Ishqbaaz 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika gets trapped

Ishqbaaz 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika throws water on Shivaye’s face. Shivaye asks her to marry Vikram, he can’t bear this madness anymore. Anika says you always wanted this, it will happen, come Vikram, there shouldn’t be delay in marriage. Vikram shows the mandap to Anika. She gets shocked. Some time before, Maid asks Anika to change clothes, its Pinky’s instructions. Gauri comes and asks maid to go, she will make Anika ready. Gauri calls out Anika. Anika says I have lost, my love and trust, everything failed, Shivaye will not stop me now.

Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words and sees the ring. He thinks you have won, I can’t fight with you anymore, finally I m backing out as I can’t let you go. He keeps the ring on the table. Gauri says its not easy for him as well. Anika says its easy for him to let me go, he can see me marrying someone else. Shivaye switches on the lights and looks on. Anika says what shall I do, I don’t understand. She sees the lights on and runs to the window. Shivaye goes. Anika says these lights…. it wasn’t on, Shivaye….. She smiles and runs to check the ring. She looks for the ring and doesn’t get it. She sits sad and cries. She says it means Shivaye didn’t leave his adamancy. Vikram looks on and holds the ring. He smiles and says sorry Anika, really sad, Anika you will just marry me. He doesn’t throw the ring and goes. Shivaye comes back and says ring is not here, it means… Anika got it, where is she, she should have come and met me, I will go and meet her.

Anika dressed in her bridal wear, walks downstairs. Neeta Lulla comes and hugs her. She compliments Anika and says Shivaye chose the best outfit for you, I wish you all the best for your new start. Anika thanks her. Neeta goes. Anika says don’t know about new start, but its time to close old chapter. Shivaye comes there. Anika calls him out and throws water on his face. She walks to him. He asks what’s this madness. She says I was mad to think you can see something in front of your Tadi, but you will be Bagad Billa always. He says wait a sec, why did you wear bridal dress. She says you are saying as if you don’t know. He says you have worn it, you will tell me, I did what you said. She says you won’t accept your mistake even today. He says its happening as per your wish, you want me to fall on knees and apologize, that’s not gonna happen, fine go and marry Vikram, I can’t handle this madness anymore, its enough. Anika says this will happen. She turns and sees everyone. She asks Vikram to come, there shouldn’t be any delay in marriage. She holds his hand and they leave. Pinky smiles. Shivaye says not a word Om and goes.

Pinky says Anika and Vikram are getting married, we should also go there, why is everyone staring at me. Dadi says you just be quiet now.

Pandit asks groom and bride to exchange varmala. A girl dressed as a man looks on. Bhavya and Rudra exchange varmala. Rudra asks he to focus, they are getting married. Bhavya says correction, its fake marriage. They sit in mandap. Bhavya sees the person signing by fingers and recalls Sultan. Pandit asks them to stand for rounds. Bhavya asks Rudra what is he seeing up, that person is real Sultan. Rudra asks how do you know. Bhavya says I have seen him doing same signs, its time for action. She points gun at that person.

Vikram and Anika are on the way. He makes a call and says we are on the way now, I hope all arrangements are done. Ragini says of course, all done exactly the way you wanted. He says great, I will see you then. Ragini smiles. Shivaye worries. Om and Gauri come. Shivaye defends himself and says Anika did engagement twice, she is going to marry, did you see how she held that 6.5 feet footballer, whatever, I left my ring and gave sign and she waved me bye. Om says I didn’t say anything. Shivaye says I m okay. Gauri asks Om not to say anything, you want to explain Shivaye, but let him decide, its good Anika is marrying that tall man. Shivaye asks do you mean my height is less. Gauri says no, I mean Vikram is a nice guy, he will keep Anika very happy, you also want this right. Sahil comes and says Gauri said right. They all make Shivaye jealous.

Sahil jokes that Anika can wear heels now. Om says we got busy in talk, they would have reached wedding venue. Shivaye looks at them. Sahil smiles and signs. Pinky is on the way with Dadi and Shakti. She says I m happy Anika will be out of Shivaye’s life forever. Dadi sees the car and says why is Vikram going right. Shakti says venue is on left. Pinky says maybe its shortcut. Sultan asks Bhavya to throw the gun, else it won’t be good. He shows the three brides and says your try was good to make them run away. Goons takes the girls. They throw a gas bomb there. Sultan and that person run away. Bhavya follows and shoots at their car. Rudra gets an auto and signs her to come. Bhavya gets in and they leave.

Vikram asks Anika not to worry, they are at the place where they should be. She says I told all that marriage things in anger, I think we should end this drama right. He says time to talk is over, its show time. Lights get on. She gets shocked seeing mandap. She looks at Vikram. Shivaye gets anger out. Om says I was thinking will Anika go with Vikram directly, bidaai should happen from here. Gauri says yes, this is Anika’s Maayka, her pagphere should also happen here. Om asks when does pagphere happen. Gauri says after suhaagraat. Om says yes, first night. Gauri says will Vikram’s family do preparations of suhaagraat or shall we go. Om says she is our Bhabhi, I think we should go. Shivaye gets angry and says just shut up. Anika asks what’s this, marriage mandap. Vikram says its for wedding, its our marriage today. She says you know its all a lie, I know you like joking, I don’t like such 2rs jokes, come we have to tell everyone. She gets shocked seeing the guards and Ragini coming. Ragini asks what’s the hurry to leave, get married first. Anika sees Vikram and says you two are together, it was your game plan. Ragini says so what, anything is fair in love and war.

Ragini says I can do anything for Shivaye, you should be happy I got a multi billionaire for you, not any poor guy. Anika asks are you mad, Shivaye doesn’t love you. Ragini says I will manage, the day you get out of his life, I will make my place. Anika says if you see my Shivaye, I will scratch your fake eyes. Ragini says its called day dreaming, Vikram ask him to talk well, else I can get angry. Anika says don’t dare to come close. Vikram says I have to come close, we are getting married. Anika says I will call Shivaye and tell your truth. Ragini pushes her. Anika falls down and says Shivaye…. Shivaye stops and senses something. Vikram crushes her phone and says oh no, it got broken, how will you call him now. Shivaye says Anika is in some problem, Anika needs me. He answers call and says yes Anika. Pinky says its me, your mum, we reached venue, but manager said Vikram cancelled this venue, they are not here, do you know which venue he booked. Shivaye ends call and says Vikram changed venue, something is definitely wrong. He calls Vikram.

He says he is not answering. Om says Anika’s number is not connecting. Gauri says I told Bhavya, she is tracing Anika’s location. Shivaye stops and sees Sahil. He says I won’t let anything happen to your sister. He does pinky promise and hugs Sahil. He says I m coming Anika. Bhavya asks the person to shoot, else she will shoot. The person also gets the gun and points at Bhavya. Bhavya scolds the real Sultan for snatching her entire family. She asks the person to put the gun down.

Tej goes to a bungalow and asks for help. He sees someone and says sorry to come without permission, I need help, my car tyre for punctured. Shwetlana comes downstairs. He gets shocked. She says strange, you are shocked as if you saw any ghost, you were dead right, I was waiting for you, you played a good game and forgot the other side player is Shwetlana, I will not let you forget our old relation. He says I have forgotten it, I m out of your life forever. The person shoots at Bhavya. Rudra pushes Bhavya down. They get saved. The person removes the fake moustache and beard. She loosens her hair and says you will catch Sultan when you know who is Sultan, everone thinks Sultan is a man, but real Sultan is me. She laughs. She gets dressed in feminine clothes and thinks we will meet soon Bhavya, you can’t identify me. She does makeup. Bhavya says I have to find him. Rudra says I think he has run away.

Shwetlana says I know why you are in hurry, police would have got that dead body, police will get that proof. Tej asks are you behind this matter. She says I was always involved in your life. He says it means you did this murder, I will get you arrested. She asks what will you say to police, why did you run if you are innocent, you have no proof, I have proof, you want to see. She shows Naren’s mum giving statement and showing proof. Shwetlana says I think its enough to send you two to jail. Tej gets angry.

Vikram asks Anika what are you doing. Ragini asks Vikram to start marriage. Vikram asks band guys to leave. Shivaye says first settle the scores and hits his face. He asks how dare you touch my wife…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Tadi lost badly…Ishq won. Shivaay Singh Oberoi is Ishqbaaz.
    Hilarious girls…Only they can make fun from situations like that…
    Hein…Finally Sultan, is Sultani!!!(Rudra’s confused logic expression).
    Ha ha ha ha ha.. hi hi hi hi hi…he he he….Gone mad completely.

    1. Swathi..

      go Astha go. yeah sultan is sultani????. happy Ganesh festival in advance

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi… Bolo Ganpati Bappa Morya…( Aastha and this…Karthik will be unconscious at this).
      Today everything is feeling nice, looking beautiful… I loved Shwetlana aunty too…

    3. Go Aastha go!!!!
      1.Today episode was good…Finally something good happens
      2.Shivaay left his ego!!!! Annika running…I almost felt like slapping VAT?????
      3.Rikara nd Saahil combo….Jealous SSO he was going to beat OMkara…
      4.Pinky????? She played intermediate between Shivika today???
      5.Sutlu s back….It was all her doing…Now Tej ll save Jhanvi????Cool..Hopefully within next 2 weeks,this tracks ends r his merged with Rikara…
      6.Rudra Bhavya: Execution of track was hilarious..Bhavya was dumb…Sultani double crossed her…There s nothing in der story that connects us to them…Soumya was much better..Just hope that Bhavya s temporary phase in Rudra`s life…

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Neha… I too wants Bhavya as a passing cloud but damn cvs..!!!

    5. if you watch carefully again Om was going to cuff Shivaay but Shivaay backed off and Gauri held on to Om hands. That part was hilarious. Still LMAO.

    6. Saloni2128

      BHavya is good for Oberois familt and good for Rudra 🙂 Soumya was not good 🙂 bhavya looks awesome and she is very matured 🙂

    7. Hey astha di….even i said d same…sultan is sultani??? seriously what kya socha tha nd kya nikla..sry nikli???

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi… telepathy works dear. Happy Vinayak Chaturthi..

    9. Amayaa

      Vishakapatnam vali kuri pe pyaar hi pyaar aaye ???
      Comment na kare to hum hi mar jaye ???
      MUJIC….. ????????
      Rockstar tera drama ???
      Macha de hungama ???

      Kaise h app Miss ASR ?? All well ..
      Bhul gai na hame !!
      No messages na for ur so called long lost sis
      Can u please explain me from where u r on 19th Aug
      Swathuu wished here too but no response RIGHT

      When I became angry last time with de pkj mansion insta hangy members then I just left from there without any info giving just silently so I may repeat that here too
      U can ask this from anyone
      Answer her @rest ……

      I don’t wanna further say anything
      Hate u hate u hate u
      ( don’t assume any love vala hate ) I really hate u ???
      Those above lines r written mistakely. …….

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Excuse me!! who are you?? Let me see 19th August pkj. I was busy from last few days and missed to revisit the page sometimes. And I was in my sasural, Shaadi hogayi hai meri Advay se toh I should be in there, I was busy in my wedding…I tied the knot today( paagal panthi ki height, you are disturbing my forth night sleep). Whoever are you…I just Love you… ok enough kidding…
      Seriously Ammu… Kitna hectic schedule hai yaar… Study-home- functions-exam ke beech meri VAT lag chuka hai…I thought you are busy like me in study so…but I promise this won’t happen again..Waise our Shivaay Bhaiyya rocked today…
      Some mistakes are so beautiful…

    11. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh shit!!…I am so sorry yaar little devil.. I missed your manufacturing( birth) day. What is my punishment for this mistake now?? I am too little- cute- innocent ASR only. And you have not mentioned any date of birth in your personal details also…not my fault completely . See my details, every data is updated crazily. Oh no…my net pack expired… Aastha you are gone.

    12. Surbhi Sharma

      GAG .CONGO DI . ???

      P.s , di when are you coming on hangouts or insta ?? Tell na . ?????

    13. Amayaa

      Ha Dr best question of de night
      Ekdum Sahi quest.
      Puch kahi tere liye hi madam maan jaye ….

    14. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Surbhi…Yesterday night I was undergoing your problem [email protected] net pack expired and I didn’t even know that. Heart breaking answer -“NEVER”.

    15. Banita

      Shivaay Singh Oberoi left his taadi for his lady luv….
      Sultan toh Sultani nikli…. Lol…

      BTW Happy Married life with ur Advay…. *wink**….

    16. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank You Bunny…you should wish a peaceful married life…instead of happy. Advay is to possessive dominating and Aastha is very very stubborn manipulative…imagine place of peace in this couple’s life. kidding yaar. Happy Vinayak Chaturthi…

    17. Pushpa

      wow Astha again 1st …GAG….
      yes shivaye lost to his tadi and became ishqbaaz……
      me feeling so happy today…..

    18. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…Agar tum itni happy ho toh socho ki main kitna happy ho sakti hoon. I am double happy..more then happy as both my Advay and Shivaay bhaiyya rocked. I just love them…I love you too…Happy Vinayak Chaturthi..

    19. Swathi..

      Astha aap ne sach mein heart breaking dediya?? aap Kyun nahi aayenge? pkj mansion hangy/Insta???

    20. Aastha_Reddy

      Love you Swathi dear..take care specially of your broken heart..but you see I am straight forward, Direct answer is some what better then false fake promises.

    21. Piyuu

      go astha go
      finally ishq won…ur bhayya became ishqbaaz,ur bhayya rocked.waiting for today episode.
      happy ganesh chaturthi

    22. Aastha_Reddy

      Piyuu….JSO rocked…JSO rocked..JSO rocked.. I just LOVE Shivaay Singh Oberoi….I just lovr my brother…

  2. Iam in full mood
    First let us all die
    Before iam going to kill CVS
    Before that iam going to kill shivika itself
    San kuch khatam karne ke liye Jaa Rahi Hun
    Those who want to accompany come
    Iam getting tension
    Iam having science exam too?????

    Want to do omm of everyone
    First sp
    What is sp thinking of itself
    Adichana munju pendhukkun
    August me shaadi August me shaadi keh keh kar
    Dimaag ka dahi kardiya
    Sabse badi shaadi
    And by putting annikas photo:
    Milieye Sabse badi Khoobsurat Dulhan Ko raat das baje – arey bhai hum tho Roz dekh Raha hai usko
    Shaadi hoga ya na hoga wo tho batau

    Harneet mam two times twitted iam getting my couples marriage
    Playing with fans just to hook them
    Fans assaults manalli pottanga

    It was welcomed by grand by people
    Twitter full of ladke waale ladki waale sr planner pandit
    Everything was fun suddenly busss

    If there was no promotion it will be easy for us
    But a huge excitement was created

    Today shivaay rikara saahil scene
    I loved it too much
    Shivaay was sooo cuteeeeee in that scene
    But poor shivaay realised his feeling
    Backed out
    But Vicky the
    Sirichite irundhan irukura pshyco listla sendhutan
    How dare Ragini push Annika

    And first time I wrote all 3 obahus name in exam
    My mom was continuously laughing

    And about pinky expose
    All saying half
    I don’t which half
    Hope it comes good

    1. And guys it is nakuul vs Surbhi in lip sync battle
      Iam in narbhi team
      U guys???

      Saahil nailed it
      And after long pinky promise

      And shivaays sensor meter worked

    2. Banita

      Heyy Meenuu…..
      Rilax dr….. Shivika’s weeding surely happen… Soo chill dr… Nd till then take funn & see How Shivaay Singh Oberoi do OMM of VAT…..

    3. Pushpa

      meeenu….shivika shaadi otw…no no ego…just ishq sit back relax & watch the epi….gona be fun yaar…

  3. Swathi..

    IB is back. daily soap hai toh drama toh banthi hai then shivika ??? shaadi.
    uss tangabali Ko TV andar ghuske maarne ki Mann Kar rha tha.. VAT teri OMM toh SSO karenge ruko.
    waiting for tomorrow episode.

    1. Pushpa

      swathi…me too waiting 4todays epi …yes dear finally ishq won the battle..

  4. Swathi..

    hi pkj happy Ganesh chaturthi to all in advance ????
    Ganpati Bappa Moriya.

    1. Piyuu

      happy ganesh chaturthi swathi

  5. Nandhana

    Mera Shivay save Anika di..rockzzz….dance…yipeeeeee..but wish to see shivika shaadhi..hope pinky gets exposed Soon..Sunday Maha episode may get our shivika shaadhi
    ..I hope so.
    ..precap..Vikram nalla adi dare you hurt sso wife… Ragini unaku iruku di kacheri?????
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ??????

  6. Zaveesha

    The Rikara nd Sahil scene was nice…missed some parts but read it here…Anika was looking good but I think she could me much better…I don’t like her makeup…but still Surbhi managed it very well…
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow….
    Again Go Astha di Go….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks miss. Stalker.

  7. Nivika

    Hello all…happy ganesh chaturthi to all pkj members

  8. Ishqbaazi is back now…today i was laughing hard watchng shivay ..bechari magzine hui sso k gusse ka shikar hehe???
    Nd d brking news is that Sultan is sultani??lol….btw bhavya was behing sultani in that auto then how cum gauri called her to trace anika’s location?? chlo jada ni sochna…yha kuch bhi ho skta h
    Eagrly waiting fr tomorrows epi??
    Gud nyttt guyzzzzz

  9. LAX

    What I like about Ishqbaaaz is that the most intense situation is also kept funny. Yeh Kahi aur nahi hoga.

    The instigation scene was the best. Sahil is so cool. Shivika scenes were as usual good. Om in rose was so cute ????

    I loved Yuckinis entry btw. What was she wearing Hey Bhagvan?

    Vikram n Shakthi looked like doormen of some 5 star hotel.
    How the hell did Vikram know Shivikas ring plan?? Kuch bhi yaar.

    Sultan in male get up looked like Jr. Daksh to me. Ruvya Sultan sorry Sulti track is nothing but a joke to me. TejVi Sultu track is no different.

    Precap- Yayyy ??? loved the way Gauri was adjusting her specs.

    P.S.- I feel ashamed to mention the TRP. It’s just 1.7. 2nd week consecutively we are losing the slot leadership. IB ki future sirf Bhagvan jaane ab. I am requesting all of you to watch on TV if possible.

    1. Misha_Mikul’ve spoken my mind yaar…
      about ….
      -how Vikram knew about ShivIka’s ring plan? did he substitute Pinky in overhearing ShivIka’s conversation??
      -Vikram n Shakthi looked like doormen of some 5 star hotel..Lol??? True!!
      -Yeah..that woman in male Sultan get up really looked like Daksh…

      I’ve seen in twitter, the trp is 2.2 while in facebook 1.7/1.9..don’t know which one is true…
      but hope by next week trp will be increased.. but if the unwanted TejVi and Sultan’s track continue, then ?????

    2. LAX

      Hi Misha
      Donno how Vikram got to know about the ring. It was totally absurd. But now we are used to it right?

      About TRP, Misha actually there are two types. One is BARC TRP which is common to all the shows irrespective of the channel. That is 1.7 this week. Star Plus however includes the hotstar TRP too n together it is 2.2 this time which is also fairly less than the usual 2.5-2.6 which the show used to get. Anyway finger crossed, if we ve another bad number next week. Only God can save us. Let’s be hopeful.

    3. Misha_Mikul

      LAX.. Owh!!
      Yeah..You’re right!! Our IB doesn’t deserve 2.2 though! should get more than 2.5!!
      Hopefully, our show will be back to its own charm path VERY SOON..

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax.. this time not my fault, I am watching on prime time only.

    5. LAX

      Good Keep it up..!! Love you for that.

    6. Banita

      Yeh dr this week also 1.7 Trp…..
      Hope nxt week it will increase bevz of Shivika’s Weeding Syiapa…..

    7. LAX

      Fingers crossed..!!

    8. Pushpa

      hi lax….yes i too wander hw VAT knows abt the ring….i ws thinking as usual pinky will take it…tht sultan nahi sultani now another drama starting..for some reason cvs loves villans ….
      u think trp will go up next week? since there gona be more ishq than the same tadi ego and all…

    9. LAX

      Once TRP is down it’s very difficult to go up..!! Let’s hope it’s surges next week

    10. Piyuu

      instigation scene was best .my fav is sahil said vikram jiju uss samay shivaay ka expression superb i like the part.
      Vikram n Shakthi looked like doormen of some 5 star hotel …
      sultan tho sultani nikali…..sultani is look like daksh mein notice nahi kiya fir se dekna hi
      trp this week 1.7 hope next week trp will increased.
      main hamesha episode tv pe dektha hi episode bura ya acha ek episode bhi nahi choda

    11. LAX

      Very good. Continue watching it on TV.
      Sultani track is so boring.

  10. that was goooood

  11. Misha_Mikul

    Today’s Episode – Shivaay! Shivaay! Shivaay!??????
    Shivaay has WON by backing out!!! His Love won over his stubborn!!??????

    Lovely episode! I really can’t wait to see tomorrow’s epi!???
    because of the PRECAP….OMG!!! ???
    Shivaay – “himmat kaise hui MERI BIWI ko haat lagane ke teri” Awwww????
    Lol..Shivaay gives a damn punch on Lambu’s face! ???????
    I was like “even God can’t save you now,Lambu…Nagini, last chance! better u run else that day will be your last day!?????

    Loved Moments❤❤❤
    ?Shivaay chose Annika over the truth!
    the best dialogue – “I’m backing out because I can’t let you go” How sweet!!!!???
    ?Annika was searching for the ring ??
    it was so emotional???
    ?Shivaay to Om- “no one more word” before Om giving him advice…??
    ?Shivaay gave Om explanation even Om didn’t ask Shivaay anything…??
    The way Om stared Shivaay??
    ?Shivaay sensed Annika that she is in danger!! ??
    ? A short and sweet ShivHil moment with Pinky Promise??
    ? Shivaay – “Main aarah hoon Annika”? I loved it? Its reminded me the moment where Shivaay saved Annika from Daksh??

    Shivaay looked so hot???
    nd Annika’s look was not too Good! no jewels! her makeup also didn’t give a beautiful bride look!!

    I couldn’t believe, those ShivIka’s painful scenes were suddenly switched to tashan???
    Annika has been crying lot but suddenly she turned Tadi Pannika and threw water on Shivaay ??
    and Shivaay?? I thought Shivaay would be broken if he sees Annika in bride dress… But he became Cute BilluJi???
    I hoped they both would have an emotional conversation… but all were gone tai tai piss???
    Well,,I love ShivIka’s Tashan style love moments…But today I couldn’t because it seemed very untouched???

    I hate that moment when Om,Gauri and Sahil tried to instigate Shivaay although its funny..It looked like they were provoking him as he did all the fault!!???

    when Om was talking about Suhagraat, Shivaay lost his control and was like hit Om?????

    Vikram?? I thought you are a dummy piece…. but a chantumayi villain has came out today..though you made me laugh??
    Pinky was so happy… haha!?? laugh as hard as you can!! because that smile will not stay longer???

    Annika handled that two Idiots boldly? but I wondered why haven’t Annika taken her chameli/chandni yet??
    but then it happened in Precap??
    Nagini said “Day-dreaming” to Annika? how psycho??

    while watching Vikram broke Annika’s handphone with stupid believe that Shivaay can’t reach Annika?? I was like “Aiyoo Paavam, he has no idea about the sensometre between ShivIka and the power of Obro’s unity, now Shivaay will chop you into pieces with his Oberoi Gang????
    R.I.P Vikram-Nagini?? 5 minutes silence,please?? Ishqbaazians?

    Sultan is a woman???

    Just can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi??very excited,,,Oh God!??
    Sunday we have Mahasangam of IB..maybe ShivIka’s wedding will happen on that day!!

    NItezz Dearss?? Have a Nice day?
    today is Ganesha Chathurthi (here 1.30am rdy) so advance Happy Ganesha Chathurthi to all Indians❤❤❤

    1. Pushpa

      shivaye shivaye shivaye shivaye shivaye fro me tooooo….he rocked yesterday totally i fell in luv again…
      happy vinayagar chathurthi gal..

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Hehexx Yeah Pushpa… Annika’s Bagad Billa rocked!!??
      today SSO will rock again by chopping Vikram-Nagini??

      Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi..May God Bless You❤❤

  12. Pushpa

    ?you have won anika…I can’t fight with u anymore,
    finally I m backing out as I can’t let you go?….ohhhh this is a million dollar phrase….wht v wanted hear frm shivaye…luv u shivaye

    He happily left the ring on the table bside pool …on the lights….anika saw the lights on near the pool….she knows its shivaye…ran to get the ring…..OMG in thought pinky took….but tht VAT 2rps cheapde…in knew he’s another villain….

    Im love shivaye more today finally he came out of his fear& tadi… accept his defeat to anika ….can let her go…accept her giving 2nd chance to their relationship… concured by ishqbaaz ..yr defeat this time gets yr live&lost love back to u shivaye…bt didnt realise anika didnt take tht ring ….

    Anika looked gorgeous in tht outfit bt i didnt like the frills….pannika is back wt her tadi and shivika talk talk talk but didnt ever say tht
    ‘” i left the ring near pool u took it… whts this u up to”……but another MU…ohhhh i hate u cvs….bhar bhar giving heart attack…..

    Loved omkara gauri sahil convo in getting shivaye irritated…i left my ring&gave sign but she waved me bye?…the way he ws tearing the magazines in jealousy….he heard anika calling ‘shivaye’ so he sensed anika in trouble and pinky confirmed with tht call….shivaye told sahil pakka pinky promise ill nvr let anyting happen2yr didi…im comingggggggg….anika..

    Skipped bhavya totally…god another new villain…new drama starts..this cvs will nvr get tired at all wt villains…..

    Skipped svet tooo…tej trapped himself once again….

    Yuckini nvr learn oh forgot she is a physco so….yes anika do tht4 us “scratch yuckini eye” ….and VAT answer shivaye… dare u touch my wife……

    Precap……waiting 4 tomoro’s epi….IB gona rock…….
    Happy vinayagar chadurthy …..
    Gd nite gals…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…. Shivaay bhaiyya was running desperately to Annika.. he was do excitedly happy and precap is enough to stole sleep. Finally bhabhi, Ishq beat Tadi.

    2. Pushpa

      yes astha finally ISHQ won…..he looked great yesterday yaar…

    3. Banita

      Heyy Puspa ur dp is cool it remind me again nd again about d poor magazin….
      Yehh finally ishqbaazi is cmeback to ishqbaaz….

  13. the episdoe rocked during the first part between anika and shivay he was so cute fighting with her like that. this vikram is just too much. loved the precap for tomorrow cause shivay anika ko save karega

  14. Pui

    Finally Shivika will unite again…
    The real Ishqbaaz will be back again after this marriage drama…uff !
    Shivaay has totally become an Ishqbaaz and can even dress as the band guy for his Anika….??

  15. Lve_surbhi

    Hey gals !!after so long coming to headquarters .

    How are all ?
    Remember me .?!? . Joking ,

    Coming to the epi, haha I don’t know anything . I didn’t watch only na . By the way , is shivika shadi there or not ??am confuseddd .

    But anyhow , am going to watch today’s epi on hotstar . I’ll atleast try everyone is saying it’s food na .

    Acha , good night . My eyes are closing . Feeling so sleepy . ???

    1. Pushpa

      hey su…please watch the epi its full of fun and shivaye was owsmmmmmmmmm..

  16. Sultan is a female OMM. but she looks like the same age as Bhavay. where is the logic in that???? she was a murderer since age what???? Hmmmm.
    Poor magazine, what did it ever do to Shivaay? Om mine Shivaay don’t register one of Gauri’s slap onto you. LMAO.
    On a whole love today’s epi.

  17. jelous SSO rocks!!!!!!! finaly panika is back.. can’t wait for tomorow.. andd sahiil you nailed it yaa. anika didn’t wear heels bcz of shivayie.. ??? and when he says vikram jiju shivay’s expressions..?? goury you are so cute as always. she is the best for om. does anyone know when that farah mam’s program telecasting on tv???????

  18. forgot to mention, like VAT and Nagini was in the same mental asylum or what? he is totally wacko.
    and does anyone have the feeling that Swetlana’s real aim is to become mrs. Omkara singh oberio.

  19. Banita

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi backing out…… At first i think i m listening wrong bt…. That time i hug my di who crused herself to sit beside me…..

    Shivaay B was soo excited nd Happy bt that Vikram Aditya Thapper i want to give him THAPAD that time when he stole d ring bt no problem mere Shivaay B meri ye wish kal puri kar dege…..

    Anika in bridal dress looking good bt not gorgious becz of less jewlery i think Shivani atleast add a neck piece….

    Omrihil when instigate Shivvay it’s HILLARIOUS…..
    Shivaay- did u see how she held that 6.5 footballer…..
    Gouri- It’s good Anika is marring that tall man….
    When Om told about first night then Shivaay’s reaction…..
    Saahil- Anika can wear heels now…..
    I just luv all these things…..

    Again Shivaay’s ditecter work…..

    Sultan is a girl bt in ff video’s she wear 3 ring bt today only one ring….

    Precap- I m just waiting for yesterday 10:00pm…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Seriously Bunny…Shivaay bhaiyya back out!! He won there only..haar kar dil jeet gaye bhaiyya. And Annika will loss tonight..the fight of Tadi. Both of them lost badly…very very very badly showing ego to each other..but love won at last.
      I wonder what will they say to each other after all this drama..or will fight as usual. Gul Only Knows. It should be unusual….

    2. Banita

      Yeh di i m also waiting for their first convo after patch up…

    3. Pushpa

      ishqbaaz won against tadi&ego……fact of life…

    4. Pushpa

      bunny….yesterdays epi was so good to watch after all the soap dramas dragging finally my shivaye lost to his own tadi…fabulous…waiting to c anika’s reaction…

    5. Banita

      Yeh dr we all waiting d reaction…. Where no taadi no ego just ishqbaazi…..


  20. Hiiiii guys….kal raat ha ha ha ??? pe pura dekhli…aaj holiday he na soo..kuch nahi choda…maine….and 11 pm baje bhayankar nind aayi aur main so gayi….Can’t attend pkj…

    @asthababy go astha go. .this week is like your week…only GAG GAG GAG…..yaa tadi 0 ishq 100….very good progress. ……

    @lax…door men….???????..seriously i am laughing like mad. ..

    @Ammu awwwww kitne dino baad….sab gayab hogaye he…yarr…@Anu bhi 10 days ke liye..chaligayi….aur SB …akku .bakki bahaut saare log….gayab…aur aab tum bhi ..i am missing those days jab ek hi din main 581 tak comment hoti thi…???????…AKELE HE CHALE AAO JAHAN HO….???…

    @Surbhi dear finally you back..i missed you…

    @pusi dear aaj timhare shivaye ne dil jit liya….Nice progress..

    @ banita dear,i aam.also waiting disparately for 10 pm…..maja aayega…

    1. Banita

      Yeh Arpita we all r desperatly waiting 4 10:00pm….

    2. Amayaa

      @Arpu baby love love love love love
      Tum itni sweet kaise ho sakti ho …. mujhe to diabetes hi ho jayegi

      Tujhe to reply bhi @@@@@@@ aise hi karne ka man rarta h
      Kaha gaye vo din !!!!
      Jab meri target 1000+ comments hoti thi ab to 100 bhi delhi dur type lagta h
      1 egg get less from de 1 stick nd 3 eggs
      I can’t complain from anyone as I myself not been present here
      Hardly once in a week nd that too with no comments just reply to whom who r not in insta or hangy

      But me too miss our old days very much
      Ab intezaar h to Ek lambi vacation ka …… mujhe to holidays me bhi assignments se chutti nahi milti

      Me too miss all of them
      Akkiiii ka to koi atta patta nahi h madam insta pe thi ab mai bhi hu but yaha aaegi tab to usse apna id bataungi

      Love u Arpu baby always

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi darling…I am really busy today. Love you…

  21. Renimarenju




    1. Piyuu

      wish u a very happy birthday dear.may all your dreams n wishes come true .god bless u dear.

  22. the epi was awesome…………the part where OM,gauri and sahil provoked Shivaaye was amazing…….I loved it…..But I want more and more RIKARA scenes….They are perfect together….

  23. @Uf dear, kal tumne sahi kahi tin tin couple hone ke baad bhi no trp is bcoz of some die hard RUMYA FANS STop watching IB, Tejvilana crap, Irritating RUBHYA.., No prpowr space to Rikara…, and never ending Shivika Mu…….and shivikaand rikara fans ki aadat hogayi tgi na ful space main dekhne ki aab time bat gayi he toh unko prblm ho rahi he….
    RUMYA KI BAAT CHODO..DBO KE BAAD UNHE SCREEN SPACE MILA HI NAHI???????…., pinky ponky , chopini drama etc are responsible for Falling Trp…

    Now coming toepisode

    1.i can say no doubt Sso is the first character of indian television who’s progression is really worth watching. …..slow but deeply….AISE KUDA SADAK PAR RAHETE HE…KUDE KO GHAR PAR LEKE NAHI AATE,
    RAHE GI.

    In sabse Sso kitna aage badh gaye he..matlab when i used to watch Sso of
    1 season and this time Sso…has a big difference. …..koi socja bhi nahi hoga ki jis ladki woh barbaad karna chahta tha ussi ladki se woh beintehaa pyaar kar raha he……i really appreciate this…….

    2.finally tadi haari Pyarr jiti…sab thik tha..when Annika didi was running that khusi on her face….was really priceless and when Sso saw that ring..thinks annika has got it…his happiness was also priceless. ….???????..

    3.I want give 1000000 tight slap on THANGABALI FACE.. accha hua ki ring pheka toh nahi..warna such main uska gangaram toh pakka tha…i am telling you …??

    4.then another guest appearance. …Neeta lulla ji….but don’t know why annika didi’s out fit cannot attract me…. that mang tika Was Saneet wala…didi ne usse Sso ki first sangeet main peheni thi…i think. JAB. Shivika ki shaadi hogi tabDidi ko aur acche se sajayenge…I wish aisa h ho.. anyways when didi was coming from down stairs Once again Cinamatography was best….

    5.PANNIKA is back………kafi dino baad paani feka…..last kab feka tha..han yaada aaya didi ke aane ke baad ek din baad ……
    Once again MU.mujhe dono pe taras aa raha tha…btw Sso apne pannika se pyarr kiya he toh paaagal pan toh jlena hi padega…jhelu jhelu wala couple jo he aap dono??????..

    6. I was like punching pinky ponky face…….?????..itna khush mat ho…..teri band bajne ka rime aaraha he…teri OMM toh paaki he……..but seriously bahut gussa aaraha tha mujhe usspar…..

    7.This is called perfect JSO jelous singh oberoi. .???????…i fully enjoyed that part…rukara was best in comic scene. ..and sahil also instigating Sso..hight tak baat pahunchi rohcup tod diya…Shaddi tak
    baat pahunchi toh magazines fadne lage…fir suhagraat rak bast pahunchi toh Can’t handle or tolerate anymore….??????..

    8.that time Sso’s Pov like -kya kahe rahe ho tum log..!!! Anika ne mere saath first night mana yi nahi balki usko first night ka matlab samjhate samjgate main thak gaya tha., short dress diya peheni woh bhi atramgi style main, fir dusri baar bhi woh gusse se bhag gayi…..???????..itni mehenat se do baar room decorate kiya maine koi fayad nahi hua…main asie hi pada hun aur annika kisi aur ke saath oops….i mean thangabali ke saath dirst night manayega…..????.nooòooooo not at al…aise main hone nahi dunga….are first night chodo annika ne toh mujhe kiss bhi nahi kiya….????????. this time Sso ‘s detective meter on…main tumhari behen ko kuch nahi hone dunga….. and rhen Sso face…oh God.killing expression. .sahil ko bahut pyaar karta he Sso.. i love it…

    10.Seriously main toh uss mandap ko dekh kar fida hogayi…kassh Sso ki wosh puri hojati jo unho ne unki first daye par kaha tha…BASS DULHAN KI KAMMI HE AUR AGAR WOH AAJAYE TOH MAIN ABHI SAADI KAR LUNGA…Sso aab dulhan bhi he aur mandap bhi karlo na shaddi didi se…….

    11.Rubhya part ignore….but tv pe sab kuch dekha maine..rudy auto driver ban gaya..????…

    12.Sultan is sultani…????..i think from my pov…Sultani bhabya ko manipulate karegi fir OM aayrgi. Fir rudy ki pyaar main fasegi….fir love tringle..

    Wait wait wait a minute but ye sultani toh buddhi honi chahiye na…bhabya ki family bacpan se mara he toh sultani tab young hogi aab toh budhhi honi chahiye na…isse kehete he perfect gangaram of logic….

    13.i am missing maahi So i am using gangaram..

    14.nagini aur thangabali soo dengerous…?????…but didi’s khyali palao..?????..nice words…

    15 this week i toltally loved precap than episodes…..Can’t wait for today episode. .

    Yarr….agar har band baja wala itna hot hoga na dulhan dulha ko chodke band baja wale ke saath shaadi karlega…????????????…..


    GANPATI BAPPA MOREYA…….????????????????????…..

    Worship Ganoayi baapa…and enjoy your day..byy.

    1. Banita

      3) Dont worry Arpita dr mere Shivaay bhaiya aj tumhari ye wish jarur puri karege….

    2. Piyuu

      happy ganesh chaturthi arpita

  24. Prajkta

    Loved the episode a lot…… Ishqbaaz SSO won over Tadibaaz SSO….. I am backing off because I can’t let you go….. The most awaited dialogue from Shivaay….. Loved it in all bits

    Panika is back…. I am happy that it wasn’t a rondu Anika but the tadi one

    Loved Rikara with Sahil instigating Shivaay……. Bachari magazine…… And Anika doesn’t wear heels was hilarious….. Love you Sahil…. Cute ShivHil moment

    Tejvi with Sultu just crazy… Skipped it completely

    Rudy and Bhavya has no future… Sultan is a girl….. Heights of illogical thinking damn CVs…….. Her age is less than Bhavya also….. How can she be the one who killed Bhavya’s parents….. Complete crap….. Bhavya is seriously making me go mad with her faltu policegiri….. No sense at all

    Anyways waiting for today’s episode….. Shivaay punched VAT was amazing… He deserves beating….. Nagini ki toh OMM pakki hai…… Waiting eagerly
    And Gauri looked cute in band wala dress.. Waiting eagerly

  25. Pushpa

    only 1m slaps arpi…waste of yr time&energy yaar…..i thougth of drowning him in the pool….SSO just nailed it yesterday…

  26. Hi all pkj Family
    HAPPY Ganesha chathurthi
    Ganapathi bappa moreya

  27. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies.. Today we have two awesome ishkara FF writers birthday… 1.renima dii… Writer of passion meet compassion.. And 2.ishana dii.. Writer of life found love once again… A very happy birthday to you….. My dear sissies…. May God full fill all your wishes…. Keep writing…. Love you…..
    Or ek secret.. Mujhko bhi 29 ko b’day wish kr Dena….
    Episode is OK… Not getting proper interest… Because of ragini, ppd, Svetlana, and bhavya…..
    Astha dii… Great speed…. Full milkha Singh ban gye ho

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank You Nikku but I am not Milkha Singh Devotee..this is ASR way…

    2. Piyuu

      your birthday is on the same day as mine.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Manufactured on the same date both are…Nikita and Piyuu

    4. Nikita_jai29

      That’s great dear…

  28. Banita

    Where r u all ishqui….
    Itne accha track per vi only 70 comments…..

    I miss pre yr Ganesh festival track in ib i dont think this yr they hve any plane of celebrating ganesh festival this yr….


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      All were in Ganpati Baba mode it seems..I am little free now.

  29. SHIVIKA ARE BACK❣???????????????



    NOW RIkara n ruvya can move forward



    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Unluckily…In India there is no other way to rate shows and their quality other then trp.

  30. JSSO Raacks!!!! I can’t wait for 2day episode. Band wale bhi itna hot!!! Wow. Hope gauri do ek jaap se diwar pe to Naagini!!!. What kind of dress she is wearing. When is Sunday episode IBians??

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