I can weight ,bcoz you are absolutely right it needs courage to stand against wrong.

  22. Omg I was so scared gauri was going to get molested but she saved herself u go girll and get that dirty disgusting man punished

    1. Yeh Roise.
      Lets see what will Gouri do now.

  23. Did Not watch it just reading update While reading gauri’s part felt so much pain inside me & teary eyed. Felt relieve when she was able to save herself from that devil.

  24. How women have to go through in society regardless of being married or single? It is the glamour of the world and Abhimanyu’s Wife if a spineless person who cleans the mess of her Husband. She is also equally shameless. Abhimanyu displayed an animalistic behaviour disregarding that she was someone else’s Wife. Utterly disgusting man and so called star. It is nothing wrong with Gauri who was a fan of him. We are all fans of our favourite star unfortunately she did not realise he is such a crook.

    I wonder what will happen in precap tomorrow. Eagerly waiting. I think the three bahus will teach a lesson to Abhimanyu and I am Glad bhavya knows about it too.

    Shivika romance was very nice to watch. I am waiting for Anika’s transformation of an hot babe. She must look stunning. Saw pictures of that. She will target Abhi to teach him a lesson. I wished Om has slapped him. Perhaps after everything is over I want Om to beat him up. I want Om to say his art pieces are valueless compared to his wife’s dignity honour and pride.

    1. Hii Sindhu.di.
      I couldn’t reply to you..
      I am totally fine.
      Ya me too waiting for Annika’s hot avtar ..
      Yeh it is looking a trap for Abhimanyu..
      Roshni is also a disgusting woman..
      She don’t deserve to call as a woman.

    2. Hi Sindhu Di ..
      I am good and hope the same for you .
      Ya…….di Abhimanyu is really spineless man .
      Me too want Om will say his art pieces are valueless in front of his lovely wife Gauri.
      Let’s see what will happen next.

  25. Did Not watch it just reading update While reading gauri’s part felt so much pain inside me & teary eyed. Felt relieve when she was able to save herself from that devil. Pre cap is interesting. Waiting to see what punishment that devil basturd will get

  26. Btw Shrenu acted very well. She was just too good. The struggle and concerned about protecting her modesty and from getting raped by this disgusting horrible pervert. She did it on her own by escaping the clutches of him. I am Glad that cvs did not show her to be weak. Ruvya as usual very funny antics.

    Yes and I also think shivaay was not angry because of gauri’s Incident but something else. I don’t know what is that. Hope Abhimanyu did not say anything about how beautiful Anika is and trying to eye her then I can be sure why shivaay is angry. Let’s see.

  27. Luthfa

    Hi Bani,
    Shivika part at the starting was awesome.Shivaay won’t let Anika go anywhere.He has learnt his lesson.Gauri put the act very well in front of mirror and in shower scene as well.Waiting for today’s episode.
    P.S.Sorry yaar,I couldn’t reply you in the day before yesterday’s page.Was busy with some work.Take care?

  28. Luthfa

    Let’s wait and watch.

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is being justice to current track..well portrayed by guari and abhimanyu(they are only the representations of the actual incident) we can’t think what had happened in the real incidents of this…
    Want real justice in the coming episodes….

  30. Seriously Ishqbaazians are just killing it?
    Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya are just unstoppable?
    Love the show….Its the best.?
    Shivika ….just mindblowing, they are truly the BEST jodi in tv serials?

    CVS thank you….. now the story is on track. Minimum villainbaazi which does not drag and each week is such STRONG theme and message for everyone?

    Love SHIVIKA ALWAYS??…never get enough of their tadi, love romance and trust towards each other? and its so good to see Rikara n Ruvya getting them all together?
    Hope they always have the same bond always…thats the strength of IB?
    Continue with the great themes cvs. Love, drama, spice, romance and important messages to our society ?

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