Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to listen to him. She leaves. He knocks the door and says I have come to take Anika. Anika throws water on his face. Some time before, Shivaye says you don’t look good when you cry Anika. Anika hugs him. She says I felt …. He says that I went, you know Anika I can’t see you crying. She says tell me one thing, do you still accept me as wife. He says you are my wife, this is truth, no need to think anything else. He hugs her. She cries.

Shivaye makes food. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, Rudra says something major happened, this pizza said it, you added much cheese in it. He sings Dil cheez kya hai…. okay it was a bad joke, but question was right. Shivaye asks him to keep cheese aside. Rudra says you are saying this, its confirmed, something is wrong, I think you don’t love me, omg, I think he is duplicate Shivaye. Om says you say anything. Rudra says Shivaye makes fat free pizza for me, now he is saying keep this aside, tomorrow he will say Rudra you also sit aside then… Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up.

Rudra says I wanted to hear this, everything is normal, continue. Shivaye asks Om to help him, Om says you can tell me what’s going on in your mind, say truth, are you thinking about Anika. Shivaye says its not Anika’s mistake. Om says I agree with you. Shivaye says you know the problem, I know you don’t agree with my viewpoint, name, blood and lineage really makes a difference to me, I know to know my wife’s background, I don’t have an answer, its very important. Anika comes and asks is this important, or is this just important, I knew this before, whenever this matter comes out, I will lose, I did not know I will lose so badly, I know this matters to you, I did not know this matters a lot that it can affect our relation. He says you are misunderstanding.

She says I was misunderstanding when you asked me not to worry, you will make everything fine, when you said Anika you are my wife and this is truth, but truth is you can’t change your thinking ever, when this is the truth, what am I doing in this house, in your life. Shivaye says wait, you can’t leave from kitchen, let me explain. She goes. He says if you take a step out of this house… She leaves from home. Rudra says she went. Shivaye says I was talking to her. Rudra says I heard, but maybe she unheard it. Shivaye says I had to explain her.

Rudra says you can’t explain this to her. He goes. Pinky comes and says no need to explain, its good, I did not know Anika would be so sensible, its good she understood, you both don’t have future, give her divorce, I will get line of girls of good name, blood and family. He says enough, what are you saying. Anika is my wife. She says she was never suitable to be your wife, we would have known her family. He says I won’t hear a word against my wife. She asks what will you do if your children ask you, did you get her from ashram, you know what type of people are raised in ashram, you will realize this later that I was not saying right, Shivaye’s children will have that blood which even Shivaye won’t know. She goes.

Sahil asks Shivaye is balance over. Shivaye says its postpaid. Sahil says then call her. Shivaye asks why shall I call. Sahil says Anika is angry with you. Shivaye says I m also angry, I tried to stop her and talk, did she stop, I won’t call her. Sahil says fine. Shivaye says I m calling for your sake, else you will say I m showing SSO attitude. He calls and says hello Anika. He says she disconnected the call, can you believe this. Sahil says relax dude, it happens, if you are Shivaye, she is… Shivaye says she is Jhansi ki rani. Sahil says yes, I can understand what you are going through. Shivaye says what shall I do now. Sahil says I think she is much angry, get her back. Shivaye says I should know where she went. Sahil says then ask who will know it. Shivaye asks him to say. Sahil asks do you show attitude while asking help. Shivaye says sorry, tell me. Sahil says she went to Chanda’s house.

Shivaye reaches the place. He goes to Chanda’s house and knocks door. Chanda opens the door and says yes.. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I came to take Anika. Anika says tell him Anika is not at home. He says I know she is here. She says tell him I don’t want to meet anyone. He says tell her I want to meet her. She says tell him my mood is bad. He says tell her I came to make her mood fine. Anika asks why are you not saying anything. Chanda says I will say when you let me say. Anika shuts the door. He says she has shut door on my face, I will show her. Chanda says he came to take you. Anika says better you go with him. He walks to his car and presses horn. Everyone ask him to stop it.

He goes to Chanda’s house again. Anika throws water on his face. He recalls Anika throwing water on his face before. She shuts the door. The man says she did right, she should have thrown a bucket of water. The people say he is Shivaye, famous businessman, he got insulted well. Shivaye says its our welcome rituals, its our style. The people laugh. Shivaye says I think I have to come in my SSO mode.

Chanda says so much anger is no good, he came to take you have water. Anika drops the water glass on hearing knock. She goes to see. Shivaye throws water on her face. He drops the glass. Old moments of Shivaye throws on her face are seen.

Chanda says wow, Anika said you both are different, I feel you both are made for each other. Shivaye says we have habit to throw water on each other, I think this will always go on. He lifts Anika. She asks what are you doing Shivaye, leave me, I don’t want to go. The man asks Shivaye how can you misbehave. Shivaye says its our personal matter. The people say you can’t take her this way, by what right are you taking her. Shivaye says she is my wife. Anika asks them to stop him, Chanda say something. The lady says we will stop him, tell us is he your husband. Anika says yes. The lady says how can we stop him. Anika says it does not mean he takes me this way. Shivaye says if you came before, this would be not needed, come on. He takes her in car.

Shivaye puts Anika on bed and says stop it, enough of drama, you did not stop when I asked you to stop, you did not listen to me, disconnected call and shut door on my face, you have thrown face on me. She says yes, I was angry. He says you can get angry at home, I told you not to go out. She says I heard what you said in kitchen. He says this is your problem, you heard half thing and derived meaning. She says it was enough. He says you got wrong meaning. She says I m not fool, I know name, blood, and family matters to you, I m not so imp, I lost, our relation lost. She cries. He hugs her. She says you know, since I got senses, I just fought with problems, people, the one who has no parents, life troubles them a lot, think I never had parents name, tell me do you ask surname to Lord, Shiv and Krishna, none, everyone bends in front of them, why is person’s surname to imp, why family name is imp, wherever I went, everyone used to insult me, I was sent away from interviews, they called me orphan, sin child, but I never lost, I kept fighting, Shivaye I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not you.

Shivaye says you would remember, from where did they get Anika. Sahil says from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says he used to go Borivali
to get soaps from soap factory.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hello every one. I am New to here.I am a silent. reader.just. want to say
    sso anika ke past ke pichhe………..
    anika sso ke past. ke pichhe………
    dono miyan bibi…………..
    ek dusre ke pichhe…………. 😉

    1. Amayaa

      Ha ha ha anwi gr8 ha
      Keep it up nd welcome in pkj ??

    2. Nilash

      Hiii Anwi a graaAaannnnndddd welcome to you…. SSO and Anika… hehehehehe miyan- biwi correct word

    3. Welcome anwi!! Pls comment always?

      1. And miyan biwi?

    4. Archiya

      hi Anwi

  2. Piyuu

    today episode is full of tashan…sahil shivaay conversation obro kitchen moments paani wala scene every scene was nyz except pinky scenes…last emotional part anika u made me cry.

  3. Piyuu

    archu ur dp is awesome dear

    1. Archiya

      Piyuu dear
      ur DP is more awesome today 🙂

  4. Another khidki tod epiosde.
    Today one was even better.

    Anika, where are your charans(feet), I just wanna touch them. Your like mind bloiwng. I love your acting, the way your talked to shivaay or usually talk is awwwwwesome. The Cv’s are giving us lots of shivika hugs. Love u CVs.
    Paaniika in her form,like she should have thrown a full bucket of water lol.
    That’s scene was epic.

    Shivaay shivaay shivaay bhaiyya your are amazing, your acting just made my heart do wonders. Your way of consoling anika, making her understand things, hugging..the list goes on… is super cute.
    I love your acting nakul.
    Following anika’s foot steps.
    Ok, if u say I’ll call,just because id so won’t I will think SSO is showing attitude.
    Awwwww… sho cute.

    Finally some obro moments. Rudra yaar your acting is super cute. The way u speak non stop just makes a huge curve on my face.
    OMKARA, was back to his samajhdaar oberoi brother mode. Loved your expressions.

    though there was no Mahi scene today, shivika’s nok jhok just compensated for it.
    I love their chemistry. Nakul and SurbhiC you guys just nailed it.

    Thank God there was not much,pinky ponky drama. Shivaay just made her shut. Anika is his wife and will always be Mrs ponky.

    Hope there will be lots of rumya scenes in the upcoming epiosdes. (Just praying).

    Sahil’s scenes with every oberoi brother makes me go in full on awwwing mode, like today his sequence with shivaay was super duper cute.
    Jhansi ki

    Hey ishquis how are u all.
    Anu, archu, aastha di, shabs, rajjo di, amaya, shekhar bhaiyaa, lijince, LAX, Maahi, raniliya, nilash, bela , vivikhta and all of you guys.
    Bonjour!!! salam!! Namste!! Hello!! Hola!!

    (Even most of u or I think all.if you are elder to me, but cuase u or like most of u don’t wanna be call di so I will address u with your names only)
    How are u all ??
    Enjoyed today’s epi??
    No shikaayat with my bhaiyaa no??

    And also I heard many of u write ff’s.
    And some of u or maybe all (I don’t know) post it on Whattpad. Pls do post it their.. it’s a request it’s easy for readers to know when a new chapter is posted.
    Plz do consider it.

    (Amaaya I am on the 1st and 8th group, can we opt two)

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hmm… Except for Astha di, Rajjo and Shekhar bhaiyya.. call all by their names.. lolz
      Sweet dream is far away from our eyes as we saw reality is more beautiful. water full..then dream.

      1. Hehe lolz…
        U are right astha di.. shivpanika lol our the cutest together. Shivaay bhaiyya just nailed it with his SSO Mode

    2. Amayaa

      Sara I m fine nd hope u tooooooo
      Sara registration is only accepted in reply box of my comments
      Sorry ha …………….but come there nd register urself ???

    3. sara salam kaise ho thum

      1. Top of the world…
        What about you??

    4. Sara.. shikayath with ur bhaiya will alsways be there.. though he was amazing today, he disappointed me by asking Sahil questions again on annikas past..!
      I hope his intentions are not NKK..

      1. That is, but shivaay asked sahil all of that because he wanted to prove pinky wrong, she said u don’t know a single thing about your wife, hence the questions, I guess.

        Bhaiyya will always be with his dulhaniya, that’s the whole shivika thing.

        And I hope that too, anu dear
        Btw how are u??

      2. Sara…..salaam namasthe dear… do you do?

        And as Anu said…..ur bhaiyya without shikayath?? That’s like chasing Don…..Mushkil hi nahin namumkin bhi hai…..:D 😀 😀 Pata nahin kab sudharega…..sudharega bhi ya nahin…..

        Anu…..Shivaye made it clear yesterday that NKK is important to him…..I feel he has compromised to the Khoon and Khandaan factors of NKK… what he is in search for just a surname……I don’t think the profession or family background will matter to him……but as we know when it comes to SSO can’t be sure of anything….let’s hope that he will not hurt Anika’s feelings again!!

    5. Archiya

      Hey Sara
      all well.. how r u ??? from today onwards i m gonna call u sara baby .. as ur the baby of this grp

      1. Archiya

        i will surely consider writing on wattpad dear..

    6. Hello Sara..!!
      What’s up??

    7. Ranilya

      Hi Sara
      How r u doing dear?

  5. Cheequ

    Mera Dil sirf Shivika Shivika Shivika bol raha hai.. And I can’t stop looking at Mr. Mehta in that Pink suit (never thought I would like a guy in Pink..) 🙂 <3
    His Tadi and hearing that background music after such a long time was just heavenly..O:)
    Ufff the last few mins of Shivaay holding Annika and consoling her, was so sweet.. SSO jaisa hubby only naseeb walon ko milta hai.. Annika you looked so gorgeous while crying.. for the first time I loved you crying, only because SSO was holding you babes..

    Very unexpectedly romantic episode..
    Loved every bit of it. Since we had Obros, and Sahil – all trying to help Shivaay..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I too want a pink dress for myself now as Bhaiyya has won your heart in pink suit.
      Pink SSO pinky ki na raha…

      1. Cheequ

        Ha ha ha! Go get a Pink dress to match your Bhaiyya.. Haan Pink pehenna SSO but Pinky ka mat rehna.. SSO was so sweet, when he stopped Pinky from saying bad things about Annika..

      2. Astha dear,I had wear pink and white dress yesterday unfortunately,haii I luv it becoz shivika too wear it, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooohappy hahaha hahaha haha.

    2. She looked gorgeous while crying only coz sso was holding her!! True!

    3. hi chee,…….shivaye looked great in tht pink suit i agree ……

  6. Akriti

    wao! wao! wao!
    aaj ke episode ke baad aisa lagata hai ki cvs insaan nhi bhagwaan hai bhagwaan. …

    aaj sab kuch tha episode me….
    1.shivikas emotional scene ….
    2.shivomru ek saath wo bhi kitchen me aur to aur original….
    3.strong and courageous anikaa…..
    4.cute sahil…..
    5.sahil shivaay man to man talk……
    6.tadibaaz SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI….
    7.tadibaaz sahil….
    9.tadibaaz ANIKA…..
    10.rudy logic….
    11.panibaaz shivaay….
    12.anikaas long lostfriend chandaa….
    13.original omkara…. more different shivika hug…
    15. a large numbers of funny chawl members….

    but missing old omkara and his sahyaris very much…
    but now we have our own omkara of this TU page which is none other than @mahi…..

    agar koi point upar likhna bhool gayi hu toh bata Dena…

    episode dekh kar ek gaana yaad aaya….
    aaj blue hai pani pani pani pani pani pani …
    aur din bhi sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny….

    but abhi bhi shivaay ke dimaag se ye nkk ideology nhi nikali …

    yes bande up anika ka saath bhi chahiye aur apni soch aur ideology bhi nhi badalna chahata…

    bada ajeeb hai ye bandaa….

    shivaay jaldi se apni soch ko #naye soch me badalo…
    (@astha dear apne Bhaiyaa ko kuch samjhao apni soch ko #naye soch me badalna ko kaho maine toh unke liye rasgulla bhi bhejha his par sumo ne khaa liya toh mai kya karu….)

    but ye NKK ideology dheere dheere chali hi jayegi kyuki kisi bhi insaan ko apni soch badalne me time toh lagata hi hai…..

    aur aaj hume humare jatadhari hippy omkara ji ke bhi darshan to gaye IB me….
    dhanaya ho gaye hum….

    hume toh laga tha ki omkara ko ye xxx swetlana (according to @astha) aur kali thakur se fursat hi nhi mile gi ki wo apne bhaiyoo ke saath time spend kare….
    but aacha laga shivomru ko saath dekh kar…..

    kitne dino baad shut up rudra sunne ko mila dono bhaiyo me muh we… kaan taras gaya thy humare….

    aur aakhe bhi taras gai thy inhe kitchen me dekhne ko…..

    obero moment was good but not excellent like the old ones….
    but itna bhi mila wo bhi chalega…
    warna ye Cvs is toh koi bharosa hi nahi……

    sahil sahil sahil how cute you are….
    tume you aaj ask ki bolti hi band kar di….
    loved that dialogue “maaf karde mere baap plz”…

    and also loved that “bolde usse” indirect conversion between shivika and confused chandaa…

    but missing mahi and khanna ji…..

    and the last scene and that back hug…
    mai dekh hi rahi thy ki meri cousin ne kaha ki ye kaisa hug hai. …..
    you maine kaha ye shivika ka hug hai ekdam different….
    wo jo bhi karte hai ekdam different karte hai jo unka signature ban jaata hai….

    but the last scene was very emotional….
    anika ke saare emotions bahar aa gaya thy bahar aur shivaay ka wo back hug oh my god….

    surbhi and nakul just nailed it….

    and @arpu dear tumhare wish puri hoo gai sso tumhari didi ko sabke saamne utha kar ghar le aaya….

    tum bas issi taraha wish maangti raha karo…
    lagata hai cvs bhi tumhare wish sunte hai….

    overall episode was ekdaam dhaasu khidkitod ghartod jhakaas…

    except that high breed no mentality no loyality pinky….
    just ignore her…

    like @amayaa said yesterday that…
    pinky thy ask ke episode me maine toh dekha hi nhi….

    ignore her ignore her ignore her …..

    @arpu dear dekha aaj wo pani phekhne wala haath edit hoo gaya…
    aaj toh kisi ka haath dikha hi nhi….

    lagata hai ye IB wale tumhare comment up kuch jayada hi seriously padhte hai…..

    aur @lax dear thank you for sharing that insta link…

    saach me IB ke fans ne star plus ki baand baaja baarat nikal di…
    it was soo funny…

    star plus ka toh Gangaram hoo gaya

    per hum ib fans ne star plus ki #naye soch ko bhi toh bahaut promote kiya hai….

    mujhe hi le loo iss comment me 3 baar maine #naye soch ko promote kiya…

    inhe mujhe thank you bolna chahiye…
    just joking…

    1. Amayaa

      Akriti kaha se shuru karu ……………….starting se karte hai …………..okkk

      Akriti CVS ko itna praise mat karo ……………….u know well na they can do anything. …………….aaj itne sare ( 15 marked by u ) moments aur pata nahi agle hi din kya ho jai ( don’t worry nothing bad will happen tomorrow ) ……… we all r missing old omki – Shomki. ………….but well said ………..hamari @ mahi hai na …………….female omkara aka
      Omkara of pkj. ……………..u mentioned every point dr………….nothing is missing according to me ……………..See our bhaiya is changing. ………….
      A person needs time to change himself nd his childhood habbits nd ideologies. ……………u r also agree with this ………….good………..omkara ka sudden enter in IB. ………………….aise hi aate rahna …………….
      Shut up Rudra. …………….ha ha ha …………Omkara na apna mood fresh karne ground floor pe aaya hoga ………..poor guy stuck in so many problems. ………….chulbul tum bhi kabhi kabhi nicche as jays karo ……….. Abhi tak hamari Anika bhabhi se mile bhi nahi ho tum…………..
      Aur tumhare around 2 months pure ho gai Oberoi mansion me………..
      Shahil a hug for u little kid. …………….I too miss khannu…………last scene really unexpected nd emotional. ………….see how our bhaiya consoling his wife……………@ arpu tu to especially dekh le…………….
      Good dr Akriti ……………..ignore pink panther …………….she is worthy of this only. …………….sach me @ arpu teri imagination bhi sach ho gai aur tera wish bhi pura ho gaya…………….contact with CVS ha………….
      Hum sab kisi se kam hai kya ?????????? Aur oohhhhhhh my mata bhi
      ( uppssss ye to prohibited hai na ufffff amayaa wo bhi tere hi dwara. ………….bhul gai ) ………….

      A voice of star plus to Akriti
      Thank u so much Akriti member of all clubs pkj. ………….u really promote our nayya soch well …………….thanks ………….now we r deciding to make u our promoter ………………what say ?????????agree……….. deal final. …………???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Akriti..Bhaiyya is under the process of revolution..He is changing for his wife. Haan yaar saare toh Sumo finished ..she gave only one to Saahil. I am also waiting to see the NKK fort turning on to Ashes..#Nayi Soch..tum toh pura promotion kar rahi ho nayi soch ka…congrats for your this new work.

    3. Nilash

      Akriti dear I think tum agar Rajma Chawal bhejogi to SSO kisi ko bhi khane nhi dega kyun ki wo Nakuul bhaiyaa ka personal favourite hai to next time please rajma Chawal bhejna then wo apni soch ko zarur #nayi soch me badal denge…

    4. I also miss my old Omkara sooooooooooooo muuuuuuuccccchhhhh…

      Thanks again for giving me the title of lady omkara…..

    5. Akriti
      So true yaar, IB n IB fans are Star Plus ka Amanat. Now star better give promos for IB.

  7. Krishnaa

    I couldnt keep myself from commenting today after watching this episode! 😀 I was supposed not to watch IB till it got better for at least two consecutive months but here i am within a month!:D broke an oath!!! 😮
    @astha @anu I never missed to read your analysis during the last one month of absence but i actually had two cheat days when u were all happy with mahi’s character i watched two of those epidodes and i fell in love with him!!:D
    Todays episode was as if the old IB is back! Rudra’s jokes, shivOm’s convo , shivika’s tashan, with the new moments in addition like shivaye saahil’s convo, shivika’s emotional moment! Just awesome. Just missed sowmya.
    Whatever anika said to shivaay about her being insulted just because of being orphan is really true, even i dont understand why do people laugh at those who are orphans, its not the children’s fault,is it?they might have unfortunately lost their parents or might have been born due to irresponsibility of two people but these children can never be at fault. When there are so many homes and orphanages around the country why do people still mock at those people as if it is a big crime? Dont they have hearts? Is surname much important than the individual himself or herself? People say to create an identity for yourself but why are they after these por children just because they dont know their surname?
    BTW, is chanda for mahi? MaChan :D:D:D those who know tamil I just realized after writing MaChan that it sounds like machaan in tamil!! 🙂

    1. Krishnaa

      @Lax sorry forgot to type your name above as i was reading your comments too often. 🙂

    2. Ranilya

      Krishnaa….your back ..
      So nice to see you back here…
      All misunderstandings r sorted…you can leave Pinky aside n just ignore….
      So IB is back.. .hope your enjoying…

      1. Krishnaa

        hi dear, yes i started watching the episodes i missed but im fast forwarding most of the scenes. i dont think ill miss much because i kept on reading TU everyday. so i know which scene is nice to see or not. DBO-stopped watching long time ago. Im enjoying my IB. 🙂

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      My Krishna…it was a lucky day..why!!
      because all the Omkara were present there…Kunal-the real Omkara,Mahi-Omkara of TU page, Krishna -the Omkara with open hairs dp and Riddhima with her possession for Om her lover boy.

      1. Krishnaa

        haha 😀 actually im trying to change my dp with rumya’s pic but after reading the spoiler about a new love interest for Rudra, preferred not to change! but after omkara went for dbo, I came to know how good is Rudra’s character, I didn’t before because whenever the old omkara was on screen I would just keep on watching him even if he was standing like a statue!! 😀 😀 so when he was not here, i could finally see how important rudra is for the show and when he was to quit the show, i also preferred to leave!

    4. Ooi!!! Sooo nice to have u back.. glad u made up ur mind to comment! ? U see it’s very difficult to resist IB!!
      MaChan!! Lol as much as it sounds good, it would also hurt to see NM with some one other than surbhi on screen..!
      Not that I don’t want love life for mahi… I mean for mahi to love itne saare log tho hain na TU page me? Wahi kafi hain?

      1. Krishnaa

        yes im back!!! 🙂 anuuuuuu mahi should know about his TU lovers then, most specifically you 😀 😀 😀 but one funny thing is that they planned a new show for a brother(omkara) to bring a new brother(mahi) to this one! and sowmya being on break sounds something to be worried as they said the same thing for ishaana. i dont want someone else for rudra! sowmya is perfect for him!

    5. Krishna
      U r back…!! Wow..!! Missed you..!! We were thinking why u are not back yet?? Good, now that u r back, try to comment everyday.

    6. Krishna
      Neha has confirmed in her live chat that she is still in the show, it seems now they are going for a love triangle for Rumya in DBO, an actress is already roped in I heard. Donno how true is it??

      1. Krishnaa

        Awww lax, thats sweet of u 🙂 ill try to comment everyday 🙂 thats a good news about neha then, thanks for sharing,im relieved!! 🙂 i prefer rumya in IB than this way they wont become strangers like the secluded family in DBO. Rumya with shivika,dadi and the rest.

  8. Yaaaaaay!!!!

    For the first time i am happy that i was completely wrong. Today’s episode was khidkitor our old SSO is back with a bang or should i say splash but he only became SSO to bring his Mrs. Khanji aak back to her house. We all know that billu ji can’t live without his billi but still overwhelmed with this episode just ???

    Lastly i just want to say thank you all for welcoming me so nicely.

    1. Congrats on having proven wrong sanah! ??

  9. Ok 100th comment..
    Sahil said his dad used to go to borivally. …he meant to say bareily? No one noticed this???

  10. Hello ppl..! I just got to watch episode on my way to work!
    Wah!! All that shivika traversed through so far, in a single episode.. that’s how it felt like.. if I write my top moments it’s gonna drag pages..
    1… Obros together.. thanks Gul!!
    2.. when anika heard what Shivaay said in the kitchen, I loved watching Ru’s expression!! Wow! He looked so worried and sad and infact hurt with guilt.. it felt as if Ru was feeling guilty for all that sso had said! Luv u lee? Wish u get better screen space!
    3… balance khatam ho gaya kya.. relax dude!! ? And when he said.. acha mere baap bathaoge anika kahan hain! lol Sahil definitely stands first in the list of tadibaaz!!
    4… whoa.. the Parnika scene!!
    When sso kept honking and the door opened at the other end.. the way he lowered his glasses and let out a mild smirk! God I was dead??? [email protected]!!

    And thennn seeedha sso se bheegi billu???
    U know how I felt, in a game of snakes and ladders.. with great mehnath and luck, u reach 90+…. ur dice cheats u… u land up at the snake in 97 and 97 se seedha single digit me pahunch jaa the ho!! That’s how that moment was!!
    6… and yes! Roshini!! It’s always here is shivika moments.. for the last couple of moments I din see an sun, but today it was back during the Paanika moment!
    7… The way lifted her with full tashan!!
    Arpita!! Ur wish came true!! Keep wishing for more!!
    8… the final talk.. when Shivaay shows tadi annika becomes full Jhansi rani mode.. but when he shows love.. she becomes all vulnerable..! Btw.. off late I just like the way they casually stay in intimate positions???even though annika said gehri lines, I was distracted from the dialogs coz of the way they were

    I refuse to talk abt Pinks Moms.. not worthy?

    Precap – so is he is stil digging without anikas knowledge? ?

    1. anu…….i too just watched again
      owsm style na whn he was honking one leg in & lowering his glasses and tht chicky smile….wow just superbbbb…what a style yaar.. ashta dear ur bhaiya jst owsmmm

      1. Yeah Pushpa.. btw Aastha’s bhaiya is not awesome.. Nakul Mehta is awesome ??

    2. Anu
      Same here..!! Last scene for me was more romantic than emotional. Ab yeh log aise baithenge toh hum thodi na dialogue par Dhyan denge. Shivika is ?????? NarBhi ??? Anu, when Annika said log mujhe beizzat Karthe the, U should ve seen Shivays face, his expression said that he wants to kill all of them. The way he was caressing her, totally loved it. Even more happier coz her Outfit didn’t ve a proper sleeve ??

      1. Oh tell me abt!! The out’fit’ well!! My eyes were only on his hands..
        See I missed his expression.. another reason to rewatch!

    3. Ranilya

      Hi Anu
      Kal busy thi kya.. .
      How’s the lil one?

      Coming to the epi……pata nahi kithne pages lagenge likne ke liye…
      Narbhi were super se uper today…
      They take care of even the minute details…

      1. Ranu.. my lil one is great! How’s urs..
        And episode.. true yaar they take care of really minute details.. that’s y we are able to live shivika through narbhi

  11. Ohhh kya episode yaar ….our purani anikaa bhabhi is back sorry (panika)
    aur mere tadibaaz bhaiya sso….enjoyed so much… Kya passionate hug thi …mere shivaay bhaiyaa se achcha koi tadi nahi bataa saktha …romance bhi nahi kar saktha …
    Kitne bade buisnessman ho meri shivaay bhaiyaa lekin anikaa bhaa bhabhi ke liye itnui badi insult ki parvaa he nahi kiya …love u bhaiyaa …aufr last part kya emotional scene tha kitna cute se mere bhaiyaa bhabhi ko hug kare…man karta hain ap ko 100 hugs karun….

    Vaah kyaa baat hai aaj sabh logon ki dp masth hai yaar nivi di,akriti di,aastha di,ammu..aur hamari dp queen archu …suprrr…

    Riddi akka nethu dan shab akka mela tnk u sonnadukku kobama irundhen ….neengalo maa
    ennamaa ippadi panringale maa…

    Warning to all ishquies-aaj se koi mujhe sorry ya tnnk u nahi bolna hai…

    Diyas di kahan gayab ho gaye…???missing her..

    1. Nilash

      Hiii Anikaa….. no wild soch???? dialogues par dhyaan do… kitne to ache the… but ya that position distracted all ishqiess attention from the dialogues…

    2. Omg! Shivaay behen’s list is just growing and u guys are quite loyal too yaar!!
      As I always say bade Kush kismat hain yaar Shivaay! He gets way too much love!!

      1. ashta must be flying high..heh na ashta…

  12. Ranilya

    Archu n Amaaya thanks for helping me out with the dp…

    Lax dear yes I’m kind of free now…may until next wk end… to tell you the truth…when I’m alone at home I put aside all the other work n sit in front of tv for IB n immediately followed by sitting with my mobile with the IB TUpage for hrs…i mean it literally takes about 1-2hrs to comment, read n reply to others comment…
    It’s not possible on wkends…

    Liji, Anu, Archu Arch and all the other members of mother’s club…how r all the kiddos??
    It’s vacation time so all mom’s r busy??

  13. Ria

    Good morning Ishqbaazians!

    This episode though ?
    I was in complete AWE of the episode.
    First, the way Shivaaye soothed her. It was incomparable. Omg, I can’t get it off my mind.
    Next, the O-bro moment! Finally!? Had been missing Rudra’s lame jokes and ShivOm’s ‘Shut Up Rudra!’?
    Then, ShivIka water fight!? That had been missed since a very long time. The last time they had it, was the ‘Aww’ scene. ??
    After that, The complete SSO form, again. The way he picked her up and brought her home. ?
    Followed by that was they way Anika confided in Shivaay and shared all her worries and sorrows with him. ??

    Not to forget, the way he asked to Shut Up Pinky! Pinky has been a complete nuisance. Can the CV’s for God’s sake improve her character now? It’s been long enough. ?

    P.S.: Can’t get enought of this episode. ?

  14. The story is going like shivaay investigating anikas past and anika investigating SSO past

    Really made for each other

    But it is. Good when anika is orphan itself ,becoz then we can made a moral from that track
    Like Rudy’s theory of love”once love occurs nothing matters”
    It is not all the ideology. that is more important in once life , becoz a person with out these all ideologies have experienced life a lot, they have passed through different circumstances in life, so they r ready to face any challenges in face-face ,many situations itself make them Bold ,
    Many people in our society r an example of Anika,who had to face many problem for being an orphan
    So how a girls like her should treat in society,and girls like her is blessed by many things in future (here Anika is blessed by God giving shivaay)
    Every orphan girls should not think that they r alone always


    These can be taken an example in practical life only when anika is orphan ,
    Or people like PINKY should also think that they too had a past , sometime more than they expected

    People like shivaay should change such attitude towards treating orphans ,then even oñe person think about this ,it is successful

    I had my point of view that it is good when SHIVAAY don’t confess his love expressable – so far ,it should take more time ,then viewers like us should always have an ‘HOPE 4 TOMORROW’
    Each and every day we would expect for that day ,if it occur soon ,then we doesn’t have this much excitement

    So l love this blush/unexpressible/romantic/luv-hate/naughty/bagadbilla SHIVAAY,it should take some more time
    Continue this naughtiness guys
    Keep on

    Thanku gulmam ,if u don’t choose narbi as shivika then it is a great lose
    They can only make shivika perfect

  15. The story is going like shivaay investigating anikas past and anika investigating SSO past

    Really made for each other

    But it is. Good when anika is orphan itself ,becoz then we can made a moral from that track
    Like Rudy’s theory of love”once love occurs nothing matters”
    It is not all the ideology. that is more important in once life , becoz a person with out these all ideologies have experienced life a lot, they have passed through different circumstances in life, so they r ready to face any challenges in face-face ,many situations itself make them Bold ,
    Many people in our society r an example of Anika,who had to face many problem for being an orphan
    So how a girls like her should treat in society,and girls like her is blessed by many things in future (here Anika is blessed by God giving shivaay)
    Every orphan girls should not think that they r alone always


    These can be taken an example in practical life only when anika is orphan ,
    Or people like PINKY should also think that they too had a past , sometime more than they expected

    People like shivaay should change such attitude towards treating orphans ,then even oñe person think about this ,it is successful

    I had my point of view that it is good when SHIVAAY don’t confess his love expressable – so far ,it should take more time ,then viewers like us should always have an ‘HOPE 4 TOMORROW’
    Each and every day we would expect for that day ,if it occur soon ,then we doesn’t have this much excitement

    So l love this blush/unexpressible/romantic/luv-hate/naughty/bagadbilla SHIVAAY,it should take some more time
    Continue this naughtiness guys
    Keep on

    Thanku gulmam ,if u don’t choose narbi as shivika then it is a great lose
    They can only make shivika perfect

  16. Heeeee bhagwan !!!!! 236 comments subhe tak??????? We are really crazy fandoms

    @anu dear, pata nahi kaise Cvs meri baat sun lete he .hope ab sab accha ho ho.

    @asthababy , yes abhi varosa toh he.but no guaranty about him, untill to know why Sso is Sooo obsessed with NKK tgere will be must some valid reason.

    @amayaa dear, you proved that you are true drammebaaz. Yes I am ready to do pyarri wali ladai with you.

    @akrti dear, i also said that our widh come true.

    @rajjo.dear, bhag rajjo bhag., hatrick manale.thank you.

    @nilash dear, yaa I know everybody is with my you are also joined in my club.
    And tumne apni ff post nahi kiyaa .??? I missing it

    @liji dear, your emoji shows that you are sooo happy .

    @amayaa dear, you are right that Cvs ko itni praise karna nahi he.

    @asthababy mere hugs and kisses se tum thik hogaye????? and you are dancing kuchipudi on your bed.?????
    Sambhalke warna haadi toot jayegi.bed se gir gayi toh. ????

    @nicvi dear, exactly Sso ko best husband ka a ward milna chahiye .

    Kya din aagaye he such main jab main yahan join ki thi toh sirf 79 ya ek ek din 50 comments hoti thi.weekends pe 150.thats it. But now everyday full of comments.
    Kal 432 comments ho gayithi.such main him IB se kitna pyar karte he

    @amayaa dear , tumhe pinky pasand ane lagi he kya???????? ?? uski style main bol rahe ho.okssssssssss ????? sooo funny

    Sry agar maine kisiko miss kar diya toh. Itni comments ki beech dhundna muskil he na!!!

    @asthababy @akrti @ archu love you dp sooo much.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Arpita for including me as well in your oh sorry our Didi’s club…..
      Arpita sorry for the inconvenience dear actually all the saved episodes got deleted from my computer and then the stupid computer stopped working…. it was sent to mechanic shop and over there mechanics also don’t know how much time is needed to fix all the problems in the system so the next post is getting delayed… sorry dear I’m really very sorry for the inconvenience… the moment my computer returns I’ll upload the next part please please sorry….?????

    2. Amayaa

      ARPU don’t be Rudy ha ……………..he bhagwan type dialogue. ……………
      See I m copying pink panther nd u r copying protein shake ……………..kidding dr………………..copy copy chall raha hai…………….ARPU tu na Aise hi accha accha bolti rah ……………tere muuhhh me meri favourite Cadbury silk………………Teri baat CVS kuch zaada Sun rahe hai. ……………….aur tu bahut busy hai aajkal. ……………..1 baar comment Nd then next time 1 reply me hi sabke liye message. ………………clever ha ………………Maine Tujhe Teri sisos group ka head banaya aur tune to ekdum …………………NO RESPONSE ha……..
      Leave it ………………..Ab to tere group me Nilash di bhi add ho gai h …………….lucky ha……………..heyyyyyyyyy arpu hamare bhaiya ki side zaada majority h …………….ha ha ha …………….awwwwww ………………
      How proudly I m feel now ……………….by my title dramebaaz. …………

      1 last question
      U r a school student na ………… which class if u r ……………….Nd ya where is shubbu. …..,…………missing na

    3. Arpita
      When I joined it was hardly 50 comments a day n rarely 100 on weekends. I joined, also seeing the pathetic condition of the once fully active group. I still remember there was a weekend when we had 200+ comments after a long time n we were on the top of the world. Today, it’s already 450+ n most of the days 200+. It’s so difficult to keep a track of the comments n we like it..!! Wohhooooo..!! Hip Hip hurray IB Hip Hip hurray PKJ

    4. Ranilya

      Arpu pls keep wishing for more of Shivika …
      And some rumya too…
      I’m sure we can reach the 1000 mark one-day

  17. Gayathri.visu

    OMG!! Fully Tadibaaz epi… Thank god Shivika’s hug is not dream… Such a passionate hug! Finally Om in IB! Happy to see Obro moment, Rudy’s expression, SHUT UP RUDRA dialogue. Shisha convo is soooo cute! NO WORDS to describe that chawl scene. Tadibaaz Shivika, back to SSO form, SSO possessiveness….are awesome. Last that emotional hug n convo makes me cry…. Totally NaRbhi nailed it!! This is really UNEXPECTED TADIBAAZ ROMANTIC & EMOTIONAL EPI…..

    @rajjo…. Once again GO RAJJO GO!! Awesome analysis dear.

    @Maahi… Perfect description for identity….. TOUCHY LINES Omkaraji!!!

    @Mouni…. Yes dear u r right! This is shortest separation in serial history bcz its IB!!

    @nivi… Ur dp is awesome! Don’t worry, Anika will give reply in midnight no the bed!!(that kick wala scene)

    @astha di… No, don’t become vampire! Then who will protect ur bhaiya in TU?? By the way ur dp is soooo cute!!

    @archu…once that stupid remembers her position before marriage, she will understand that she don’t have any rights to speak about NKK. Hey, I likes ur dp….

    @Nilash… Very good analysis. Till now u make me crazy in front of my mom, finally u also becomes crazy….hahaha!

    @Amayaa…. Definitely u r dramebaaz, crazybaaz, AIR….etc. I want register in SHIVIKIANS,MAHIMANIACS,ANIKAHOLICS, KHANNU CLUB, NOK-JHOK CLUB. Can I??? Sorry I can’t able to comment in ur comment box. I m little busy, hope u understand. Please register me it there groups….plz DRAMEBAAZ!!

    1. Thank you sooooo much Gayathri… keep loving like this dear…..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      I am finally not turning in to any Vampire…Edward at back seat…Shivaay bhaiyya on front seat on my heart. Your old Astha is save and still a girl.. love my Shivika and Ishquise..

    3. Nilash

      Gayathri yesterday’s episode was a tit for tat treatment for me… I always make you all go crazy in front of your moms’ and yesterday I went crazy infront of my mom… thank God she did not send me to any lunatic center cause yesterday I was dancing and smiling and yaaaa doing loads of crazy things so be happy my mom also gave me the look which looks you always face after reading all my stupid stuffs….

    4. Amayaa

      YA I m ……………Nd absolutely u can join ……………it’s okkkkkkk…………..I understand di……………….. u r registered now ……………..,.congrats ?

    5. Rajjo

      thank you so much gayu…

  18. Renimarenju

    Hello my 200 + Sweet Ishqiess…..gud mrng 2 all…..As the senior most member of this family, i want 2 make an “ISHQIEYAA ATTENDISHQIES REGISHQSTER”…..So here it goes….
    1.aqua 2.mukta 3.priya15 4.priya29 5.priyaa 6.nadiya 7.disha 8.luna 9.shivani 10.dhruvv
    11.vinayak 12.pragya 13.pradishma 14.prerna 15.piyalii 16.devga 17.enasanjida 18.haya
    19.nazneen 20.kikki 21.ankita 22, nikki 23.manya 24.riddhima 25.nikitajai 26.shaza 27.veda
    28.krishna 29.razna 30.sumi 21.zuha 22.richu 23.shahabana 24. sakshi 25. saku 26.asmita
    27. lax 28.lijince 29. mouni 30. amaaya 31.akriti 32.viviktha 33.vrushika 34.ishika 35,dil 36. sat
    37. kat 38. nelka 39. navz 40. shivika kapoor 41.shivikajam 42.surbhi 43.annika44.anitaa345.rufina 46.ammu 47.orchid 48. sree 49.aastha 50.archiya 51.arpita 52.akriti 53.antara54.himagiri 55.tharu 56.anulydiya 57.anu 58.harshan 59.maanik 60.shakaib 61.khushi 62.shekhar 63.shabnam 64.mishri 65.tridha 66.trisha 67.maahi 68.maahiswit69.abiha70.aahaana 71.shraddha 72.shivi 73.shab 74.shiv 75.rajjo 76.sara 77.nivedhita 78.niharika79.Uff 80.Mp 81.chetna 82.chandini 83.chavi 84.roby 85.dangerous devil 86.nivedha 87.ros 88.anisha 89.pinku 90.diyas 91.diya 92.liba 93.lijitha 94.rosu 95.roz 96.arshi 97.bshama 98.ria 99.nilash 100.pushpa 101.sanah 102.anah 103.soniya 104.adityakiran 105.moniquedi 106.chitra 107.athiraappu 108.fatarajo 109.pixe 110.firdose 111.gayatri 112.anila 113.aliya 114.aayush 115.nimisha 116.ahsana 117.abhishek 118.ooshi 119.mukthi 120.stuthi 121.kanfi 122.akshaya 123.aiswarya 124.yazhu 125.viji 126.samyuktha 127.khushagraa 128.maria 129.rebecca 130.alakananda 131.samm 132.vinnu 133.ishqkum 134.harika 135.neha 136.meenu137.sunanda 138.sujina 139.sunehri 140.lachu 141.naagin forever 142.shit 143.never mind 135.ranilya 136.harshan 137.aaryaraaju 138.ayesha 139.sree ranjini 140.rosu 141.bela 142.sejal 143.ishita 144.bhavana 145.VHM 146.soumya 85, 147.liyaa
    148.sree ranjini 149.sri 150.cheequ 151.verna 152.shraddha dbo, 153.prajikta 154.mary
    155.harika………[sorry i am not able 2 remember all 200 names, if u find any name is missing, then am really very sorry for it……pls add the remaining ishqies name and complete the regishqster….]

    Those who are present here pls raise ur hands and say it loud ” All for one and One for All”
    Big hug from me and celebrae this as ishqies moment…..[“lafzon kaa yeh rishta nahi….”]








    See no time for me 2 comment on episode …..that’s why i wrote few lines only, which i want 2 tell u every ishqie ….love u guys…keep ishq @ ur hearts, bye…..

    1. Renimarenju

      156.piyuu [every time i miss some one. sorry my memory is weak ] ….big wala sorry 2 u dear…..

      I will try my level best 2 write 200 names next time….kasam omkara ke shayari kee, rudy ke protein shake ki, sumo ke parathe ki, sso ke deal ki, anika ke raaite ki, ishana ke naach ki, tia ke reikis ki…….oh my maata….i will writes all 200 namesss one days……give me a wifis…..ishqies…..

      1. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet of u reni di im saying u have a very good memory now please dont say u have a weak memory aftr these many times u have to accept that u have a good memory

      2. Omg Renima!!! Your are just awesome! Fantabulous! Great! I don have words!!
        How do u even do this yaar! Sach mein!! Ther is no emoji for bowing down! If there was I would put it 200 times here as a tribute to ur 200 names!
        U have proven that U r indeed senior!!
        And all u r kasams! Lol??

      3. And of course ?All for one! One for all! ?

      4. Reni di❤❤❤❤…how are u miss you so much di …

    2. Hii dii.. One for all.. All for one….
      I am present…

    3. Hiiii renima diii….. I am Maahi ….. ishqie no. 67 ….. according to ur list mentioned above……
      1. Hats of to ur memory…. remembering the names of 156 ishqies…. OMG my head is going round and round and round….. kaash itni acchi memory meri hoti… then I would have definitely topped in my exams….

      2. Such a sweet lines….. I would like to give the title to ur shayari “ISHQIES KI ISHQBAAZI”…. do u agree???…..

      3. ONE FOR ALL… ALL FOR ONE…..

      4. Sending u a warm magical hug…….

      5. And yes very truly said…. Lets live this moment…. Lets enjoy this moment…..

    4. Hiiiiii Reni…….you had given me reikis and protein shake in the earlier page……thank you soooooooooo much darling!! ????????And you called me rockstar……????????

      Still I donno if the reikis will solve my problems at workplace…..but protein shake is definitely needed in this summer season…..????

    5. Amayaa

      My God RENIMA DI
      My chotu sa head is spinning now …………….but hats off 2 u ……………..u really remember so many names. ………Nd remember around everyone ………………….a big warm nd tight hug to u di. …………

      But I have a confusion di………………is amayaa nd ammu r 2 different girlzzzzzz …………….I mean my name is amayaa…………..Nd my nickname is ammu …………….Nd I didn’t see any other amayaa or ammu …………….that’s why ………….I m on de no. 30 or 46 …………….
      Please clarify me ………………….
      Ur lines. ………………..uuummmmaaaaahhhhhhh ?????……….
      ……..khirkitor darwajator chattor ghartor nd what not. ……………..
      fabulous……………. @ Maahi di be ready …………………another lady Omkara is chasing u ……………….tough competition ha……………RENIMA di thank u so much for saving some time from ur hectic busy schedule nd share this wonderful lines with us ………………it’s okkkkkk di ………………piyuu will understand. ……………Nd by de way u took her name without asking. ……………so she’ll not angry with u ………….try try nd try ………………one day u’ll definitely fulfil ur wish ………………Nd that day will come soon ………… u tooooooo diiiiii ?????………….

      ?????not only my one hand raised but ?????both

      1. Amu dear….There is no competition between me and renima…. The lines which we right just comes from ur heart…and the words coming from hearts do not compete…… right????
        And I know u love our lines…..☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺????????

    6. Nilash

      Renima dear ohhh god what lines have you written….. no words for them… they are so awesome that I cannot explain it in words you rocked dear you nailed it….. loads of hugs and love to you from my side… I respect all the words you included in your nice lines….. awesome no super awesome no super duper awesome no I don’t know how much awesome it is but it made me spellbound and speechless love you loads dear????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… cannot think of any more words to describe your effort… really loved it

    7. Renimarenju

      Thanks 2 alllll my buddy ishqiesssss here……[email protected] amaaya dear, ammu is the name of another ishqie only, who used 2 comment here once , but i guess now a days she is not commenting……and maahi dear……loved ur title and i must say u are really creative…..So aaj se i will call u as Miss Shayar….like once i named luna as miss critic now am naming it 2 u…@.shab…glad that today u wrote my name without any mistake…[email protected]….so many emojissss…. loved it 2 the core……anu, nikita hope u guys are doing well and anu…kasams …..of course how can i miss them, which i loved the most… @ lijince my rockstar….see workpressure is with me also…..thing is my schedule starts from mrng 8 am and ends by evng 8 pm only……am just tired with these things….and the projects which they are giving and asking 2 achieve target ….some times it irritates me lot…..lady baaba is not here, but anika’s raita is with u, u can use it, if not then throw some water like panika…thanda thanda cool cool… cool baby…..and amaaya…once i was active in this page, initial episodes that time i used 2 write lines , i used 2 comment well also because everything was worth watching for me…of course yesterday’s episode was khidkithod, but the show has completely changed for shivika now…in a glance they brought omru yesterday which i felt as nice ….being an ishkara fan, i almost skipped watching ib after ishana’s exit and am not following it on a regular basis….ok….and there is no sense of making any competetions or some thing like that see, when one writes it should reflect his heart only….and for me am in this family because my heart is full of ishq…like once omkara said…”kisi se dil lagane ko dil par raazi hona zaruri hein, umra bhar saath rahne ko ishq baaz hona zaruri hein”. and “ishq par hoga yakeen ishq ho jaane ke baad”……so always be an ishqie ,…..and spread ishq like raitas and reikis 2 every one….bye all…;s lunch time for me and am replying all of u in rush…..bye dearies….

      1. Thank you soo much renima dii for MISS. SHAYAR title…….
        Dil jumping japak jumpak jumpak…..

      2. Renimarenju

        Look who are back….my darling nivedha and omkara fan krishna….guys missed u so much…..krishna…hope u remember me …..won’t u ?
        nivedha… ishkara ishqie….it’s really hard 2 see ib without omie yaar….. and miss ishkara a lot….only way 2 get connected is through ffs…..right now am writing two ffs on ishkara….one is with rumya and ishkara nd other one is 4 ishkara….only…..
        Ok…here is its link…
        pls read it and tell me ur views on it…

    8. my dear reni…how could you remember all these names yaar…superb memory u have there…

      1. Renimarenju

        Arrey, am here from the beginning of ib only and still am not able 2 remember all names, i feel it as a fault, as its my family and i must remember all names naa….
        and my memory is like khichdi only, i have 2 make it sharp …

    9. Rajjo

      omg reni…. how did you do that… i mean its really difficult hats off to you… that lines are very touching n good… keep commenting like this…

      1. Renimarenju

        Thanks rajjo..i liked ur name a lot…..

    10. Renima dear..!!
      OMG..!! Only u can do this. Like SRK said in Chak de, Hume apne Sabse experienced khiladi chahiye is waqt. aur woh tum ho..!! U r gr8…!! That’s a lot of hard work..!! Superb..!! ???
      So now we ve roll nos too..!! I am roll. no.27..!! Wow..!! Never ever had that number in college or school..!! Tysm..!!

      1. Renimarenju

        Oh My Maata…..Roll no’s…..see nothing like that , i just put numbers because i myself wanna know how many names i can remember , that’s all….and see i am not able 2 remember 200 names….it’s making me feeling bad….

    11. Ranilya

      Love you dear..
      How do you do this?
      Kithne badam kha thi ho? ?

      1. Renimarenju

        Hi rani….dear… shab has no confusion between our names….and love u too..
        badam……no yaara….i don’t eat badam….lol

    12. Renimarenju

      @ Shahabana…dear…how are u yaar ? all busy with wedingss my sweetie …..only few days are left …..i hope shopping is over…

      1. Renimarenju

        Bye,…..really wanna chat with u guyss….but work annoys…see u all in sun and mon….bye… u all

    1. guys please vote ishita raman r on the top please make our shivika win

    2. Niish,

      Aur nomination hai kya awards ka.hai tho uska link bech dho.

      Main SPA last time thab dekha tha jab IPKKND show chal raha tha.aur uss SPA awards main jo log award deserve karthe hai un sab ko mila tha.aur iss baar main wahi chaatha hu.sab ko deserve awards jodi- ShivIka,best husband ka award I don’t think shivay deserve karthe hai (SORRY SHIVAY FANS) but ha anika aur gauri zaroor best wife ka award deserve karthe babhi (patha nahi aaj bhi wo award dethi hai ya nahi)ka award anika ko milna chaahiye and best sister ka award bhi best bahu naya sathasya female.patha nahi aur kithni awards hai.main tho ye chaatha hu sabko deserve awards mile.shivay,omkara,rudra,anika,gauri,patha nahi soumya ko milegi ya nahi.dadi ko aur sahil ko sab ko awards mile.patha nahi kisko kithna awards mile.but ShivIka ko favorite Jodi and international Jodi ka award zaroor milna chaahiye.



    3. Nilash

      I did but please all the ishqiess who have not done yet please do…

    4. Amayaa

      Yeah …………. I too did it ……………thank u for sending links niish ??

    5. Guys you can vote infinite number of terms
      So guys pls votevagain and again

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Guess what!!
      jab se pata chala hai main itni baar vote karchuki hoon ki bata nahi sakti .. numerous times..

    7. It’s always Raman Ishitha..!! Trying my max..!!

      1. Oh God..!! Don’t misunderstand my comment, I meant I am trying my max for Shivika to win.

  19. I think Annika kuch tho janthi hai uski family ki bare main
    1st one uski chutki and
    2nd one Annika in 1st episode bolthi hai ki
    Mandhir main shivay se –
    ithnaa attitude mujhe bhi Kam nahi hai jab main paidha huyi na Puri 2saal thak kisi see baath nahi ki thi ithnaa attitude hai mujme?

  20. Hii ishqies…. Episode is awesome…. Or aap sabhi k comments and analysis uses se bhi jaada awesome… Astha dii plz vampire maat banana nhi to mere laughing therapy ka kya ho ga( a little selfish) mujhe aapki badi fikar ho ti h…….. Go ishqies go… Or comments k pichle record ko break kro…
    Abhi tk ka status.. 294 comments….

  21. Aaj 500 +comments registered hone chahiye….

  22. Piyuu

    reni u so sweet dear.sorry bolne ki kyaa zarurati…family ke beech no sorry no thanks. ..dont say ur memory is weak u have good memory.

    1. Renimarenju

      Thank u piyu

  23. Piyuu

    arpita thum aur cvs ke beech kuch direct connection hey kya( gouri shankarji jaise) ur saare wish sunli

  24. Piyuu

    thanks ammu

  25. Shivikans show your support. Vote for Shivika. Take this as a rehearsal to star Parivar awards

  26. Shivay ur eyes are so pretty ?

  27. Piyuu

    mahi awesome line

    1. Thanks piyuu… keep loving dear….

  28. Piyuu

    thanks liji dear

  29. Aastha_Reddy

    Nikku.. i am not turning in to Edward’s Bella .

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Astha dii… Plz help me… Kasi mai apni DP set kr… I have no idea….
      Or abhi mere dimag bhi Kam nhi kr raha h… Plzzzzzzzzzzz..

      1. Nilash

        Hi Nikita….. you are my Niki dear right????y rocking girl??? If not then sorry dear…

  30. Star Plus most popular serial is back in top ten finally again hopefully ishqbaaz will remain in TRP top chart..

  31. Piyuu

    ammu i want to join shivikans club anikaholics blush club n nokjhok club …..

  32. Akriti

    guys please vote for shivika.. ..
    we can vote in infinite numbers…
    shivika is on 2nd position….
    approx.6000 vote ka difference hai no. one hone ke liye….
    so please vote again and again…..

  33. Piyuu

    thanks archu

  34. Piyuu

    gud evng to all ….
    pls vote for shivika show ur love and support.

  35. Ranilya

    Oh ..what happened to my comment???
    I can’t find it!!
    Kithna lamba 100 kilo emotions se bhara comment post Kiya tha meine aaj subha .. .
    Aur ab pata chal raha hain ke TU ne mere comment ki oh my mata kardiya hain…
    I’m feeling soooooo baaaaaaddddf

    1. Rani
      I was thinking, why u did not post. Then I thot u were busy. This has happened to me also.

  36. hi…………………..all busy yaar srry for not commenting but i am watching it everyday………………………mein sad crying ……………..couldn’t talk to u guys
    may be i cannot talk to all…………..i may leave this page……………….some problems everywhere and here………………guys missed u all soon i will be returning back………….only upto tomorrow may be i will be available……………guys archiya…..i want to say u one thing…………i love u dear as my on sis and missed u so much for not replying me………….now how could i …………..without many days,,,,,,
    astha…..dear we had a nice time i came only before few months but made many misunderstanding betwween us…………sorry dear a big hug to u dear i dreamt u in a black churidar and red shawl……….but never again to dreamt this foolness ur dp is the best dear……………first of all when i leave this page how could i talk to u guyssssssssssssssssssss…………….no never i could but for few days missing u all
    arpita,akriti,amayaa all love u sweet ones u are everything in this …..
    hi shab khan ur name made me so happy because one of my brother in this world have this name shaiju khan he is a freeky mannn dear yoo yoo boy so happy……..
    u are my sweet sis dear
    everyone no time may i go if i missed ur names srry anu,ridhima,anika,liba,renimanju and all a big hug to u dearsss u are sweet……….
    bye from

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