Ishqbaaz 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye rescues Anika

Ishqbaaz 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I know I had ordered them, but all the lilies should be removed from Oberoi mansion, that’s my problem, you will get the full payment, do as I say. He asks Khanna to just do this. Khanna says they are worth 25 lakhs. Shivaye says the thing that bothers Anika shouldn’t here, throw the flowers away. Khanna goes. Anika comes and says you care for me so much, just because I sneezed, you have got the flowers worth 25 lakhs thrown away, and then you say you don’t care for me. Shivaye says I would have done the same for Khanna, I don’t care. He goes. She smiles and says you do care, you are stubborn, its fine, if you are Tadibaaz, then I m khidkitok, I will make you admit that you care. Om says just show me once. Gauri says how many times will you see. He says I have to click a pic. She says no, Chutku will have problem with flash, Anika and I named him. Om says I will off the flash, just one pic. She opens the box.

He smiles and clicks a pic. He says if I were an artist, I would have made its painting. She says yes, now just have the photo. He sees Shivaye coming. She sees Anika coming. They throw the cockroach at Anika. Anika shouts Shivaye…. Om and Gauri go. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika shows the cockroach. Shivaye shouts cockroach. She steps on the dining table. He shouts Khanna, security, get the help, I m calling pest control. She says do something. He says I can’t help, I m scared of cockroach and all animals. Om and Gauri come and ask where is the cockroach. Om asks shall I do something. Gauri says no, Jiju will do. Anika says I m fainting. Shivaye steps on the table and says I have caught the cockroach. He faints. They get shocked.

Gauri says he fainted. Anika says open your eyes, sorry, I thought if you save me, it will be proved that you care for me, but it went wrong. She sprinkles water. Shivaye holds her hand and opens eyes. She asks are you fine. He asks did you think I will agree by this stupid drama, you guys planned this stunt, I m not blind, I have saw Om and Gauri talking about Chutku, I can’t believe it, you have stooped to this level. Anika says I proved it, you took cockroach in your hand, it means you care for me. He says I would have done this for anyone. He goes. Gauri says he is james bond. Om says its not easy to fool him. Anika says we don’t have to fool him and just make him confess his feelings. Om asks how. She says I will plan something good. Priyanka comes to Jhanvi and asks how do you identify me all the time, did you miss me. Jhanvi says yes, I got this jewellery for Anika, put this in safe, I will give this to her during haldi. Priyanka talks to Rudra on call and asks Anika to keep the jewellery boxes in the safe. Anika says sure. Priyanka tells the safe password. She says the room gets locked automatically, put down the stopper, you will fall in problem if you get locked. Anika goes to the room and enters the lockers room. She puts on the door stopper. She keeps the jewellery boxes. Some books fall and stopper gets lifted. The door gets locked. Anika shouts Shivaye…..

Shivaye says this is the Australian deal file which you wanted to see, you guys stay here, the house seems incomplete without you and Jhanvi, we all need you. Tej says do you think its easy for me to stay away from my family, I had made this empire, but I had to leave this and go away, because of your dad, Shakti brought shame to this family, I was unable to answer people’s questions, I was forced to leave from here, I just hope you don’t turn our to be like your dad. Shivaye says I m not like him, I m like you. Tej says I seriously hope so, blood shows its color some time. Shivaye looks on and gets tearful eyes. Tej says its perfect, good. Shivaye leaves. Anika shouts to Shivaye, Gauri….Shivaye recalls Shakti and Pinky’s words. Anika shouts again. Gauri comes to Om. They ask each other not to be formal. She asks where is Anika, did you see her. He says I haven’t see her since long time. Jhanvi asks where are Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye comes. Jhanvi asks where is Anika. Shivaye asks did you say something. Jhanvi says we are asking where is Anika. Anika faints. Shivaye says she isn’t answering. Gauri says she isn’t in her room, her phone is there, she is at home. Khanna says no one saw Anika going out. Om says she is not at the poolside. Shivaye asks servant about her. Servant says I saw her going to room near the temple. Shivaye rushes to check the room. He opens the locker room and sees Anika.

Anika gets up. Jhanvi says thank God, we were so scared. Gauri says don’t know what would have happened if Shivaye didn’t reach on time. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to take care of her. They go. Shivaye sees Anika. She says I didn’t know that… He says enough, cockroach stunt was okay, hiding in the safe is ridiculous, you could have lost life, stop wasting time, genuinely, I don’t care. He asks where are you going. She asks why do you ask, you don’t care. She goes. Priyanka looks on. She says Anika didn’t do anything intentionally, I was talking to Rudra and gave jewellery boxes to Anika to keep in the safe, I gave her password and explained her about automatic locking system, maybe she didn’t understand and got locked. He says I told her so much, what shall I do now. She says go and convince her.

Tia gets angry and throws things. Daksh stops her and asks did you go mad. She slaps him. She says this is what you deserved, you ruined my plans, Priyanka and you were going to get married, Shivaye and I were going to get married, our financial problem was getting solved, you ruined everything. He says I know, but I promise I will fix everything. I will throw Anika out of Shivaye’s life, and then Shivaye will be yours, this time, I shall make it happen, you just watch the drama. She says we will see and goes.

Anika sits at pool side. Shivaye comes nand says I m… She says there is no need to apologize. He says I really thought that you intentionally…. She says we have been misunderstanding each other since the day we met. He says I have misunderstood you, I m sorry, don’t be angry on me, you can punish me as you want. She asks sure, I mean, will you do whatever I say. He says yes, you are my friend, tell me what can I do. She says fine, its simple, you have to apply haldi to me and say that you care for me, what happened, didn’t you understand. He says I understood, but this can’t happen. She asks why, its not rocket science. He says if its so easy, why don’t you apply it yourself, Lord gave you two hands, you should put them to use. He goes. She says I have two hands…..


Gauri asks how did your hands burn. Anika says I didn’t know the tava is hot. Shivaye asks why did you pick the tava by hands. Anika says I wanted to have haldi. Om and Jhanvi ask Shivaye to apply haldi to Anika’s wounds.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Agga4102

    Shivaay’s reaction was awesome in the cockroach epi!

    1. Go Agga 4102 Go
      congo on being first .
      ya…….that part was really very funny.

    2. Agga4102

      Ahem Ahem!!!?

    3. Congratulations for being the first one dear. ?

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi Agga 4102,
      Hru. Congrats for being 1st. He it too funny. Tc

    5. Agga4102

      Thank u…thank u!!!???

    6. Luthfa

      Go Agga Go.Congratulations on being first…?

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Hru all. Hope all r good.
    Congrats to all the pagals for the Trp. I goes on increasing ???.
    Yesterday episode was ???? the way anika went nd said nikil tht she don’t like to marry him. Nikil dream of earning money by anika plan ti ti piss hogaya.
    Again farak parta Ya nahi started.
    Nd one of my favourite tashan of shivka tht is panika… I think it’s 2nd panika moment. Gouri calling shivay jija ji was cute love tht part.
    O tej nd janvi r back.
    The scene which v was imagining r reading in FF now v r witnessing om nd tej relationship as normal dad nd son.
    I was thinking Atleast in this tej will b good bt as normal he never change. They say tht dog’s tail can never be straight. He never change being jealous of shivay…
    I better worn janvi tht if is also like tej better stay away.

    1. Hiii dear Jeevi
      congrats to u too for increasing trp.
      and u r absolutely right Tej is just like dog’s tail.
      perfect line for him.

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear.
      Ya dear. I think tht tej never change. ??.lots of love. Tc

    3. Agga4102

      True!!! I hate Tej!

    4. JeevithaTK

      Me too hate him.

    5. Agreed?

    6. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Congratulations to you too dear?
      Nikhil is a gone case now.His dream will always be a dream.The patent game of Shivika is back.And what to say about Tej.He is not going to change in any janam.Take care?

  3. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love Vs Destiny
    Guys I totally messed up..I added 5+ more…actually it is 50 eposode.
    So next week will have no chapter
    After next week it will continue as chapter 56…
    Ok ..
    Let’s start
    ??????????????Sso no need to say anything.
    We all know Khanuji is your pehela nothing new.
    But 25lakhs ke flowers…kaashhh mere ghar bhej dete

    Rikara were so cute today…..
    I loved them..really om you want to paint a cockroach ??

    Pinch me.Did just Annika said TADI……wow
    .my Annika is mere redux think he.i will watch it with much more excitement..?????

    Cockroach ????????????????????????that scene was damn funny..
    Ha ha ha .can’t stop laughing…..Sso you are such a nautanki..
    And Annika you are double..

    Sso dekha apki itni si daat pe mere didi ne muh fulali.
    Ab kuch mat bolna..woh ro degi.

    Tejjjjjjjjjjjjjjj you moron idiot first check your blood nonsense..????????????????how dare you to say Shivaay like you even realise through what condition he is facing childhood
    All he wants your fatherly love.but you just hurting his hidden pain…I cried yarr THIS IS WHY I HATE TEJ………..

    Annika my guffy cuty????????????
    Hi hi hi Bilu ki band bajane pe lagi he.
    .waise Sso if you will admit that it affected you then pahad nahi tootega.TRUST ME?????..

    Precap ?????Argghhh this weekend..upar se pressure of study and no ishqbaaz.i am.statted to hating my weekend..

    YEHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am soooooooooooo happy
    Ok before anyone think I am mad( ok I am mad)
    THAT I love Annika and how I am getting happy listening such news
    Yes I love Annika….but Her NDE is something treat to watch
    So next week is going to be hell intresting.

    1. Hi Arpu
      first of all please tell ne what is NDE?
      and secondly me too missed u a lot.
      yes how can we forget Shivay’s firstly love is khanna
      haa yaar Annika ka muh to phula tha but don’t worry Shivaye ko apni biwi ko kaafi acche se manana aata hai.


    3. Aap mad ho aur jese bhi ho,bohut acche ho.?

    4. HI HI hi Thank you NSK dear
      You are too cute

    5. Luthfa

      Hehehe….25 lakhs ki flowers dekhne ko bhi nahi mila usshe pehle hi,gayab ho gaya!Yeah yeah,we all know that.Khanna is the official first love of Shivaay.Very nice analysis back to back.Enjoyed reading.Take care?

    6. BAS aisi hi enjoy karte raho..

    7. @arpu di,sorry for scattered comment.
      But reply is :
      “Same to you,back to you, no returns.”( in annika didi language that ur too cute)

  4. Again what an episode .
    Great !
    Weise mujhe laga hi tha ki Shivaye behosh hone ka natak kr raha hai and wahi hua
    And mujhe laga hi tha ki kuch bada kaand hone wala hai is Farak Padta hai game mei just like last time I mean in real universe.
    But I liked that coackroach wala tamasha .

    And why are u not agreeing Shivaye ki tumhe Farak padta hai ………..kuch zyada hi farak padta hai ………
    Tabhi to sare k sare lilies remove kr diye……..

    And look who was giving lecture about image and reputation Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi who didn’t care about her wife and children and was always busy with his mistress Swetlana ……

    And I felt very bad for Shivaye when Tej said “khoon apna rang dikha hi deta hai”

    He was devastated at that moment.

    Again Shivaye misunderstood Annika that she intentionally locked herself in safe.
    Buddhu Singh Oberoi Annika ko galat samjhna is one of yr bad habits.

    And I don’t want to say anything about cheapdi Tia and her Cheapda brother Daksh .

    And Omkara ji
    And Gauri ji
    Now a days ‘ji ‘is playing an interesting game in their lives.
    But they were looking too cute together.

    Chutku …… you.

    Precap – wow Annika u have burnt ur hand .
    Man gaye Annika
    Ye to hona hi tha
    Boz this challenge is not between the two ordinary people but
    Between our Tadibaaz bagadbilla Shivaye and khidkitod Annika.

    Ok bye ……bye……all goodnight
    Take care
    love u all.

    1. Aap toh bohut accha assume kariho di.acche acche cheze assume karti raho,shayaad wo bhi sach ho jaye.?

    2. Karti*

    3. Luthfa

      Yeh farak ka game bari dangerous vibes de rahi hain.I don’t know what will be the end of this.Hope nothing big.And TSO was that in RU.In AU he just got entered.Still those words hurt Shivaay very deeply.Let’s see what happens next.Very nice analysis dear?

    4. Luthfa

      P.S.Thank you soooooo…very much for the appreciation of yours on my comment in the previous page.Sorry I couldn’t reply in time.Lots of love?

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi Ishita dear.
      Hru. Welcome back with lots of love and hugs. Sry late welcome. Wt to do dear Shivay’s tadi is stopping home. I wish soon he release his love. ? tht tej. Rikara r ??. Lots of love. Tc

  5. ???????????Daksh is slapman god kitni
    Thappad kha chuka he..
    Waise jab sab gussa hote he toh vase kyun todte he..
    . have prblm with emojis.
    MAIN toh???????????ye use karti hun.
    You feel uncomfortable???

    Are fir bhi shivika forced you to write comments na???

    @Ishuuuuu..finally.welcome back me too mixed you soon much
    @NSK dear aww tum aise hi cute raho and keep loving Sso….
    @Sindhu di yeh right..

    1. Tysm di.i love whole IB team.yeah SSO is most fav.
      Aur me daksh wala part likhna bhul gayi.?usko jaab thappad para mene toh khushi ke maare jump kardiya.?

    2. Luthfa

      Yeh to Shivika hain darling.Kuch bhi karwa sakte hain.Be it andhi,toofan or headache.Wo to likhna hi ta.And you continue using those emojis.Agar mujhe “Fharak” parega to I will let you know☺☺☺☺?????

  6. Stargazer

    farak padta h game started… only this time the roles r reversed…

    1. Exactly….. stargazer
      faral padta hai game has started with roke reversal.

    2. Yaay

  7. JeevithaTK

    Coming to today’s episode.
    Plz shivay agree tht it’s effecting you. Loving anika’s biwi no. 1 avatar. Rikara were so cute on taking snap of Chutku again name stated with “CH” I think I never changes. And shivay u were do funny saying tht r afraid of all the animals. Nd super acting ha. U heard Rikara conversation nt good.
    ????????????? MR. TSO how dare u to heart shivay I want shot u, kill u nd ? u mu tordugi batter b carefull before saying bt shivay????????
    Waaa my mobile screen lock nd om safety password r same.
    So last time in fridge now locked in safe. Thank god asusal shivay saved her.
    Once again miss understood her.
    By the way the background music biwi no 1 good. Rudy come back soon.
    GN guys.
    Happy weekend.

    1. oh……good ur mobile password and oberoi mansion safe paasword are same .
      really good
      me too is missing Rudy

    2. Yeeeeaaahhh ?

    3. Luthfa

      That’s great dear.Password got matched?
      And I agree with you.Rikara moment was really very cute and sweet.Waiting for Monday now?

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear. Let’s wait and watch dear wt going to happen. Love

  8. Hello everyone?
    Coming to episode-
    SSO toh bohut baade chantomayi nikle.par koi nahi,Annika didi bhi bohut chat hain aur unko pass ek army bhi hain.?
    Sso ne Annika di ke liye fool phekwa diya.Aww billuji,ur so cute.Annika didi SSO ko “billuji” hi bulati raho plz.aap bohut cute lagte ho jab aap unhe iss nam se pukaar ti ho.?
    In RU sso n annika both took bullets for each other.SSO ne didi ki liye goli khali to SSO ne annika ko nakli cockroach se bachaya.Wah wah!kya progression hain.?
    Tej uncle zaara sambhal ke baate kijiye.Billuji ko jo baat hamesha khatakti hain,use wo barbar yaad maat dilwaiye.aur aapne bete se pyar karna he toh jee bhar ke karo.humare Shivika specially Shivaay ko hurt maat karo.agar app negative ho,toh unse door hi raho.
    Annika didi aapna thoda aur kheyal rakha karo plz.?
    Sso aap Annika didi ko pyaar se daat te ho usme aapka pyaar nazar aata hain.apko zarur bohut “farak” padhta hein.sirf aapko ye baat accept nahi karni hoti.baaki puri kaynaat ko ye baat acche tareh kese paata hain.?
    Oy Daksh zyda maat bolo aap.aapko nahi pata Khidkitod annika wapas aa gayi aur abb Shivaay bhi unki side lete hain.aapki tie tie phis ho jayegi agar hamare Shivika apne pe uthar aay.better watch out.?
    Lo ji sso ne kya bola aur Annika didi ne unki advice ko kese liya.Apna haat kya jalaya di.☻recover soon.aur Billuji “aap ab toh haldi laga hi dena”.plz.?
    Wese segment me mene dekha Annika di ke gaal me haldi hain.wo kyse laaga?? excited.
    Sso ke life me nayi ladki.?? phitte mu.
    Daksh ne Annika di ko kidnap kya.SSO cried for his love and accepted farak padhta hain.☻eagerly waiting.parrr “farak game” jaldi khatam maat hoo.mera favourite part hain ye.☻(got from Twitter)
    Spoilers chodo.Actors ko appreciate karti hu thoda sa.
    IB dekhne baad mujhe aur kisi ki acting pasand hi nahi aati.sab unreal lagta hain.IB has casted such great actors that they can make me feel every emotion/act real.thanks and hats off to all the actors for ur u loaaddss.?
    Issiliye IB ke liye dumdabake vote kartehe chalo.☺
    Sorry for the typos,spelling,language.
    GoodNight all.?

    1. hello NSK
      belive me no one can say that u r not from India and ur Hindi is not soo good.
      u have written ur full comment in hindi and used words like Quayanaat
      awesome NSK
      and yes u r right billuji ko farak padta hai.
      Weise tum kha se ho ?
      from which country?

    2. Me bohut acchi hu.eid ka jashn abb bhi chal raha Bangladesh se hu.India helped our country in the liberation war of ours which was held in the country’s are neighbours!?
      Aww,tysm.mujhe bachpan se Doreamon dekhte dekhte Hindi thodi si bolna Sikh gayi.?

    3. Aur kuch baate Jo likhna bhul gayi thi.?
      Rikara’s chutku scene.??????????????n of course redux wala SSO ko sab sunai deta hain.?
      sso ka “shhh…cockroach sunn lega”
      “Khana,Security, press…maadat karo”
      N unho ne phone bhi phek diya.
      “Oberoi mAnsion me cockroach tabhi aa sakta he jab use permission milega.”
      Ye wale dialogues and expressions were damn funny.??????????????????????????????????????????
      Daksh ko phirse thapad padha?????padha?????
      Ok these were the funny caps for me.?

    4. Luthfa

      Everything is on point.Very beautifully written.Enjoyed reading dear.Keep it up?

    5. Tysm Apu.?
      But seriously getting compliment from u is actually a huge task (not over saying it) because u write fantastically well. Hope u too continue commenting like the way u do n surprise me by choosing words which go perfectly with the emotions stated.?

  9. Luthfa

    Sometimes I wonder,what is your real self Shivaay Singh Oberoi?How many layers do you have just in one entity?Are you the same person who does countless mistakes,stays indifferent to the emotions of other,stone-cold,hard to get hold or you are that person who after committing mistakes tries heart and soul to rectify it,who melts instantly seeing his loved ones in pain,full of emotions who loves so deeply and dearly that no one can fathom-who are you and what is your true identity?Do you yourself know what is your true self?You know what,people get confused watching your bipolar side of personality.You have made yourself the antagonist of your own life,deliberately and this is your main problem.Those blue eyes always reflect some subtle pain of your heart that you can’t vocalize no matter what.You always crave for love but when it comes to bless you,it only gets strong refusal.You are simply scared of happiness,love believing that you can never be happy nor you can love anyone.But the truth is this is only your illusion.Just try once to allow people to enter your life with their love for you and everything they will offer and see the magic to happen.You do deserve every bit of happiness of this world and there is no doubt in it.If there is any doubt then it’s in your heart and mind.For how long you will deny yourself?There has to be some limit.Don’t you think you always go harsh and punish yourself with self-torture?Life is very beautiful so is yours and you just need to trust in it.All of your pain,sorrow,suffering till today would be replaced with love,care,affection and so much.Don’t miss those lovely gift of life just because it was unjust to you,once upon a time.Not everyone is fortunate enough to have those.You just have to take that blindfold of illusion off your eyes and see-A new life is awaiting you.Go for it and give it a chance.

    1. Luthfa di I think Shivaye himself don’t know what is his true self.
      on one side he is saying that he want Annika’s happiness and on the other side he don’t want to do what Annika is saying .
      He is really confused and making us confuse.
      Ab kya kare Shivaye hai hi satrangi bagadbilla.

      Nice Analysis di.

    2. Luthfa

      I think because of his dark past,he fears to have happiness and love for himself believing that those will only cause pain to him by leaving him at any moment,from his life.This is more or less his experiences of his life so far.Hope that he will understand soon that he too is capable of receiving love,care and affection.Thank you sooooo…very much for your love dear.Love you?

    3. Wonderfully written?

    4. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooo…very much for your love dear.Lots of love?

  10. JeevithaTK

    Guys anyone say shivay is doing like this I mean he want anika to b happy then if anika herself is confessing tht she accepted as her husband him and her happiness is with him. Plz shivay come out of ur guilt and stop assuming tht ur nt good for her.
    Aayush Anna congrats for being 1st on wens.
    Arpi dear : congrats for being 1st yesterday dear. Nd Tq soo much for saying abt 16-17 episodes. It was soo good. Otherwise I would have missed such funny episode nd 1st panika scene. Becoz of continuous watching of those episodes for the 1st time my daily data got finished nd tht’s the reason I couldn’t come here yesterday. Once Tq dear. Love you. TC.
    Sindhu akka : same to pinch akka. Really tht user ID is toooo irritating even me faced same trouble for 1month finally created new ID for the sake of tu. Don’t worry akka u change v will get to know u. By plz get registered. Love you akka. TC.
    Luthfa dear : Hru. Hope ur headache is fine now. Hope you are good now. By the way ur analysis was asusal good. Hope soon tht all the women take their own decision of their own without any one force. Love you. TC.
    NSK DEAR: the reason is I’m bit busy now becoz this my initial days this academic year in bit busy in applying for my bus pass, library card soo on.nd my break hours r over. More over I get time only in night times so I do comment at night and reply only in night hours. In the morning time I’m bit kumbakarna and these many years my sisters used do all house works me nothing but now they r nt there. I must do house works nt go to clg. Nd I get time bus itself to read the comments r come here so I read only comments and reply in tu. By I will try to comment here more dear. TC.

    1. OK ok i understand. Ur quite a busy person n i loved ur English di.?

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi NSK DEAR.
      haha u teasing me ???. I’m nt busy person bt lazy. I said na all the work in home was done by sisters. Now suddenly to do for me feeling difficult….
      I have already said many times tht my writing nd commenting skill is nt good like u all.I know tht there will b many grammatical mistakes nd lots of spelling mistakes. Wt to do due to automatic correction. I never read before posting it. Plz bare my English ha??

    3. Luthfa

      Hope so dear that Shivaay realizes and confesses his real feelings soon,for Anika.And I am fine dear.Thanks for your concern and thank you sooooooo….very much for your appreciation for my writing.That day will come for sure when girls would start taking decision for herself.Let’s start with you and me and all of us,here in PKJ.Love you??

    4. No dear im not teasing u honestly. I really liked ur English.? n i said ur a busy person because u seem to have very less time for resting.?
      Good night.?

  11. Luthfa

    [email protected] dearest:
    Thank you soooooo….very much for considering my plea and working on it.Trust me dear,I have no hard feelings against those emojis but I can’t go well with the visual those create.And you are really very sweet in fulfilling my wish just asking once.God bless you dear.Hope you have not taken my words otherwise.And I am really,truly very sorry if I have hurt you,by any means.Thank you once again.Lots of love????????

    1. No di.don’t be sorry. If u have any problem because of me then u should let me know about it.and yeah about the eomjis,its not a big fact.i too feel irritated/uncomfortable for some emojis and i request others not to send me those me,im not hurt or sad because of u at back.?

    2. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooo….very much for understanding me.Lots of love?

    3. Haha.welcome but when fault is mine,u don’t need to thank Apu.?

  12. Hello everyone, looks like Tej is the villain again. Oh man….. this is what I hated the most. Anyway there must be at least now a male villain. The story was going on fine until they showed daksh and Tia. Then the episode got spoilt when I saw both of them on the next frame. The cockroach scene was so funny. Yes Shivaay you don’t care but you do care. I just loved Rikara oh my goodness they were so cute as a couple. The closeness they have that was so lovely to see.

    Poor Anika all her plans are getting failed. I don’t care but throw the Lillies away. Even if Khanna has allergy I will do it. Oh wow…. Shivaay 25 Lakhs is nothing to you I see. Amazing!!!! You do care Shivaay but your ego is not accepting it because anika challenged you. So you are restraining. You will succumb to anika soon I am sure. That is for real. At the poolside Shivaay apologised to anika and she took advantage of it. So now Shivaay will put the haldi on her. Anika has to bring shivaay’s love emotions out from his heart because of what happened to him during childhood. He lost al faith and stupid Tej keep reminding him about what his Father has done. It only hurts poor Shivaay. I thought Tej would be like his Father but no he has disparity.

    Hello Arpu Luthfa banita kadhambari pushpa aayush Ishita Sneha Tania shivya NSK and many many more.

    1. Hello Sindhu di
      how are u ?
      me too missed u so much di .

      ya…..di me tooo think tej is villan .
      and Gauri and Omkara was really looking good together.
      when Shivaye said I heard about it when Om snd Gauri were talking then Gauti said “aur kheeclo photo”I liked their little nok jhok .

      take care di .

    2. Hi di.?
      SSO so farak nahi padhta,par jab annika ko allergy hoti hain wo phool phek dete hain;jab wo nahi milti hain wo sabse phele bhagte hain;annika ka thoda sa mu utar ta hain toh wo sorry + kuch bhi karne ke liye ready ho jate hain.? nahi,sso ko Itna sa bhi nahi farak padhta hain.?

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivaay will open up his heart to Anika real soon.He can’t stay indifferent for long and he has to.Daksh is going to do something very big with the help of his gang.And Tej won’t change no matter what.Forget him di and let’s focus on upcoming which will be very interesting.Waiting for Monday.Take care di.Lots of love?

  13. “oberoi mansion me cockroach tabhi aayega
    jb use permission milegi ??????????????????????????????? ishqbaaz is full of comedy.

    1. ??? true

    2. Luthfa

      Dialogue of the week????????

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Well this week all episodes are awesome… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Yes,during weekends IB is missed tremendously. Have a nice day.?

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Nikita dear,how are you?
      You are right.Hope this continues for some time.Waiting for Monday.Take care?

  15. Sahina

    Guys where is Rudra?

    1. Lee is on vacation
      And in show he is in parris for his work

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sahina,
      Rudra/LM is off to vacation but he will be joining soon?

    3. Rudy is on vacation. But soon we’ll witness him onscreen.?

  16. Shekhar

    She is mirror image of mother!
    She has amazing ability to rule over his brother!
    When she want something,
    she does require a single moment to be YOUNGER!
    and does not allow her BROTHER to be elder ever!
    If she want to rule over,
    she becomes ELDER in a flash!
    If she determined,
    she will not allow any one to rule over you,
    including wife!
    She becomes fearless tigress,
    as she sees you as the most strong person!
    When question arise,
    who has the most RIGHT over you,
    no one can beat her!
    When she comes to snatch,
    she behave mercilessly with you!,
    simultaneously, when you need LOVE,
    you will not miss your MOTHER EVEN!
    She always like to be on GAIN side of a relation called,
    But will not allow you to miss you ever
    the MOTHERLY LOVE, when you need!

    So it is only a relation in which,

    whether she is elder or younger,

    it does not keep any matter!

    of course,
    no matter,

    1. Happy Raksha bandhan bhaiya to u
      and to Aayush bhaiya.

    2. Hello!
      Happy raksha Bandhan☺
      Amazingly written?

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