Ishqbaaz 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika re-unite

Ishqbaaz 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky asks Shivaye to listen to him. He leaves out. She shouts Shivaye. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and asks will you marry me Anika. Ragini looks on. Ishq hai aansun…..plays….. Some time before, Pinky asks what decision, why is he asking you to think again. Shivaye says nothing much, I m naming my stocks, equities and properties to Anika. Pinky gets shocked and asks are you mad. Shivaye signs papers and sends the lawyer.

He says Anika this is for you, my everything is yours now, you did a lot for me, don’t refuse please. Pinky asks will you give your life’s hardwork to this cheap girl. Shivaye says Anika has done a lot for me. She says no way, I have made you what you are, will this girl take everything, its all just mine, I will not let this girl take anything. She tears papers. He says you don’t know what she did, she protected me, even after knowing my blood and family truth. Pinky asks what truth, its all a lie, there is no truth, I lied to Anika to get you rid of her, I lied to her that you are not my child, you are Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child.

Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Anika recalls Pinky’s words. Anika asks was all this a lie. Pinky says yes, what will you do, I lied to make you away from my son’s life, you are not suitable for him, I had to tolerate you when he got you home, he got shot for you, I was just seeing, then I decided to not share his life with you, so I decided to throw you out of this house, so I joined hands with Kamini.

Anika asks Mahi? Pinky says Kamini got him from roads, his face was similar to Shivaye, she thought she will get much by training him like Shivaye, she lied to Mahi that he is Shivaye’s twin brother to make him Oberoi’s single owner, did you think it was Kamini’s plan to send Mahi here and kidnap Shivaye, so it was our planning. They all get shocked. Shivaye says she wanted money and I wanted to get rid of you, we made this plan to make you believe Mahi is Shivaye’s twin brother, we changed that DNA reports, I thought you went forever, you came back and this time my son was naming entire property to you.

She cries and asks Shivaye to see how much low she had to fall to make Anika away, even then he is saying Anika did much for him, I did this for you. He asks Maa, you made this beautiful word a filthy word now, Dadi used to say even if every son is not Ram, every mum is Kaushalya, you proved my Dadi wrong, you did this in your hatred and proved me an illegitimate, you said I m son of some mistress. He cries. Omru hold him. Shivaye says this woman, my Maa…. he told Anika that I m not her son, I m illegitimate. Pinky says I did this for you, this girl is not suitable for you. Dadi slaps Pinky and scolds her for crossing limits. Dadi says you have insulted your womb, you could have trusted your blood, upbringing, your son, if he became Anika’s husband, how did he not be your son. Shakti says I regret and I m ashamed that Pinky did this, mum bears all tortures of world for son, but you….

Rudra says everyone has seen Shivaye’s state after Anika left, you didn’t care. Om says you cared for world, but not your son. Pinky shouts shut up, they are provoking you, you know Shivaye, I did this for you, I can never accept this cheap girl as my bahu. Shivaye says you didn’t do this for me, you did this for you, stay away, or you be here, you said whatever I m is because of you, you have taught me to value name, blood and family, every relation is a deal, you kept a mum’s relation as a deal, you are Shivaye’s mum, you didn’t get happy of it, you were happy to be Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s mum, I was a wet soil, you have sown this ego in me, what did you make me, I would have lost Anika, my brother Om stood by me, he has taken the illegitimate blame on me, Tej and Jhanvi stayed quiet, many fingers raised on them because of this truth, but they stayed quiet, I thought I m a great wall protecting my family, but no, they were silently protecting them.

Shivaye apologizes to Anika and says you had to tolerate all this because of my mum, I can’t meet your eyes, I told you to tell me truth, but you didn’t tell me, you have tolerated my tadi, anger and hatred, even then you didn’t tell me fearing I will break, you have broken down, don’t be so nice, I don’t deserve. Pinky asks are you praising her in front of me, I did this for you, this cheap Anika…… Shivaye angrily scolds Pinky saying I will not hear a word against Anika. She says your mum….. He says which mum, you are Pinky Singh Oberoi, you keep the surname and status, you can be Shakti’s wife and their aunt, but not my mum. He tells everyone that this woman is not my mum. He angrily leaves from the house, while Pinky cries shouting Shivaye.

Anika tries calling Shivaye. She gets Shivaye’s call. She asks are you fine. He says yes Anika…. She recalls old moment. She asks him not to say anything, she has understood what he wants to say. He ends call. He sees Anika and asks how did you know I m here. She says like you always know I m around you, no need to say anything, your kanji eyes told everything, you did a lot for me. He says you did everything, but not anger. She says its not your mistake alone, I should have spoke to you. He says yes, we can handle everything together.

She says I m sorry Shivaye. He says promise me, we will never hide truth from each other, and face all problems together. She nods. He says stop crying and wipes her tears. He stops her and says don’t go away. O jaana….plays…. They see the moon and hold each other. Their old moments are seen. They hug. Some flashes light on them. They get shocked seeing Ragini. She asks did you think I will leave from your life so easily. Shivaye asks Anika to go and sit in the car. Anika says no, you just said we will face all problems together. They get shocked seeing media. Reporter asks Shivaye about breaking his engagement with Ragini. Ragini asks him to say truth. Shivaye says we were never engaged, its a lie she told you all, please excuse us.

Ragini signs reporter. Reporter asks Shivaye to see this Anika. Bua speaks against Anika. Reporter asks Shivaye is Anika an orphan, is this true. Shivaye says yes, its true, Anika and I don’t know about her name, blood and family, the bigger truth is I don’t care about this, Anika’s background doesn’t matter to me, for me she is just Anika. Anika looks at him and smiles. He says Khidki tod Anika….there is no one like her. Reporter says you used to talk about family and blood. He says I used to do and I was wrong, person’s identity is not by family and blood, person’s identity is by himself, I learnt this from Anika, when someone comes in life, his name is written on heart, not family life, I have seen rich people falling much low, you know what, I m proud of Anika, because she doesn’t need support of surname to make her identity, I m proud of Anika and to be of Anika…..

Reporter says but you both got divorced. Shivaye says Anika is still my wife, divorce didn’t happen, I never filed the papers we signed. Anika looks at him. Shivaye says Anika is still my wife, its true, Anika never got the marriage she deserved, so today I want to ask her something, in front of you all. He gets down his knees. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and asks will you marry me Anika. Ragini looks on. Ishq hai aansun…..plays….. Shivaye says I got on knees for you, reply fast. She says yes, I will marry you. Everyone claps. Shivaye says thank God, she said yes, else you would have got masala to write. Ragini thinks my plan failed. Shivaye invites everyone in grand Shivaye and Anika’s wedding. They pose for pics. Ragini cries. Vikram comes and consoles her. She says what did this happen. He says I know you are feeling bad, they are made for each other, Shivaye can never be yours, accept this truth soon. He hugs her and consoles.

 Jhanvi says he is my husband Tej, this Kaveri is Shwetlana, its her game plan. The man says you have misunderstanding, they are staying here since ten years. The lady says I know Peter, I attended his marriage 15 years ago. Peter says Kaveri is my wife, I m happily married. Jhanvi asks why are you doing this drama, you all think I m lying, one min, see this. She shows Tej’s pic and says he is my husband Tej. Kaveri shouts Ayya amma and beats Peter for cheating her. Peter says its not me. Kaveri asks did you cheat me, tell me, I will end this relation. Peter scolds Jhanvi and says I m Peter, why are you ruining my family, forgive us and leave. Jhanvi says you want to say you are Peter, not Tej, you have to give a test, if you passed, I will understand you are Kaveri. Peter refuses, but Kaveri says Peter will give test.

The family sees Shivaye and Anika on news and smile. Rudra says I m proud of him. Shivika come home holding hands. Everyone claps. Omru hugs Shivaye. Om does shayari. Om says I m proud of you Shivaye, I always loved you, what you told media today, I m proud. Rudra says that proposal was best, I would have agreed if I was a girl, I thought I m most romantic, you are ahead of me. Shivaye says stop embarrassing us. Gauri says first cut the cake. Shivaye asks why. Om says for return of happiness. Lamhon ka yeh rishta nai…..plays….. Shivika cut the cake. Everyone claps. Rudra clicks a selfie. Shivaye and Anika feed the cake to each other. Jhanvi sees pineapple cake and thinks Tej has allergy with pineapple, if he is Tej, he won’t eat this pineapple. She says its your first test, you have to eat pineapple. Kaveri says its his birthday cake, who else will eat it if not him. Peter says no, my mood is bad. Jhanvi says you are Tej. He says I m not and eats pineapple. He likes the cake and asks about bakery. The man says I got this from Manali bakery. Jhanvi looks on.

Dadi asks groom and bride to stay away. Dadi stops Shivaye every time he gets close to Anika. Dadi asks Shivaye to move back, two foot back. Shivaye measures and asks enough now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Buckets of tear to bring flood in Visakhapatnam then laugh to spread happiness…..Ishqbaaz…
    2 feet distance…maintain…its just 2 feet distance Shivaay Singh Oberoi…Bhaiyya!!!
    First time Media did a good job by coming…get their slap hard!!!
    ?????????????????????☕☕????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… It should be my treat right!!! which sister will not be happy at this…I am too happy…so so so happy…
    Missing Shekhar Bhaiyya, Anu darling, Krishna, Riddhima, Chavi, Shree on this happy occasion.

    1. GAG?????????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Avisha dear…

    3. Zaveesha

      Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum??….????hona bhi chahiye….yeah me too very very very Happy….
      Thanks for the treat…u too enjoy in SHIVIKA dream tonight…
      Aaj to Dil Ishqbaaz ho hi gya…
      Love nd happiness all around PKJ….

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Zaveesha…Haan yaar…I am khidkitod khush..Mich michi horaha hai dil mein, raita phel gaya hai dimag mein…mujhe sirf Annika bhabhi aur Shivaay bhaiyya dikhai de rahe hain every where…Hugs you ms. stalker. Love you.

    5. Aastha di….i was literally dancing when shivay sat on his knees?? yeah its party tym….so where is party venue btao hm abhi pahunch jaenge?
      n luv u too??

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi…I too was dancing…Khidkitod happy jo hoon aaj. Hugs you little sister.

    7. Surbhi Sharma

      Go astha di . Yayy !! Yipee . Victory of ib finally .
      So happy !!!

      Yeah di , missing them . Even mouni di and lax di are gaya on this occasion . Hope they all come soon . ???????

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Surbhi… Lijience too. Lax is present yaar. Her vacation is over few days back. Dancing dancing….

    9. Pinku

      Go astha go….

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      Thanks Mrs. Reddy.

    11. Fenil

      Badhayi ho Miss.Reddy.
      Tight hug to my sissy.

    12. Aastha_Reddy

      Badhai ho Bhaiyya…Hugs you back my bro…Mr. Sweet guard. I am so happy that, I wouldn’t have mind to become your cactus devi for today(kidding). Achu ke mamu….

    13. Gosh this episode had me jumping on my feet! Those revelations by Pinky were mind boggling. Unbelievable stuff. Still not satisfied with the proposal……no love confession.

    14. Aastha_Reddy

      Naija…Love confession hua na..Shivaay sang-” first time dekha to…Second time mein love hogaya” and Annika said-” Aap abhi bhi wohi Shivaay Singh Oberoi hain mere liye…Hum aap se abhi bhi utna hi pyaar karte hain”. This is more then saying-“I LOVE YOU”.

    15. Oh i don’t understand Hindi. I rely on subtitles and written updates. I have been picking up some hindi from here.

    16. Banita

      Sme here di…. I m sooooooooooo Happy…. It’s d best epi….
      Finally officially ishqbaazi start in our bhaiya’s life….
      Di in ur treat their is less ice cream i want more…..

    17. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny….Congrats.. now join me in marriage preparation soon. Your elder sister need you. Its Shivaay bhayya’s love marriage finally. Yeah yeah yeah…And I was more happy when Bhaiyya said he signed divorce papers but never deposited in court…It was a shock to even Annika bhabhi. Hugs you little one..

    18. Pushpa

      astha…please hold still in my days…what an epi yaar…my shivaye yr bhaiya hv nailed it totally swept me away with him toooo….just simply love him…im sending all my kissesss & hugs to you…..
      yeah missing anu here..dun know if she watched…
      yes DIL HAI ISHQBAAZ …..i toast at 12pm and now with u…its cheers astha….

    19. Aastha_Reddy

      Cheers Pushpa…Smirk.
      Hugs you back, kisses..from Aastha and Shivaay… Here Bhaiyya asked to give you some.. ????????????

    20. Nila

      ??Go astha Go??
      Thank u for ur treat ???
      Party time yep???????
      So happy na let dance ??????
      Love u ??

    21. Aastha_Reddy

      Nila… Thanks yaar. Shaadi mein jaroor aana. Dancing dancing…

    22. Riddhima

      Go astha go …..??????

      And I am here ….. Back …. Again to torture you with my comments ….

    23. Aastha_Reddy

      Riddhima…I never understands anything from your comment,except from English part and few words, but I always gets your emotions. I wonder how did you torture me!! You never did sweet heart and I love you too…

    24. Riddhima

      Astha ….

      Love you …??? ..
      That’s pkj …. Everyone can understand others emotions …

    25. Deepu

      GAG…ur comments r always shayaris to my ears..aapki comments padke dil kush hogaya aasthu

    26. Aastha_Reddy

      Deepu..Its alright yaar. Thansks

    27. Dear Aasthu
      First Sorry For late Reply?Ya It’s ShivIka Union And Over RSO(Romantic Singh Oberoi) Back Celebration Time?I Also Feel Some Members Is Also Missing…Come Back Soon Guys Celebrate This Happy Days With PKJS???????????????????????????????

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    28. LAX

      Congratulations on commenting first on a special day..!! Yay..!! Fandom rejoice..!! Let’s enjoy these moments.

    29. Banita

      Dii already joined with u after all our brothers weeding…. Many works r pending for preparation….. Nd yeh plzz cme with jiju….
      A tight hugg….

  2. Finally shivika ek ho gaye. Ajj toh pinky and ragini ki chop ho gayi.
    Pinky stoop soo low ki usne apni khudki bete ki kidnapping karwa ei. Feeling bad for shivaay.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Debdutta… a bad chapter is over.. Happy time boy. Celebration time.


    1. Finally pinki truth is out ?????

    2. Shivaye line- Pinki is not his mother, finally he to realised, she is worth to be called mother?????

    3. Anika-Shivaye conversation was just wow..????

    4. Ragini's plan backfired, she called pressed so that she can blackmail Shivaye but he made ball out of boundary??????

    5. I hope vikram made ragini realised that Shivaye-Anika are made for each other and her chapter is closed???????

    6. I am totally mad about tej, jhanvi and shewtlana drama… unwanted addition???????

    7. Om shayari was just mindblowing.. ???? "Ankhon me uttari thi jo ab dilon tak aa gyi hai, Ishabazzi chalte chalte manzilon tak aa gyi hai"… ???????

    8. Shivaye proposal was totally romantic with sitting on knees.. only saying I love you was left..
    Shivaye- will you marry me??
    Anika- ?????
    Shivaye- Ab to main apne ghutne par aa gaya hun, aadat nahi hai, haan keh do..
    Anika- Yes????????

    9. Today decoration and dress was just matching..??

    10. Shivaye realised that Naam, Khoon, Kandan are useless, though he realised long back time but he confirmed it to infront of press too..

    11. Rudra commedy is just ??????????????

    12. Precap is so cute.. shivaye trying romance, Anika is nervous and Dadi is acting as Villian ????????

    13. Om dialogue when Gauri brought cake- Khushiyan wapas aane ki khushi me ☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shraddha… Destruction of NKK and reestablishment of Ishqbaazi. Its amazing.. Happy hugs.

    2. Banita

      Shraddha dr yeh Om’s Sayri was gr8….

    3. Pushpa NKK…only ishqbaaz…shivaye is just shivaye not SSO..superb just fabulous epi…

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      chill…Its shortcut for Naam-Khoon-Khandaan.

    5. Dear Shraddha
      Very True OM Shayri Is Just Beautiful And Mind Blowing???
      Shivay Married Proposal It Awesome.Main Tho Kabse Dream Kar Rahi Hu Shivay Ki Mu Se”I Love You Anika” Sunne Ki I Wish Wo Bhi CVS Ek Dhin Hame Dikhadhe?

      Omkara Two HighLight Dialogue One Shayri And Another Is “Kushiyaan Wapas Aane Ki Khushi Main”?His Dialogue Is Always Awesome And Touch To Heart.

      Yesterday I Really Like Shivay All Dialogues One Is Ponky Expose Time, Another Is In Front Of Media??

      Take Care And Stay Safe?


      U to take care

  4. Just one word Very Beauitful.Today humeri ISHQBAAZ IS BAEK.Finally CVS humshabki maanokamona porra kya.tottaly loved

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      AB… Eta Khub chamatkar episode. Shivaay anek heart chori kori niyeche. (God save Bengali language from Aastha Reddy. Tagore sir must have loved to chop me like vegetable if he were alive)…. Suddhu misti swopna…

  5. Nila

    ???Hai pkj ???
    Shivaay proposed annika awwwww????????? in front of media??????????

    full convo of pinky & Shivaay dialogues r awesome???????

    1.Dadi slaps pinky?????????
    pinky does all those things along with kamini(omm of Logic yaar) even kidnapping???? ( semma samalification pa) #mahi ?????????????
    Samar ka past????? bua ma is just for that video clip???

    2.Wah wah This is called a self OMM ?????both yuckini & Pinky (Yanai than thali Mela thane man a vari potukuchu????)

    3.Nakul kya acting yaar Mrs.Pinky Singh oberoi???????his voice modulation??? especially crying love u

    4.Shivika awwww ????? long waiting finally Shivaay proposed annika aaj oh janna had some special effect yaar??????????????????

    5.Yuckini bye bye?????

    6.Finally Shivaay cleared abt NKK ?????

    Precap:Old Ib ,,our IB is back????????????????????????????????????Dadiiiii i am so happy

    1. Nandhana

      Nila logic Samar pathilam namaku Ena..namaku shivika reunion thaan mukiam ???

    2. Nila

      Haan Nandhu correct thaan???
      How r u Nandhu?
      Yaaa semma happy ???????????

    3. Nandhana

      How won’t I be fine..???after my Shivika Union…????

    4. Nandhana

      I m so fine dear..what about you???

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Nila… happy hugs yaar. Its dancing time….

    6. Nila

      Ur bhaiya made my day happy ????
      Hugs & kisses to u????

    7. when he said Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberio it reminded me of Omkara’s Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi. had me LMAO in tears.

    8. Nila

      Ya Natty u r correct what scene yaar??? it make me too as crybaby but that was happy tears

    9. Pushpa

      nila……happy moments yaar its celebration time..lets party together……my shivaye is just fantastic …hug yaar….

    10. Nila

      Puspha aap kaise hai??????
      Party time????????????☕☕☕☕ aap keliye aap ki fav saira banu (expresso) too
      Humara Shivaay ????is always awesome no doubt in it big wala hug to u happyyyyyyy???????

    11. Riddhima

      Nila ..

      1. Nila avanga namaku ivalo shivika scene kututhathe adhigam idhula nega Pou logic ..Mahi …Samar past. …mandhri hua lam ketinga aprom avalothan …

      2.haha ….??????

      3.pinnadpulla …yena acting ….. ??????

      4. ?????

      5. ????✋✋✋✋✋

      Old ib is back old ib is …… Hey hoooo jolllllyyyyyy ………????????????

    12. Nila

      .yellam sari thaan ivangalum ivanga logic ku ada pongaya??????????
      Jolly happy blushing is on the way??????????????

    13. Riddhima

      Nila ……
      Raiza fan uh …??????

  6. Pushpa

    Thk u cvs for a super duper episode ever in the whole IB series ..
    Bohoth kush im dancing im singing im smiling all for my shivaye..
    No more NKK at all…when shivaye said sorry to anika…i cried ..exposure ws a bit emotional…but this time tears of just joy….

    Im speechless…..I actually dun know where to begin wht to write…
    Finally its love….ishqbaaz after all wins aginst everything and shivaye singh oberoi became just anika’s shivaye…and anika became shivaye’s khidhikitod anika…..????my beautiful o jaana ????? fabulous wt the best fbs…and finally their hug… completes everything…

    Shivaye went on his knee…OMG ???anika will u marry me….say yes fast I cant wait anymore….But still missing here…I Luv U anika….I Luv U shivaye…but i think as anika said shivaye’s khanji eyes says it all…Its ok…at last the waited reunion of our shivika the royal couple happened….when shivika walked into OM together…i cried….finally after all the suffering…happy ending for now…thts all matters..

    Waiting eagerly for the wedding….feeling shy feeding cake all kushy kushy….speechless moment..

    Ok gals all pkjs come join me….
    Toast evrybody cmon do it wt me ?????????????cheers….. this is to our shivaye & anika reunion……luv it ….

    Precap…what shivaye dun want to waste any min/sec 2romance anika….wow this cant wait….

    Soulmates are soul drawn to eachother..No matter what they will always feel..the unspoken love unconditional love ..Connected 2each other…thts our shivika..made4each other..

    Well 2 words cant believe pinky did all the villain work…including shivaye kidnap….no mahi??? Ek min mrs pinky singh oberoi…….True as wht shivaye said pinky is not my mum but just mrs pinky singh OBEROI not shivaye’s mum…u deserve the worst mercy..tht tappar shld hv been frm shakti…but its ok dadi…
    Shivaye apologizes to Anika and says you had to tolerate all this because of my mum, I can’t meet your eyes..i cried yaar..this so emotional….

    Sorry yuckini..tia tia piss again yuckini exit??? No more..
    Tht tejlana i skipped….

    Finally shivaye became ishqbaaz
    im gona have happy wala great nite sleep…… nite gals….

    1. Pushpa…cheers to u☺☺….luved luved nd jst luved todays epi….
      Have a happy vala…grt vala gud nytttt dear

    2. Pushpa

      thank for joining the celebration……cheers …….

    3. Nandhana

      Cheers..pushpa sis???but one thing Missing..sakthi ji must have slapped dinky

    4. Pushpa

      thank you nandhana fro joining …..its party time….

    5. Pushpa

      Shivaye u hv again swept me away…i luv u ???????????????????????????????????????????

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa… today really I wish to address you as vadinna. Destruction of NKK sconce, destruction of NKK fort..Victory of ISHQBAAZI. Shivaay bhaiyya said he is Shivaay and not SSO. Have a romantic dream Pushpa bhabhi. Kisses and hugs…. love you.

    7. Pushpa

      yes sirf shivaye ….his anika’s shivaye…..that owsm feeling yaar…kisses & hugs to u 2&3……love u alwayssssss….hey dun forget to give to yr bhaiya…ok?

    8. Fenil

      Right it’s best episode ever after leap.
      Nice views.

    9. Pushpa

      best & the bestest ever….

    10. Banita

      Puspa dr all pkj r Happy…. Ishqbaazi wins over villianbaaz taadibaaz…. Only Shivaay…. Shivaay weds Anika..,

    11. Nila

      Cheers puspha ????
      Shivaay Singh oberoi becomes sirf annika ki Shivaay awwww yaaaa ????
      Hugs to u ???????

    12. Pushpa

      hugs 2 u 2 nila……

    13. Riddhima

      Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

      Party time …. ????????????????????????????????????????…,..

      Yep skipped that tejlana ..irritating …. Like bear in between shivika scene. …

    14. Pushpa

      it is indeed celebrtion time…….hug u yaar…

    15. LAX

      No more NKK..!! Yayyyy..!!

  7. Haven’t watched the episode yet, ya know time zone probs. Yesterday’s episode was good only with the Shivika scenes and Rikara scenes. Kaveri and Peter aka Chudailana and Tej scenes were waste of time. Ok the writers want to make pappu of us. Dimag ki dahi kardi he!
    Precap, loved it, Ponky deserves it. Ok so if Shiv isn’t illegitimate why did Kamini taunt Mahi all the time, and what abt Daima? Maybe Oberoi family elder son isn’t Tej, or Tej has a son with Svetlana.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Avisha… when every thing is fine between Shivika, we really shouldn’t give a damn to some unnecessary things. All is well… Ishqbaazi won is all that matters.

  8. Riana

    Best Part was Dadi slapping Pinky ???????????????????????????????????

    First scene was really saddestic and full of emotions…Shivaay broke down..same felt with OmRu…Anika…Dadi and all…???????…

    Pinky’s harsh words ended up by Dadi’s SLAP (i wish Anika/Shakti to pinky ??)…????????

    Later onnn….

    A huge relief….When Shivaay became Sweet Singh Oberoi and finally proposed Anika ????????????????????????….Best scene was there kiss (which didnt happened lol ??) ???….Vikram understood that Shivika are a perfect couple…???…But Yuckini ????…God knows….

    Shivika cake cut was like Old days are backkkkkk…Finally some swunny (sweet+funny) moments upcomingggg ??????????

    Precap: Love it…????…And waiting eagerly…??

    # LOVE IB ?

    Hi everyone i am commenting here since two days in Ib forum and its superb…Am i welcomed in ur family ??…☺️☺️☺️…

    1. Hey riana…welcum dear
      Nd yeah daadi slaping pinky was the best part…nd shivay on his knees was the bestest

    2. Riana

      Thankiu aayushi ??

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana… it was most awaited desired dream to watch this episode. I am so so so so…. happy. Have a kanji kanji babies dream.

    4. Riana

      Yah it was More than Khidkitod…?

    5. Fenil

      Nice to hear you Diana here also.

    6. Riana

      Riana ??…its ….bhaiyooo

    7. Banita

      Heyy!!! Welcme to pkj Riana…..

    8. Riana

      Thankiu banita ??

    9. Pushpa

      riana…most long waited reunion of our beloved shivika….waiting for todys epi…shivaye romancing anika…

    10. Riana

      @pushpa….Was waiting for this since so many months…finally wish fulfilled ….????

    11. Nila

      Hi raina

      Welcome to pkj?

    12. Riana

      Thankiuu Nila ??

    13. Piyuu

      hi riana welcome to pkj

    14. Riana

      Thankyu Piyuu ??

  9. Riddhima

    Hai ishqieeeesss ????
    Vanakam kk …????

    I am riddhima …
    One of the pkj member ..?????

    Do anyone remember me ??????????

    Today’s epi ….

    Haha hahah haha a hahah hahah hua??????????????


    Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ……????????????
    All the above for pinky ji …Mrs. Pinky Singh oberai ………

    Coming to om …. My om
    Innocent…. Long hair …free hair …..
    Truth lover …….

    Shivaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ………
    First …cried with shivay ….??????????????????????????????????…..was broken …very bad ….. Shivay don’t cry don’t ccry ………and
    SSecond part …shivay become romantic Singh oberai …. ?????????????????????????
    Omg ….shivay …. Asking will you marry me ….I was shouting ….
    Hey shivay …. I am ready …come on …
    Come let’s marry … Shivay why are you asking this. .. Always ready yaar ….?????? …and I kissed him on screen …???????????????????…. Sorry pushpa ….
    Can’t control me after seeing romantic shivay with that kanji eyes…..?????????…..

    Ayyiyo …kkollurane kolluraneee……

    I am 100% sure ..I will die tomorrow after watching epi ….. I am sure ….

    And kk ….
    Was so much fun ..anika made cake for Shivay’s and pushed him in swimming pool because his scraf got fire because of candle in the cake …..??????

    Omru was like …?????????????…..

    Omru …???????

    Good night ishqieeesss….????
    Iravu vanakam …kk …????

    1. Riddhima

      Song song ……
      Kalavu Pona Nilava
      Naan Paarthen

      En Nenjukulla
      Enna Sugam Saanjen

      Kaathu Sillunu Veesudhu
      Kadhal Imbuttuthaan
      Saaral Sangathi Kaatudhu
      Kadhal Imbuttuthaan
      Idi Minnal Adikkudhu

      Kalavu Pona Nilava
      Naan Paarthen

      En Nenjukulla
      Enna Sugam Saanjen

      Thiruvizha Onney Munne
      Kaatchithaan Kodukiradhe
      Eththana Piravi Thavamo
      Kannu Munna Nadakkiradhe

      Tharaiyila Kaalum Illa
      Kanavula Midhakirane
      Mazhaiyila Mannin Vaasam
      Mayangi Poi Kedakkureney

      Venduna Saami Ellaam
      Varma Thandha Thunai Neethaan

      Nenjukuli Thavikkudhu
      Azhage Unna
      Paarthen ..Paarthen

      Kalavu Pona Nilava
      Naan Paarthen

      En Nenjukulla
      Enna Sugam Saanjen

      Kaathu Sillunu Veesudhu
      Kadhal Imbuttuthaan
      Saaral Sangathi Paadudhu
      Kadhal Imbuttuthaan

      Idi Minnal Adikkudhu

      I saw

      I saw
      I saw the stolen moon

      I laid
      What a happiness inside my heart
      I laid

      The chill wind blows
      That’s all the love
      The drizzle shows variation of a song
      That’s all the love
      Thunder and lightning occurs
      in the daylight

      I saw
      I saw the stolen moon

      I laid
      What a happiness inside my heart
      I laid

      A function shows before me
      How much penance have been done in births
      it all happens in front of the eyes
      The feet does not rest on floor
      I fly in dreams
      The smell of sand during rain
      I lie after fainting

      You are my partner who is given as boon
      from the gods that I prayed

      My heart is yearning
      O beauty, I
      I saw
      I saw
      I laid
      I laid

      I saw
      I saw the stolen moon

      I laid
      What a happiness inside my heart
      I laid

      The chill wind blows
      That’s all the love
      The drizzle shows variation of a song
      That’s all the love

      Thunder and lightning occurs
      in the daylight

      Ome of My fav song ????? from movie power pandi ….

      Pinky ji pocha ….ellam pochaaa…….
      Yena oru aarai dadi …pinnitinga ponga ….

    2. Pushpa

      OMG riddhi the song…..tht slap must have given both her cheek…

    3. Riddhima

      Pushpa ………

      Yes slap was less compared to her crimes…..she deserves more …. ?????

      And sorry till shivay comes out of romantics mode I can’t control me ….??????

      My om will understand me ..he will wait ….?????????

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Riddhima… I was missing you yaar. I mentioned in my own comment too. Love you. But you decided to dump my Om bhaiyya for my Billu bhaiyya!!! not fair Riddhi Bhabhi. Pushpa must be happy at this sisterbaazi of soutans.
      Have a romantic dream…

    5. Pushpa

      yes riddhi please go back to your Om..leave my shivaye alone..

    6. Riddhima

      Astha. …

      Yep I saw it astha …love you ….???

      No astha I didn’t dump om is always there …but can’t control me after seeing shivay in romantic …fully romanic mode ….he is pulling me towards him ….???????…..

      Where is the blush club ..I think today they have to open it ….

    7. Labiba

      Hiiiiiiiiii hw r u??? I was crying today….nd dn laughing like a fool??? iitniiiiii khushi I’m so so so happpy????????????

    8. Pushpa

      all our pkjs r in the same boat yaar….

    9. Riddhima

      Labiba …….
      Hai …..????..
      I am fine ….how are you ..?????

      I was also smiling like mad ..even I shared it with nila ….that nila I am smiling smiling ….smiling …dono what happened to me …. ???????….

      Same to same yaar.

    10. Banita

      Heyy!!! Riddhima….. Nycc song dr….
      Yeh Shivaay bhaiya’s proposal was soo romantic that any girl can’t say no to bhaiya….

    11. Riddhima

      Banita. ….
      Hai ….✋✋✋✋

      Thank you ….

      Yep agrees yaar. Shivay….??????????..with kanji eyes…????????

    12. Pushpa

      riddhi…how dare u kiss my shivaye…….and im here riddhi waitign to marry him…please stadn in the lin ewill you……..give me a hug yaaar…i really need tht… shivaye …shivaye shivaye shivaye shivaye..i just love u so so much …sorry riddhi cant help it at all…have once again swept me away with his talents looks khanji eyes and expressions…wow he is just a gem of a person…

    13. Riddhima

      Pushpa …
      Why can’t I …
      Tell him not to be al romantic …pushpa ….what’s mY mistake in it….
      Haha ..I know the line …pushpa next one is riddhi …????

      Yep …can’t control because this eyes. …. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????….

    14. Nila

      Ha ha he he ohh ohh???????????semma ponga
      I am in same boat yaar he is just killing us with his kanji aankhen?????
      Kya proposal yaar???
      Nanum 100% nalaiku margaya thaan???????
      Full song ah???????????

    15. Riddhima

      Pinky ji ….pathathum apdi than siripu siripa varuthu ….?????

      Innaiki yena agaporomee…therilla …..
      Waiting ….

    16. LAX

      A long comment with a song after a long time. Full form I guess. Good good. Welcome back.

  10. Madhu.r

    ????? nothing eles for todays episode

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hugs you Madhu… celebration time.

  11. Oh God, this Pinky is more of a psycho as compared to Ragini. SHE brought Kamini in the OM? And this all was such a sad affair.?????

    Shivaay’s expressions killed me. Like, no over the top rona-dhona, it was like, he couldn’t believe anything, he was trying to come in terms with what happened and all. I felt SO bad for him ???

    Mahi isn’t Shivaay’s brother. Damn. We won’t be seeing him ever again now. I feel SOOOOOOOOOO BAD. I wish I could see Nox as Mahi once again for a last time.

    Mom again had to be funny in between and pass comments on the connection between Shivika. ???

    Haaye, the proposal was so ????. Selfie Saanp ki aisi Hui beizzati, kya bataun???. It was romantic, beautiful and exactly what we Shivika fans wanted. ???. Ye media toh aise aati hai jaise news ki akaali PADI hai duniya mein????

    Ragini, take my advice and marry Vikram. He is perfect for you.???

    And then the Obro moment. The family moments were great to watch after so long ????. Om ki shayari????

    Loved the episode though Mahi’s absence now will always affect me.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bella… I followed your foot step, My Mumma is also watching Ishqbaaz with me from last two episodes…
      HAPPY TIME BELLA…DANCING DANCING…. Good night. Have a sweet romantic dream.

    2. Having someone to watch it with you doubles the fun if that person has a good sense of humour. Mom has a fantastic one and I believe so do I, so it is always amazing ????

    3. Banita

      Yeh Bela same advise to nagini from my side also…. Vatini looks good…

    4. Haina? Why she no idea understand????

  12. Amore

    Precap is awesome… Finally Eldest Ishqbaaz son is on his way… an Parents Ishqbaaz are still in their problems… Glad to see Tej changed but Swetlana is too much…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Amore… game and pawn has changed a lot. But Its Ishqbaazi time. Calls for a celebration for us in pkj…

  13. loved it to the core finally my shivika United ????❤❤❤❤

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sai… finally yaar.. finally.

  14. Nivika

    “Shivay and anika reunites”…this line enough for me…now waiting for 2morrow…awesome precap???????????????

    1. Fenil

      Hahaha pagal ladki.

    2. Nivika

      ???..pagal nhi achi hun mein

    3. Banita

      Yeh Snehal….. Finally Shivika reunite…

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal..-” Main paagal nahi hoon”- every paagal says the same yaar. Kahan ho aur yeh keh rahi ho wo toh dekho..Its [email protected] ka jhoond #Ishqbaaz fandom. Hai na Fenu Bhaiyya. Maine sach bola na..!!!

    5. Fenil

      Ji Aasthaji…..Sahi bole ho …. ?%sachi vat.
      Ek PKJ me member Hain air phir….

      Hi mein dhanya ho Gaya….Lagta Hain Salon ke BAAD Aastha ki me Fenu ke side mein Hain.

    6. Fenil

      Aap na Puri Pagal ho….

  15. What a khidkitod episode and a huge revelation…Like some of us predicted that Someone from Oberoi family has a role in all those mishaps that happend with Shivaay…
    It was Pinky…Yet CVs did a good job of keeping us on cliffhanger….
    Ranveer’s role in this conspiracy was never clear…..Y did Kaamini break their alliance??Today Pinky confessed that she helped Kaamini in Shivaay`s kidnapping and Mahi`s entry…How did Pinky know that Kaamini s raising a doppelganger of Shivaay??nd a number of doubts….
    Shivaay shocked us by telling that he never filed divorce …Shivika proposal nd a good exit of Naagini nd Vikram… Hopefully from tomorrow v get to c Loads Of Shivika romance,Rikara,Ruvya nd Priveer whenever it’s possible..Tej s also good..

    1. Banita

      Shivika reunion is d highlight part Neha soo forget all d side part nd enjoy Shivika’s romance…

  16. Zaveesha

    Wowwwww……the best episode of Ishqbaaz almost 3 months….totally loved it… amazing… awesome… fantastic…
    Shivika are ??????
    I’m speechless….
    Watching it now…

    1. Zaveesha

      Donno what to say…. today’s episode was indeed the Maha episode….
      CVs finally cleared all our doubts…
      All that was Pinky nd Kamini plan…Pinky is just unimaginable…So Maahi’s chapter is closed now… I also thought this that they can’t extend his character…

      Loved everything about today’s episode…
      Shivaay’s proposal and their reunion was ???????

      Finally ISHQBAAZ mein Ishq wapis aa gya…???

    2. Fenil

      Correct after leap it was best .
      I also thought it should be Maja Episode.

  17. Hiii guys…..

    Trust me i have no words after watching today episode. .

    character. ……….

    The person who doesn’t want to face annika who always thinks that she is his enemy tried to defame her….got madly love with her…

    The reality heat him.sooo badly…that love trust he got from annika changed him..and the harash truth changed completely. ..

    His own mom.betryed him.sooooo rudely and badly…he can’t imazine that his own mom can call him nazayaz just for her hate towards his lady love…. ??????…

    I always wanted now he said…Om also did a very big scarifice for him..he always try to protect his family..and this time his family protect him…

    Today first i am saying Sso then i will say king and queen…..

    Sso… today i am officially declared ki mere man main jo bhi sikwe the apke liye aaj sub kuch khtam hogaya hamesha ke liye……

    Bcoz today you proved yourself a true ishqbaaz. ..????..funally your love win over tiu so called NKK ideology which was created by Mrs Pinky Singh Oberoi. …



    This line …..jjust beyond of words. ….

    Koi bhi bete ke liye ye sab sehena muskil hi nahi namumkin he….i wish pinky ponky jaise mum kisiko na mile…

    But wait there is lot if confusion on my mind..

    1.what about daimaa video? ????

    2.Maahi toh bacpan se hi kamini ke paas tha…toh kya kamini ko bachapn se pata that ki maahi is looking like Sso…i can’t understand. .

    3.w3.what about holi time pinky ponky love towards annika was fake???

    Anyways keep logic aside..

    A mum.kidnaaped his own Son..this killed me..seriously. .????????????????..

    NOKS BHAIYA STOLE THE EPISODE. ..with perfect acting perfect voice modulation

    Then both king queen and moon…????..moon which is witness of their pain love everything…..

    Queen understand what king was trying to say…she went near him…..

    They both promise that yhey will not hide anything to both…then ( i think) queen wanted to be in his king arms but she can’t say it….then king stop her don’t want to let her go..then look at moon…..???????……then both bcame teary eyed…that tear were not just their tear the carried lot of emotions with them…their love, trust happiness everything was their..

    Then both carresed each other face..both wiped each other tears ..??????????……then a blissful hug they shared…..both king and queen felt complete in each other arms ..???..

    I think chopini and thangabali ka jodi mast rahega… byy chpoini vyy.dono shaadi karo aur hony moon ke liye Greece chale jao…??????..

    Then media again stared his blaberring. …Sso again defend them…..andI THINK this was the best proposal i have ever seen…


    Both understood each other perfectly. .

    P.S once again CINAMATOGRAPHY was on its level……..

    Then both king and Queen returned home
    Happily holding each other hand .

    And family represent us i mean all fans..???….

    Then om’s perfect shyari..???????..yes ISHQBAAZI APNI MANZIL PAR PAHUNCH GAYI……

    Then both fed cake to each other..but i saw narbhi more than shivika..CAKEBAAZI REAL MAIN HUI HE. Na woh bhi bahut barr shyad islye..??????….

    Royal ignore to tejvilana..

    Dadi i you can slap pinky ponky more than anything …NIKITA JI was best today ….

    Pinky ponky is totally behaved today just like a psycho. …nothing else..

    Precap-HORMONES..are back with a bang..❤❤❤❤?????????????????????.hotness..i missed soo much this chipda Sso..dadi why are you doing this..anways it is going to be fun…CHUP CHUP KE ROMANCE..oh God…i can’t wait.

    Waiting for fuze artcle. ..

    P.P.S i am still watching episode right now ….
    To rudy..tumne kuch bhi romance nahi kiya romance main Sso se accha aur koi ho nahi sakta…???

    1. Banita

      Arpita dr….
      Yeh rudy toh romance ka r vi nahi kia…. Obro’s main toh Romantic Singh Oberoi ka tag only Sso ko jata hain….
      I think only i like Vatini as couple bt here many like them as couple pshyco couple….

    2. Pushpa

      yes…these line stole todays epi with shivaye…ek min Mrs pinky singh oberoi…..the anger the pain in his kanji eyes…oh god i tell u arpi……tht expression was superb….

      cant imagine a mom can go this far for her fame as Pinky Singh Oberoi & Shivaye Singh Oberoi…not to c her child as shivaye….to give happiness…can even stand wt kausalya…

      hey precap …..shivaye romance …waiting yaar…

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh darling…Hugs you. My brother…on his knee!!!Mad in love…madly in love with your Annika didi.
      Finally Shivika…SHIVIKA finally

    4. Dear Arpu
      You No What Mera Bhi Same Haal Tha Epi Dekhne Ki Baath.Iam Become Speechless.Epi Ki Baare Main Kya Comment Karo Kya Bolu I Have No Idea.Full On ShivIka Nasha Chad Gaya Tha.

      Main Apni Maa Ki Khilaf Ek Aur Shabd Nahi Sunega.Ye Shivay Anika Ko Bola Tha Na.Now Mrs Pinky Singh Oberoi Meri Anika Ki Khilaf Ek Aur Shabd Nahi Sunega Main Pinky Se.Seriosly Wo Dialogue Shivay Ki Taraf Se Pinky Ke Liye Ek Tight Slap Tha.Face Pe Lage Hua Pain Jaayega But Jo Words Shivay Ponky Ki Mu Pe Maara Wo Pain Kabhi Nahi Jaayega.Trust Me Ponky Ithna Buri Ban Jaayegi Never Imagine.Apni So Cold Hate Ki Karan Usne Shivay Ko Zindha Hi Maara.Ponky Jaisa Maa Kisi Ko Bhi Sach Main Na Mile.

      KING AND QUEEN?SHIVIKA IS TRULY A KING AND QUEEN.Your Comment For ShivIka Moment Is Awesome?Iam Waiting For Shivay Love Proposal And Excited To Hear From Shivay”I Love You Anik”???

      I Also Miss RSO= Romantic Singh Oberoi CSO=Chipda Singh Oberoi NSO=Naughty Singh Oberoi.Most Imp ShivIka Hot Lovely Romance.Excited For Today Episode???

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    5. LAX

      Yes the beautiful journey from a beast to prince.
      Cinematography was perfect. The episode calls for a repeated watch.

  18. OMG shivaay ur awesome..and anika deserves this

  19. Oh my god
    Oh my god
    Oh my god……i dont have words to express tdays epi??? everythng jst everythng was amazing…jst luved it

    Shivaays each nd every word to pinky…i luved it nd the most important ‘ mrs pinky singh oberoi…meri Anika k khilaf ek wrd ni’ ??? daadi’s slap to pinky…?

    Nd finallllyyyyyyy…..proposing sitting on knees????? that too under moon…that lighting that scene was soo soo soo beautiful…
    Nd ragini ki to tai tai phiss..
    Bt what a change man frm ‘ tmhara naam khoon khandan kya h’ to ‘ mjhe naam khoon khandan se koi fark ni padta’ aaj to sachm maza aagyaaa

    Itna kuch bol dia bt fir bhi lg rha h abhi to bahut kuch bolna h….u can undrstand this na?

    Not words fr tejvi lana ???

    Om’s shayri…luved it too…ishqbaazi is back in full form

    Gud nytttt guyzzzz…have shivikalicious drmzzzzz….luv u all

    1. Banita

      Aayushi dr Ishqbaazi cme in full form….. Now only ishqbaazi ishqbaazi nd ishqbaazi….

    2. Banita…now jst ishqbaazi…enjoy????

    3. Pushpa

      yes aayushi….OMG OMG OMG..wht an epi…shivaye have nailed it lets sit back and enjoy shivaye romancing anika ……

    4. Pushpa ur dp????
      Nd yepp now jst enjoy shivika romance nd blush wid them??

  20. 1.Speechless.
    2. Bye bye mahi, kamini.
    3. Shivaye and annika are married still but they will marry again.
    4. The best part dadi in precap.
    5. Worried if i can see ishqbaaz frm tomorrow infrnt of parents.
    6. My suggestions isi hafte shivika ki shadi karvafo. Chat mangni pat biha

  21. Khidkithod episode.

    A different version of mom. Nikita nailed it. Finally naagini & vat moved away from Shivika life. Peter kaveri awesome.

    I started liking Kaveri. Ishqbaazi of Shuvika started…

  22. Ansu + kushi ki aansu
    Every time I get irritated when they repeat first scene but today I loved as full pinky expose in one day. What type of mother is she
    I think ishwari is better than her
    What pinky you can’t hear taunts one day
    We are hearing daily your voice against annika
    But cried buckets today
    First I thought what pinky lied .annikas sacrifice no meaning then what about breakdown but this revelation of pinky is more hurting for SSO
    The nkk is removed and the change was perfectly shown
    Felt soooo bad for SSO
    Pinnky is not even worth of 2rs
    Now only two lines are echoing in my mind and will for 2weeks
    “Mrs pinky Singh oberoi merit annika ki kilaf ek shabdh nahi sunnonga”
    And most. Special line

    You know SSO
    Every time you gave speech in press or in house the fandom find mistakes
    Even last time in nayantara entry you said she is from well good family
    Everyone questioned
    But today your speech in press no mistakes nothing
    You got 1000 out of 100
    Ragini did one good thing at last by bringing press
    I know it is not your pehli chop

    Precap SSO can’t control himself dadi very funny

    How can I forget dadis slap.

    What not in today’s episode
    Pinky omm
    Oms shayari
    Vat nagini and bua wrap
    Kushi ki selfie
    Everything was perfect
    Along with other episodes I will cherish this episode foreever

    But iam still confused about daimas state ment
    I want my Mahi back

    1. Pushpa

      meenu… shivaye was gorgeous na…..mahi no more yaar…getting on his knee …wow my shivaye nailed it again…

  23. Misha_Mikul

    Yahooooo??? I’m showering in Happy Rain??????
    What a khidkitod epi????
    A Big Happiness with A Big Shock??

    Pinky-Kamini was in Shivaay’s kidnap????
    I couldn’t believe til now??????
    Mahi isn’t Shivaay’s twin brother?? Fhat the Wuck? ??
    Then why did he save Shivaay from Goons and talked so emotional? ??
    He was living an unhappiest life … abused by calling him “najayaz”???
    CVs made a big mistake in Mahi’s story just to scrap him from Ishqbaaz???
    ERROR!!!! ???

    My Shivaay baby again nailed today!!?? OMG?? I feel so proud??
    Nikita tooo???
    Shivaay thoroughly broke down post realizing the very dirty side of his Mom????
    Dadi slapped Pinky… wow!!enjoyed the moment???
    Oh God..the way Shivaay went to each one and said “She is not my mom”?? Damn!!my heart couldn’t bear the pain!??
    My eyes burst into tears!!! That was so painful!!?????
    “Ek min Mrs.Pinky Singh Oberoi” Wahhh…. Nice to hear those words????
    Pinky did OMM to the very beautiful word “MAA” ??? couldn’t even imagine!!

    ? ShivIka moment?? Their hugged, Shivaay’s lovely kiss on her head??
    ?Shivaay proposed Annika???
    ?Shivaay finally got rid of NKK sick!! ?
    ?the Magic which called as LOVE totally changed Shivaay Singh Oberoi?? just look back at the past moments!!
    What a transformation????
    Whoever said tht “Annika doesn’t deserve Shivaay” must have regretted after seeing today’s epi??
    ?They both are so deserve for each other!!?? They are such GOALS!! ??
    ShivIka should have thanked Ragini???

    -Daksh gave a re-entry that day and made Shivaay confessed Annika is his BIWI for first time in front of media and the whole world??
    -now Nagini…. united them with her silly plans and made Shivaay confessed Annika is still my WIFE??
    I hoped Shivaay wouldn’t have filed the divorce paper!! He couldn’t!! NEVER!!??
    ?Shivaay – “Will you marry me?? Tumhare liye aaj main ghutno par aa gya..Aadat nahi hai na, Jawaab do Jaldi, I can’t wait”????
    ?Annika – “I will marry you!!”??
    Awwww?? How Romantic and Emotional… Happy Tears!!???

    Hahaxxx!! Vikram-Ragini are best jodi actually… I have full hope on Vikram that he will tolerate Nagini forever????

    ?ShivIka back to OM… Family was so Happy for them??
    ?OmRu hugged Shivaay????
    They cut cake , fed each other, took selfie ??
    FAMILY GOALS!!!!❤❤ Ishqbaaaz is BACK ❤

    Why can’t CVs go with RiKara either RuVya instead of wasting time with TejViLana’s track!!??
    Max of fans won’t watch them……Errrmmmmm????

    Precap- Dadi?? pls let them alone ??
    Chalu Cheez SSO is Back?? He couldn’t get away from Annika??
    Naughty moments are awaiting ???
    Excitement on high level???

    Nitezz Dearss?? Tc all ❤

    1. Banita

      Yeh Misha dr…. They both deserve each other…. aur koi jhel nahi sakta ek dusre ke alawa…. Ishqbaazi is in full track…

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Hehexx..True dear!! They are Love Goals!!

    3. Pushpa

      misha….come joinus to celebrate the reunion of our shivika……luv shivaye’s for nailing the epi ..cant believe pinky was the master mind behind everyhthing……now we watch the chalu cheez he’s romancing anika….

    4. Misha_Mikul

      Hehe Pushpa!! I’m still in celebration of ShivIka’s khidkitod reunion!!??
      Pinky….. finding bad words to taunt her ??
      Yeah.. our chalu cheez Shivaay is gonna Rock..??Awww!! Feeling shy?

  24. Nandhana

    Real khidkithod episode…what a reunion.. mind-blowing.. Happiieeee that everything is cleared..even yuckini VAT drama ended.. thought they will make some new story with bua but didn’t thanks to CVS..this episode is going to be the bestest episode ever of IB.. finally Shivay got out of his naam khoon khandan ideology..he accepted my Anika di as she is…wowwwwwwwwww how long we were waiting..but thanks to dinky without her all planning Shivay may not realize it…Anika will you marry me..omggggg my legs are not in ground.. jumping in happiness… after long lafzon kayege… happiness vaapas agaye…?????????????
    Rudy always best in timing humour ??? enjoyed each and every thing today..I didn’t move a bit from my place…10 to 11 I was watching even the advertisement… shivika grand wedding aagayi…so excited…
    Dinky donkey think she is going to be away from the family..she deserves it..but I should praise her..what an acting nitika ji…
    Even my sso and ani di nailed it… emotional moments ..after all loved the episode completely..
    I think CVS made good decision to separate shivika..bcoz if he married her before three months that time sso may not be clear of his stupidity of it’s clear to him nkk is not a matter…and so sirf Anika he said..he loves to be of Anika..great great..harneet mam love u..Gul mam love u too…best episode ever…
    Happy nit ishqiees…
    We have a happy shaadhi ahead..
    Precap: Shivay ????Dadi?????
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ?????????
    Hope for omri union ahead ?????
    Gud night ishqiees

    1. Banita

      Nandhana Agree with u only becz of this leap nd Pinky’s crap Sso becme Shivaay….
      We hve a grand Ishqbaazi shaadi ahead….

  25. Today’s episode was a treat to all shivika fans including me
    I was waiting for this episode for soo long
    Shivaay at finally propose anika also in front of media(at that time u really want to shout but parents)
    The way nakuul do acting was just fab
    He just nailed his each scene today
    Pink deserves all this
    How each family member insult her just fab
    I want anika also to insult her
    I really wish that they portray mahi character as something else but this was also fine but can’t digest the fact how can a person be so similar to a person without being twin but this is serial so logic can’t be applied
    All episode was nice so no negative points but pls CVs finish thus tejvi drama

    1. Banita

      Yeh mona it’s d best treat for us till now….

  26. LAX

    Hi all
    So we ve got back to back fantastic episodes. I am really happy..!! The episode calls for loop watch.

    No much complaints as such just that some facts still don’t correlate par that’s ok..!! Aaj sab kuch maaf.

    Pinkys downfall was the most awaited scene. She has to suffer now. Wish Shakthi also slapped her. Nitikaji was Outstanding waise.

    Shivay proposing Annika… Awww..!! I wish he had told her ‘I love you’. Billu woh bhi bolega am sure.

    Precap- Daadi Ko humare Khushi se kya problem hain ab??

    P.S- Really Sorry Banita, Ayushi n Pushpa that I could reply to your comments.

    1. Banita

      It’s fine dr…..
      Yeh we can ignore all these things becz it’s d bestest epi 4 us…..

    2. LAX

      Where did u get this DP from.?? It’s really cool. I ve not seen this pic of Nakuul anywhere.
      It was definitely one of the best episodes of IB.

    3. Pushpa

      lax whre hv u been….u saw my shivaye…how on earth he can be that damn good talented gem …i simply falling again…super duper epi…

    4. LAX

      Shivay was to die for in the last episode.

    5. Hey lax….i too wish he had told her i luv u….bt no worries….he will say soon…now jst enjoy shivika romanc??

    6. LAX

      I hope he says that he loves her..!! We ll open the blush club soon.

    7. Riddhima

      Hey lax ….
      Haha ….dadi ….??????

    8. LAX

      Ya dear..!! Ya Dadi bhi na.

  27. Today is our dearest bdays
    Our Khanna ji
    And the most famous Shivani shirali
    Very very happy birthday

  28. A12345

    Awww… Finally.. Shivika r together….. ???
    Hate this tej shwetlana and jhanvi part…. Rukti hi nahi hai arghhhh hate it…

  29. Ananyagour

    For today’s episode
    FINALLY PINKY’S OH MY MAATA ?????and that slap from dadi ?? dadi rocks pinky shocks.
    After so much days i was not able to stop me from commenting here. todays episode was a gift for patience we had after lapse. Shivika misunderstanding got sorted ????????????? i am on top of the world??? today……..shivay proposes anika in front of media ?????????
    It was like fairytale…..and bye bye naagini???
    Then cake cutting scene ???lafzon k yeh rishta in background……
    Maar dala yaarr till now best epi for me???
    But what is svet tej janvi upto??

    Todays episode = A BIG KHIDKITOD EPISODE + ROMANTIC??????

    precap – ??????????

    Dil boley oberoi!!
    Good night ishquis…..?
    I know u all are also be khidkitod happy ??

  30. Eveyone back is PKJ family.
    i m really veryyyyyy happy yero
    sweet dream of SHIVIKA
    GOOD night

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