Ishqbaaz 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye saves Anika

Ishqbaaz 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika tries to free her dupatta. Daksh looks for her. She goes. Shivaye says Anika say something, give me some signal. Bhavya is on the way and says we have traced her location, phone location is near the airport, you were right, it will take us some time to trace exact location. Shivaye says let me know when you get exact location, till then I will reach there. Daksh catches Anika and says I told you not to anger me, I will give you a terrible death now, come. She sees her phone and pushes Daksh. She shouts Shivaye. He says Shivaye… not even Lord can save you today. Bhavya says Anika’s phone connection is lost, we can’t trace her exact location. Shivaye says I want a solution. She says we have to find her ourselves, it will take time to check every building. He says you go there with entire police force and begin the search operation, I will do anything but find my Anika. A spiritual procession passes on the road. Daksh pulls Anika’s dupatta.

She struggles to get her dupatta back. Shivaye is on the way and stops seeing the procession. Bharde jholi….. plays…. He prays…. give me a clue that I reach my Anika. Daksh falls back. Anika’s dupatta flies off. The dupatta falls over Shivaye’s car windscreen. Anika runs away. Shivaye gets the dupatta and recalls Anika. He thinks this is Anika’s dupatta. Daksh holds Anika’s neck and says struggle as much as you want, you will die by my hands, else Shivaye and Tia will never get married. Shivaye sees the tall building. He gets a flash of light by Anika’s glass earring. He uses the phone camera and zooms. He thinks it seems like someone is strangulating the other person. Bhavya tracks Shivaye and is on the way. Shivaye gets in the building and that floor.

He shouts Anika. Daksh and Anika hear him. Anika pushes Daksh and shouts Shivaye….. Shivaye sees Daksh and Anika. Anika runs to Shivaye and cries. Daksh hits a tube on her head. She falls down. Shivaye shouts and gets shocked. He says I won’t spare you. Daksh takes the tube close to Anika’s face and says stop, step away, else I will kill Anika. Shivaye says don’t you dare Daksh, if anything happens to her, I will kill you. Daksh says you can’t do anything, your life lies in her and her life is in my hands. Shivaye says don’t get Anika in between. Daksh says she came between Priyanka and me, and Tia and you. Shivaye says I will give you what you want, let her go. Daksh says think again, I can ask for anything. Shivaye says I can even die for my Anika.

Daksh says so much love, I swear to Lord, now I really want to see what can Shivaye do for Anika. Shivaye says tell me what to do. Daksh says what you said, you will have to sacrifice your life to save Anika’s life, by jumping off this building, I said jump, else… Shivaye says no, don’t….. I will jump, but how can I be assured that you will spare Anika after I jump. Daksh says there isn’t any guarantee, but I guarantee that I will kill her if you don’t jump. Shivaye says no, I will jump for my Anika’s sake. He sees Anika and thinks Anika I had to talk to you and wanted to understand my feelings, I guess this was our destiny, if a person’s last wish is really fulfilled, I will wish Lord to give you lots of happiness. He asks Anika to take care and always be happy.

Daksh says just jump. Shivaye thinks of Anika, Omru and family. He runs and jumps off the building, breaking the glass. Daksh gets shocked. Shivaye falls down. The spiritual procession passes again. Shivaye falls on the holy cloth. Daksh looks down and smiles. He says amazing, I didn’t know that such people can exist who can die for someone else, but not everyone is smart and daring like me, I believe in killing people, and not dying for someone else, Shivaye can given his life for Anika, I will send Anika to him, after all, their relation is of seven births. Shivaye gets conscious and looks at the people. The man says its a blessing of Lord, its he who helps people by all means. Shivaye says bless me and pray for my Anika, her life is in danger. The man says he gives us strength, he always defeats the enemies of love, Lord is always with the ones who are in love. Aaya tere dar par deewana….plays….

Daksh lies down Anika and pours kerosene around her. He lights the fire. He does shayari and laughs. He says you are dying and you got Shivaye to die as well. Shivaye comes and punches his face. He sees Anika. Daksh stops him and says you are still alive. Shivaye says if Lord wants to save someone, he can even defeat the death, then who are you. Daksh and Shivaye fight. Anika’s dress catches fire. Shivaye beats Daksh. Daksh falls far. Shivaye shouts Anika and runs to her. He blows off the fire. He covers her and takes her out. Daksh looks on and runs. Bhavya points gun at him. Daksh kicks her hand. The gun drops. He runs and sees police pointing the guns at him. Bhavya catches him and scolds. She asks the staff to arrest him. Daksh gets arrested. Shivaye sees Anika and walks out of the fire.

Shivaye makes Anika lie on the bed. Gauri asks what happened to her, tell me, is she having fever. Anika says Shivaye and gets up. She falls back.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Interesting action packed episode

    1. Go Sonia Go
      congo on being first .

    2. Banita

      Go Sonia Go…!!!!

    3. Congrats Sonia for being number 1. Nice dear

    4. Luthfa

      Go Sonia Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      Yes dear,full of dare devil actions!

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Full of POWER PACK epi with lotss of emotions… Action , thriling , emotional… Nd some parts r really funny also…
    First funny part ,
    Anika – Daksh dupata fight was really funny for me… It was just like bro-sis fight… I mean me nd my brother fight like this for duvet…
    Just difference is in this only Daksh fall down , but in our case we both fall…
    Hahaha… LOL…
    2nd funny part was Shivay bhaiya’s phone…!!! Kya kamal ka hain…!!!!?
    After some days kanhi Mars vi naa dikh jaye bhaiya ki phonese…
    I like d part when Daksh broke that bulb on Anika’s head not Shivay’s head…
    So Shivay himself jump from that buildring… I thought becz of some fight he will fall… But…!!!
    Like d lines said by that fakir baba (sry i don’t kya bolte hain unko)….
    BTW it’s nycc to listen old Shivika BG tune after a longggg time…
    Wahh..!! wonhi pe hi godown tha… Well ib mein kanhi bhi kuch bhi mil sakta hain…
    Okk Narvi , Daksh all of them did a fabulous job…
    Anika’s scary face…
    Shivay’s tadap for his Anika…
    Nd Daksh’s pshyco expression…
    All r nycc…
    Precap –
    My heart beat stoppppp…
    What happen to Anika…!!?
    Arre at least ab toh hospital le jao Anika ko….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Wahi to yaar Banu mei bhi to yahi keh rahi hu ab to Annika ko hospital bhej do ……….

    2. Banita

      Exactly yrr…
      Hum sb ka bahat purani wish hain…

    3. and don’t worry nothing will happen to Annika .. …..
      kuch nhi hoga Annika ko ……..Shivaye hai na ………
      wo sb theek lr dega……
      mujhe tu bs dekna hai ki bachane ja tareeka kya hoga tears ir something else

    4. Banita

      I m also waiting for that nd in last page only i said about it… Sacchi mein i dont want tear magic this time…
      Yeh Shivay Singh Oberoi ke hote hua Anika ko kuch nahi ho sakta..

    5. Hey banita dear nice comments. Yes I liked the dupatta fight between Daksh and Anika. It was so funny. I just was thinking anika would get the inner strength and push him down the building. Unfortunately it was the dupatta that fell on Shivaay.

    6. Banita

      Yup dii it must be gr8 if Anika throw down Daksh from 30 floor building…
      BTW Thanks diii…

    7. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..I agree with you.Episode was supposed to be intense and it was indeed but some funny things,as you mentioned marred the charm to a great extent.We need to warn ourselves before watching such sequences otherwise those can affect our mind and heart.Logical execution of any plot is not possible in any serial,in any janam.

    8. Banita

      Yup @Lu…
      Agree with u….
      BTW i m waiting for both stry , but specially ur one…
      U wrote it soo well yrr…

  3. Hence proved……..

    shivaye ko sirf farak hi nhi……….bahut farak padta hai .
    He was ready to give his life without giving it a single thought.

    I just hope ,the thing which didn’t happened in real universe ,will happen in alternative universe.
    I wish Annika will face NDE.(thank u Arpu dear for telling me the full form of NDE i.e near death experience)

    and I am really very very very sorry Sindhu di , Luthfa di , Arpu ,NSK,Jeevi and jessie and many others for not replying you back on ur reply on my friday’s comment .

    and welcome back my dear Banu , how is ur health now?

    good night all …..

    1. Banita

      Heyyy @Ishu…
      Thank U dr…
      Nd WELCOMD BACK to U too…
      I m fine now nd it’s nycc to see ur comment after a longgg time…
      I also wish Anika will face NDE this time…
      BTW HRU dr???

    2. i am also good dear and thank u to u too for ur warm welcome.
      and it is good to hear thatur fine but still take a good care of ur health.

    3. Hey ishita no sorry please. We all understand that everyone gets busy or fall sick or having exams and we don’t expect you to be on the Telly site 24 hours. So I am Glad you came in today. Nice analysis dear.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,
      Dear,we all got tired asking for Anika’s NDE but cvs never listened to us.If it happens by any chance in near future,it would be a miracle definitely.And it’s absolutely okay dear.Here almost everyone is busy including you and me.So don’t worry about it at all.Take care.Lots of love.

  4. Luthfa

    Once upon a time there was a Guy who married a Girl forcefully and became husband,that girl’s husband.After the marriage he denied to accept it stating that it was nothing but a revenge stunt conducted through marriage.That guy even verbally abused his newly wed wife and left her in no time.The girl with all her power tried to stop the marriage and persuade the guy from committing such mistake of but all went in vain.She fought with him to the last drop of her courage and strength but couldn’t win.That guy was satisfied for his actions still something was not felt right in his heart but he chose to ignore it.The girl was supposed to get married to another guy but it got called off and society took the task in its hand to rectify it in showering bitter words,hatred,humiliation and so on,on that girl.Much drama happened and the girl made to return to her in-law.But her husband decided it beforehand that no matter what was to happen he wouldn’t accept her or their marriage.The girl then adopted the wife number one avatar and made him fulfill her every wish.She sworn that she would teach her adamant husband a to z of a marriage and its importance.To tell the truth that guy married that girl out of a grave misunderstanding.So one find day it got cleared and he understood his mistake.Just don’t ask what happened after that.Remember the girl was about to get married with another person?Yes,the present husband of that girl took the great decision of marrying off his own wife to another one,the very first one.But the girl was reluctant to get married again as she came to believe on her marriage and accepted her forcefully became husband,to be her life partner of seven birth.But her husband who was under huge burden of guilt,saw nothing but her second marriage as the sole destination of her happiness.Amidst all those yes and no from both the side rituals of marriage was being performed.Both of them played various games like I-do-not-care,game of signing wrongly in divorce papers and all.Fortunately second marriage got deleted from the list and I-do-not-care took the first place of priority.Both husband and wife were self-confident that only they would win,respectively and separately.But from here,story got a new twist and a villain for whom everything started at first place,made his special entry and trapped the girl very badly.Though the husband was very sure that nothing mattered to him regarding his wife but soon he realized it was not the truth.Upon finding his wife missing his condition was worst and he took the oath of finding her at any cost.His that searching led him to a building where his wife was.He managed to reach his wife but the Cupid-villain of his love story asked for a sacrifice that he had to die,jumping off the building.To save his wife the husband did the same but before that he wished only happiness for his wife as his final wish.As the climax of the story stroke,the husband got saved at the nick of time.By the time he was turned to a true Ishqbaaaz so God blessed him to be with his love,once again.As a result the villain got defeated and the hero/husband as well.Finally love won in the end defeating everything and everyone.Now a new story will be written.Waiting for that.

    1. Banita

      Forced marriage se baad ki saari epis ki yaad diladi tumne….
      Now i m waiting for d coming story…
      Lotsss of love…

    2. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooo…very much Bani.Lots of love to you too.By the way,for whose story you are waiting?Mine ya Shivika’s?

    3. Nice analysis Luthfa di …….
      Shivaye’s final wish got full filled (which was not his final wish) bcoz He got saved .
      you know why???
      because God too knows that Annika’s happiness lies in Shivaye.
      And I wish Shivaye ko bhi ye baat jald se jald samajh aa jaye .

    4. Luthfa

      You are right dear.God never lets anything bad to happen who loves truly and selflessly,without expecting anything in return.So Shivaay got saved and he had to.Hope he realizes it soonest.Thank you sooooooo….very much for your love dear.Love you.

    5. Hey Luthfa you wrote the entire episodes of the redux starting from the forced marriage. Yes I am awaiting for today’s episode to see what will happen. I am very excited with the forthcoming episodes. Can’t wait Luthfa.

      Very nice analysis dear. Today I have nothing to write along with your thoughts because you have spelt them out perfectly.

      I only have one to say that a Shivaay loves Anika so much that he is willing to die for her and he only cares for Anika’s happiness. This time he did it instantly for Anika unlike old IB he chooses family over Anika.

    6. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      In AU Shivaay’s basic characteristic got changed a little bit but he is still the same Shivaay Singh Oberoi who can do anything for his loved ones.Anika is his the love of his life and he can go to any extent to save her and yesterday’s episode was a demo of that thing.
      Me too can’t wait to watch what is going to happen next.Thank you sooooooooo…very much for your love di.Love you.

    7. Dhwani_Naidu

      Beautifully written.. Waiting for your stories dost..

      P.s. Sorry I made you upset with my comment.. No words?

    8. Luthfa

      Hey Dost,what made you think that I am upset?I am absolutely okay with your comment and I just wrote what I wanted to,to reply yours.Perhaps my long reply did the thing.I swear I am all okay.Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your love Dost.Love you?

  5. Dhwani_Naidu

    Hii meri pagals!! How are you all?!!
    Ok now, sorry that I hated today’s episode.. just hated.. sorry for the strong word.. So many illogicalities.. If shivaay bhaiya jumps from the 30th floor of tht building(each floor ~= 3m, then 30th floor = 90m from ground), then there is ‘something’ called gravity by which he would have crashed to ground in approx 9 s.. With the force that he comes down, he wouldn’t be able to survive.. and while falling, the glass pieces that broke off while he jumped would have injured him as well.. So what has ishqbaaz promoted?
    If you jump from a high storeyed building, don’t fear jumping coz God will save you..
    Threaten to kill a millionaire’s wife, and police will come late to arrest you..
    If you force a woman for marriage, she will end up loving you..
    If someone is wrong and he has been exposed, he will be arrested but will manage to escape from police.. also he can kill the one he wants to avenge.. anyway the police will be the last to come after everything has happened.. they just have the job of arresting the man who will sooner or later escape from them..
    You can call a woman ‘mistress’, but she will end up forgiving you if you are stubborn/adamant..
    A woman is someone who always takes the blame..
    If someone has been poisoned or been involved in some accident, then she/he need not be taken to hospital.. her loved one’s tears are enough to cure her..
    Even if you are in love with someone and you are in a dilemma to accept it, you can still romance with her in a pool and can dance with her..
    Pls Cvs??????? this is the same ishqbaaz which showed many other great things…
    If one brother is in a problem, the other two will be there for him..
    If the world says that your family is wrong, don’t trust the world but investigate, find the truth and show them what they are..
    Even if a rich man shows attitude and looks down others, then you could still show him the taste of his medicine by not stooping low as him.. You could change him with your love and support..
    Even if someone who believes in truth, doesn’t believe in your truth, you could stand firm with self respect to make him realize his stand..
    The world of rich people don’t always show off their riches and aren’t always arrogant.. there are good hearted people raised with morals, who do care about others..
    If there is pure love between a husband and wife, no matter who comes in between, they will be inseparable.. such will be their trust..
    Ishqbaaz has showed couple goals and many more stuff.. Why show illogical things and damage viewers’ brain cells???
    A very big sorry for all my pagals.. I just wanted to call a spade a spade.. today’s episode made me rant like this..

    1. Hiii Dhawani …..
      I agree all the things that u have mentioned above is really illogical but illogical things happens in serials ……..right ?

      and how are u dear?

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Ishita.. am fine dr.. how are you.. but we can’t get away with the fact that illogical things happen in serial, can we? Sometimes I just can’t stand illogical stuff shown in ishqbaaz.. That’s why the rant.. thanks for agreeing ishi..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,how are your eyes now?Hope you are recovering.
      Hmmm….Seems like you got frustrated beyond imagination after watching the episode.Dost,why are you boiling your blood just for a serial and its fictional happenings?You know it na that serials never follow logic and all?We can’t simply expect those to happen the way it should be and that’s how it works.Major goof ups.illogical objects,loopholes,denial of Science etc.are part and parcel of serials.And if you will look around then you will find every other serial is showing those which don’t make any sense and go against morality.About Shivaay romancing Anika in the pool,it happens in real life as well when people got carried away and it’s normal.I have seen no problem in it and most importantly they are husband and wife.The forced marriage of Shivika created much controversy and people already have talked about it more than necessary forgetting that it was a TRP stunt.Here makers and channels are doing Business so they will sell anything to earn money through TRP be it brutal forced marriage or degradation of character’s self-respect and whatsoever and this is first and last word they will provide us,justifying everything.I can tell you what I tell everyone that if possible do watch serials for the sake of entertainment only forgetting all those mashups.It’s not good at all for us to lose our cool and temper for a mere fictional show.But we should raise our voice against any rigorous things but not at the cost of our own peace of mind,that’s all.And I am very sorry if my words have hurt your feelings.Take care.Love you.

    4. Dhwani_Naidu

      Am sorry dost if I had upset you with my above comment.. But yesterday’s episode made me rant like this..Sometimes, I just couldn’t stand the illogicalities in IB dost.. You know how much I love ishqbaaz.. the same ib which showed so many lovely moments and morals.. but yesterday, the exaggerated scenes and the gravity defying fall made me upset dost.. That’s why….
      Sorry for the rant dost..

    5. Luthfa

      First of all,no sorry okay?And what have you done that you are saying sorry?You and me are the loyal viewer of IB so if something goes wrong or sounds not well with us,we have all the right to say against it.

    6. Luthfa

      You did the right thing and there is no place for feeling otherwise.You stated your perspective only based on an episode.And illogical things are very common in serials and it go overboard most of the times.If I were you,I could have done the same.So,always feel free to write and tell what is right to you and not following the average or middle way just to support something or someone or because majority is supporting.Love you Dost????

  6. Hi guys…sindhu n luthfa… a great hi to both of u..2dy epi wow superb.. Love, affection, stunt, fight, feelings n Somemore… All are really awesome…
    SSO stunt was gd… Unexpected things hpn… Anika’s acting marvelous… Shivaay’s acting speachless..
    No other words to describe 2day epi… I’m vr eager to watch nxt coming epi…
    Ok guys… Gd nite..

    1. Banita

      Hlo Jessie…
      Same here dr…
      Waiting for nxt epi…

    2. Hi Jessie ,
      me too is waiting….

    3. Hi dhawani it is ok. This is how you feel about the episode. No worries. You are not bashing the characters you are just merely stating that cvs could have done slightly better for this episode. Well I have to agree that jumping of the building from that heights was a little bit too exaggerated. I mean what can we expect if it is a fiction story. We need to accept illogical things as well.

      But Nakkul and Surbi Plus daksh justifies their roles. Nice comments.

    4. Hey Jessie how are you my dear!!! Nice episode I do agree. Very edge feeling episode. Many times my heart was pumping whether Shivaay will reach on time to save his Anika. I know he will but still it was like sitting on the edge.

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Episode had given different vibes and feelings to everyone.And I am unable to decide whether I am happy or not with yesterday’s episode.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.

  7. What an amazing episode… Superb… Loved it to the core…Hats off to nakuul Nd Surbhi for their fabulous performance…I just loved the way nakuul portrayed his emotions…asso Nd SSO just rocked it

    1. Yes anonymous it was wonderful. An amazing episode. Loved it very much.

  8. What an amazing episode…. Loved it to the core of my heart… Hats off to Surbhi Nd nakuul for their fabulous performance ….asso and SSO rocked it … Loved the way nakuul portrayed his emotions…

    1. Hiii Anonymous,
      agree with u , Surbhi and Nakuul’s acting were really supeb including Karan .(Daksh )

    2. Luthfa

      Narbhi were amazing throughout the whole episode.And not to mention,Daksh(Karan Khanna)was also mind blowing.

  9. Mona_2005

    Today’s epidose was action filled emotional episode

    One thing i didn’t get is when shivaay was coming of car the moulvis were there and when he fell then also they were there only, didn’t they went or were they waiting for sso to fell, ok leave it

    Coming to episode
    Yaar kabhi TU bande ko farak nahi padta aur kabhi ussi insaan ke liye voh apni jaan bhi di deta hai, kamaal hai, superb

    How can that D even touch my anika Didi and he hit her by a glass, it is really harmful

    Vaise if thinking logically shivaay’s measure to obey daksh was wrong as there was no guarantee that daksh would leave Anika
    What that moulvi said was really v. Good and heart-touching, ab TU samaj ja ki anika-shivaay ki Judi upar see banke aayi hai

    How i wish that shivaay rescue Anika from fire and throw daksh in it

    I have 2 complains from CVS
    1. Why can’t they show Anika as bold, why can’t she protect herself, why always shivaay has to come for his rescue etc etc
    2. Why can’t we get a proper hospital scene of Anika where she admitted, she is fighting from dealth, emotional convo b/w shivika
    Shivaay je liye hospital scene huye hai par Anika ke liye home doctors
    Not fair
    Take care everyone

    1. hello dear Mona ,
      ur complaint number two meri bhi barso ki tamana hai jo pata nhi kb puri hogi ………

    2. Maybe Mona it might happen today. The precap showed she fell unconscious again after waking up and calling Shivaay. Perhaps today there will be shivika moment where shivaay might be telling her how he feels about her. So probably anika will come back from her conscious state.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,
      To tell the truth episode had many logical inconstancy and for me it dimmed the charm of an intense episode.Take the example of Anika’s ear ring’s reflection on Shivaay’s face straight from 30th floor of the building.Otherwise,it was a very good episode to catch TRP.Anika’s NDE won’t happen and we should accept it now.And in serials,heroines always remain in need of hero’s protection and it’s a rule whether you and me like it or not.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  10. hi everyone, I haven’t watched any episodes since the redux track began, I was very annoyed that shivika did not know each other or their past. They built this amazing chemistry but it and their memories all went. does anyone know when this redux track will end? Do they still remember anything all before the redux?

    1. Hi Sofia ,
      how are you?
      I have no idea regarding end of redux

    2. Hi soffiya why not watch the starting of the redux episode and after a couple of episodes you will love it as their chemistry grows but a different manner. You may change your opinion dear after that.

    3. Luthfa

      Don’t know exactly when this Redux will end.Have to wait and watch.

  11. Hello to my dear ones banita dear Arpu dear Luthfa dear jeevi dear and many dear ones like pushpa kadhambari Jessie NSK beauty Ishita Sneha Tania. Hope all have a good day.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much di.

  12. Hiiii Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Tiny comment
    Bcoz hell busy
    Today was totally prefect..
    I will not go through in deep
    But One thing
    These three totally totally nailed it…
    Sso’s stunt , Annika’s vulnerability, D’s Creepiness. I can felt totally.
    Hates off to you three….three cheers
    And Sso’s everything is extreme
    May be in hate or may in love
    He is unstoppable
    He can go to any extent to show or his emotion or prove something
    He can hate HER to much extent that he ruined her life
    Now HER life became so important that he didn’t think about twice and got ready to give his life….
    But Ssoyiu showed little dumbness but MAAF kiya
    How could you think that after you Annika will be ok….hmmm????????????
    And Annika her last hope was Sso…..and he didn’t disappoint her
    Both saw each other..WANTED TO HUG EACH OTHER..
    I can clearly imagine how much rightly they hugged…if THEY HUGGED..
    Sso’s MONOLOGUE before jump…….I cried…Noks you nailed it.

    Bhar do jholi meri….my wish got fulfiled….I really love that song

    Now waiting for MUJHE FARAK PADTA HE
    Admit of Sso who bhi chheekh cheekh ke..??.

    Prevap waitingggggģgggggg for
    Emotinal shivika secne….
    Kya pagal hun main
    Type kal ki but post nahi ki.?????????
    Belated comment

  13. Coming to today’s episode wow it was really sitting on the edge. Anika and Daksh were really good in their respective roles. My goodness Daksh really is one of the best villain. How evil he was until I felt like pushing him off the window.

    Shivaay kept saying throughout my Anika my Anika. That was really nice. Finally the Lord helped him to locate shivaay’s Anika. Very nice. I know IB comes up with some stunts I am ok with that. Jumping off from the building on the 30th floor seems a little bit exaggerated. But I know this is fiction and anything happens so we need to just watch and enjoy.

    Shivaay you showed you love Anika at long last. Finally!!!! That is why you were willing to die for her. My he usually does it for his family but in this redux he did it for Anika. Anika is his family now and Shivaay has proven that by jumping off the building.

    Shivaay saved his Wife and I am excited to watch what will happen today. I can’t wait.

    Love is such a powerful weapon. When two persons love each other very much they are willing to do anything for the person they love. Shivaay finally released his deep feelings of love for Anika. He only did it for his Anika.

    1. Banita

      Nycc analysis Sindhu dii…
      Yeh finally Shivay realised his feeling… Hope he will soon understand that he loves her… Nd this time i want Shivay to say ILU first…
      Lotss Of Love diii…

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di.
      Love is indeed a very powerful weapon.When two people love each other truly,nothing can separate them.Perhaps they suffer from physical distance but in hearts,they stay united becoming one.Every performer nailed their scenes.Now waiting for today’s episode.Take care di.

  14. Hi guys is there still voting lines opened for ITA awards

    1. Banita

      Yup Sam

    2. Luthfa

      Yes dear.Voting is still going on.Keep voting PKJ and everyone.

  15. Hello Sindhu di .
    Very true ……..true love is really a powerful weapon …….
    nice analysis di .
    Love u a lot.

  16. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode.. Action are good

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