Ishqbaaz 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Omru and Gauri surprise Shivika

Ishqbaaz 28th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says this CCTV camera will show me who is troubling Anika. Anika wakes up and takes a hockey stick. She goes and sees…… Some time before, Shivaye comes to Anika. He asks why did you not have food. She cries and apologizes. She says I have spoiled your brunch plan, I m just ruining everything, husband’s work is to go out and work, wife’s work is to manage the house, you are doing this too, I always make mistakes, Monali is a perfect GL, I m not able to do anything. He says you won’t be able to do. She asks why did you confirm this. He says ask me why, you don’t know you are so special, you are not ordinary, no one can become like you are, you are my Khidkitod Anika, who is not weak, who doesn’t need anyone’s support, who will fight alone, who will never escape from any responsibility, who kept my family united, who throws water on me, you are special for me, you don’t need to change yourself. She hugs him and asks why are you so good. He says I m such, you are very good. He makes her rest. He asks her to sleep.

Gauri throws the box at Tia. Tia gets hit and cries. Tej and Om come. Tej asks what happened. Tia says Gauri has done this, she has hit me, she wants me to leave. Tej says don’t forget Shivaye is responsible for Tia’s state, enough now. Gauri says Tia is not blind. Tej asks Om to take Gauri. They leave. Shivaye fixes the camera and says I didn’t react that night, if Anika is saying that someone is following her, then this camera will show me who it is. Someone watches Shivaye on the CCTV feed.

Its morning, Om asks Gauri why did she call doctor. Gauri says I m fine, I called doctor for Tia, I m ashamed to doubt Tia, I want to help her, I have called a well known eye specialist Goenka. Tia says my doctor is the best, I don’t need anyone else. Om says what’s the risk, maybe this doctor can help you. Dr. Goenka comes. Tia says I will go washroom and come. They go. Tia says I m sure Gauri will go to any extent to expose me. Dr. Goenka says she has really lost her eyesight. Tia smiles and recalls putting some solution in her eyes. She thanks Shwetlana for telling her about this solution, its perfect for temporary blindness. Om asks doctor is there any other way. Dr. Goenka asks him to get Tia to his hospital. He goes. Tej comes and asks why did doctor come. Om says Gauri called him to get second opinion. Tej asks why. Tia says Gauri thinks I m acting blind. Tej asks what’s wrong with you, you should be thankful but you are accusing her. Jhanvi says time is showing us truth, all illusions got cleared, first Shivaye, then Anika and now Gauri. Om says everyone makes mistakes, I m sorry on Gauri’s behalf. Tej asks Gauri to apologize. Gauri apologizes to Tia.

Anika hears door knock and wakes up. She says I will not leave this woman, she is scaring me as I m getting afraid, I will slap her, its my turn now. She gets a hockey stick. She says you sleep Shivaye, I will see this woman, I will beat her up with this hockey. She goes out and yells on the woman. She gets shocked seeing Omru and Gauri. Gauri says we thought you will welcome us with aarti. Anika says sorry, I thought that woman. Om asks which woman. Anika asks her about everyone. Shivaye holds her. Anika hits her elbow. Shivaye gets hit in his eye. She says sorry… They look on.

Shivaye and Omru cook in lawn. Anika and Gauri help and set plates. Anika asks shall I do it. Shivaye says I really want my brothers to eat something today. Anika asks him not to taunt, move off your hand. Omru get back and say we are just being careful. Anika says its amazing, Shivaye is hurt and you two are scared. Rudra jokes. He says we are just being careful. Gauri says boys are cooking, leave them, show me the house. They go. Shivaye asks Omru to give some olive oil. Rudra says Dadi’s dream got fulfilled today, Dadi always wanted you to see rich and poor by same view, today you got one eyed vision, how are you feeling, enjoying? Om asks Rudra not to pull Shivaye’s leg. Om asks Shivaye does Anika beat him daily. Shivaye says you also started. They laugh. Rudra teases Shivaye. Shivaye asks him to stop. Om says if anything falls, Anika will beat you. Omru run. Shivaye catches them. Lafzon ka ye….plays…. their old moments are seen. Shivaye looks at them and cries. They hug.

Om says I missed you a lot Shivaye. Om asks him to please come back. Rudra says you didn’t listen to me, listen to Om, come home. Shivaye says you know I can’t come back. Om asks why, that’s your house. Om says you said you will have to take tough decisions because of Shwetlana, you didn’t tell us about separation. Shivaye says this was not our plan, sometimes plans don’t work, that’s life, I gave a vow to Jhanvi. Omru say we will talk to mum, come back. Shivaye holds their hands and says we are not close, but we are together, we will always be together, we share the same ground. Om says we are not happy, we won’t be happy till we share the same roof, until our house is same, we will take you and Anika home. Shivaye says I can’t return to that house, I can’t break my vow. Rudra says but you can break our heart.

Shivaye says you both are not different. I m trying to protect you, I diverted Shwetlana, I played a mind game with her, so that she feels I know more about Kalyani mills incident, she will get mad and find out, I hired a detective to find the truth, we will clear our family’s image. Om says but you can do this staying in Mumbai. Rudra says else I will stay here. Shivaye asks what about Dadi, mom, dad and others, you both have this responsibility to manage everything. Om says I m not Shivaye. Shivaye says you are Omkara, Oberois never quit, you have Rudra and Gauri, you have to keep family together. Rudra asks will you come back if we do this. Shivaye says I hope this vanvaas ends soon.

Veer gets dressed as a clown reaches Anika. He lifts her and says its not over Anika, you should be mine in the new year. He takes her. Shivaye looks for Anika. Veer signs Shivaye to come.

Update Credit to: Amena


    Finally…. I feel watching the real Ishqbaaz for the first time since so long!
    Couldn’t comment the precedent episode, i was ill and two times i lost a long comment before posting them ??
    But OK.. I’m so happy today that it will not spoil my mood…

    Today i felt once again that the three brothers are the soul of the show (at least for me) it wasn’t a long scene but i missed everything, their silliness, their cute pulling leg and most of all, their pure obros moment! ?????❤ ???? (yes i was just like that crying and smiling both)
    The open hearted discussion, Shivaay explaining and arguments to convince them about the need of him staying away and their obligation to stay back at the mansion… It was a bliss to see them like that … Lafzon kayee…. Dil bol really oberoi ??
    I started from the end… But the episode was a ?% good in all ways
    Shivika first scene, i loved it , Annika’s biggest fear is to not be good enough for Shivaay, she feels unable to be as perfect as she should be and this ghost drama is taking it to an upper level (super dupper idiotic scary track)…
    I was a bit upset by the GL overloaded drama and felt it really stupid (like is it possible that Annika is unable to make tea? Like seriously?) But today i felt that it’s just the top of the iceberg…
    Actually , every woman wants to give her husband the best life, to be the best wife and regarding her background and how Shivaay is treating her, she’s surely feeling guilty to not fulfill duties she’s not even asked about
    And i loved Shivay’s care, reassuring and supporting even not believing… He made her feel once more like a princess … His So special Annika ??
    Even then, he takes the precaution of putting a camera to be sure everything is OK (this means his hormones are on holiday for a long moment ???)
    On the other hand, Gauri’s attempts to expose Tia fail miserably and she’s moreover accused by dumbo Tej twice, for the makeup attack then for the doctor’s visit – thanks to super witch Switlana for her magic touch- (but I’m angry with Gul, who is this pacific Om face to Tej??? When did he become so…. Emotionless !! Where has disappeared the Om who could grip his father’s collar in hands? Why is he so calm when it comes to his wife? It doesn’t suit him ??)
    Whatever… ???
    Back to shivika’s mansion ? … Annika’s braveness in the morning ?????? …. Waking up first ???? taking an arm to fight back after Shivaay’s long boosting strength ??? Oops!!! Wrong attack ????
    Only in IB a long awaited meet back turns to a funny moment and suddenly ?? ?poor khanji eyes … ?????
    I’ll not talk about the lovely moment of obros again ??? but say i loved it that girls went alone and let them together ???
    Precap: poor Annika… That Tagaballi Veer fridge walla is worst in clown ?? i hate clows ???
    Spoilers: lovely scenes … Romance… Dance… Shivika … Ricara (first kiss ???)… Catching the black ghost…. ???????????
    Dil ishqbaaz hua ??

    1. Banita

      Go Mahira Go!!!

    2. MAHIRA

      Thanks dear ?

    3. GMG…congrats Mahira dear…you are right.Now Shivaay’s hormones are in holidays for don’t know how many days???)

    4. MAHIRA

      Thanks Arpita dear ?
      Poor babies ?? how long will they keep fasting? ?

    5. Go Mahira Go.Emotionally soaked congratulations….By the way,how is your health now?Hope you are fine.Take care.

    6. MAHIRA

      Thank you dear luthfa ?
      I’m a bit better but still recovering, thanks again ?

  2. Hii guys .l am new here.l am a fan ishqbazz and all yours comments
    Finally that om and gauri here .Now that juliee will be catched and hand over to police
    Wating for om and gauri first kisss

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Warm welcome dear.. Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz…

    2. Banita

      Welcome to pkj dr… Keep commenting…

    3. Thank u Banita and Nikita for welcoming

    4. MAHIRA

      Welcome dear ???

    5. Jeni dear Welcome to our famous pkj akka paglon ki jhund or ishqbaazi ki duniya..keep commenting and enjoy the fun.

    6. Hello Jeni,
      Welcome to PKJ family.Keep commenting.See you soon.Take care?

    7. welcome Jeni…keep commenting..

    8. Thank u for welcoming guys

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Chapter 19.
    Sry for not replying jo bhi bach gaye…
    I am really thankful and grateful to you…bcoz of not chilaoying on her, for trusting her and For telling those thing what we are saying.
    Annika your Hubby..loves Khidkitod Annika not Dariui Annika..And you are totally different agar typical anika banogi.toh sab chopat ho jayegi… That hug and Kisses..awwwwsooo sweet.
    TIA..or universe ki dukan…Sutlu ka kuch jyafa hi asar padgaya he tum par..Jo karna he karo but agar galti se koi ulta lostion ya kuch weong science ki material use kardi na.toh tumhari toh tie tie fiss ho hi jayegi.
    Janvi….like really. pehele Shivaay fir Annika fir gouri..yes. first Sso tried to save the family then annika now gouri is trying save from . nafrart baaz but you ate so stupid that you can’t see it.Maro is Mad house main.
    Thank God Omruri leaved MH mad house and mad people.
    Yes Annika ko raat main darana asan he but din main woh total.jhali annika he..
    Ye bhi badi kamal he.Shikar ke piche sikar aur uske piche ek aur sikar.???.
    Kali chudail ka shikar annika uske piche Sso Sso and annika ke piche Lambu Nagdevta…pakdum pakdai ya lukka chupi khelne ka irrada he kya????,,,,.
    And generally log swagat karte he Aarti ki thaal se but of course our khidkitod annika is differentso she welcome her gharwake with hockey stick..???.
    And Mahi is totally right.SAWAL KI DUKAAN..perfect Dadi baare main pucha thik he baki mad logo ke barre main sochne ki jarrorat nahi he.
    Bechare Sso ki ankh fod di.first kitchen main then yahan.. and annika’s non stop sry sry sry sry.
    Garden scene after sooooo many days obros moment with rudy’s special jokes…When Omru scared by annika.? it reminded me episode 2or 3 where they were scared by annika’s belna.. (hindi main kya bolte he i don’t know )
    And Obro Hug..??????? pure bond..Inka rista dil se juda he toh fir dil se dil ko.juda kaun karsakta he….Heart to heart…
    Thank God Sso revealed his plan.i am waiting when he will reveal to Annika.
    After today obro moment i really want sahil.Are annika bhi toh apni bhai miss kar rahi hogi ki nahi??,????,,
    Precap-i know ye chapter 21 main hoga not tomorrow. Tomorrow That kali chudail akka Julie is going to be exposed…But this is too scary.Is LM( lambu Nagdevta ) know annika since childhood.
    Ravan is here. We don’t want AGNI PARIKHYA. I am saying it once again….
    Ok byy

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Me too not want agnipariksha… Hey dear arpu… You said correct dear… Shiomru scenes are awesome and also the pakkadam pakadri game…

    2. Yes niki..actually i am so scared of the name of Agniparikhya…..Shivomru was awasome as always..

    3. Banita

      BELAN hindi of Belana…. Actually U know this , U just forgot it at that time…
      Haan yr me also missing Sahil , but it seems like cvs just forget his character… Me also dont want Agniparikhya , Hope Shivaay’s trust win over all these evilness…

    4. He Bani are yiu doing tellypathy?????how do you know that i forgot the belan of that time??? Yes me too wish that Shivaay’s truat will win othetwise Daksh ki chapter ka kuch matlab hi nahi rahega

    5. Hi Arpita,
      Awww…Such a perfect detailed analysis of the whole episode.Just loved it.By the way,I am not going to accept your sorry for not replying darling.Do whatever you want.Hehehe…..

  4. Pushpa

    I loved todays episode..
    Obro moments was the best…
    1st time i saw shivaye really laugh out …..this only happen with his OmRu…ShivOmRu…. Shiv ka bina Om nahi Om ka bina Ru nahi OmRu ka bina Shiv nahi ….each and evry words shivaye advicing his brothers really touched my heart….shivaye u r just one of a zillion gem i luve you more more & more….

    B4 tht anika heard her door knock…she took hockey stick and went2open the door and there stands her devars & dewarani…but poor shivaye got hit by anika’s elbow and shivaye hv blue black….

    Bedroom scn was also superb…i know shivaye wont hurt anika…so he said anika is so special so different his khidikhitid anika..who doesnt need anyone help who stand and fight who kept my family together throw water…she adk why r u so good….anika thts shivaye….i luv u shivayeeeeeeeeeee…….u r such a gem…

    Sorry gauri yr plan again tia tia piss hogayi….better luck next time…i dun know what happen to jhanvi..why she hv become so negative ..cant digest this at all….

    Precap…..thangabali kidnapping anika lucky shivaye saw hw dare he ask shivaye to follow?.. when did thangabali started to like anika??? Wht will happen…….ravan kidnap sita but i hope v wont c ramayanam but a new modrn ramji ….

    today emotionalbaaz….
    Dil hua #shivika ishqbaaz…

    1. Banita

      Heyy di,
      I wish that U get someone like Shivaay bhaiya… Me also want to repet d old ramayan…

    2. Hi Pusi..Shivaye ke tarif karte kabhi thakti nahi ho….but i really appriciate your love towards shivaye character Your dil is emotion baaz my dil too and also scarebaaz??

    3. Hi Pu di,
      Shivaay is totally different from other husband’s of any serial so his wife.Both Shivika are lucky to have each other as life partner.

  5. Arpita6

    Forgot to say when rudy asked AGAR HUM YE SAB KARENGE TOH AAP WAPAS AAOGE NA…rulafiya mujhko..once again lee nailed it.

  6. Shivaay is such a gd n romantic hubby……wish i could have like…………..anyway…..anika went with a hockey stick to welcome them!!!!!their expresion was sooooo funny???????really khidkitod anika swag se khidkitod swagat kiya…….????Finally we get to see obro hug…….??????their cooking talk…..jst love it……their emotional speech was tooooooo gd yarrrrr…….??????????n bechar vola vala rudy…….his speech… ap chale aoge????awwwwwww………so much inosence……..???agree with shivaay…..hope that vanvas will finish soon…….n precap:then the clawn will be the lambu veer…..hate him….plsss…..stop this lambuwala track…… SSO ROCK VEER WILL BE SHOCKED????????this fight will be………u r soooooo tall…..n um sooooooo small?????in latest update nakuul called shivika jodi…… (#s*xika)?????????????truley…….damn truth nakuul………..s*xIKA……????……..n tmrw will show trp……so guys…..plssssssssssss…….pray for ib………
    Dil bole oberoi…….

    1. Yes dear..Noks bhaiya shivika ka naya naam banadiya….aab hamara annika khidkitod he toh uska swag bhi toh alag hi hoga…..?

    2. Hello Shanaya,
      Yes I just loved the cooking part and the teasing of OmRu.They were so happy.Najar na lage….

    3. Right .kisiki najar na lag gaye……

  7. Shivika’s journey from namesake’s husband and wife to truly become soulmate of each other is something which is really very beautifully portrayed and realistically presented.Shivaay who was so reluctant to accept Anika as his wife is now so very proud of his imperfect Anika.Anika,who has never ever thought in her wildest dream to become Mrs.SSO,is now ruling the life and heart of Shivaay beyond any suspicion.Their relationship is tested by themselves,family members,circumstances,external force of enemies,Destiny,the list can go on.Apart from those,the main danger that their conjugal life faced was their self forced attitude not to accept that they loved each other and knowingly refusal from both the sides at certain time for NKK.First of all,they had to conquer their self doubt that their relation would fail anytime because of the famous NKK.Love,true selfless love for Anika made Shivaay reconsider his NKK belief rather compelled.The reason is,when heart starts taking decision instead of that personwhom it belongs,one can expect miracles to happen……

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Luthfa dear… Yaar you are rocking… And doing superb work with the words

    2. Awww….Thank you so much Nikita.Love you?

    3. Once again.Wow wow just wow..
      Woh kehete na pyarr bahut kuch karsakta he..isliye toh SSO ke dimag main jo NKK ka bhoot tha woh bhi utar gaya
      This line touched my heart..

    4. Thank you so so so much darling.Love is the ultimate solution of every problem especially heart.Love you?

    5. hai Luthfa..again you rocked it..and the last line is just amazing..keep giving us these kind of beautiful pieces…

    6. Thank you so very much Prabha.I will definitely try.Love you?

  8. Tdy ishqbaaazi is fresh pure promising and interesting as Ramayana has kidnap sahi tho ishqbaaaz has kidnap ahe thangabali is really scared me on precap my god I just felt some strange feeling i hate it ????? omg shivika are goals I think its 25514647484 times shivika are creating goals to us ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤? and them are precious I say wow www my shivaay used his brain for CCTV BT thangabali is watching that tho I damn sure that video will not record anything has this lambhu will do something?????? and omggg lmao omriru entry hahabh shivika I can’t ROFL????? poor shivaay got hurt on his eyes by our kidikitod anika and that expression of rikara how cute?????? I love shivaniomri? Rudy again nailed it Mann leeee ?
    Obros kitchen back yasssssss??????
    Their catch and catch I legit cryed got tears??????my shivomru love u
    Lee is bacha seriously he is me legit I’m crying when he ask Sab karenge tho waapas aayegae na shiv replied this vanwass should end soon aww he is longing to be with them??
    Yassss segment my god
    Shivika rikara hug and rikara kiss??? dead

    1. Hi Meena,
      Awww…Shivika are like that only.Breaking records continuously.ShivOmRu are nothing but three body one soul connected by thread of love.Ravan will be gone.Just wait and watch.

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is a very good episode after a lots of unnecessary drama streching episodes…
    Love the shiomru….. Ahh again a bad precap…don’t like it…
    Love ishqbaaz.. Love pkj..

  10. Nikita_jai29

    I am thinking that when will cvs build rikara pair like shivika… Now rikara kissing scene indicating that the beginning of their beautiful journey of life is started…

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Hope so.We all are waiting for the proper progression of Rikara story.Let’s see what happens.

  11. Good episode.. After long time obro moment..:-) Rudy u nailed it.. Khidki tod Annika welcome was fabulous.. Future episode no idea what gonna happen..
    In ramayan Rama gave agni praiksha and once she got saved from ravan she get pregnant and ppl poison bad about Sita character in Rama mind… no idea what gonna happen in this modern ramayan. No more separation track.. Shivaay please don’t break Annika ‘s trust and don’t point about her character.. Finger grossed.. As shivaay said hope this vanavas track end soon..

    1. Hello Kadhambari,
      I don’t think something like that can or will happen.But I don’t trust cvs at all.TRP is what matter to them always.

    2. Hi Luthfa,
      Me too hope the same.. May in this modern Era ramji trust his wife rather than agni praiksha…

  12. Misha_Mikul

    Hi darlingzzz ..I’ve back after long.. Quite busy!!
    Today is my BIRTHDAY so I wanted to celebrate with y’all as Pkj family is my first love&frendship I’ve earned by ishqbaaaz ?? I need your all’s blessings ❤

    well… It was a lovely episode.. YAASS! A tight slap on your both cheeks those bashed Shivaay yesterday after watched precap ??
    It’s been more than 1 year.. They’ve been watching Shivaay’s transformation but still some people didn’t get it!! ?
    Shivaay had never discouraged Annika then how could people just assume and start bashing him by an incompleted precap!! ?

    Anyway, loved Shivika’s conversation!!

    I felt irritating over Jhanvi.. Tej is already a duffer, stupid, brainless Buffalo.. But How Jhanvi changed just like that ?????
    They don’t deserve to be alive!! Tia too!! Pinky aunty, where are you?

    The way Annika hit Shivaay by elbow ???

    AniRi ?
    Loved Obro moment!! After a long time ??
    Their emotional conversation ????

    Precap – Ravan kidnapped Sita.. Aiyoo pavam!! Now, Even the original Ravan can’t rescue this Tangabali Ravan from our Shiv Ram ??
    Get ready to die ??

    1. Banita

      Many Many Happy Returns of d Day Misha…. May God fulfil ur all wish this year….

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Thank you so much Banita ? sorry for late reply ?

    3. MAHIRA

      Happy birthday dear, many wishes for the best ??????

    4. Misha_Mikul

      Thank you so much babe ? sorry for late reply ?

    5. Many many happy returns of the day Misha….
      Wish you a KHIDKITOD Happy wala birthday..BHAGWAN TUMHARI SAARI MURAD PURI KARO (it means i wish lord will fulfil all your wish)enjoy the day

    6. Misha_Mikul

      Awww.. Thank u so much Arpita ? sorry for late reply ?

    7. Wishing you a very happiest “BIRTHDAY”.May God fulfill all of your wishes and I will especially pray to Him that He grant your soulmate all the qualities(good) of SSO.God bless you.Enjoy the day?☺

    8. Misha_Mikul

      Haha awww.. Thank u so much Luthfa ? sorry for late reply ?

    9. Nikita_jai29

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…… Happy a great and optimism life ahead… Love u dear

    10. Misha_Mikul

      Thank you so much dear.. Love u too ?❤
      Sorry for late reply ?

    11. happy birthday Misha..may god fill your life with whatever you wish for..have a great and successful year ahead dear..

    12. Misha_Mikul

      Thank you so much Prabha ? sorry for late reply ?

  13. Banita

    Heyy PKJ….
    Finally we got d soule of ib after a lng time…
    Ok from starting sence,
    Shivaay consoled Anika. He very well know how to make her mood good…
    He gave her strength by reminding herself to her… Remind her D Khidkitode Anika, Shivaay’s Anika nd d same Anika we all want to see or love to see….
    Shivaay fixed CCTV. It cleared that he belive her nd that is d most important thing “TRUST”… He trust her…
    Phsyco Lambu ( Becz he acts just like Dakhs only) spy on Shivika…
    Anika’s fall down on Swamp , All those attacks to Anika nd now that Phsyco lambu all these r like repets d old stories just in a different way…
    D difference is that time only Daksh was there nd now two villian Phsyco Lambu nd Kali Chudel is here….
    Nd I dont like this repeting things more… They can show some different story yr why d same things..!!!???
    Gouri U should throw sandel to that T for Tia…. Tia nd her never ending over reacting drama…
    I feel more angry on Tejvi then Tia…
    Janhavi – Time is showing truth , all illusion got cleared….
    U r rite Janhavi Time is showing truth , just like U show ur real face to everyone…
    Finally our Omruri came to Shivika…
    Nd our Anika was full ready for Tangtode swagat… Lol…
    When Anika punch on Shivaay’s eye , that time my reaction was also same as Omruri…
    OMG…!!!! Itni jorse laga…
    Awww….. Mere Bhaiya ki bichare Kanji Aankhe….
    Omru tease Shivaay…
    Ru – Aj dadi ka sapna pura ho gaya , wo humesha chahti thi ki ap aamir aur garib ko ek hi nazar main dekho nd aj ap ek hi aankh main dekh rahe hain…. Lol…
    But that time me ,Mere bichare Shivaay bhaiya Amir Garib kya wo toh vegetables , trees , house nd everything ek hi najar main dekh rahe hain…. Hahaha… LOL…
    All these things r HILLARIOUS , specially Shivaay’s eye condition… Hahaha… Can’t stop my laugh…
    After a long time finally got some Obro moment…. For sometime only , but I m Ok with it becz NOTHING IS BETTER THEN SOMETHING….
    Lafzon ka yeh rista nahi song with Obros fbs…. It’s all made me little Emotional…. Yesterday morning only I was listen d song…
    Om – Hum khus nahi hain… U r rite , CVS we all fans r also not happy with separation of Obros…
    Shivaay told about their responsibility for their home , for evryone…
    Rudy – Hum ase karenge toh ap aajayenge….
    I was badly missing this type of Obro moment… Shivaay’s Caring nature , Om’s sensible talk nd Rudy’s Innocence….
    Only two things r missing here that Obros hug nd Dil bole Oberoi moment… Hope we will get it tomarrow….
    Shivaay – Hope yeh vanwas jaldi khatam ho jaye… We also hope this Vanwas will end soon….
    Precap – Scary…

    1. Bani dear..nice comment.
      Hope Cvs will show sita haran in a good way…………

    2. Banita

      Thank U Arpu….
      Nd main teri telythapy nahi ki hain bs wohi boli jo mere saath hota hain…
      Yup Hope soo..

    3. Hi Bani,
      Wow,I must say you and Arpita have some telepathic connection.All the points is described so beautifully.Loved it.Keep writing like that.

    4. Banita

      Yeh may be , I also think same sometimes… BTW Thnk U dr…

  14. Hi Misha
    Wish you very happy Birthday dear
    Enjoy your day and keep smiling

  15. Hii mere pagals…i want to say something
    My exam is coming nearer..then after ecam my 2nd semester study wil start…so i will be not able to reply all of you…
    But you know i love you all sooo much iam only here till15 jan .and i will come after finish exam…But i read all the comments and i love it.
    So keep commenting and keep loving ishqbaazi.
    I will try my best to give reply..but possible nahi hui toh maaf karna..
    Ok byy

    1. Hi Arpita,
      It’s ok darling.Exams come first.Me too will be busy after this short break.Till then let us enjoy.

    2. I want to ask something…..wht is the full meaning of pkj???i cant understand…..

    3. Hi Shanaya… well PKJ ka full form “Pagalon Ka Jhund” hotha hai…

    4. hi Arpu.. its ok ..studies comes first..

  16. Kadhambari,
    This “Aagnipariksha” is something which is not bound to only Ramayana.We girls always have to prove our purity of our character no matter what.Because society question us not the otherwise.It considers us guilty and blindly accuses without hearing the part of our story.We live in such society that where one girl is tested by her character if anything bad happens that includes male member.We know someone that she can’t do such thing or breach the boundary or violates the morality of her limit but society believes this accepted truth that if a girl is out there with a boy after being in a scared relationship,she is a gone case.It applies for unmarried girls also.This society always gives males the benefit of doubt whether he is the culprit or not.But very unfortunately that is not the previlage of us girls.

    1. ????love it n u r right…..we girls always have to prove our purity………bt when a male does something wrong….then the grt socity say….it happens sometime not to worry…..we will manage this.CURSE ON THEM…… it is the time to prove ourselves……???

    2. Shanaya,
      Because of society we girls always suffer without doing any mistake almost all the time.In Ramayana Ram killed Raavan and avenged on behalf of goodness.As far as I understand Raavan is the symbol of greed,evil etc.It was supposed to get over on his death but that didn’t happen.Ram managed to kill Raavan but not those who questioned Sita and her character.That proves Raavan couldn’t die and we kept him alive in our heart till date.That mostly powerful monster of all evil still harassing and disrespecting Sita and we are so blind to see those.Because Society is not against Raavan but Sita in this modern Ramayan in every corner of this world.

  17. Ur logic is soooooooooo gd…….go on luthfa……..??? i never cant do this… may be sometime…..u all guys give such a looooooong cmnt… guys u manage it???for me…..that’s impossible…..u all can describe something so beautifully.i will also try…….?

  18. Hehehe….Logic and me?I don’t follow logic to the T.I am emotional by nature and emotion is my forte.But I do prefer logic for certain things.Brain is the mother of logic and Heart is for emotion.I like thinking and accepting anything most of the times considering emotion.Because heart never fails to guide in the right way where logic fails to provide it at least for me.For me it will be always emotion and I have no regret if I fail or win in order to follow my heart….Thank you and if you try you can write long comment.If your heart wish so,then I think you will do it for sure one-day or the other.All the best.God bless you.

    1. Thank u…….i will try my best.

  19. Shekhar

    After going through many worrying comments all around, it is worth to look back few epis.

    SSO had consumed a lot distance while transforming from SSO to SHIVAAY, and had took lot over his ages old beliefs, and where a stood a while ago

    1. Shekhar

      ……….he never trusted any one , that is even after put her under forced marriage, he got continued with allegated, doubted over her character. He, each time had to step back with lot of guilt and self appraisal of his old ages belief. After went through his self laid redemption for his such weird reaction & action, now where we found him, from that point SHIVAAY just can not react in the way we afraiding of, and even though it happens, then believe, IB has been ended in last July and now what ever we are seeing is the deformed version of old IB , with different CVS & MAKERS along with different story writers. In current story line we have already lost BOLD ANNIKA and SHIVAAY acting and expressing naturally, and SC & NM is performing now leaving away all their talent far back.

      The way SC and NM are acting now , it’s far far away from their natural talent they used for a long run of 300 +epis, and in last phase I feel their talent is breathing high . They were best while HATE WHILE LOVING, LOVE WHILE HATING , but WORST in this phase of LOVE ALL THE WHILE.

      Unnecessary stunt how spoil a good story , then this phase of IB is the best example. SCARE of finance forced CVS to end each stunt randomly without leaving any good effect on audience. 2 Rs. Movie may have good stunt scent than these all unnecessary stunt which reflect only one thing, THEY ARE SCARED OF MONEY!

    2. Shekhar bhaiya,
      How I wish IB brings some interesting track which is after your heart so that you can be happy and bless us with beautiful analysis without being sarcastic and high in criticizing mood.But this seems to be some kind of distant dream to me after going through your comment.Anyway,humans and their expectations will always vary.Can’t help it.And everyone here is not exception.

    3. Shekhar

      I have praised CVS at whole sale rate when you were not active. LOVE is not blind only for that between BOY & GAL, but for our LOVE for serial, movie etc. As we are not paid entities to describe all those qualities which CVS does not possess, we must see on the other side of boundary laid around. It is not emotions only, it is sequences of other matters too ! Look at, to get his land vacant, how SSO ( NOT SHIVAAY) entered with bang, and how all goons were being found on their ALL FOUR in a blink; this shows, they just can’t afford STUNT DIRECTOR, other wise TAI, TAI FIS of that stunt could have been stopped! That type of cheap stunt we can nor get in a cheapest movie even! Now tell me, how one can admire or praise such types of stunts! You leave the mental and virtual fight track, and adopted real fight, ok!, but then make stunt scene meaning full, why such base less stunt scene! But, infact , of they just can’t afford expensive stunt, they should stick to old virtual fight track which were based only on talents of actor/actress! People looking for better when he goes on, but these CVS are getting SO SO, BAD, MORE BAD & WORST while going on! It seems their journey started from BEST to WORST;????

  20. Hiiioi everyone

    I’m so sorry for not commenting ??? lemme explain why I couldn’t come so when I got back home the WiFi stopped working and I never have data so I had to wait then yesterday when I was busy watching big boss at like half nine my dstv got cut coz we forgot to pay ???????? imagine just half an hour to go till ishqbaaz and I couldn’t watch on tv so i hadta watch online

    I’m really sorry for not replying to you’ll comments ??

    The episode was really awesome after sooo long we got to see obros together ????

    Shivika ??????

    The way Anika went with the hockey stick and om gauri and rudra expressions ??????even went anika mistakenly hit shivaay

    @misha Happy bday hope you have an amazing awesome day may all your wishes be fulfilled and hope you attain all the success in life ??????

    Take care ??

    1. Hi Omu,how are you?
      I was missing you and you commented.So sweet of you.It’s ok.Happens sometimes.Take care.Love you?

  21. well..i am still in shivaay’s hangover…man how can you be soo like this..i love you to the power of infinity.. nahi nahi usse bhi zyada..bohath zyada..aur annika di you are soo lucky to get this man par he is also lucky to have you in his life .. warna yeh wahi akdu rehgaya hoga*tab bhi mein iss se pyaar karoongi*.. loved the way how annika di ne omriru ka swag se swagat kiya..par bichara billu ,usski aankh ka toh tie tie phis ho gayi hai *tab bhi cute lag raha hai*..and the most awaited obro moment iss baar virtually nahi real mein…aaaa how i missed it..ek doosre ki tang kichayi actually billu ki precisely..aur woh pakdum pakdayi..and the hug and rudra’s innocent question ‘ will you come back if we do this’ aww rudy boy are cute and emotional and i love you..precap..fhat the wuck..Mr.VPC agar appko weights uthana hai tho mere ghar mein bohath saare cylinders hai aake uthalena meri annika di ko kyun utha rahe ho…vaid saanp kahinka..cant guess aage kya hoga.. par mujhe yeh Mr.VPC in clown bohath daravni lag raha hai..waise bhi for me clowns are creepy..and this one is more creepy..

    1. Oh Prabha,you just made me laugh wholeheartedly.Thank you so very much.Keep commenting like that.Love you a lot?

    2. oh!!i am so glad that i made you you too yaar..

  22. Dear Banita, you described the episode so eloquently….?
    Loved, Loved and loved todays episode…from start to finish was great.

    Shivika….love you guys more and more everyday. They portray their love, trust and respect for each other so naturally and perfectly. ?

    Appreciated Shivay bhaiya providing support and strength to Anika.
    He reassured her that he loves her just the way she is and that’s how we want our Anika. To avoid her from stressing, he did not act concerned initially which now thank God makes us understand his lukewarm response.?
    Thanks cvs for again reminding us he is the shrewd, smart SSO with brains and good looks.

    Loved Obro moments…made us reflect back to good old days btw the brothers. Shivays love and care towards his bros, Oms need for Shiv, Rudys innocence and love…OMG so emotional but in a good way . Hope its not long before they are all united.??

    Damn Gauris Tia exposure backfired but never mind, Im sure she will eventually succeed.plz cvs end Tia drama, shes so annoying.

    Really despise Tejvi now. Makes me wonder if Pinki was right all along..they never loved Shivay only cared for the comfort he provided for them.

    Precap- ? so scary. We will have this hanging over new years celebration..not fair cvs. With Surbhi on vacation, wonder how long will we suffer?

    1. Banita

      Thank U Zara dr…
      Agree with U dr , Tejvi never love Shivaay…. Janhavi’s reactions is more shocking for me then Tej…

  23. Shekhar bhaiya,
    I can understand that you don’t like the garbar of cvs that they served you in the name of stunt or story but which serial don’t show what you mentioned like that?Those thing the way you are expecting will be available in a rare quantity in any serial be it GK or EK.But I want to request you something,you have enmity with CVS,we are not included in it.Because of them don’t deprive us from your analysis and unique explanation of anything.Is it a fair deal to you?I am overlooking some facts because I love IB as an entertainment source.My love for IB is making me do so.Anyway,it’s entirely up to you whether you will watch it or not and provide us with analysis or reviews.I am not forcing you not I can.Take care.

  24. Shekhar bhaiya,
    I can understand you don’t like the garbar that cvs served you as stunt or story like you mentioned but which serial show that the way you described?It’s a very rear thing showing like that in any serial.We are watching serials not movies of any renowned director so that we can expect our expected thing in action like the way we used to.Be it GK or EK.But I want to tell you something.You have enmity with CVS,we are not included in it right?Then why are you depriving us with your analysis because of them?Is it fair to you?I love IB as a source of entertainment and my love for it making me overlook some facts which I know I shouldn’t.Anyway,it’s entirely up to you whether you will watch it or not and provide us with analysis or reviews.I am not forcing you nor I can.Take care.

    1. Shekhar

      Who told you, I have ENMITY with CVS? Is it your wild and random guess yaa INFO?

      If it is your wild guess, than it is wrong, and if it is INFO, then it must be from my ENIMY!!! ha ha ha ………….( MUST BE ANY CVS)

      Don’t get angry, it happens while we have different opinion over the same matter. As i said earlier, I showered praise in lot when you were not around, and now when I am against CRAP then you are seeking my enmity! What the kind of thinking you may have over crap plot story, I simply differ, I have no enmity with anyone here or CVS, and if you do not like my views, then please say me anything, but don’t issue the lebel like ENMITY . No one is here either to deprive you or any one from anything . As me, no one is here to pamper any ENMITY with anyone. So far as DEPRIVING FROM ANALYSIS is concern, when the man ride over the ILLOGICAL ways, nothing can be anaylised, predicted. Suppose , When if I decide , I WILL OPPOSE YOU , WHAT EVER THE MATTER, you will never get me supporting you, even if you are being right in all the way, cause I am supposed to oppose you , this way or that way.

      I have my own view, and until today I keep continue with it . If you are not BIASED, then I am also not the ENIMY of any one.

      Any way, I used to go through all the comment of few selected people, and you are one of them, and i found myself differing from your many views, but simply you are not my ENIMY!, then how I ( SHEKHAR )can be ENIMY of anyone? CRITICs and SARCASM are the best friends for all those who see any possibility to be BETTER! We are here to have something good , and if not , then we must point out , and if in the process, if they believe us their ENIMY, then let them believe!

    2. Shekhar

      A request from this POOR & WEAK SHEKHAR, please review my comment under my comment so I can get you soon as soon as you REPLY me! Otherwise you may blame, SHEKHAR is not replying soon me out of ANMITY WITH ME!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. Shekhar

      read AMITY as ENMITY

  25. Shekhar bhaiya,
    I can understand you don’t like the garbar that cvs served you as stunt or story like you mentioned but which serial show that the way you described?It’s a very rear thing showing like that in any serial.We are watching serials not movies of any renowned director so that we can expect our expected thing in action like the way we used to.Be it GK or EK.But I want to tell you something.You have enmity with CVS,we are not included in it right?Then why are you depriving us with your analysis because of them?Is it fair to you?I love IB as a source of entertainment and my love for it making me overlook some facts which I know I shouldn’t.Anyway,it’s entirely up to you whether you will watch it or not and provide us with analysis or reviews.I am not forcing you nor I can.Take care…

  26. OMM!!! Hehehe….Seriously sometimes I don’t understand why this particular problem select my comment to attack!Got posted draft and original at the same time.I just hope Shekhar bhaiya notice my comment and read.My work will be done.TU,kindly help.

  27. I think the writer and the director are impotent. Annika is in full mood for romance but Shivaay sleeps. Hw disgusting is that.

  28. Shekhar bhaiya,
    First of all,why are you peppering me with this word Enmity?I used that only to show the intensity the crapness you write again and again.I am not supporting any CPAP here.I just overlook those loopholes for the sake of entertainment.This is my choice.As individuals we are differing on certain things that doesn’t mean you will label it as personal issue.Choice will vary because of that only.As for depriving about analysis,I wrote that being a fan of you.It’s not mandatory for you to entertain me.As far as reply concern,I always reply below one’s comment but network makes it otherwise.And thank you so much for let me know that you read some selected person’s comments.Thank you once again.

  29. intensity of the crapness…

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