Ishqbaaz 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu misbehaves with Gauri

Ishqbaaz 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra comes to everyone. Anika asks will someone tell me what happened to him. Rudra says I won’t shake hands, I want to compare our biceps, shall we, come on. Abhimanyu smiles and goes with Roshni. Shivaye says you will never change. Rudra says he got scared. Om asks did you go crazy. Rudra says I will remove my shirt, he will go crazy seeing my body, I should show it to him. Gauri says Abhimanyu has come to our house. Bhavya says you both have lost it. Om and Bhavya go. Rudra says tell him if you want a selfie with him. Gauri says how can I say, you can’t understand. Shivaye says I have a surprise for you. He takes Gauri to Abhimanyu and says she is your big fan, she wants a pic with you. Abhimanyu says I m lucky to have a fan like her, it will be a honor. Shivaye goes. Gauri drops her phone. Abhimanyu says you seem nervous.

Gauri says you are a big star, I m nervous. He says even stars at humans, gorgeous fans like you make us stars. He holds her hand while taking the phone. He says lighting isn’t good here, lets go there, this is perfect place, I mean perfect lighting. He holds her waist while taking selfie. She gets shocked and gets away. She asks what are you doing. He says clicking a pic. She says I don’t like this. He says every girl wants such pics, its quite normal for me, lets click a normal pic, happy now, but I m not…. She asks what do you mean. He says you will know. He goes. She says I didn’t understand. Anika asks what happened. Gauri thinks maybe he was saying right, its a normal thing for him. She says I got a pic with Abhimanyu.

Anika checks and says good, how is he, didn’t you like talking to him. Gauri says fine, maybe stars are usually weird. Shivaye says yes, stars are indeed weird, they should know how to be down to earth, sorry. She goes to Shivaye. He says I was talking to guest. She says you have time for guest, you forgot I m angry on you. He asks why. She says I m annoyed and you don’t even know it. He says you are happy and upset some time, and today you are annoyed. She says you are making me furious instead of repenting. He says you are stupid. She says you called me stupid. He says this is happening as I didn’t give you a compliment, let me compliment you. She says leave it, I have seen my value in your life, I m going. She goes. He calls her Nautanki.

Roshni says art is an expression, but most of the artists explain their art instead of expressing it, your creativity and thinking are imp, but don’t expect others to think the same. Om agrees with her. She asks where is your painting, I would love to see them. Om says I would love to show them, come. Abhimanyu asks where are you taking my wife. Om says to show my art collection. Abhimanyu says even I would like to see them. Om says of course, I would love to, please, this way. Abhimanyu asks where is your wife, it would be nice if she joined us. Om calls Gauri and says I wanted to show my collection to them, will you come alone. Gauri says why not. They go.

Abhimanyu asks how did you like Om’s paintings. Roshni says interesting….. Gauri holds Om’s face. Abhimanyu says I have heard every artist has an inspiration, who is your inspiration. Om says my beautiful wife Gauri. Abhimanyu says no wonder why your paintings are so beautiful, as your inspiration is so beautiful. Gauri thinks maybe he talks this way, he is saying such in front of his wife. Om takes Roshni ahead. Gauri picks her earring. Abhimanyu holds her hand. He says you have beautiful hands, I truly love beautiful things.

She says how dare you. He says this is what my fans like. She says I don’t like this. He says I m giving you all my attention, that is why you are acting pricey. She says let me go, else… He asks will you call your husband, he is busy with my wife over there, he is trying to impress my wife to sell art, its tough to please her, its easy to make me happy, if you please me, I will ask my wife to make your husband a renowned artist. He holds Gauri. She cries. Servant drops a drink. Abhimanyu turns. She runs. Shivaye asks Rudra where is Anika. Rudra says don’t know. Shivaye asks where is your jacket. Rudra says I don’t know even that. Shivaye asks have you lost your mind. He asks Bhavya about her.

Bhavya says I didn’t see her in the party. Shivaye says where did Anika go, I must find her. Gauri runs to room and shuts the door. She cries. She says everything is fine here, if it wasn’t for Om’s sake, I would have thrashed that bad guy, I m a fan of such a disgusting man, I m angry at myself. Abhimanyu says you look more beautiful in anger. She gets shocked seeing him at the door. Shivaye looks for Anika. She asks how dare you come here. He says wherever you go, I will follow you. He shuts the door. Shivaye goes to his room. He says Anika…. where did she go. He reads her note….. you don’t seem bothered, you don’t care whether I m here or not, why should I be with you, so I m leaving the house……. Anika smiles hiding under the bed and says I will see how he will be indifferent now. Shivaye keeps the note.

She says I knew he would be baffled and call me. He calls Khanna and says Anika is gone, I have much time, fix my pending meetings, I m free and relaxed too, okay. He goes. Anika gets angry. Gauri throws things at Abhimanyu. She tries to run. He catches her. Shivaye hears the sound and goes to the door. He thinks this noise is coming from Om’s door. He is about to open the door. Gauri struggles to get free. Shivaye opens the door. Khanna says Sir, Mr and Mrs. Puri have come, they are asking about you. Shivaye goes. Abhimanyu goes close to Gauri. She kicks him and runs. He catches her again. Anika says wife has left the house, he doesn’t care, he is happy that I left, now I will really leave the house, I will scold him first. Gauri sees Anika outside and tries to sign. Abhimanyu shuts the door. Anika says where did this noise come from, where is Shivaye. She goes. Shivaye attends the guests.

Anika comes to talk. He goes with her. He asks are you still here. She says you want me to get out of his life, I m leaving, I came to say bye, I didn’t understand how can a person so much in one day. He says you never change, so I thought to change, variety is the spice of life. She says I see, spice, if you eat too much of spice, this is what you end up doing. Anika says my husbands wants to fly like a free bird, I understood how much you care for me, I had thought, you will get restless after reading my note, you called your first love, Khanna. He asks are you talking about this note, check it. She says don’t say that you didn’t understand my handwriting. She reads…. you should have hidden your legs before hiding under the bed, idiot…. she says so you know it. He says I saw you. He recalls writing the note on seeing her. He says you think I would believe that you left because I didn’t compliment you, I know that my wife wouldn’t leave for such a small thing. He holds her close.

Shivaye says you tell me, how I should praise your beauty, how should I describe your lovely eyes, your eyes are like a deep ocean, all the flowers blossom when you open your arms, when compared to your radiance, even the moon and stars look pale. Anika smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


    Thanks for the fast update so now metoo track going on and main focus on gauri which is a nice change taking social issues is a great job done by gul mam as it creates awareness also

    1. Hiiiii Aayush dear.
      Congrats dear..GAG.
      Btw Sry for being late..
      Ha ha ha
      Welcome back..
      And how was your exam????????????…

    2. AAYUSH

      Thanks arpita my exams were really good.

    3. Hey Aayush congrats for being number 1. Yes it is going to be another social issues which I like very much

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    A big sry for not replying bcoz this net us eating my brain. .i even don’t know my reply posted or not..ok i wil check later.
    Come to episode


    Shrenu..gouri cute chireya. .you nailed the whole sequence ……it was rally horrible, creepy. …scary….yiu give total justice to sequence. ..hats off to you.

    I told na.This Abhimanyu Raheja …..should get out ASAP.wait now you will see how oberois will bajao your band……You misbehaved with gouri..she is herself a dabang chireya…l am waiting for your OMM.get ready…
    Rudy..??????Gosh… are epic…Jo bhi he aaj tumhare fans dead hojayenge tumhari body dekh kar..I am also your fan..but I am sanskari.??????..
    Om..your wife is looking so beautiful. Thoda time usse toh de do…

    Annika. .??????????????Kaise kar lete ho..yarr.I just wana pull your cheeks.Chandu d you are so so so cute….
    And she is hiding under bed but with blanket and pillow. .ha ha ha……

    Sso kamaal he…..When Anika tries to get your attention you act like you are ignoring her.and when she became dissappear from your sight you started to find her..Ok I love it..husband wife ke beech main ye hona chahiye…..
    APNI PAIR TOH CHUPA LETI IDIOT. ..???????????????it actually cracked me up very badly… Anika you should better know that You can’t fool so easily and he also know you very well..

    And last part. I was missing that sparkling and crackling chemistry of shivika….I got it back.

    And precap – Ye Sso…ye shayri type om ko jyada suit karti he..You use your Sso style… is also good to manafoy wife..ha ha ha.
    And Om plz Save gouri……

    1. Hey Arpu yes Gauri looked beautiful. Wow her expressions of the fear and anger were just too good

    2. AAYUSH

      I always wait to read your episode analysis arpita as usual it was good u always take a sarcastic take on episode which is really nice and yeah now #Metoo campaign is going on superstar abhimanyu toh gaya ab??

  3. Pushpa

    Hey gals..
    Hw r u all..
    Well yesterday was a musical episode v celebrated ishqbaaz 550 and enjoyed the dance song and the twist..
    Today its gauri all the way…im so angry wth Abhimanyu and his disgusting thought …. over another mans wife… so cheap… and gauri fighting back wt full strenght..oh god shivaye missed and anika missed gauri too… who will help gauri …… oh no….

    I enjoyed anika and shivaye ‘nautanki’ real gem both now i get why dadi always say shivaye anika ishqbaaz thakkar ki… the way both teasing each other…. real classic … hatsoff.

    S: roz tum kuch na kuch hoti ho na annika. kabhi tum khush hoti ho kabhi ghussa hoti ho aaj tum naaraaz ho. naaraaz day hai aaj tumhara its okay. naraaz day”
    S: Itna to main bhi jaanta hu ki meri Annika itni choti si cheez ke liye mujhe chodh ke nahi jaa sakti” with husky voice …both knows each other vey well….. its wht #ishqbaaaz is..

    Precap….cant believe shivaye & syairy…omg wht a progress shivaye…luv u so sk much ….better go & resque gauri now ….
    Thisntime dhill hua ishqbaaz..
    Gd nite cuties….

      ???????Pu di..yeh it was actually sooo funnny….
      And this rakasas ka toh the end hoga hi…
      Lets see how..
      Yeh love to see banter between shivika……
      And last part was totally love.

    2. Hi pushpa don’t worry about Gauri. She will be saved. They are now giving Gauri screen space and we will get a chance to see OM’s anger when the truth is revealed

  4. How dare he to touch a lady..! Being a celebrity is not status.. without manners he is not a human…

    Ladies should not be silent at this situation.. they have to handle themselves and also do self defence..

    Hope it will not bring tragedy in rikara lives..

    Shivika jokes are good

    How Anika is hiding under the bed is kiddish..

    1. UB dear..yehh I am totally right…..
      Hope they will take a good action against thus manneless person..
      Yeh I also don’t want any tragedy in rikara life..
      Lets see

  5. Hi all
    this is miya here a newie and I joined here and will come at possible times and great fan shivika, rikara and rumya and I want tomake friends with u plz..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Miya…
      Of course now we r frnds…

    2. Hiiii miya dear..welcome to pkj..with soo much love..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun..frnd…

    3. AAYUSH

      Hello miya welcome and keep commenting and enjoy the show

  6. My mood is off since yesterday after reading that gauri will be victim of molestation you guys dont belive that i was upset for whole day just by hearing this news because i love shrenu alot from IPPKND2 i loved her as astha but now i coupdnt digest this molestation track i wish tommorow om comes on time to save gauri or gauri should have that strenghth to save herself i dont want anything bad happen to gauri seriously we fans are idiots we emotionally get so much connected to the characters that we get upset if anything bad happens to them in the show anyhow lets hope for best
    But cvs brought a good message about this molestation everyday we are seeing this molestation news in tv the men who are involved in this type of case should be punshied severly if i was judge then i would order to cut mens p*nis who molest women thats the right punishment for that type of mens just by seeing in the show i can feel the pain of gauri just imagine the girls in reality who have faced such things there life will be turned into hell and not just that without there fault the society blames the girls thats why most of the girls doesnt come forward even if they face such type of thing just because fearing for there prestige in society and some people give reasons like the girl wouldnt have dressed properly, who asked the girl to got out at midnight thats why she got molested is all these a reasons its just a crap ok leave the girls nowdays even the small girl also getting molested what about that to in the school or by the neigbourhood what about that



    1. Banita

      Today i totally agree with ur point Abhi…
      U r rite we fans r soo much emotional attached to our fav character that we get upset if something bad happen to them… I don’t want to see gouri as d girl who doesn’t come forward… I want to see gouri to stand herself ( Of course Om nd whole family to be with her).. Nd dont be upset becz at end it will be give a very good message…
      Nd u asked why gouri… Then i will say u should be happy as a gouri fan… If not now then i m sure at d end u will be happier…

    2. Abhi dear…
      I know yiu are very upset.
      Dont worry..nothing will happen to Gouri..
      And think about the positive..Shrenu nailed the secene..she put that act so well.
      No stop being worried..nothing wil happen to her..ok..

    3. True shrenu nailed the entire episode

    4. Hey abh anika also was a victim of molestation by Veer and Dhaksh before. How much was Anika tortured by these horrible men and she was being roughly man handled but Anika survived all those. So relax if it is Gauri’s turn let’s see what happens. The cvs are giving her screen space and she also need to handle her problems like how Anika handled Veer on her own when Shivaay was not there.

      Hope no hard feeling on what I said.

  7. Banita

    Congratulations to all PKJians whose result came today… I know sbki acchi marks hi aaya hoga….
    So Congratulations once again….

  8. Abhimanyu stay away from Humari, buddhe your bones will break soon.

    1. Yeh Now this guy is gone..waiting for his gangaram…

  9. Mimi ? bye Ri...kara

    This is so much disgusting in the show ????? HOW THE HELL HE TOUCH GKS ? AND WHERE IS OMKARA ????!!! IS UR ART MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR WIFE ?? Omkara u don’t deserve Gauri if u can’t save her than why you become her husband !!!??? just to show off ? a real husband who feels his wife when she is in danger, he can’t stay away from her..who thinks about her when she is not beside him…but wow u get married to Gauri to just give u inspiration go to ????, if something bad happened to Gauri I will stop watching am feed up today is episode get me so mad that I can’t continue watching ?‍♀️?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Mimi…
      First of al i want to ask u something… Just with curiocity , R u an antaryami..??
      If not then how can u u except Om to know everything about gouri..??
      CVS never show any sence power between Rikara couple… So Om is not worng at al in this…. It’s totally my POV…

    2. Hi Banita, No am not antaryami ? …he should know??‍♀️.. just think about it for a sec u are showing ur art and let’s say for while u did not see ur wife ? he should ask where is Gauri ??!!! Am getting mad that even writer did not write this, is like Omkara cares more about his art than Gauri? ..I know am going fast in what going to happens but I get so so mad seeing Gauri becoming weak and no one helping her I was hoping for Omkara but that man love his art more than her ? …Poor Gauri just hope she can save her self ?..this is my answer to ur Question.

    3. nd will u pls stop overacting nd bashing om.
      Why ur blaming him first of all.
      He was nt evn aware of dat abhimanyus intentions evn gauri too
      He was so into his art bt he didnt left he just give her time cz he knw dat she s big fan of dat creep
      Otherwise y would he leave her
      Nd dont pour ur words without knwing anythn
      Nd omkara s nt dat cheap dat he will giv importance to his career dan gauri
      Dont bring out feminism
      Y u ppl hell bent on saying who dederves whom
      They both deserve each other om durely will save gauri if nt gauri s enough to fight back so pls dont use these kind of harsh words

    4. You answer it by ur self “ he was so into his art “ Wow art for Omkara is more important than Gauri ?? I can say whatever I want this is my opinion if u did not like it u can ignore u don’t need to reply me ?, I said what is truth Gauri was screaming for help she was in danger !!! And where is her husband ? Yes he was into his art business right ?… now what the wrong I said this is the truth ?

    5. Yes Priya I agree how will Om know what is happening to Gauri. He is not a Mahaan to see everything. He was explaining art to Roshni and trying to establish business contacts. So please some of you don’t blame Om. When Om knows what has happened to Gauri we will see his incest anger

    6. Mimi…calm down yarr..
      Yiu said you love soo much…then just for a sequence you are saying you wil leave show..ok it is completely your choice..i have nothing to say….
      But please keep dome patience ..when they will give back to that guy..what will yiu say.???
      Om has no clue about it.. ..nobody can think that Guy will do domething like this..
      Before judging… lets first wait.for the episode ..
      Then we will say what is good nor not..
      Sant ho jao..PEACE✌✌✌✌✌✌

    7. Banita

      Mimi , now i just want to say don’t come to any conclusion without knowing whole thing… Nd personally i want gouri to save herself…

  10. Garuri is my favorite .hope nothing is happen to gauri is in their house . So many people’s are there I wonder how he dare to misbehave like that in their own house outside that much crowd

    1. Lucky dear…..ha ha ha this is oberoi msnsion..oops i mean mad house…ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE…..
      Nothing will happen to her..relax.

  11. MAHIRA

    Hi lovelies, still remember me?
    Today, #Gauri, a married woman has been assaulted in her own home, her own bedroom, by a repectful famous guest… He smiled to her husband and chatted with her family only to drug everyone’s attention so he can corner his prey easier at the first occasion…
    It was a fiction still it happens, millions of women around the world lived Gauri’s situation or something similar. It appeared as misbehavior first, then flirt and finally attacked! Each step, she refused, denied, run away and fought hard for herself, her honor, her dignity that animal was claiming ferociously…
    As viewer, we were here, tearful, fearful, anxious and angry , how dare he? How is it possible that no one noticed, that no one came to save her… It’s bitter truth, in such circumstances, there is no one to come and save that victim… All she has is her forces to fight, to survive, to live after…Shrenu jshould be awarded for having Portrayed it perfectly, with such realistic performance that we were there, heartbroken, praying for safety. It must have been a very difficult to be #gauri today, we pray everyday to never be #gauri, we also pray that no more #gauri.

    1. Hiiii Mahira dear..
      Welcome back……
      How are you????
      Yeh Shrenu rocked today….
      Hope she will teach a good lesson to that Guy……
      Womanizer kahika….

  12. Y they are making Om useless to show shivaay’s greatness…om was a sculptor and dadi told in first episode that watever he makes get sold for lakhs…he was self made millionaire that wat i used to like abt om..nd how he became nikamma wen shivaay insulted him in front of media..he always stood against injustice..wen kaali thaakur and his brother were trying to marry gauri he saved her from them..that time om changed..but that change was necessary for him bcoz of his parents he tried to commit suicide and started taking he became strong he didnt want to do that mistake..they r totally killing om’s character to show shivaay the saved gauri from buamaa wen she was killing her he saved her from ajay who was eying her in her friends they will show him useless mahaan shivaay anika will come rescue gauri…om was way strong in dbo now they r making him weak again…y they are showing selfish nowadays om wasnt like that all….no need of playing saathiya if ur partner is not giving support…i hope cvs doesnt show om now as weak as he cant fight for gauri..i know they will prove shivaay’s might

  13. And GUYS..
    Congratulations for your results…
    Jinka accha hua..congratulations more.jinka nahi hui..Dil chota na karo….aage jaroor kuch accha..hoga….
    Many more success is on .way….
    Love you mere pagals…

  14. Hello everyone, oh my oh my…. what a great episode!! I loved shivika part. It will be so romantic tomorrow the manner shivaay describes Anika tomorrow. Anika shivaay loves you so much and you don’t need any compliments. You are always beautiful to him.
    Yes I just loved the prank and he also writing that note to her. Wow wow!!!

    Gauri what shall I say? Sorry my dear that’s abhi is obsessed with you. Anyway I am sure someone will help her. Some stars can be fanatics. Anyway Gauri fans will be happy that now Gauri is getting screen space if not it will always be Anika in trouble. Gauri is acting well. How come Om’s Sensometer does not work but Shivaay’s always work? The kind of special bond shivika has is still not yet developed with Om Gauri. Maybe in time.

    Anyway Gauri will be in dilemma I think. When she wants to tell Om about abhi I think he will
    tell her Roshni is interested in his art and want to buy so she will be stuck as she will not be able to reveal the harrassment. Shivika will come to her rescue.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Hope all are good.

  15. For those who are wondering why Om is not doing anything or seems hopeless please don’t get upset with Om. It is not that he does not care about his Wife. He honestly does not know what is happening to Gauri. If anyone has to be bashed on the head will be Abhimanyu the pervert. Yes I think Shivika will come to the rescue but I believe Om will bash Abhimanyu and will tell he does not need to sell his art pieces to such a crook’s Wife. They are now using Rikara and giving them screen space so let’s see how cvs bring the story if not Gauri will
    never be used for anything except for validate. It is the turn of Gauri to stand up in society and fight the world during the absence of her Husband.

    I am sure some of you all will not agree with this but sorry it is just my opinion

  16. First of all congratulations to ishqbaaz for it’s 550th epi and by the way Hi everyone I am Shravya commenting for the first time I always watch ishqbaaz as I am a very big fan of it…
    Coming to today’s episode Gauri was looking gorgeous in Deepika Padukone’s makeup she is the center of appearance and the way Abhimanyu misbehaved wid her I hated it yaar but the way Gauri reacted was indeed too good I just luvd her expressions but her part was scary today
    Gul mam is trying to give a good msg and her way of telling this to the viewers is very good.
    She has a good thinking……
    Coming to Shivika both of them were dashing in sterday’s episode……
    The way Anika spoke,the way Shivaay responded were very attractive……..??????
    This was indeed funny and the way how Shivaay predicted Anika’s mood is like how the people predict temperature it was too good. I just luvd it…….
    Precap: Shivaay air shayari I was just awestruck when I saw this…… Air Anika ka expression was too good
    Ayr Om apna collection roshni ki dikhana band Karo aur jao APNI wife ki bachao

  17. Gouri was very pretty awesome in this episode .waiting for today’s episode and now we can tell that ishqbaaz’s trp will have a great increase bcz they give same attention to shivomru and their wives and new promo is also khidikkithod???? .and gouri’s acting was very superb it is bcz of her experience in this field .and all the best to team ishqbaaz

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Congratulation to all ishqies how passed with flying colours…
    Episode is ok.. I wish guari and anika teach good lesson to abhimanyu

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