Ishqbaaz 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika gets heartbroken

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Ishqbaaz 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika stay restless. He sees the time. He calls up Anika and gets her number switched off. He closes eyes and says Anika. She says Shivaye… He says why do I feel Anika is somewhere around. Anika steps out of the room. Shivaye too steps out. Piya Milenge…..plays….. They both sense each other. Roop gets a floral frame in between and takes away Anika. Anika sees Shivaye. He misses to see her. Shivaye thinks I was thinking about Anika, so I felt she is here, else how can she be here. He takes back Anika. Roop asks Anika to stay in the room and see her destruction drama. Tej and Jhanvi come. Roop says better late than never. Om says what we discussed just now… Pinky nods and goes. Roop says you didn’t invite me in Shivaye’s first marriage, but I got you all here. Tej says you got mad, you need medical help. Roop argues. Pinky asks Tej did he get her medicines. Jhanvi says these medicines belong to Pinky. Tej says I thought its Shakti’s medicines. Roop asks is there medicines or something else in that packet. Tej says it contains medicines, check it if you don’t believe. Roop checks envelope. Tej says you think we got a bomb in this small packet.

Roop gives it back and says you can’t do anything, its not your cup of tea, take rest, I will send some food. She goes. Pinky goes and gives the packet to Om. Om goes and knocks at the door. He passes the packet to Rudra. Rudra says good job agent Om. Om shuts the door. Shivaye sees the sherwani…. Roop comes and says even brides don’t take much time, I will help you, anger develops acidity, with a smile or with anger, you have to get married, you didn’t ask me who is the bride. He says I don’t care. She says just see her, that beggar Anika…. He says don’t dare to say anything against my wife. She says we will talk to your wife. She claps and calls the bride. She asks him to see her, ask her name. He says I don’t care. She says you should see her, I have found a beautiful girl for you. He shouts shut up, enough of drama, go and prepare for marriage.

Roop goes with the bride. He thinks I m impatient, but not for the marriage, I want to get the evidence and go back to my Anika. Rudra gets ready with fake wig and accessories. He dresses like the pandit. Rudra asks don’t I look like a pandit. Pandit says yes, lying and cheating someone is like a sin, you are doing a good deed, you are taking a big risk for your brother and Bhabhi, I wish you succeed. Rudra says my security incharge Khanna will make you reach home safe, wish me luck. Pandit goes. Rudra goes out and calls out Om. He sees Khanna with someone. He gets angry and goes to beat. He sees Om in disguise. He asks what are you doing in this getup. Om says acting. Rudra says finally, we are doing something. Om says yes, its time for some action.

Roop says I got your would be bahu, see her beautiful dress. Pinky asks her to stop it. Roop asks where is pandit. Rudra says I have to say wrong mantras, what will go wrong. Om takes him. Roop says I will get the groom, his sherwani is too good. Shivaye comes there. Roop says he is eager to remarry. Shivaye sees everyone. He thinks I have to do this drama for some time, once I get the proof, everything will be under control.

Anika sees him from far. She says Shivaye is really marrying, how can this happen, I thought Bua is lying, or is it a plan by Shivaye. Shivaye says I will sit in mandap if you give me proof, how can I trust you. Roop says I will give you one proof after marriage, you decide which proof you want first. Anika says why can’t I hear anything. Roop says proof against your family or against Anika’s dad, you decide. Shivaye says I want Anika’s dad’s fake suicide note first. Roop asks will you leave your parents for Anika’s dad. Pinky says he did right, when Anika loves your family by forgetting her family, you should also think about her first. Roop says sit, I will give proof after you marry. Shivaye sits. Anika cries and says no, Shivaye can’t do this, there would be some reason behind it.

Roop asks pandit to hurry up. Rudra says sure. Shivaye thinks sorry Anika, I know this is a drama, even then I m feeling bad, I couldn’t do anything. Roop asks who will say him to make bride wear mangalsutra. Rudra says I will say it, make the bride wear mangalsutra and sindoor. Shivaye takes the mangalsutra in hand. Anika looks on. Shivaye recalls his marriage. Anika breaks down. He looks at Pinky. Pinky nods and asks Roop to stop it. They argue. Shivaye thinks I know its a drama, but I can’t do this. He says this marriage doesn’t matter to me, wear this mangalsutra and sindoor yourself. He hands over mangalsutra and sindoor to the bride. Anika doesn’t see properly and thinks he is doing the rituals. She says no, don’t do this. She sees the mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Pinky scolds Roop. Roop asks her to let marriage happen. Anika cries and says what did you do.

Roop gives pics to Shivaye. He asks what’s this, I asked you for Anika’s dad’s fake suicide note, not these pics. Anika cries and says whatever Bua said was true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riddhima

    Hai ishqiiieesss….????
    Vanakam ishqiiieess…????…

    How are you all ..????

    Long time no commenting in Telly update ….????

    So what is going on ….????

    Just came today to know whether pkjians still commenting here ….

    And I stopped watching IB long long back ….????

    #missingoldIB …#missingpkjians ….#missingtellyupdate…#missingcommenting …..

    And Om is mine only mine….free long hair …stylish …truth lover …best listener….innocent eyes….pouring love and love only … ????…..people stay away …????…..

    My favorite couple OmRu …????…missing them ssoo soo much …

    Love you all …????

    Good night ????
    Iravu vanakam ..????

    1. Arpita6

      Look who is here???????
      RIDHIMA di..welcome back..
      So sad to hearing that you are not watching IB.
      But glad to hear that yiu remembered pkj and Also keep loving your Om…..
      Ok we wil stay away.????????..
      And congrats for being you.

      1. Riddhima

        Thank you arpita ……????

        Yep I stopped watching IB …but when did I forgot PKJ …????……pkj is very close to heart. ..

        Om my life line …..????..

    2. Banita

      O M G…!!!
      Am I dreaming..!!???
      Is Riddhi dii is really here..!!!?
      GRG..!!! Congo being 1st dii…
      Arre Nooo… Om is ur brother na…? Humara equation about it… Bhul gayi kya..? Okk I m telling it again , As Om is my brother nd U r my di.. So acc to it hua na Om ur brother… Okk…
      Nycc to see U here… It’s long time to talk with U… I m also missing old IB… Old PKJian…
      Love U too dii…
      Nd O is our #BROTHER…

      1. Riddhima

        Bani ….
        Hey …you are not dreaming ….
        See I am here…..

        And what Om is my _ _ _ I don’t even want to say it ….yuck ….

        Om is my love …..?????….

        You please uh change the relationship between us … May be you can call me bhabahi that’s far better than being sista to om …????….

        Om is my husband. … ????…don’t ever TRy to say like that again ….?????

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Riddhima!! Epdi irukeenga?? Missed you so much.. It has been months since u commented last.. Sad to know tht u aren’t watching ib.. Apo apo pkj pakkam vaanga.. Take care sis..

      1. Riddhima

        Dhwani …

        Nalla iruken …ama yena panrathu. …ib of tracks lam romba tension aguthu …..adhan pakartha vituten ….enaku starting la romba kashtama irunthuthu IB pajama …comment Panama….ana Aprom Aprom paravalla …….. Hmm kanfipa varuven . …….

    4. Pushpa

      is tht u really????? ridhhi
      welcome back dear…. hey v miss u too

    5. Labiba

      Yaa Allah look who is here ….Ridhiiiiii ???????? hw r u?? Actually I was also missing from pkj but aj jab aayi to dekha tum aayi ho? wapaas…

      1. Riddhima

        Labiba ..I am good …. Darling …how are you …??? You too missing. From pkj….

    6. Nila

      Oyeeee thanks for informing coz of u I too here in our HQ feeling different yep missing IB very much can’t able to understand the story line now what’s going on ? Missing Go❤Go? will be back today for today episode will catch u tonight …

      1. Riddhima

        Thanks uh …eppo larunthu …????

  2. Felt a bit dragging.. Shivomru = brother goals!! I wish I had a brother.. an elder one.. Anika shudnt trust DWB.. Lets wait to see what’s in store for us..

    1. Arpita6

      Dhwani dear..
      How are you???
      Yes Annika should not trust her…but what to do..
      Lets wait.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii arpu! Am doing good yaar.. Yeah, hoping tht CVS don’t stretch this track and Shivika MU for long..

  3. Helloo friends!!! ☺️
    Emotional – fun – love – worry – scared filled episode.

    The best part is when shivaay said first he needs the fake note written by anika’s dad.. pinky supported. Yes pinky ji today yu rocked!! ??

    And second thing when sso asked the bride to wear mangalsutra and sindoor on her own, even though he knows its fake marriage he can’t do it!! That’s their love!!! He is Anika’s billu ji !!??

    Fake pandit Rudy and fake guard Om ?? ??????

    Yes Anika don’t worry, he is doing everything for a reason ?

    Precap precap!! ?

    Friends Saw post in insta.. veer’s character is over i guess.. can’t guess what will be the new plot… ??

    1. Arpita6

      HiinDhanu sri dear…
      Actually pinky ponky shocked me..???.
      OMRU are always treat to watch..Sso ne dil.jitli aaj..
      And next will be Shivika’s tasan…. ..
      Just wait
      Yes Veer character is gonna end..

  4. All people if they are naamkaran or ishqbaaz fans.sp informed that they will make the all shows off air which doesn’t reach in top 5 list,all the shows are gonna be off air.including naamkaran nd ishqbaaz
    Guys look what news come out for ishqbaaz let’s make a deal between naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz if ishqbaaz helps u to save naamkaran.t hen we will help you to save ur show, what’s say let’s be team nd help each other after all they are the world’s best nd most popular shows.whats say deal.come on guys our shows will be save nd we all can be happy.whats say do let know what u guys think.
    This the deal made between naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz fans.All naamkaran fans and ishqbaaz fans agreed this deal.what do you think will u help naamkaran nd ishqbaaz both top reach top 5 list. That too in two weeks.

    1. Arpita6

      Hiyori dear…don’t worry let see what will happen
      Just chill

      1. Sorry Arpita i just want to inform all ishqbaaz Nd naamkaran fans about this.if u saw it already plz ignore it please.
        I have to inform all so that ishqbaaz Nd naamkaran trp rate increase s to 2.5.

  5. Vidya Saraswathi

    No Anika plz trust shivaay. I think alshivika has plan to trap that bua. Plz end this kalyani mill track soon. It’s getting bore.

    1. Arpita6 thing is sure if it will plan then also we wil get intense shivika tasan if it is not plan then also we wil get their tasan.
      And This time Anika misunderstood him
      Lets see what is gona happen.

      1. Vidya Saraswathi

        Ya let’s see

    2. Ya absolutely crct i am not interested present track

      1. Chilll my dear…
        Pehele dekh toh le..what is gonna happen…

  6. Pushpa

    2days best lines…
    Pinky mum u hv my heart .
    …..Jab annika apne bare me bhula ke tere parivaar ke baare really hv to wTch this track

    heart wrenching lines ..The way she said “yeh apne kiya kia”this scene wt tears and dropped down on her knees….. mummy kasm mere eyemae water .. Luved the part where pinky distracted roop so shivaye can put his act and get tht bride to tie the MS n the sindoor herself…

    Both shivaye heart & anika beats together thy felt their presents but stupid damn roop ….karab kartiya. Cm on anika think …u suppose 2 listen only to shivaye …dun forget anika

    When it comes to mind & heart…sometimes our eyes betray us and make our mind believe wht v c….human nature..

    Precap….. emotiobalbaaz yaar.
    Waiting 2 watch tomoro…

    Both nakuul sir and surbhi maam hv nailed todays episode…wht a phenomenal acting….

    Gd nite beauties

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Pu di…my eyrs also got moist in last part by seeing annika broken
      Don’t know what is gonna happen we can do only one thing wait and watch… ..
      But your Shivaye actually rocked today..

    2. Pushpa

      Some words gone missing ………Jab annika apne bare me bhula ke tere parivaar ke baare me pehle sochti hai to tujhe bhi uske parivaar ke baare me pehle sochna chahiye…….. pinky mum i love u

  7. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals

    Kya Likhu??????.
    I always try not to be emotional qhen Shivika get emotional. .but nooo..My eyes always get moist seeing them broken or emotional.
    What to do….they are soo real for me..i can’t remember that song but every line of that song was perfect for Shivika.

    I tried to make it funny.but don’t know what wil happen

    1.Vomit and her logic.???????????????Anger is the cause of Acidity and Acidity wil lead to teeth break..????????????. Vomit ji take a bow from me for your epic logic..
    She is doing perfect ishqbaazi with her Teeth. ?????.

    2 Shivika Senso meter was in 5G sped today.
    Duffer Sso This not your illusion Annika is here by yiur side..
    Once there was a time I used To doubt on your hormones.. ( as you know i am a big chepdi???).n but never doubt on yiur senso meter but you doubted on yiur own senso meter.YE HI DIN DEKHNA BAAKI REHE GAYA THA MERA??????? ( Teary eyes with puppy face????).

    3.OMG.Omru trolled themselves today.Hamen kuch karne ko milte nahi. Agar mila he toh kuch kar ke dikha te he..????….

    4.As I told you guys Ishqbaaz is all about expect the unexpected and same thing is happening with pinky ponky. ..she is surprising Day by day.

    5 Sso You Dil khush KARDITA. ….For the first you take Anika side properly bcoz today your family support was with you..but what to do?,,?? Ot is too late now.and Soo be like Sitting infront of this Hawan Kund with different girls … is now giving me full on MICHMICHI..Mera make up kharab hojayega..??????????.


    Precap- I thought Annika wil trust Sso..but glad that til last She trusted Sso..but Now MU is gonna take place.

    Pagals…Sry my net is is not in good condition so it is difficult to reply..and thsnk yiu for liking my ride…and As we all know we are gonna cry more and more.i wil try to make it funny. …
    But if i will go with flow with Shivika emotions then forgive.??????..

    Waiting for tomorrow. ….
    And whole week,next week….
    And Good news.VWER TEACK IS GOONA END..
    Don’t know about Vomit track end..

    1. Hi Arpu nice comments and glad Veer’s track is gonna end. That is good news. I don’t want any 6 footer anymore. So sick of watching him. He seriously needs to be in a mental asylum

      1. Hii Sinfhu di..
        Thnx di.
        Ya can’t watch Vanmanosh any more..
        No di mental asylum would not be good for him.only our great Sso can make his mind fix..??.

  8. Riana

    Hey pagals ??…I am sorry i am saying this ! But this is getting boring and worst now…they are dragging this track since a month…such a never ending track !…And why the hell always shivaay and anika gets seperated for anyone’s so called vengeance ! Veer’s track is okay for me but hoop is hopeless utter nonsense lady with stupid revenge !…I mean what the hell she actually wants from her own family ! This is going extremely poor and insane !…I know after sometime they will show anika believing shivaay and everything will go well then whats the meaning of showing such nonsense naa !…Rudra as pandit is funny and om as bodyguard is cool ??…But still where are there respective wives !!…I mean this is not interesting at all !!…Only cry cry !…I thought now they will focus on anika-gauri sissy track but still how can i forget they are ib makers and producer is Gul !!! Who always gul !! ??

    1. Arpita6

      Riana dear…..welcomw back..
      Looking like you are very much upset with track. Hota he hota he..
      I think we wil love upcoming part..
      Don’t lose hope dear.

  9. Wooowww ,,sivika’s love had something magical ,i just love their bonding ,,what an amazing feeling ,,and omru scean was very funny ,hmm tej and pinky handeled bua well ,,and shivay ki majburi ,,anika ki broke down mujse dekhi nahi jati ,anika tried very much not to belive all this but how she watch all this infront of her eyes ,,and i really feel shivay itna bara step nele se pehle ekbar to anika ko inform koarna chahiye tha ,bechari kya karti kuch aur rasta bhi nahi hai usse yeh sob belive karna parega ,,but i just hope sob kuch jaldi thik ho jaye,,,,,
    And who is the bride ,?? I really want to know ,,i don’t think it will be swetlana or anyone else i think that was may be some other girl ,,anyway hope for best,..

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Tania..yes that girl is someone else.
      And vulnerable Shivika…always make us cry.. ???????.
      Yaa Sso should told Annika but what to do..
      Raita already fail gaya he na.
      Hope so…jaldi samet jaye..
      Love you dear.

  10. Hello friends???today episode was too emotional.shivaay’s heart broken state was hard to bear.. his eyes were reflecting what he was feeling sitting with another lady in the mandap.on the other hand annika’s state nothing less.her teardrops showed what she felt.i feel bad for shivaay.he was doing all to save annika and annika unknowingly misunderstood him.i think annika could handle it smartly.okkkk Good night . hope for the best.waiting for tomorrow you

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Puja….
      Kemiti accha????
      Garam re pura band bajuchi…BHUBANESWAR is burning. .
      Yes Annika could handle it smartly but sometimes both Shivika’ head didn’t work.
      But we can’t say anything now…BCOZ DON’T TRUST SHIVIKA AT ALL.
      Kabhi bhi kuch bhi kar sakte he..
      Lets see..baazi palat bhi sakti he.

  11. Arpita6

    Pagals..i have to say something. .
    I know there is different POVof diff pkijans regarding this shivika part.
    1. We can’t blame Sso.

    a..Firstly Only bcoz of him…Anika get to know about her family..

    b.Sso not only think about his family bit also think for Anika’ family..kept it his first priority.
    c.The Amount of Love he has for soo natural real heart warming..Now Anika is his first priority more than anything.
    He just make a blunder by lying Annika and not telling her truth.
    Can’t blame him fully.

    We can’t blame her too.

    a. for the first She got a surname more over that she found her family her sweet memories of childhood days betwwen her bitter past..
    It’s obvious that she wil think about her family.
    B. In these days She suffering very much tortured by Vanmanush and more..
    C.she knows Shivaay hiding something from her but don’t know the whole truth.
    D.She knows Sso can do anything for his family…so may be she will miss understood Shivaay.
    E. till last she trusted him..but for a wife seeing her husband marring someone else is not easy ….

    I am not putting my POV forcefully on anyone.. i just said it..
    If we want to blame some one then blame that vomit..She is the biggest manipulator of this game

    Just wait and watch. ..i think we are gonna Shivika Tasan..
    So be episode and enjoy..
    Love you sooooo much all of you..

    1. Well Arpu I agree with you. Shivaay lied to Anika not intentionally but he wanted to tell her after he cleared Trivedi’s name which is perfectly right. How will Anika feel if she knows a father is a traitor? So he wants to present to her the honourable father he was so Anika is proud.

      1. Yes Sindhu di..
        You are totally right..
        He wanted to make Annika feel proud..
        But here..big raita spread…
        Lets see how it will be handled.

  12. that was so heartbreaking for anika..poor my ani yaar..i dont when will all this get this over ..i dont wat will she do now ..after seeing the precap i am just even more sad n worried what will anika do now…i just hope that she remembers her promise to shivaay of not believing anyone until n unless he comes n tell her anything …please finish this track asap ..anika has to talk to shivaay n clear the misunderstanding …atleast now shivaay should speak the entire truth to anika

    1. Arpita6

      Mrinal dear

      We can asuume 3 things.
      wwhatever may be But Shivika tasan is gonna happen.
      Dont woory just watch and enjoy.
      Love you.


    2. Yeah may be…let see wat will happen …i hope this thing gets sorted soon…### fingers crossed

  13. Luthfa

    It’s just about Time when self-earned trust over someone gets ruined,loses value,finishes and comes to the extreme edge of breaking.Anika,same Anika who always claims that she knows Shivaay more than Shivaay himself,how got her trust altered witnessing something which she shouldn’t believe or accept at any cost because of her absolute trust on Shivaay and his words.Doesn’t Anika know that how much important she is to Shivaay and their marriage?Everything they have in between them only for namesake?Human heart is the most complicated God-made object.It can’t direct its feelings and almost always fails to put in the right track.And the dangerous part of this thing is anyone can manipulate those emotions and feelings of heart for his or her own purpose.When one starts believing what his heart says rather what he sees,his world turns upside down.Anika does know what Shivaay can do for her still she couldn’t manage to bring herself to trust Shivaay in this matter.Because it was not Anika,it was Anika Vardhan Trivedi who belived what she saw.As Shivaay’s Anika knows her Shivaay more than anyone or anything else.All those promises,trust,waiting were made between Anika and Shivaay not between Anika Vardhan Trivedi and Shivaay Singh Oberoi.So,that was bound to happen.Love makes everyone go through countless tests.Every minute,every second it conducts this or that test.One can’t pass those if he or she loses trust over their love.Here the most heart breaking point is Anika not only broke her trust on Shivaay but by default she failed to uphold the trust which Shivaay has on her and his love.In other words,it’s not Anika who is lost today but it is Shivaay who has lost everything,his every priceless possession in the form of Anika……………………………….

    1. Lu…i am already on senti mode by watching all these…
      Now plz don’t made me more senti…
      May now Annika is living in ANNIKA BARDHAN TRIVEDI
      Shivaay is gonna more heart broken than Annika..i am sure.

    2. I totally agree with Luftha that if Anika thinks like Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi she would not have misunderstanding but she is thinking like Anika Harsvardhan Trivedi and that is why she has become too emotional.

      1. NIce analysis Luftha. Always you never fail to impress us with your winsome words

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling humko bohoth hi emotional kardiya…specially that last is so heart wrenching…can’t handle it..As always Khidkithod Analysis…Love you and God bless you..

  14. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Today my comment will be small one…
    Emotional epi…
    Senior oberois – Chalo kabhi toh kaam mein aaye…
    Omru… Both r Superbb…
    When Rudy came out of d room nd said OOoommmm…. That time i thought he is calling om… But… Hahaha…
    DWB , Acidity se daant mein aasar padta hain..!!?? Is it..???
    Shivaay shouted on DWB… That time her face was worth to see…
    This time Shivaay fully support Anika…. Loved that part..
    Pinky , I think i can forgive her at d end of d track…
    Jitne vi MU track hua hain amid Shivika , Shivaay always MU Anika… Now it’s time for Anika to MU Shivaay… But neither Shivaay’s nor Anika’s fault in this….
    It’s will be interesting to watch in future…. But don’t want any long MU track… 1 or 2 days is more 4 this MU track…. Just hate this DWB… She is d main reason of all these…. CVS Just end her track soon…
    Precap – Hope Anika will trust Shivaay…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Bani my dear..
      Do you really think that MU will happen for just for 4 days..itna build up aur phuski bomb..waise IB main ye hota hi he Build up always khidkitod and ending is dragging
      But this time i also want this MU for short time..
      Lets see..

      1. Banita

        I dont know Arpu , but i really dont want a long MU track , but at d same time want a MU track between Shivika , a short one….
        Yehh Let’s see what will happen nxt…
        It will happen or not??

    2. Yes Banu I loved that part too when Rudy called Ommmmmmm……… He was telling the mantra as well as calling his brother for less suspicion. Good thinking on his part

  15. Luthfa

    Special Sorry Note:To My PKJ Family:
    I am sooooooo…..sooooooo….sorry for not replying all.The thing is I was suddenly attacked by allergy and got down with all typical allergic symptoms.And that happened while replying.Feeling not so well but managed to watch the episode.Mom is glaring at me like this girl is impossible.Not well still glued to mobile.Ok,I hope everyone will understand and forgive me for that unusual incident.Love you all.Good Night???????????

    1. Ek aur baar sorry bola toh.. ………


      Toh kya,???? Kuch bhi nahi..
      Btw take care…Summer seasin main hota care ful..
      Love you.

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Dost you don’t have to be sorry for not replying yaar.. We totally understand.. Allergy?!! You should take care of ur health dost.. Take rest.. Take care dost.. Sending reiki to cure your allergy.. Lots of virtual hugs and kisses.. Love you dost ???

    3. Lights di how are you doing now di??so sorry to know that you are stuck with allergies.i will pray for you do.take care and get well you

    4. ItsmePrabha

      arrey sorry kis baath ki hai yaara…Just take care of yourself…Get well soon..

  16. Hello friends ☺️☺️.
    In this marriage scene i miss gowri and bhavya. If they follow Anika they will console her … Hoo Anika cried slot today .
    And in this show I think director forgot priyanka shivomru sister they are not showing any scenes in the show ..

    1. Lucky dear
      i think we will not get priyanka in ishqbaaz anymore….
      And Bhabya and Gouri are back on set..they
      Started their shooting……

    2. Hi good morning to all pkj members. How are you luthfa di after attack of allergy , hope fine . And anika pls recall what shivay said to you before leaving , believe no one until i confirm you . And today i really appreciate pinky she took anika’s side that was nice. Missed gauri and bhavya scenes and roop i don’t know what she is upto . Loved rudra’s pandit get up . and om’s also .Too good .

      1. Hii Sana..
        Good afternoon.
        Rivya are back..we will see them soon.
        And hope it will be fixed soon…
        Can’t watch shivika heartbroken once again….

  17. Hii mere oagals..
    I did not watch shivika separation episode till date..i mean 2 days…
    So can you plz tell me…Why Shivika made pinky promise before that heart breaking part..????????.. …

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Teek se yaad nahi hai… par jaha tak yaad hai..i think usse pehle wali epi mein anudi champagne pee ke kuch bolti hai..aur separation ke din SSO usse ignore kartha hai surprise ki wajah se..lekin anudi ko lagtha hai ki woh raath ko nashe mein kuch bol diya hai iss liye SSO naraz hai..par jab SSO surprise ke liye Anudi ko lejaane aata hai tab anudi SSO se poochthi hai ki woh ignore kyun kar raha woh boltha hai ki just aise hi surprise dena tha aise kuch boltha hai..aur phir anudi poochthi hai ‘kya mein raath ko nashe mein kuch gadbd toh nahi boli na ‘..then SSO kehtha hai ki nahi..then she asks for PINKY PROMISE..and he does so.. i think this was the situation..actually i watched it once and uske baad kabhi himmat nahi hui phirse dekhne ki agar galath hai toh pehle se hi SORRY..

  18. Stop nonsense

  19. Is shiva the real son?????? Where is Mahi????? Priyanka,dadi,ishqbaaz died… only worestbaaz why????? Only shivika why?????????? Zero has a value.. but worestbaaz (ishqbaaz)has no value…. come back to old ishqbaaz

  20. Ishqbaaz team playing for money

  21. Ishqbaaz director likes anika as setup

  22. mad serial by mad director

  23. Top most worest serial in star plus is ishqbaaz…. in history also

    1. PSR..
      Sry if i will hurt you..
      But still i am saying PKJ CAN’T STAND FOR NEGETIVITY.
      I am agree that Old Ishqbaaaz will be memorable for us but still Cvs know what they doing.
      Sometimes i also get upset with Cvs gor dhoeung extremely illogical yhungs and more dragging …And keep track or character unfinished
      But still they are doing their job….
      And if you will say ishqbaaz has no value then i will not agree with this at all.(THIS IS COMPLETELY MY POV)…

  24. Hello PKJ family, hope everyone is doing fine. Hi Arpu, Luftha, Banu, Jeevi, Omaira, Dhawan, Sneha, Beauty and I am sure there are many more wonderful wonderful people here.

    I was feeling disappointed with today’s episode. The actors delivered justice to their roles but I think I am upset and disappointed with the CVS and the were they plotted this episode. I am sorry if some of you all disagree with me.

    First, cvs always like to use similar tactic such as the white roseboard that blocked each other’s views and Roop bringing Anika back to the room. This is the same that happened on Valentine’s day. Come on cvs you can think more creatively or are they running out of ideas??? Gul I expect better that this. Let both of them meet and at least Shivaay could just tell Anika briefly what will transpire. But no CVS have to drag that part……What happened to our Tadi Anika? Last week she was strong character Anika and today she became very vulnerable and emotional. She does not have the fighting spirit as what she had when she encountered Veer alone. After all Roop is a female and she can be so strong willed when it came to Tia and Svetlena but she becomes so subdued when it is Roop. Doesn’t she know if Veer is a worst animal then where did he get all these vibes? From his mum right… Why did Anika easily succumbed to such a lie of Roop and what she had been seeing through the glass? Anika should know that Shvaay can’t marry even for real before granting her a divorce as it would be tantamount to bigamy. Why she becomes so emotional and not rationalising the whole scenerio? Granted she is in the dark but didn’t shivaay warn her that these few days will be challenging for both of them and someone may come and tell something but not believe them and wait until he comes and tell the truth.

    I only like Omru part. I think they were better and comical and of course I loved the way Shivaay was restless and kept apologizing to Anika in his heart that it if for her father’s honour that he is doing it. I also hand it out to Pinky who told Shivaay that it is better they get the proof of Anika’s father’s death then the family as Anika has done so much for Oberoi family.

    Now if cvs create more misunderstanding between Shivika, how will trp go up? People will get fed up to watch. Star Paarivar award show is coming up and they can’t have this misunderstanding at this time if not how can Shivika be best jodi?/ Why do cvs not see all this? Why was Om standing there? Since he is in disguise he could have gone and searched for the evidence but no cvs made him stand there like a statue? Utilise Om’s acting. Maybe he will chance then on Anika and can reveal the truth.

    So now this is going to drag for the whole week. Having said all this, I only hope cvs come up with a twist that Anika knows Shivaay is just play acting and she also goes with the flow. Sometimes I feel that without seeing each other Shivika just knows what is in each other’s hearts. They can be far away but their hearts and mind are connected so they don’t need any dialogues. Hopefully Anika figures all these out on her own realising that Shivaay is been blackmailed.

    Let’s see what will the next episode bring

    1. I agree with you sindhu

    2. Sindhu di..looking like yiu are very much dissapointed with this.
      Listen once again I am saying DON’T BELIEVE ON SHIVIKA AT ALL.
      They are totally paltibaaz..they can chng the game at any time…
      And now Annika is in totaly emotional mess…and she knows very well that Shivaay can go any extent to save his family and more over Bua manipulated Annika very cunningly..
      So it is not that much blunder mafe by Annika..
      Yes she could thungs easily but some times she bacme out of her personality..when things comes to her closed ones..that is her Big prblm

      and now just imagine when shivika wil be reunite that moment will be totally bliss to watch..and the will be more stronger than before.
      Don’t come to an conclusion..

      1. Even i am too tensed for SPA 2018..

  25. We thought after RUDRA marriage CVS will show the three brothers story and their love but here the boring track is showing shivaay marriage annika distrust.

  26. Nikita_jai29

    Tohe piya milenge.. Song is good.. But anika ko uske piya kab milega…… Cvs n to usko mu de diya.. Piya k jagah

  27. ItsmePrabha

    Hello Familia…How are you all??i am not at all fine ..Down with fever and a little bit ok..
    i missed you all so much yaaron..actually i wanted to share a happy news,mera cousin bro ab ek choti si bachi ka baap bangaya hai..i am so happy for him..
    and now coming episodes in this week or maybe more days..
    Nakuul AKA noxy i love your dedication man..itne saare bank episodes karke gaya tu..i just love you my main man..
    all the epis are emotional..aur mere ko bohoth rula rahe hai and dragging bhi hai ..
    ab MU hogi..
    anudi ruthegi aur billu manayega..
    other than hospital scene..i always wanted it to happen..
    aur cvs acha mauka hai billu ki confession video anudi ko dikhane ka….
    socho yaar woh naraaz hai aur iss samay woh confession dekh ke kitni kush ho jayegi..
    waise NM ka mehnat bhi waste nahi hoga.. summer offer hai soch lo..
    waise tashan bhari shivika humko bohoth pasand looking forward to the track..
    par zyada gaseeto math..please…
    Ok guys bye Love you all..take care..
    P.S. Arpu you and your comments are just so amazing my cheapdi..Love you..
    Bunny,aaj kal tum bhi teek se nahi aa rahi ho kya?i mean aaj aayi ho lekin chotu si coomment leke..waise thanks bunny ,DWB ka choti khaatne haq mere liye chodne ke liye..Love you..
    Dhwani,How are you now?and haa shivomru are B goals and anudi is not in a state to understand anything now she is confused so Lets what happens…
    aur aaj teen chaar old PKJs aaye hai so welcome back..good to see you all..
    abb mein chalthi hoon bye,,..

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