Ishqbaaz 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika and Shivaye romance

Ishqbaaz 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Bhavya to let her know if she needs anything. Bhavya thanks her. Anika goes. Bhavya sees the cute pillow and drops her bag. Rudra screams and gets up. She asks you here, how dare you throw my bag. He says you are asking me, by coming in my room. She says I don’t know its your room. He says I m leaving my room because of you. She says Anika got me here, tell me if any guest room is here. He says all guest rooms are filled, Anika, Gauri, Mohit and Majnu are living in guest rooms, you have sealed Shivaye’s rooms, I m sacrificing my room, don’t touch anything. She says I m not interested in touching your belongings and you. They argue. He takes the pink pillow and says its my milo, I don’t get sleep without it. She smiles.

Shivaye asks everyone to have food. Rudra asks Bhavya

not to sit in Shivaye’s chair. She sits and says Shivaye isn’t here. Tej asks Bhavya what’s police dept doing. Bhavya says we are trying our best. Jhanvi says you are saying as if you want Shivaye in jail. Tej says he is a criminal, he should be in jail, Omru stop Tej. Shivaye says have food, forget Shivaye for sometime. Anika asks how, what are you doing, you didn’t catch real culprit, you didn’t find Shivaye. Mohit says just catch Shivaye and put him in jail. Bhavya says its not easy, till we know the motive of murder, the case won’t be strong, we need to know why did Shivaye kill Nancy.

Mohit says because he had his bad sight on her, I told you before. She says you told this, but the family members and staff said something else, Shivaye wasn’t after Nancy, she was after Shivaye, so you slapped her too. He says yes, it was my mistake to believe Shivaye, not Nancy. She says we have to find murder motive, its imp for this case. Shivaye goes. Anika pulls him. He says I m going to sleep, not to talk to Mohit, you should go and sleep. She pulls his cheek and says I won’t listen to you, you look very cute in Pagdi. He says anyone can see. She says I don’t care, if I met Majnu before Shivaye, I would have become Majnu’s laila. He says you have gone mad. She says yes, for you, come.

She takes him to room. Mohit looks on and smiles. He says motive….. Its morning, Bhavya sees motive written all over the paper. Mohit comes to her. She sees normal newspaper. He says I got the right motive, Shivaye doesn’t love Anika, he isn’t happy with her, they have no husband and wife relation, so he got attracted to Nancy, when Nancy refused, he angrily killed her, it was Shivaye’s mistake. She says I have heard this before, I don’t know if their married life has issues, I have seen Shivaye risking life for Anika, and Anika standing to support him. He says its just a drama, Anika doesn’t love Shivaye, she loves Majnu. She says I understand, you are still in shock, you need rest, please take care. She goes. He thinks I need proof to convince her, that Anika and Majnu have an affair.

Anika comes to Shivaye and asks what are you doing. He says I m making chocolate cake for Rudra, he was upset, his room is given to Bhavya. She asks shall I help. He asks her to blend the batter. She tastes it. He asks what are you doing. She says I like cake batter, you also try it. He says I don’t want. She makes him taste and asks how is it. He says not bad. She sees chocolate near his beard. She cleans it. O jaana….plays…. They get chocolate on their hands. He holds her hand and applies chocolate to her face. She says Shivaye… He says not Shivaye, Majnu ji. She says my Majnu ji… Mohit comes and sees them. He goes. Bhavya on call updates the info to commissioner. Mohit comes and says come with me, I will prove Anika has an affair with the cook. Anika asks Shivaye about everyone’s breakfast. Shivaye says its all ready. Anika asks do you want anything. Bhavya and Mohit say no. Bhavya asks him to take rest. Anika goes.

Shivaye asks Mohit to have hot parathas. Om says we will check these pics once again, maybe we get some clue. Rudra says my God, I look so handsome in this pic. Om stares at him. Shivaye and Anika come. Shivaye asks did you get any clue. Omru say not yet. Shivaye says I m sure there will be some clue. He sees Mohit and his pic. Anika says I think if we find Nancy, we will get all answers. Om asks how will we find her. Shivaye says I already got someone after her, she can’t be saved for long. Nancy calls Mohit. He disconnects. She calls him again and asks where is my money. He says phones are tapped, why don’t you understand. She says tell your boss to give me money, else I will spoil your game. He says fine, you will get money after my magic show tomorrow. He thinks thank God, I completed call within 20 secs, else it would have got traced, I have no time, I have to do magic show act soon, I will send Shivaye to jail before he reaches Nancy, I have to find his murder motive.

Shivaye takes Majnu’s getup. He says I kept moustache and Pagdi here. Anika comes acting as Majnu, with moustache and Pagdi on. He asks what’s this. She says what you were finding, moustache and Pagdi, I liked your getup and thought to try. He asks her to give it. She asks him to say, does she look cute or not. He says very cute. He gets moustache and asks for Pagdi. She says no. He says I have to go and sleep, anyone can see me. She says you will go out like this. She runs out. Mohit sees her and thinks why is Anika wearing Majnu’s Pagdi. Anika sings Baahon me chale aa…. and dances with Shivaye. Shivaye takes Pagdi and wears it. Mohit comes and says they are openly romancing, its a good chance, I will click their pics and show to Bhavya. He clicks pics. Shivaye dances with Anika and leaves. Anika opens her eyes and sees Mohit in front. She gets shocked. He looks for Majnu. Shivaye hides.

Anika says you here at this time. Mohit says I ask the same thing to you, you here at this time with Majnu. She asks what are you saying. He says come on, don’t lie, I have seen you romancing that Majnu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    Seriously, you are mad Mohit!!!! The only thing I am happy is that he didn’t find out Shivaay was there, he thinks it is Majnu!

    Bhavya is not negative to an extend!!!!

    Tej, if I was Jhanvi, I would have packed you in a box and throw it in the ocean!!!

    Shivika was cute!!!! Sorry; not was, is!!!!!

    1. Appy

      Congrats dear..
      Yes Shivika is was will be cute..
      If you will find tej PLZZ kill him

      1. Agga4102

        Sure, dear!!! Will message you once I do that!!!

    2. Sindhudi

      Agga congrats my dear one!!!! Please bury Tej alive Agga and I will help you!!!! Have a great weekend my dear

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You, di!!! Will call you once I meet him!

    3. GAG!!! Congrats for being first di.
      I’m also with u in throwing TSO in the ocean.

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You!!!! Will call u once I get a chance!!!

    4. Luthfa

      Go Agga Go.Congratulations on being first….😊
      Mad Mohit was making Bhavya mad through his desperation in proving Majnu is Anika’s Ashiq!LOL!!Yes,Shivika are always cute.Najar na lage!

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You!!!! I know rt….. sometimes I feel Mr. and Mrs. Majnu Singh Awara is better!!!!

    5. NSK

      Congo being 1st 😊

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!

    6. JeevithaTK

      Hi Agga.
      Hru. Congrats for being 1st. Tc

      1. Agga4102

        I am fine dear!!!! Thank u!!!! Hru??

  2. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals..

    I am extremely sry to inform you that TEJ SINGH OBEROI flew away….He IS now out of our reach.
    So couldn’t kidnap him plan became tie the phis 😭😭😭@Jeevi gonna try some other day.

    Shivika you filled my life with fun but at the same time you made me a big cheapdi…..not fair.
    Your hand just intertwined and here I end up imagining LAALISHQ PART 2 oops I mean chocolateishq ….
    That little scene also gave me goosebumps IMAGINE if Sso was in his real avtar…..ufff( ok I am stopping my wild thoughts)..

    So Sso got last clue.BOTH SHIVAAY AND MOHIT wore same colour suit.Ok it didn’t showed in today episode but it is gonna reveal soon.just wait..

    AND best birthday gift to LEGEND LATA MANGESKAR JI…..Bahon main chale ao.
    From movie of my dev song..
    I really really love that sequence.

    Chandu chandu..Mrs Majnu Singh Awara..
    Awwwww she was really looking sooo cute..I just wanted to jump into tv screen and pull her cheeks.
    She is so adorable. I was tired seeing Annika crying.
    Now seeing her happy face. I am feeling happy

    Precap- well emotions was real bit romance and dance was a very well planned to trap mohit
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I was laughing hard when he said majnu and annika having affair🤣🤣🤣.
    Monday come soooooonnnnnnnn

    See you later pagals..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Darling,are you okay na?Ya phir pseudo-Lal Ishq ne kuch jayada hi raita/chocolate phayla diya?Apni imagination ki aag ko hawa dete rehna.Kya pata,Shivika kaunsi aajma dale!!!😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉
      Episode was really entertaining.Now waiting for Monday’s episode😊

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpi dear.
      Hru. 😯😯😯😯😯😯 wt happened. Y our plan got failed. How did he escaped dear. OK next with paka plain so tht he can’t run away from us. Love you. Tc

    3. NSK

      Ur comment is funnily fabulous to me as usual 😂💖😊
      TC , gn 😄

    4. Sindhudi

      Arpu are you still floating together with. Shivika aka majnunika in the romance scene……. you must be also on seventh heaven. Enjoying and bouncing away.

    5. Riana

      Arpu…. Lol yaar in hotstar they had titled the episode “Majnu, anika’s romance” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…

    6. Rajvi_shah

      Mohit has gone mad. He has lost his brain that’s why he is trying to prove that Anika is having an affair with MSA😂😂😂

  3. Sindhudi

    Hello dear ones, have a good weekend.

    Today’s episode was so superb and I fell in love. Oh dear I think I am falling in love with Majnu Singh. He looks more handsome than Shivaay even though with his pagadi. Oh I love the kitchen romance scene with chocolate over and the pool side scene with the background song in Anamika of Jaya Bachan and Sanjeev Kumar. What an evergreen song!!! I love it love it love it!!!! Just too awesome!!!

    Shivika are creating illusion on Mohit. Mohit is now the confused lot. Oh I just feel like watching the episode again and again.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Today’s episode is happy one.And it’s really normal if you fall in love with MSA.He is so very cute and Anika was looking ultra cute in that get up.Shivika are playing with the mind of Mohit.Let’s see,how far they become successful in it😊

    2. NSK

      Happy weekend to u too di 😄😊💖💞

  4. Appy

    Onething is bothering me.wbt that boss is not paying Nancy ‘s paisa ????
    Then who is the BOSS????? Daksh??.
    Ufff ishqbaaaz …………making us confusedbaaz

    1. NSK

      Tej is not so dildaar that he would give away anything 😂😂😂

    2. Luthfa

      Very good then.Boring weekend will pass easily in guessing…😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁

  5. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today no comment on Tej , Taj , Bhavya or on that mystery part…
    Full Shivikalious epi…
    First Anika nd MSA part was nycc… Specially like d way Anika drag Shivay with her to their bed room…
    Like Anika i also like batter of cake… I always eat batter of cake while making it…
    Batter romance remind me of “Laal Ishq” nd “Farak padata” romance of Shivika…
    Nd now many chepdi thoughts r coming in my mind… Chocolate souce ka Laal Ishq nd Hand KISS romance of Farak padta… Agar dono ko merge krdo tohh..
    Toh kya!! I was just expect a hand kiss with that cholate souce only….!!!!
    Pagdi nd mooch….!!!!
    I m loving this 2 thing more in MSA… Specially that mooch becz ase pagdi toh mujhe bachpan se pasand hain , but mooch pe abhi abhi dil aaya hain…
    Shivika’s last dance sequence was Cuteee wala lovly…
    Poor Mohit…!!! Bichara ko ek vi accha pic nahi mila jbki uske samne pura live show chal raha tha…
    Precap –
    Ab Monday tk wait krna padega…
    GN PKJ…

    1. NSK

      Mohit is too dumb to shoot a video 😂😂😂

      1. Banita


    2. Luthfa

      Today Mom was with me while watching the episode.When Shivika moments started,I was kinda feeling shy!Shivika were lost in their world totally.A song was playing in my mind back then-“Aaj phir tumse payaar aaya hain,behadh aur beshumar aaya hain..”😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😇😇😇😇😇😇😈😈😈😈😈

    3. Sindhudi

      Hey banita dear I am sure you must have had a good sleep after watching romantic scene of Shivika. It must be fabulous for you. Were you also in dreamland about their romance?

  6. Hi i ‘m new here. I’ve been a silent reader for a long time but hope you’ll accept me.

    1. NSK

      Ur accepted with loads of love,band Baja .😊
      Keep commenting dear ! Welcome to the family .💞

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Hauwau,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja and lots of love.Glad that you have broken your silence and decided to start commenting.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Take care😊😊

    3. Welcome to PKJ Hauwau di. Actually there’s no need to ask coz u r already a member. Keep commenting dear.

  7. Sindhudi

    So now love is in the air between Rudra and Bhavya. I hope Bhavya really finds Mohit behaving strangely and track him down. The boss is a real mystery. Whoever this guy is giving instructions to Mohit. I am sure they are missing some clues and have to look at the video again or the photos. There must be something that they have not spotted. What happened to gauri? She is missing. Has she gone for her vacation?

    I loved the romantic dance between Shivika aka Majnuika. Wasn’t that so lovely? Oh no I am going to love this majnu and miss majnu once Shivaay reveals his identity.

    Only Shivika aka Majnuika can pull off any romantic scene so well and Nakkul and Surbi you both are such great excellent stars and what a wonderful chemistry whatever get up you both are in !!!

    1. Luthfa

      I agree with you di.This is now going in thriller plot wise.Everything is preserved for revelation day.Ruvya were exuding the aura of love.Me too will be miss cutest MSA so very much once Shivaay comes to his real form😊😊

    2. NSK

      Shrenu is on vacy !
      Yes Narbhi are 🔥🔥🔥
      Have happy days di.💖

  8. Sindhudi

    Hello my dear ones Banita, Luthfa, Arpu, Jeevi Pushpa NSK Agga Jessie kadhambari, Rajiv, Shivya, and many many more members. have a great weekend and enjoy everyone.

    Welcome to our PKJ family MetuAngel.

    1. Luthfa

      Wishing you the same di.Lots of love😊😊😊

    2. NSK

      Hello ji , kese ho ji ?
      Mennu ak baatt batao , app itne pyare kyu ho ji ? Hein ? Sabb din ham sabko wish karte ho , changa ji bohut changa .
      App bhi khush raho aur pyare pyare gaal karte raho . 💖😑
      (Tried MSA’s language😂)

  9. NSK

    Hello Guys ! 😄 I hope all of you are fine . 💗
    I am so sorry to say that i Again have to vanish till 8th October ! 😞 exams are never leaving me ! 😬
    Also i want to reply each one of you , but can’t due to less time , sorry . 😩
    But you guys are really lovely and adorable cutiesss ! 💖
    Episode was OK . 😂
    Anika di got mad , she is full on romantic mode as well as MSA . 😂 romancing on the pool side ! 😂 how funny ! But it could be a “Sochi samjhi chaal ” of our Shivika . 💖
    Hmm , Maybe MSA oops SSO got some clues about Mohit and shared those with Anika . 😄 that’s why , they paused and looked at each other when Mohit’s PIC came …
    Bhavya…umm she seems confusing ! But i really don’t like her calling SSO and Annika by their names ! 😬
    Whoooah …
    Shivika+Chocolate and that too melted = 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Chocolate is wild and their romance made it wilder ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Who’s the BoSs ? Wanna know asap ! 😂
    Precap – Mohit might get caught soon ! My assumption …😐
    Anyways bYe , Good Night , Take care everyone ! 💖 see you guys soon . Tata . 👋
    Buckets of love for you in my absence is being sent 💞💞💞 (coming back 🔜) inshallah . 😊

    1. NSK dr wishing u all d best, hope u do well in ur exams. We’ll really miss u di.

      1. NSK

        Thank you so very much dear 😀
        Eagerly waiting to exchange words soon 💖

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Noushin,
      Are you going to sit for final exam?All the very best dear.May Allah bless you with ultimate success😊😊
      You have spoken my heart here.Me too don’t like the way Bhavya goes on calling Shivaay,”Shivaay”.Shivika’s romance at the end was good.I loved it.So simple yet subtle.Now waiting for Monday’s episode.Will be waiting for you.Take care.Lots of love😊😊

    3. Sindhudi

      All the best for your exams NSK. Exams are more important and do well so you can succeed in your life. Lots of love dear💖

    4. Sindhudi

      Yes Nick the scenes of Shivika were all awesome and no complains about that.

    5. Sindhudi

      Actuallly NSK I was not happy when she sat at shivaay’s seat during breakfast. Even Tej did not sit there. Who is she to sit there? She thinks she is the boss just because she is in Oberoi mansion. Shivaay has become the servant of the house

  10. Nick23_ann

    Khidkhithod epi.atleast no Rona dhona.
    Shivika were cute hot.last year this day we got haldi hottest scene now chocolate.i think shivika are doing this deliberately to confuse Mohit.
    This track is nearing end.mrs Majnu Singh Awara was cute today .now 2 days for monday

    1. NSK

      Agreed. tC dear,😀

    2. Luthfa

      Agree with you completely😊😊😊

    3. Sindhudi

      Yes Nick the scenes of Shivika were all awesome and no complains about that.

  11. Luthfa

    Full on entertaining episode.Enjoyed a lot.Here comes the analysis-
    1.For a change Bhavya was looking really beautiful.No matter who comes in OM,when it’s someone related to Rudra then first thing Rudra loses is his room.Quite interesting fact by the way.And Milo?Is it any short form of anything.I have heard and seen people naming their side pillow.Get to see in IB also.But I must say,Milo is so cute.I want that for myself.Ruvya looked good together.
    2.TTT trio are desperate for their respective demands.Motive/Maksad founding(creating)is not so easy Mr.Over-smart Malhotra when there is nothing.You have to work harder.
    3.Perhaps you never tasted it Shivaay but one usually needs to check cake batter before it goes for baking.Chocolate batter replaced the Asian paint for few seconds.Some memories are more sweet than chocolate itself.Molten chocolate with Molten Shivika!
    4.Here comes the dialogue of the month-“Bawarchi ke saath Anika ki chakkar chal raha hain”.Seriously Mohit,whoever hired you to do the job of framing Shivaay is so dumb as you.Intelligent thinking you may lack but you are lacking common sense is highly shocking.Go and get a grip over your hybrid imagination.
    5.Mrs.Majnu Singh Awara is the most cutest and adorable person.A little girl took over Anika at that time,completely.Punjabi accent was sounding great in Anika’s mouth.Love you Mrs.MSA.And what special photography Mr.Magician was doing?Looked like a desparate fan who wants a picture of his favourite by hook or by crook.Mr.Magician’s harkat is reminding me of a Bengali proverb-“Oti chalaker golay dhori”.
    Precap:All is Shivika’s planning and it reached its highest peak.Now it will be interesting to see how Mohit and Co.are going to fall under Shivika’s trap.

    1. NSK

      Awesome as usual 😄
      TC apu

    2. Sindhudi

      Oh yes Luthfa. That chocolate scene actually reminds more of Ruvya in the old IB when they start baking. They also will rub chocolate all over their faces. But I must Anika is very bold my dear to romance regardless of whether anyone would see them or not. She does not care but MSA was more worrried. I must say Shivaay was enjoying all these moments though he was trying to be cautious. So I feel bhavya knows MSA is Shivaay and that is why her reaction was so slow when Mohit called her and she proceeded to the kitchen. So lu on Monday Anika is going to say I think you are seeing things Mohit. Maybe you slowly becoming mad as you lost your Wif. Perhaps Mohit needs a psychiatrist so that is going to anger Mohit and I am sure the pictures he clicked with majnu Uma will be gone on Monday. Can’t wait lu for Monday to come

  12. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Hru all hope all r good.A BIG HELLO TO MY LOVELY AKKA’S ND DEAR’S ND PKJ. Wen did Omru got to abt the shivay. Lovely part was shivika. Chocolate ishq. Nt more. Anika was soo cute with tht moustache and Pagdi,😙😙😙😙
    And OMG for tht Anda soo much screen space today I CVS gives to gouri.
    Irritating Anda, tej, Mohit… C u guys. Good night.
    Happy weekend…

    1. NSK

      Anda? What is that di? Can you explain what are you talking about ? 😅
      Anyway have happy daysss 💖

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi Noushin dear,
        Hru.” Anda ” I mean bhavya. I call her by tht. Hope now u got it. Wen she sat in shivay chair I got irritated so I say irritating Anda.
        Nd Ya ALL THE BEST DEAR. rock ur exams nd come back. 👍👍👍👍👍👍. Love you. TC.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,how are you and where have you been?Welcome back to PKJ😊😊
      ShivOmRu moment was emotional.Anika was looking sweet wearing turban and moustache.I won’t lie but I like Ruvya scenes.Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.Take care.See you soon😊

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi luthfa dear,
        Hru. I’m fine Dear. How was ur exams dear. I know Hv rocked it exams. I was here only by as silent reader. Now a days I’m nt watching IB in TV only watching it on hotstar on next day. Thank for the welcome dear. Wen me liked Anda she was good. But Wen she sat in Shivay’s chair. I got anger and irritated. No dear Kabardar if u say Sry once again. Love you dear. Tc

    3. Sindhudi

      Hey jeevi dear welcome. Missed you ya my dears hope alls well with you. Yes everyone is irritated with TSO

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi Sindhu akka.
        Hru akka. Thank you for the welcome akka. Even me missed u all by nt more because Wen ever I thought of u all. I used to read ur comments. Ya me fine. All is good u 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘. Tc

  13. JeevithaTK

    Thank u Sindhu akka: if u Hv nt said I could have missed today episode. Love you 😍😍😍😍😍.. Good night. Tc

    1. NSK

      Tc and love u too 😄

  14. Hi guys,
    These days I have become silent reader.. Hi Bani, Luthfa, arpu, jeevi, Sindu.. I hope you guys doing great..
    I expected a lot in this promo.. But this track is bullshit.. I expected this track will same has Anika’s memory loss Wala track..
    This mohit his hell irritating by his acting.. Repeating same dialog..
    I like Zain a lot.. I like him from kaisi hey yariyaan.. But, this mohit character didn’t suit him.. Best ever villan in IB only daksh & veer..
    Guys I don’t think Tej would be the boss.. Last time also they showed kalyani mill fire accident footage of Tej.. But it’s revealed that Bua who was behind the accident.. This time also they trying to show in the same way..
    Now our shivika making illusion on Taj..
    I think next week Taj Gonna attack anika.. They are shooting in goa house location.. I probably think next week mohit & Nancy case gonna close..
    I have a feeling that HS expected good trp in this track.. But her expectation went totally wrong..
    What I like in today’s episode Anika’s craziness..
    Still he didn’t disclose his love to anika.. Let’s see how he gonna propose his Anika..

    1. NSK

      Keep commenting

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      How are you?Missed you so much being here.Welcome back to PKJ your own family😊😊
      Tia’s track was the second lengthy track of IB and the first one is of course KMM.Redux itself is limited so is everything in it.And I didn’t like the way cvs made Roop the scapegoat of KMM instead of Senior Oberois.Who is the boss is a real mystery.We can only guess nothing else.Waiting to end this track asap.I have read that new track will be start soon.Let’s see.Take care di.Happy weekend😊😊

    3. Sindhudi

      Hey kadhambari how are you? Missed you too dear. I thought Mohit will try to kill Anika. That is when we will see Shivaay avatar and he gets furious that Mohit touch his Wife. That is what I saw in promo. Not sure. We will see next monday

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi kadhambari akka.
      Hru nd lil prince suhas. Welcome back akka. Missed you lot akka. Even me becoming bit silent reader akka. I agree with you akka becoz Wen ever v think CVS r Gul make it reverse nd make us papu. Let’s c in this who is the boss till then big??????????. Hope to c u regularly akka. Love u nd suhas. Tc

  15. Hello ishqbaazians what a khidkithod episode from the beginning
    1) ruvya fight over the room and their milo.
    2) the way anika was flirting with his shivay oh sorry manju singh awara😂.
    3) chocolate ishq romance
    4) And last the dance
    Overall it was fun episode. Mohit was trying his best to prove bhavya that anika loves majnu but bichare ka tai tai phiz hogayi.
    Waiting for next week as i believe it will focus on closing this track asap.lets see
    Bye take care everyone have a happy weekend and keep smiling 😊

  16. Riana

    HEYYYYYY ! ❤️❤️
    Shivikalicious episode !!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚☺️☺️☺️☺️🤩🤩🤩😋
    All the chocolate sauce got wasted bcoz of this steamy romance 😝😝😝😝😝
    Bhoonkh ke saath saath doonkh bhi hua chocosauce keliye 😭😂😂😂😂
    Om – I am sure humme koi na koi proof ye pics dekh ke milega 😐
    They surfs the pics…
    Rudy – Omg…😱😱
    Om – kya hua ?? 😲
    Rudy – Mein kitna zyaada handsome lag raha hoon 😍
    Om – 😑😑
    Me – 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Bhavya toh matlab….
    Inspector kam model zyaada bangayi hai… Kuch bhi order marke khaati hain !! 😝😝😝
    Funniest scene was MOHIT TAKING PICS DURING MAJNIKA’S 😂 DANCING !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Wow nice episode.
    love❤️ shivika ❤️track

  18. I think mohit doesn’t have video option on his mobile.. Poor bandha..

  19. Don’t know y these days if I post a comment, my comment doesn’t appear or sometimes it appears late. I’ve posted a comment on Friday and yesterday but only some appeared. I don’t really know d problem.

    1. Maybe its a network problem

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is lovely.. And the way mohit tried to capture the pic of shivika.. It is hilarious…

  21. Bahon mei chale aaoooo…. OMG Shivika totally killed it😗
    If they dont get best actor n best jodi award..then there is something wrong in the judging panel
    Love the episode and its getting better everyday💓
    No one can win over ShivikaOmRu team.they create the drama n Mohit will not even realize what hit him. But the BBoss is Svetlana…i think. Lol lets wait n watch .
    Many more interesting things to come…..Im sure but ALWAYS ANISHIVOMRU together….UNBEATABLE 💋

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