Ishqbaaz 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika re-unite

Ishqbaaz 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky asks Shivaye to listen to him. He leaves out. She shouts Shivaye. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and asks will you marry me Anika. Ragini looks on. Ishq hai aansun…..plays….. Some time before, Pinky asks what decision, why is he asking you to think again. Shivaye says nothing much, I m naming my stocks, equities and properties to Anika. Pinky gets shocked and asks are you mad. Shivaye signs papers and sends the lawyer.

He says Anika this is for you, my everything is yours now, you did a lot for me, don’t refuse please. Pinky asks will you give your life’s hardwork to this cheap girl. Shivaye says Anika has done a lot for me. She says no way, I have made you what you are, will this girl take everything, its all just mine, I will not let this girl take anything. She tears papers. He says you don’t know what she did, she protected me, even after knowing my blood and family truth. Pinky asks what truth, its all a lie, there is no truth, I lied to Anika to get you rid of her, I lied to her that you are not my child, you are Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child.

Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Anika recalls Pinky’s words. Anika asks was all this a lie. Pinky says yes, what will you do, I lied to make you away from my son’s life, you are not suitable for him, I had to tolerate you when he got you home, he got shot for you, I was just seeing, then I decided to not share his life with you, so I decided to throw you out of this house, so I joined hands with Kamini.

Anika asks Mahi? Pinky says Kamini got him from roads, his face was similar to Shivaye, she thought she will get much by training him like Shivaye, she lied to Mahi that he is Shivaye’s twin brother to make him Oberoi’s single owner, did you think it was Kamini’s plan to send Mahi here and kidnap Shivaye, so it was our planning. They all get shocked. Shivaye says she wanted money and I wanted to get rid of you, we made this plan to make you believe Mahi is Shivaye’s twin brother, we changed that DNA reports, I thought you went forever, you came back and this time my son was naming entire property to you.

She cries and asks Shivaye to see how much low she had to fall to make Anika away, even then he is saying Anika did much for him, I did this for you. He asks Maa, you made this beautiful word a filthy word now, Dadi used to say even if every son is not Ram, every mum is Kaushalya, you proved my Dadi wrong, you did this in your hatred and proved me an illegitimate, you said I m son of some mistress. He cries. Omru hold him. Shivaye says this woman, my Maa…. he told Anika that I m not her son, I m illegitimate. Pinky says I did this for you, this girl is not suitable for you. Dadi slaps Pinky and scolds her for crossing limits. Dadi says you have insulted your womb, you could have trusted your blood, upbringing, your son, if he became Anika’s husband, how did he not be your son. Shakti says I regret and I m ashamed that Pinky did this, mum bears all tortures of world for son, but you….

Rudra says everyone has seen Shivaye’s state after Anika left, you didn’t care. Om says you cared for world, but not your son. Pinky shouts shut up, they are provoking you, you know Shivaye, I did this for you, I can never accept this cheap girl as my bahu. Shivaye says you didn’t do this for me, you did this for you, stay away, or you be here, you said whatever I m is because of you, you have taught me to value name, blood and family, every relation is a deal, you kept a mum’s relation as a deal, you are Shivaye’s mum, you didn’t get happy of it, you were happy to be Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s mum, I was a wet soil, you have sown this ego in me, what did you make me, I would have lost Anika, my brother Om stood by me, he has taken the illegitimate blame on me, Tej and Jhanvi stayed quiet, many fingers raised on them because of this truth, but they stayed quiet, I thought I m a great wall protecting my family, but no, they were silently protecting them.

Shivaye apologizes to Anika and says you had to tolerate all this because of my mum, I can’t meet your eyes, I told you to tell me truth, but you didn’t tell me, you have tolerated my tadi, anger and hatred, even then you didn’t tell me fearing I will break, you have broken down, don’t be so nice, I don’t deserve. Pinky asks are you praising her in front of me, I did this for you, this cheap Anika…… Shivaye angrily scolds Pinky saying I will not hear a word against Anika. She says your mum….. He says which mum, you are Pinky Singh Oberoi, you keep the surname and status, you can be Shakti’s wife and their aunt, but not my mum. He tells everyone that this woman is not my mum. He angrily leaves from the house, while Pinky cries shouting Shivaye.

Anika tries calling Shivaye. She gets Shivaye’s call. She asks are you fine. He says yes Anika…. She recalls old moment. She asks him not to say anything, she has understood what he wants to say. He ends call. He sees Anika and asks how did you know I m here. She says like you always know I m around you, no need to say anything, your kanji eyes told everything, you did a lot for me. He says you did everything, but not anger. She says its not your mistake alone, I should have spoke to you. He says yes, we can handle everything together.

She says I m sorry Shivaye. He says promise me, we will never hide truth from each other, and face all problems together. She nods. He says stop crying and wipes her tears. He stops her and says don’t go away. O jaana….plays…. They see the moon and hold each other. Their old moments are seen. They hug. Some flashes light on them. They get shocked seeing Ragini. She asks did you think I will leave from your life so easily. Shivaye asks Anika to go and sit in the car. Anika says no, you just said we will face all problems together. They get shocked seeing media. Reporter asks Shivaye about breaking his engagement with Ragini. Ragini asks him to say truth. Shivaye says we were never engaged, its a lie she told you all, please excuse us.

Ragini signs reporter. Reporter asks Shivaye to see this Anika. Bua speaks against Anika. Reporter asks Shivaye is Anika an orphan, is this true. Shivaye says yes, its true, Anika and I don’t know about her name, blood and family, the bigger truth is I don’t care about this, Anika’s background doesn’t matter to me, for me she is just Anika. Anika looks at him and smiles. He says Khidki tod Anika….there is no one like her. Reporter says you used to talk about family and blood. He says I used to do and I was wrong, person’s identity is not by family and blood, person’s identity is by himself, I learnt this from Anika, when someone comes in life, his name is written on heart, not family life, I have seen rich people falling much low, you know what, I m proud of Anika, because she doesn’t need support of surname to make her identity, I m proud of Anika and to be of Anika…..

Reporter says but you both got divorced. Shivaye says Anika is still my wife, divorce didn’t happen, I never filed the papers we signed. Anika looks at him. Shivaye says Anika is still my wife, its true, Anika never got the marriage she deserved, so today I want to ask her something, in front of you all. He gets down his knees. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and asks will you marry me Anika. Ragini looks on. Ishq hai aansun…..plays….. Shivaye says I got on knees for you, reply fast. She says yes, I will marry you. Everyone claps. Shivaye says thank God, she said yes, else you would have got masala to write. Ragini thinks my plan failed. Shivaye invites everyone in grand Shivaye and Anika’s wedding. They pose for pics. Ragini cries. Vikram comes and consoles her. She says what did this happen. He says I know you are feeling bad, they are made for each other, Shivaye can never be yours, accept this truth soon. He hugs her and consoles.

 Jhanvi says he is my husband Tej, this Kaveri is Shwetlana, its her game plan. The man says you have misunderstanding, they are staying here since ten years. The lady says I know Peter, I attended his marriage 15 years ago. Peter says Kaveri is my wife, I m happily married. Jhanvi asks why are you doing this drama, you all think I m lying, one min, see this. She shows Tej’s pic and says he is my husband Tej. Kaveri shouts Ayya amma and beats Peter for cheating her. Peter says its not me. Kaveri asks did you cheat me, tell me, I will end this relation. Peter scolds Jhanvi and says I m Peter, why are you ruining my family, forgive us and leave. Jhanvi says you want to say you are Peter, not Tej, you have to give a test, if you passed, I will understand you are Kaveri. Peter refuses, but Kaveri says Peter will give test.

The family sees Shivaye and Anika on news and smile. Rudra says I m proud of him. Shivika come home holding hands. Everyone claps. Omru hugs Shivaye. Om does shayari. Om says I m proud of you Shivaye, I always loved you, what you told media today, I m proud. Rudra says that proposal was best, I would have agreed if I was a girl, I thought I m most romantic, you are ahead of me. Shivaye says stop embarrassing us. Gauri says first cut the cake. Shivaye asks why. Om says for return of happiness. Lamhon ka yeh rishta nai…..plays….. Shivika cut the cake. Everyone claps. Rudra clicks a selfie. Shivaye and Anika feed the cake to each other. Jhanvi sees pineapple cake and thinks Tej has allergy with pineapple, if he is Tej, he won’t eat this pineapple. She says its your first test, you have to eat pineapple. Kaveri says its his birthday cake, who else will eat it if not him. Peter says no, my mood is bad. Jhanvi says you are Tej. He says I m not and eats pineapple. He likes the cake and asks about bakery. The man says I got this from Manali bakery. Jhanvi looks on.

Dadi asks groom and bride to stay away. Dadi stops Shivaye every time he gets close to Anika. Dadi asks Shivaye to move back, two foot back. Shivaye measures and asks enough now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hi pkj Family
    Wow Iam so so so happy yes astha it’s party time in Hyderabad also flood of water is going
    And full of blushing mode shivika
    Dil bolo ishqbazz
    Missed so many people specially shekhar Baha’i chavi
    Pl join us in this Happy occasion

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Chaithu…Happiness dance…Band …Baaja…Baarat ka happy ending marriage of Ishqbaaz Billu.

  2. tdys epi ek dum kidikitod epi ib fans happy anachi shivika unite pinki expose mahi truth all opened ptecap cant control laughing shivay to cant hahaha nakuul nailed tdy konutan chanceless uff kanji eyes tears im dead nox man forever surbhi in yellow preety good lovely shivika propose cake feed selfies like family reunion omruhug awwww factorsss tejswtvi skikkped athunga story ha konjam eluthu mudunga verupa errukku athuku rikara ruvya story paravala
    dadi doing omm to shivika ohhh plss dadi shivay ha disturb pannathinga ib ipo thaan pakkura mathiri pothu ♥♥waiting for more shivika romance

    1. Nila

      Hi meenu
      Fans happy anachi yaaa???????
      Shivaay yellaruyum koluranga Pa??????
      Tejlana ama pa ??
      Dadi is so sweet her restrictions make him more chalu cheese so I am happy??????

    2. Riddhima

      Meenu ….

      ?????? Inga story eluthu mudunga ….sama ….

      Ama dadi paavam shivay ….vitunga avangala life enjoy pannatum …

  3. O my GOD…….m I dreaming…..SSO on his knees……dream proposal of shivika.. mujhe aissi feeling Aa rahi Hai ki Meri Zindagi safal ho gayi… Finally”ye mere liye Sirf Annika Hai”……”Mujhe iss par aur iska hone par garv Hai”…

    Zindagi me pehli baar iss nagini ne media bulakar Kuch accha kaam Kia Hai……nahi toh shivika proposal kaise hota……yaar I can’t wait for shivika ki dream wedding……hope ab inki shaadi Bina problem ke ho jaye

    Yaar ye Pinky donkey kiss mitte ki bani Hai…..Matlab yaar apne hi bete ka kidnap…..Jo 1percent iss ke liye boora laga tha vo bhi khatam

    Precap seems interesting……how will I wait for another 22 hours nd 40 minutes…..billuji looks so cute while maintaining 2 ft????

  4. Piyuu

    mein khidkithod khush hoon comment karne keliye word nahi milthi. finally shivika unite.pkj party time hi… Tmrw my b’day hi cvs ne muje acha gift diya .thank u cvs for wonderful episode.good ngt dears n sweet dreams.

    1. Happiee birthdayy piyu???? lots of luv to u dear

    2. Piyuu

      thanks aayushi… u too…..

    3. Riddhima

      Piyu ….

      Happy birthday ….??????….
      Have a kidkithod birthday. …. Blast the day. ..

    4. Piyuu

      thanks riddhi…..

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Happy manufacturing day Piyuu..Opps.!! I mean Happy Birth day dear… Your gift from Cvs is awesome.

    6. Piyuu

      thanks aastha….

  5. Kidikitod episode yarr…

  6. VHM

    I missed Pinky today…when Shivaay proposing Anika was being seen by Oberois in OM…i would have loved to see her again and again with all sort of ecpressions…may be forst time i am missing Pinky terribly

    1. Zaveesha

      Matlab di aapko Pinky k ek baar aur OMM dekhna tha… btw where she had gone??abhi to OM mein hi hogi na??…

    2. VHM

      haan kuch aise hi samjho…yesterday Nitika Ananad as Pinky took all the lime light….i must admit Nakuul and Nitika both competed in making the scenes look wonderful… bhi ek aur wazah thi mujhe Pionky ji ko miss karne ka

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Haarika…Happy hugs. Meri bhaiyya ke love marriage mein jaroor aana.

    4. VHM

      Hey Astha…ab ham dukhi hi sahi aayenge jaroor….waha ASR yaha SSO dono ne shaadi ka topic laakar mera dil todh diya…….hugs to you too….

    5. Riddhima

      Harika …….

      Missing pinky uh ……

    6. VHM

      Ya Riddhi…i was actually missing pinky….what to do so weird of me na?

    7. Riddhima

      Harika ….

      Yep …????????

  7. Aastha_reddy iam also from visakhapatnam more over wat a coincidence yaa hum birthday reddy’s hai

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Suchi…It happens. Same pinch yaar.

  8. Hey guys remember me I’m the same gal who was trying to vent out here in the epi wid a precap of cutely called thangabali …..

    So hi again
    Man today’s epi was mind blowing it had every thing I was waiting for (except the tejvilana parts)

    Poet om isback?????like I was sooooooooooooooooooo missing the artist
    Dumb ru is back?????
    Witty and cute dadi is back?????
    Of course kidikithod Anika is back??????
    And yesterday’s smart Singh Oberoi and today’s sweet Singh Oberoi is also back☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
    And yes yukini is ou?????

    The place of press meet and how even Chand can play Cupid between my shivika ????
    So on the whole kidikithod kya Aaj ka epi darvasathod epi hai

    And what is pkj member?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shivika4ever…Pkj means Paaglon ka jhoond..all of Ishqbaaz fandom in telly updates. The term indicates all of us here…Happy hugs.

  9. *hum bi reddy’s hai

  10. I know there is a kidikithod celebration going on of shivka fans and i will join too
    1) I cant belive that it was pinky who kidnapped shivay and yes i am happy finally pinky expousre happend atlast
    2) NOX what a acting today i am proud because i am your fan seriously the way shivay potrayed his emotions today i loved shivay character has om said still today we all just loved shivay but after today episode we respect shivay alot
    3) Our darling shivika i think shivika haters would have got answers by this episode that why we love our shivika because shivika doesnt need full screen space to show there magic just two minutes of screen appreance is enough for them to show magical love NARBHI nailed it in very frame near that bridge ❤❤❤❤❤
    4) So dadi is new villan for shivika??? after months we are getting our naughty singh oberoi but dadi is seperating our shivika

    1. Pushpa

      join us abhishek….we celebrating the whole day today…make a toast fro our shivika…..

  11. Navz

    This is truly THE BEST episode for me.
    From d start to till dat cake scene everything is “whistle podu” scene.
    Totally totally in love with d episode.
    Than yesterday today can be called as MAHA EPISODE.
    SHIVAAY..the way he said..ek min mrs.pinky singh oberoi…..sukoon mila mann ko.
    His pain and the feeling that he was betrayed by his own mother…very well expressed nakuul.
    Surbhi..yaa Anika ….she was looking damn beautiful today..even though she was crying..but she was very cute.
    The way shivaay said MAT JAO DURR…is soo beautiful.
    That complete outdoor just awesome.
    MUJHE AADAT NAHI HAI..JALDI BOLONA HAAN….HAAN…..this was d cutest part.?????.
    Damn that shrill of pinky saying SHIVAAYYY…NIKHITHA mam is superb at that very point.
    However good be d episode ..loopholes will always be there in ib…it didnt seem convincing that kaamini and pinky together planted maahi in OM.and whatabt daimas video and shivaay and maahi having same heart disease….waise hum tho pata hein ki ib aur logic doono ek saath nahi ho sakta….Asusuasl all d flaws are left behind bcoz of beautiful shivikalacious episode.??
    Why the hell that drama of tejvi and swety is given that importance??
    Lead pairs ko koyi scene hein yaa naa..inlogon ki faltu drama hamesha chalega.
    Makers are making sure that atleast 5 mins of tejvi drama is present in every Epi..i dont find any rwason behind this.
    Precap:..soo cute…

    1. Fenil

      Awesome views.
      Mene toh Shiti mar bhi di….aap bhi mar do.

    2. Nazi

      i agree ?
      hahahaha ragini.. in ure face
      u deserved it
      jesi karni wesi bharni…
      im glad shivika r one again?

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya…Whistle for you…

    4. Congo Navz!!!!! Honestly ishqbaaz s known for its well known cast..b it Narbhi r Nikita Mam….Over nd over again they have proved it…..
      Tejvi track…I understand this track s somewhat being dragged coz when there s so much to b shown in Om Ru love story…Yet makers r focusing on senior Obros track….Tej had turned barbaric on Dbo nd his redeemption was much needed….especially for Oberois who have somewhat fallen weak….Shwetlana was reintroduced just for this purpose….Just hope makers either merge them with Rikara r end d track..
      Coming to Kaamini nd Mahi….des revelations somewhat explains Kaamini’s behavior towards Mahi nd Pinky’s collaborating so easily with d evil woman Kaamini to get Priveer married,her constant smirks when Priveer were trying to convince family,Mahi nd Ranveer being aware of basements in house,Plane highjack….But still new series of doubts arises like secret between Kaamini nd Shakti,Daima video,Kaamini getting and raising a dopplegagger of Shivaay,mysterious help for Shivaay……Yesterday,in all those revelations Mahi nd Kaamini part in Shivika story has ended…..but Ranveer reaching Kamini,prinku so easily trusting a guy who defamed her nd tortured her…also who was so called part of d conspiracy and many other secrets will b revealed in d Priveer track…..This Kaamini nd Mahi were related to both tracks nd just der role in shivika part has ended…..
      Most of us r hell excited to C Shivika khikitod romance……Rikara story also must b resumed with Nagini nd Giraffe’s exit……..

  12. Superb . ???????wat a khidkitod episode . Ranginis plan superbly backfired m just loved it????

  13. Lve_surbhi


    Helloooooooo everyone !!

    Though I didn’t watched the epi again . I mean today but am so happy . I just came from my tution and precap came which took my heart away . Hayee !!

    ShivIka were just acting like some teenager couple . They looked soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee . Especially shivu (fangirling again started ??) he was just …….awwww . ?????????????

    Omg !! Am so exited for tommorrow’s epi . Today’s too I will somehow watch it , by sacrificing my sleep . Haha . I mean the repeat telecast . I have to get up early . But I will . Yayyy !!

    I’ve gone madddddddd .

    Love ib . Love shivay . Love anika . Love the whole cast of ib .
    And obviously , love you all . Muahhh . ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Surbhi…all are pkj from beginning. Today condition is worst. God save moderation uncle.

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Hello pkjs… r u guys?? After a longggg time…I m commenting on pkj page. Hope r doing well.

    My….my….my! So Kameeni, Ranveer n Mahi(sorry Mahi) r not culprits in Shivaay’s case. The one n only culprit is Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi?!! Unbelievable! More than Maha epi, today’s epi is too good. Khidkitod good…bcz today ponky cried, a lot! I really enjoyed those ponky’s crying scenes (guys I m not sadist…ponky deserves this). That slap….I expected one more slap from Shakti. Shivaay was right, she is not his mother, she is his just Mrs. Oberoi that’s it! I don’t want ponky’s redemption track….after all what she did with her OWN SON, she don’t deserve that.

    Mr. Nakuul Mehta… man! Hats off to u…what an acting yaar. He just nailed it n of course Nikita mam also(hats off to u too)!!! His pain, he expressed through his eyes….today his eyes spokes a lot. His voice modulation….uff! (Push….where r u? I wanna see ur expression)
    Shivaay’s(only Shivaay not SSO) proposal for his Anika….khidkitod Anika….beautiful proposal, but missed love confession!!

    So no more Mahi…..Mahimanics where r guys? I m feeling very sad….no Mahi!!
    And btw not to forget GOOD BYE NAGINI N VAT…don’t u dare to come back in Shivika’s life.

    For the second time I loved those 2rs reporters presence in Shivika’s scene. Good job reporters….good job!

    No comments for other scenes….bcz I can’t understand, what’s going on CVs n Gul maata’s mind!

    Precap…..Dadiji, I won’t tolerate if anyone tries to come between in Shivika, even if it’s u also. So U STAY AWAY FROM SHIVIKA!! GO AWAY DADIJI!!

    1. Nila

      Hiii gayu
      Ya pinky deserves this ????
      I too mention his voice modulation he nailed it ?????????
      Dadi Ji gayu bcoz of her restrictions Shivaay do more cheese ee things so don’t get anger gayu
      let’s enjoy our shivika moments

    2. Gayathri.visu

      It’s party time! Shivika’s khidkitod reunion….yayyyyyyyyy!!
      Ponky…she deserves more than this yaar. She is beyond repairable.
      Dadiji….I know pa, but what to do…after a longgggggggg time I m enjoying Shivika scene na, that’s why I can’t control myself. Yesterday literally I m jumping while watching IB.

    3. Hey Gayu how r u????
      Nd really nakul jst nailed it in this epi….m in more luv wid him now??? nd nikita ji was also amazing in her parts…now today jst enjoy shivika’ romance

    4. Gayathri.visu

      Hey Aayushi…
      I m fine yaar. How r u??
      Yeah….NM n NA both r nailed it. Take a bow for them!! I can’t wait for today’s episode….I m so happy.
      Give me a hug for Shivika’s reunion…..

    5. Riddhima

      Hai gayu ….

      Vanakam …
      Epi pathu sama enjoyment pola ….
      Dadi very bad yaar. ..

    6. Gayathri.visu

      Maalai vanakkam….
      Haan pa….semma epi. Illogical thaan irunthalum it’s ok….Shivika reunion… This is all what I(we) want!!

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Gayathri…This will make them more naughty. Let them enjoy Shivika embarrassment scene..Dadi deserve to see some Ishqbaazi.

    8. Gayathri.visu

      Astha di
      I m just kidding….that is fake anger only!! Yep…Even we can enjoy their embarrassment scene….right di. Dadu deserve to see some ishqbaazi……lol. But not for long time!!! Hehehe…

    9. I m fyn dear…not jst fym m khidkitod happy??? shivika hangover till now haha? hugs to u too??

  15. Awesome episode.. loved the proposal..
    Now Shivika Shadi..:)

  16. Sunanda12345

    Awesome and superb episode..?????no words…shivayy nae aaj kamala kardiya…saari media kae samnae anika ko propose kiya…aur yehi kaha ki usko naam..koon aur kandhan mae koyi pharak nayi padta…insaan ka pehchaan kudd sae hota hai…aur ae baat anika sae sekaya…. she is still my wife and my kidkithod anika…awesome words luv u shivayy ?????????? shivika moments really awesome…???????????? aaj episode kidkithode episode tha….shivayy and pinky nailed the starting episode nicely…but pinky has 2 deserve this….how can a mom planned 2 kidnap her son..,chichi…shame on pinky…
    PRECAP ???????????
    DADI ?????? shivika ke pecha padgaya…
    The way shivayy propose 2 anika…..mind blowing ??? luv u shivika

  17. Finallyyyyyyyyyyy☺☺☺????
    Shivika reunitedddddddd
    Pinky ki omm omm omm omm hogayyyyy
    Superb episode
    My favourite episode till date
    Shivaay on knees proposing
    Dadi slaps Pinky
    Shivaay saying to everyone that she is not his mom
    Shivaay saying meri pariyaar meri pariyaar excluding Pinky donkey
    Shivaay saying her to be away
    Calling Pinky Singh Oberoi
    Now time to Pinky to regret
    Nakuul??????? slayed completely
    Even liked Pinky’s acting a lot
    Really ishqbaaz got the top class cast
    Awesome episode
    Couldn’t stop from commenting
    This is the first time I’m commenting
    Hiiii to all the ishqbaazians

  18. finally we ll get to see shivika moments that too cute ones…….eagerly waiting………

  19. oh god…………………………………… words to tell……really I almost cried…..what an epi???// I never expected this when I watched yesterday’s epi….But it was mindblowingg………..I love you SHIVIKA…….and OMRU toooo……….But RIKARA is my favourite……I hope they will get more closer……..anyway can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi…….I feel pain in my stomach cz of laughing…..I LOVEEEEEEEEEE ISHQBAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………………..DIL BOLEY OBEROIIIIIIII…………

  20. finally we ll get to see shivika moments that too cute ones…….eagerly waiting………amazing episode…..but i am really confused with this tej and swetlana drama… it just doesnt make any sense…

  21. satisfied, happy, loved, cherished these are my feelings for today’s episode. Every moment was fantastic and lovable. I am very Happy with the writer, just like the first episodes of ib. Finally shivay proposed anika, par pinky k liye Anika ka Thora dieloge​ rakhna Tha and pinky ko pagal khane ya om se bahar bhejna tha but Jo bhi dikhaya maza agaya

  22. Hey guys loved today’s episode……proud to be an ishqbaazian…….o janaaa……shivika moments were…..??????????????….best episode today….I even recorded the timings shivaay proposed anika and she said yes at 10:43 pm…lol…..finally it’s like ishqbaaz is back after all the pain and sufferings…..and guys can I please join UR GRP
    Dear Aastha di shekhar bhaiyya anu di Krishna Riddhima chavi and shree,
    Please take me in UR GRP….. I read UR comments everyday so please…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anika…Welcome to OUR group of pkj. Keep commenting.

  23. Fenil

    Hello Everyone and PKJ lol.

    Balle Balle Haye…Thu Thu Thu Kisi ki nazar na lage mere Shivaay Shivika OmRu ko.,?????????????????????????32 Kale tikke laga Raha hun.

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    1. Fenil

      @Harika Dii….Missing you Love yaa Diii….Chotu.

    2. VHM

      Hey Bro….mein iss episode par apna comment likhi…was missing you all too…got tied up in works…but never forgot you all…love you loads bro…keep smiling and take care

    3. Banita

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    4. Fenil

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    5. Aastha_Reddy

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    8. Saloni2128

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    9. Fenil


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    Superb acting Mr nakul mehta hats off

    I thought that it would not be an episode of ishqbaaz better than the one shivay had accepted anika as his wife in front of media but today’s episode was the best and that’s why i love ishqbaaz because its very different from other daily soaps and now ishqbaaz is returned to the track

    So officially ragini thank god is out from shivika’s life so i can take my breath
    Waiting eagerly for shivika remarriage functions

  26. Shiv

    This is the best episode of IB !!! No words to praise!!! Best performance all actors and nakul nailed it!!! ??? omg what a proposal we all yearnd!!!!
    Hope we will see the romantic shivika here afterwards and they will be fighting all odds together !! No more separation!! For trp ?
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    Shivaay’s proposal is much better then Pinky ponky’s OMM….
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    Shivaay-Will u marry me….
    I luv nd line more then first one…..

    Today i m ek dum khidkitode khush hun….

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    Dadi slap pinky…. I always want a sence like this….

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    Decoration was as always Nycc..,
    Shivika’s intence talk….

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    How romantic!!!!! That time i m also blushing with Anika….

    For d first time i like Nagini only becz of her Shivaay propose Anika….
    Btw i think Vatini pair also look good…,

    All family member teased Shivika…..

    Janvi found d truth of Piter D’suoza….
    Precap- Now we see looka chuupi wala pyaar between Shivika….. Nd all weeding retuals happen with their fully acceptance that what i want from beggining…..

    P .S- 1)Now it clear that Maahi nd Shivaay r not brother bt then about what secret Kamini blackmail Shakti????

  28. Dear Friends
    Iam Coming….Today Episode Dekhne Se Pehle Main Excitement Se Mad Ho Raha Tha??? Finally Main Epi Dekha It Was Mind Blowing Episode???

    Ponky Ne Kya Kya Apni Bad Mouth Se Bola Suna Nahi I Know Kya Tha But Sunne Ki Mood Nahi Tha???And I Hope Kuch Logo Ka Doubt Clear Hua Hoga Mahi Ko Lekhar.Main Tho Sirf Shivay Aur Baaki Sabka Dialogue Suna.Shivay Correct Maa Jaise Beautiful Word Ko Spoil Kiya Usne?Shivay Ko Tootha Dekh Kar Emotional Hogayi?Dadi Ka Slap?I Think Zorka Nahi Tha.Main Shakthi Ponky Ko Slap Karthe Dekhne Ka Accept Kiya.But Iam Happy With Dadi Slap?Love You Sooo Much Dadi?????This For Slaping Ponky?Dadi Is Right Shivay Anika Se Shaadi Kiya Tho Wo Uski Maa Kaise Na Hui?OmRu Is Right Ponky Ko Kabhi Shivay Ka Sad Nahi Dikha?Shivay Talk To Anika That Is Heart Touching???Ithna Sab Kuch Sunkar Bhi Uss Ponky Phir Anika Ko Cheap Bolne Lagi?”Mrs Pinky Singh Oberoi” Shivay Ki Taraf Se Ponky Ke Liye Tight Slap???Love Shivay Dialogue To Ponky “Aap Bahu Ho Sakthi Hai Pathni Ho Sakthi Hai Lekhin Meri Maa Kabhi Nahi Ho Sakthi”????I Think Isse Big Punishment Tho Ponky Ko Mil Nahi Saktha?Main Dekh Raha That Full Scene Pe Uska Face Expression Punch Karne Ka Man Kar Raha Tha?????Main Apni Mobile Ko Todna Nahi Chaatha So That Why Iam Control My Self????But I Can’t Belive Ye Ponky Ithna Neeche Gir Saktha Hai Kya????Agar Anika Ko Maarne Ko Sochana Tho Ithna Zyaada Bhi Buri Nahi Hothi?Mujhe Doubt Ho Raha Hai Ki Ye Shivay Ka Maa Hai Ya Nahi?Jobi Hai Ponky Ki Character Karne Wali Actress Nikitha Mukerjee Ka Acting Is Brilliant???????

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    Female Version Bhi Bahuth Zyaada Beautiful Lag Raha Tha??????Last Shivay Ne Media Ko Bola Aap Sabko Hamari Shaadi Ke Liye Aana Hoga.And The Last Line “The Grand Shivay Anika Wedding”Is Just Suuuperb????????????Media Ka Questions Mujhe First Pasand Nahi Aaya But Last Wo Log ShivIka Ko Couple Pic Ke Liye Pose Karne Bola Tho Acha Laga?Kuch Aise Ache Baath Bolo??

    Omkara Shayri Is Beautiful And Mind Blowing???Rudy Tumhara Bhaiya Firstly Proof Kiya Hai Wo Kithn Romantic Hai?Ponky Ko Dhoor Dhoor Thak Nahi Dikha That Is Really Good Thing.Achayi Ko
    Burayi Se Bachaki Rekhna Chaahiye That Is Good Thing.And Wo Burayi Is Ponky??Oberoi Family Selfie Pe Ek Baath Notice Kiya,Omkara Omkara Kam Kunal Zyaada Lag Raha Tha Apni ‘V’ Pose Ki Saath??ShivIka Feed Cake Each Other??Anika Patha Nahi Sharma Gayi Hai Ya Shock Pe Hai Silent Lag Raha Hai?

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Banita

      UF dr….. D grand Shivika weeding jiske liya hum sb wait kr rahe the it’s cming soon….
      Nd dr i dont mind any que of media becz their que Shivaay propose Anika…. It’s best ever proposal….

    2. Dear Banita
      I Really Like When Shivay Said “The Grand Wedding Of Shivay And Anika”Iam Really Sooo Much Excited For ShivIka Happy Grand Wedding?????????

      Very True Becoz Of Media Entry Shivay Propose Anika?Iam Waiting For That Episode Jiss Main Shivay Anika Ko”I Love You Anika Main Tumse Bahuth Pyaar Kartha Hu”Bolke Love Proposal Karthe Dekhna Wait Kar Rahi Hu??I Wish My That Wish Also Become True.Jab Shaadi Proposal Aisa Hai Tho Love Proposal Kaisa Hoga?Awww Iam Imagine That Scene Yaar????

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    3. Fenil

      UF Bhai…..kya comment Hain aapki ISS comment ki nazar na lage Thu Thu Thu.

    4. Dear Fenil
      Yaar Main Bhai Nahi Behan Hu?Iam A Girl Yaar???
      Thank You For The Appreciate?

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    5. UF dear….tmhari wish puri ho gyi is epi m…pinky ko thappad lga…maza aagya seriously…btw i saw ur reply on previous page u don need to feel bad k tm hindi m comment krte ho…its okk i too prefer sumtyms hindi over english…i alryt …nd i have a questn too if u don mind…r u a boy or a girl…actually m thoda confused hu…don mind haa
      Bye take care

    6. Dear Aayushi
      Iam A Girl?You Right My Wish Puri Ho Gayi?Episode Dekhne Se Pehle Instagram Pe Pick Dekha Ponky Ko Slap Lagthe Hue.Wo Dekh Kar Hi Main Bed Pe Se Laitkar Dance Karna Start Hua???(Actually Main Already Lait Tha Tho Wo Slap Pic Dekhne Ki Time Pe Excitement Se Mad Ho Raha Tha??)

      Thank You For Understanding Me???Aap Ladki Haina Naam Se Lag Raha Hai.Aap Comfort Hai Tho Bathayiye.Nahi Tho It’s Okay?

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  29. Today episode was khidkithod beautiful I am speechless couldn’t get enough of it. The oh my mata of pinky was great. Nakuul nailed it narbhi to the core as shivika. The way he proposed was khidkithod khoobsurat and cute loved the expression of ragini when shivay proposed Anika in front of the media. Love shivika. Can’t wait for tomorrow cause the way shivay was acting like cute sweet and romantic Singh Oberoi was damn cute. Love shivika❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Mahi ??????????

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