Ishqbaaz 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye finds Nancy alive

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye promises Omru. He signs Anika. They hold hands. Rudra asks who will say. Om says you say. Shivaye says one for all, all for one. They smile. Rudra asks why didn’t you say. Anika signs about Shivaye. Shivaye says I m sure Tej is doing this for betterment of company. Om says its not the right way. Shivaye says I know once I m proved innocent, Tej will accept me, I need Mohit’s help to catch the murderer.

Mohit says why is it delaying so much, I should have got my wife’s property by now. Lawyer says its not a small amount, its matter of 200 crores, your wife’s death is not natural, it will take time. Mohit says I want results soon, leave from here. He goes in his car. Shivaye says how did Nancy get property worth 200 crores, if she belonged to poor family, just Mohit can give me

all the answers. He shouts Mohit. He thinks I have to talk to Mohit.

He asks driver to get the car. Driver says its Shivaye’s car, go out and get an auto. Shivaye hires an auto and follows Mohit’s car. Mohit and Shivaye see the procession. Mohit pays the man and gets the way cleared. He drives off. Shivaye gets down the auto. He prays to Lord to show some way. Deva shree ganesha….plays… Shivaye thinks I should call Anika and ask her not to let Mohit go from home, I have to talk to Mohit. He sees some store/cafe and goes in. He collides with Nancy and gets shocked. He thinks Nancy is alive, how can this happen. Nancy gets a call and goes. Waiter takes Taj Jaadugar’s banner. Shivaye thinks Nancy is alive, I m innocent, whose dead body was that, someone wants to frame me, Mohit won’t be knowing this, he is mourning for Nancy and she is partying here, I think she has all my answers. Nancy asks why did you call me.

Mohit fires many darts around her and does magic to disappear them. She asks what’s this joke, are you mad. He slaps her and says I told you not to go out of this room. She says its my wish to go anywhere, who are you to stop me, you are not my BF or husband, so stop ordering me. He says I m warning you, don’t anger me. She says give me my money, I have to go. He says till work ends, you won’t go. She asks who are you to decide this. He says its boss’ orders. She says I don’t care, give me money, else I will tell police how you trapped Shivaye, I know whose murder had happened that day and who is the real murderer. He ties her up and calls boss. He says Nancy is going out of hands, give her money and send her, else you won’t be able to send Shivaye to jail, just hurry up.

Its morning, Anika asks Jhanvi did you see Majnu. Jhanvi says no, what happened. Anika says I m feeling hungry, he said he will make Shivaye’s fav pasta. Jhanvi says ask him to make it for me also. Anika asks are you also missing Shivaye. Jhanvi says a lot. Shivaye comes and says Anika I have to tell you something.

Mohit stops and hears Omru and Anika. Rudra says what, Shivaye has seen Nancy. Anika says yes, he said Nancy is alive, police will ask for proof, we have no proof. Om says we should tell Mohit. She says no, we shouldn’t tell anyone till we get proof. Mohit says how did Shivaye learn that Nancy is alive, if he tells this to police, my plan will fail, I have to tell boss. He calls boss and says Shivaye has seen Nancy, he will soon learn truth, what to do.

Shivaye stops Mohit. Mohit says I m going in imp meeting. Shivaye says push the meeting. Mohit asks shall I push it for a chef. Shivaye says Shivaye… Mohit shouts stop it, is it necessary to take his name. Bhavya comes and says no one will go anywhere. Rudra says you came here again. Bhavya says someone has contacted Shivaye, I know you won’t help police, I will find out who is in Shivaye’s touch by staying in this house. They get shocked.

Tej asks what do you mean. Bhavya says I will stay here till Shivaye is caught. Rudra asks how can you stay here. She says I will tell you what you can do and what not, police will keep a watch, if you want to go out, constable will go out. Tej says police isn’t able to catch the criminal. She says we are doing this to catch the real criminal. Anika says he is innocent. Mohit asks why is he running away then, I also feel someone is trying to contact Shivaye, you can stay here and catch him. She asks where are you going, cancel the meeting. He asks what, I also want Shivaye to get caught. She says law is same for all, same rules apply on you, does anyone have to ask something. Shivaye says I have to ask, you will stay here, I want to know, what you like in food, allergy, spices, veg or non-veg, I can cook everything. Bhavya goes to get her stuff. Anika stops Shivaye. He says I m going to talk to Mohit. She says no, there is police at home. Bhavya asks what’s happening here. Anika says I was telling him about dinner menu, come I will show you the room. Shivaye looks on.

Tej asks Bhavya what’s police dept doing. Bhavya says we are trying our best, we need to know why did Shivaye kill Nancy. Mohit says because he had his bad sight on her, I told you before. She says you told this, but the family members and staff said something else, Shivaye wasn’t after Nancy, she was after Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, something that does not add up in today’s episode. When Shivaay made the call from Anika’s phone to Morocco, the police was able to trace the call and come to oberoi mansion immediately. However, when Mohit made the call to the boss from the room and asked what is the next step, the police did not trace his call. According to Bhavya all their phones are tapped so even if Mohit makes a call anywhere will not the police be able to trace the call.

    is Bhavya doing her job or just interested in arresting Shivay?

    1. Luthfa

      Go Sindhu di Go.Many many congratulations on being first..😊
      Perhaps Mohit is using different sim for calling from OM.He is not dumb to call even after knowing that everyone’s phone’s are tapped there.And if he did that knowingly then must Bhavya got it.It can reveal later.Drama is getting interesting di.Let’s see😊

      1. Sindhudi

        Hey thanks Luthfa dear. Have a good week ahead! Yes I think the drama is gearing up. Of all you know she probably must have known Majnu is Shivaay but she is keeping Mum about it.

    2. Agga4102

      True…di!!! Congratulations for being first!!!!!!!

      1. Sindhudi

        Oh thank so much Agga!!!☺️

    3. Rajvi_shah

      I think you are right because tej Singh oberoi has a great hatred towards SSO.

    4. Banita

      Congratulations diii…
      Dii nothing can be predict correctly before d truth revelation… But yeh Bhavya is confusing me with her some move… I mean she just came at d same point when Shivay wanted to stop Mohit nd d way she answer back in precap…!!!
      But i think may be it’s my illusion… I m overthinking about it…

      1. Sindhudi

        Hey banita dear thanks so much dear. No you are not overthinking dear. I have a feeling bhavya is suspecting Mohit too. After all they will not show Indian police is good for nothing if not it will be an insult to the India Indian police.

    5. Appy

      Go Sindhu Di..


  2. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Episode was really well placed.
    Whatever happened today gonna reveal on revelation day
    So 5 thing is sure according to me.
    1.That TEJ SINGH OBEROI is boss…we can see his frustration after enter of bhaiya.
    2.Bhavya is helping Shivaay
    3 What conversation happen between Aniomru was totally preplanned..May be they wanted to inform.mohit that Nancy is alive( but they don’t know mohit is mastermind)
    4 that dead body of that girl is Mohit’s wife .
    5.Mohit and Tej were clearly frustrated listening seeing Bhavya……May be they are team..
    Ok I can be wrong.
    But this will be the thrill if things is planned like this.
    Let’s see…….

    Ok all shows trp is dropped
    Ishqbaaz maintain its position that’s good..
    Hope it will increase

    I really found today episode is interesting..
    ANYONE ELSE??????

    1. Sindhudi

      Yes Appy Arpu the episode is exciting but they should have more details. It seems sometimes it is slow moving and sometimes fast track. Yes OmRuAni purposely said it loudly because they wanted Mohit to hear and see his reaction. They maybe right because Mohit wanted to leave right at that moment after hearing that news. That is when Bhavya came in. Perhaps she is helping or she is not. I hope she is helping them. They can’t show her negative if not she can’t pair off with Rudra

      1. Appy

        She is definitely helping oberois
        After all she is a protagonist na..
        One thing is need that we have to keep patience without seeing revelation

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Your 2,4 and 5 are valid but don’t know about the rest but possible anyway.Today’s episode was well paced towards mystery revelation.In Twitter,fandom is mourning for the lack of Shivika scenes and the centralization of their story and progress!Waiting for tomorrow’s episode😊

      1. Appy

        Lu. Don’t tell about Twitter
        They are always like crybaby.without knowing anything they always start barking
        But still I love fandom🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..
        Hope all points will be good.

    3. Agga4102

      Even I think so it is Tej! But we can’t say! It can be Tia or Daksh!!!

      1. Rajvi_shah

        You are right it can be Daksh, tia or SVETLANA

      2. Appy

        May be.lets see.

    4. Banita

      Well Arpu i agree with ur points except 1st one… Tej ka mujhe thoda km lag raha hain becz acc to past epis he is very fond of his so called reputation… So agar sbko ye baat pata chal gaya toh it will loss he reputation… But if i consider about his money minded mind then yeh it can be possible…
      Let’s see who is d BOSS

      1. Appy

        Bunny.lets see..
        But honestly I don’t like to see tia or daksh again.
        We use tej already fall so low.if he will be the mastermind then I will not be surprised at all.

    5. G.vidya saraswathi

      I also think that way tej is the boss for taj. Anika om ru intensely talk about Nancy infornt of mohit

    6. Rajvi_shah

      i agree i also think that bhavya is included in the shivaay’s plan. Maybe shivaay trusted bavya and told her that Nancy is alive and now according to shivaay’s bhavya is helping shivaay by staying in oberoi mansion.

  3. Nick23_ann

    Don’t know where track is leading to.
    Episode was okay.
    Why police will be staying in house for investigation.if anyone knows pls clear my doubt.
    I hope they will make it more interesting by leading shivika or end it

    1. Luthfa

      Don’t know why Bhavya has come to stay exactly.May be a part of Shivaay’s plan.Looks like she is also involved in his plan.Rest cvs can explain.

      1. Rajvi_shah

        Yes I think bavya is also included in their plan because she is a protagonist and Cvs wants bavya and Rudra’s story to star

    2. Agga4102

      Even I don’t know dear!!!!

    3. Appy

      Damn sure.thats why she is here…

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of IB this week is 1.7 with 18th ranking… Hope it will increase more coming week… Nd everyone watch IB on TV on prime time…
    Now coming to epi ,
    So our imagination was rite… Nancy is alive nd Mohit killed his real wife (that girl ehom Shivay saw once) for her property…
    But now that BOSS is someone new….
    I think he may be “Tej” , “Daksh” ya may be some lady also… Means it can be “Tia” also…
    Mere Shivaay bhaiya….
    Kitne innocent hain…!!!! Itne ki mere bichare bhaiya ki saare ke saare frnds kamina nikalte hain….
    Sacchi mein… Seriously CVS…!! Ek toh koi bahat accha dost le aate Shivay ke….
    Nd that Mohit toh sacchi mein jadu kr sakta hain…!!!!!
    Now about Bhavya… I don’t know why today for sometime i felt like she is helping Shivay… But i think i m wrong…!!!!????
    Precap –
    Interesting…. Ab jaldise 10pm hojaye… Nd Tej ki murder ho ha jaye…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Sindhudi

      Actually banita I also don’t know whether Bhavya is helping Shivaay or not. It is a bit confusing with Bhavya. I an not sure whether she is negative or positive. At least IB is still within the 20 list so there is hope. The boss could be also Daksh. You never know.

      1. Banita

        Hlo diiii….
        Dii I m sure that Bhavya is positive becz at d end of d day she is in Rudy’s opposite… So makers will not make her negative for sure…
        Yup dii i said na it can be Daksh also… Lets wait to see who is d so called boss…
        Yeh it’s in top 20 , hope it will increse more…!!!!

    2. Luthfa

      Your bhaiya is too innocent Bani as well as gullible.Anyone can take the advantage of his decency.Tej shows his anger,hatred openly but still he ignores those.And this Mohit is nothing but melodrama ki dukan.Trp has dropped but IB is in top 20.Hope it increases next week.Waiting for tomorrow’s epi.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Lu…
        Yeh he is d same…!!!
        nd i m more fed up with Tej then Taj… Both r melodidrama ki dukan…
        Hope so dr…

    3. Appy

      Bunny.CVS can do anything.they also can say TYAGI is the mastermind🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        LOL Arpu… Yup hope so…

  5. Agga4102

    Oh….at last Shivaay came to know the truth!!!! But he doesn’t know Mohit involvement in it!!!😭😭😭

    Shit…Mohit came to know that they know that Nancy is alive. But at least he didn’t know that Shivaay is Majnu who is in the house!!!😅😅😅

    I wish Bhavya will get clues about Mohit!!!🙄🙄🙄

    Anyway…good update

    1. Luthfa

      Planning and counter planning are going on.I think Bhavya’s entry is also a part of plan.Let’s see.

    2. Banita

      Hope so…
      It will be gr8 if they will found it soon…

  6. Sindhudi

    The boss is none other than TSO. Only TSO and Mohit are eager for Shivaay to get caught. If the boss is really TSO I wish he could be shot dead. I want Om to hate his father just like he did in the old IB. Ooor Shivaay does not even know that Mohit is trying to frame him and Shivaay is full of trust and believe in him. Now that Bhavya has moved in the oberoi mansion it has become like a hotel. More people at the mansion. After all these days, Bhavya can’t even find a single clue about the murder and Shivaay has already found clues on the footage, the button, parking ticket and even the life person Nancy. Yet Bhavya has not unearth any clues. I liked the part of ShivOmRuAni holding hands together and making the promise One for All and All for One. Very nice to watch.

    I only hope Shivaay does not open his mouth to Mohit and utter any word at all. I really hope Shivaay will find the true colours of Mohit before he asks him. Bhavya now that you are in Oberoi mansion please do something useful and find out the real murderer. Don’t stay in the mansion just as a dummy piece. I want the cvs to push the track quickly. They speed up and slow down again.

    I only want Bhavya to trace Mohit’s call and check who is he communicating with instead of always tracking other members who are using the phone.

    1. Agga4102

      Even I think so!!!! Or is it Tia or Daksh?

      1. Rajvi_shah

        it can be svetlana too as she is the biggest antagonist in ishqbaaz.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Who is the boss has become an added mystery.And I think Bhavya’s entry may be a plan of Shivaay.If not solving mystery then at least she will romance Rudra!LOL!!!

    3. Banita

      Yeh diii i also want Shivay to know about Mohit’s true colour before he talk to him… Nd i think now from nxt week track will be on fast forward mode…

  7. Luthfa

    So,FNMM:Fake Nancy’s Murder Mystery has started unfolding bit by bit.Good going.Here comes the analysis-
    1.One for all,all for One has seen it’s entry today in Redux.It would be better if Obros could include Priyanka also.Cvs suddenly shifted their attention from Priyanka to OmRu don’t know why.Priyanka is the corner stone of Shivika’s story and now she is being neglected.Can you answer why this is happening cvs?But thanks for bringing back RU ShivOmRu.
    2.Taj and his Titli are showing tashan to each other.So this fake Nancy is a paid actress or what?Now another mystery got added to the ongoing mystery-Who is the boss of TT?Any guess?Tej,Daksh or any new villain who hates Shivaay?
    3.And our Shivaay is really SHIVAAY.Believes everyone so easily.Get rid of your this mentality Shivaay.It will be better for you.
    4.Only yesterday I was happy that at least in Redux Oberois especially Shivika have learnt to lock the door up before indulging in any kind of discussion or private talks but no,they are same.Okay,it was perhaps necessary for drama.
    5.ACP Bhavya has come to live OM.I think it’s Shivaay’s plan.Tej’s dialogue for Bhavya is representing all those fans who hates her.Glad that someone is there who can disturb TSO other than Shivaay.
    Precap:Wife is getting smart don’t know when will be the husband.And special shout out for Bhavya as because of her,Anika might start suspecting Mr.Overbearing/Overreacting Malhotra!

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey lu yes you are right! They didn’t include Priyanka. She is the epitome in shivaay’s life even though Anika is his Wife. If oriyanka was not in the picture then Shivika would not have gotten together. So I hope Priyanka gets involved as well.

      After watching the repeat of the episode of IB I am convinced that Bhavya has moved into the mansion as she must have gotten information that Mohit left the Oberoi mansion to go elsewhere. That is why she came right at the nick of time and stopped Mohit from leaving the mansion so she can investigate.

      In the precap she mentioned that it was Nancy who was after Shivaay and not the other way round as Mohit claims. So I am waiting for today’s episode

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Yes di you have caught it right.Priyanka should involve in the matter of Shivaay but cvs have forgotten her for the time being.I love watching her on screen and her bonding is natural with others.I was missing her that’s it.Bhavya has ulterior motive behind entering in OM.We will probably get to know soon.Let’s see.

    2. Appy

      Can’t talk about Cvs but I am happy seeing shivomru rather than prinkushiv.
      Actually Sso’s SISTERLOVE destroyed so many things n.a. So I am scared
      Bit I also agree she has right to know about her brother
      can’t believe I am saying it but still now SHE irritates me a lot.Blind love
      Specially that manhoos word arghhhhh

      1. Luthfa

        We are not used to watch ShivPriOmRu together so feels are missing.But Prinku must be informed about Shivaay at least.And in Redux if something is really bad that is grey Dadi especially her behaviour with Anika.

  8. Sindhudi

    Hello my dear Luthfa, banita, Arpu, Jeevi dear, NSK, Jessie, Agga, Mona, Zara, Kadhambari, Pushpa, Shivya and many many more members. I know many are having exams and busy with other work,please come and leave comments if you can.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi di,
      I am here to comment.Hope rest will join too😊

    2. Appy

      Yes Di too busy.
      Hlw…have a great week Di

  9. I suspect tej and janavi or is Roop group coming back

    1. Luthfa


    2. Appy

      Janvi And roop.
      Welll Cvs can do anything but took will be not here.
      So leave her.
      But must it be TSO

  10. Stargazer

    Amazing episode….. I think TSO is the boss bcuz he’s the one who suggested the idea of party too and convinced Shivaay also…..

    1. Luthfa

      Hmmm…Let’s see who is who actually.

  11. Sindhudi

    Thanks Ameena for such a fast and detailed update. You are a brick.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you @Amena di.Love you😊😊

  12. Astmasiddika

    O my god what a roller coaster episode , I guessed it that the person who met Mohit on that day was a real Nancy & I also know Mr .Taaj will be eager to frame SSO , no Mohit listened to AniOmRu conversation yeah even I want to know the real boss may be Tej or new villain whoever it is but Shivay has to find the real colours of Mohit and should oust that backstabber from his memories, bhavya in OM that too on full duty to keep an eye on family members but I remember there is no law like that a cop can stay in any culprit’s home like this they can only house arrest .

    Precap – I think Mohit will be even more careful . It will be difficult for SSO to find a clue against him

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Astma,
      Everything is in twisted mode and looking hazy right now.Can’t tell anything for sure.Still let’s wait for the episode to see what happens.

  13. I don’t no…why but I things it’s janvi the boss…my be

    1. Luthfa

      Can be.

  14. NSK

    Hello everyone ! I am back after some days , i had hectic days so couldn’t comment . but i missed you guys so very much . hope i was missed too ! Haha . 😂
    @luthfa di,banita di,Sindhu di,appy di,riana di,Mona,agga di,prabha di,and many many lovely pkjians ; how are you guys ? Hope each one of you are fine and had great days . 😊
    Coming to the episode :
    Episode was fine .
    fans so knew that Nancy is alive and Mohit is behind all this drama . 😬 but wait , Mohit too works under someone ? I doubt who he is addressing as “boss” is none other than Ten Singh Oberoi . PS its my assumption only , not sure about that , but situations express it could be true . 😩
    Shivika is always amazing to watch 😄 ShivOmRuAni are so very much lovely as a team . 😄
    But i get ‘michmichi’ whenever SSO becomes Dumb Singh Oberoi and decides to Talk to Mohit ! 😂 I mean how could CVS write that nonsense . and all fans want detective AniShivOmRu ! 💖
    Majnu Singh Awara is so very much cute . NM is nailing this character ! His language and gesture is something far different from SSO . 😀
    Bhavya is gonna stay at OM ! Haha, RUVYA will also develop , nice concept .😊
    But I truly am missing RU shivika and total Oberoi family . 😞
    Taadibaaz Baghadbilla SSO
    Khidkitod Annika
    Jatadhari Shawar OM
    Shangkarji ki bhakt , salman ki fan aur khatke language wali Gauri
    Dumbbell oberoi , funny and crybaby Rudy
    ACP kacche ande khane wali bhavya
    Oh me mata wali pinky aunty
    Bhagbwan ke pujari Shakti
    Complicated Tej
    Beautiful but sometimes evil Jhanvi
    Pyari cool wali supportive khotiya bolne wali da adi
    Shivaay ke pehla pyaar khannaji
    Chantomai Svetlana and many more ! 😐
    Actually , i seriously miss the initial IB episodes . those had thrill , charm , sweet quarrels , family drama , how all defeated the villains etc .
    I am not saying IB has lost those things . i just want those things back because those things had some excitement ! IB is no doubt a wonderful show with brilliantly talented actors . 😊 but those things had another charm . 😄
    Precap – everyone is in a serious mood . 😂 here i am wanting funny things but i know this is a serious track haha . 😂
    Anyway , good night everyone . 😄 have sweet dreams and take care of yourselves . 💖 hope you guys are fine . Tata . 👋

    1. welcome back noushin di

      1. NSK


    2. Sindhudi

      Hey NSK nice to see you back. But why Jhanvi is a suspect. She does not look like one. She seems more of a Mother to a Shivaay and also misses shivaay. I doubt Jhanvi. I feel more like TSO or even daksh who returned to revenge. Yes could be anyone. Not sure but I think drama will speed up today and then we all will be eagerly waiting for monday’s Episode .

      For those who originally hated bhavya pairing with Rudra will now have a good opinion of Bhavya after they realised she has helped Shivaay to clear of his murder blame. Though Bhavya knows MSA could be Shivaay she may want him to be still the suspect so that the murderer can walk around freely and it will be easy for her track the real murderer if not Mohit will go into hiding. Yes NSK I hope there will be some funny moments. It has been so serious for awhile.

      1. NSK

        I was talking about RU jhanvi.😊 and such a lovely reply.had a lot to say but can’t due to short time..😞 take care💗

    3. Appy

      HIIII NSk dear
      Welcome back
      How was your exam
      Dear I know we all are missing RU ishqbaaaz
      But if you wanna watch redux then we have to focus on AU ishqbaaz.
      It is its concept…..
      And about Funny moments..can’t say but romantic moments are definitely coming.
      If you will think about au ishqbaaz then I am.sure you will get back your excitement……
      Love you…
      YES MSA ne you dil jitli.

      1. NSK

        My exams ….ahh ! Some were fine and some were not so good ! 😞
        Anyways, i am finneeee. Wbu di?
        And i love AU ib too,but really missing RU these days .
        Take care di.💗

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Noushin,how are you doing?
      Welcome back to PKJ with lots of sweet love..😊😊Of course I missed my cute,crirphy,bubly Noushin😊😊
      RU IB is unbeatable and incomparable so its charm and everything altogether.Redux is not the end game and it will finish in its due time and eventually we will get back our khidkitode IB.Till then,let’s enjoy.Nice analysis😊😊

      1. NSK

        I am fine Apu . 😊 what about you ?
        And thanks for the compliment😄
        Take care . 😀

  15. I think its janvi aaj ka episode dekh kar aisa laga ki janviho sakti h boss

  16. Rajvi_shah

    I think svetlana is the boss.

  17. Nice episode

  18. Appy

    CVS ne accha hum sab ko kaam pe laga diya he..
    Woh maje le rahe he…And here we are thinking who is the BOSS.
    Mystery of BOSS🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    I am laughing so hard seeing myself……

    I really really loving this vibe from pkj.
    You guys understood things and’s very good.
    Be always like this.

    And forgot to say last part of episode majnu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Mere ko ek sawal puchna he AAP khane main kya khaoge ji🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…
    .Yes episode was really good.
    Hope revelation will start soon.

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..Everyone is in CID,FBI mode….😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉

  19. Sindhudi

    Oh yes Arpu I also laughed at the last part before the episode ended.🤣🤣🤣 When bhavya asked any problem? Shivaay said I want to know whether you have any food allergy….😂😂😂that was so funny when everyone was stone serious.

  20. Hello ishqbaazians i am new hope you will welcome me in this group.
    i think bhavya came to know who is the actual culprit so she is here in om to catch and later she may join anishivomru team . Thank god there was no tej scene and seriously the episodes are becoming interesting day by day. Loved the way shivay invited anika and our obreois theme one for all ,all for one.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Medhangel,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love and band-baja.Very glad to have you here.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.See you soon.Take care😊😊

      1. Thankyou luthfa for warm welcome have good day and keep smiling see u soon

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. And precap is awesome… Love u majnu and shanno…

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