Ishqbaaz 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh meets Pankaj Kohli

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Ishqbaaz 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditi tells her aunt that she has transferred the money to her. Mohini comes to her. Aditi gives her pocket money. Mohini asks how can you manage in 1000rs. Aditi says its enough, I m making paneer for you. Mohini says you are running two houses in one salary, we don’t have any savings. Aditi and Mohini have a laugh. Aditi says uncle and aunt have helped us a lot, else we would have been living in an orphanage. Aditi gets a call from Nandini. She says Nandini had called me in Christmas party. Mohini says you can’t go in these clothes, I will make you ready today. Aditi says I m a police officer. Mohini says I know, but you are my sweet sister first. Avi says you are not able to decide what to wear today in the party. Aasya says I have to ask about Shivaansh’s costumes. Avi and Aasya argue. The

reporters are at Nandini’s house party. Nandini is with the orphan kids and gives them chocolates. Aditi comes. Nandini smiles seeing her. Nandini goes to attend guests. Aditi handles the kids. Shivaansh comes there with his team. Aditi sees him.

Aditi says he has come even here. Nandini thanks him for coming. Shivaansh says we have to come, no matter police calls by love or anger, I m brand ambassador for police dept. thanks for this honor. Nandini asks him to please come. Gaitonde says why don’t we have Kanji eyes like him, we would have looked like a hero too. Khanna says ACP madam is here. Shivaansh sees Aditi. A guy comes there. Reporter says king of action Pankaj Kohli is in frame with Shivaansh. Pankaj says the difference between us in huge, that of 300 crores. Nandini welcomes Pankaj and says we are here to spread joy, business talks won’t look good. Pankaj taunts on Shivaansh, who doesn’t know basics of action, one doesn’t become hero by romancing the heroine, real hero is one who fights the goons. Nandini says we want to show that police also has a heart and works for welfare of people, Shivaansh’s name comes first when its about heart and love. Aditi says not everyone can do action. Pankaj smiles. Shivaansh looks at her. She says sorry, I mean…. Pankaj asks why are you sorry, you didn’t say anything wrong, what happened. He taunts Shivaansh.

Shivaansh taunts him back. Pankaj says not everyone can do action, and some people don’t even have status to do that, my dad was a fight master, your dad was a businessman, I do action, you romance the girls. Shivaansh gets angry and asks how dare you talk about my family. He catches Pankaj and beats him up. Khanna and Avi stop Shivaansh and take him away. Reporters ask Shivaansh why did he raise hand on Pankaj. Khanna takes Shivaansh out and gives him pills. Shivaansh says this news shouldn’t go out. Khanna says you can’t bear anger. Nandini says anger isn’t good for you, you remember what did doctor say, your heart condition… Khanna says how can doctor say that Shivaansh can’t live for long, Shivaansh doesn’t take medicines and doesn’t let me tell people, Shivaansh can’t do action as doctor told him, its risky for his life. He gets emotional and says nothing will happen to you, I always go to temple to pray for you, just say this once. Shivaansh says one can’t fight fate. Khanna says I won’t listen to you. He goes. Shivaansh calls him out. He says Khanna isn’t able to accept this.

Nandini says I have seen you since childhood, I have handled your dad’s case, you have won all battles alone and won, knowing you have very less time, you stay happy, you spread joy, you bear the pain, its just you who does this, Shivaansh, how do you do all this. He says my parents’ life wasn’t long, but great, Khanna gets emotional, I will go and see him. Avi and Aasya argue with Gaitonde and Nana. Gaitonde says Aditi also wants to see SSO’s action movie, she likes action movies. Aasya says don’t defend her. They all argue. Nandini scolds Aditi for commenting and insulting SSO. Aditi says sorry. Nandini says you shouldn’t give such statements, don’t know how would that affect his life. Aditi says it was the truth.

Nandini says you had no proof, don’t forget that he is SSO, the country’s biggest superstar, one wrong thing about him can ruin his image, career and future, it can hurt him, like your statement has hurt him today. Aditi says I didn’t do that deliberately, you know me well. Nandini says things are just black and white for you, or truth or lie, whatever is between that two is life, you are a sensible girl, everyone has some weakness and everyone makes mistakes, learn to see people by heart. She goes. Aditi says truth is SSO has worked his magic on everyone, even on Nandini. She goes. Pankaj says so ACP was going to give statement about SSO, interesting…

Shivaansh says I won’t let the news come out, its my promise. Aditi says its my promise to get this news out in 24 hours. He says my name is Shivaansh Singh Oberoi….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. go to hell with the new flop heroine she doesnt match anika

    1. That’s the point aditti much better than your anika she have story work on it and also have strong personality than she as a person challenge all surbhi fans and get the show to prove her self if you have problems with her simply don’t see the show and stop attacking her it’s really disappointing

      1. I totally agree with you…..
        First of all I really appreciate actress manjari who dare to take the risk to do this role even though she must aware that she will bashed terribly by others…. I have seen her insta post where she was humiliated badly in all her posts…. I felt bad for her…. Now, the comments are not there…. She has deleted I guess….. I’m not Manjari’s fan but I’m a human who care for others feelings…. Who are we to bash her or other celebrities??? If they like Surbhi Chandna, then wait for her next project?? Manjari is not replacing Annika’s character…. Annika’s character is over in the show….
        And Manjari is doing really well her role as Aditi…. She is a strong cop and her role is having a story too…. Not like other leads who always give over expression and reaction and talkative…. She speaks sensible and in a correct time…..
        I thought to not commenting but these bashers made me to speak…..
        If they are truly a ShivIka fan, they should respect other celebrities too…. I think Surbhi too won’t like if she knows that her fans are bashing another celebrity….. And at initial stage, Surbhi too was bashed when this show has started….

      2. Who are you don’t you dare to compare your so called aditi with anika character hawa n stunt krne se koi strong nh ho jata thk h tk next time shut your mouth against surbhi

      3. Oh hello don’t you dare to compare your aditi with surbhi hawa m stunt krne se koi strong nh bnta agar pta na ho to and na face p expression hta na kch to next time compare krne ki try bh mt krna with your so called Manjit neha

      4. @Joana…. Hahahha Aditi is better than Anika’s character… Wowww Millenium joke !!… Do you watch tv wearing double specs or you have talented eye vision… Then plssssss share your talented eye vision with us madame we want to view the show through your divine eyes !!!… Sadly we cant be so manipulative naa to put a third class actress in the place of a good actress so its actually our fault madame !…

  2. I want to know who was the talented person to chose aditi as a heroine.she is really flop. Any one know?

  3. fazool story i miss rikara and ruvya and even shivika was better than this couple

  4. I am a silent reader but jbse ye manjiri show m ayi h tbse uske kch faltu fans usse Surbhi se compare krne lge h to bhai limit m raho dkhna h dkho but Surbhi se to compare krna mt acp k character play krne se ya hawa m stunt krne se strong nh hta koi aur ha rhi bashing ki baat to bashing is not good even i stop some fans but your so called manjiri also blocked me bashing tolerate bh har koi nh kr skta surbhi p aajtk bashing hti h but usne to kbhi kisi ko block ya comments section off krte nh dkha iss khte h strong hna acp k character play krne se koi strong nh hta and ptani kaun sa acp poor hta h and rhi acting ki baat to na acting m dum h na match kr rhi nakul se ao next time compare krne walo limt m raho aur dkho apni manjiri ko but surbhi se compare mt krna

    1. Totally agree with you
      I m not saying manjiri is bad or anything , but it is just don’t drag surbhi in all this she is not in a show anymore …but the fact is manjiri is not looking good with nakul…maybe because we had see him with surbhi nd there chemistry was fire .
      Nd if talking about show …bacha kya h .it is out of trp charts no one is watching except fans of nakul…
      Nd i m sure the show will off air ..very soon ….
      Becz there is nothing left useless story line
      Flop writters nd the most flop producer

  5. Hahahahaha this time gulsht khan has given the full chance to the marathi television industry and thats why all the actors are basically marathi and no famous face… After all they wanted to bury fans na with their supersilly starcast !!… Accept supriya pilgaonkar all are just huh… Amazin hats off to the fkinn casting director. This is what actually happens when budget is low. Arey inki toh itni bhi aukaad nahi hain ki dhang ki storyline likhde !!…Hamare Shivika ke upar based hain inkaa so called dhinchaak ishqbaaz shit !!!… Bewakoof gawar producer jab couple hit hojate the toh show ko barbaad kar deti hain #arshi #shivika #rikara #rumya #asya etc etc etc ??????

    1. Pista i am agree with you ib shivika rikara ruvya ki wajah se bna aur aye iss 2din k actress k fans bolne wale she is better than surbhi

  6. Guys just forget once about shivika and old ishqbaaz cast and watch this new season as anew show as we watch when a new show comes


  7. Better shivansh dies of heart problem than to romance this monster???

  8. I seriously hate this aditi….na isko acting aati hai…lgta hai bs faltu me bol rhi hai sb dialouges…….na acting aati hai na kuch

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