Ishqbaaz 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika reveals her pregnancy doubt

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Ishqbaaz 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks what happens next. Shivaye says then our children grow up, we get old and our lives end, the same happens with them, relatives, those four people and media, they all put pressure on them, the children will also do what the society tells them, because we didn’t think to do anything we want. Gauri says but if society asks us to have children, what’s the harm, children are that happiness, which everyone should get, think of the first time when you take your child in arms and he smiles seeing you. They all imagine the moment. Gauri says when the baby calls you Papa for the first time. Shivaye and Anika ask Shivika to say Papa and mumma…. Shivaye says she said Papa, she loves her dad. Anika says say mumma first. Shivaye says maybe she doesn’t know you are her mum…..

Gauri says when the child starts walking for the first time. Gauri, Om, Rudra and Bhavya think of the moment. Anika says you are right, the moments will be amazing. Gauri says all the troubles will end soon by those moments, how can you snatch this happiness from Anika. Shivaye says I m not saying you are wrong, I m not saying my point of view is right, I just want to say, child should come when we both want, not because of society pressure, we shouldn’t take a wrong step, society romanticizes parenthood, motherhood, what they show on tv isn’t true, they just show good things, reality is different, when a child comes, everything changes, even the relation of one becoming parents.

Gauri and Om imagine……. Om asks Gauri for his sketch book. Gauri says it would be there. She feeds her daughter Rikara. Om asks Gauri to control Rikara. Gauri asks the baby not to cry. Om calls her out and asks her to talk once. She asks what happened. He asks what happened, you forgot me since Rikara is born, you remember there was a time when your life revolved around me, you have no time for me, you don’t care for me, Rikara is only one for you. She says Rikara is young, she can’t take care of herself but you can take care of yourself, I have no time for myself, she needs me. He says she needs you, I also need you, you will not understand this, your priority is just Rikara now, if I knew Rikara will come between us, I would have not agreed for the child. She cries…… Clip ends. Om says how scary….. Gauri agrees.

Rudra and Bhavya imagine…. Bhavya asks Rudra how did he come so soon at 3am. Rudra says don’t start again. He switches on tv. She asks him not to watch tv, she just made Ruvya sleep. She says its our child, you stay out of home all day and party at night, I m managing all this alone, I left even my job. Rudra says you left my job, but not for me. She says you need to understand. He says I didn’t want the child, I told you, now bear it. She says you ate running from truth and responsibility. He says I stay out of home as I m fed up of Ruvya’s cry and your dream. She cries. Clip ends. Rudra and Bhavya worry.

Shivaye and Anika imagine….. Anika asks the baby to sleep. She asks Shivaye to see, Shivika isn’t sleeping. Shivaye says manage tonight, I have an imp meeting. She says I can’t sleep day and night. He says manage this tonight. She says we decided to raise her together. He says let me sleep for some time. She says its not easy to raise a child. He says its not easy to manage business, its imp. He takes Shivika and says your mummy has problem with you. He asks Anika to go office. They argue. He says I told you we won’t have a child, but you wanted, I told you we will keep a Nanny, but you wanted to manage her yourself.

She asks will any outsider raise our child. He says we have no option. She says you mean I can’t handle our child. He says try to understand the matter. She says I understood, you have time for meeting, but not for wife and child, you had meetings before and had time for me, you aren’t interested in me, I got dark circles and got fat too. He asks what happened. She says you changed. He says fine, I changed. Baby looks at them. He says our relation changed. She says then why am I here, I will go. He takes Shivika and says I will go from here. She says this is your house, sleep well, I will go. She goes. Clip ends. Anika and Shivaye say this shouldn’t happen, we won’t fight this way. Shivaye says child is a beautiful turning point in life when it happens with wish, not by society pressure. Rudra says I understood well. Bhavya says you grow up first and then we will think.

Rudra says yes, I have to become uncle twice and then we will think. Dadi asks Om and Gauri about it. Gauri says I haven’t thought of it, but I want to become a mum, its big happiness, child makes husband and wife’s relation stronger, I know child is a big responsibility, I m ready to face problems as child is Lord’s blessing. Om says I accept Gauri’s decision, as my happiness is in her happiness, whenever I become a dad, I won’t become like my dad, I won’t do mistakes like Tej. Shivaye says I m very sure Om you will become the world’s best dad, Dadi are you disappointed hearing my opinions. Dadi says you said right, when you have to manage the responsibility, decision should be yours, I m from old times, but I won’t pressurize you, I will be glad if my eldest bahu gives me the good news first. She asks Anika what happened. Anika says nothing Dadi. Shivaye stops Anika and asks are you fine. She says I understood you are not ready. He asks and you…. Anika cries and goes.

Shivaye says something isn’t right. He goes to her. She hides something. He asks are you annoyed with me. She asks why. He says because I said I don’t want to have a child. She says you just said what was in your heart, you should say it on time. He asks what are you hiding, are you crying, show me. He sees a little bag, and Shivaye Junior written on it…. He sees the cradle. He asks did you want to tell this to me in the morning. Anika says yes, but see our timing, I got to know you don’t want to have a child, I didn’t do any tests yet, don’t worry. He says stop it, what did I say outside, what did you go through, I m sorry Anika, you should have told me. She cries and says I didn’t wish to trouble you. He says you think I will worry hearing this news, sorry I didn’t mean this, I m with you, its our child, it will be our responsibility, I don’t run away from responsibility, I m with you, whatever the test result come, I will be prepared in nine months. She holds him. He says don’t cry, I m with you. He kisses her hands. She hugs him.

Shivaye says when will Anika come…. Anika comes and says test….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Beautiful Loved the episode so mch..
    So much of fact of life shivaye gave regards to parenthood motherhood and when finally came down to anikaa…..

    ……frm i cant c her as a mither of my child to Annika, tum ro mat please. Main tumhare saath hoon, kuch bhi hojaye, I’m with you.” The way he grabbed and kissed her hand ? shivaye i luv u more u hv my heart……. “bacha tmhara or hum dono ka….im wt u ” ….. superb episode..????

    Becoming parents r actually individual opinion…. accident happen if u dun plan but v will definately get ourself ready to accept the new jiwan to our life who will bring a lot of happiness n little sorrow between partners of course 2us eventually get adapt to the situation & will raise the kid together. Facts of life ….. thank you shivaye for underlining this.

    I watched the last 5 min many times…. luved all the words shivaye said ….. of course he will accep if anika is pregrant or not…. shivaye sinsgsh oberoi doesnt nit run away frm his responsibility…
    … precap… im sure anika will say the test is negative….
    Gd nite gals hv a great weekend….

    1. Go Pushpa Di Go!
      Congo on being first.
      Take care Di.

    2. Go pushpa di gi ,,congrats on being 1st ,you too have a great weekend ,,

    3. Ooohooo.Pu di ko yaad kiya aur dekho woh aagayi …
      Welcome back Pu di…
      Ye glad to see that Sso understood Annika’ pain and apologised to her..

      1. Pushpa

        really…. u hv my heart …

    4. Pushpa

      damn i forgot to log in!!!

    5. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations..?
      How are you?I loved the episode soooo…much because I love babies a lot.And Shivaay handled it well.Raising the bar of husband goal higher and higher.But sometimes go a little out of the way.Anyway,take care di.Happy weekend?

    6. Hi pushpa,
      Congo for commenting first.. Your comments were so good.. Even, I’m sure the result will be negative.. Because makers like shivaay more than Anika..

  2. Sorry, guys but I’m getting bored with this track…

  3. Vidya Saraswathi

    I can’t wait for two more days. Ho no sivika scene in last part was so nice. Om and gauri acting was so nice

    1. Vidya dear..yes now it is hard to wait two days……..
      Mondayyyyy come soon.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Vidhya,
      Monday always torture us.Waiting and waiting….?

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Epi was ok ok type….
    Actually it was boring for me becz i think both gouri nd shivay was rite…
    Actually i dont know what to say…
    So leave it…
    But yeh i dont like that couple fi8 part…
    Most important part was 3 of couples want girl child first… Becz babies names r Shivika , Rikara ,Ruvya…. Gr8….
    Nd yeh babies r soooooo cuteeeee…. I really like Shivika wala baby’s reaction during Shivika f8..
    Precap – Hope koi accha track suru ho jaye…
    Nd sry for not replay back on my comment…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hii Banita di.
      Yes Bacchas were really cute .
      Just like. Their respective parents.
      Good night
      Happy weekend to you too.

    2. Hiiiiii Bani…you find episode was boring……
      It was not bad.. last shivika scene was really good and heart touching as always..
      Yehh That type of couple fight was really scary…….
      Yehh Bachhaas are really cute..

      1. Pushpa

        yes arpi…
        \last 5min was owsm beautiful…..luv him more yaar 360 degree turn frm dun want now to accept her pregnancy if thetest shows positive…
        precap…… so eager bu ti know its going to be negative…

      2. Banita

        @Arpu , @Pus dii… I also agree that last 5 min was f9… But overally it was okk for me…

    3. Pushpa

      hey bani…hw r u?

      1. Banita

        Hlo Pus di…
        I m good… How about U??
        Nd congo being 1st dii…

    4. Bani ,,how r you ,,
      yrr actually wo bar bar Baal Baal Bachche ,,dekhate dekhte na bore lag raha hai ,,yeh ek boring lagne ki waja hai,,,but it’s ok it happend sometime ,,i hope next week it wiil be good ,,
      Bye ,,tc

      1. Banita

        I m good Tania… How about U???
        Yeh may be….
        But now #ME TOO track ane wala hain…. I m soo exciting for it…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Some things got repeated still I loved the episode because it was completely babylicious.And I just love babies a lot.Shivika conversation was well put and very beautiful.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Banita

        Me too loooovvvveee babies @Lu…. Nd all three babies r soo cutee…
        But i just felt something missing… May be that’s why i felt bored…

  5. hello everyone how r u all??
    missed u guys a lot …hope u all r doing well !!

    I didn’t watch the episode yet after watching will surely try to comment..

    1. Hiiiii Ayesha dear..welcome back…
      Haan chal rahi he ek kisam ki..
      And Go and watch todday epispde..i am.sure you will love it.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ayesha,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love.?
      Episode was really good and I hope you enjoyed a lot.See you soon.Happy weekend?

  6. Today’s episode was superb
    But I totally diagree with Shivaay’s point of view because I really love children a lot…
    He should have considered about Anika’s point of view…

    1. Allu..dear..
      chodo na…….Aab Sso ne maafi mangli..
      Yes somehow I also wanted to know about Annika’s POV..
      Everybody said….their pov..except Annika.
      She should given a chance

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Allu,
      I didn’t have any problem with his point of view but certainly I objected the way he expressed his views were to some extent insensitive.Anika felt hurt and I didn’t like that.But he did it unknowingly so I forgave him.And Monday episode is yet to come.Let’s see.Take care?

  7. Whatever Shivay demonstrated is correct.. and Gauri said is also true..

    Having a child has both pros and cons..

    But it depends on how we are looking into…

    So both couple should understand and co-operate each other in every responsibility of child..

    Then there will be no issues..

    Hope every one will understads soon..

    Shivay is happy with the child..

    He will become good father as he is good son and husband..

    Hope pregnancy test result will be positive

    Waiting for Monday..

    Bye all

    1. Hello UB.
      How are you ?
      Yes I agree with you .
      Shivaye will become world’s best father.
      No doubt .

    2. UB dear…
      Yehhh..Both Gouri And Shivaay are right acc to their pov..
      Waiting for next..
      Lets see what will be the result…..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi UB,
      Rearing children is off course the responsibility of both the parents.They need to maintain balance.Let’s see whether test is going to be positive or negative.Take care.Happy weekend?

  8. Last few mins narbhi rocked it guys.. I went to flashback when I said to my hubbie that I’m expecting.. Seriously, that feeling is something different…. I just got goosebumps..
    I literally cried after watching the episode.. I couldn’t control my emotions.. ??

    1. Hii kadhambari Di .
      All good?
      Yes Narbhi rocked today.
      Yes I can understand it is very special feeling to expecting our first child,that one can never explain in words.??????????

      1. Yeh dear.. All good now..everyday I used to hug him and sleep.. By after seeing my face my son hugged me made me sleep..

    2. Hiiiii Di…Are Aap toh emotional hogayi..
      Ok a big tight jhappi from my side ….to you.
      Yehh Narbhi rocked it……..

      1. Arpu dear,
        I’m bit emotional in every thing… I mean in anger as well.. I’m just straight forward person won’t hide my emotions..
        Tight jhappi from my side as well.. As a shivika let them have baby later but as a Anika’s fan let the result be +ive..
        But our Cv’s like shivaay more than anika.. So, the result will be – I’ve.. They will show Anika will hide her sorrow for SSO.. Smile in front of him so, that he won’t feel bad..
        Anika character is born to sacrifice all her happiness to others..

    3. Hi ,,dii ,,how are you ,,
      yes in last few minutes ,,shivika rocked ,,
      Bye their expression and action ,
      When shivay ask “anika kaya tum mujhse naraz ho ” that was so sweet ,,kitna feelings tha ,,Narbhi ,jo kuch bhi karte hai wo bohot hi real lagti hai ,,thats their magic ,,

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      First time always special.When you realize that you have a little life inside you who is the symbol of your love,the feeling is so so so amazingly awesome.That moment when you disclosed it to your partner,must be so precious and beautiful………?

  9. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Oh my god…oh my god..oh my god..what an episode man….and last 4 min 17 sec…just stole the whole episode. …….

    ye starplus AAGE DEKHIYE..ko cut kyun kardiya.Dabur Anla oil add is showing.

    Ok come to episode
    Ok thank you Cvs..fter seeing Shivika with kides i started to imagine fhow cute they will look their kids…thnx Cvs through Imagination you showed it to me……It is really good to see.
    Hawwww Shivika first said Bapa instead of Mama………….???????And Anika’s fake anger.
    And Baby was more listening to his Bapa..when Sso was saying Chup ho ja she became silent

    Ok I agree short imagination was really cute but Long imagination was really scary..cant able to see SHIVIKA will fight like this…i love to see their nok jhok fight not this serious fight..
    And So finally after saying all pov Sso asked Annika TUM???????.still Anika didn’t said anything but her eyes were showing lots of emotions pain and hurt too..I think She was ready for motherhood.she was ready for be a mother.
    But As Her Sso doesn’t want baby right now she became ready to abort her child.. ( ok if there was really a baby)
    Sso guilt was clearly shown.
    He understood his words hurted Annika very badly…….
    And she made emotional when she said KYA TIMING HE…. ..
    Ok I yold yiu na guys Sso will pacify her..and he did it…

    Now I am hating precap – kuch aur dikha dete yarr..Abb two days wait karna padega
    I think Test is negative but still have a doubt…
    Two days torture….urghhhhhh ..

    where is my pkj are became Mr India…
    Where is Lokesh, Aaayush, Amenah Huk,Shivya, Beauty , (Pu di is busy i think.)…. and all?????????.

    Some of great pkjians writters are writting beautiful Ffs.
    Guys if are get time go and read it..
    And mostly yiu wil love chudaibaaz..It is based on alll old vilians of ishqbaaz..and they are presented in a most comic way…i am sure you wil enjoy it..
    So guys if you will get time then read and comment and encourage them..
    ( main khud hi toh nahi kar pa rahi hun.)
    But pkz if yiu can they do it..

    Ok have a great weekend.
    ISHU my little sis.
    come back na..

    1. Sorry di aapko reply hi kiya tha but wo new comment mein post ho gaya.

      1. problem..
        I see you bass..aur kuch nahi chahiye( ok thodi filmy ho gayi????but emotion pura suh takka asli he )..
        Welcome back.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Cvs and makers are very chantomai.They gave us baby track in imagination and I think we have to leave the hope of expecting a baby track.I loved all the moments with babies and their respective parents.Baby Shivika was so cute.She was continuously looking at Shivaay and listening his words.And I am glad that Shivaay understood what Anika went through for his unintentional mistake.Monday is really so far.Come soon Monday.Anyway,take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Lu..waiting for minday like I am waitung for my delicious food….
        Yeh you are right..
        Cvs are the bigeest chantomai.
        Koi nahi let them do good thing..
        Not rubber..thing..
        Ha ha

    3. Nikita_jai29

      Hii.. Arpu dear… I am here always.. At present i am becoming a late ishqies.. Who post her views at the end of the day….

  10. Kara supporting ri, it was amazing

  11. Surely it will be negative.. Poor Anika.. She just controlled her emotions.. Buddhu shivaay see what you done.. You made her cry.. ??Anyways, you did not ask her to abort…I was so happy when you said u will be with her in those periods.. Those are precious..

    1. I also think test will be negetive .
      Yehh Sso ye sab mamle main thode budhhu kisam ke he..
      But he will be with her…dont worry……

    2. Luthfa

      Me too is thinking that result will be negative.Shivaay managed it well.Let’s see?

  12. Nice episode I love Shivika part what ever will go they are together for every situation.

    1. Hiii Aditi yehh shivika part was really good….
      And emotinal too.

  13. Luthfa

    ??????…I couldn’t watch the episode because of bad weather.How unlucky I am!???….Will comment later after watching the episode.Bye PKJ???

    1. Hello Luthfa di.
      So sad????????
      But don’t worry watch it tomorrow .
      At 11:00am only on star plus.
      How are you ?

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.And I have watched it online and commented as well.All the very best for your exams.May you achieve best of best success.Lots of love?

    2. Hi , in hotstar they are posting new episodes before telecast only..

      So you easily watch in hotstar

      1. Luthfa

        Because of bad weather network was completely down.I watched it late but watched.And hotstar is always best.Thank you?

  14. Today’s epi is good ,,but shivay ki kal ki imagination se jada aj ki imagination khatarnak thi ,,aur cute vi ,,

    all couple with the babies looks really cute ,,so sweet ,???
    But when they are fighting ,that was really scary ,,oo god rikara ka to sab se khatarnak tha ,ruvya ka bhi bohot bura tha ,,aur shivika ki surprisingly mujhe thora funny laga ,,but yeh anika hamesa shivay ko chorke jane ki bat kyun karti hai ,,plz anika tum shivay se gussa karo naraz ho jao ,lekin chale jane bat mat kiya karo plz ,
    Yrrr ,,truely shivay ready nehi hai yeh bat janke ke bad anika pe kaya biti o to sirf anika hi janti hai ,,she is expecting and her husband said he is not ready for it ,,this situation is very critical for any girl ,but the way shivay handle this ,it is just superb ,,and the most important thing “sso khabhi vi apne responsiblity se nahi bahgta”. Which is really true ,,
    love rikara scean ,when they talk about the matter ,,and om ne jo kuch bhi kaha very heart touching tha ,,lovely that they take very politely ,,
    Precap___Oooommmmmggg,,shivay tum se jada tension me to ham hai ,,,
    Plz plz anika ki result negetive aye ,,i hope so ,,
    2days is very difficult to wait ,,ek tension to rah hi gaya ,,
    Ok ,,,guys ,,good night ???
    Have a good weekend ,,bbbbyyyyyeeeee,,,

    1. Hello Tania?
      How was your day dear?
      Yes whatever Om said was really heart touching ,and it reflect that it was very difficult for Om and Rudra to live in such circumstances .
      And I think it is really very difficult to handle for a child when their parents have some differences between them.
      Love you dear.
      Good night ?⭐?⭐
      And happy weekend to you too .

    2. Hiii Tani. Yiu know what I don’t want to listen this responsibility word anymore from Sso mouth…
      Only bcoz of him I am started to hate this word ………
      Actually Annika was hurt ..
      Now two days wait…………
      Only one thing we can do…wait ..wait ..and wait

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      I loved Om and his talks.He has learnt from his life and now he will ensure that his baby won’t go through same things.Shivaay was ignorant about Anika’s feelings that’s why things got a little awkward and Anika was hurt by his words.Whatever happened,happened unintentionally and I am happy that Shivaay made Anika feel better.To know further I am waiting for Monday’s episode.I need to know what is Anika thinking about becoming a mother,sooner or later.Take care.Happy weekend?

  15. Hello everyone,
    How are you all?

    Episode was good .
    I agree with both Shivaye and Gauri .
    Both were right at their places.

    But I strongly believe that one should take his/her relationship to the next level,
    When they are fully prepared.
    Otherwise not only the two of them will suffer,but their small child will also suffer.

    Shivaye was too good today .
    He supports Annika in every situation ,and I know chahey kuch bhi ho jaye wo humesha Annika k saath rahega ,kabhi uska Saath nhi chodega.

    About precap I think Annika is not pregnant ,
    So test will be negative.

    Waiting for Monday .
    Please Monday come fast.

    When I was a small child ,I didn’t like Monday .
    I never wished Monday to come fast after Sunday.
    But now a days I don’t like Sunday and Saturday .


    I don’t like star plus new format .
    Na to aage dekhiye dikhate hain.
    Aur bich mein ek add bhi aa jaata hai.

    OK bye.
    Goodnight guys.
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Heeyyy ,,ishu ,,finally you come back ,,what’s going on ,,and why are you gone missing suddenly ??
      sab thik to hai na ,,ab mujhe bolo tum itne dino se kyun nahi aye i mean comment kyun nahi kiya ??
      Ok 1stly welc back ,,and i am fine ,…
      and thats true yrr ,,aj kal mujhe bhi saturday aur sunday bilkul nahi pasand hai ,,same yrr ,,i am also thinking anika’s result will be negative ,,but can’t sure about it ,,
      take ,care bye ,,

    2. Ha ha ha Ishu same goes with me..
      Ok in my school..Thrusday was holiday (unexpected and unbelievable thing but it is true)
      But still I love Sundays..but not now..from when ishqbaaz became 5 days show ..
      When it was started it was whole week…but then it becamr from monday to saturday and then monday to friday
      Now i am loving sundays for holiday and hating it for not having ishqbaaz..
      Weird condition ha ha ha

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Everyone has his or her own point of view,preferences and choices and going by that,they tend to grasp everything differently.That’s what explained in yesterday’s episode on baby issuse.If they are happy then everything is okay.Responsibility of a baby is a mammoth task and it need special attention.Anyway,Monday is making us waiting so badly.All the very best for your exams.Lots of love?

  16. Hello Meri pyari si Arpita di
    Kese ho aap?
    Sorry for not commenting,actually,
    Now a days I am busy with my studies.

    There are many entrance exams this whole month .
    So I have to prepare for them.
    But I will try to comment whenever I will get time .

    And tomorrow is my exam so ,
    not able to reply .
    For that sorry all of you in advance

    So going to sleep ,because I have to wake up early in the morning.

    Arpita di mujhe aisa lagta hai ki aap daily jaldi uthti ho .Right?
    Because aap k replies ki timing 6:00-7:30 k beech mein hoti hai.

    OK bye .

    1. Ire baap te..mere liye itni badi comment.awww so sweet of you.
      Ok ishu i can understand totally.exam comes first……….
      Go and rock your exam……..
      And yehh I wake up at 5 30 am.then i finished daily work and come here….mera din pkj se hi suru hoti he aur pkj pe khatam..after commenting at night……
      Waise GOOD OBSERVATION……..nice…
      DUAON main kyun main tujhe dil main hi yaad karlungi……
      Ok you… sooo much inna sara.
      Go and rock your exam..

    2. Ishu ,,all the best for your exams dr ,,give your best ,,

    3. Ishu ,,all the best for your exam dr ,,go and give your best

  17. Guys, when did Shivika consummate their marriage? They never showed that right? How does she have doubt that she is pregnant?

    1. Kritika dear……….
      Ye Shivika already consummated. First was I think 22 nov..dont remember the exact date…it was totally different…it happened with paint.
      And 2nd time when Annika get to know sbout her father..and she was happy that day.
      Ok I am.also confused..if something hapened like this or not.???????????…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Kritika,
      Shivika are done with consummation.If you want to know the exact date then it was 22 of November in 2017???????????????????????

  18. Luthfa

    So,Shivaay I hope you have realized that one-sided of anything how much good it seems for one not necessarily supposed to please other also.You put your viewpoint in front of everyone and they shared their respective one’s.They are right so are you.And my question was,it was about Anika and her opinions which were demanded attention.You always support her and stay with her in every situation like shadow so why you failed to read her heart that time?Reason is you thought what are you thinking is the same Anika is also thinking.You forgot that Anika can vary regarding your thought and she had something different to tell altogether.As individuals you two may differ and that didn’t come to your mind.Let me tell you,in this whole universe if anything is powerful after God,it will be word.It is such a weapon which causes deepest wounds beyond one’s imagination and comprehension.You didn’t mean to hurt Anika with your words still she was hurt as she took those for granted.You intended no harm still it conducted certain destruction.And after knowing the truth you felt hurt doubly as you too understood what your words had done unintentionally.If you could exchange words with Anika beforehand,those tears Anika shed could be avoided and I am cocksure you too didn’t want and never want Anika to cry for anything especially for you.I am glad that you rectified your unknowingly done mistake and sorted out everything.You should remember that Anika can sacrifice anything for your happiness and she won’t back out if decided.You need to be very careful before speaking anything which will be related to Anika and yourself.Don’t do anything for which you have to regret for a lifetime.All the best…………………………….

    1. Wow………wow…just wow..My Lu..
      Once again you rocked my girl…

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooo…much darling for your love.Love you?

    2. Really nice analysis Lu ,,great !!!!!!
      Have a great weekend………..

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooo…much for your love dear.Happy weekend to you too.Love you?

  19. Srd

    Hey guys,
    Both Shivay and Gauri seem to make sense. Actually, to come to think about it, every opinion makes sense, because it is what it is – a personal opinion. There are things we just can’t debate about, and personal opinions on things like this are one of them. Each and every person will feel differently about his or her capacity to be a parent at a given time.
    Here we see that in spite of their great relationship, both Anika and Shivay were not on the same wave length.Sometimes there is no midway, no compromise possible and that can be very hurtful for either person in a marriage. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, its how you react when you are confronted by the reality of life which is the most important. You can feel strongly a certain way about something, then react accordingly when confronted by reality (meaning change your opinion slightly or completely because the reality of life demands it). Once Shivay knew that she could be pregnant, he reacted well, as he should have. He showed her that he is intelligent enough to adapt his opinion based on the reality of life.
    This is what makes a good marriage. Pressure from family, friends and society will persists, its how the couple :
    1. Create a healthy intimate environment where each person can voice their opinions and be understood.
    2. The capacity to adapt and evolve according to the reality of life. This is what emotional maturity is all about.

    Having said all this, my personal opinion is that you are never fully prepared to be a parent until you really get there. It is a life changing experience that everyone fantasies about, (i.e. I will never be that kind of parent that can’t control his/her kid that throws a tantrum in the supermarket for a toy…when I’m a parent, my children will listen to everything I say, I will never have that kind of problem…etc).
    Reality check, you don’t particularly have a remote control to do as you wish with the child. Of course you will need to educate your child accordingly, some days will be very difficult and other days, things will be wonderful thanks to the relation you have established with your child. Every child will try to throw a tantrum at least once, because it developmentally normal, but children with supportive parents that are capable of maintaining good rules, will not throw a tantrum every single time. And will stop doing it when well guided.

    I am a mum of 3 children, by last child is 4 months old… I will say for my part that it gets a little easier as you move along. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. The more you try to be a good parent, the more you become a good parent. The child grows everyday, and so does the parent !!

    1. Hii Srd..di…
      Ok one thing i can understand the parents will actually understand this situation..
      And you have experience so you can understand it fully…and you said it also in a beautiful way
      Very nice analysis di.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Srd di,I wanted to write on it but you have put it so well.Very well written and meaningful.It’s every couple’s problem that when is the right time to be parents?Individually they prefer to choose different options but at the end it is the same and this is being parents.What Gauri and Shivaay expressed is their own thinking.But there has to be a middle ground and for me it is balancing between kids and regular life.In flashbacks they experienced how life got changed both positively and negatively.And if we consider it according to Shivaay that people romanticize about parenthood then those problems every couple imagined,won’t occur?To me it seemed that he wanted to say,if one makes babies without planning then all the problems will start.I want to ask,if it happens with proper planning won’t they face typical changes of parenthood?Looked like Shivaay wanted to explain if he would do it willingly with the consent of both the partners then there will be no issues and problems at all!But in reality,matter is two edged.If one make babies with or without planning still those problems,worries,conflicts regarding baby will not vanish.Problems will be there always and we can’t deny those.It’s just the mentality of would be parents that how they want to take the responsibility,with a lot happiness beside more or less problems or all the problems at the cost of little happiness.Finally,it’s about balance and patience to pass the phase of parenthood.Being parents is a beautiful experience and it should be felt like that.About all those problems,it can be taken care of if expecting parents are willing to do so.

  20. This episode really best.stole my heart hope annika will be pregnant.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Aishu,
      Yes,episode was so very beautiful.Stole my heart as well.And I don’t think test is going to be positive.Let’s see.Take care?

  21. Hello hello PKj family!!!! Finally I am back from my adventurous island trip. Hello my dear Luftha Arpu Banita beauty Sneha Tania kadhambari Ishita dear jeevi dear choti behan pushpa omaira and many more that I forgot the names and many new ones.

    Luftha I had a great time in the adventurous island. That reminded me of the Chawl where Anika used to live and very run down place. We did sprucing up and I donated some clothes and bags for them. Did it up the place for them. I went up on the fishing boat the first time in my life. Very scary to climb as it is very high. You have to traverse mountains and hills to get to that place. Saw dolphins as well.

    1. Hi sindhu di ,,how are you ,,
      Glad to know that you had a great time there ,,that’s really good ,we miss you ,,,
      And welc back ,,have a great weekend

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Welcome back with lots of love.I missed you soooo…much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Wow di,your experiences are awesome.Wish I could join you!Thank you sooooo….much sharing those valuable experiences with us.You must be tired out of long journey.Take ample rest.Love you di?

  22. Hi hi hi a Big hi to all the dears
    How are u all
    I missed u all ….I joined job as a internship in architecture design for holidays time
    So Iam busy with work….
    Wow today episode was so nice
    Annika and her feeling’s so emotional
    Every point of view is correct…parents hood is not that easy task …
    Last shivika scene are superb..waiting for Monday..
    Love you guys…happy weekend to all

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Chaithu,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love?
      Congratulations to you for your internship course.Episode was really very beautiful.Enjoyed a lot.Now waiting for Monday.Take care.Happy weekend to you too?

      1. Thank you dear Iam fine…
        Ya waiting for shivika conclusion on Monday…

  23. Now coming to the episode I watched all the episodes that I missed. I liked the part about how we should not neglect our elderly parents and also following blind faith of some Lady Siddhi. Good moral lessons. Now the pregnancy track but I have my confusion with this track. Though the FB was nice but I still am apprehensive on how the cvs are going to twist the pregnancy track. Shivay will still love his child. He won’t run away from responsibility. The only terrible thing that happened was that when a woman first reveals her pregnancy to her husband it is a joyful thing and only her Husband will know this first before her in laws or parents. Unfortunately before she could say anything our dear Shivay painted a bit of negativity on having children quoting society pressure. So anika is already affected and she is very sensitive. Pregnant woman usually can get sensitive over this especially when are just newly conceiving.

    Now I think the precap will not be good. I hope it will be good but I think cvs will drag. Probably Anika is pregnant but she will lie to shivaay that it is negative and then she will try to abort the child knowing shivaay is not ready and she is an understanding Wife when it comes to shivaay. I really hope it will not happen this way but let’s wait and see. Well family enjoy your weekend dear loved ones and see you monday

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Shivaay made it very clear to Anika that he would be there always whether test is negative or positive.And I don’t think Anika can do such thing.If she is pregnant then she is going to be happy more than anyone and Shivaay as well.Only Monday episode can answer all those questions.Let’s see.Take care di?

  24. This is going to be a long weekend so I am going to let my imagination go wild till Monday. Anika is going to say that she is not pregnant. They will have a tearful hug not knowing whether they are happy or sad. Shivaay will pick Anika up and carry her to the bed. Then with a naughty smile Shivaye will say: “Anika we will have to do something about that because you heard what Dadi said.”

    Well the rest is up to your imagination ? ! !

    Have a great ishqbaaaaaazie weekend everyone!

  25. This is going to be a long weekend so I am going to let my imagination go wild till Monday. Anika is going to say that she is not pregnant. They will have a tearful hug not knowing whether they are happy or sad. Shivaay will pick Anika up and carry her to the bed. Then with a naughty smile Shivaye will say: “Anika we will have to do something about that because you heard what Dadi said.”
    Well the rest is up to your imagination ? ! !
    Have a great ishqbaaaaaazie weekend everyone!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Susan,
      Hehehe…..Not bad yaar.Carry on.Well,I can’t imagine all those as I am observing fast.You go on dear??????????????

  26. Luthfa

    Hi Di,
    I can understand.First time is always special and that moment when you realised you have a little life inside you who is the symbol of your love,it really becomes so beautiful.That moment must be so precious when you disclosed it to your partner…..Episode was really good.Enjoyed a lot.Take care di.Happy weekend?

    1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

      ya…. agree with u…. the feel that you have when u realize there is a life within u…. slowly moving… growing… listening… hitting….. beautiful moments…….

  27. Hello hello I actually two sets of comments. One was the greeting and the other episode comment but one of the comments got cut off. If you receive double sorry about that.

    I watched the missed episodes. I liked the moral lessons especially on how we should not neglect elderly parents and not to follow blind faith like Lady Siddhi. A good lesson. Coming to today’s episode this pregnancy track is a little bit confused. I hope the cvs will not twist the plot too much or drag it.

    Shivay does not understand when a woman first learns of her pregnancy she is so elated that she will only tell her husband first then her in laws and Mother. Poor Anika could not share her joy with Shivaay. It is so awful. What Shivay and Gauri say are true. Yes both parents have to be prepared but sometimes pregnancy happens suddenly or it is an accident and how can one be prepared. When a woman is pregnant and they have not planned for it then preparation just comes along. This is the course of nature.

    How would have Anika felt when Shivaay said that he is not prepared to have children and at that point Anika would have been devastated. Remember what Shivaay said earlier episodes that Anika can never be the Mother of his children but of course that concept has changed now. But Anika would probably think about that and woman who are first going to conceive will feel insecure and sensitive so Shivaay should not have said this. But I know he is responsible.

    I don’t like the precap. Maybe Anika will say she is not pregnant but in actual fact she is pregnant and she may go for abortion knowing that shivaay is not ready for a child and for shivaay’s Happiness she may not abort the child. I don’t like that kind of twist. I hope it does not happen.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Exactly my thought.Anika must be felt so sad that Shivaay said all those things as to be parents.Situation became sensitive as Anika was thinking she might be expecting.So,Shivaay’s words hurt her sentiment that he didn’t want baby.But Shivaay made it clear to Anika that such things won’t happen.He will be always beside her,every time.And I hope what you mentioned in the last part is not going to take place.Let’s see what happens.Take care?

  28. What will happen ,if anika would really got pregnent ,,and the result comes positive ???????

    1. Luthfa

      Can’t tell anything.Let’s wait for Monday?

  29. Awesome i got emotion in the last part

    1. Luthfa

      Me too?

  30. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good… Both of shivaay and guari points are good…
    The struggle they show in the imagination is real life struggle for the newly parents…
    About the precap.. I think result will be negative…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Nikita dear,welcome to PKJ with lots of love.Hope you are doing great?
      They are right on their own point individually.Me too is thinking that Anika is not pregnant.Let’s see.Take care.Lots of love?

  31. Mimi ❤ Rikara baby Girl

    Wow .. they named the Girl Rikara how cute is this and as always Rikara were so ADORABLE holding their girl, and the fight scene I really liked it because it shows how Omkara still needs Gauri even after Rikara is born, When Omkara support Gauri is Choice ?? ((Rikara = LOVE)) that is why I cant get over Them ?,…Am not going to get excited to have more Rikara scene it seems as usually this track for one couple?‍♀️?, Thanks Gul mam and the wirters for bringing Rikara baby girl I still cant believe u named the girl Rikara SOooooo Cute ?❤❤

  32. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Hi guys….

    Loved today’s epi…. I don’t want to debate over anything or say anything as lot have been told in the episode as well by the members….

    But I support both Shivaay and Gauri….

    Child is indeed a blessing but at same time we need think whether we are really ready for it….

    And seriously LIKED Srd Di’s COMMENT….. Maybe I will understand this better after another 8 or 10 years later…… For now I want to be a kid for my parents so i m not going to debate about this….


    1. Which child looked cute in today’s episode?

    a. Rikara
    b. Ruvya
    c. Shivika

    2. Whose parenthood was beautiful in today’s episode? (Note: During Gauri’s Talk)

    a. Shivaay~Anika
    b. Omkara~Gauri
    c. Rudra~Bhavya

    3. Give two names for each couple’s baby name. One name of a Girl another of a Boy. (Note: No option for this)

    Not necessary for the girl name to be Rikara or Ruvya or Shivika. As you wish…. Hope you guys would reply…. Don’t give a bulb by not replying me….. Okay?

    By the way I wish pinku also comes back…. Want to see her parenthood…. it would be beautiful…. but I know CVS won’t do it…. its okay…. GOD has given us imagination skill for granted…. So let us use that and be happy for pinku also…..

  33. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai


    1. Which child looked cute in today’s episode?

    a. Rikara
    b. Ruvya
    c. Shivika

    2. Whose parenthood was beautiful in today’s episode? (Note: During Gauri’s Talk)

    a. Shivaay~Anika
    b. Omkara~Gauri
    c. Rudra~Bhavya

    3. Give two names for each couple’s baby name. One name of a Girl another of a Boy. (Note: No option for this)

    Not necessary for the girl name to be Rikara or Ruvya or Shivika. As you wish….

    Hope you guys would reply…. Don’t give a bulb by not replying me….. Okay?

    1. For me all baby were cute.. But shivika was so cutely listening to her father.. She was like princess in his dad’s arms..
      Shivika has a cute smile like her mom..
      According to Rikara Gauri was bonding well with the kid but not om..
      In Ruvya’s scenario they are not still fit to be in parenthood..Rudy instead of partying please go to office and please grow up..
      See while watching everything shivika parenthood with shivika is better.. When they fight they looked funny as well..

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        ya…. papa and mama fight…. i loved it too….

    2. Yes we cant say which baby is more cute ,,as baby means only cute ,,all the babies look cute with their parents ,,but the most touching is shivika ,,when the baby said papa 1st ,and then anika ka jealousy ,,wooww looks so nice ,,and at the time of fight ,,,,shivika very well listen to his father ‘s words ,that is really funny and cute ,,

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        ya shivika is daddy’s girl…. like my sis…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Krishnai,how are you?Welcome back dear?
      To be honest,I loved everything about baby Shivika,Rikara and Ruvya.But Shivika captured my attention distinctly.She went very well with her expression according to the situation.So,baby Shivika is my top most favourite.And dear,I can’t name three couples babies.Once I was asked to name one of my cousin sisters before naming ceremony and guess what,I took almost 4 months to decide what name would I keep!That happened because I am very particular about my choice not only name in fact for everything.You keep the name you like on my behalf.Take care.See you soon?

      1. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

        Luthfa i m gud…. hw about u? okay fine… name can be anything…. but i actually Ruvya more….. she was the cutest of all i felt….. and parenthood i liked Gauri as well as Shivika….

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