Ishqbaaz 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Oberois celebrate in 70s style

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Ishqbaaz 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Story: Enough is enough.

Shivaye waits for Anika. She says I m not pregnant, what happened, I thought you will be glad knowing this. He says I don’t know how did I change so much overnight, after hearing your pregnancy news, all my hesitations and fears got away, don’t know why I m upset hearing this, I was feeling on top of the world knowing you are pregnant, I was dreaming of our little Anika, she would be amazing like you, I planned everything for her, I will be beside her to solve all her issues. She says so you planned to spoil her, you planned to become cool daddy, I would become typical strict mother. He says I wish. She says I have understood that few events occur at the time they have to, good things take time. He hugs her.

Rudra shouts out to everyone and says there is a good news. They ask again. Rudra says no, you remember Shivaye’s dance video gone viral, because of which his deal broke. Anika says it happened because of me. Rudra says he cracked a bigger deal, he is going to launch phone company. Gauri jokes. Shivaye comes and says you got to know the news. Om hugs him and asks how do you handle everything so perfectly, home, family, business, you are a real super hero. Shivaye says I have the best family. Rudra says I have the best plan, we should have a party. Dadi says you have made us proud, I wish no one cast bad sight on your success. Shivaye says congrats to you too and hugs Dadi. Om smiles and turns away. Rudra hugs Shivaye. Gauri goes to Om.

Anika hugs Shivaye. Gauri asks what’s the matter. Om says nothing, did you see Dadi, she looks so happy, she has pride in her eyes, I could never accomplish such a thing that Dadi tells me that she is proud of me, I know Shivaye can manage everything alone, he bears all the responsibilities of all three of us, but being a brother, I wish to share his responsibilities, I want to do something that I can bring glory for the family, so that my family says they are proud of me. She says people are crazy for your art and talent. He does sad shayari. She hugs him and says people will follow your art some day. Shivaye says she is right Om, you are talented and honest artist, your goodness reflects in your art, its time for the entire world to know that Om is a top notch artist, I have an announcement to make, Rudra is saying right, we must have a party, I will introduce my brand ambassador, Abhimanyu Raheja. Bhavya says the superstar Abhimanyu.

Gauri says I m his big fan, I have seen all his pics. Rudra says wait, he is married and his wife’s name is Roshni Raheja. Om asks what did you say, she is the greatest art collector in India and she is coming here. Shivaye says you exhibit your art, if Roshni shows interest in your art, that could be a great opportunity. Om likes the idea. Gauri prays. Rudra asks what about the party theme. Shivaye says Abhimanyu’s new movie is getting released, its a musical set in the 70s, so it could be anything set in 70s. Everyone gets ready in 70s era style. Shivaye, Anika, Om, Gauri, Rudra and Bhavaya come in the party. Bachna aye haseeno….plays…….. Shivaye says we have come and now the party will rock. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya sing Milgaya….. and dance. Shivaye joins Anika and sings Aaj kal tere mere…..plays…. Om and Rudra dance with their partners.

Abhimanyu and Roshni walk in. They take selfies with fans. Shivaye dances with everyone. He gets a call. Anika follows. Shivaye attends the call. Anika says I performed the entire song, he didn’t give me a compliment. She comes to him and says this phone is like my Sautan, I will grind the phone. He stays busy on call. She falls in his arms. He asks what are you doing, why do you wear heels if you can’t walk property. She takes her selfie and sends to him. He finishes the call and checks her selfie. He asks what’s this, why are you sending me your selfie. She says you didn’t give me a compliment. He says nice. She says say something better about my hairdo. He says amazing, one who deserves praise is praised. She says yes, why will you praise me now, we are married now, you don’t find me decked up. He says you can do better. She says your glasses blurred your view. He says vintage… She says I don’t want to talk to you. She goes.

Shivaye says Abhimanyu will be the face of our new mobile brand. Abhimanyu says I m proud to have an association with Oberoi industries and Shivaye, I m looking forward for it. Shivaye says I will answer all the questions after the party, just enjoy the party. Gauri says I thought its the camera and lights that work, but Abhimanyu looks good. Bhavya says his wife is equally good, she is a big art promoter and an interior designer. Anika says they are so much in love, and look at my Shivaye. Rudra comments on Abhimanyu’s biceps. He says my biceps are bigger, touch it bro. Om says stop embarrassing me. Omru argue. Om says people are giving him the attention, none is looking at you, enjoy. Rudra says enough, I will show him, I won’t let him steal my limelight. Shivaye introduces Om, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya to Abhimanyu. He asks where is Rudy. They all see Rudy showing off his biceps.

Shivaye looks for Anika. He gets a note and reads…. if you are not bothered about my mood or my dress, my presence, what am I doing here, so I m leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiii everyone,
    I loved the starting. Everyone was there.
    A good epi.
    As we knew Anika di is not pregnant.
    I loved the part when Shivay bhaiya was describing how he will treat the child aka little Anika.
    Rudy–> good news–>firse…lol.
    Gauri di- Jo bhaiya phone todte the woh phone banayenge….
    Finally some Rikara.
    Om bhaiya’s reaction after listening praise for AR from Gauri di’s mouth.
    I can understand how Om bhaiya feeling even I want to get praised by my parents when they praise my cousins and brother. But that never happens.
    OM members literally made the room a make room.
    So, it’s 70’s ke O’bros and bhaus.
    Cinematography and choreography both where good.
    And here comes the villain.
    Shivika’s part was so funny.
    Anika di’s sautan mobile and then that selfie…lol.
    Last part oh god.
    Rudy bhaiya- I again fell from my sofa.
    He started flaunting his biceps.
    Precap- Anika was sayed under the bed.
    Ok so u all guys might be knowing that it’s Gauri di…
    Btw guys pls pray for me its my result tomorrow.
    @tania di- I m of 16 only.
    So u r my di.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Go ritu go ,,congratulation ,,
      Ohh so tomorrow ,,your result out ,,ok best of luck for you result ,,??
      Ok ,,baba i am your di ,,bye ,,
      Al the best ,,!;;;;

    2. Banita

      Yeh cinematograpy was really good like as always….
      Ohh result day… ADBOL dr…

    3. Hey Ritu, ur still young and you have a long life ahead. I’m sure ur parents will definitely be proud of u one day if they are already aren’t.. sometimes they might not tell us in words how much they love us or are proud of us often enough but don’t wrry u’ll make a great name for urself like Omkara Singh Oberoi

    4. Go Ritu Go !
      Congo on being first dear.
      And all the best for your result.
      And you are in which standard ?

    5. All the best…and its mine result too…

      1. Himali dear..All the best of good luck to you too.

    6. Hey Rithu congrats for being no 1 and what you described about each of them
      I agree too.

    7. Hiiii Ritu..
      Congrats my dear..GRG..
      Yes last part Rudy cracked us up..ha ha ha.
      All the best of good luck for your result…….
      Don’t worry..parents will sure understand your talent..and will praise you.
      Dil chota na karo…
      Ok…love you

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    WELCOME BACK @Sindhu dii… So ur journey was good… While read ur comment it seems u r really excited nd happy with it… I missed U dii…
    Revamp of Star Plus…. Finally SP red colour se nikal kr kuch alag kia ( I m not saying red is a bed colour )… New logo nd bew head line… I really like this white , gold nd red combination… This new style is really good… “Rista wohi Baat nayi”….
    Nd IB’s new promo… It’s Superbb…!!! Finally Obro tune wale promo mein Obhous vi samil ho gaye…. Atarangi family ki satarangi andaj….
    Now coming to epi…
    Shivay’s imagination about Shivika was Awwww…!!!!
    Uski koi boy frnd nahi hoga… Awwwweee!!!! A protective father….
    I think this one will be #MeToo track…
    Om don’t feel bed… U r d most talented artist…
    Retro andaj of couples… All of them looks breath taking… Shivaay in that wig… It remind me of 1st rakhi of Obros…
    Shivaay was too funny… Hahaha….
    Poor Anika… It’s not good Shivay… U should at least prieses Anika once… But Anika , Shivay se jayda romantic koi nahi ho sakta….
    Rudy… Hahaha… Star light ke liye…. LOL….
    Precap – Now where is Anika…!!!?? Just hope koi majak ho….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Nd forget to say ,
      Now Shivay ki phone todne mein aur vi asani ho jayegi….
      Nd I loveeee d song “Aj kal tere mere pyaar ki”… It was Superbbb… Nd couples dance was also Nycc…

    2. Bani ,,how are you ,,yes i also like the dp of ib ,,its look good ,,like full of family ,
      Nice line “atarangi family ki satarangi andaz ,” ???it’s suit to ib ,
      And don’t worry anika to bed ke niche chupa hua hai ,,you know na anika and her funny tricks ,,yeh sab shivay ko maja chakhane ke liye ,,
      Bye ,TC

      1. Banita

        I m good Tania… How about U??
        Yeh i didn’t noticed that time , but now it cleared…

    3. Hey banita, even I loved the part where he said uski koi bf nahi hogi???.. hope the kid (wdr it’s a girl or a boy) won’t be like his/her younger chacha. Oderwise shivaay wld die of heart attack??

      1. Banita

        Krishna… Hahaha…
        Sahi hain… If that boy/girl will be with full of Rudy’s antics nd use Anika’s language… Then mere Shivay bhaiya toh… Hahaha…

    4. Hi Banita di.
      Yes Shivaye will really become protective type of father,when time will come.
      How are you Di?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ishu…
        I m good dr… Tu kesi hain??
        Yeh he will be a super protective father…

    5. Hey banita thanks my dear. Yes I enjoyed my vacation. I do agree shivaay should have noticed Anika but maybe he is doing deliberately. We would know tomorrow. It also reminded me of their first Rakhi with prinku and Om Shanti song played. They are all stupendous

      1. Banita

        Hlo dii…
        Yeh dii he did it deliberatly… Now Anika will do it knowingly…
        Yup dii 1st rakhi with Om Shanti Om song…

    6. Hiiii bani….
      Yehh Protective father…
      Sab kuch woh prblm.agar annika limelight le gayi toh…ha ha ha……
      Yeh it reminded me also…Rakhi part…
      I think now SPA2018 will come.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Arpu…
        Yeh i also think now SPA will come… I m waiting 4 it only… But i think telecast hone ke liye at least 1 nd half month toh lag hi jayega…

    7. Yeah bani,
      Shivaay gonna be great wall for his little angel as well.. When shivaay said he want girl like Annika.. I thought Annika would say she need a boy like shivaay.. Anyways, how protective he was for his daughter this is also a part of family planning..
      Coming to Annika, sometime she behave like kid.. Someone commented in this page saying why Annika sometime not behaving like a matured girl.. If she didn’t then she is not Annika..
      She lived all alone her childhood except sahil None loved her so selfless but after sahil one who loves her selflessly was shivaay so she is enjoying her childhood times with him which she missed & same applies to shivaay even you could have seen some childish behavior or what to say some cuteness Wala side essay from Shivaay as well that too happened once anika entered in his life.. He had a big family but they are dysfunctional..except his brother & dadi no one love them selflessly.. Please don’t bash Annika..
      Though we are adult sometimes we do even behave like a kid..

      1. Banita

        Hlo dii…
        I also thought Anika whould say she want a boy…
        Totally agree with u dii…. Her childish cute nature make her Anika…. From starting only they protrait her like this… I can’t understand why anyone bash her now becz she always like this only…. This is d speciallity of Anika..


    Sorry for not being able to reply for these days but today finally my exams are over will comment daily from now on. How are all of u arpita bani ishita tania and others

    1. Aayush ,,woooww ,,finally ,you are here ,,
      I am fine yr ,,how are you ,
      and plz don’t say sorry ,exams is more important than this ,
      that’s great your exams got over ,,it will be lovely to have you here ,,
      Ok ,bye ,take care

      1. AAYUSH

        I m also fine tania .

    2. Banita

      WELCOME BACK Aayush….
      I m good… How about U??
      Koi baat nahi… Ab aagaye na… Ab se comment krna…. Always…

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks banita i m also good and yeah i will comment from now onwards.

    3. Hello Aayush Bhaiya .
      I am great and you ?
      So ,finally aaz aap ko aazadi mil gayi .
      I mean finally aap k exams finish ho gaye.

      1. AAYUSH

        I m also fine ishita and yeahh finally exams se azaadi mil gayi.

    4. Oh aayush I am sure you would have Aced your exams. Welcome back

      1. AAYUSH

        Yeah sindhu di i have given my best and now just waiting for the results

  4. This show is getting worse this days……. I can’t believe this is the show that I love to the core once and don’t want to end at all….. Now I’m getting fed up and waiting for the day it will go off air….. This show has lost the charm…..

    1. I really don’t know what you guys actually want..rather than that kalyani mill track this track was far far better.. Just see other serials than you automatically love this one.. Do u like Ekta Kapoor serials?

      1. You are right, if we watch other shows, we will automatically will like this show and it happened to me as well….. I started to love this serial after I watched other serials….. But, this show has lost the charm which it had on initial days…… Social advise is good but I don’t think it’s necessary that they have to bring a topic for every episodes or week…. It’s my view only….. For now I’m watching initial episodes of this show which made me to fall in love with…..

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    So Congratulations everyone….
    We completed 550 episodes yehhhhhhh….
    It is going good..hope it wil give us more good storyline…..and get more and more good ratings in both offline and online too….


    Sometimes shows mocked it.RISTA WOHI BAAT NAYI.IS GOOD..


    So result is negative. …Cvs are biggest chantomai yarr in previous episode we dissapointed about Sso’s they make up for it.Sso imaginedand said so many things.
    Good ..very good keep iCvs I can see your unconditional love towards Sso character. .. ha ha ha.
    That understanding between shivika was really good…And that hug…kya baat he.aaj kal bahut saara shivika hug & foregead kiss mil rahe he…..Good.

    I really got touched by Om’s words…..He wants to release the stress of his brother..and that shyari.Om, USS EK DIN ka intzaar sab karte he..aur ussi umeed ka saath hi log jeete he..dont give up..All thinfs are not only one’s cup of tea..Everybody have more or less flaws…don’t be have yourown charm.
    And glad to see gouri supported her unconditionally. .I loved that

    Mirror part…it was so much related be hoes I actually do these nautanki before mirror holding dress or earrings or comb..?????But what happened to Sso???????i couldn’t stop laughing seeing him…seducer ban gaye the.. kya???????.
    Oberois ki party =fashion log bade bade real parties ko bhi peeche chod denge yarr…..All were looking fabulous. ..but somehow it looked funny.but I love it

    Full on 70s mod style..and dance…Lajwab….ji Dil khush kardita..

    ANNIKA DI.??????her antics…Plz no need to gain Sso’s attention di…Sso ko apko tease karna accha lagta he..Waise bhi show main meri puri attention aap le leti ho..khush ho jao..waise you are is like a sautan of your..ha ha ha
    Sso ..don’t mess with Annika.She can do anything.
    O ye Abhimanyu Raheja….jaldi bhag iss show se.Me too track is now for gouri..and he is the vilian..tujhe sajja milegi….I am not welcoming you at all.
    Ye Cvs bhi na.koi acche log ko late mere ko superstar toh dur actor bhi nahi lag raha..dhettt..

    Precap ??????Anika di bad prank I can see yiu you are hidding under bed..Let’s see What wil both of you do now…………


    Ok Now IB track is good small are showing..not stretching like chewing us emotional yet good social messages. BUT BUT BUT..
    She has fifty shades.but I love this khidkitod side of her……I badly want her to back…
    How was your work???? ALL GOOD???

    1. Heyyy ,,thats a really good news arpu ,,ib completed 550 epis wooohhhooo ,,,great …..
      I also think ki aj kal cvs kuch jada hi shivay pe meherbaan hai ,,isliye to sso ki character ko highlight ki upar hightlight kar rahe hai ,,

      And sachchi mai ,,miror wala part bohot hi funny ,,and shivay is too good ,,yr NK is a great actor ,…acting ka pura vander hai Nk mai ,,full of entertainner hai ,,fans ko hohot hi entertainmaint karta hai ,
      .ok ,bye ,tc,and love youuu…….

      1. Hi Tania how are you?

    2. Banita

      Ohh yeh main toh bhul hi gayi….
      IB reached 550… Yehhh…!!!! Congo everyone…
      Seriously… Tu mirror ke samne yeh sb karti hain…!!! Hahaha… But koi nahi thik hi hain… Hahaha…
      BTW HRU??

    3. Hai Arpita I tink most probably ur detective Anika didi wld be back bt in an alag andaz. I tink she wld b the one who wld find gauri’s problem Incase this track stretches… Not sure but jus a speculation

    4. Hii My khidkitod Arpita di.
      How was your weekend?

      Congratulations to you too.
      Our Ishqbaaz hits 550 today.

      Me too liked star plus new tag line

      Di would you please tell me what is #Me too.
      Actually I didn’t get it .

      And Thanx di for your wishes for my exams.

      Take care .
      Love you Di.

    5. AAYUSH

      That’s great news ishqbaaz hits 550. And really missed reading your episode analysis arpita during my exam time. How are you?

    6. Hi Arpu how are you my dear?

  6. Wow such a realistic episode…sure Shivaay u will become a khidhithod papa for sure… Narbhi always rocks in the emotional scenes… me too started…
    Poor Gauri gonna be victim…
    All looked cool in 70era..IB always rock with decorations and costumes…
    Rudy what u trying to do man…let’s see what comic scene he gonna pull out…
    Anni is playing prank with Shivaay..let’s see does his sensometer work..After the so called break up it didn’t work..let’s see will it work tomorrow…
    IB finally complets 550 episode…
    Even the new promo was so cool..

    1. Hi diii,,how are you ,,
      Yes ,,shivay will become a great father ..
      And Narbhi ,as always they are too good in their skills of acting

    2. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      Yup , i agree…. Shivay will be a khidkitode PAPA…..
      Yeh dii ib’s decoration part is always mind blowing…

    3. Hello kadhambari Di.
      How are you?
      Yes I am sure Shivaye will become khidkitod papa .
      And like now he is setting goals for husbands then he will set goals for fathers.

  7. Seriously i am upset over today spoiler because its telling that gauri will be molested by that buddha actor seriously i dont want this track why cvs made gauri has as a pawn for this nonsense track some spoilers say that om will rescue gauri but some spoilers says that he will molest gauri and gauri will be quiet over this issue to save shivay bussiness deal first they didnt show proper rikara love track now they made a joke of gauri they could experimented this track with anika or bhavya why gauri TEJVI already badmouths about gauri everytime if this type of incidients happen then i think they will kill her


    1. Hello abhi! Please don’t bash me for whatever I am goin to say but I think neither Anika nor bhavya wld b perfect for this track. I’m a rikarian too but the fact is that Anika and bhavya are way more mentally strong than gauri. All 3 have faced many tragedies and issues in their life and has grown stronger out of their experiences. But i have felt many times that gauri is only strong wen somebody she loves is in danger. Like the bulldozer episode happened wen she needed money for her mother’s treatment and om was a hurdle in her path.. after that buama, swetlana and kali’s second coming- in all 3 cases watever she did was to save om. But wen it comes to her on issues mostly she is trapped as in the 1st time Kali was going to marry her she was saved bcoz of om and the Ajay incident bcoz obros came in time. But Anika and bhavya comparatively are stronger women. I know you might have a different opinion. This jus my pov. And though jahnvi dances according to tej’s tunes she is from inside a good and strong woman. She wld never blame gauri fr a something that gauri is not guilty of. And om unlike many Indian husbands, is a very sensitive man who would stand by gauri. I think this incident would only make their relation stronger as om tries to heal a vulnerable gauri, a side of her that she rarely shows.

    2. Banita

      Relax Abhi Relax…!!!
      I think for now this line perfact for u…
      First of al don’t believe on any spoiler…
      Nd if cvs select Gouri then there must be some reason… Don’t come to any conclusion without know it fully… May be there will be different…
      So clam down for now… Nd let’s see what will happen…!!!

    3. Am sad too we waited for Rikara love track not Gauri to be a victim ??? but let’s hope this time to see Omkara supporting Gauri ?

  8. Luthfa

    He was so happy that perhaps he is going to be a father!Shivaay expressed his innermost happiness on being a father of a little Angel who would be the carbon copy of her mother,Anika,khidkitode Anika.Bed time stories,teaching cricket,helping to learn car-driving to every smallest thing,he was ready to do everything all of a sudden.Those emotions were so precious to feel for the first time in reality but here Shivaay imagined and got immensely happy.Shivaay’s baby would be the most fortunate one to have a father like him.Don’t know whether he was provided with those things or not which he was planning to do with his baby when he himself was a baby.His father Mr.Shakti Singh Oberoi was not that responsible father to take care of his only Son and his mother Mrs.Pinky Singh Oberoi perhaps never cared to fulfill his emotional emptiness though showered with whatever Shivaay needed,in the form of materialistic objects to lead life.The way he expressed his desires to share those moments with his baby girl,those reflected some kind of hidden longing of his heart.It looked like those he missed being a child,his own child would get everything of those from him.In this way he would be able to witness what he was deprived of and feel those emotions and moments again,all thanks to his baby.Shivaay was literally disappointed when he heard that result was negative.The magic of fatherhood touched his heart and he got ready all along without realizing.Anika to understand that her how much her husband wanted to have a baby in their life,a very beautiful creation of their own.Her tears said all that she too got hurt seeing her husband feeling sad.Hope Shivika get their this sweet wish fulfilled soon……………………………….

    1. Heyyy ,,luthfa how are you ,,
      I want to know one thing ,,what is your age ???? I mean how many years old you are ,,
      Tum yeh sab kaise kar lete ho ,????
      Tum sceans ka inner emotion kaise pakar lete ho ,,you thinking is adorable you know ,,ham jo soch bhi nahi sakte wo tum feel kar leti ho ..,,

      Really nice comment ,i just loved your poins of views,what what you said about shivay thats really true ,,
      Bye ,,tc ,love youu…….

    2. Banita

      Hlo Lu….
      D magic of fatherhood toched his heart…. True line… This magic changed his mind set totally…
      Yeh he will fulfill all those things that he never got in his childhood… Nycc comment dr…

    3. Hi luftha nicely put my dear. Well said. It is true that Shivaay was a little disappointed when it was negative but whatever he still loves his Anika very much. I think shivaay was already dreaming about a little girl. He wants a daddy girl. Awww so sweet shivaay.

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        How are you? I hope u r trip was good.. Welcome back dear.. Missed your comments..
        Your analysis were heart touching.. First few minutes of epi was so realistic it happened to me many times before I get conceive.. That emotions narbhi put up was so realistic.. Now, I got know why Cv’s made this scene to shivika there were too good in emotional scene than other couple,other couple also good in emotional scenes.. But they have some magic in the emotions which we could feel it more realistic than other couples.. Please don’t bash me for this..

    4. Hi Luthfa di.
      You are absolutely right ,Shivaye’s baby will be most fortunate to have him as his/her father .

      Love you Di
      Take care.

  9. Halo ,,everyone ,,so how are you all ,,???

    Aur nahi….ab aur nahi ..ok this is also about a social issue ,,

    Oooohhhh god ,i feel relief after knowing the result,,thank god it’s negetive ,,actually mujhe thori confusion tha,but it’s good
    aur to aur hamara shivay ne ek raat mai ,,Mini Khidkitodh Anika ko lekar itna planing bhi karli ,,so fast sso ,,

    And omkara ,,,plz don’t think like that ,,i can’t see you like this ,and you also have talent which is not less than shivay ,,gouri did good job today ,and that part jab gouri ne bola ki au abhimanyu ki kitne bare fan hai ,,acting ka and omkara ne uske soulder par hand rakha ,,that part was so funny ,,???
    So ,,Retro Party ,,but but but ,,the most important thing –boss aj to obahu’s obro’s se bhi jada sundar lagrahe the ,,girls looks better than boys ,,for me i really like girls look ,they looks really pritty ,,
    And the dance part was also superb ,

    Anika and her childish tricks ,,oohh god ,,but sso what you just said ,”tsrif uski ki jati ho jo tarif karne ki layak ho ” are you serios ,,,plz anika looks really nice ,and you should give her some compliment ,,
    Precap- bohot dialough mar raha tha na sso ,,an bhukto ,,bechara sso ,,but yeh anika bhi bohot hi sayani hai ,she knows very well what is sso’s weakness ,,ek bar bas boldo ki ,”mai ja rahi hun”to bas fer kam ho jayegi ,,
    Anika to bed ki niche chupa hua hai ,,aur sso ki band bajegi ,,ha ha ha. ..

    Ok guys ,,good night ,,byeee……

    1. Hii Tania .
      How was your weekend dear ?
      I hope you enjoyed it.

      And first of all I want to thank you for your wishes, it means a lot for me.

      Yaar Tania Shivaye also knew that Annika was looking pretty ,but wo to uski PHIRKI le Raha tha.
      And Tania I am not able to understand what you people are trying to say ki Annika bed k neeche chupi hui hai and all that .
      So can you please explain me.

      1. Hi ,ishu ,,i am fine ,and yes i enjoyed my weekend ..

        Are we want to say ,,ki jab shivay wo letter room pe dekha aur padha tab ham dekh sakte the ki anika usi room mai shivay ke piche ,,bed ki niche chupa hua hai ,,like anika pehli bar shivay se chupne keliye sofa ke niche chupa tha ,waisehi ,,
        I hope now you can understand it ,,

    2. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      Yeh when Om hold her that part funny….
      Let’s see kiski baand bajti hain abhi…

  10. Kunal nailed today’s epi

  11. QueenB


  12. Anika s too much nw a days.thank god she didnt gt pregnant cz she has to gt matured unlike fighting with shivaay fr petty things nd misunderstanding him.
    Y she s comparing herself nd shivaay with evryone.didnt shivaay loved her d getting irritated bcz of her dis behaviour
    She s a strong women bt her characterisation s weak.wat she u would b happy to shivaay wen she said she was nt pregnant .lyk i dont understand y she always thinks nd acts dumb.
    Nd ppl support her watevr she does b it wrng r rit.
    If shivaay does d same evryone has complaints
    She wont satifaction i think dats y she always wants things on her own nd if nt fen uses her blame card nd walk away so dat shivaay has to run behind her.
    Im sry bt i find gauri more sensible nd sweet dan anika who atlst understand things unlike anika eho just knws shouting fighting nd blaming shivaay.
    Precap s somewat bad y she s doing vhildish acts to gain attention dont u knw he loves soo much still u hav to make him run around you.
    Her character s spoiled nw lyk a typical girl

    1. QueenB

      Completely agree with you
      Anika character and the childishness is not nice

  13. Hello queen b.. Nobody will hate you for expressing an honest opinion☺.. but I also think that Anika is becoming childish because of her happiness and love. From her childhood till she entered om, she has never had that one single constant person who has always cared for her and loved her other than sahil. She has lost everybody whom she has lost. So now since she knows SSO is never going to leave her she is trying to relive watever moments she has missed since childhood.. just my pov?

    1. I agree with you she doing childish things with shivaay only

  14. Mimi ❤️ Loving new promo ??

    The new promo is ❤️, What just happens to IB it was all about Shivaay and Annika now it change to all brothers and their wives ((Rikara , Ruvya ))? thanks Gul mam am in LOVE with the promo, the why Omkara ignore Gauri than show her that he paint her and hold her hand and pull her ? But about the upcoming track am glad it is for Gauri but scared that something bad will happens but sure that Gul is shows don’t go to the crazy level so am having trust that nothing’s bad will happens and hopefully to see Omkara the one who will help Gauri not Shivaay ? ??‍♀️ and Gauri to stand for her self will be more enjoyable to watch GKS ??

    1. Thats s imy fear i dont want anynthing bad happen to gauri because she is my favourite as a character and in real i love shrenu alot the only actress whom i adore is shrenu

      1. Yeah I also love Gauri and Shrenu ❤️ but I don’t know what Gul and the writers are planning ??‍♀️ let’s hope for best ?

  15. Luthfa

    Hello my GPKJ family,very good(early)morning.
    How are you all?Hope everyone had a great weekend.By the way,is TU also get revamped?I am observing some changes.Like Post Comment was in colour blue but now it’s become black in colour.Is it only showing in my device or everyone’s?Anyway,looking forward to exchanging words.Bye everyone?

    1. Hi Luthfa di.
      I am fine.

      Ya I also think telly updates also get revamped.
      There are certain changes like now post comment is in black colour.
      And in my phone ,YOUR COMMENT IS UNDER MLDERATION is not showing .
      Aapke Saath bhi aisa hai Kya.

    2. Yes lu ,,i also see some changes in TU ,,

    3. Banita

      Yeh Lu TU vi moderation ho gaya…
      nd @Ishu UR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION , yeh toh show kr raha hain… Lagta hain moderation uncle tujhse kuch jayda hi khus ho gaye…

  16. Hi PKJ family. My dear Luftha Arpu banita beauty jeevi Ishita omaira kadhambari Tania and there are still many more wonderful and lovely ones. Have a good week. Thanks luftha and Tania for your comment to my comment.

    Now coming to the episode it was an awesome episode. I just loved it. Of course a little sad that Anika was not pregnant but maybe cvs do not want to still bring the pregnancy track. They are probably waiting for the time frame to do it or waiting for Pinky Mum to come prior to the pregnancy. I am not sure. It could also be Om becoming Father first.

    I just loved the episode. Anika was so beautiful and stunning. Her hair do reminded me of Asha Parekh and Guair reminded me of Sharmila Tagore in the 70s. Very nice. But Anika was the most stunning of all the three bahus. Sorry no offence those who are Gauri and Bhavya fans but Anika’s dressing was so suitable for her.

    I thanks cvs for giving a wonderful episode and finally Om realises he also need to have some responsibilities and make his Dadi proud instead of always depending on Shivaay for everything.

    Next track I think is s*xual harressment track and that is good moral lesson for society. I am Glad they used this serial to educate people about society’s problems. That should be the way.

    1. Hello Sindhu Di .
      Good to see you after a long time .
      How are you?

      We missed you a lot di.
      I am absolutely fine Di.

      Annika was looking stunning yesterday and for me everyone was good .

      Love you Di .

    2. Hi sindhu di ,,i am fine di ,,
      Yes anika looks really stunning but i love more gouri’s look ,she looks too cute ,and our anika is khidkitodh as always but aj kal gouri bhi bohot hi jada khubsurat lagti hai ,,
      Ok ,,bye ,love you diii,

  17. Anokhi21

    Hi…..Can any1 help me out??i wanna post a ff of mine….Can anYone tell me hw to post it n tu please??i hav registered nd i logged in too by clicking submit ur article option….Bt i dunno hw to proceed….Someone plz help me….I m waitin fa ur reply…..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Click submit article button, it will go to new page… Scroll down the page and you will ‘title’ box… Title must be more than 4 words… Below will be a box for you to post your article… For safety, type your article in ms word first before pasting it here and make sure your whole contain has been copied… Next, choose the banner and category for your story… Then click submit button…

      1. Anokhi21

        Tq so very much fa ur reply

  18. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice episode… I hope cvs managed to give good message by portraying the guari in the me too track

  19. I saw in SBS that Ishqbaaz is going off air post 3 months..
    Really shocking..

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