Ishqbaaz 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Varun arrives home

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Ishqbaaz 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The guy tries to get Mannat’s bag. Nani calls out Mannat. The guy hides. Nani comes and asks Mannat to get gifts from storeroom. Mannat takes her bag and goes. Mannat takes the gifts. She sees the money lying on the bed. She takes some money and goes. Shivani compliments Radhika. Shivaansh says my Radhika always looks good. He stops her from taking glasses. Radhika says but my eyes…. He says you have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Shivani says yes, Varun is madly in love with you, don’t wear glasses. She jokes. He says it was really a bad joke, but its true, everyone should know my Radhika isn’t incomplete. Radhika hugs him. She looks at herself in the mirror. He says wow, my beautiful Radhika. He hugs his sisters and cries.

Mannat gets leaving. Shivaansh stops her. Mannat turns to him and gets smiling. Balloons fall down in background. He asks what’s your name. She says Mannat. He gets surprised and asks where are you going. Music plays…. balloons burst…. Her imagination ends. She says I m going out for some work. He asks are you running away with 20 lakhs. She asks what. He asks am I right? Everyone comes. Nani asks the matter. He says Mannat is running away with money, I had kept the money and fixed camera to record everything. He shows the video to everyone. He says I caught her red-handed. Nani says I m sorry Mannat on his behalf. She says Mannat isn’t a thief, she got the money and gave it to me. FB shows Mannat giving the money to Nani and asking her to keep it safely. Nani says she is sincere girl. Mannat says sorry, I can’t work here now. Nani says its not Shivaansh’s mistake, some incidents happened that he is doubting you, don’t go, sorry.

Mannat says you are elder, you have to order me and scold me. Nani says fine then, go and manage your work, Varun is going to come. Mannat agrees. She says like every rich man isn’t true, every poor man isn’t a fraud, money is your strength, sincerity is my strength, I m not ashamed, I m proud that I didn’t do any fraud till date. She goes. Nani says Shivaansh, how can you do this to frame her, why aren’t you agreeing that Mannat is a nice and sincere girl. He says don’t know, I feel something is wrong. Nani says I don’t have a solution for this, you will understand when time comes. She goes. The guy thinks this girl knows well how to win hearts and trust, I have to find that chip first. Radhika waits for Varun. Shivaansh asks Khanna to check things. He sees Mannat and goes. Mannat instructs servant. The guy looks on. Mannat washes her face. The guy tries to get her bag. She takes her bag to get a kerchief. The guy hides. Everyone waits for Varun. Shivaansh says flight landed three hours ago. Shivani asks why didn’t Varun reach then. Mannat leaves from the washroom. She locks the door and goes. The guy tries to get out. He removes the mask and says foolish girl, she locked the door, I have to leave from here some how, else my truth will be out, what shall I do. He sees something. Nani says I m worried, Varun maybe in some problem.

Shivaansh asks them not to worry, this happens in business, I will find out. Varun comes. Radhika smiles and runs to hug him. Everyone smiles. Varun is the same guy, who dresses up as the masked bride. He recalls killing Honey and doing other crimes. Shivaansh says everyone was worried for you. Varun jokes. Radhika asks how did you get so late. Varun recalls leaving out from the bathroom window. He says flight had some technical issues, I had to take a connecting flight, I m fine, relax. He says I had blessings of you all. He greets Nani. She does his aarti. Shivaansh says Radhika, don’t cry. Varun hugs Radhika. He says I had to come in Shivani’s marriage. Shivaansh asks did you see my film in Australia. Varun says you are famous everywhere, what’s this mark. Shivaansh asks what. Mannat comes and says food is ready.

Shivaansh gets shouting on Mannat when noodles fall on his head. Mannat says sorry, you don’t eat spices and extra spicy noodles fell over you, really sorry. Everyone laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In ipkknd also male lead’s brother in law was the in dib also.i felt bad for radhika.. She loves her husband alot..when she knows the will she react..she should show gauri’s courage.. She is more beauiful without specs. Shivani doesnt have shivika’s any of characteristics. Just like her bua priyanka..they are very lucky..they have a brother like shivaansh..thats why ISHQBAAZ a unique serial..siblings bonding and unity is its highlight..long live DIB

  2. We dont know manjiri left or not.. No news regarding it

  3. Guys weekends are boring without ishqbaaz.. They could have shown DIB in saturdays.. Monday more fun..comefast..

  4. Abithk cute happy moments kam the ib me.. Bahot kuch hogaya..painful storylines..ab mein khush hu kyu ki fun moments hota hai.. I love happiness..and positiveness..think positive and be positive..”yeh kisne kaha?”.”MEINE”…HA.,HA..HA…good nite khidkitod

  5. Good nite dhinchak ishqies

  6. My prayer is to start their tashan.. Mannat has to show real tadi. Otherwise she can’t manage tadibaaz bagad billa mr.noodles singh oberoi..gud nite

  7. Good morning and have a lovely sunday

  8. So mannat is gonna confess that she has hit sso with stone

  9. Then god help her.

  10. Sry but ishqbaaz is still struggling to enter trp cjart as ot is missing from top 20 list also. It got just 1.4 rating.

  11. Sry but ishqbaaz is still struggling to enter trp chart as it is missing from top 20 list. It just got 1.4 ratings.

  12. I feel bad for her..

  13. Rv..trp is gonna increase i am sure

  14. Whoever watch it now. try to watch it on tv

  15. Hey dibians, I am going through a hectic work the next one week… I’ll be having lot of preparatories to be written and annual lab practicals. So cannot comment for nearly a week. I’ll try my best to be commenting here but I don’t think I’ll get time for it… Please send me ur good wishes bcse it always helps
    So hoping to meet u all after a week. Sorry guys… But don’t forget me?? OK guys bye
    Hoping for very good results next week

  16. Rv..after redux, IB rarely entered in trp..after leap once it climbed in 20…then week we can know if Niti’s magic worked out or not..they are showing many twists..but everything is predictable.. As gul has a habbit of repeat the story.. trying to enjoy the show..

  17. Mansi dear.. All the very best for ur lab practicals and written exam..sure u will do khidkitod.. Come back fast..we will miss u

  18. All the best mansi..lots of love

  19. All the best mansi.Monday mannat will accidently put noodles on jsso. That picture gets leake in sm and viral.jsso angry and scolds mannat.a nervous mannat unknowingly will confess it.probably this is going to happen. I really wish she defend her and give takkar..or its bore

  20. Guys they should really bring Manjiri back! This Niti is still looking like Nakuul’s sister. I was hoping that the makers show Aditi’s past and about her dad’s disappearance which is on the same day as Shivaansh’s parents death. I thought there would be some connection and they could explore that. Also, it would have been nice if they had showed Aditi helping SSO get rid of his fear of guns and then they could have shown his bonding with Aditi’s sister too. This Niti’s storyline is so boring and so fictional! Shiditi’s storyline has much more to explore!

    1. So true, wrote that only. News was that only that acp will help sso overcome his fear of guns and they will develop a strong bond. Also the new year party scene when Shiditi held each other hand at the stroke of 12 with pn saying to pd that acp is tedi jjst like annika when sso and aditi were shown on tv at a press conference with senior inspector nandini’s intro

  21. Gm ishqieeees, it seems they ended that storylines abruptly..

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