Ishqbaaz 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika’s haldi

Ishqbaaz 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees Shivaye and goes to kitchen. She says you will be applying haldi to me Shivaye. She recalls his words. She places her hands on the hot tava and screams. Shivaye hears her and says Anika… he says you are so accident prone, you got locked in safe and now burnt your hands. Gauri and Priyanka ask how did this happen. Anika says I thought to prepare some special dish as we all are together, I didn’t know the tava is hot, I went to pick it. He says what was the need to lift it with hands, you could have called Khanna or me. She says you are questioning me, you didn’t even ask how would I get haldi applied, it just seems to be a dream now. Jhanvi says her hands are burnt, show some care Shivaye. Anika says show some care. Om says she is trying a lot, apply her haldi. Jhanvi says come on, apply haldi to her. Gauri gets haldi. Jhanvi says her wounds will heal with haldi. Everyone insists. Shivaye applies haldi to Anika. Om takes the pics. O jaana….plays….. Priyanka and others also apply haldi to her. Anika smiles.

Anika comes to Shivaye and says I have won, wife has to do a lot to bring her husband to the right path. He says you have won by cheating, you had burnt your hands. She says so what, you have applied haldi to me. He says you are mad. She says you have to spend your entire life with me. He asks why are you here now. She says you didn’t say that you care. He says I don’t care. She stumbles. She falls over her. He holds her. He gets the haldi applied on his cheek by her cheeks. Yeh moh moh….plays… She says now our haldi got completed, you have proved often that you care for me, you will admit this soon, this is my promise to you. She smiles and goes. Anika asks Gauri will you sleep on left side or on the right. Jhanvi asks what are you doing here, you are newly married, you should be in your room. Jhanvi and Anika come to Shivaye.

Jhanvi asks what’s going on between you two, you both are sleeping in different rooms. Anika says he is upset with me, I got my hands burnt and got locked in room, he scolded me thinking I m careless, so I went to sleep in Gauri’s room. He says yes. Jhanvi asks are you sure this is the issue, listen, husband and wife have fights, but only when there is love and rights, sort out the fights before sleeping, because sleeping in separate rooms increases the distance. They nod. Jhanvi says don’t dare to sleep in separate rooms now, promise. They nod. Jhanvi goes and turns. Anika says your hair is so dry, come I will apply some oil. Jhanvi goes. Shivaye asks what’s this. Anika says you created this problem, did I ask you to get me married from this house, how would you answer Tej and Jhanvi if I was marrying Nikhil in front of them, apply some oil on your hair. He asks what’s this. She says a wife does everything for her husband.

He says I don’t want to know wife’s duties or this thing. She says any ways, my hands are burnt, I can’t apply the oil, I m feeling sleeping. He asks what are you doing there, you sleep on bed, I will sleep on sofa. She asks what’s the problem, do you care about me. He says why do you always get stuck on that topic, you are a girl, its against my principles that you sleep on sofa. She says its against my principles to sleep on bed. They ask each other to sleep on bed. He says so you won’t sleep on bed, fine, I won’t sleep either. He sleeps on the ground. She also comes to sleep on ground. He asks her to sleep on sofa. She says you are my husband, its wrong if husband sleeps on ground and wife sleeps on sofa. He says I don’t care. She smiles and turns to him.

He looks at her and asks why are you staring. She says I m not staring, I m looking at you, like you are looking at me. He says I m looking at you to know why you are looking at me, turn that side. She asks do you care. He says stop it, turn around. She says if you are troubled, turn that side. He sleeps. She smiles seeing him. He turns to her side and opens eyes. He sees her staring again and turns away. She sings Chandu hai tu….. He says what are you doing. She says its called a lullaby. He says I know, who sings a lullaby so late at night. She says I have to sing a lullaby as a wife does this when husband doesn’t get sleep. He says don’t do anything, I wasn’t getting sleep as I was wearing the shoes. She asks didn’t you like my lullaby. He says I have an imp meeting tomorrow, please let me sleep. She says so you liked it, right.

Shivaye dreams of Pinky and Shakti’s argument. He screams and wakes up. Anika wakes up and says its fine, it was just a bad dream, you are fine. He says I m okay. She says some memories don’t leave us even in dreams, they were those memories right. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She says fine, we will not talk about it till you want, but please don’t hurt yourself, please sleep on the bed. He says I don’t care where I sleep. She says but it matters a lot to me, I feel bad seeing you in pain, I do care for you. They cry. She says please sleep well, you won’t get any dreams. He sleeps in her lap.

Shivaye asks Priyanka where is Anika. She says I didn’t see her, is everything fine. He says yes, I will go to room and look for her. Anika says our relation has ended. Nikhil says I want to tell something imp, maybe this makes a difference in Shivaye and your relation. Jhanvi says Anika went after you left. Shivaye says I had to talk to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals….
    Love VS Destiny
    @NSK my cutie you are really too cute..and I am not that good you can put me in ok types..
    @SEKHAR BHAIYA..YOOOOOO happy rakshabandhan to you too
    Ok no return ???love you mere cutie
    Oh God what an amazing episode ..
    I can’t stop laughing
    Chandu di you are doing reallyyyyyyyy a good job
    Can’t even express how much I am living this side of Annika.
    She has capability do make things according to her.
    And making Sso in BILU mode .
    She burned her hand..
    Sso you better don’t mess with your mad khidkitod wife.she can do anything just like you…

    And that tiny half I moment cute innocent and sensous at the same time.upar se bilu ko total bilu
    –banadiya..Sso was totally lost….in Annika..hi hi hi

    And most imp she is claiming her rights without backing off..????????
    God..this version is hell exciting ….I am totally loving
    Haaaingggggg….???janvi.sry I can’t handle you
    But still thank you for bringing shivika in one room
    And Grumpy cute adorable Biluji and teasing Annika
    One of the most cutest scene..uumnhhhhhhhh
    And yes Pagali wali dialogue reminded me last time Sso’s dialogue

    Ok but that cute banter was soon good
    Waise dono bed pe sote toh……….Kitna accha hota na..( ok me and my chipdi dimag)1??????

    these dioglues are irritating Sso and I am loving it.

    .chandu di aap bahut accha ga leti ho…..
    You should try singing too.

    And last two mins stole the episode
    As I told eariler that SSO is still that 3 years kit who wants love care affection attention and exact same thing happened.
    Annika just not cried it was Tears of Sso..who was hide behind great wall after of him

    How cutest he slept in her lap.he found himself calm and stressless.


    PRECAP yoooooooooo bring it on

    Ok I am.too excited seeing promo………
    Full on suspense movie wali feeling.

    Phewww done writting I am hell sleepy do can’t correct typo errors.chod dena…. bye

    1. Di i missed u. Have to miss u for two weeks more.? laut ke apse dheer sare bate karna hai.
      Ur analysis is awesome di.khidkitoddd?
      Tata? (ur cute and it reflects in ur writing too.buckets of love)
      Congrats being the first.?

    2. NSK…are you going somewhere??? I am gonna miss you..
      Thank you soo much my dear….
      Balti bhar bhar ke love for you..uuummhhh…?????

    3. Mona_2005

      So good analysis Didi
      Anika look more good when she is playing roles like biwi no. 1 and with full khidkitodness
      That crying Anika is good but khidkitodness is best
      Vaise didi aapka cheapda thought Kya tha, samaj me nahi aaya
      New promo is full of suspense , horror, will enjoy watching it
      Take care didi

    4. He Mona thanx dear..
      Yes khidktdness is best
      My cheapdi thought was ki shivika will sleep on bed cuddling with each other…?????
      Promo ne toh hosh uda di meri

    5. Banita

      Go Arpu Go…!!!!!!
      Congratulations for being first dr?????
      Yeh I m also waiting when Shivika will share their past to eo with full sense…
      Nd apni cheapdi dimag thoda control kr kanhi brust naa ho jaye???
      LOL Pagal…

    6. He meri Bani chal finally wapas aagayi.
      Apni tabiyat thik rakh…
      Ya ya I am.full in control mode….hi hi hi
      Thanx tart.. love you????

    7. Arpu dear even though billu ji is angry with anika’s taunting of putting haldi on her hand I think he kind of liked it so much because he is playing hard to get. He is enjoying it that she actually likes him.

    8. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpi dear.
      GM. Congrats for being 1st dear. This anika can do anything….. Likeing her biwi no 1 role. S dear promo is nt less than the suspense/thriller movie promo. Let’s wait nd watch Wr CVS is going to show us. Love you .tc

    9. Luthfa

      Go Arpita Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      Hehehe….Your comment is oozing out cuteness all over!Nice Cute Comment.Take care?

  2. Sindhudi

    Hello my dear PKJ family especially to Arpu dear Luthfa banita, Pushpa Kadhambari Shivya Jeevi dear Ishita Sneha Tania Beauty NSK Jessie and many many more wonderful people….
    Wow today’s episode was just amazing. I loved it so much. They should just titled the episode as Ishqbaaz farak padta. Throughout they both keep saying the same thing I don’t care but you care. What a brilliant idea of scalding her palms so shivaay does the rasam of haldi. Clever of Anika. I love the bedroom scene. They both sleeping on the floor. Shivaay you do care for Anika 100 percent but why are you allowing your ego to get in the way. Just admit it. Shivaay nah,, is playing hard to get. I thought women are the ones who usually do it but men too are playing hard to get.
    It is lovely when Anika said that she does care about him and cried that he ended up sleeping on her lap. Oh how romantic that was. How she cares for her husband….. Both love each other so much and can’t see another person getting hurt. Just because she slept on the sofa he decided to sleep on the floor. Oh I am falling in love with Farak Padta Shivaay myself.
    @Luthfa thanks for your comments but couldn’t respond to yours. I was busy over the weekend.
    @Jeevi and @Arpu dear finally I got registered as per your request. I hope both of you are now happy that I am a member.

    1. Welcome diiii? so happy to have u.
      Cool analysis.?
      We will talk much morrreeee soooon.tata.?

    2. All d best for Ur exams…???

    3. Thanks NSK. That is so nice my dearie

    4. Banita

      Hllllooooo Sindhu diii…
      Congratulations diiii….
      Finally u r officially registered pagal…
      Dii u know na SSO nd his ego…!!! Now I m waiting for Anika’s Shivay….
      Byee dii..

    5. Oh thanks banita dear. Finally after a Long time I got registered if jeevi Arpu and Luthfa did not keep telling me I would not have done it. Thanks my dear. Yes Shivaay and his ego is one hard rock to crack

    6. Yeeeehhhhhhhhhh.
      Sindhu di now you are permanent pagals of ishqbaaz…nice analysis…..

    7. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Congratulations once again on being registered member.
      Shivika are playing farak padta/nahi padta game with each other.That sleeping scene was so beautiful.Shivaay looked like a little baby who was searching for a safe place to sleep and Anika provided him that.Looking forward to upcoming desperately.Let’s see what happens.Very good analysis di.Take care.

    8. JeevithaTK

      Hi Sindhu akka,
      Thank you soooo much for registering. Nd Ya once again congrats for being resisted member. S akka I think according to the track even serial title must b changed Wr v feel as per the track. Shivay nd anika was looking too cute in the episode.
      Once again Tq akka. Akka I think something problem is there becoz ur page is nt opening. Plz check it akka. Love you. Tc

  3. Sindhudi

    Oh I hate precap. I don’t know what Nikhil is up to but this must be Daksh plan. I can’t wait to see what happened after Shivaay slept peacefully on Anika’s lap. Shivika’s nok jhok is always so pleasant to watch. I just love the episodes as it goes by. I really hope after Shivaay realises that Anika is the one for him and his wife they will go ahead with the proper marriage after all the rasams.

    1. We will witness those ? gn di

    2. Sindhu di acc to latest promo dhamaka is coming..
      Ha ha
      Let’s see May be after that shivika grand wedding will happen with all rituals

    3. Luthfa

      Di,you just wrote my heart’s wish.But don’t know what will happen.Have to wait for the time being.

    4. JeevithaTK

      Akka bt new is bit confused to the present story. Don’t know wt CVS is up to nd wt is in his mind. Nd even 2 more new entry r there. ??.tc

  4. Nice episode

    1. Yes?

    2. Luthfa

      Right you are.

  5. Hello guys!? my exam is going to start,so last comment foe two weeks.?Pray for me that i can do well in my exams.?
    Episode was cool.not detailing it because there are others who will do that.?
    Fandom War:
    Zaiin Imam will be entering IB.that’s why fandoms are making ruckus!?if he has no problem playing a character in IB,his fans should support him rather than saying he broke their heart.? and some are comparing him to Nakuul.I mean all the actors are talented according to me because they take their time to put an act off.
    Naamkarann and IB fans should stop bashing each other or make fun,its really very immature.??
    Hope u guys, didn’t think that im just fangirling over the boys!no i am not.I barely watched an episode of Zain’s shows.i heard that he said IB will go off air or something like that.OK maybe he said that and our fandom got hurt.but i think this topic has already been discussed and actor was criticised.
    Fandom should just keep calm because everything happens for a good reason.?we should support our favourites because they are doing it to entertain us,the audience!?
    Nakuul being trolled: (??)
    I have seen people bashing NM because he promoted Jankee.?some are saying both Nakuul and Jankee are attention seekers!again some are bringing Surbhi here!i mean,why she did that those people has to drag her??
    Nakuul promoted his wife!HIS WIFE!how is that is wanted for attention?he as a husband can promote his wife ,definitely he can.?some people are saying “think of your fans ears before promoting Jankee” , “we unfollowed him because he keeps promoting jankee” etc etc…
    CANT HE PROMOTE HIS WIFE BECAUSE HE IS A CELEBRITY?? its his own personal account and his own personal life,there no need of anybody’s interference. (I and my sister do post and tag each other ,so dos that mean we are attention seekers?Saying this because before uttering nonsense one should put himself/herself on the place first.if its OK for a normal person,then it should also be OK for a celebrity. Because celebrities are human too☺)
    And no need to bring Surbhi and compare her to him.Some are always there for SC vs NM!? i mean,liking one from the core of heart is OK but to upheld your favourite there is no need to bash another one!?true SC and NM fans would never do such a thing.

    Well, i want to say that there is no need to judge or bash one person because of he/she is a celeb.stop bringing every activities of them as its the show or something related to fans only.
    Actually, im not a person of serious type. But since its PKJ and all the members are understanding, i shared my point.if anyone is not agreed to this,its totally fine.?necause each person has his/ her own view.

    Thank u guys for making me comfortable enough to share my thoughts with you.
    Good night guys. Ilsm pkj family.Have great days.Keep watching IB and supporting the actors.loads of love.
    Byeee.see ya guys soon.????

    1. Mona_2005

      So true, really didn’t get such types of fans
      Vaise when did nakuul Bhai promote jankee, she has a fantastic voice and he always say so
      Did he ever said that pls subscribe to her utube channel in any interview or so as i didn’t heard it but even if he did , she is his wife, he loves her and one can do this much for loved ones
      And on instragram his photos will be with jankee only know as she is his wife
      Now Zain is entering ib so again fans are asking not to come, i think it’s his choice to come or not, he knows what to do and being a fan u should support him instead of bashing
      True fans are not like this
      All the best for ur exams
      Do well

    2. Tysm for understanding.?
      N nm is just putting and posting Jankee’sJankee’s MV sometimes only. N jankee herself can sing well.
      Bye.Them for wishes.?

    3. I agree with u….coz I have also seen some bashing nakuul for posting pics with his wife rather than Surbhi…I mean jankee is his wife n v don’t have right to ask him to post pics with his costar all the tym…nakuul n Surbhi share unique bonding ??n I luuv it….he is also a normal human being lyk everyone.i hope I didn’t hurt anyone…n ABT today’s episode n hell scary promo….no words ???did anyone had a feeling of the movie “ek villain” after watching promo…that girl body reminded me of it…anybody else???well also Bhavya Ka bhi entry ho chuki hai ab tho dhamaka San ek Saath Hain…aur Zain imam in ib??woww…I never thought of it ever…it was really surprised when gul mam confirmed his entry….well poora ib fandom ek promo ke liye beyhadh intezaar karcrahi thi…..par jab Mila it was lykkk….yeh thoda zyaada tho Nahi hua???just joking…eagerly waiting for a fresh n new track in ib…waise yahan Kerala main sab teek home laga hai….thanks for all Ur prayers ? by the way did KJ went for any vacation???I saw him going he not shooting right now??and one more thing our daksh has packed up from set.waise hamari shivika ki bohot thang Karti hai yeh…lekin phir bhi I luv his presence in show…the most astonishing villain of ib,???gud but everyone..see u tomorrow

    4. Thank u dear.hope to see u soon.nice analysis dear.? to.

    5. Banita

      Yrrrrrrr tumne pura meri dil ki baat bol diya…
      Dictoo my words…
      I don’t want to say anything more details about this fanwar becz I told it very clearly….
      But just hope people (other fans) can understand it…
      Wade vi samjhenge less sb hum PKJIANS ke tarha understanding thodina hain????
      Kya main aai nd Tum Jaa Rahi ho… But koi nahi..???
      ADBOL for ur exam….
      Nd say ur name yr… It’s soo awakword to say NSK… I want to ask u this thing from long but just forgot it all time… But if u r not comfortable then it’s f9 no need to say it…

    6. My name is noushin Saadaf khan oishy Mona.
      When i registered, i couldn’t think of which name i should use? so i just used abbreviation of my name lol.?
      And them for understanding.?

    7. Tysm*

    8. NSK I tell you for one thing. People are never pleased with anyone and anything. They just love to bash these actors and get too personal in their lives. Just ignore these news and let us just enjoy our Ishqbaaz oeacefully. All the best for your exams and may you do well with flying colours

    9. Yes.? but sharing thoughts with understanding guys like u is a great pleasure.? tysm for wishes dear.? see u soon.

    10. NSK dear..
      In weekends Twitter page became world war III battle
      People are using social media but their thoughts are so cheap.
      Behaving like educated illiterate…..
      But actually feeling bad for Zain imam.
      Some fans of ishqbaaz making fun of him bcoz he said about offair of ishqbaaz
      And his fans are cursing him…
      Realy immature…… people

      I couldn’t understand why people bashed noks..
      He is appreciating his own wife…what’s the prbm
      I really adore them as couple…and NARBHI as pagals frnds….people becoming too cheap towards celebrities

      And leave it…these people never gonna change themselves
      Go and rock in your exams……
      And come back soon
      Gonna miss you

    11. OK di.I’ll be back asap.? n about people who do these actually are educated illiterates, haha.nice one.
      Them for wishes and understanding.?

    12. Luthfa

      Hello NSK,
      Agree with you completely.This fan war is nothing but waste of time and energy.Nowadays social media has become war front in true sense to fight,throwing mud,indecent bashing,mocking and worst-personal attacks crossing the limit,for most of the fans.They get sadistic pleasure in doing so.Those fans don’t understand that reel and real life are not the same still they mingle both.What one Celeb would do in his/her personal life it’s absolutely their to decide.Anyway,l am happy that PKJ was and is staying aloof from all toxic,nasty fan war.You have pointed everything in the true light.And all the very best for your exams.Give your best and achieve best.Allah bless you in your every venture.Will miss you till then.Take care.

    13. Apu , ur words can make me think like a wise person ?

    14. Exactly!!! In fact there are some writers (not in TU) always bashing Jankee saying she is jealous of NarBhi’s closeness… Whatever pictures she posted with Nakul, they said she is insecure like that… It’s up to her what pictures she wanted to post… What is their problems?? This is not happening with him only… KJ too was bashed after he get engaged with Bharti. It’s his wish whom he wants to marry… There are some people started FF on ShreNal and made Bharti as negative character…

    15. Yes dear

    16. JeevithaTK

      Hi NSK dear,
      I totally agree dear. Now a day than political parties fight fans fight r becoming more tht too more worst even I got same anger they used to fight for Nakul kunal Lee….. I don’t understand abt the fans in his own account if he upload photos with his own wife.wts their problem. Really I feel petty for the celebrities….
      Abt Zain entry it his wish…. Nd he is good actor in positive nd negative role.
      Thank god this is nt happening here. leave it..

    17. Tc too ?
      Hope ur keeping fine we?

  6. Luthfa

    There is a visible yet invisible distance comes in between us whenever we are supposed to be together.And that distance has been made by you to separate us from each other.I don’t know what kind of stubbornness is this or obsession of yours to do everything to make me away from you.You keep repeating all the time you want my happiness but I don’t think you want that.I have clearly said to you what I want,where lies my happiness still you being Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the one-man-decision-maker is not budging from your determination to make me unhappy and you are in full form.Now you are playing with me I-do-not-care game knowing that I won’t listen to your words no matter what.What’s in your heart that bothers you so much?If you won’t share anything then how other people would realize that what you actually want.You are ready to move the mountain for my happiness but not ready to hear what I want to say.How to make one simple thing complicate one should learn it from you.I can feel it that you have hidden so many things in your heart.Your silence shows it very vividly how lonely you are even with everyone around you.You love to be in your own world but it is me who continue disturbing you with all my irritating(for you)demands.You don’t wish to include me in your world nor you will accept it if I want to.But you know what Shivaay,whether you want it or not,still I have become a part of your own world where only you lives that no-one knows exists.You believe it or not,I have started reading your eyes and knowing what your heart wants.Even your silence has stared talking with me.So those drama you enact in front of me to show that you don’t care or feel anything,can’t fool me.Better you admit it by yourself you do care for me,more than anything and you should speak up your heart out.Because tomorrow is unknown and future is unseen.Today you and me are together but it can be otherwise as well.I don’t want you to regret later like before.Hope you have understood what I meant.

    1. Gd night Apu!have a great weeek.bye.?
      Ur analysis is fabulous as usual.loaadss of love,?

    2. Luthfa

      Good morning dear
      Wishing you the same.Thank you sooooooo….very much for your love.Lots of love to you too.Take care.

    3. Mona_2005

      Awesome analysis di
      Achi daat lagai so ko
      Di vaise ur writing are just so ….( Speechless)
      It is always i treat to read ur comment
      Vaise di don’t mind but why don’t u try writing as profession, u write really v. well

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,how are you?
      Dear,taking up writing as a serious profession needs huge guts,talents and luck at the same time.And I don’t think I am that capable enough to do so.Reading and writing are my hobby as well passion since childhood and I love and enjoy very much in it.You have considered it for me and that’s so sweet of you.Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your absolutely encouraging and beautiful words.I am honoured.God bless you dear.

    5. Banita

      I was just sooo missed this analysis….
      @Lu as usual ur analysis is Amazing yr….
      Like it…
      Lords of love dr…

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,welcome back to PKJ with band-baja and lots of love.Hope you are fine now.I missed you sooooooo….much yaar.Very glad to have you back.
      Thank you sooooooo…..very much for your love.Love you.

    7. Rightly said Luthfa. Beautiful analysis. Yes Shivaay loves all these attention and he is secure that Anika loves him only but he just loves the phrase farak padta so it is I don’t care for him but he deeply cares so much for Anika that the moment she screamed when she placed her hands on the tawa Shivaay is the one who reacted and was holding her hands to apply medicine. He can’t believe how she scalded her hands to just for him to put haldi. Which Wife will do that? He is realising it but she had to go to extremes. Anika accident prone.

    8. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      It’s not that Shivaay doesn’t understand what Anika wants but he is simply avoiding her all rightful question because he believes that Anika is not safe with him and his presence in her life can cause her harm.This belief got rooted in his heart because of their forceful marriage.Shivaay needs to come out of this false self-made notion.It will take time for him to admit.And good news is we have Anika to make it fast to happen.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your love di.Love you.

    9. Wah wah wah.
      Dil jeet li..Lu once again……..

    10. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooo…..very much darling.Love you.

    11. JeevithaTK

      Hi Lu dear,
      Super awesome analysis dear. I totally agree nd I was have dout tht Wen shivay wt anika to be happy nd he soo hard tht she must get all her happiness which she deserves. Now anika herself is confessing tht she loves him. Still y he is nt accpecting her. I feel tht some how indirectly he is still taking all her decision my him only. By the way as always I say awesome analysis dear.
      C dear now ur fandom is increasing plz don’t dissapoint us by saying that ur nt fit for professional writing… Then so wt abt one of my wish to buy ur book and show it to my family nd frds. Nd to take autograph on it. Plz don’t put water dear. Nd if I ask u autograph u put it right. ???? S r no dear. Love u. Tc

    12. JeevithaTK

      Nd Ya sure dear withu dear. V can take the step by ourself by taking our own decisions of ourself. As u said in last analysis…..???..Tc

    13. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      It was Shivaay who destroyed and snatched Anika’s happiness from her life to take revenge upon Anika so,after the truth revelation he tagged himself as the destroyer and snatcher of Anika’s happiness and is hell bent to make her happy,even at the cost of separating from Anika,forever.In all these he forgot that he took the control of Anika’s life though he made it very clear that he was doing everything that Anika liked.But we know as well as Anika that it’s not true but Shivaay’s own belief,actions and reactions based on his past dark deeds.Hope he is going to realize soon the real feelings of his heart.Thank you sooooooo….very much for your priceless love.Love you dear.

    14. Luthfa

      And Jeevi dear,you are very sweet in expecting something like that from me.But I can’t promise anything that it must happen one day or other.I can only try and to tell the truth me too want myself to come in the field of literature with my own creations.But it will take time like every other thing and most importantly with the wish of God.If He wants to see me as one and if I work hard to achieve it,then it can be possible.The way you expressed your wish,brought happy tears in my eyes.All I can say,may God fulfill your wish and you get what you want.I am blessed dear to have a well-wisher and friend like you who loves my writing so dearly.Thank you soooooooo…very much yaar.Lots of love.

    15. Luthfa

      P.S.Yes of course dear.Only talks can’t change the fate of us girls.Only actions can bring expected result.So,let’s start taking decisions on our own along with sane,valuable advice of our elders.Take care dear.Love you.

  7. Stargazer

    hi guys….. the episode was wonderful especially shivika moments….
    Precap: remove this Nikhil yaar… abhi aankhon ko chubta h.. yeh daksh, tia aur Nikhil chahte kya h??

    1. Kidnap annika !trap sso!?
      Btw,have a great week.byee.?

    2. As NSK said.
      D is gonna kidnap Annnika.

    3. Luthfa

      Yes,episode was mind blowing and full of emotions.Well,their primary target is Shivaay’s money and revenge comes in second.

  8. Mona_2005

    Today’s episode was so nice
    I almost laughed the whole episode
    Chandu di u were so good
    Vaise yaar yeh billu, billi pagal hai kya, kabhi shivaay apna hands burn karta hai TU kabhi anika, khud ko tu dard hota nahi TU dosre ke bare me soch liya Kare, tumhe kuch hogaya TU dosra kaise jiyaga
    Yaar vaise maza buhut hai, haldi-haldi me
    Finally anika wins par chitect se ( vaise shivaay bhaiya everything is fair in love and war) , through i know that u both don’t accept it but kuch TU hota hai Dil me
    Farak TU padta hai
    Vaise doesn’t get one thing in the episode why can’t they sleep on one bed, means they sleep on the floor also together so what if they sleep on bed, can any1 here pls explain really didn’t get that part
    The last few minutes were emotional, shivaay really needs care, love and affection which he didn’t get when he was a child and ik Anika u will provide sso that , u will be by shivaay’s side forever
    Precap- irritating nikhil, why don’t u suicide, bharti pe bhooj Kam ho jayaga
    Promo- v. Interesting and suspenseful
    Take care everyone

    1. Haha.taunt to nikhil is savage ah.?
      Nice analysis. Take care.?

    2. Banita

      Heyyy Mona…
      Anika accepted that usse farak padta hain ,but our Shivay only not accepting it….
      I also didn’t understand why they slept floor not on d bed…
      Nikhil????… Nycc…

    3. Yes Mona anika will provide the love as a mother that Shivaay lost in his childhood. She has been a mother to Sahil and Gauri so she is the one who is going to be his emotional strength for shivaay

    4. He Mona.
      Are ..both Shivika know their partner are so good looking
      If they will sleep together in bed then…………….( ok you are kid stay from this comment. ???????).
      Waise you are right..they are sleeping on floor together then can sleep on bed too??..
      Yes Sso is still a child

    5. Luthfa

      No matter what other says for Anika like she is desperate and all to convince Shivaay but I am glad that she opened up unlike Shivaay.Sometimes people can’t vocalize their feelings and later regrets a big time because of it.And what to say about the bed of Shivvay’s room.Perhaps it’s only for decoration.Otherwise makers could make Shivika use it.Floor has become their bed officially be it hall or bedroom.What Shivaay is missing since he was three will be fulfilled once he accepts Anika in his life.
      Don’t know what will happen next.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  9. Agga4102

    Today’s epi was khidkitod!!!! Anika’s avatar was epic!!!

    1. Yes.bye dear.?

    2. Ofcourse dear.
      Khidkitod Annika no no cute wale biluji….hi hi hi

    3. Luthfa


  10. @Arpu and @luthfa khidkithod comment by both of you..???gud but frndss

    1. Thank you so much Shame dear for love..

    2. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooooo…very much Shana dear.

  11. Banita

    Hlo PKJIANS….
    HRU ALL?????
    Finally I m here after almost a week….
    I really missed reading all of ur comments…
    Okk now I am back after many days so today my comment will be a little bit longer becz I want to say some parts of d epi from last week…. So sry for that….
    Anika’s Sangeet part,
    Gul ,Harneet nd Shivani…
    Teeno Ko IB hi Mila that kya apni saari experiment daalne ke liye!!!!???
    Seriously after watching Anika’s costume this only thing came in my mind….
    BTW Shivika’s dance part was d only good thing happened in that Sangeet… Specially d selection of song…. I really like that part….
    Shivika pool scene,
    Nothing much to say about my bhaiya’s romance???
    While watching that scene I was just remember about @Pus dii….. I m sure along ur TV screen ur whole house also catch the fire of Shivika ??????????????????????
    Divorce papers,
    Om – Ap dono dunia ke esa pehele couple hoge jo divorce paper ke saath ase sulukt Kia…
    Pure divorce paper…
    Now again started “farak pasta hain” drama…. It will be good if they end it soon…
    Cockroach drama was something really hilarious ???????????
    Shivay bhaiya’s reaction was too funny ???????
    Nd Om , he wanted to draw a picture of that cockroach ???????????
    Okkk now from today’s episode…
    Tawa uthane ke liye Khannaji Ko bulati!!
    I m enjoying d way Anika tease Shivay nd in full biwi no.1 mode….
    Shivika’s haldi…
    Last time Shivay put haldi on Anika nd this time Anika put haldi on Shivay… Wahhh…!!!!
    Like d cutee face of Shivay bhaiya after that scene….
    Both slept on floor… But jb milke sona hi tha toh bed pe hi so jate…!!!
    Anika sang Lori for Shivay…
    Awwww…!!!! How sweet… Loving this irritate Shivay bhaiya….
    Last part was d best part of the epi… Loved that scene….
    Now about villians… Wase toh I didn’t want to comment about it ,but krhi leti hun…
    Daksh – Kill urself man????
    Nikhil – Follow Daksh….
    Tyagi – ???
    Tia – I want to kill u on my own hand… Mere bhaiya ki romance ki OMM krdi??????
    Tejvi – Pinkyyyyy……….
    Why didn’t you kill ur jethji nd jethaniji along with it Shaktiji.?????
    Sacchi main bahat khusi Hoti if CVS kill Tejvi also along with Shinky…..
    Janhavi ab chahe kuch vi krde I m not going to forgive her.??????
    Nd missing Rudy badly…. Hope he will be back from his vacation soon….
    Okk byee people….

    1. Well banita once Shivaay knows that nikhil Tia and daksh have kidnapped anika by misleading her we are going to see a real tadibaaz Shivaay with full of anger and that is when he is going to tell nikhil how dare you touch my wife which is what anika wants to hear.

    2. Banita

      Yup diii… I m waiting for that only…. But accha hota if Shivay realise his feeling for Anika without kidnapping or accident drama…

    3. Ha ha I was only waiting for you…..your reaction for TEJVI
      Yes am villains should die ASAP
      Shivani mata experiment band hi NAHI karti.
      Waise kabhi kabhi acchi experiment kar leti he

    4. Banita

      Yup @Arpu kabhi kabhi Shivani ki expt acchi ho jate hain , but mostly horrible hi hota hain…

    5. Awesome comment.loved read in it.?
      Tata.see u soon.????? to dearie.☺

    6. Banita

      Thank U dr…
      Do well on ur exm…
      Once again ADBOL for ur exm…

    7. Luthfa

      Wow,kya khidkitode analysis yaar.Me and Arpita were remembering you on Tejvi’s return especially of Jhanvi.Now you are here so handle her.Loved reading your analysis after so long.Take care.

    8. Banita

      Thank U @Lu…
      Yeh I just don’t like Tejvi after Vanwas part… Specially Janhavi…
      Hope she will be out soon…

    9. JeevithaTK

      Hi Bani dear,
      Hru. Hope u good. Me fine. Today ur comment was good cute single statement analysis. Actually along Arpi nd Lu even me was waiting to c it comment on Tejvi. Nd sply janvi… Lovely analysis dear. Love you. Tc

    10. Banita

      Heyyy Jeevi.,
      Now i m f9 dr…
      Yeh i dont like Janhavi a single bit also… Jitni jaldi uski exit hoga uthni accha mere liye…
      BTW Thanks for ur compliment dr…

  12. Banita

    Nd forgot to say….
    Now I want Obros Rakhi scene….
    This yr Prinku vi hain , uperse Shiv-Prinku ki itni acchi bonding dikhaye hain toh Rakhi toh banti hain na….
    But I know makers not going to fulfill my this wish also becz they never did it… Mere bahat saare aarmano mein already paani phenk dia hain…?????
    Nd latest promo of IB….
    I m sooo exciting for upcoming… But I feel like this track will be go long… Becz two new main entry de raha hain… But jo vi ho I don’t want any type of separation or anyone in jail….
    But now just let’s wait what makers r storing for us….
    GN Pagals????
    Nahi.. nahi…
    GM Pagals????

    1. Bani i don’t mind if redux goes longer. It doesn’t matter to me as Long Shivika and Rikara moments are shown on and off in every episodes

    2. Banita

      Dii i was not talking about redux part i said about this murder mystery part only… It may be take a long time…
      Nd as u said i also dont mind about this redux as long they give us shivika nd rikara’s sweet moments…

    3. Makers……………………..
      Aur kuch NAHI bolna

    4. Banita


    5. Same.rakhi would be a good thing to watch.?

    6. Banita

      Yup dr…

    7. Luthfa

      Hope that makers fulfill your wish.According to IB calendar,Shivika got married in July and now they are in the early date of August.So Rakhi can happen if makers are ready for it to show.Promo is thrilling and intriguing.May be it’s a long track.Let’s see.

    8. Banita

      Yeh @Lu if makers want we can get Rakhi scene… But after watching d promo i dont think they hve any plan about Rakhi scene…
      Yeh let’s wait…

    9. JeevithaTK

      Hi Bani dear,
      Same to pinch dear. Even waiting Raksha bandhan dear. Last it was of anika-sahil nd Shivay-gouri missed o’bro Raksha bandhan. I expecting least this time…. I know it will b also it don’t be like 1st. The of somu of exchanging the characters was super. Just finger cross dear. Tc

    10. Banita

      Of course dr if there will be a rakhi track then it can never be like 1st one becz 1st one will be always special for us…
      Yeh me also missed Obros rakhi scene last yr… Hope we will get this yr…
      Yup finger crossed…

  13. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, today episode was good. O anika wt u did u burnt ur hand????. But throughout the episode I was laughing expect the last. Today anika was looking too pretty.
    Precap don’t wt is up to.
    I hope most of u all may Hv watched new promo. For me it looked like promo of some suspense serial. Nd also Naamkaran actor Zain is making his entry. By I wish before this a Raksha bandhan part. I hope CVS don’t skip it.

    1. Yes jeevi dear anika looked so pretty and very seeet looking. She definitely has better make up and dress designs compared to the only IB. I am so glad the wardrobe designer changed and now the clothes she wear I can see she herself looks good in it and is comfortable.

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Sindhu akka.
      I don’t y for me she was soo cute. Hope from now they nt spoil her dressing nd makeup style. ?. Tc

    3. Hi hi Jeevi.yeh Annika is looking so pretty
      Wow both bani and you have same wish..even I want rakhabandhan celebration

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpi dear.
      I wish ki all our wish b fulfilled nt like always make us papu.?.tc.

    5. Yes.SC looked damn.? rakhi is wanted by me too.? bye

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,
      You are right.Anika was looking so beautiful in those innocent yet naughty expressions.And she burnt her hand.Like husband like wife.Hope so dear that makers won’t avoid it but hopes are very little.Take care.

    7. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear.
      Ya wt do they r takar ki Jodi right. So how husband like tht wife. Tc

  14. One thing to add.It is my class tests,not a very big exam / semester.but due to weekly holidays,its gonna end on 09.09.18 ( 1 day before my birthday ?, but happy about that that i won’t have to study on my birthday!?)
    I couldn’t control my temptation to come back and read + reply to the comments of u guys.? i hope to see u guys soon,asap.? BUCKETS OF LOVE AND WISHES FOR ALL PKJIANS.Take care,keep healthy. ?
    And of course,don’t forget to miss me.Now Officially bye till 09.09.18.? gonna miss everyone badly.?tata.??

    1. Luthfa

      NSK,I got the full abbreviation of your name.But do check 23 August page of IB if possible.Someone explained your name NSK as Nakuul Surbhi Kunal fan.LOL!!!!!Okay dear.Will miss you so very much.Bye.See you soon.Take care.

    2. I checked the page.actually felt much happy after that full form of my names abbreviation!?
      Hope ur fine Apu?

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