Ishqbaaz 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh returns to seek revenge

Ishqbaaz 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye wakes up and thinks of Anika’s words. He sees her sleeping. He thinks how did I fall weak in front of her, what will she think about me. She wakes up and calls him out. He goes. She says didn’t he listen to me, or didn’t he answer me deliberately. Nikhil packs his bag. Daksh comes and says you are so busy, you aren’t answering my calls, you are packing, where are you going. Nikhil says I m going for some work. Daksh says you were supposed to marry Anika today. Nikhil says she called it off, I m getting late, I will miss my flight, I have to go. Daksh says I think you are running away, what’s in this bag. Nikhil says just clothes. Daksh checks and gets cash. He asks how did you get so much cash. Nikhil says Shivaye had given it to me for marriage expenses and asked me to buy a house for Anika, the marriage didn’t happen. Daksh says so you are running away with cash so that Shivaye doesn’t take back the cash, right. Nikhil says yes, I m not interested in marrying Anika now, my work is done. Daksh pushes him and says your work is done, but mine isn’t, I won’t be able to seek revenge till Anika leaves from Shivaye’s life, I want Anika by all means. Nikhil says do as you like but let me go. Daksh hits him to the wall. Nikhil faints.

Shivaye takes breakfast. Anika comes and says I want to talk to you. Shivaye says I m going to office, ask Om to reach office. Jhanvi asks him to have breakfast. He says I m getting late. He goes. Jhanvi says he is always in a hurry, he values work over everything. Anika says why is Shivaye not talking to me. Daksh says yay, Nikhil got conscious. Nikhil says look Daksh, you can seek revenge on Shivaye and Anika if you want to, do as you like, let me go. Daksh says fine, but I have a condition, you will have to do my work, call Anika. Nikhil calls Anika and says I want to talk to you, can you come to meet me. She says there is no relation between us. He says one last time, its something imp, it may bring a difference in Shivaye and your relation, I m sending you an address, reach there soon. Daksh says good job…. and smiles.

Anika says what did Nikhil want to tell me, I have to tell Shivaye. Shivaye leaves in his car. She says listen to me, I need to talk. He sees her in the mirror and says don’t look back, don’t fall weak. Anika calls him. He doesn’t answer. He says I know its tough but I have to do this, else Anika will suffer in this forced marriage all her life. Anika says why isn’t he answering, shall I go to meet Nikhil or wait for Shivaye’s return. She recalls Nikhil’s words and says he said the matter can affect Shivaye and my relation, I think I should go. Shivaye recalls Anika. He stops the car and says why can’t I forget her sad face, why was she following me, what was she trying to say, I can’t leave her upset, I can’t ignore her. She leaves in an auto.

He comes home and calls her out. He asks Priyanka did you see Anika. She says no, try calling her. He says her phone is unreachable, I will go to room and check. He comes to room and says where can she go. Jhanvi says you came back soon. He asks did you see Anika. She says she went after you left, is there any problem. He says no, I just had to talk to her, where did she go. Anika comes to some place and sees a tall building. She thinks why did Nikhil call me so far to this place near the airport, 30th floor…. Shivaye asks Gauri did you know where is Anika. Gauri says no, I just came home, what’s the matter. He says I wanted to talk to her, if you meet her, tell her that I have to talk to her. She says fine. Anika comes to the office area and calls out Nikhil.

She says maybe I have come at wrong address, I will call Nikhil, I will check, its same address. She sees out of the window and says I will get dizzy looking out, its such a tall building, how do people stay here. She gets leaving. Daksh says I swear to Lord, its a surprise….. She gets shocked seeing him and says you here… He says Nikhil called you on my saying, he is my aide, he is playing from my side, you didn’t get happy seeing me, you forgot me, I told you I would come back, see I m back to seek revenge, you have troubled me a lot, but its my turn now, you got saved that day, you won’t get saved today. She runs out and tries the lift. He runs after her. Shivaye says where could she go. He calls Anika. He gets her mangalsutra and recalls her words. He says why am I feeling restless, her absence is affecting me, she maybe in some trouble. Daksh says I swear to Lord, the more you run, the more you will suffer and die. Anika runs away. Shivaye calls her again. She answers Shivaye’s call and says Shivaye…. He asks are you okay. She says he is after me.

She bumps into pillar and falls down. He asks what’s this sound, are you fine, do you hear me. She tries to get her phone. Daksh comes there. She sees Daksh and shouts no. She runs. Daksh says you can’t run away, you have to die, only then my revenge on you and Shivaye will be fulfilled. Shivaye gets shocked and says Daksh….. I won’t let anything happen to you Anika, I m coming to you. He leaves. Daksh follows Anika and shuts the room. He says if you are assuming that you can run away, you are wring, you are wasting our time, just come out, I will just kill you, if I get angry, then I will torture and kill you. She hides and cries. Shivaye asks commissioner to listen to him, the place is near the airport. Commissioner says don’t worry, I m assigning my best officer for this task, Bhavya will contact you. Bhavya nods. Commissioner says this case is very imp for us, handle it nicely. She says sure. Daksh says you will be in trouble if I find you, be a good girl and come out quickly. Anika’s dupatta gets stuck. Shivaye says I m coming to you. She tries to free her dupatta and worries. Daksh looks for her.

Daksh says even Lord can’t save you today. Anika shouts Shivaye. Bhavya says Anika’s mobile connection is lost, we are not able to track exact location. Shivaye says I don’t care, I have to find Anika at any cost, reach there with entire police force and begin the search operation. He says I will do anything in finding my Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Starting scene was nycc… Shivay sleapt on Anika’s lap…
    CVS I wanted a Guilty Singh Oberoi not a Idiot Singh Oberoi… GSO toh kabhi mila nahi but yeh ek ISO jarur mil gaya…
    Seriously always Anika ki khusi Anika ki khusi bol raha hain , but didn’t understand that He himself is Anika’s khusi… When Anika clearly told him that her happiness is with him…
    Chalo finally banda admited that “farak padta hain”…
    Okk no doubt Daksh again nailed his pshyco wala part… He again did a fabulous job today…. Not to forget Anika also did an Superbb job in her part… Hatss of u both…!!!
    But there is many more Anika – Daksh stores for us… Nd i m looking forward for it… Nd exciting also…
    Now anyone here want redux verison of Shivika’s powerfull aansu scene…!!!??
    Well mujhe toh nahi chahiye… I want something else , something difference this time…
    Precap –
    I didn’t understand what’s d need of Bhavya now jbki at d end toh Shivay hi Anika ko bachayega… But i m waiting for Rudy…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita congrats for being number 1. Very nice analysis dear but yes i don’t understand why bhavya is in the picture now. You mean normal male officer can’t handle it is it? In the end it will be Shivaay who is going to save Anika and not bhavya.

    2. Banita

      Thank U diii…
      Di i mean what’s d need of police officer in it becz at d end toh Shivay will save Anika only na…
      They can put any other story for entry of Bhavya with Rudy…!!
      Nd dii i think in upcoming muder mystery Bhavya will be a main part of it to solve it as a police officer…
      Lets see what will cvs stores for us…

    3. Luthfa

      Go Banita Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Shivaay is continuously repeating “I want Anika’s happiness” and this is now irritating me.Hope after Daksh’s wrap up we will not see anymore of Anika’s happiness statement,by Shivaay.

    4. Luthfa

      I don’t think that your wish will be fulfilled Bani.Shivaay’s magical tear drop is the emergency elixir of Anika’s life!Still let’s see what happens.Take care?

    5. Luthfa

      Forgot to add the most important thing Bani.Hospital,doctors and NDE can’t happen in IB.For Anika it is Shivaay and for other it is OM and house-doctors for everything??????

    6. Banita

      Thank U @Lu…
      Yeh i m also irritate with that line… Hope so… May be Shivay realise what is Anika’s real happiness soon…
      But yrr sacchi mein i dont want magical tear in this redux also…
      Sahi hain… Hahaha…
      Abhi toh goli lagega toh hi hospital jayenge…

    7. I guess this is how they’re going to connect her with Rudy, when he comes to noe that she helped in saving his bhabhi definitely they will have a moment

  2. Hai my ib famiy…iso Dvis again back with bangggg n this tym I think it’s better than pehle wala psycho daksh,jisne hamari Anika ko Pani mein dubadiya that????well cud see SSO ko bhtzyada fark lpad rahaa hai….n SSO looked damn cute when he woke up from sleep…so by this week daksh chapter vl b over???but vl miss him very much….does anyone know has KJ went on leave…??finally Bhavya is back…where is my Rudy noww??waiting for next episode…gud nyttt

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shana,
      Well,to tell the truth Daksh is perfect in his Anika torturing act and he aces on it.He is my favourite villain in Shivika’s love story.Don’t know dear whether KJ has gone for vacation or not.But now with Bhavya’s entry,Rudra will be needed.Hope he joined soon.I am missing him.Take care?

  3. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, wow today’s episode was spine chilling episode. At some parts I was so worried for Anika that Daksh will capture her especially running down and up the stairs. Daksh is really a psycho. Shivaay feeling guilty after sleeping on her lap is very normal. I knew that is how the story will go. He keeps repeating that he is not good for her. Either he is this extreme or the other extreme. Finally he says in precap that I will not let anything happen to my Anika. I am waiting for tomorrow for him to slam Daksh very badly. Daksh needs to be arrested.

    Look at how worried Shivaay so he cares. He is feeling for Anika seeing her sad face rhat he has to return for her only to see her gone. His heart broke when he saw the mangalsutra and thought she really went for good and not coming back, Suddenly he feels so restless realizing Anika is in trouble.

    Tomorrow will be really nice to watch.

    Hello to Banita Arpu dear Luthfa dear Jeevi dear Shiny Ishita Sneha Tanis Pushpa Kadhambari NSK Shivya Beauty Jessie and many more others. Hope all will have a good and bright and cheery day.

    1. Hello sindhudi… ??.tq.. U r right… I won’t let anything hpn to my annika.. Was super.. At last he said my annika.. Gd..
      Take care… Buy

    2. Hi Jessie thanks dear and yes it is shivaay’s Anika. He will not allow Daksh to touch his Wife.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Shivaay needs to be firm on his decision that what he wants actually.I know being indecisive is a trait of modern world but this will lead him nowhere.Now Nihkil is cancelled and he will get to know it soon.After that I am expecting Shivaay would accept Anika and their relation.

    4. Luthfa

      And di,why are you not setting any dp for your TU account?Plz upload a beautiful pic.Take care?

  4. Luthfa

    I just don’t understand why Men folks of our society love to pretend and show like they can’t fall weak and feel helpless especially in front of a girl?Is it because this is against the masculine mentality or what?They are also human so they also possess human emotions and have all the right to express those whenever it is necessary.Some terms pop up like Moon is called feminine entity,Sun represents He,Earth is mother figure,Ship falls into female category and so on.Going by these it looks like Weakness has its own background and it belongs to the girl’s emotion list.And perhaps this is true to a great extent.Otherwise they do express the feeling of weakness while facing something that leads to it.In our society,emotions are also divided into girl to guy group.We are girls so it’s very normal for us to cry over sensitive issues but guy’s can’t even try that till absolutely extreme level.This is common thinking because man represents raw power,physical strength,stable nerve etc.But we girls also possess those and the irony is,this society never takes any notice.Those abstract qualities can only be found in a man,it believes.This is all about image which is most important for any living being.If men would show some weakness at certain point,it won’t go against this image rather it would be considered a very normal human act.The way Shivaay got all tensed up seeing his vulnerable side,confirms that he can’t afford to be weak by any means and he has his own reason.But what’s harm in it?It’s true that men feel really low to show it to other.Our society in the fear of breaching it’s own sweet rules,would not let any man to shed tears publicly or agree on showing weakness.And almost everyone is happy and okay with this rule because why to fear when we girls are here to fill the quota of crying,feeling vulnerable or showing weakness?And we would do it on be half of our men as well till the end.So basically they don’t need it at all and matter is solved easily.Great!

    1. Luthfa dear men always want to portray masculinity but females don’t mind having public display of emotions like hugging and consoling one another. So men are strong and they assume they are so they never admit it because they have the greatest ego. Shivaay thinks by repeating himself that he is not good for her and also his parents where his Father had a Mistress so he thinks his past is really bad and he does not want someone like Anika who is such wonderful woman deserves him. He feels she deserves someone better but in actual fact that is only his feeling but Anika feels otherwise. So Shivaay fails to understand that he is presuming by staying away from Anika he is returning her happiness but he causing more pain for Anika and he is causing worse pain for himself. He is torturing and punishing himself for what he did to her. Thanks for your beautiful analysis that made me write more along with you. Nice sayings of your dear Luthfa. Lots of love ? my dearie. Thanks for evoking my emotions within me to write about shivika.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I agree with you completely.Every emotions has its name for girl’s only.Perhaps boys only show emotions freely and fully when their girlfriend ditched them or they become heartbroken on receiving betrayal,refusal in love!

    3. Luthfa

      Anyway,they represent power and strength so they need to act strong and rock-solid for almost everything.About Shivaay,you and me in fact everyone is tired of his words-Anika’s happiness.He should move on right now.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love di.And it’s my greatest pleasure that you are taking up my writing.Love you di?

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Episode was OK. Really feeling sad for shivay. They say tht ” What ever parents have done even it’s good r bad it effects their children ” it perfectly suit for shivay becoz of his parents ( sply father’s) mistake he is one who is suffering now even though he has nt committed anything. But he is living r feeling as if he had done any crime. Running from they loved once. Being insulted from they own family one.
    Dakash want u kill u and do OMM of ur. But i know tht shivay will do tht.
    Soo happy tht finally shivay realised tht farak parta ………
    Nooooooo Anda is back…….. From now I must spear her……… Sry if any got hurt by calling her anda……
    Sindhu akka plz check ur account i think there is some problem r error because ur tu page is nt opening. Plz check it once. Love you. Tc
    Good night guys.

    1. Oh really Jeevi. I thought it was ok. Oh I see no wonder I sent messages to you all there and none was displayed. Oh no not again!!! This TU site can be sometimes irritating.

      Anyway nice analysis dear jeevi. Yes what parents have done directly reflects on children. Isn’t it sad? All these nightmares and he is handling himself. Now that Anika is there she will help him and be a faith strengthening effect on Shivaay.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      You are absolutely right.Parents are the future builder of their children and if anything goes wrong,no-one but children suffer without doing any mistakes.Daksh’s ending is nearing.Bhavya is here already now waiting for Rudra.And it’s okay dear.I can understand your feelings regarding Bhavya.Take care?

  6. Luthfa

    Today episode update has come late.It happened yesterday as well.Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri de?????????????????????????

    1. Luthfa


  7. Hi guys…2day epi was gd… Happy to c shivaay on annika’s lap.. Sleeping peacefully.. From here he should knw tat SSO will get the peace by annika only… ??
    The sadness when SSO line didn’t reach to anni… N he felt farak parta… Looks like SSO literally coming out from his own fence.. ?
    In coming epi I hope shivaay will realise tat he truly love annika… ❤️?❤️
    Eagerly wait for coming epi… Bye guys… Gd nite..

    1. Yes Jessie you are right. Shivaay looked peaceful sleeping on anika’s lap. The he felt guilty. Can’t understand him. Very complicated man he is. Only anika can give him the sole comfort.

    2. Luthfa

      Better Shivaay comes out of his guilt zone and starts everything on a fresh note.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  8. Nice epiode
    Daksh and surbhi di nailed it
    Finally SSO accepted that farak padta hai

    1. Yes Mona I agree daksh nailed his part as psycho. He is the right person for that role and Surbi with her fear and emotions oh my wonderful.

  9. Nice episode
    Surbhi and daksh nailed it
    Finally SSO accepted ki Fark padta hai
    Loved the episode

    1. Luthfa

      Yes dear?

  10. Wese saare serials me ho Kya raha hai. Bas sad part dikha rahe hai. Kulfi ko uska dad ni mil raha, kartik naira khush ni hai alag hokar, Mariam or uske family ka bhi rokr bura haal hai etc. Ab ishqbaaz me thriller track aane hai mtlb Nancy’s dead body. God, aug-sep sabke bure Deen chal rahe. Mere bhi chal rahe ? Kal pta ni Kya hone Wala hai. Kya Shivaay confess karega ki use fark pdta hai? Tb tk khush rahiye, haste rahiye, dekhte rahiye Ishqbaaz!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hahaha….Let’s see?

  11. Hi guys can anyone tell me what’s going on in ishqbaaz, I haven’t watched any episodes since June when Anika and shivayee did not know each other and met again. Are we ever going to go back to the reality?

    1. Luthfa

      A lot is happening and going on IB dear.Can’t give you detail.You have to watch for yourself?

  12. Hi pkjs
    The episode was really good now shivaay wil realize his feelings for Anika….. And apart frim that dash really acted well…. Gotta see today’s episode … ACP bhavya pratap rathod is in….

    1. Luthfa

      Hurry up?

  13. Riana

    Hi pkjs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    One thing i simply hated in this episode that why the hell anika is miserably shouting for shivaay !! I mean why this is happening where a girl needs boy’s help… no no i will be extremely happy if shivaay comes like a saviour and saves ani but this time they should have did something better… Dont anika know how to slap daksh or kick him or beat him then why all this miserabilty “SHIVAAY MUJHE BACHAIYE” like whhhhat !!!…Everything was good yaa but this was unacceptable for me !!!… Even anika could bite daksh and ran away instead of hiding or screaming for shivaay !!! ??… Disappointed !!!…

  14. Riana

    Did shivaay ever said “Anika mujhe bachao”… Imagine the scene guyz where shivaay is shouting for anika to save himself from daksh or anybody’s hands !!… It will be so weird and unimaginable !!!… ???… But here cvs is showing very well that girl can become goddess during any tough situtation or during saving her husband or in laws but cant do anything when she herself is been kidnapped !!!… Really sad in 2018 also we are at this stage of thinking !!! ??

    1. Yes riana. I am also thinking that there is no escape for Anika. She is locked in this room. Daksh is there. No one can get the location. Bhavya has failed in tracing. It is such a high building and anika is afraid of heights so how I’ll our sensoneter Shivaay locate Anika I wonder. Well we will know tonight. Nice analysis dear

    2. Riana

      @Sindhu.. That is really baseless sindhu… I dont get all these things… Net cannot trace anika… Google maps cant cops cant but shivaay only can… ???… Superhero… Yeah waiting for today’s episode…

    3. Luthfa

      Serials are ruled by TRP aunties and they are fond of such things.All those helplessness of the FL are the bait to catch TRP through them.And it’s better if one doesn’t look for logic in serials.Not only IB but every other serial is showing such incidents following the traditions.What can we do?

  15. Laya

    Duh everyone, loves a damsel in distress …
    Like if you want to be saved you have to be either act dead and make a whole plan with your hubby or turn to a goddess with a trident …..
    I seriously miss the old ishqbaaz the one where SHIVOMRU mattred not their pairs hwen it was about the for long myth that the young generation can’t stand through hurdles , when it’s was about money,power,status,bromance,ego and family but then it went to a whole new different meaning like they were giving pairs to brother like : ” you deserve a chocolate you deserve a chocolate , everyone deserves a chocolate” (I’m low-key starving) then bam social issues this sh**ty redux alas I’m never getting back ISHQBAAZ where it wasn’t farak padtha but it’s was ” the bell sound ” and don’t @ me with then you don’t have to watch it …I’m just saying show is lost it’s directions it’s something way different then I wanted it to be but aeh who cares I’m still going to watch it enjoy it just not like back in the days….. Also you may not know me I’m this show longest silent member ( been here since the start just not active at all ) I remember some people like mukta , magic , and luthfa …. Anyways yah what you said “Raina” makes sense ….

    1. Luthfa

      Welcome to PKJ?

    2. Laya

      Yah thanks ?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    The start of week is good.. Eagerly waiting for the mysterious track…..

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