Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to listen to him. She leaves. He knocks the door and says I have come to take Anika. Anika throws water on his face. Some time before, Shivaye says you don’t look good when you cry Anika. Anika hugs him. She says I felt …. He says that I went, you know Anika I can’t see you crying. She says tell me one thing, do you still accept me as wife. He says you are my wife, this is truth, no need to think anything else. He hugs her. She cries.

Shivaye makes food. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, Rudra says something major happened, this pizza said it, you added much cheese in it. He sings Dil cheez kya hai…. okay it was a bad joke, but question was right. Shivaye asks him to keep cheese aside. Rudra says you are saying this, its confirmed, something is wrong, I think you don’t love me, omg, I think he is duplicate Shivaye. Om says you say anything. Rudra says Shivaye makes fat free pizza for me, now he is saying keep this aside, tomorrow he will say Rudra you also sit aside then… Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up.

Rudra says I wanted to hear this, everything is normal, continue. Shivaye asks Om to help him, Om says you can tell me what’s going on in your mind, say truth, are you thinking about Anika. Shivaye says its not Anika’s mistake. Om says I agree with you. Shivaye says you know the problem, I know you don’t agree with my viewpoint, name, blood and lineage really makes a difference to me, I know to know my wife’s background, I don’t have an answer, its very important. Anika comes and asks is this important, or is this just important, I knew this before, whenever this matter comes out, I will lose, I did not know I will lose so badly, I know this matters to you, I did not know this matters a lot that it can affect our relation. He says you are misunderstanding.

She says I was misunderstanding when you asked me not to worry, you will make everything fine, when you said Anika you are my wife and this is truth, but truth is you can’t change your thinking ever, when this is the truth, what am I doing in this house, in your life. Shivaye says wait, you can’t leave from kitchen, let me explain. She goes. He says if you take a step out of this house… She leaves from home. Rudra says she went. Shivaye says I was talking to her. Rudra says I heard, but maybe she unheard it. Shivaye says I had to explain her.

Rudra says you can’t explain this to her. He goes. Pinky comes and says no need to explain, its good, I did not know Anika would be so sensible, its good she understood, you both don’t have future, give her divorce, I will get line of girls of good name, blood and family. He says enough, what are you saying. Anika is my wife. She says she was never suitable to be your wife, we would have known her family. He says I won’t hear a word against my wife. She asks what will you do if your children ask you, did you get her from ashram, you know what type of people are raised in ashram, you will realize this later that I was not saying right, Shivaye’s children will have that blood which even Shivaye won’t know. She goes.

Sahil asks Shivaye is balance over. Shivaye says its postpaid. Sahil says then call her. Shivaye asks why shall I call. Sahil says Anika is angry with you. Shivaye says I m also angry, I tried to stop her and talk, did she stop, I won’t call her. Sahil says fine. Shivaye says I m calling for your sake, else you will say I m showing SSO attitude. He calls and says hello Anika. He says she disconnected the call, can you believe this. Sahil says relax dude, it happens, if you are Shivaye, she is… Shivaye says she is Jhansi ki rani. Sahil says yes, I can understand what you are going through. Shivaye says what shall I do now. Sahil says I think she is much angry, get her back. Shivaye says I should know where she went. Sahil says then ask who will know it. Shivaye asks him to say. Sahil asks do you show attitude while asking help. Shivaye says sorry, tell me. Sahil says she went to Chanda’s house.

Shivaye reaches the place. He goes to Chanda’s house and knocks door. Chanda opens the door and says yes.. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I came to take Anika. Anika says tell him Anika is not at home. He says I know she is here. She says tell him I don’t want to meet anyone. He says tell her I want to meet her. She says tell him my mood is bad. He says tell her I came to make her mood fine. Anika asks why are you not saying anything. Chanda says I will say when you let me say. Anika shuts the door. He says she has shut door on my face, I will show her. Chanda says he came to take you. Anika says better you go with him. He walks to his car and presses horn. Everyone ask him to stop it.

He goes to Chanda’s house again. Anika throws water on his face. He recalls Anika throwing water on his face before. She shuts the door. The man says she did right, she should have thrown a bucket of water. The people say he is Shivaye, famous businessman, he got insulted well. Shivaye says its our welcome rituals, its our style. The people laugh. Shivaye says I think I have to come in my SSO mode.

Chanda says so much anger is no good, he came to take you have water. Anika drops the water glass on hearing knock. She goes to see. Shivaye throws water on her face. He drops the glass. Old moments of Shivaye throws on her face are seen.

Chanda says wow, Anika said you both are different, I feel you both are made for each other. Shivaye says we have habit to throw water on each other, I think this will always go on. He lifts Anika. She asks what are you doing Shivaye, leave me, I don’t want to go. The man asks Shivaye how can you misbehave. Shivaye says its our personal matter. The people say you can’t take her this way, by what right are you taking her. Shivaye says she is my wife. Anika asks them to stop him, Chanda say something. The lady says we will stop him, tell us is he your husband. Anika says yes. The lady says how can we stop him. Anika says it does not mean he takes me this way. Shivaye says if you came before, this would be not needed, come on. He takes her in car.

Shivaye puts Anika on bed and says stop it, enough of drama, you did not stop when I asked you to stop, you did not listen to me, disconnected call and shut door on my face, you have thrown face on me. She says yes, I was angry. He says you can get angry at home, I told you not to go out. She says I heard what you said in kitchen. He says this is your problem, you heard half thing and derived meaning. She says it was enough. He says you got wrong meaning. She says I m not fool, I know name, blood, and family matters to you, I m not so imp, I lost, our relation lost. She cries. He hugs her. She says you know, since I got senses, I just fought with problems, people, the one who has no parents, life troubles them a lot, think I never had parents name, tell me do you ask surname to Lord, Shiv and Krishna, none, everyone bends in front of them, why is person’s surname to imp, why family name is imp, wherever I went, everyone used to insult me, I was sent away from interviews, they called me orphan, sin child, but I never lost, I kept fighting, Shivaye I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not you.

Shivaye says you would remember, from where did they get Anika. Sahil says from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says he used to go Borivali
to get soaps from soap factory.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajjo

    What an episode… awesome…!!!!!!
    words for todays episode… jhakkas… todu… phenku… tadibaaz…. tashanbaaz… emotional… jealousfull(pinky)… but i totally liked todays episode…

    when shivaay came n anika hugged him was like heaven… how protective hug was from shivaay… he said that tum meri biwi ho bas itna kaafi h… again our old ishqbaaz is back today… the way rudy n om came was nice… their worry for their bhabhi… their worry for their bhaiyya… wanted to share their brothers feeling… n shivaay shared too… but sudden bomb blasted when anika came… the way anika left the home was good becoz then only we can see the care on shivaay’s face… rudy expressions were mindblowing… yes today i ignored pinky today… becoz i know shivaay is not going to listen her n he didn’t…(yessss)..

    the man to man talk… ahem… sahil is so cute…n so sso was that time… tadi dikha rhe the… mene phone tumhaare liye kiya… really… to whom you are lying man… sahil knows each n every thing… he is not emotionally confused like you…

    n now the story turns to our old ishqbaaz… bang on entry of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI… like a don… pani phenka anika ne… so does shivaay… sab pani pani ho gya… lol…. lgta h ab sso waali tadi dikhani hi padegi… of course shivaay bina tadi k apki kahaani kaha khatm hone waali h… shivaay’s insult dragged him to go back to his own sso avtar…

    i liked when shivaay said meri biwi h ye… n anika even was not able to deny that… yes hey can’t… its the only truth in between them… whether they believe that they love each other or not but they cant accept that they are husband wife… the way shivaay took anika like his own personal commodity which nobody else can take… like he was saying she is mine just only mine…

    n the last emotional part… KYA AAP BHAGWAAN SE UNKA SURNAME PUCHTE HAIN… seriously i felt pinch in my heart after this dialogue…(hats off to dialogue writers), ME SABSE LAD SAKTI HUN DUNIYA SE, LOGO SE, KISMAT SE, BHAGWAAN SE, BAS APSE NAHI… each word of anika was precious n omg how shivaay hold her… again like a protective husband… he was listening to her… sharing her pain… actually for shivaay yes NKK matters but anika is above all for him… he can’t let her go from his life(beware pinky… don’t dare to talk bad about anika.. sso is with her…)

    from the precap we can see tha NKK matters to shivaay but of anika only it doesn’t means that he will leave anika… it means that he will find anika’s origin… n will give her that respect which she deserves other than being sso ‘s wife… to shut those people’s mouth about whom that blo*dy pinky was talking… yesterday we saw detective anika… tomorrow we will see detective shivaay for his anika… just anika… now we can see some orphan scene too for searching anika’s origin… omg didn’t anika thought of searching this… if she didn’t don’t worry shivaay is upto that…

    (by the way one thing i want to say that anika went from OF without anything n next day she was wearing her own cloth… how.. i mean did she kept it in chanda’s house already or she called some servant from OF to get it… lolllzzzz)

    1. Rajjo

      today had not thought of commenting as i had some work but after watching the episode i was unable to control myself…

    2. Rajjo di I like your analysis.

      1. Rajjo

        thanks ahsana…

    3. Hattrick lekar hi exams mei focus karoongi kya?? Just kidding……GRG….congo…..!!

      And yes Rajjo……Anika’s dialogues in the last scene were really superb…….the best one was “I can fight with anyone, even with God but not with you Shivaye…….” I expected Shivaye to tighten his hug and a kiss on the hair…..but nooooooo…..aaj kiss karogi toh tadi kab dikhaoongi?? ????

      1. Rajjo

        soch to yahi h ki hattrick le hi lu… lets see kal kya hota h…
        well thank you so much…

        tadi k bina ishqbaaz is not possible…

    4. Once again GO RAJJO GO……
      RAJJO on a hatrick…. Many bowlers are here to take your wicket (wink wink)….

      1. Rajjo

        hmmm… thank you so much maahi… lets see wicket kitni der tikti h…

    5. Amayaa

      Again ha
      Go Rajjo di GO
      Lagi raho Rajjo di ???congrats once again
      Milkha Singh bhi khusi se pagal hokar race track pe aa gai hai
      Unki student itna accha jo perform kar rahi hai
      Hurrey hurrey hurrey
      This is a voice of milkha singh. ……………he said me to praise his favourite students behalf of him …………….he is busy in training other ishqies ………………. how 2 come fast ……………loadssss of love ???

      1. Rajjo

        seriously… like liji said lgta h ki iss baar exams me ishqbaaz ki hattrick pe question aayega… fir to me first class pass… well thank you so much amu…

        milkha singh ki awaaz banne k liye shukriya…

    6. Nilash

      Rajko dear correctly said today we can overlook the Pinky scene…. today’s love was Shivika Shivay-Sahil and of course O’bros…
      Yaaaa GO RAJJO GO…

      1. Nilash

        Sorry for the mistake Rajjo

      2. Rajjo

        thank you so much nilash… shivsha jodi is awesome ofcourse…

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Go Rajjo Go..
      Bhaiyya ko DON math bolna.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi hai unka naam(full in Bachcha mat bolna uncle Shiva naam hai mera in cartoon Shiva with the cycle style)….

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much astha… i will follow your order mam…

      2. From where u get this dp

    8. Go rajjo go!!
      mikha singh ko bhi piche chodh diya… lol

      Nice anylisis. Todya’s epiosde was really jhakkas. I am now like satisfied with the cv’s yesterday only we are discussing about the obro moments and now there is one.

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much sara… milkha singh bhi khush honge aaj bhot…

    9. Rajjo
      Phir se…!! ??????
      SSOs entry in the chawl like a Don..!! You are right. I was searching for the right word.
      The song of the day is Aaj blue hain Pani Pani Pani…!!
      I forgot to mention in my comments- Dialogue writers – ekdum jhakaas…!! Love them..!!

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much LAX… aaj blue hai pani pani

    10. ManyaPV5

      Go Rajjo Go. Your analysis are always good. And congrats for again coming first. Milkha sir must be very happy to see your progress :P.

      1. Rajjo

        Thank you so much manya… i will not let my teacher’s head down… lolll

    11. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha! Loved everyone’s comments here..Bhag Rajjo Bhag!? Seriously Kal hat-trick marke hi Jaanaa..??

      Haan today’s dialogue writing was awesome
      Sahil’s catching SSO while he doesn’t want to reveal his missing Annika.
      Rudy’s cheese comedy..
      Om finally making a guest appearance for consoling Shivaay..
      Annika leaving was convincing- (i wasn’t sure how that would play out earlier..)
      And the whole chawl scene was hilarious, tadi-lious and pannika licious..??

      Annika’s pain of people never accepting you without a surname was so poignant and true.. seriously the questions raised by her are so valid..
      (And personally I truly hate that in government documents we have to always write father’s and ( sometimes mother’s name) always.. )
      Yes totally agree with you, that Shivaay is over NKK, he is only trying to find about Annika’s past because of giving a closure to her and to shut Pinky up..

      And really, I don’t think they should make it easy for SSO to find about Annika’s past.. because if it was so easy, I am sure Annika would have tried to find as well by now..She is a smart and capable woman after all.

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much nivi… i also was thinking that anika’s past is if so easy to find then why anika didn’t… there is a mystery again… some new characters will be seen… n today we don’t need to tape pinky, shivaay himself did…

    12. Akriti

      go rajjo go…
      you are on hatric comment..
      and yes once again I am telling that ishqbaaz has the best dialogue writers…
      and about pinky just ignore her today….

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much akriti… you have awesome dp/…

    13. Gd morning…once agsin rajjo’s comment first……yes wht an epi so mhch entertaining yaar……tadibaaz……….yes tum mere bewi ho itha kafi but the NKK still banging his head……bt totally sensational….shivayes hug always special……..

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much pushpa… shivaay’s hug is always loving…

    14. Go rajjo go again! Proud of u dear!! Glad u cudn control urself?
      How did annika get that dress! Lol? It’s IB dear!
      And yeah Pinks moms better keep ur mouth shut! Sso is with her!

      1. Rajjo

        Thank you so much my dear anu… pinky mom don’t say anything now shivaay has all the answers of your questions…

    15. Archiya

      Sahil is not emotionally confused like Shivay.. Lolzz true
      It 2 ND last part is too Gud??

      1. Rajjo

        yes archu… shivaay is now getting over his emotionally challenged perspective… slowly slowly

    16. Ranilya

      I’m unable to make out if the exam pressure or IB pressure is more on You!

      Well analysed dear…
      I too got a doubt on anika’d clothes…she must have taken khannu’ s help…

      1. Rajjo

        thank you so much… its not IB pressure… iys IB khumaar…

    17. very sweet analysis rajjo di and once again its go rajjo goooooo day

      1. Rajjo

        Thank you so much shab…







    To all the ANIKA DANS … Hope u all like it….

    Episode was awesome… Both shivaay and anika in full tashan today….

    Loved sahil-shivaay talk…. even sahil also showed his tadi to billu….
    Loved shiomru talks (om was looking so handsome among all three). Chalo Obro moment nahi toh teeno ek saath ek frame mein he sahi…. Rudra ur just great …. even having small roles u bring smile on every ones face… Cvs plz give more space to Rumya as well….
    Shivay in full SSO AND TADI MODE..Shivay I know u had never expected this kind of welcome if u are a guest even in it wildest dreams…. Aapke tadi ko anika ne pani pani kar diya…. kitne shan se shivay ne goggles nikala that and then SPLASH…Sab water water ho gaya…..

    Anika or better say paanika for today’s episode was also on full tadi mode matching shivaay… What a welcome u gave to ur billuji…. But shivaay ne bhi apne SSO MODE ko start kiya…
    And the u all know the rest… on it bhi mein bata deti hu…. anika became BHEEGI BILLI (BILLU’S BILLI BECAME WET)….
    Loved the way anika expressed herself…. so emotional…

    1. Rajjo

      awesome lines mahi…. well done… i am very touched by your lines yr… really good… keep i up…

      yess our both tadibaazs are back… we can have DIL BOLE TADIBAAZ… hahaha… sab pani pani ho gya…

    2. Amayaa

      Amazing lines ……………….loved it to de core ……………..???
      Wow wow wow
      Third student of milkha singh wow
      Good progress ha
      Direct jump 2 second position. …………aaj to milkha singh rukne vale nahi hai …………….he himself comes 2 de racing track. ……………..his every student is performing well ……………….nd now he too is dancing like mad same like me ………………….only 1 sec. late ………….it’s okkkkkk……..
      next time good luck. …………….???

    3. Nilash

      Mahi loads of grand salutes to you for the bestest description of identity…. it’s awesomely awesome….??????????????? just couldn’t get over the lines posted by you…

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh bete ki… do do Omkara..One in IB and another in TU page..

      1. Rajjo

        socho astha… kya hoga humara hum to pure philosphical ho jayenge,… do do omkara is here…

    5. Akriti

      assume lines mahi …..
      very touchy and emotional…
      it was not just like it was full about anikas pain and shivays belief…
      and yess the episode is full on tadibaaz mode…

    6. Nivedita

      Wah, lovely poem on identity! ?????

      True today Ishqbaaz was full of Tashan, tadi, anger, sadness, tenderness and love!
      Dil bole Shivikabaaz, Tashanbaaz, Tadibaaz and Ishqbaaz! ??

    7. Wow maahi….the lines superbbbb…..todat shivaye &anika nailed it full of tadibaazzz & i think v hv missed this scn a lot…fantabulous epi…???

    8. Wow! Maahi! When struggle succeeds it becomes ur identity!! Wow! Well said yaar! ???
      U might have been tired hearing praises.. but lines are awesome!!
      And u missed Go mahi Go by just few secs I guess..!

    9. Archiya

      Mahi it’s awesome.. Loved it fory Anika.. Perfectly suited??

    10. Ranilya

      Powerful lines on identity Maahi.
      Yes identity is when you find yourself….your true inner self…

    11. It is awesome dii… IDENTITY… it is awesome view of your dii….
      Your awesome shayari fan….

    12. @rajjo- Happy that my lines directly touched ur heart….

      @amu- hey chatter box …. thank you so much…. keep loving me like this …..ok….
      and yes today Milkha singh is jumping with joy…..

      @Nilash- Thank you for this awesomely awesome comment…. send you the loads of love to you in return…… and ya keep loving like this…..

      @astha- you were the first one to call me lady omkara hain na….. so thank for that….
      but in yesterday’s episode omkara’s part was so small…. par koi nahi… he was looking soo handsome?????

      @akriti- thank you so much dear…. sending u loads of love dear….

      @nivi- thanks for ur comment dear… keep loving me like this…. and yes welcome to the Milkha singh classes…..

      @pushpa- thanks for ur fantabulous comment each time…. keep loving…..ok…

      @anu- thank a lot dear…. and ya picking up ur favourite lines from my poems/shayari …. just loved this way of ur replying….. keep loving ….. ok….

      @archiya- The above lines is just what all those people who struggle to establish their identity….. thanks for looking it… sleep loving…ok….

      Hey guys today Maahi in ordering mode….
      just keep me loving like this…okkkk…. San ke sab…. even the silent readers…. ( today naughty maahi ????… wink wink?????)

      1. @raniliya- thanks for the powerful , powerpack comment…. loads of love dear….

        @nikitajai- U missed u soooooo much dear… why didn’t u commented on either IB OR DBO PAGE….. How are u???…. I just keep searching for u on both the pages…. By the way thanks for ur awesome comment….. Getting comments from your FIRST FAN IS JUST AWESOMELY AWESOME AND SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET….. Love u dear…..Loads of Love…………..????????

      2. @nikki- its *I missed u soooooooo much…..
        Lagta hai tumhare comment ko dekhkar itni khushi ho rahi hai that Even I am unable to type correctly……

    13. Thanks dii… Ya I am fine… Bus todh time kharab chal raha h.. Kya kr…
      But at least i am happy with your awesome.. Lines..

  3. Mouni

    Only shivika can make a separation track very short and funny , its probably the shortest separation in the history of hindi serials lol , the hug was real , am happy that sso didn’t misunderstood anika at that moment in his first shock after knowing the truth it didn’t affected him much and even consoled her but it seems anika was really emotional and after hearing the obros conversation she took the decision to leave , this time her emotions took over her mind

    Sahil – sso convo was too sweet , “ relax dude “ lool , they looked like old friends but why always in the pool ?? they always talk there , l wish they could do a boy’s room for sahil
    Aww l loved tadibaaz sso , really enjoyed that scene both of them can get sick from all the water throwing lol , it was a bliss and my guess / wish came true , he lifted her in front of ppl yaaaay go sso gooooo , that was hilarious

    Pinky , you are unwatchable , no other comment on her l don’t want to ruin my mood

    So anika is trying to find mahi’s past and sso will try to find anika’s origins , there is a spoiler saying that pinky will spy on them and try to prevent sso from finding anika’s family but eventually her origins will be known and there will be many twists , so excited about that
    The last part was emotional , anika is not used to talk about her past but today she reminded me of mahi , both of them have the same weakness “ no name only shame “ but as anika said , why a surname is this important that you judge a person by it ?? it a harsh and sad reality

    Precap ; l love sso – sahil relationship , its so cute and fresh , sahil is mature and easy to talk to

    Ps ; in progression of my painting career l did my sister’s hair lol , the colour was like tia’s

    1. Rajjo

      yes mouni… having a surname is a harsh reality of world… even i was in thinking after that moment…

      lol… how funny like anika is finding connection between mahi n shivaay and now shivaay is finding the connection of how anika got into world…

      ishqbaaz is the only place where leading pairs can have this type of tadibaaz separation and unification can happen…

      1. Mouni

        true rajjo , the surname can be a very powerful weapon in society like in the OF
        lol their separation was tadibaaz really and ended in less than 10 min in the ep
        l hope the truth of mahi and anika’s past will come out soon we may get other new characters ( anika’s family ) and many twists

    2. Amayaa

      Mouni di
      Now a days , No blush moment but blush blush by imagining de future ……………. ???…………..
      No reply on today ‘s episode now …………..l was not able 2 watch it nd just want 2 enjoy de moments without reading updates

      1. Mouni

        true amayaa no blush moments these days but am sure we will get many in the future

    3. Nilash

      Mouni… today Mouni mode was on.. every line Shivika uttered today was like the best dialogues ever… Congratulations to you dear Ishqie

      1. Mouni

        thanks nilash dear , l hope the mouni mode will be on every ep without pinky to ruin it for us

    4. Akriti

      mouni dear yess you are right this is 21st century and today also people present in the world who believes that surname and lineage is the most important in the world and this is the tag line that the person who has high standard with big surname and lineage is the best in the world…
      today also people judge everyone in the basis of NKK…..
      but this is the worst and very sad reality we have to change it….

      and yes IB is an unique serial than it’s seperation is also unique…
      this serial also gives us very too messages through it content…

      1. Mouni

        true akriti dear , we are in the 21st century , ppl should let go of this mentality
        lb is really unique and that’s why l was attracted to watch it

    5. Shekhar

      don’t you feel,

      when he tried to take the matter in hand, it was his effort only to stop ANNIKA to voice out the truth, what ever it may be ?

      Didn’t you marked,

      how he cut off SAAHIL talks at mid and leave him alone with half the truth?

      For what?

      Because he himself feared, TRUTH may cause the matter messed up more, and so why when ANNIKA came up with truth, and he found the matter slipping out of his hand, he annoyingly left the POOJA .

      In this back ground, there is no question of misunderstanding arised. He has get himself ready to accept without knowing any truth of ANNIKA, but simply does not want to put it up in family, particularly to PINKY.

      On the contrary, ANNIKA missunderstood SSO from the convo going on among SHIVOMRU in kitchen moments, which we will see within next few epis.

      And yaa, SEPARATION was short, but both were over acting, and being out of character acted half heartedly.

      Unnecessary music failed to raise up the ATTITUDE of SSO , and CVS were being failed to add reality in this drama.

      I found SAAHIL-SSO convo one of the cutest and sweetest so far till today. SAAHIL had achieved his own unreachable height of acting with facial expression.

      In my POV

      SSO is hell bent to accept ANNIKA unconditional, and for that he will go upto any extent, whether it will be out of LOVE or not!

      1. Mouni

        l agree shekhar , he wanted to keep things in his hands but anika’s truthfulness took it away from him and couldn’t do anything but going out from pooja
        he is accepting anika without exception , l just hope he will express that soon and confess his love before he finds her family , there would be a lot of misunderstanding if her family is wealthy and have the famous NKK

    6. Nivedita

      Mouni..You go girl with your colouring saga! ??

      This week detective giri will be ongoing for both Annika and Shivaay..

      I agree, Sahil needs a nice room in OM..Though the poolside conversations of Sahil and Shivaay are always amazing! ??
      Sahil seems to be the adult in the matters of Shivika romance, always giving them the right support- be it consoling and wiping their tears or giving them sane words of advice! ??

      Today there were so many great scenes after a second watch Dil bole Sahilbaaz and Omkara baaz too. I missed OM’s twinkling eyes and calm nature..
      I wonder why this side of Om that is loved by the audience is not shown in DBO–
      His characterization in IB is so much more endearing, lovable and enjoyable than in DBO..

      1. Mouni

        lol true , its the colouring saga for me these days
        l hope the origins of mahi and anika will come out soon , for mahi its almost done as they only wait for DNA results
        sahil is the love consultant for shivika lol
        l prefer om in ib bcz l don’t watch dbo , its like another story too different from ib

    7. Gd morning mouni…hw r u?
      Simply owsm epi….yes all of it ws a blissfull epi…scns…dialogues….hugs….water….carried her to the car….so nice to c…full of tadibaazz SSO is bavk……

      1. Mouni

        good morning pushpa dear , am fine thank you
        it was really awesome ep , l hope today’s ep will be even better

    8. Wow!! Mouni.. on the way to become a colouring pro! Go mouni go!
      What u said is true… there can never be a shorter and funnier seperation track… ever… and that’s the best thing abt IB.. even if it was longer.. it wud have still been tolerably enjoyable..
      The only longest drama so far I gues was the ONS misunderstanding and the Tia MrsK saga.. kameenis felt dragging here n there too but Mahi’s presence mad it better u see?

      On the whole.. good job Gul on today’s episode and glad that u r finally focussing on her past!
      And ur spoiler.. ewww disgusting pinky.. like u said unwatchable!!

      1. Mouni

        lol anu , yes its seems am gonna be colour pro soon lol
        yes , the ons was probably worse than tia
        l think we will not be free from pinky soon , she will still roam around and stalk shivika

    9. Archiya

      I wanted a proper separation track.. But looks like CVS want to go ahead with Anika past revelation
      Agree it’s a very harsh reality.. Even today, r name, kundli everything is important… Even though v r no where responsible for it… Really sad abt this but r society only is like tat

      1. Archiya

        Painting career an sister hair.. Lolzzz.. She must have enjoyed it though… An i want to color my hair too.. Not able to decide on the color ??

      2. Mouni

        l think the cvs wanted to reveal mahi and anika’s past , if sso goes to the orphanage he will easily know that anika was not there as a baby but a little girl who maybe was found in the street ?? l hope he will get solid clues about her past as for mahi its almost over as only wait for DNA results
        lol l found out that l love painting , you can do highlights for your hair

    10. Ranilya

      Only shivika can make a separation track very short and funny , its probably the shortest separation in the history of hindi serials
      Yes no wonder ishqbaaz is unique…
      Betn Anika n Mahi…. hats off to Anika she still is strong n daring, she stands high against all odds unlike Mahi who is always sulking….

      1. Mouni

        true ranilya , ib is very unique
        anika is stronger than mahi , she faced harch condition than mahi but still was able to stand up unlike him , he drowns his sorrow in alcohol

    11. Mouni
      Pinky is unwatchable..!! ???
      ShiSa is always seen talking at the poolside, I am guessing coz they are going for a signature set up, like Obros kitchen moments. And am liking it.

      Painting career..!! Lol..!! OMG, you are experimenting on your sissy. Poor sissy..!! Just kidding..!! I am sure u did a fab job..!!

      @Shekhar- U felt NarBhi over acting?? I loved them esp. the last few minutes. Nakuul conveyed what Shivay was going thru even without speaking a word in that sequence.

      @Nivi- so true, It’s totally some other Om in DBO. I also feel Kunal does a better job as calm, composed n not aggressive.

      1. Mouni

        lax , l think you are right , pool is signature for shi-sa moments
        it was a nice colour lol , l may put that on my cv

      2. Putting that on CV..!! Lol..!! ??

  4. Nivedita

    Yippee the hug was real and not a dream! ????? It’s really was the most awesome hug..Sigh..?
    Loved today’s episode– SSO’s and Panika’s tadi was back..????
    Sahil Shivaay conversation was so sweet. Cutie pie Sahil! ?? Phone balance dialogue and while asking help tadi dikhane wala dialogue was ????.. accha hai Sahil hi hai Joh Annika ke baad SSO ki tadi Ka accha jawab de Sakta hai..

    Obros were back, but O bros Ka saath bahut few mins ke liye tha.. pehle jaisa mazza nahin aaya..? loved Rudy’s cheesy Shari! ????

    The whole chawl sequence was the cutest..??And hilarious! ???? Annika’s gussa was jayaz..
    And Shivaay getting back with her tit for tat was superb! ?????
    Pannika sequence is always fun.. and SSO’s dialogues of their pani Ka khel was lovely! ??

    They should always just keep doing this pani khel to bring down each others gussa and tadi..

    Annika how can u accept defeat so soon??

    Shivaay consoling her, his ‘hey Annika ‘was the sweetest moment today! ????

    1. Rajjo

      yes nivi the most passionate hug was of today… like she is mine…

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah exactly.. i think I will re-watch today’s episode quite a lot. Especially those last few minutes..

        Congo darling on being first today! ??

    2. Amayaa

      NIVI DI
      de newly joined fourth student of milkha singh
      Do more Labour
      See here is a tough competition for u ???I m on every student’s side…………….Rajjo di , Maahi di , Anu di , Nivi di ……………best wishes 2 u all ………..???

      1. Nivedita

        Ha ha ha Amayaa! You are a sweet heart.. koi bhi win Kate..Koi gam nahin..?

        Plus today, I can only keep dreaming of Shivika, Pinky taunts was just like a blip, that just disappeared with all the SSO tadi and consoling Annika magic! ????

        Star plus HD had some glitch today, so i watched IB last few mins on star plus instead, so didn’t finish my comments till later..
        But because of the glitch ek acchi bast yeah hui ke I got to watch some of the last Shivika scenes twice..????

      2. Rajjo

        oh my name is on first of the list just by random or is it so???(wink wink)

      3. Amayaa

        Rajjo di
        Aap na marvaoge mujhe
        It is random. …………….don’t wink ha

    3. Nilash

      Yaa Nivedita Anika’s moment was the sweetest today but today’s episode was a mind blowing one…

      1. Nivedita

        Totally agree.. today’s was a memorable Shivika episode!!

    4. Akriti

      yes nivi dear..
      that pani wala love and chawl scene and that passionate hug every thing was superb today

    5. Hi nivi….agree totally their hug r the best alwzys…..ful of passionate&wrapped in his arm…so luvly …. and the chawl simply mind blowing scns….its not tht she accept defear shes tired of the whole NKK issues……her mind&soul just cant hear it anymore……

    6. U know whenever we brush through ur comments it has a lot of ???
      U know it makes it very dreamy?

      1. Nivedita

        Ha ha Anu! Quite true..Esp yesterday’s episode was super romantic for me.. so comments r filled with ?!?

    7. Archiya

      Anika accepted defeat so soon as she loves Shivay an lot an can’t stay without him.. Love which becomes it strength equally becomes ur weakness to say away from tat person

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Archiya, you are right! Love can be both the strength and weakness. and when I said why Annika was accepting defeat, I meant about our strong Annika who never cared about the world’s injustices towards her..And I agree Annika’s love for Shivaay made her break down.. because of course how can one fight against one’s own love?

        Of course Shivaay being the perfect hubby, went and consoled her so well..??

      2. Nivi, Archi, Akriti…..aap log issi Shivika hug ke peeche kyun pade ho?? There was 2 more hugs in the epi yaar……I agree this is the best of them ?????…..but when I see this hug I miss that hug….????

    8. Nilash

      Nivi dear that meri Maa and mera baap nostalgia I think will continue forever and ever…. today’s kiddos also do that (may be)?? …
      And yaa Mahi should teach Shinky how to deal with identity crisis…. Mahi is our love after all….

    9. Ranilya

      Annika how can u accept defeat so soon??
      The answer to this question from my POV is that Anika always had this fear in her about Shivay ‘not accepting’ her due to his NKK principles which everyone know are very strong in him.
      Anika has been humiliated many times by Shivay for the same reason, she has also seen Shivay breaking Dev’ s alliance with Prinku for the same reason…
      She very well knows that these principle r etched in Shivay…
      Even in her conversation with Sahil it’s evident that she is apprehensive about Shivay rejecting her due to this ideology…
      So when she heard Shivay telling his brothers that it’s important for him to know and her NKK she was broken completely….
      She wants him to accept her whole heartedly not in dilemma….
      She can’t stay with him, with doubts in both their minds…
      She accepted defeat and left from the house…

      1. Nivedita

        Yes, very well said. Ranilya, you are right this inner fear of hers of SSO preferring NKK over choosing to he with her is the reason why she left and the reason why she broke down in front of SSO yesterday.

    10. Nivi
      Yes dear, Obros kitchen moments mein woh waali baath nahi thi. It was good but not the usual good.

  5. Loved the paani wala tashan …hope shivaay finds anika’s family

  6. VHM

    Shivika ka pala bhi kin dono se pada ek side kutti (Pinky) doosri side Kameeni (Kamini) ….ab Shivika ko tho mushkilon mein padna hi tha…….

  7. Antara

    wow NICE episode after so many days their taddi was missing 2day’s epi was fantastic loved their nok jhok & water throw hoping soon anika’s past will be revealed

  8. todays epi was once again SHIVIKALICIOUS
    gain that hug was real not the dream and some one please pinch me know wat did i see today omakara in ib upto now they wer shivay rudy and omi today after along time they became SHIVOMRU yes the kitchen scene SHUT UP RUDRA it was all like very emotional after a long time we got kitchen bromance wow wow and anika thum ne bheech mein aake spoil kardiya kudh ko bhi hurt kardi aur obros kitchen moment ko bhi spoil kardhi so it is a good lesso fr us that without hearing anything completly we should not decide any thing
    and chanda u wer ri8 shivay anika both r made fr each other couple thats y they r shivika and haan both r equal tadi baaaz hai and sahil and shivaay convo was really very nice means today i could find the flavour of old ib wer we used to laugh holding our stomachs it was very emotional +funny epi today both panika and panivaay r really very funny and shivaay u stole my heart and at last the emotional finishing was really gooood anika y cant u listen to shivaay completly sun kyun nahi lethi aur shivaay thum bhi kuch bol yun nahi rahe ho i want to listen shivaay please say that anika is imp fr u more than anything say know please
    precap seems like sooon we will find anika’s hidden past that dark secret may thats y the writers brought pinky as a way and today i tottalyy ignored that pinky’s scenes wow it was really shivikalicious i m very happy with this epi and even sad fr anika she feels herself to be lost no anika u r never lost my jhansi ki rani u r ri8 thum shivaay singh oberoi se lad nahi sakthi coz he is sso ri8 but u r never lost my jhansi ki rani very soon u will know ur past i dam sure about it

    1. Rajjo

      SHIVIKALICIOUS… nice word shab… that shut up rudra was like sarting of ib we are watching where in every 10 min we used to listen SHUT UP RUDRA… even rudy wants to hear this only…

      i said earlier this plot has been brought up with the help of pinky to find he truth of anika… whether anika had tried or not but this time shivaay is on full mode to get her whole history…

      1. yes definitly shivaay is in full mood to get anikas truth so im eagerly waiting fr it

    2. Nilash

      Yooooo Shab yeah you are right today the episode was SHIVIKALICIOUS… hehehehehe…… yeah I just hope they end this Anika’s past track soon then only we will get to see our old oh my maataa famous Pinky…

      1. muje bhi old wali pinky chahiye jo sweet aur soft thi ye jealous pinky i hate her but hats off fr her acting so that we all hate her charecter its her role to make us angry and she is truly doing that

    3. Amayaa

      Lagi raho ☺☺☺congrats ☺☺☺

      1. amayaa kyun congrats kahthi hoo?

    4. Akriti

      you are right shab once again the episode was SHIVIKALICIOUS…
      and nice new name for shivaay panivaay…
      now its complete panika and panivaay…..

      1. ohh u liked it really panivaay and panika both usse zyada tadibaaz hai

    5. Shab… yes it was .SHIVIKALICIOUS…….frm beginning to end….hope 2 c more tadibaazzzz…

      1. u want to see more tadibaaz then tomorrow definitly u wil have treat i wont break the suspence jus wait and watch

      2. really shab……thts gona rock the TU for sure……

    6. Archiya

      True dear.. Half hearing is always dangerous an creates lots of MU.. But of course this time Anika misunderstood. So Ek baar to Banta tha.. Tat Anika gets angry
      An ur right.. Yest episode was a glimpse of r old IB

      1. always archu without hearing anything completly we should not decide anything i saw many people in mt life who do that silly mistake and yes yest epi had the flavour of old ib

    7. Nivedita

      Shivikalicious it is dear! ????
      Yeah shut up Rudra and OM’s presence was short and sweet.. want them to b with Shivika longer.. and not just for guest appearance..

      1. yes muje bhi om ki presence kuch zyada wakyh ke liye chahye tha not like aguest role

    8. I told u guys right.. that the hug will not be a dream.. see..
      And yeah episode was ek dum shivikalicious!! True!!

      1. yes that hug was not a dream gul mam is definitly not a copy cat if at all its any othher serial they would have dragged it like anything and yea the epi was ek dam shivikalicious

    9. Ranilya

      Shivikalacious sure it was!
      Paanika n Paanivay ??????

      1. yes my new naamkaran fr my shivaay as panivaayy hehe:D

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Ishqbaaz went back to Tadibaaz..
    The NKK fort is coming to its destruction step by step..By the philosophical Omkara …cheese boy Rudra and Shivaay being adamant of his decision of “only Annika is my wife” matter…
    Stress booster Obro moment and thesis of discussing problems in kitchen back fired on SSO and his stupid Ideology of NKK…as Annika heard their discussion and he inner turmoil of her husband of knowing her past life..her blood,family and lineage…
    Shivaay Singh Oberoi made a tamasha of himself..he spread raita on his name “Shivaay Singh Oberoi” in the colony…”Haan toh patni hai meri”– Before it was before media,family ,his mother bit today it was actually public display of haq..right on life her on his strong arm,throw water at her face like she does on him..His annika,his wife Annika, who left him for few hours and again he have to ask help from Saahil…
    Saahil when he folded his hands over his chest…he lpoked perfect junior Tadibaaz..”No balance in your mobile” ..innocent yet tooka another huge version of Tadibaaz…
    Annika…both are on Tadi..yet in love..I wish one day Shivaay Singh Oberoi will break his hypothesis of NKK like today he broke the glass..throw his NKK like he threw water at the world to silence the nonsense speaking mouth…
    Shivaay is now not after rhe NKK and is trying to find the past..origin,pain,sorrow of his wife. His wife before meeting him..her agony,her problems before his entry in her life.. About Annika and every thorn on her path of life long strong journey..He wanted to discover this only..not the NKK of Annika..
    Chanda …chanda…Kawab ki paneer…You are a cucumber in the sandwich in between both their Tadi and water fight…
    OmRu….both you are looking Handsome my brothers…and smart too…
    Pinky …Donkey…Blood. I want to suck all your blood becoming a end all the theory of Blood,family and lineage..
    SSO gave a tight slap on her face by his words.”Annika is my wife”…
    Saahil is the best brother and best friend(mera baap..then who is Shakti,Shivaay bhaiyya??), best adviser…he is the best at all.
    Lejayenge…lejayenge…tumko uthake hum baahon mein lejayenge…

    1. Rajjo

      arey arey astha… control don’t dance this much plz…. yes you are very happy but hold on plz…

      n plz don’t become vampire for that donkey pinky we want our astha… i will tape her whole body don’t worry….

      your brother rocked today… seriously kitne haq se bola biwi hai meri… n uthaya bhi utne hi haq se like chalogi nhi ghar aise kaise nhi chalogi me tumhe utha k le jaunga… tum biwi ho meri…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I am not dancing yaar. Arpita ke powerful 1000 hugs and 2000 kisses ke baad meri haalath thik hua hai…
        just doing Kuchupudi on my bed as Shivaay bhaiyya aage badh gaye.. Not in romance but in his words to stop nonsense of Pinky “Mom please”..aaj sahi jawab diya Pinky mom ko…

    2. Astha….mummmmay ko Donkey bola?? Kya yaaar…….agar donkey sunega toh sharam se chullu bhar paani mei doobke suicide kar dega…….

      Btw……aapne dp change kiya??? Now I am trying to figure out ur old dp…..kya karoon…..instant Gajini hoon mein…..????

      Anyways……I loved the dp…..this must be one of their offscreen masti pics I think……Shivika looks sooooooooo Cute…….??????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I will think about not calling her donkey in future.. Then the next weird animals in line are Mole and Hinny .. I can choose but they are also not ready to give their name to Pinky…
        My new dp is from the promo of award function .

    3. Amayaa

      Now i don’t read ur analysis otherwise it tells me all about today ‘s episode. ……………….itna perfect jo hota hai ……………..dp competition chal raha h kya ?????????? Meri Aastha di ke kabhi na change hone vale dps aajkal bahut zaldi change ho rahe h …………. Aise awesome dp. ……………. ab aapko kya naam du
      All positions r already acquired. …………….but kuch to banta hai ………….???girlzzzzz suggest me ……………… I m not able 2 find a perfect name for my di ……………… ???…………….okkkssssssss……….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Prakriti called “Ek Astha Ishqbaazi ki”..
        Liji called “Awwstha”
        Anu calls Gaaru always
        Archi calls darling(not in prabhas style)
        Arpita calls Baby(not in Tia Style)
        Friends calls Astha and younger as Astha di…
        Now waiting for a special name from my Ammu …
        I am not in competition for changing dp like you said ,just changed it like that after almost 15 days.

    4. Nilash

      Awwww Astha killed with your DP today… good question if Sahil is Shivay’s baap then who is Shakti??????? Many a times he also said Anika as meri Maa then Pinky’s identity is also at stake…. shinky’ identity crisis??????
      Nice analysis dear

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Shinky Identity at stack but bhaiyya is also a registered member of PKJ it seems….

      2. Nivedita

        ????Shinky Id crisis lol! Iske liye Mahi hai na to turn their world topsy turvy..?

        But seriously that meri maa, mera baap wala dialogue, we used to say as kids in school to our friends. Brings such nostalgia!? Do kids do that still nowadays??

    5. Akriti

      astha please don’t become vampire to suck the blood of pinky because pinkys blood is very bitter like her it’s not worth sucking….
      chanda kawab ki paneer lol..
      as usual shaadi analysis like episode…
      now I wanted to wait that ishqbaaz is back with the bang!!! if it’s charm….

      and seriously who is shakti its big question????

      and astha dear your dp is just killingg me where did you get it I didn’t see it berfore is this us new pic from upcoming episodes???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Sach kaha yaar…I should not suck blood of Pinky…Let her live to see the destruction of her NKk fort in front of her ugly eyes.
        Thank you and dp is from promo of award function.

    6. Gd morning ashta…..bhaiya shivaye once again nailed it yaar…full of his tadi…cuteness….his love……the way he std and honking away…wow thts mindbliwing…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…aakhir Ishqbaaz with Tadibaaz jo hai bhaiyya.
        Mere bhaiyya in Pink!!!
        I wonder kal ke baad kitni ladkiyon ko neend nahi aaya hoga.
        They may need the whole water from all sea to calm their nerves..

      2. owsm ashta just owsmmmmmmmmmm……just admiring all the way yaar…

    7. Archiya

      Ur dp.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? shivika looks gorgeous

      1. Archiya

        Sorry for the typo

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Thanks to Shivika and their magical chemistry…
        Aap mera naam mat bigadiye(In Annika style)…ha ha…

    8. Aasthu! Ur bro rocked today… as u said it was a public display of haq…
      Even when he din have the haq, during shaadi stunt.. he considered as if she was his own property to play with…
      Now tho she is his legally wedded wife.. who can stop sso now?!
      It was fun to watch.. ask ur bhaiya to be like this always!!
      And u wanna become vampire.. oops! ? Quite vengeful!!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I am a fan of Edward na so only interested to became a Vampire… haq nahi tha shaadi se pehle….sach mein koi haq nahi tha!!!
        Hamesha se tha haq…ab official hogaya hai…SSO ko koi nahi rok sakta…

    9. Nivedita

      Astha– sach mein Sahil was a mini Tadibaaz today..?? and his tadi is rightfully needed to straighten SSO up when he us in dilemma. Or angry with his wife for not listening to him and leaving him.??

      But seriously SSO was so sweet, how many men would run after their wives if she ignored them so royally.. this persual by Shivaay totally is another top reason for SSO being the best hubby for Annika!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita….This is his best quality..he went after her …Bechara bhaiyya ko Ravibaar Sombaar I mean Pyaar jo hogaya hai…

      2. Nivedita

        Lol! Yeah Shivaay is in ,?.

    10. Ranilya

      Nice dp Asthu.
      Chanda …chanda…Kawab ki paneer…You are a cucumber in the sandwich in between both their Tadi and water fight…
      I too liked Chanda.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ha ha…. Bechari Chanda lolz

    11. Astha
      Why did u change the DP?? Subah kuch aur that n that was out of the world. From Shivikas upcoming promo song of sp awards.

  10. Archiya

    Today episode was just too good ? ? . Totally loved it, seriously nothing can b even compared to shivika.. They r just crazy, love u guys ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    So the last hug of yest was not a dream, but it surely broke in the next scene, will ignore it as the remaining episode compensated for it.

    May b for the first time Anika misunderstood Shivay, an he was so desparate to get her back. As usual the water scene was too good, loved the flashbacks too

    Shivay man I totally love ur attitude as SSO, the way u walked out of the car, an toward it, awesome shots??

    Loved it tat he feels tat he has complete right over Anika, the way he lifted her, an said meri biwi hai ? ?
    But why he did not answer when Anika said tat their relation has lost..i expected him to deny it, just lik he did with pinky.

    Looked like the obros were together today only to create MU between shivika

    Pinky momsWen u know someone is orphan, u need to love them more, an not hurt them. You seem to b so much more worried for ur grandchildren, don’t worry their blood is also gonna b red only????

    Guys have posted the next part of my ff, do read it.. Here is the link

    1. Archiya

      I missed the last part as currents went of..watched it online now
      Anika u made me ? ? ? again today also, an the way Shivay was just listening to her.. Shivay support for her made me cry even more, remembering my days, my hubby has been a constant support to me from the very beginning, he has been my greatest strength to fight all battles of my life.,has always been there for me. Thanks CVS for reminding me of it… ??

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Archi… tell bhaiyya my salute and respect for him..Not Shivaay Bhaiyya… your personal SSO.. He is your pillar of strength so.. I think you will share my words with him… about him.

      2. Nivedita

        Yeah, Shivaay was seriously so tender, sweet and adorable in those last scenes!!??

        That’s so sweet Archiya that your hubby is as sweet and caring like SSO! As Annika and Shivika will say– Awww! ?? May his love for you be as eternal like our Shivaay’s love for Annika- as evidenced by all his actions today..

      3. archu..i just adored the way shivaye hold her from behind and became anika’s shoulder to cry on….so sweet and luvly……yes agree our husbands are our strength too always there for us…

      4. Aww archu! That’s so sweet that your hubby has been ur constant support!! Stay like this always!! Am sure you are worth it!! ??

        Love ur DP.. I just don wanna take my eyes off!
        And yeah sso was a treat to watch today.. as u said.. he claimed like annika was all his! It was so ??

      5. Archiya

        i will surely convey ur words to him.. an he is ur jij as i m ur sis.. no bhaiya n all (wink wink)

      6. Archiya

        tats such a sweet blessing.. thank u dear

        yes dear.. husbands r really a ggreat strenght..

        wow.. i m surely worth it darling (wink wink)

    2. Awwwwwwwww……..Archi…..this hug was my favorite hug today….I have mentioned in the comment also……and while watching the hug I was thinking if this would be Archi’s or Akriti’s dp…..?????? Totally awesome dr!!

      1. Archiya

        Thanks dear.. this one hug has so much of meaning actually.. tats why its my dp today:)

    3. Mouni

      true archi the ep was just too good
      sso throwing water and lifting her was so primitive and possessive saying she is his wife l loved it , he is still confused though and maybe wanted her to speak all of her mind in their room

      pinky is just too much , hope they will limit her appearance in the future and l don’t think she will leave them alone this soon ughhhhhh

      1. Archiya

        may b ur rite.. he was waiting for her to shed her heart out.. an then he allowed her to talk.. i feel he will convince her today that their relation has not lost, she has not lost
        Pinky.. i just dont want to even c her.. cvs spoiled her char completely

    4. Rajjo

      hahaha… lolzzz pinky’s children will ask their mother’s naam khoon khandaan… i mean where this happens man… idiotic logics of pinky… pinky hi puchwayegi unse… vo khud to na hi puchne waale…

      1. Archiya

        true.. which children ask for mom NKK…mother love is above evrything.. nothing matters beyond tat

    5. Rajjo

      even i was thinking this dp as to be yours…

    6. Nilash

      Archiya nice DP… really the blood of her grandchildren will be red but I think Pinky has blue blood so she is worried about the blood of her grandchildren as we saw in that bullet scene only that Shivika has red blood???… Archiya dear don’t cry a 100 hugs from my side to you but please don’t cry..

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Nilash.. ha ha blue blood
        Awwww.. how sweeet.. thanks for the hugs dear.. i usually boast that i m very strong an more practical.. an see one such scenes an tears dont stop 🙂 but when i have frens like u.. those tears becomes happy ones

    7. Amayaa

      Archu aka dp queen
      Ur dp is khirkitor as usual
      but be ready dr …………….nd best of luck. ……………now u have a tough competition. …………… our milkha students. ………………..many dp mega queens came forward. ……………. I m not a part …………….my best wishes with all of u ……………..???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Huh!! Ammu changes her dp in every hour of the day and she is pointing fingers at others… Ammu is CA.. Chamomile Ammu..( kidding only)

      2. Archiya

        Thanks Amayaa
        dear can u ever have a competition in a family, with the people u love .. never.. here everyone is my family an i love all of them
        Its all about sharing .. i will also enjoy seeing shivika in others DP:)

    8. Akriti

      well said archu…
      nothing can be campared to shivika infact nothing can be compared to IB also…
      and yes pinkys grand children’s blood gonna be red only…
      i think pinky ye sochte hai ki uske grandchildren ka blood is colour according to surname hoga…
      like blue green purple yellow etc…..

      and yes loved that complete haq that meri biwi hai ye….

      1. Archiya

        ha ha Akriti
        blood acc to surname.. just imagine tat was true..

    9. Archu…yr dp rocks again..tht hug frm behind ..??????heaven….episode full of shivika tadibaazzzz……..superbbbbbbbb……..

      1. Archiya

        Thanks dear.. even i loved the hug..

    10. Archu
      Haan yaar. Seemed like Obros were there only to create problems between Shivika.

      Convey my regards to your hubby..!! ? Give him a treat from our side for supporting you always.

      1. Archiya

        Lax dear
        i surely will 🙂

    11. Ranilya

      Shivay man I totally love ur attitude as SSO, the way u walked out of the car, an toward it, awesome shots.
      SSO they name is tadi…both can’t b separated.. .
      Nakul was so hand some today…i mean he always is…but today I felt more

      1. Ranilya

        Archu glad to know that your hubby is a constant support to you always… be happy always dear…
        Do convey my regards to him…

      2. Archiya

        Rani dear
        sure i will 🙂 an thanks for the blessings

  11. Today’s episode was BANG ON!

    1. Obros????
    2. Shivika Taadibaazi???
    3. Shivika love???

    And last but not the least, those flashbacks and the way Shivaay shut up Gulabo(Pinky)????

    Anika made my eyes water today, when she confided in Shivaay. And there proximity, the way he was holding her and his concern and insecurity about her leaving and his determination to get her back- all were amazing!???

    About precap, why am I feeling that Anika would turn out to be someone with a lot of NKK in her?

    And I missed Mahi today????

    1. Rajjo

      i missed mahi too…
      a lot than NKK what do you mean by it?????

      1. NKK is Shivaay’s first love. Naam Khoon Khaandaan?

    2. Amayaa

      Bang bang bang
      Really a bang 1 dr ???

      1. Bang X Infinity thha. Anika was so amazing and then Shivaay in his lilac suit made me go?????

  12. Nilash

    Yyyyyyeeeeee…. yyyyiiiieeeepppppeee ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
    Speechless…….. ???????????????????
    Today Mouni mode was full on… what a love… what a story… what a tashan… every ishqiess a biiiiiiiiiggg round of applause for SHIVIKA today no I better say for NARBHI….. God how can someone be so perfect….. the perfect acting perfect expressions perfect moment and what not….. a perfect episode with all the scenes we longed for ages… Shivika scene.. Shivika tashan scene…. Obro moment scene… Shivay-Sahil scene…. love you CV’s… please let the upcoming episodes be like this only???????
    Oh god seriously I don’t know which scene to leave in today’s episode…. every scene was beyond perfection…. Ishqbaaz people I just love you and I’m proud that we all love you and you all know how to ay back all these love… the best cast I ever saw… off screen on screen wherever you all are there the moment becomes amazing…???????????
    Congratulations to all the ishqiess for the longed gift we got today
    I seriously can’t think of any word to praise the bonding between every actor… this bonding only makes this series the best and no doubt or question in this matter….
    Rudy we got to see you back yyyeeee….
    Love you all loads ishqiess and ishqbaaz?????????????????????????

    1. Rajjo

      omg nilash… are you dancing seriously????????

      1. Nilash

        I was but my mom gave me a look as I am crazy then I stopped….

    2. Amayaa

      Haaaaaawwwwwww itne emogis to kabhi mere liye bhi use nahi kiya ……………….. hate u ??? no longgggggg reply

      1. Nilash

        Aaarrreee… ok baba ab se karungi ab sorry bhi nhi bol sakti????
        Ye sab tumhare liye… ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ab happy ya aur bhi post karun???

    3. Akriti

      oh ho nilash….
      itna long comment tumne kiya…..
      lagata hai aaj ke episode ne sabo pagal kar diya including me…

      1. Nilash

        Pagal to kar hi diya par uske saath saath SHIVIKABAAZ AND ISHQBAAZ bana diya hai.

    4. Hello nilash dear….
      Mujhe tum se kuch poochna hai….
      Aap ki naam mujhe confuse kar rahi hai
      iss liye plz batado ki aap bhaiya ho ya didi (plz…plz…plz….dear bura math maanna)

      1. Nilash

        Hmmmmm I am didi dear…. ?????? and it’s ok but are you sure you are younger than me if not I’m clearing it I’m 18 years old… and hum ishqiess kisi bhi baat ka bura nhi maante and tum bhi ishqie ho so…..

    5. hi nila….agree all scene were owsm & superbbbbbb……shivika, shivaye sahil, shivOmRu ……and the greatest of all will be shivyae’s hugggggggggg

      1. Nilash

        Yyyy yaa… Shivay’s hug was???????????? loved every inch of yesterday’s episode… again I’m speechless and using emojis to express my feeling… god I’m not going to get over the episode soon??????

    6. lol Nilash!! ??
      Dil bole shivikabaaz, sahilbaaz, obrosbaaz, Nakulbaaz, surbhibaaz, kunalbaaz, rudrabaaz and then.. ishqbaaz…. couldn’t miss out on any right?? ?

      1. Nilash

        Yaaaa…. like couldn’t think of better words to describe my feelings on yesterday’s episode…. so these words or rather say the marvelous acting of these people helped me out and made our ishqbaaz the greatest success…

    7. really di u wer seriously dancing

      1. Nilash

        Ya I was dancing and guess on which song…???? on ohhh jaaanaaa….. but my mom interrupted me and looked at me like she will send me to an isolated place so that I can get over my pagalpanthis… but when my mom went away from my room I may be danced for 20-30 minutes… I went crazy yesterday…

    8. Archiya

      u were missing from sometime… an so many hearts in ur comment say it all.. how much u love IB

      1. Nilash

        Awwww thank you Archu…. actually I went to my relatives place where no one is allowed to watch TV so I missed Monday’s and Tuesday’s episode but watched it on hotstar for that reason only I could not comment….. again you nailed with your DP dear…

    9. Ranilya

      Yes nilash today is all baaz day …
      Every moment of the epi gave the baaz feeling

      1. Nilash

        Yooo Ranilya…. seriously yesterday episode was all baaz waiting for more better episode today but I know today’s one would be the normal one…. but then also…. DIL BOLE……………… ISHQBAAZ

  13. Tanz

    Hello everyone, this is the first time I’m commenting on this page. Today’s EPI compelled me to do so.Today Surbhi and Nakul both performed too well .The way Annika was telling about the insults and pains she had gone through for being an orphan, was really heartbreaking.I really felt very sad.But I want to thank Gul Ma’am for bringing out such an important issue among all this negativity. Today’s dialogue: Aap Bhagwanji se to unka surname nahi puchte….this was really amazing.
    Today Kanji eyes of Shivaay’s reflected so much pain even though he was silent.
    I don’t know if Chanda has been mentioned earlier in the show but for me it was first introduced by Astha Di….so Di your story is becoming real.
    Rudra was cute as always.His PJ made me laugh.
    Today SSO mode was really interesting for me. For me, it was the first time Shivaay’s threw water at Annika because I have not seen all of the episodes but from the FB I came to know that it wasn’t the first time.
    In short, today’s EPI was really worth watching.?

    1. Rajjo

      yes tanz that whole scene was emotional n touching when anika talked about her past experience… n the way shivaay expressed was also right…

      chanda has been shown before also but it not matters much… whenever cv wants to show anika’s frnd they show chanda… that bhagwaan ji wala dialogue was the diamond of the day…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Tanz.. welcome to WU page.
      Chanda is old friend of Annika . During Gayathri murder case.. Annika save SSO by stating Ranveer that Shivaay and she spent that night in Chanda’s house..

    3. Amayaa

      Tanz u r already a member of TU PAGE. ……………..nd very nice author toooooooo………………. welcome 2 pkj group ???

    4. welcome tanz to our the big family of IBzzzzzzzzz….

    5. Welcome tanz!! ?
      Keep commenting!

    6. Archiya

      Wc Tanz.. keep commenting

    7. Tanz

      Thanks a lot all of you for such a warm welcome…..Actually I woke up at 11 that’s why i’m replying so late… 😉

    8. Nilash

      Hiii Tanz a graaAaannnnndddd welcome from my side as well…

      1. Tanz

        thanks Nilash 🙂

    9. Ranilya

      Hi tanz

  14. I will discuss, episode part by part.

    1 First p – Sso is trying to leave his NKK IDEOLOGY. That is why he said that you are my wife and it is the matter . don’t think about anyother reason. This is really nice.

    2.Finaalyyyy after sooo many days we see three bros together. ???And that shut up.rudra. kaan taras gayithi ye sun ne ke liye.???

    Rudy you always funny and today also you didi same thing.

    3.didi leave OM but I am feeling that she did it purposely. Bcoz segment main maine unhe bina gale ke necklace. Ke saath khaana se baat karte dekhatha .

    But reason jo bho was really hurt her. Sso ne kehediya , and she became so upset that she bound to. leave OM.

    3.i don’t want to say anything about her.her stupid blabarring is eating my mind.?????????

    4.Shisha covo is always like a treat to watch.Sso became helpless and failed to convince his wife.he took sahil help.” Maaf karde mere baap.baata ki annika didi kahan milegi “?????? funny
    But Sso is Sso he can’t give up his tadi.


    A.Kya din aagaye ???? Ek woh din tha jab Sso ko iss sab jagah se michmichi macti thi.
    But aaj woh apni wife ko lene wahan pahunch gaye aur yaha tak chawl ki logo ki baatein bhi sunli.!!!! How change man!!!

    B .Chanda- bechari apni frnd aur uski hubby ke beech fasgayi.????? but that indirect talk was soo funny????

    C.Sso , she is jhnsi ki rani she can do any thing.she can show you that amount of tadi which you show?? but you also show equal tadi to her. That is why you are the BEST TAKKAR KI JODI of tellywood

    D.shivika is shivika .they are very fond of playing with water.Sso ne didi pe paani pheka didi ne bhi pheka.equal equal. Mujhe math ki yaad aagayi?? L.H.S= R.H.S

    E sso is so desperate to take his wife . Didi is denying but didi , you know na he is Sso.un main tadi kut kut ke bhari he ??? siddha uthake le aaya.
    Chawl wale and Didi shocked SSo rocked.????


    5. At last Annika didi once again you made me cry???????? chandu didi you are soo talanted actress..

    You sorrow , your dard your taklif every thing was soo emotional. It is very difficult for a orphan to servive.
    And you are right di. You don’t want to do ladhai with Sso.nok jhok ki baat alag.he ..
    Bcoz you love him sooo much. When you were crying i just want to go into tv.and hug you .

    And the way Sso was holding didi it was sooo natural.???????? .he can understand his wife situation. I know you can bring smile on my didi face so don’t worry I am with you.milke di ki help karenge

    @akrti dear, hamari wish puri hogayi????? Sso took didi in his arms ??

    @amaaya dear, actually i am a multitype insan like i am gandhi badi and also Marxist. So sometimes i do satyagraha and some times i join in revolt ??

    @lax dear, kya baat. send kiya he tumne???????? really , we shivika fandoms are crazy.

    1. Rajjo

      awesome, mind-blowing, great, excellent analysis… m just having lack of words … sorry…

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Darling.. Ab toh Bharosa hey na meri bhaiyya ke upar.
      SSO can do anything.. went to chawl for his wife..our kya love test chahiye!!
      my brother is back with his wife and water…

      1. Rajjo

        haan astha ab hume apke bhaiyya pe pura bharosa h… ab hum kabhi unhe galat nhi samjhenge…

    3. Amayaa

      ARPU my reply on ur comment will definitely come but tomorrow as I read first line u mentioned. …………… missed de episode again. ……………….desperately waiting for tomorrow morning. ……………….aur waise bhi mujhe larna bhi to hai tumse ……………..kal bhi gayabbbb mat ho jana aaj ki tarah ……………….okkkssssssss ???

    4. Nilash

      Arpita every inch of your analysis is damn good…. it’s really a fab one dear… sad for Anika didi but don’t worry we all are with your Anika didi..

    5. Akriti

      arpu dear exactly same to same feeling about each and every line of your comment….
      its karu mai itni khushi sambhal hi nhi rahi hai….
      tume jo likha sab mere man me nhi chal raha hai….
      aur haa wish humari puri hoo gai….

    6. Nivedita

      Lol Arpita! Your comments are too good!
      LHS= RHS isliye hi toh Shivika are takkar ke Ishqbaaz, tadibaaz, pani pheku baaz! ??
      Ganghiwadi and Marxist lol!
      Yes I agree our SSO’s love has changed him so much that he is willing to listen to chawl walon Ka mockery without any reaction to it..His only goal was to get back his wife..
      This is why he’s the best husband ever..

    7. Kya din aaya.. right Arpita.. abhi sso ko ye chawl wal jagah ke are me kuch farak nahi padtha.. bus Teri didi dhiktha hain aaj kal..

      and congrats! He took didi in ur arms..! Aur kuch maangna hain tho bhi abhi abhi maanglo.. lagtha hein CVs sunn rahe hain..!

    8. hi arpi…..owsm epi yesterday..
      tht was superb hug frm shivaye
      yes dear good to c oberoi bros together in the kitchen
      NKK still bangign in shivaye’s dimaggggg…..anika did the correct move
      Chawl– fantastic scnes luv every bit of it from water splash…car honking….shivaye looked so good ..lifting up anika …all was mindblowing…

    9. Archiya

      All ur points r just mind blowing ..

    10. Ranilya

      Arpita ?analysis

  15. wow was awesome epi
    The way shivaye lifted ANIKA was lovely..
    I thought today’s epi will be full of crywala mode but it was a kidikithod episode
    throwing water on each other was fabulous and our SHIVAYE is on a new mission to find ANIKA’S PARENTS butnot for shivays NKK ideology but to make pinkys mouth shut wow
    lovely episode but last moment I WAS LIKE TO HUG MY ANIKA the way she cried on remembering her past was so sad. koy uss pinky ko chup karwavo mann karta hai uss ki face pe ek thappad maro
    so exited for coming episodes

  16. 2nd 3 was for pinky .???

    1. We got that.. u don have to explain ?

  17. Hi guys
    Todays wpisode was awesome
    Obro talk was love rudra was asusual cute
    Shivika back to memories
    We all want something different from shivika more than hugs
    But i think narbhi is trying different different types of hugs different hand movements
    But we get happy for this itself
    What will happen to us when they show more

    Shivaay trying to find about annika soon annikas past is going to reveal but mahis story is not ended
    Is there will be any connection between annikas past and mahi

    What are your expectations for upcoming track -annikas past

  18. And that postpaid part was soo cool.??

    I also excited to know about didi past infact I want this after tia exit but the way it is reveling it is un bearable for.. me

    And upcoming segment????????????????????i can’t stop laughing. Didi kicked Sso woh bhi 2 times???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mere bhaiyya ko Appa ka scooter bana diya(full Meenamma style)…ha ha…

    2. Akriti

      yes arpu I also was the upcomming segment it’s really funny…
      your didi kicked sso and they will do a panja ladying fight ….

  19. Hi luvly frds….
    Wht an episode yaarr….so entertaining after so long v r seeing again shivay singh oberoi tadibaazz&anika jansi ki rani wow just mind blowing superb owsm frm anika pouring water…the car hon& believe me shivaye looked so hdsome wt the glasses….thn history repeats once more shivaye carried her to car&back home…..full of tadibaazzz…..

    B4 tht……. shivaye accept anika as his wife but still his NKK in his demaaggggg banging all the time…. break the ideology shivaye but mann kehetahae……finally he decide to look for her family trail…. SSO never change ………..anika looks for mahii&shivaye looks 4anikas family……

    At last bt not least…… shivaye held her in his arm to calm her down listening to her sorrow all wht she went thru i got emotional ???? whn she said ppl called her orphan,sin……….. instead becmg weak she started to fight back and v all r looking at the end product anika full of power& independent&stong……

    Im ignoring pinky here………

    Gd 2 c the oberoi brother&moment missed this a lot but no song this time…..?????

    Well i think the next episodes will b evn more entertainimg frm shivika…. hope no pinky.

    1. Rajjo

      i don’t remember u said once again shivaay carried anika to he car when was the first time???
      pinky was there just to make shivaay find for anika’s background. now she will not be there much…

      1. hi rajjo…i meant to say he carried her again…..sorry for the confusion ….so less of pinky thts goood…

    2. Archiya

      surely the upcoming epsiodes r gng to b entertaining.. very excited to know what is in store of anika family

      1. waiting archu waiting…….

  20. To add on shivaye loves anika shivaye accept her as his wife shivaye will give her the family she lost … so touched&impressed&solute shivaye singh oberoi …u hv nailed it again…..??????

    1. Rajjo

      salute to shivaay singh oberoi… astha where are you see us…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I am here only…My bro is rocking and you are trying to locate me..Kitna bekar bahana banaya hai abtak unko bachne keliye..ab to banta hai na ki main dekhoon meri bhaiyya par kitni ladkiyan fidaa hai.(control Astha other wise your chop is ready by some members of PKJ)

      2. ashta send our love to him…v love u shivaye…..

    2. Salute SSO! Hmm Pushpa.. aren’t u being a lil generous here.. 2 days back aap mere saath sso ko daant rahe the!
      Shivaay will give her the family she lost, but he is doing it himself as he cannot let that be unknown to him.. I agree sso was awesome today but he is getting a little to
      much praise aaj TU page main.. haan..!!

      1. anu dear but yesterday he was so different i know he’s doing it all for the NKK but indirectly he’s also helping anika to find her lost family…thts owsm anu….finally anika will know who is her parents..thts matters now,,right??? we all want anika to have NKK too…

    3. yes we have to salute shivaay singh oberoi

    4. Archiya

      Salute haan… ya he deserves it, a person threw away his ideology for his love.. he surely deserves it

  21. NehaSri

    Plz guys do read my ff Ishqbaaz past revelations.It has 3 Obros as picture. Currently the part 6 is on page 4 of ishqbaaz telly updates

  22. Hey, ishqies…was busy the last two days…couldn’t reply to your comments ….sorry..
    Anyways…today’s episode was soo emotional…It was a roller coaster ride……I mean I totally loved the shot in the chawl …I won’t say anything about pinky as she will never change but lemme make a note of all the good things in the episode. .., The shi omru scene was soo good…..Thank god that o was really there in IB today….I loved rudy ‘ s dialogs as always…I wish I had a brother like him…..Then Anika’s questions to sso were so relevant and spot on…And Shivaay ubetter give ssatisfactory answers to them warna mai Teri gangaram kardoongi…..And of course the best shot…….Double tadi baaz anika is back……For the first time I actually liked the people in her chawl….now I see why the script was written like that….I adored the way he picked her up bridal style and claimed her as his by saying she is his wife……And the end…???????
    Yaar, as arpu dear said a few days earlier…Anika cries using glycerin but seeing her cry I , really cry….pure salt and water tears…Astha di u can come and do lab test of my tears…U will see they r real….
    And p recap. ..hmm sso is trying to dig her past……
    Anyways, a few days back Lax di (Can I call u lachu? )
    Explained about the different gangs…
    So let me classify myself…
    Am a part of the
    Anika holics
    (Who drink a lot of holics to run fast like their ani darling)thik hai pj tha…
    (Who wouldn’t b one?) rhymes…
    And lastly…mahi maniac
    (Falling in luv with him is obvious because….common we don’t need reasons)
    The only gang am not part of is sso ki sisters….
    not because I am mad at him or anything but because…like seriously I wouldn’t want o b the SISTER of such a cute and hot guy (wink)
    Like mahi maniac. ..tell me do we luv mahi as sisters?
    NO! NO! NO!
    And then if nakuul is playing both…I obviously can’t b sso ki sister!
    I had better b his saali. ….
    After all I will still have the right to go dreamy eyed over him…
    #saaliadhi gharwali
    #half rights reserved??
    And one more thing guys….I really am curious…How do u guys wake up in the middle of night to comment?
    Some of u…can understand because time zones r different…
    Like me… I am like my ani di di. ..sleeping like kumbhkaran. …I cannot wake up I n the morning unless my mother screams her lungs out…raat to chod hi do……
    Anyways guys…gud night……tomorrow by noon will reply to all your comments…..,,,
    Btw…read all your comments even though dint reply….Astha di and Shekhar bhaiya…analysis is jhakkas….And Liji di and Lax di…your comments made me go ROL. ..And archu dear…read your ff…beautiful it is….will leave a comment there later…waiting to see your khidkitod dp….although I think there weren’t many scenes to choose from today…like earlier we had dp mela. ..have a feeling now will have dp ka aakaal. ….
    Check tu page by noon guys …to read my replies to your comments…K?
    (Laga hai I am also becoming dramebaaaz like amu dear)
    And I don’t know who is the first to comment today…cause the comments have not been posted yet…whoever it is Congo. ..baki
    greetings kal…
    OMG…too long comment. ..ab bakbak band hi kar detis hoon


    1. Amayaa

      Not fair ha vivi
      Ek to itne dino baad dikhi ho aur mere liye koi comments nahi ha
      Dramebaaz ko kaise bhul gai
      See tumne meri comment yani mere announcements se pahle hi announced kar diya apni team ha
      Good good
      SSO ki bahenesßsssss club me join nahi karogi na ……………..okkssßss???

    2. Nilash

      Hlooo Vivi dear…. chalo mujhe aur ek llllllooooonnnnngggggg comment karne waali pagal sisso mil gayi… wayse Vivi we should ignore Pinky in today’s episode actually everyone is doing that… mere dodo draamebaaz sisso…….. yyyyyyeeeeee…

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Vivikhta…Tear confirmed…salt with water.
      Ha ha ha…Chalo aaj maan liya ki mere bhaiyya hand some se bhi zyada cute hai..
      Thank you for the praise…

    4. Vivi
      Dear, Call me anything, gaali ke alawaa..!! ?? Thanx once again..!!

    5. Archiya

      true dear, dp ka akaal hai.. hardly one or 2 we get 🙁

  23. I told you guys I was getting vibes from ‘UNIVERSE’ about it

    1. I meant about Swetlana and Kali

  24. Read holics (bracket wala) as horlics and ROL as ROFL

  25. Sso is back……sorry romantic sso ….??Wat an epi …full of shivika……love u ishqbaaz…….?? my fav show ever…..

  26. Missed 2mention sahil&shivayes bond again ws owsm….sahil is jt like badhe bhaiya to shivaye..advicing him this brotherly luv is really so special……..luved it totally??????.

  27. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy gul matha…..thanls a lotz for this awwwwwwwsooooomeeeeee episode… i just cnt controle myself from commenting…..itssss just awwwwww episode…..
    First obro moments…..after very long time….my shivomru just treat to watch….then thos jeeju sala jodi shivaye- sahil another treat…and last but not least my dhamakedhar kidkithod couple shivika……shivila u guyz are just amazing…..its my favret scene water thrwoing scene……..its totally faintastic with shivika joknok emotional and shivika hug….and anila is right she can fight with whole world but not with shivaye…..many bashed anika for her behavior towords shivaye….many told anika shoupd leave shivaye….amd many asked how can anila love a person like shivaye….sooo anika is not weak….but what to do shivaye is her love and her love is her weakness….love this shivika a lotz….and today im not in mood to bash this pinky….i dont want to wast my time on bashing pinky…so just leave it….just love this shivika….and cvs plsss give us our rumya to….and starplus dont do any partiality in spa….ishqbaaz deserves awards in many catogory….love ishqbaaz….love u all my sweet ishqees…

    1. Ohhhhh no so many auto correction in my comment….sorryyy guyz…plsss adjust with it….

      1. Lol shabu! Who cares abt typos!! Glad u cud comment..
        Btw.. one thing is constantly observe across all comments is..
        I don wanna talk abt Pinky today! Lol pinky aaj kal ppl don even consider u worthy of bashing!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      SSO is her love not weakness. She need her that pillar to support her always .. it is her wish.

    3. Akriti

      yes shahabana today we can’t control our emotions and happiness today’s episode is like Paisa wasool…
      and just ignore that stupid pinky….

    4. Rajjo

      first of all after a long time i am commenting on your analysis… hi how are you??????
      second now we will see our old shivika style … i also hope that ishqbaaz gets many of the awards …

    5. yes shahab shivaay is her love and he is her weakness and yea ishqbaaz should get more awards in spa

    6. Archiya

      they deserve a lot.. but SPA is all abt favorites 🙁 i never watch it

    7. Ranilya

      Hi sahabana…
      Your fiancee must be burning with jealousy…. since IB is his sautan!!

  28. Amayaa

    Official notice for every ishqies present in pkj ( pagalo ki jhund ) group / TU PAGE

    As u all know, we ishqies r quiet crazy fans of ishqbaaz. So , here is a special announcement from amayaa ( aka ur dramebaaz aka all India radio aka newly appointed assistant of our head members – appointed by myself only ) on their ( head members ) behalf………..?

    Today is a registration day for de ishqies
    Registration – what is this now ??????
    U all r thinking like this na ……………so I m clarifying. ……………….
    So , here r de details given below :-
    Many of u know , this is started by our favourites LIJI DI ,
    LAX DI , ANU DI ……………..Nd I m proceeding this. ……………..Here all de ishqies have some special attraction towards some characters , some moments, some groups ………………so there is some options available below ……………..u can opt from them nd got urself pkj registered tag ………………u all r free 2 be a part of more than one group……………….okkkssssss ……………..register urself by replying below …………………….???

    So , de options r :-
    1. Maahimaniacs
    2. Anikaholics
    3. Blush club
    4. Nok – jhok club
    5. Khannu club
    6. Sautans club
    7. Anika’s sis group
    8. SSO ki bahenessssssss group – opt this 1 ha ( personal request of amayaa )

    Now it is a time of introduction with our head members
    Head of Maahimaniacs – Anu di , Lax di
    Head of anikaholics – Lax di , Ranillya di
    Head of blush club – Mouni di , Archu
    Head of nok – jhok club – not decided yet
    Head of khannu club – none other than Liji di
    Head of shautans club – Anu di , _________( who wants 2 be )
    Head of Anika’s sis group – none other than arpu baby
    Head of SSO ki bahenessssss group – my favourite , ur favourite , our favourite , SSO ki shield , one nd only our Aastha di
    Assistant of all de head members – guess
    YA right guess ………….who other than amayaa ……………..YA bhi drama
    Ufffffff amayaa ………………..???

    Pkj founder – Lax di
    Pkj treasurer – Liji di
    Pkj president – Aastha di
    Pkj supervisor – Anu di
    Pkj chief member – Ranillya di
    Pkj members – We all ishqies

    My dr head members especially Lax di , Liji di , Anu di – this is all urs idea …………….I m just doing a job of assistant. ……………..okkkkkkssss
    ………………so don’t be angry on me ……………… u trio r already chooses ur favourites nd registered urself but we all r not ………………I like this group distribution channel very much. ……………So , I thought 2 do this

    If anyone has any new idea then u all r welcome to share ur views
    ………………… Assistant amayaa surely try 2 solve ur problems nd apply ur ideas toooooooo ………………….???

    A request from all de head members to decide de head of nok – jhok club ……………

    Register urself as early as u could. …………….. the registration is going on nd it will continue uptil tomorrow ‘s 06 : 00 pm ……………register on pkj group by replying below

    No matter in which group u r ………………. U r always de best ishqies. ……………… Here every one has different choices regarding groups nd character. ………………but de common thing between us ………………..we all love ishqbaaz. …………………..???

    1. Amu…..thank you for mentioning the KHANNU CLUB…….I had thought of mentioning that in today’s comment…..but forgot……how rude of me….????

      But no probs…..that’s why God has given sissies like you……but I think in Khannu’s club there will be only 2 members…..myself and Akriti……aur aap Amu…..aap toh founder ban gaya!!

      1. Amayaa

        Ur welcome di
        Founder koi bhi ho but head aap hi hogi
        Nd by de way founder bhi aap hi ho
        U missed to name that di but no problem ur secret wish came to me nd I mentioned it

        Nd a big sorry
        I was confused in Maahimaniacs group
        Nd assume lax di despite of u
        So from now , u have to take responsibility of 2 clubs
        Khannu club nd Maahimaniacs ???

    2. Amayaa Darling
      ?????????????Arey yeh kya, Hum sirf sochthe rahe aur tum ne kar bhi diya. You are the Nautankibaaz of PKJ.

      There are quite a few corrections though.
      1. U missed the most important group n am sure we ll ve max. members for that – SHIVIKANS [COLOUR- White, (coz Ishq ka rang safed), LOGO- glass of water, MOTTO- zyaada Tadi math maro] – these are just suggestions, plz come forward with better ones guys.

      2. Founder of PKJ n me- Tumhara bus chale to mera photo rakh ke uspe pe mala bhi latkathe, nahi??. Darling, I am not the founder of PKJ, I just suggested that name long back. That’s all. I ll just be a member. Also coz all the coordination is done by Amayaa, you are most suitable for the post of PKJs secretary.

      3. I am not a Mahimaniac. Correct it as Liji n Anu.

      4. So like I said I would like to be a guest member in blush club, full time member in Shivikan club n Annikaholics (we are yet to decide other things, ve to discuss it with fellow members- Archu n Rani)

      1. Amayaa

        Starting from de first point
        1. Di shivikian group ha right
        I put de shivikian group at de top on 1st point but erase that
        I thought here every ishqies is already a member of Shivikian group …………………nd if I gave it a place in options then around every ishqies choose that 1
        Then what will we do ????????? Who will be de head ???????? Nd lots of questions came in my chotu sa mind

        Blush club is already present. ………………so I decided to separate shivikians in 2 groups. …………………1st 1 is blush club nd 2nd 1 is nok – jhok club. ………………..

        2. Di u r not a founder of TU PAGE but u r de founder of pkj
        Oohhhhhhh God !!!!!!!!!! Maala aapke photo pe kabhi nahi di
        U r a living being my di our di
        So I don’t ever thoughts like this even in dream

        YA agree amayaa may be de Secretary of pkj but only when u will accept u r our pkj founder
        So deal final ( in my Shivay bhaiya style )

        3. Sorry di , I assumed u as Maahimaniacs in Liji di ‘s place
        Forgive me na

        4. Registration accepted ???

      2. Amayaa

        But as u say
        Shivikian club is also a group now ??

      3. Guest member?? What is a guest member?? Like Guest lecturer you will be coming only once in a while ?? I have decided to stay as a “sleeping” member in Blush club and Nok-jhok club…….but not part of the 2 sissies group…..soch rahi hoon Kali Thakur ke liye bhi ek grp bana doon kya??

        Lachu….for Anikaholics club the motto and logo are not yet decided?? I suggest the motto “O bete ki…..phel gaya raitha” and logo of our Bindass Anika holding chameli in her hand…..????

        And correct name for Amu Lachu….she’s the No.1 Nautankibaaz of IB family……???

    3. Nilash

      Amayaa what about SAHIL SLAYERS??? just a suggestion dear but liked the idea of this group division…. I’ll choose Anika’s sis’s group and Shivay’s bahenss group along with Sahil slayers group…. so registration done..
      When will I get the confirmation letter?????? Want it fast…
      Last thing where is my ff (OBEROI FAMILY MOMENTS) sisso???? Upload it fast I’m dying to read it??

      1. Amayaa

        Nilash di
        UR idea is too good
        So de new group is sahil slayers
        Heyyyyyyy Nilash di how could u opt both bahenaaaaassssss nd sis group? ???????? ?
        Choose 1 from them
        Ur registration is not accepted. ……………….u can opt many group but not bahenesssss nd sisssssss both. …………….u need to register again

        U have to wait longggggggg for that stupid ff
        I even not think about it yet

        I m still angry from u

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Ammu.. don’t give that much stress to the word “Behensssss”.. it is sounding like bhains means buffalo to my ears .
      I am taking the responsibility of my [email protected] sister of SSO club head
      I hope to get names of all the pagals who wants to become sister of such a handsome man..( I know I am sounding mad but actually I am proud of my brother na.. Anu , Liji leave me unwounded yaar) . Waiting for a short but strong list for my club…

      1. Amayaa

        Oohhhhhhhh ya
        I m really mad – bahensssss of SSO ??sorry ha
        It’s sis of SOS club from now. ……………..okksssss

        I too want a strong list nd doesn’t matter how many pglzzzzzz join our group but truly say ( sorry arpu nd Anu di ) that list must have more members than Anika ‘s sis club , anikaholics nd Maahimaniacs

      2. Astha baby……aapki handsome bhaiyya ka kuch nahi ho saktha… the Mahimaniacs and anti-Shivayens have decided to refrain from bashing SSO and thereby hurting the feelings of SSO sissies in this page……????

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Forget yo mention… Ammu sorry to disappoint you but Astha is a simple Ishquie. Not ready to take the huge responsibility of PKJ president..senior members deserve this post.
      I have another duty of Acting as a shield of Shivaay Bhaiyya remember.. I am happy in that duty…
      Love you my PKJ members…

      1. Amayaa

        Aastha di can u please suggest some elder members name

    6. Akriti

      amayaa really you are real dramebaaz…..
      it’s very difficult to choose one club….
      so I am choosing from 1-8 means I am in every club….
      so please respected club founder please register me in your club…
      and amayaa you forget about some important clubs mention by @lijince @lax [email protected]….

      1. Amayaa

        Okkkkkk Akriti
        U be in every club. ……………registration accepted. ………..???
        Nd this is ur confirming reply
        Ya dr I forget that but no worries
        Meri cute ishqies hai na mujhe remind karane ke liye

        Now assume those clubs r also in my list

    7. Rajjo

      i want to register for the nok-jhok club… can i?

      1. Amayaa

        Off course
        U can but wait ………….don’t u want 2 be a member of Maahimaniacs ………….everything is okkkkk na

        Meri pyaari bahna
        R u angry with me ??????????

      2. Rajjo

        everything is fine… maahimaniacs also i want to be a part… just thought to get into nok-jhok club…

    8. Oh… Gr8 ammu….
      Mei blush club me ar sso ki behenessssss me register kar thi hoon

      man karta hain sabh me register karulekin yehi kaafi hain….jaldi confirm karlo….

      1. Amayaa

        Registration accepted ………this is ur confirmation reply. ……….
        U r already a part of SSO sis group. …………..but welcome again

    9. Ranilya

      Hi Ammu . . Hope I can call u ammu sometimes..
      Wow…jo dimag mein chawl raha tha wo tumne kar bhi liya .. wow???

      1. Ranilya

        It’s chal not chawl!!
        And few corrections n additions dear if you don’t mind….
        Mahimaniac should b Liji n Anu

        And pls add Shivika fans
        And Shivayan fan club too….ab mere jaise kuch log Shivay ki behen Mahi ban sakthe na isliye????

        Tumne muje chief member banadiya…im honoured….??

      2. Amayaa

        Hllo Rani di ………….u can call me ammu whenever u want. ………
        Ekdum speed post ha …………how can I mind di ??????never ever
        Okkkkkk surely di. …………..New clubs will be introduced …………..

        our respected Head members from all clubs – koi to mujhe batao head member of nok – jhok club kisse appoint karu ………
        …….nd head of sauutan club me bhi 1 post blank hai ……………
        ???itna kaam mai akele kaise karu ……………poor amayaa how much work u have…………..???

    10. Nilash

      ?????????…. ab bhi gussa???? Par abhi bhi gussa kis baat ka??? Hmmmmm then Anika’s sis’s group….. again registering for the group hope to get registered….
      But ye baat to sahi nhi h na ki tum gusse me mera registration hi cancel kar do??????? but it’s ok and haan how dare you to call my ff as stupid?????????
      Angry on you in this matter…..

      1. Amayaa

        Nilash di
        U know na ………..I m dramebaaz passed with full marks in doing drama. ……………so don’t take my words seriously …………

        Ur registration is accepted. ……………this is ur confirmation reply. ………congrats ha …………..member of Anika ‘s sis group …………..
        @ arpu khush ho jao ………….u got a new partner nd new member in ur group. ………….ab @ Nilash di mujhe aapse bhi larna hoga ………….aap apni didi ki side loge aur mai apni bhaiya ki ………….to larai ( pyaari vali ) jaisi meri aur arpu ki hoti hai hogi hi ……so best of luck ha ???

        Maine Aapka registration isliye cancel kiya tha kyonki aap do opposite group ki member banne ka application fill ki thi which can’t possible ……………isliye nahi kyoki mai aapse gussa thi …………….I m a professional assistant ……………again mocking. …………???

        Okkk ……….I’ll not call it ff stupid 1 ………….I’ll call it idiot………….what say ……………sorry sorry. ………….I’m just kidding. …………….happy ???

    11. Amu…. wow????
      U have done all the paper work!! Wow!!
      Like lax said.. u shud be the secretary I guess!!

      And abt the Sautans club, the other strong sautan pair in here is shabs-surbhi.. so they can head the sautan club I guess!!

      As I said earlier, I am an ardent fan of ani and surbhic.. so definitely a loyal member of anikaholics! And how can we not be a part of blush club, kannu club and nok jhok club.. I am definitely a guest member here.. like nilash suggested, Sahil slayers.. I wanna be a part of that too!

      1. Amayaa

        Ya absolutely
        I have pleasure to be de Secretary of pkj
        Yeah …………..yeah …………..yeah

        Congrats shabs-shubbu
        U r head member di ………….so just order ur assistant. ……………nd I will fulfil it

        Guest member – What does it mean? ????????
        I don’t get it. ……………
        Lax di too mentioned it in her comment
        Plzzzzz explain

        Nd by de way , u r now registered member of pkj group nd ur choosen clubs
        Congratulations ???

      2. Anu…..Shabu-Surbhi are sautans??? ???? I thought Surbhi was Shivaye sissie like Astha……uss sadoo, akdoo, badtameez Shivaye ke liye bhi sautans?? Kya zamana aagaya yaar……kalyud hai….ghor kalyug ?? ????

        And one more thing Amu…..I think before creating the Shivaye fans club we should make sure that if the galzzzz are fan of Shivaye or Nakul…..I think most of them will fall for Nakul…..not for Shivaye……they have mistaken their love for Nakul as love for Shivaye I think…..????

        And I am also definitely there in Sahil Slayers Club…..what would have Shivika life been without Sahil ?????? After watching 2 repeats I keep wondering what would have happened if Sahil did not force Shivaye to go in search of Anika…..he would have sat there playing with his phone (maybe thrown it in the pool) and called Khanna and said…..”Anika ke baare mein pata karo…..quick…” ???

      3. Amayaa

        @ Aastha di ………….I need u ……….see here what is happening. ………….l can only fight with younger members for shielding Shivay bhaiya. …………but for de strong attacker like Liji di , Anu di , Lax di u r needed …………..come soon nd save him …………..
        @ Liji di I can only say 2 u ……………this is not fair ha. …………….?? Who is saddu akkru badatameezz here ????????? My Shivay bhaiya is very nice …………….. Nd kalyugggg ……………..oohhhhhh my mata di !!!!!!!!!!! Aapne to Shivay bhaiya ka gangaram kar diya ???
        @Aastha di now i definitely need u
        Shubbu nd Shab u 2 come nd prove for whom u r flattered. ……………AMAYAA is crying now ???

    12. amaya i want to join anikaholics coz mein shivay ki behan kabhi nahi usse mein kabhi apni bhai nahi ……………. u ca understand me na

      1. Amayaa

        Shab only anikaholics …………kya ho gaya tujhe ??????
        Maine kaha tha na dramebaaz ko apne loved once aka dearest ishqies se shortttttt comments nahi pasand …………….aur tu to meri favourite hai aur fellow madrassan bhi………………
        Whole India along with AMAAYA wants longggggggggg longgggggggggg comments

        U can’t be SHIVAY bhaiya ‘s sis ……………okkkkk I understand. …………….Mai to unki choti bahen hi Sahi hu …………….??

      2. anika holics kyun ki muje surbhiji ki har ek acting pasandh hai and ri8frm qubool hai days im a gr8 fan of her she did aan awsome job as a deaf and dumb now as anika she is doing a fabulous job so im always in anikaholics
        and mein nakul ki jabra fan hoon ri8 frm pyar ka dard hai days he was a fun and playful boy same as rudy and now doing a gr8 jobas sso but ime definitly cant be his sis he is my sweeet ………………………………

    13. Hey amu (can I call u that) and other ishqies…. plz tell me which club should I join …. Totally confused…..????

      1. Amayaa

        No u can’t call be that ………………I m kidding di. ……………y u all asking me ????????? U can call me whatever u want. ……………
        Nd Ammu is already my nickname. …………..??

        Helping u …………..I think our head members can do it well………..
        What say ???????? Good idea na ……………I m too confused ??

    14. Hii dear… I am registering for the nok jhok club..

      1. Amayaa

        Registration accepted niki di ??
        Nok – jhok club ha
        Good good ??

    15. Nilash

      I’ll be happy only when I’ll get to see my ff back please upload it fast dear….
      And ya how can I be angry on you for a long time as you are my super cute sisso…
      A tons of hug from my side to you but please upload the ff soon… you know na I miss my ff loadssss

      1. Amayaa

        Awwwwww ??


      1. Amayaa

        Registration accepted ???

      2. Thanx????.By the way what do u do??

    17. I’ll opt 1st and 8th group.. can I plz be part of two.
      I am a mahimaniac and shiyaays sis too.
      Nice ideas by the way..

      Keep smiling

      1. Amayaa

        Ya dr u r de part of both groups
        Registration confirmed ??

    18. Amayaa
      Plz don’t make me the founder. It should be the person who commented on the IB TU page first or the one updating the page (Amena) or someother veteran. Anyway not me. May be we ll not ve such a post only.
      In between u are canvassing also for your group, not bad..!! Lol..!! ??
      We ll keep this as first draft, let the changes come in, we ll make it n present a final draft.

      @Liji- Guest member matlab not full time in the gang. Comes n goes.
      Oh bete ki … Is a good motto, but not sure of the logo, I feel logo should not ve a person, it can ve something close to them. I suggest Annikas chand bracelet, Chameli is also good but off late it’s not mentioned in the show. Also if the person’s pic is allowed in the logo then I ve a suggestion for Mahimaniacs- Lens falling pic of Mahi in red colour.!! Lol..!! ??

    19. hii amaya di..
      i want to join in group 1 & 8
      may i..??

  29. Amnaeman

    nice episode…shivika scenes were awesome.

  30. Amazing again a splash hh
    Wanna kill pinky

  31. Amazing episode can’t wait to see Anika n chutki/Gauri Kumari Sharma unite n can’t wait to see both sisterz family or background

  32. Piyuu

    awesome episode…

    1. Piyuuu….ur dp is just ?????????…..just a look gives me butterflies in the stomach……and a heartbeat miss for sure!!

    2. Amayaa

      U r saying awesome episode
      Nd I m saying awesome dp ???

  33. Just loved d episode. Laugh riot wt sahil Shivaye scene n Shivaye anika scene. Surbhi is an awesome actress.

  34. wowwww…….nic eepisode……pani pani ho geya ajjjjj……..todays episode was best

  35. It’s was an awesome episode. I’m waiting for knowing anika’s past.

  36. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…….??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Bahot dinon baad mujhe aaj sachmuch CVs se bhi pyar ho gaya…..itni awwwsome khidkithod epi jo diya…..ek hi epi mein poore 6 epi ki khidkithod moments……today am giving 10 kisses to Gul ma’am also…..?????????? (Ye kaafi hai….varna log mujhe galat samjhenge….???

    Okay so let’s talk about the awesome moments:
    1. Shivika hug – Opening scene itself was Shivika hug….and then one more……matlab back-to-back Shivika hug ????????????????…..Anu Rano Archu Lachu……I think we should keep this hug as Shivikains’ club logo……????

    2. ShiOmRu in Oberoi kitchen ??????????……aankhen taras gaye the ye milan dekhne ke liye…..????????

    3. And then OmShi says “Shutup Rudr…..”……kaan bhi taras gaye the ye do shabd sunne ke liye….. ????????????????

    4. Saala-jeeju talk……cutipie Sahil and his innocent punch dialogues…..”balance khatam ho gaya hai kya?? …….relax dude…….Aap help poochte huye bhi tadi maar rahe ho…….” Awwwwww……????????????? And SSO’s childish reply….”tere liye kar rahi hoon varna baad mei mat bolna ki SSO ki tadi shuru ho gayi……?????

    5. SSO vs. ASSO……Tadibaaz SSO vs. Tadibaaz Anika…..woh bhi full-on paani-paani…….haaye mei marjawa……..???????????????????????? emojis bhi kam padenge aaj…..
    And Anika shuts the door on SSO’s face……the khidkhithod wow moment…..and SSO’s reaction….Shivay ke munh par darwaza bandh kar diya?? ????? and then SSO explaining to the public that this paani fekna is their style……awwwwwwwwww…….Maza aagaya (in KT style)…..thank you CVs for showing those khidkithod scenes of the past……nice to know that like us you also remember them!!

    6. And the last scene……matlab kya kahooon……awwwwwwwwsome, superb, beautiful, wonderful, magical…….samajh mei nahin aata kaun si shab use karoon…..lagta hai vocabulary bhi kam padegi…..the way Shivaye hugged Anika……?????? or should I say held her……jo kuch bhi tha……how cute…..???????????? Anika in all tears surrounded by shield of SSO was breathtaking and hearttouching at the same time…….???????????

    7. Last but not the least……..finally Shivaye succeeded in giving a piece of his mind to Pinky moms……atleast he made it clear that Anika will continue as his beevi… Pinky moms… you have to go to Tirupati……Balaji hi sab kuch sahi kar sakthe ho… no……Ekta Kapoor ki Balaji Pictures nahin…….mein Balaji bagavan ke baare mein baath kar rahi hooon…..jaao Pinku jaao…..?????

    Toh ho gaya na….all the khidkithod moments required for 1 week…..toh agle 2 epi kharaab ho jaaye toh bhi chalega……no blaming CVs……no bashing Shivaye… cursing Pinky….ok??

    Btw was Chanda shown in any earlier epis??? I donnno I feel I have seen her before in IB…..but not sure if she was Anika’s friend then…..????? But poor Chanda……best friend aur uski best pati parameshwar milke ghar ko fight club bana diya….aur ek glass bhi thod diya…..bechari Chanda!!

    And that yellow saree wali aunty……laakh laakh shukriya aapka…..Insta mein woh script padne ke baad meine imagine kar diya tha ki ye old lady hi agli vamp hogi…..kya karoon CVs ka kuch barosa nahin na…….lekin aapko dekhke achcha laga……kya dialogue maara tha……???? 2 rs. ka…..???

    Precap: Now I understand the kinner’s words…..sab Khudai ki jad khodne mein buzy hai……Anika Mahi ke jad khod rahi hai…..Shivaye Anika ki jad khod rahe hai…..I hope noone is digging the roots of Shivaye……

    Toh ek aakhri baar…..iss khidkithod dhaansu epi ke liye…..???????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Good night gyzzzz….

    1. Forjot to ask…..who all are up for the 1 am repeat?? Am definitely in….and if possible will watch 6 am repeat also…..anyways one thing will happen for sure……donno when my amma will take badrakali’s roop and break the TV….ya toh meri sar tod dega ya TV….????????

      Some advice ya request ya suggestions to the DBO ppl…..

      1. My lovely awesome Akkad Bakkad Bambai Buamaaaa………please shift your stay to the ground floor and take some classes for Pinky mom so that she will get rid of this NKK and accept Anika whole-heartedly……I am sure you can do that…..only you can do that!!

      2. My dear CVs bagavan……..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej stop showing tadi about your new technical effects……first it was only Kali’s “bayanak” close-up shot and now you have started with cheapdi XXXKK Swet’s close-up also……maybe you feel that these close-up shots enhances the quality of the whole scene…….believe me……its ekdum bakwaas…….so please stop it…….am sure DBO will be in top 5…..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeej!!

      1. Astha, Amu, Anu, Akriti, Nilash, Rajjo……darlings my TV is all safe….but donno for how long……if the CVs continue to give dhaansu epis like this…..then my TV will definitely suffer I think…..????

        Shekhar…..thank you bro for the award!!

        Anu…..haan yaar…..Mahi and Khannu nahi tha ???…..but its ok……Khannu is busy on his mission DNA test!! And Mahi will be sitting somewhere alone and weeping…..if the CVs had shown Mahi yesterday… would have turned out the whole epi to sad-sad….so its good in one way!

      2. hi liji….i did & watch 3 times !!!!!!!!! and watch again today in hotstar.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Liji… save TV watch IB…hahaha…

    3. Amayaa

      Itne kisses itna pyaar itne emogis
      Now I m really feeling jealous with CVS ………………itne dinno se irritate kar rakha tha aur aaj khirkitor darwajator chattor ghartor ( I didn’t watched de episode ) but all ur feeling nd love shows how good de episode was ???I need all that toooooo ???

    4. Shekhar

      An AWARD is declared by COPY WRITERS for usinig the maximum EMOJI in TU to LIJINCE!!!! 🙂

      1. Liji/Shekhar
        Award to Most Emojiful comment goes to Liji..!! She totally deserves that. Arpita also can share it I guess.

    5. Akriti

      lijince dear kya kahu aaj words kam pad jaa rahe hai reply karne ko…
      sab itne khus hai ki lambe lambe comments kar rahe hai…
      aur saare words khatam hoo jaa rahe hai …
      aur sab ke comments ekdam dhassu hai …
      loved your comment ….
      mere muh ki baat cheen li tumne…
      exactly same to same…

      and ekta kapoors balaji lol…
      tirupati yaatra bhooli nhi hoo tum…
      aur mujhe toh lagata hai ki tum pinky ko tirupati bhej ke hi rahogi….

    6. Rajjo

      omg liji… how many times will you watch this episode… itna mat khush ho ki agle episode me rona pade…

    7. Nilash

      Liji you and your TV both are safe na????
      Ya right agar Thursday and Friday ka episode normal ya thoda Pinky mom based ho then I don’t mind……. but please be safe… and also protect your TV and if you need help in that matter I am always there…

    8. Liji!! Even I felt like I have seen this Chanda somewhere before..
      And God u praised CVs sooooo much with sooo many emojis!! That too in an episode where there was no mahi/Khanna! Wah yaar!

      And lag nahi raha hain ki Pinks moms Tirupathi chal Rahi hain.. use bhagwaan ke paas leke jaane ki plan banayen kya? ?

    9. Ranilya

      Aaj sab or sab IB fans saathve aasman pe hain…
      Surely we can keep this hug as the logo …no doubt dear…
      Ask thumne cvs ko ithna pyar diya hain…kal se wo hamari oh my mata na karde

    10. Liji
      Oru chodyam…!! 1am n 6am shows okke kandittu epozha urangunne?? Oonum orokom illathe enn kettitund ipo tha kandu..!! U should get the best fan award also..!!

  37. Piyuu

    congrats rajjo for ur first comment.

    1. Rajjo

      thank you so much piyuuu…

  38. The Episode was a capsule of Shivikas journey from the beginning. It had every emotion they shared, everything that was important to them- Tadi, Pani, back hug, Obros, Sahil, NKK. Looked like ‘kahani ab tak’ of Shivika to me.

    Episode started with a hug n ended with one. Annika yet again falls weak when she has to choose between love n respect. Poor girl, felt really bad for her.

    Welcome Om, What a pleasant surprise. A refreshing yet not-so-cool kitchen moment. But Rudy man was cool as usual???. Thank God, Rudr did not sing Hoshwalon ko khabar kya Bekhudi kya ‘cheese’ hain. That’s one of my favourite songs. ??

    Shivays entry in the chawl was super dashing. ?? The entire thing looked so stylish. And Shivika in full tadi ???
    Correct me if I am wrong, this is the second time Shivay was throwing water on Annika right?? we need more of that yaar. Oh ya forgot, his forte is the pool circus. So that way I would like Annika to push Shivay to the pool more often.

    The last few moments were the best today. I can go for repeated watch. A doting Shivay hugging Annika, listening to her, caressing her, weeping Annika finding solace in his arms- I loved it, loved every bit of it. NarBhi ???
    Par Annika Bhagad Billa ke saamne been bajake kya phayada.

    I refrain to comment on Pinky today but I still feel she is the in house Daksh.
    Liked ShiSa moments too.

    Precap- Shivay kabhi sudhrega nahi. Tricking a kid to get the info. Shame on you Shivay. Instead of asking Sahil why don’t you ask Annika?? I think now we should accept Shivay with his idiotic ideologies, he does not seem to change n we cannot expect it also. But also something tells me that Shivay is trying to find Annikas parents for her n not just for his peace of mind. No, I know am wrong.
    Waise Ye kya ho raha hain- Shivay Annika ke peeche, Annika Mahi ke peeche.. too much fun..!!
    Anyway I feel that the entire thing ll go for a toss if Shivay confesses his love after knowing Annikas lineage. CVs plz don’t do that.

    P.S.- Last time Chanda lived in an independent house right?? She shifted her house is it??
    How old was Sahil when when his parents adopted Annika?? Sensing another loophole here.
    Loopholes pe loopholes, CVs are hopeless n we are kinda used to it now.

    1. Lax.. I felt like killing Pinky.. meri permission ke bina mere bhaiyya ke liye khandani ladkiyon ki line lagayegi… Donkey..
      He is Shivaay Singh Oberoi not the public water tape of municipality to stand on a long line… stupid donkey..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Lax.. I am the same Astha . Pata nahi kaise mera account log out hogaya tha and my old brown dp turned violet …. like a chamomile perhaps…

      2. Astha
        Kya re..!! Rang badalthi rahathi hain tu..!! Just kidding..!! ???
        Public water tap..!! Lol..!!

    2. Amayaa

      Lax di
      Aapka reply bhi meri taraph se kal aaega ……………… wait karna …………..okkssss ???

      1. Amayaa
        I ll wait. ???

    3. Akriti

      lax dear today forget every loophole created by CVS and yess we want one more pool romance between shivikas…

    4. Nilash

      Lax dear please overlook the loopholes please a kind hearted request from me please….. but your points are also correct…
      Just wait for the best confession I think CVs will gift us with the best confession ever in the telly world… I just hope…

      1. Akriti/Bikash
        We ve been ignoring the Loopholes n ll continue to do so..!! ✌✌✌

        @Nilash- How I wish it is best confession in tellywood ever. ???

      2. *oops sorry, It’s Akriti n Nilash. I had a friend in college by the name Nilash. Sorry for the typo, this autocorrect ??

    5. Lax.. as is said… Shivaay kabhi sudhrega nahin.. even I felt ki y is he doing this without ani’s knowledge!!
      I don think he is doing with the intent of getting ani’s family back for her.. Shivaay pls prove me wrong!!
      First when I saw a kitchen moment I was super glad.. but din end well?
      Chanda’s house.. lol all I remember is ther was a medical shop in front of it which is gaayab now.. so no clue..! But u notice all this lax?

      1. Anu
        I think we ve to put up with the fact that Shivay n NKK come as a package.

      2. Ya Anu I also remembered that Chanda’s house was in front of a medical shop from where she took CCTV footage of SSO’s entry in Chanda’s ouse during Gayatri murder case

    6. lax…yes history repeats….but this one is a damn good one….superb…

      1. More like a synopsis..!!

    7. Ranilya

      Hi lax….
      As iv said to Liji…today’s epi was awesome…start to end just couldn’t miss a second…
      Waiting for the pool scene now….want to see them in a passionate hug in the pool…

      As for Chanda.. .yes she was staying in a house opposite to the chemist with a cctv camera…remember…

      1. Rani.!!
        Haan..!! I very well remember Chandas house n it was nothing like this.
        Missing pool scenes now..!!

  39. Chavi

    Hi ishquies.. How r u all dears…mmh I missed u all ah..due to work I’m little busy yaar..
    But I read all ur comments n analysis dears??…keep writing ah..
    I hope by d next week I can comment dis page regularly yaar…till then I love u all friends..takecare..
    Riddima’s birthday ah…happy birthday dear..may God bless u with gud health n happiness yaar..?
    OK good night ishquies…
    About episode..its going in a right way…let’s hope we ishquies get some interesting plots in future.. Hoping so buddies…?☺

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Chavi…come home soon dear..

    2. Hey chavi! Glad u could comment!! Waiting for u to come back.. take care?


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