Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia gets shocked seeing someone. Oberoi family dance on Radha teri chunri. Tia hugs someone. Shivaye comes there and gets shocked. Sometime before, Anika says you and Tia are called downstairs. Shivaye says fine, I will get Tia and come. They see each other. She leaves. Dadi sees Om, Rudra and Soumya. She says you guys came now, its your brother’s marriage. Rudra says be thankful we came. Om stops him. Dadi asks what, were you not coming. Rudra says we were stuck in traffic. Pinky says pandit is calling bride and groom. Dadi says I have sent Anika to call them. Om says don’t worry, we will call them. Tia gets Shivaye’s call. He asks are you ready, everyone is calling. She says five mins more. He says I will come after 5mins, we will go together Tia. She says ya, I will call you after I get ready. She ends call. She sees someone and gets shocked. She says you…..

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om asks are you ready, its your marriage. Shivaye asks what happened to you Rudra. Rudra says I got emotional. Om asks are you crying by happiness. Rudra says no, by fear. Om says his drama started again. Rudra asks them to think what will happen of him when his superman brother is getting married. Shivaye says I will always be your brother. Rudra says I have to knock your door and enter now, things will change, if you also change then. Shivaye asks are you mad, I or my love will never change for both of you. Rudra asks Anika’s pinky promise. Shivaye thinks of Anika and makes pinky promise. Rudra says now we will promise, before you tie mangalsutra to someone else, you have to tie brothers band to us and promise your love will never get less. Om says you think this band… Rudra says brotherhood band. Om says you are comparing this with mangalsutra. Rudra says yes, like mangalsutra binds husband and wife, this will bind brothers. Shivaye says like rakhi. Rudra says thats for protection, this is for love. Shivaye says Rudra has gone crazy. Rudra say we are tying this right now. He gives them the bands with their names on it. Rudra ties the band to Shivaye. Hum saath ……plays….. Om ties to Rudra and Shivaye ties to Om. They smile.

Tia sees Robin and gets tensed. He says your brother….. or shall I say your husband….. FB shows Tia meeting Robin. Shivaye asks are you happy now, shall I go and marry. Rudra says no, I can’t share you with anyone, marriage idea is bad, don’t do this. Om claps and says congrats Shivaye, you got a baby on marriage day, Rudra move, come on. He asks Shivaye to get ready and come with Tia. Shivaye calls out Omru and opens his arms saying I love you guys. The brothers hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi……plays…………

Tia says baby, why did you come here. Robin says I came to stop here, don’t do this please, you are mine. She asks what’s wrong with you Robin, its too late now. He says I don’t care, I can’t see you marrying someone else. Shivaye thinks of Anika. He thinks don’t forget this marriage is business deal, I wanted this, I should be happy, this business will reach heights, why am I thinking so much, why am I looking back. He thinks of Daksh’s words and Anika. He thinks focus, go and marry, you can do this…… He says I m okay, I can do this.

Tia says baby please, if you behave like this in last moment, how will it work. Robin says what to do, I m not strong, I tried hard to support you in your plan and stayed as your brother infront of the world, I can’t do this drama, fire ignites in me thinking you will be alone with Shivaye. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I trust you, but this marriage is really happening for Shivaye. She says Robin please. He says my name is Dushyant, did you forget T&D forever, you remember. Shivaye is on the way. Tia says I can’t end this, don’t do this mistake, we are close to destination, Shivaye is waiting for me, calm down. He stops her and hugs her, saying I will not let you go anywhere, you are just mine, I will die without you. Tia cries. Shivaye rings bell and calls out Tia. He asks her to hurry up, open the door. He gets inside the room and gets shocked.

Dadi asks Om and Rudra about Shivaye. Om says they are getting ready, they will come. Shivaye looks for Tia and calls her out. He sees the note stuck on the mirror. He reads “Sorry, I can’t marry you because I m not ready for this marriage – Tia…” He gets shocked. Dadi calls him and asks him to come, will you not see Dadi’s dance, Oberoi family’s performance is going to start. He says yes Dadi and ends call. He worries.

Dadi, Pinky, Jhanvi, Soumya and everyone dance on Radhe teri chunri. Rudra and Soumya dance together. Dadi asks Priyanka to go and see Shivaye and Tia, they will miss all the fun.

Shivaye asks do you have any questions. The man asks will we get money now or later. Shivaye says you will get it now, don’t worry. The lady asks about the company deal. Shivaye says it will take time, its legal formalities, rest assured, Oberoi company will take over your sinking company and support it too, its matter of one day, your daughter has to sit in mandap in Tia Kapoor’s place and marry me, I will divorce her the next morning, this is pre nuptial agreement, its written that this deal will be strictly confidential among four of all, do you agree to this deal. The lady says yes, its matter of one day, right Richa. Shivaye says Mrs. Agarwal, its a business deal. The man says any girl would have sat in mandap, why are you giving us so much money for this work. Shivaye says for me, blood, lineage and family matters a lot, I do deal only with good family people. Someone knocks. Shivaye gives the papers to the man and goes out. He sees Priyanka. She says Dadi is asking how much time will it take, everyone is waiting. He says 10-15mins more, there is some issue in Tia’s dress. Priyanka says I will help. He says no, she is working on it, tell Dadi, just 10-15mins more. She goes.

Anika talks to that girl and says he made it a joke of the sindoor, ask the value of the woman who has put sindoor in maang. Shivaye says you have no right to point finger at other’s decision, the girl who can sleep with anyone for money. Anika slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont watch episodes of it.please someone tell me where is dhaksh and what happened to him?

  2. Mukti

    Hii guys saku shabana ahana sahana luna sat shaza mukta shekhar shiv naina archiya shivu Richu renima di veda samyukta aakan n everyone howru frnds??
    I am sry for not commenting but wht to do I Had a very imp exam n u know what guys I got selected in it n I am going for internship to usa…newyork..It was realy my dream n I am very happy tht its got completed but now also lot of wnt be able to cmnt guys…but I had to say a hearty goodbye to u all as u are closest ishqiques..n I won’t forget our chatting..I will miss u all guys…
    All the best for ur future to all ishqbazians guys hv happy life ahead..n yep keep watching ib…I too wil try to wtch but maybe aftr 4 5 months…so tc guys
    N good to see shivika marriage happening but I am sad I wnt be able to watch…
    Kk sry for boring u lvuuu all.

    1. Richu

      Hey muktiii….I’m’s u??

    2. Congratulations mukti di…i m so happy for u…
      But at the same time I m very sad…i m gonna miss u very badly yaar…
      Best of luck for u future…hv a bright future di…nd bye…take care…nd don’t forget us..kya pata phir koi tu page pr saath milyae…

      1. Mukti

        Thnku somuch saku dear
        I wil also miss u a lot dear..

    3. Mukthi wish u all the very best for ur bright future dr and get all the success in ur life dr and stay happy always tc.
      Miss u dr

      1. Mukti

        Thnx dearmiss u too

    4. Hi mukti….Congrats dear??…..wish u all the best for ur bright future….May god bless u….
      and miss u dear…….

    5. Hi mukti miss you a lot and all the best for ur bright future and may ur dreams come true always and dii miss you a lot

    6. Veda

      Hey MUKTI dr…..go ahead,live ur dream..I don’t know u…bt as a family member(as v both belong to dis IB family) Im wishing u BEST OF LUCK frm da core of my heart.. take care… ?

    7. Shaza

      Hi mukti di ?, how r u , unknown I was missing ur comments sooooo damn much , I was thinking from so many days even commented that were where , so for the exam u were busy and yea CONGO dude , brilliant Man , ur going to USA ???? , New York , OMG , I’m sooooooooo happy for u , ????????????????????
      Intern ship of what di , doctor ? Which Doctor becoming then
      But wait , I’ll miss us then ???????????????, will miss u very badly, now who I’ll have to reply to Kimberly , u used to give those KHIDKI Todh replies ?, and ur comments , now how will call us “Dude” ?? ?
      Gonna miss u so much , and was even missing u so much , but yea it’s worthy ,
      Rely plsss , atleast a last reply to me , plsssssssssssssssssssssssss ,

      And 4-5 months will not comment back ?? ?
      If yes then , don’t dare forget Me-Shaza
      Will miss u ye , but it’s imp so not stopping u , but atleast comment once in a while for ur ishqies ???,
      BEST OF LUCK ???❤️❤️❤️? For ur awesome future
      And rember after 15 years , when you’ll see the top most nutritionists in US , theee will be a girl named SHAZA in the list , that is me ???
      Wait ,, that nutritionist can change to millionaire also???

      Ok FINAL , I’ll miss u , bye bye ✌?️

    8. Mukti, have the best time in your life, and enjoy your dream come true 🙂

    9. CONGRATS, MUKTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      SUCH A COINCIDENCE……….HA HA HA………………………
      GOOD LUCK……………………………….

    10. All the very best Mukti..ur one of those lucky ones whose dream is getting fulfilled. . Cheers 🙂

  3. Mukti

    N yashna dear if ur stil reading ib then do commnt dear cz I am deleting my acc n wnted to say u goodbye…

  4. Gud slap anika

  5. o my god. … u anika sso deserves a tight slap from you…… sso can never change Khandan k naam pe dhoka khaane (tia) k just 5 min baad fir se vahi sab….offf…..loved the precap ……anika ek slap se sso ka dhila screw thik nhi hga….he needs a bunch of it……

  6. Priydarshni

    Curiously waitng to see the precap.. o (∩ ω ∩) oo (∩ ω ∩) o Thankgod,even through a taunt but atleast he said clearly what was running in his mind..I was dancng on my bed lyk an idiot when she slapped him..2-4 Or lgane chaiye the..!! (╰_╯)#
    Hope billu ji ko akkal aajaye…!!!And his misunderstandings get clear..!
    Pinky, I think Tej would also not like to see Anika as Oberoi bahu..!!
    And also waiting to see the reactions of OmRu and dadi.!!o (∩ ω ∩) oo (∩ ω ∩) o
    Loved the O bros moments..o (∩ ω ∩) o 🙂
    And finally my guess was correct. B-) .Its was Robin that was Tia’s husband..Oops, lemme correct..its Dushyant..!!!
    Thank god, he took Lady Baba with the Universe didnt wanted this marriage to happen & her to become Mrs.Oberoi..!!
    Hope Rumya marriage truth may get reveal soon..!!!!

  7. Richu

    Hello friends how r u all???
    Must say shivaay deserved this slap…
    He’ll remember it for lifetime……
    Just for business he’s spoiling himself…
    And I’ve got the news of pinky being the villain!!!is it true????
    Oooohhhh myyyyy maaaataaaa!!!!
    Pinky don’t do this!!.

    Gud to see many new commneters..
    Aarya naina lids mouni Akansha sakshi samm samaira akshaya…..
    And saku samyukta shaza Luna shahbana reni di disha razna Shana kiki nithu Veda saahana mukta abiha dhruv Bhai muktiii Shivani dhruvv sindhu diyaa sunehri priya mishri niveditha haya shama edsanjida nadiya niku shekhar sat yazhu…..

    Uffff many many more names….
    Plzzz reply or come bakkk…..

    1. Hi di…hw r u???…where were u these days haan???…

      1. Richu

        Nowhere just had work dear..

    2. Helloo richu im fn dr
      And yes sso deserves that slap by anika this is the best moment and i dreamed to see that slap moment tomarrow will be one of the best episode bcz anika is going to slap sso

      1. Richu

        True yaar

    3. Mukti

      Hii dear I am fine dear..actually dhruv and shivani deleted their tu accounts and left tu as they watched it for ishana only… theres no one from our sh family now.n dear I am quitting tu as I hv to go to usa for higher std n intern n won’t get time dewr do deleting my acc…have nice life richu all the best

      1. Richu

        If any time u meet them dear…then plzzz say I would be missing them sooooo muchhhh……
        If possible u keep commenting nah……
        I sooooo much miss my sh family yaar…..

        I’ll be waiting for ur comments on params new show…GHULAM..

    4. Renimarenju

      Richu ishqie…am @ mysore now… part of field visits …….am very busy dear…..will be back in my office only by dec 2 …..fri……only……lot of work …..and responsibilities……dear……

      1. Renimarenju

        I will be in mangalore on next year only…….this new office….sudden transfer…..and work pressure…just irritating me a lot….richu ……and i will try my level best 2 comment…..seriously now no time…..dear……..hope u understand ……

    5. Hi Richu… How are u

    6. Hi richu how are you ?? Hope you are fine and have a nice day dear

    7. Veda

      Good afternoon RICHU…y wr u missing..????

  8. Richu

    Piyuuuuuuuu where r u dear??? Missing u a lot!! Plzzz come bakk…
    How r u??

  9. Richu

    Now this was toooooo muchhhhhh!!!!
    I’m soooooo anrgy on shivaay today that I felt I would kill him…….
    For marriage purpose he I going to kidnapped sahil….
    Anikas brother…….
    As anika loves her brother so much she agrees to sit with shivaay in the mandap….
    Tia reaches there bfor marriage but dadi refuses to accept tia as her daughter in law and accept anika for saving her family’s respect….

    Isn’t that ridiculous!!!!!!!
    How could shivaay kidnap sahil….

  10. Hi IB team. I m also a silent reader and comment only in a few episodes. Can i join the IB family mukta di, aahana di, veda di, razna di, shaza di, saku di, archiya di, shahabanna di, nainna di, samyukta di, luna di and many more. I expect reply from everyone of u. I like the way u comment and many other things.
    Now about yesterdays episode. It was soo good. I liked the shivomru part. And yes om is soooooo cute. I just love him. And yes atleast one mystery is solved.
    The ptecap was superb but anika could have beaten him harder. He deserved it. Good job robin or so called tias d husband dushyant. I thing anika will tell shivay the truth and then when they will be tensed then dadi will hear it and force anika to marry shivay
    And not only dadi even shivay will force her. As i have seen in a video on you tube that dadi with shivay will force anika to marry her and shivay will take her forcefully to the mandap and make her wear the ghoonghat.
    I think tia will come again and humiliate anika but shivay will stop her as he is the one who had forced anika to marry her. And not only tia but after daksh will come he will torture her more than tia. As in most of the daily soaps. And daksh is already a psycho lover. O god save anika from these 2 villians.
    Friends i want to share the marriage video with all of u but dont know how to update a link. Can u help?
    Till now i used the name deeps but my name is deepika.

    1. Hi Deepika dear…
      Welcome to our family..n keep commenting..i hope u will enjoy our company?

    2. HEllooo deepika
      Welcome to the IB family
      Keep commenting dr

    3. hope so misunderstandings will be cleared and dn marriage

    4. Kakku

      Hello deepika,how r u? I think u are the one who welcomed me to IB family

      1. Yes kakku bcz i love IB and dont want anyone who asks to enter to be just left. So..

    5. Welcome deepika most welcome dear And keep commenting

    6. Hi deepika….welcome to IB family….

    7. Shaza

      Most welcome Depeikia ???, and for the limo l if it’s a YouTube video then above there will be three dots in the corner , when u click on it you’ll get some, options including Copy , seldom copy link , and then when u come to comments section click on the comment box after opening the keyboard of ur device and just tap on the comment box , u will see option paste , click on it , the link will appear here then ???

    8. Welcome Deepika..
      U need nt call me di 🙂 .. just cal me Archiya 🙂
      Keep commenting. . I just love to read everyone POV.. its so interesting

    9. Kakku

      Oh that’s relly nice and thank uu too

    10. Veda

      Yes of course DEEPIKA…welcome?

  11. Sriranjani

    Hey Guys Y all the Ishqbaaz Family Doesn’t commented till now; some of them were commented. I didn’t comment becoz I download the episode premium from Hotstar and watched. Till now They have finished only 142 episodes. In Spoilers it said that Shivaay will get to know about Daksh’s Real Identity and he will force Anika to marry. Anika wants Shivaay to propose for Marriage. but this forceful marriage makes Anika’s love for shivaay will get into hatred. Dadi will be happy as anika has become her d-in-l. Shivaay’s contract marriage will make Anika shattered. after Marriage Tia will get to know abt Shivaka’s marriage and scold Anika. Shivaay will come in b/w and scold Tia for speaking bad against Tia. Shivika’s Hatred relation makes some confusion in their love story.

  12. Kakku

    So Dushyant took away his sakuntala… Now they can together play sakuntalam hope that lady baba will not comecome back again ,
    Coming to the episode it was a mixture of happiness and repressed emotions.The obro moment was superb, Rumya dance looks cute and the family tia also turned and ishqbaazi …and her husband seems an obsessed one .OMG SSo is such a resouceful person that he ended up finding a new girl with the so called bloodline and lineage within 5 minutes and the precap seems shocking but i was really looking forward for it frm the beginning itself, hope that one slap of Anika will clear that ONS MU . I’m hopeful that they will clear the mysteries one after other after Shivika wedding


      1. Hi..hw r u??

    2. Hi saku dear????

    3. Hi kakku,
      Nice line…dushany tuk shakuntala.. n thy can olay shakunatalm together. . Lolzzz

  13. Renimarenju

    Hello my dear ishqies….gud after noon all… r u …..guys….seriously am sticked with lot of work now…..and this field visits….also….just killing me only…..and ishqies…..pls naaraz mat ho….. actually @ new year only i will get holidays for one week…..and will be able to go home….
    and i will try whenever i will get time to comment on ib tu page…..and am missing my ishqie family a lot……….ishqies….whenever u use the word ishqie…just remind me…..if possible….am here with u,…..ishqies….love u all……and hope all are fine..bye…..

    1. Helloo renima ishquee
      No need to say sorry dr we can understand u are busy
      Comment when u gets time and tc dr

  14. wonderful anika….great job….I was waiting for this slap…..he deserve it… could he misunderstood her when he clearly know that she is not like that…..

  15. hey guyz u know what nakul mehta won the best actor award in asian viewers television awards..
    i m super happy about this news..??

  16. Hello everyone..
    Shabu di,piyu,richu di,samyukta,Deepika,Veda di,Reni di,shaza,disha di,mukta,mukti di,sumi di,
    guys my exams r gonna start after some days so I will b not commenting here few days…i will b back after om lead enter the show…so guys bye but I will b back asap after my exams…nd my parents r also asking me concentrate on studies so I m taking break….
    So don’t forget me guys ok…i will b back soon with a bang ..
    Till then take care….luv u all…
    Wish me luck for exams..
    SAKSHI (saku)?

    1. Wish u all the best for ur exams dr do well and tc
      I will miss ur comments dr plsss come back soon

    2. Veda

      Heeyyy SAKU..I’m gonna miss u yaarrr…rlyy…bt U have to be here wen OM’S lead vl come… It’s an order frm an elder sister….okkayy..??…??
      Nd best of luck fr ur cams???

      1. Order accepted Veda di?…
        I promise I will b back soon…
        Aakhir om ki love story jo dekhni hai saath mein..

        @shabu di…
        I will b back soon…nd I will also miss u all…infact I m already missing everyone…
        But don’t worry aapko pakane jaldi wapas aungi…
        Luv u Veda di nd shabu di??..take care…
        Bhulna mat mujhe ok!!

      2. Veda

        nooo wayyy Saku…Bhulne k sawal hi pyada nhi hota…come back u too dr :* 🙂

    3. Sumi.SS

      All the best dear..cme back soon..same me also exam gnna start..I am also decided to watch ishqbaaz whle broadcasting..frm tmrw no hot star…no instgrm….take care dr..

    4. All the best for ur exam saku…..come back soon….

      1. Thanks a lot guys for it wishes…
        Sumi di bst of luck to u also?

    5. Sumi.SS

      Thnkq so much saku☺

  17. Hi friends.. I’m commenting here after a long time. Actually 10 days. I really missed ur comments.
    Good episode. Finally Tia’s D exposed. If Shivaay sees Tia in future she will be over.
    Really loved the bromance. They always creates magic. Loved SSO’s reaction when Rudy asked for pinky promise. Shivaay is trying hard to made up his mind. Actually he is struggling with his heart and mind. I always love it when shivika recalling their old moments. BGM always superb. Rumya part was cute. Oberoi family dance was nice.
    coming to the precap, I expected this slap. I have to wait for more than 24 hours.

    1. Hellooo kiki
      Welcome back how r u ishqee
      Keep commenting dr

    2. The same Kiki dear. My exams also gonna start and so i will not be able to comment after today. Best of luck dear.

      1. Best of luck Deepika. My exams were finished in Aug. Actually I was out of country these days. Thats why I couldn’t comment. Once again wishes for your exams

  18. Mouni

    hi guys l was thinking ; what if after the ceremony shivika goes into a big fight and anika decides to go away and then late at night or in the next day tia will come back crying to shivaye that the universe did not give her courage to go throu a preponed wedding and beg shivaye to take her back so sso will accept her because the family think its tia the bride anyway but not dadi who will be upset but not say anything to others
    am thinking what if dadi is the one who will make anika live with them in the OM pretending to need her services again
    of caurse shivaye will live with tia in OM but l dont think he will care or think of her because of what she did but he will pretend in front of the others but all his real attention will be toward anika then tia will get jealous and create problems to anika
    also the coming back of daksh psycko in next week episodes is almost sure as he will not leave anika alone and that will make shivaye more jealous and possessive with her but this time am afraid daksh will go after sso to make sure anika will be with him
    usualy am good with guessing and l hope this predictions will come true because it will be more exciting than traditional drama or a 2end version of ISPKKND


      These are the words of SSO told to MALLIKA when she herself runaway from her
      WEDDING. Over more TIA her self wrote a letter ” SORRY , I CAN’T MARRY YOU. I AM NOT READY!’ Neither TIA nor SSO even tried to talk on mobile. SSO took that as a failed deal, and just made another deal, thats all.

      TIA had staked OF NAME in the air, and when FAMILY is stand first of all, SHIVAAY just can not accept any excuse of TIA. Apart from PINKY, later or sonner, every one have to accept ANIKA, and particularly when all WEDDING RITUALS has been done for SHIVIKA, religious DADI simply kick out TIA from the picture.

      1. Mouni

        l hope so but am afraid we will get the shock of our lives if he take tia back if she and pinky begs him , dont forget that his ego is way to big than his love for anika and the fact that daksh is still in the picture make things hard , he is a certified psycko and wont let things go eazy for shivika he will torture anika for “betraying” him with sso and he will also go after shivaye and try to kill him , remember when he burned the pic ??
        also we all forgot anika’s opinion in this , l dont think she will accept shivaye and l think even if the truth comes out she will be the one that still refuse the marriage just like kushi in ispkknd and l believe for anika the situation is worse , the fact that shivaye believes tia and daksh’s lies and manipulations will make things hard for him in the future

      2. You mam, please go through PROMO published in sept/oct, in which ANIKA throw flowers presented by bunch of children as soon as she SSO there.

        This promo seems indicating to me, ANIKA will leave OM for ever for her self respect and to mantain her dignity, and will stood back on her own, leaving SSO all alone.

        For DAKSH, i still confused , and unfortunately I just can not reach to his reality. He was not with TIA, and also not D! What he create MU are childish one, solution of which are lying OM in itself, I mean SOUMYA, SHAKTI and DADI. All these three can reveal the truth at any time. I can not find and depth in his charector like VILAIN. They did not saw, who was that person in first attack hided below bed? It has yet to be revealed. They show only that person who was infront of MONITOR as DAKSH!!

  19. Nithu

    Guys i cant stop saying…u frm the tym i have read this news…in insta….

    1. Nakul mehtha won the award ohhhh this is the news of the day .he really deserves this award im sooo happyyyy .k i will check it on insta now

  20. hey guys,
    i am a silent reader. this is the firs time i am commenting. u guys r so cool, like a cyber family, can i join u guys please.
    coming to the episode it was so nice. i was lidget jumping after the anika slapped shivaay. i was like go girl. it is kind of sad that shivaay dosn’t trust anika till date. waiting for the upcoming episode.
    please let me know if i can join. thanks

    1. Welcome Sophie…

  21. by the way there has been negative comments on this page (check the link) about ishqbaaz, someone plz do something.

  22. [Ishqbaaz GREHPRAVESH 28 November 2016 News – YouTube] is good,have a look at it!

    1. Veda

      Who is dat woman..??..Kanada wali bua…?..ooh nooo..I don’t want any typical bua dadi type charectr hr….please don’t turn it into saas bahu saga..plzz….bt if it’s a cameo then OK….

      1. Sumi.SS

        Hi veda di..can I cal u di????yeah..I hope so..already we hv lot of pyscho in inshqbaaz..again no kanada wali bua..aftr long tym Om and shivay argmnt..

      2. Mouni

        but l noticed it was only the 4 of them ; shivika and dadi and the other woman
        so does it mean the others dont know ??

      3. Sumi.SS

        @mouniCheck the latest one..entire OF wl know abt shivika mrge..:-)
        Lotzzz of argmnt also gng on OM

    2. Veda

      donno drss…on u tube I hv seen sm comnts dat PINKY hs been replaced…OH MY it true..???..Im trying to share the link bt SLOW NETWORK.. 🙁

    3. Veda

      nd SUMI dr..obvooo u can… evn I was gonna ask u to nt to call me MAAM nymore.. 🙂 🙂

      1. Sumi.SS

        Thnkq so much di…oh my Martha ki oh my Martha..yeah di it’s very slow..
        Most of the tym it shows yr cmnt is awaitng modratn..

  23. Mouni

    so l saw that video where the family returns with the bride and groom and finds out the truth but l only saw dadi and pinky
    hmmmm its ISPKKND all aver again but this time the reason is diffrent , shivaye is the one who needs help to save their name and forces anika to be with him , and even if he has feelings for her l dont think he is ready to accept her as wife in front of others as she has no name or fortune unlike arnav who accepted kushi as wife right away even with their MU
    am guessing its dadi who will force them to stay married and dont accept tia when she returns

  24. Sumi.SS

    Hi..good evng guyzzzz….yestrday epi was nce..fnaly gul mam reavld D wala prani to viewers..but we r already guess that D is robin by one is getng clr..dnt knw howmuch tym oberois r gng to take to knw this all truth…
    RUMYA part was superbbb..Rudy back..
    OBros brother band moment was so spl part ????……..shivomru looks soo cute..
    What a precap yarrrrr..guyzz u dnt blve..this is the frst precap i watched more than 25 tyms..Anika ✋✋✋?????????Takkkar and barabar ki jodi yarrr..
    I nver expect this woooww gul mam..ur always grttt..
    Finally guess was ryt..evryone know abt their truth..surely Dadi,OMRU,prinku,somu,jhanvi take Anika’s side..I think she wl stay in OM as bahu..shivika hate love story wl start then tia daksh plan aginst shivika fnaly their truth wl reveal..aftr knwng this al..great shivay Singh oberoi wl fel guilt..their story progress as per the promo..i am sure they wl show this fr more than 2 months.shivika cleared.
    Eagerly waitng fr omkara stry..ohhhmy god..really excited …
    Aftr rudy rescued mission..Romi reactn is smthng diff..i thnk she wl do smethng big in next tym..
    Guyyyyzzzzz I thnk u were heard this already NAKUL won best actor of this year award in AVTA..cngratzzzz??????????????

  25. Shivay deserved the slap so much, that two would have been better
    Just hope that they don’t let tia come back and live as his wife. Everybody should come to know and let it all bubble up.
    That would hurt Shivay pride at the same time get to realiZe anika’s value.
    Tia coming back would be disaster. It will end up to be a very regular low end story. Hope that’s not the case. Anika needs to give back by living under the same roof.

  26. hii guyzz,hows u all??
    i saw d video on d you tube,everyone scold shivika nd especially om
    d ques is whether shivaye told dem d reason or not……nd why always a girl come in d circle…..every1 always point out girls without knowing d correct reason….she always suffer nd hv to compromise…..why?????
    i wish gk mam serves smthing new which different from typical saas bahu serial nd plzz cvs dont make dadi against anika…..cuz dadi is d love bridge of shivaye nd anika……nd in my POV now rumya r not fall in love….just cuz of marriage they affectionate toward each other…….
    want omru to suppourt shivaye nd nobady point out anika…..plzz cvs show sm girls empowerment………nd not make anika aabala nari type…….she is strong nd independent…..
    i lv dis serial cuz of its uniqueness nd realistic……
    wating 4 tomorrow…..a big slap 4 shivaye frm my side….stone singh oberoi…..

    1. Mouni

      wow shekhar , it will be a big drama , l really dont think am gonna watch that part of the ep its like when arnav came with kushi as hubby and wife , very bitter situation and am gonna pass watching it
      will shivaye tell the truth or will he just be a statut and just stand there but l dont inderstand the language , where they scolding her alone or him or both ??
      hope they will understand the situation and not blame anika bcz its tia and shivay’s fault , l think dadi and the bros will understand and be happy but not sure about the others

      1. SSO has to tell every mutual thruth, he just can’t tell a one sided lie , otherwise forget REAL UNISON OF SHIVIKA AT EVEN FAR END! IF HE MISSED TRUTH, SHE WILL MAKE HIS LIFE LIKE HELL! SHE IS LIKE PHOENIX, and compare to her, HE IS NOTHING!
        It seems to me, this drama may be amid ANIKA, SHIV and OM! OF business will be put an stake, and SHIVIKA story has to passed through many tragedical turn around! I predicted, ONE CAN LOVE HER, BUT HE CAN NOT FORCE HER TO LOVE BACK! and if this happen, WHOLE Oberoy Family HAS TO PAY BACK IN unbelievable KINDS,

    2. Mouni

      am with you on this shekhar but the thing is even if the drama about the wedding ends and even if everyone or almost accepted anika there will be 2 huge problems ; TIA & DAKSH

      TIA ; to the public and guests she is the wife of shivaye and there are business btw the 2 families and they can not pretend its ok anymore and shivaye will do anything to save the OF name that’s why l say the only thing that will save him from tia is the truth about robin “D”

      DAKSH ; he is a psycko obssessed with anika and hates shivaye and he will try to do a lot of damage to shivika life when he knows , am thinking he will go back to scaring her like before and even shivaye will not be safe from him and his madness
      hope shivika will protect each other from both of tia and daksh

      1. In my POV, TIA will be removed by SSO himself, he will never ever accept her any excuse, even blame over ANIKA like KIDNAPPING.

        For DAKSH, still I am confused about his charecter frame. whether it is positive or negetive. See my one comment over DAKSH in this TU above up.

    3. Mouni

      also l think shivaye will tell the truth , its not his type to hide the truth or decieve his family so hopfully they will not accuse anika

      1. Even I think Shivaay will tell the truth. Dadi, Om, Rudy and badi maa will definately accept Anika and will be happy. Not sure about Pinky though.

    4. THank you sekhar for the video. It is good every one came to know about it in OM. Dadi will definately support Anika and Om and Rudy as well. And who is the person asking and blaming Anika. She does not look like Pinky. Did she get replaced as someone is mentioning in this TU?

  27. Veda

    @Angel… আমি ও বাঙালি…. bt y r soo frustrated..???.. keep commenting….all da members r soo sweet nd friendly here…

    1. Hi Veda,
      WNted to tell u tis frm few days.. vt somehow was getting missed
      I just love ur dp.. om loooks so cute in it.. tat charm on his face.. is beyond any description

      1. Veda

        hi ARCHIYA….u r rt…he is sooo charming…OMKAARA is always a treat to my eyes….I saw KUNAL 1st on BUDDY PROJECT,then on PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA nd YEH HEY ASHIQUI too…..but never thought I would fall for him oneday….but wen I saw him as OMKAARA, I fl him in no time…KUNAL gets a eternal charm wen he breathes in OMKAARA…..

      2. Hi Veda,
        Ur absolutely rite.. the magic is kunal as omkara… I too liked him so much as omkara tat I went bck to see his prev wrks.. bt they dnt hold the same chrm..

      3. Veda

        heyy Archiya..I made so many typos n previous comnt..I didn’t notice. . hope u can understand wat I want to say… 🙂 nd KUNAL brilliantly fits as OM…OM’s prsnce.. wid dat long hair,wid dat intense eye,wid dat calm nature,wid dat meaningful… isss beyond epic….OM is a character, like never before….nd has a CHARM like never before..sometimes KUNAL doesn’t need to utter a single word.. he just walks in as OM nd MAGIC begins…… ??????????

      4. OMG!!!! Veda.. you are totally flat for OM ha.. so much description:) an ya i understood your prev comment

  28. @Angel…
    Belated welcome dear…
    I m so sorry dear…dont get sad we r not that bad also..i apologise to u on the behalf of our IB members…
    U r part of this family yaar…so chill dear?…nd keep commenting?

    1. thanks a lot to u saku and shahabana…………………………….

  29. Congratulations for my Favorite Nakuul Mehta. He really deserve it.

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah kiki..he deserve this Award..and he
      Deserved Anika slap also..???
      Goood mrngggg guyzzzzz..hav a nce day..

  30. It is very strange hard to believe,





    I find this very, very shocking !

    1. U know what SHEKHAR sso behaves like he is an intelligent but actually he is a dumbo
      But anyways i like sso

    2. Veda

      I exactlyyyyyyyy found the same

  31. Dr SHaza u really compared beintehaa with ipyrkokyanamdo i cnt beleive this.
    No offence may be beintehaa will be ur favret show but really its not that much good show to compare with ispyrkokyanamdo.
    No one can beat ispyrkokyanaamdo.
    But i think in indian television there are so many shows its much better than beintehaa.beintehaa starting good later its turned to a bakwas show

  32. Veda

    do ny of u knw abt PINKY’s replacement rumour..!!??!!…is dat true…..??…

    1. Sumi.SS

      Dnt knw’s may be fake..In recent utube videos also they showd shivika and Om,prinku scenes.. thr is no infrmatn abt pinky’s exit frm ishqbaaz.

  33. Hey guys m back here..hope u ppl remember me? Aahana frm few days back?? I was really buzy wd my practicals n assignments there r exams frm next month so preparing for those.
    Btw how r all u ishquies?
    Missed u ppl loads!!! I wanted to comment but time was d prob. tbt i lost interest in ib during d “catch tia” drama n “daksh entry” but it got restored wd shivika wedding.i just hope frm now own d show returns as an entertainer like before.
    If u gys c my comment dn plz reply ishquies…. ayat saku samyukta shahabana abiha veda mouni sumi nithu renimadi piyali mishri richu mukti dasha shaza and all d old n new ishquies sorry if i mieesd anybdys name.
    Is my refriend request accepted??

    1. Sumi.SS

      Hi aahana..ofcrse always Acceptd..hw r u??prepare wl..all the best..yeah we r also really hope that our old ishqbaaz cme back vry soon..

    2. Hellooo aahana
      Welcome back to ib family
      Ofcourse we remember u dr and keep commenting dr

  34. Even I am one of silent reader but I donno to cmmnt lyk u people but one thng i wanna say is I want ishana in ib once again

    1. Sumi.SS

      Hi hibha..wlcme..surely here u get lotz of companions( includng me )fr ishana return..

  35. Navz

    Anika slapping Shivay wow he deserves a harder one? and wat a comment he did without knowing anything?

  36. Mayank Agrawal

    Hello Guyz
    After a long time i come on this platform miss you all
    Just watched todays episode
    OMG OMG OMG OMG Shivay is so Dangerous that we cant imagine
    in todays episode
    Richa AGGARWAL,S daughter shaadi karne se mana kar deti hai aur iska pata shivay ko chl jata hai ki anika ke kehne pe richa ne mana kiya hai shaadi ke liye then shivay fumes in anger to anika and behaves very badly with anika then says to her blah blah ! then anika slaps shivay but after slapping shivay becomes more arrogant and dangerous and give anika a tight fall on ground and says to her that shivay singh oberoi ki reputation abh tumhe bachani padegi tumhe mandap mei baithna padega and tortures her very badly …

    Precap – Anika shaadi ke jode mei bhaag jaati hai hotel se but shivay and uske security team anika ko road pe pakad lete hai but anika says ki mai aapse darti nhi hu mai ye shaadi nhi karungi but then shivay says ki sahil mere pass hai and then car comes in which sahil is sitting then anika says sahil ko jaane do please then shivay blasts the car with remote BOMB in which sahil is sitting and finally anika and shivay weds..

    OMG is really shivay blast the sahil ?? and anika is crying behind that wedding outfit while sitting in Mandap

    1. I don’t think Shivaay blasted the car in which Sahil is sitting. I think he is trying to show Anika that he will do the same with the car where sahil is sitting.

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