Ishqbaaz 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra shares his huge problem

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Ishqbaaz 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I can see you are smiling a lot since morning, what’s the reason. She asks is there any tax on smile, you have a problem if I fight and even now when I m happy. He says no, I m confused. She says there should be suspense in life, get ready, I will make breakfast. He says I get tensed when you behave like a typical wife. She smiles. He says say something, what do you want to say. She says I feel… He asks what. Bhavya comes to them asking for Rudra. She says Rudra isn’t at home, he isn’t answering my home, I spoke to him when I came back from jogging, he was behaving weird. Khanna says Rudra’s car isn’t outside. Om says none of his friends know about him, Chubby said Rudra was talking weird things. Anika asks did you have a fight. Bhavya says no, when I came back from jogging, everything was normal, we had a talk too. Gauri says he never goes without informing. Bhavya cries. Shivaye says I will take police help.

Bhavya says I will use my sources. Shivaye and Om leave. Bhavya calls and says Rudra’s car is found by police, but Rudra isn’t there. Shivaye asks did his phone get traced. She says yes and tells the location. Shivaye and Om come to the pub and ask about Rudra. They see Rudra dancing with girls on the dance floor. Ankhiyaan milaake…..plays…. ShivOm look on. Rudra sees them and gets shocked. He drops the girls. He says later…. my brothers are here. The girl says get lost…. Rudra goes to them. He says these girls…. they chase a hot guy. Om says we have seen it. Shivaye says you are partying without informing anyone. Om says you have any idea how worried Bhavya is. Rudra says I was trying to end my sorrow, my life is over, I want to live this day to fullest. Shivaye asks what happened, tell me. Rudra says what shall I tell you, this sorrow made a hot guy turn into a poet, just leave me alone. He cries. Om signs Shivaye. They throw water at Rudra. They take Rudra out to some park.

Rudra says I never wanted to get involved in this, even then I got trapped, life is finished, its a sunny day, even then I m downcast, I m hungry, but don’t want to eat anything. Om says its okay, tell us the problem. Shivaye asks what happened. Rudra says it is going to happen, my world will turn upside down, you know what happened when I woke up today. Om asks what. FB shows Rudra waking up by Bhavya’s scream. He helps her and asks what happened. She says I feel nauseous and dizzy, get anything sour for me to taste, add some salt in lemonade. Rudra goes to kitchen and makes lemonade. Dadi asks since when did you start having lemonade early morning. He says its not for me, but Bhavya. She says give some food to her. He says no, she asked for some sour thing. She asks is there any good news. He says she is feeling dizzy, nauseous and she wants to have sour thing. He drops the glass in shock. Dadi sings Mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari….. and goes. FB ends.

Om pats Rudra and says Bhavya was sick and you went to party, you could have stayed with her. Rudra cries. Shivaye asks what good news was Dadi talking about. Rudra says join the dots, she was feeling nauseous, dizzy, she felt like eating sour, good news, I m so upset that I didn’t tell imp thing, nauseous feeling, now join the dots, did it ring a bell. Shivaye and Om get shocked. Om shouts OMG, you are really pregnant… Rudra asks what kind of an artist are you, I m not pregnant, Bhavya is pregnant, its true that I m going to become a….. A girl says Papa… The lady says sorry, she addresses anyone as Papa. Rudra yells at her. ShivOm ask the lady to go and make Rudra sit. Shivaye asks why are you getting so tense. Rudra says slap me. Om slaps him. Rudra says I wish this is some dream and it breaks. Shivaye says its teal. Rudra says it means I m going to become a Papa. Shivaye says I will be becoming Chacha. Rudra says Tau.

Shivaye says I feel old hearing Tau. Om says chacha is a better world. Rudra says I didn’t experience anything in life, I was not ready for this, my life just started and finished too, I will have to share everything with baby, his milk bottle will be more cute than my protein shake, I was the youngest at home, now someone younger will come, I won’t get attention, my value will end, my life won’t be the same. ShivOm hold heads. Rudra cries and sees them. He says no one listens to me. Shivaye says we are listening. Rudra says when I go out, people will say, look an uncle is going, I can see my future, look there….

Khanna asks Rudra’s baby what does he want. Rudra says I will be the only child in this family. Khanna says you are a middle aged person/uncle now. Rudra asks which uncles have such muscles. Khanna says they don’t have muscles, but have kids, so you have become uncle. ………

Rudra screams and says I don’t want to become uncle, I want to remain cool boy Rudy. Shivaye says relax, why are you thinking of future. Rudra says save me, I m still a child. Om jokes. Rudra says my heart can fail, don’t joke. Shivaye asks Rudra to be a strong man, don’t worry, this had to happen someday, look at the brighter side, you have done something before we did it, maybe I m not able to give right advice because of stress, Om you try. Om says you remember Pari, you played with her. Rudra says yes, because I thought she was your child. Om says I thought she was Shivaye’s child. Shivaye says I thought… Rudra says I know, don’t say anything, I m facing a big problem, save me. Shivaye asks how can this be a problem. Rudra says I m still young, look at my biceps, I haven’t become husband well, how shall I become Papa, I don’t want people to know me as Ruvya’s dad. Om asks who is Ruvya. Rudra says your nephew or niece. Shivaye says you decided the name too. Rudra says I don’t want kids to call me uncle, save me. A kid comes and says uncle, your phone is ringing. Shivaye answers and says hello uncle, sorry Anika. She asks where are you, did you find Rudra. He says yes, he is with us now, he is fine. Anika says they found Rudra. Bhavya says tell him to make me talk to Rudra once.

Shivaye says tell Bhavya, Rudra will come home and talk. He ends call. Bhavya asks what did he say. Anika says they are coming home, calm down. Gauri asks what are you thinking about. Anika says I feel that Shivaye is trying to hide something, just tell me, you didn’t had a fight right. Bhavya says we didn’t fight. Rudra says sorry, I can’t give you both more time, we won’t be able to have Obro moment, you will ask me why. ShivOm ask why. Rudra says nice, I have to give all my time to Ruvya, I have to change her diaper, give her bath, make her sleep, my gym equipment will be replaced by baby’s cot, when I attend parties… Shivaye asks will you attend parties? Rudra says kids’ birthday parties, everyone will ask me the same question, they will ask Ruvya’s eating habits, they will also ask the color of her potty, oh Lord, save me. ShivOm ask him to relax. Shivaye says you aren’t the first man who is becoming a father. Rudra says I m first among Obros, the eldest could be the first one. Om says this is our tradition, Shakti embraced fatherhood before Tej, right. Shivaye says correct.

Rudra says now I understand, why he used to sit in temple all day, he couldn’t live his life to the fullest like me. Om says relax, you have nine months. Rudra says its for baby’s coming. Shivaye says nine months are for dad to get mentally prepared and practice. Om says you are so selfish, think about us, even we have to get prepared. Shivaye says relax guys, we are together, one for all, all for one. Om says we three are strong men, don’t take tension, like we both have raised you, we will raise Ruvya better. Rudra cries. Shivaye says try to visualize, maybe your thinking changed, you may like spending time with baby, like it happened with Pari. Rudra says it was just for a couple of days. Shivaye says you were tensed before marriage, what happened then, you told me that marriage isn’t a bad thing, kids are adorable, there are lot to love about kids. Rudra asks for instance… Om asks Shivaye to say. Shivaye says kids are cute. Rudra asks and what. Shivaye says kids can be very cute. Rudra says its same, say more. They see someone…

Shivaye says if anyone says I m going to become a father, I don’t know how I m going to react. Anika asks why, don’t you want to have kids. He says I don’t want to have kids. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh God,
    What a epi. I died of laughing.
    One of the funniest epi of Ib.
    Rudra is such a dramabazz.
    Full of O’bros.
    The song bom diggi was perfect.
    When Rudy saw ShivOm and his reaction was…
    There was not a single sec. when I didn’t laughed. Accept in start and O’bhaus scene.
    When Om bhaiya said Rudra is pregnant…I fell from sofa.
    I was laughing like mad.
    My dad was like ur tv needs to be stopped.
    When the girl called Rudy papa.
    Rudra even thought then name ‘RUVYA’.
    And fb Oh god the funniest.
    ShivOm and Anri chacha-chachi and tau-tai.
    Their reaction after the child called them Uncle.
    Precap- Shivay bhaiya shouldn’t have said that.
    Can’t wait for repeat now. Going to watch it on hotstar now.
    @Criz- Thanks for telling the timing.
    @Tania di @Arpita di
    @Banita di- Thanks. I m fine di. Aap kaise ho? People r Gul mam to stop these tracks now. It feels like TMKUC.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Arpita6

      TMKUC???????iska full form kya he???????…
      And congrats GRG..
      Ye sooo fuuny episode.

    2. Congratulations on being first tears came out of my eyes while laughing oooooommmmmmmggggggggg what an apisod

    3. Go Ritu Go ,,again congrats ,on being 1st

      But why you say ,tania di ,,mujhe nahi lagta mai tumse jada bari hun ,,i am just 17yrs ,,so plz don’t call me di ,agar mujse tum choti ho to thats ok …

      yeah ,,yr today’s epi is most funniest ,,and seriously when shivom said ,,rudra is pregnent ,,that was so funny ,,sach mai meri mummy to bahar se sunkar mujhe daat ne lagi ,,ki aisa kaya ho raha hai jo teri hasi stop hi nshi ho raha hai ,,pura epi mai mere ko haste haste pet me dard ho gaya ,,

    4. Banita

      Congo dr being 1st again…
      @Arpu TMKUC full from is Tarak Mehta Ki Ulta Chasma…

      1. Thank you Bani…..
        I got it…

    5. Congrats for commenting first epi was so fab.. obro’s totally nailed it..specially Rudy(Lee)…I couldn’t control my laughter for a was such a hilarious performance..
      Anika and Rudy both are pakka natunki(drama bazz)..

    6. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations..?
      Yeah episode was fun-filled.When ShivKara said Rudra was pregnant I died of laughing.Waiting for today’s episode especially Shivika conversation about their family planning.Take care?

  2. I Can’t say, how much I laughed today by this super comic performance by Oberoi’s..

    Especially Rudy.. ??????

    Anika is giving good news..

    But Shivay , I ruined the happiness…

    At least, they will reveal tomorrow ..

    Except precap.. everything was Bindaas… ????️

    1. Arpita6

      Hii UB welcome back..yaa such a funny episode and expression
      Don’t worry Sso wil pacify her….
      Ye but it was kinda heartbreaking. .
      Lets see for tomorrow

    2. Luthfa

      Hello UB,how are you?
      Me too laughed like anything watching the episode.I don’t think Anika is pregnant but if she is really pregnant then great.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  3. It was a awesome epi.Rudy was too good and funny????? Just hoping that the trp will increase.Waiting for tomorrow’s epi……

    1. Arpita6

      Yehh Dipti dear..scaring about TRP..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dipti,
      Trp is another headache.Let’s wait and watch.

  4. What an episode guys.. Such a roller coaster laughter episode..
    What a start guys.. Anika blushing and her biw is mode on…shivaay full of tension so so cute.. No idea what she gonna or wanna say….
    My eyes full of tears by laughing.. Rudy.. I just loved u r antics yar..?????????????????????????
    After a long time we gotta see Obro’s moments.. ??????????
    Shivkara Panika moment..??????
    That kid when it called uncle.. ???????
    Rudy to shivaay you are not chacha tau.. ??????????
    Poor Rudy yeah it quite natural when they become parents soon after their marriage.. This is how ppl reacts.. That too your family tradition hey na.. Younger one to become parents first.. Rudy’s each dialog were so cute and laughter.. ???? today Lee rocked it..
    Precap: Shivaay didn’t expect this from you.. You pour water on Anika’s dream.. But, I still hope there must be a valid reason behind this..without watching the episode we can’t say anything.. Billu ji we want ansh & shivika..

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Di..nice comment.
      But Ansh and Shivika sooo soon…
      Thoda der main ho toh accha hoga .not so soon.

      1. Arpu, they took much time than others in everything..
        I mean everything.. Even a simple thing sorry and thanks SSO took much time..For saying I love you he took long time he can’t even can’t utter anything.. Atleast in this thing let them be first.. ??..
        Look @ Rudy.. Last month his marriage got over now he is expecting kid.. But in our shivika case all reversal..

    2. Hai kadambari akka.. please noooo! Let all of them enjoy their life. Educated hi class couples now have the freedom to choose wen to be parents na..don’t make them rush. Everytime they have problems back to back. Otherwise wen the kid comes shivaay will b bc saving his family from sm villain???

      1. Krishna,
        Even I’m sure that makers doesn’t want them to be parents soon was justly opinion.. just everything happening soon for other two couples.. even if they have any troubles our shivika only have to solve..they are showing as if other couples are Dumbo.. past few episodes Bhavya’s role being played by Gauri..I mean simply showing to know she also excit in that house.. cv’s pls give them also some stories…
        That’s the reason I said if shivika have kids they will be busy with kids,so that if any problems arises in OM.. let other two couple handle it and make proud of his bhaiya.. plz show some progression in their life as well….

      2. Moreover,I love all three couple.. no bias on other couple.. it’s ishqbazz.. so all three couple should be treated equally..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Episode was epic in the terms of laughter.I laughed ceaselessly.Anika’s biwi mood creates problems for Shivaay often time.About Anika being pregnant,I don’t want makers to be in hurry to show it.Shivika’s journey is a natural process and it should be kept like that.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    4. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      Baby…!!! No dii not so soon….
      Yeh i also think there must be some valid reason…

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    So tayar hojao bacche wali track main hasne ke liye ,rone ke liye,enjoy karne ke liye..ha ha ha.

    Most imp question. BACCHA aanese kya faya hota he.
    1.ghar ko warish milti he…..Bansh Bridhi hoti he.???
    2. Ghar main ya toh rone ki ya fir hasne ki baat hoti he.
    3 Baby ke liye dher saare function hoti he.
    4 Maa Baap ki responsibility aur badh jati he.
    5 Agar parenta jyada determined person huetoh baccha paida hone se peheli woh future main kya banega isko leke yaa toh decide krte he ya fir world war III bhi kar sakte he.
    24686789642 reasons he…Aab ye 5 reason kafi he.

    Rudy…seriously man……what is this?????subha subha party…kaun karta he..woh bhi BOOM DIGGY DIGGY BOOM BOOM pe…..

    Annika my blushing queen stop blushing sooo much yarr ladko ki band bajaoge tum…abtw i am loving your blushing blushing beautiful smile..

    And Sso got scared when Annika do Wifey things..?????yes Kalavati Thakur ke chakkar main kafi paressan ho chuka he banda ( I REALLY LOVED ANNIKA’S KKT AVTAR. . SHE REALY IRRITATED SSO A LOT.?????)..
    DADI……?????mmatlab haad he.. CHAKKAR AAYI ..ULTI AAYI TOH KHUSH KHABRI….
    Koi ek kilo jeher khilado mujhe yarr..

    And Rudy..what was that TATTI KONSI COLOUR KI HE.??????????.I cracked up sooo badly. …..
    Rudy..don’t cry my dear….yarr….bacche ka naam bhi soch li and yiu are crying like hell.

    Btw that imaginary child was sooooooooo cute…

    Sso is actually ready for becoming Daddy since long
    1 Tia part….??
    2 Pari ..
    3 Aryan
    4 For Sahil he is perfect father figure
    5 Now if Annika will realy pregnant then also he has to be ready na..???????

    Aab ye rona full 18 min tak chala..aaur main full hasti rahi…aur nahi hota…mera pwt dard ho raha he.

    Precap -I know SSO you are trying to pacify Rudy thats why you said..I KNOW YOU LOVE KIDS SOOO MUCH Pari track was biggest example of it..But Annika is deeply hurt…..
    Ok I also know you will pacify prblm.

    I THINK ANNIKA IS NOT PREGNANT. …there is some MU..
    Lets see.

    (Personally I don’t want a preggy Annika sooo soon..)
    Ok byyy

    1. Really arpu ,,1kilo jeher ,,bohot jada nahi ho raha hai ,,well i think tum 500gm se bhi kam chala loge ,is not it ?? ???lol ,yr ,,tum aisi khowais mat kiya kuch aur bhi to kha sakti ho ,kush khabri hai ti kheer khao meri jaan ,,
      I am just hope anika is not really pregnent ,,it should be a MS yr ,i also don’t want sivika to be parents so soon ,but shivay ne jo kaha woh to use bilkul keh na nahi cahiye tha ,,anika will be hurt ,

      1. Tani dear..
        Ok fune.I will eat kheer ..pakka..
        Yehh Annika is not pregnant it is a MU..

        Dont worry Sso will pacify her..
        He loves her yarr…lets wait for next.I am sure we will get a good shivika convo..

    2. Arpu dear hw are you? don’t eat 1 kilo zeher yaar?. Woh bhi dadi ke ek mu se.. poor dadi is waiting to be par dadi. Bechari. She saw the normal symptoms and wished it wld b true.. that’s all.????.. tis Rudy is the one who ran off before even confirming… Personally even I don’t want a pregnant Anika. And will they even show rikara consummation scene or wld v nly know after gauri becomes pregnant. Let all 3 of them have some happy moments before becoming parents (personal opinion)

      1. Krishu di..
        Yehh I am fine…
        Ha ha ha Dadi aisi wild imagination layegi toh kya karu ????????
        Even I don’t want preggy Annika.
        Dont know they will show rikara consummation ever .or not..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Tell me about that declaration of pregnancy witnessing dizziness,nausea and all.Typical in every serial.I want Pinky to be present when Anika will give the good news with Shivaay.At least Pinky deserves this.Rudra is really drama king.Laughed like anything especially for Ruvya.Ruvya’a baby Ruvya.Anyway,nice analysis.Take care?

    4. Banita

      Kya baat hain tujhe bahat pata hain bacchon ke baare mein… Ek kaam kr ek book likh “Baccha aane ka fayda” nd usme apna 24686789642 reason likh dena… Lol…
      1kilo kun wast krna bhubaneswar ki garmi mein 1hr dhup mein khadi ho jaa na jeher jarurat nahi padegi…
      I also dont want baccha in shivika’s life yr…
      TC… Kun ki tujhe kuch ho gaya toh meri ek superbb comment padhna miss ho jayega na… Haan agar tu hospital mein reh kr vi ase comments likh sakti hain toh f9…

  6. Arpita6

    Thank you sooooooo much for the update.
    They effort you are putting is really good. ..
    And you always give us fastest update..
    Once again thank you di…

    1. Yes Amena di did a great job ,,she gives update very fast ,,really thank you so much for giving us the update too fast ,di ,

    2. Luthfa

      Amena di,the real rock star of PKJ family,hats off to your dedication and effort.Love you di.God bless you?

  7. Hi pkj family ,,,how are you all …
    Todaay’s epi is totally funny ,,ha ha ha ,,????
    I can’t control my self ,,mai to haste haste bed se girne wali thi ,,thank god break de diya tha ,
    From the first second till the last momment is just too much fun ,,
    1.shivay “jab anika biwi wale mood mai a jata hai to paresani bar jati hai “??seriouly shivay ,,,lol
    2.rudra this is very dad news ,,i am very sad for you …,????my god ,,,,rudy tum jitna assun bahaye mai to usse jada assun bahaya ,,nakil tum rote hue aur mai haste hue ,,????kuch bhi ,,rudra is just impossible ,,
    3.when a small girl come and said ” papa”to rudra ,,omg ,,rudra just khatarnak tha boss,,
    Today shivomru ,,rocked by their expressions ,,superb both of you threr guys ,just superb ,,???
    4.shivay “babies are cute”
    “babies are very cute ”
    Rudra “are dono hi same hai yrr,,”
    ????writters are really good ,,awesome ,,,
    Precap-shivay what are you saying ,pehle to ham nahi chate thai ki tum papa bano aur ab tumbhi nahi chate ho ,,are you serious ??ab anika bohot hi jada paresan hole wali hai ,,god knows kaya hoga ,waiting for tommorow ,,
    By guys ,,good night ,,

    1. Hiiii Tani..
      Ha ha Sso should be scare na.
      Bcoz as i said Kalavati thakur’s wifey aka PATI PARMESHWAR type…..mode…Sso was gone that time….
      And yeh Babies are cute
      Babies are very cute ..ha ha ha.
      Nice comment Tani.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Hehehe…..Episode had me on ROFL mode totally.Rudra and his panics on becoming Dad were superb.But I loved the flashback of Ru,Khanna and the baby.Precaps are always misleading.But I am waiting to see what Shivaay is going to tell if it’s real.Take care?

    3. Banita

      Heyy Tania…
      Yeh Rudy’s reaction was khatarnak wala hilarious when that girl said Papa… Hahaha…
      btw where r u from Tania??

  8. Luthfa

    Rudra Singh Oberoi,the born baby of Oberoi khandan is fearing his unborn baby!And it’s very natural on his part to feel so.Rudra’s such behaviour is his trade mark and everyone is used to this.His main concern is the carefree life he is leading will be full with the responsibilities of baby and baby will replace him in OM.Rudra is not thinking like that person who is a husband and being a husband he is not alone who will undergo drastic changes but his wife also included.Here one and only the famous lady killer,always charming,foolishly innocent Rudra Singh Oberoi is venting his frustrations on his two elder brother.He is only tensed for his image but not about the baby or anything.Marriage is supposed to bring changes in one’s life and that leads to parenthood naturally but from Rudra’s reactions it seems so unnatural.First of all Rudra needs to understand that marriage is a responsibility and everything related to it is not a joke but a reality.Looks like he is still in the hangover of pre-marriage life and bohemian mentality.He is not finding any possible reason to become Dad,the funniest realization.But amidst the drama of Rudra one thing is very serious to consider.No-one ever asked any girl that why she would not become a mother after marriage.In their cases image,career,choices nothing matter.Matters only that she is She so she is always ready to be a mother,society thinks perhaps girls as well.Boys always have their saying in the happenings of their life but we girls never asked to state our opinion in the important decisions of our life as we are not our fate-decider.What Rudra is going through is very normal but not necessary it could be same with Bhavya also……………………………..

    1. Hi luthfa ,,nice comment dr,,…., yes rudra is very scare to face the responsibility of a baby ,,actually he is right ,,woh to abhi tak thik se husband hi nahi ban paya ro papa kaya khak banenge ,,
      and about society ,,you are right a girl should be always prepare to become a mother ,,as she is a girl ,,so has to become a mother that with her wish aur without her wish thats does not matter here,…..which is wrong ,

      1. Luthfa

        Yes you are right.At first place Rudra needs to be a responsible husband and after that he could think about baby and all.And society always pressurise a girl on this matter only excluding the boys.Anyway,thank you soooo….much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. Hi luthfa.. How are you? A glaring reality in our society dear.. very rarely a girl is given the power to decide wen she wants to marry and we she wants to give birth. In rudra’s case bhavya has to prepare herself as well as her husband. Infact I have a feeling which ever the obro it was their wives wld have had to handle.. jus a feeling. Esp after seeing the precap. Happy that you saw beyond the comedy and gave us points to ponder

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Krishna di,I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.You are right di.In OF it will be obahus who are going to handle this thing.Otherwise Obros are very busy with their own agenda especially Shivaay.Society points fingure at girls because it thinks girls are weak and powerless and tourtering them mentally is its favourite sports from time immemorial.This has to be stopped and girls need to take initiatives for their own betterment.Thank you soooo….much for your valuable appreciation di.God bless you?

    3. Fama

      Hi Luthfa dear…… nailing it again with your analysis on the episode!!!
      Absolutely on point that girls’ feelings are not considered in terms of our life’s most important decisions but hopefully such social norms will change with time considering how feminist some societies are becoming……

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Fama,how are you?
        Girls can’t take stand for themselves because they never get the support from family as well as from their respective parents in most of the cases.It’s really pathetic to think that who brings a new life in the world is being forced to do so for various reason.Her choices and thinking don’t count at all when she should share major proportion in this matter.And feminist and feminism culture is good to protect girls support their rightful causes to some extent if not fully.Anyway,thank you sooooo…much for your precious love.God bless you?

    4. Ooooooo.. lu di.
      Yiunare giving commenter goals day by day.
      Good ..keep it up..
      Perfect analysis

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooo….much for your love darling.God bless you.I don’t think I am that much good commenter.There are many more deserving than me.And my sister/darling,thank you for addressing me as your di.God bless you?

    5. Very true, on the point

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment 1234?

    6. Banita

      Lu… Tum toh humesha hi khidkitode comment krti ho…
      About girls point… I think yeh parents ki responsibility hota hain ki wo apni girl child ko nahi apni boy child ko vi yeh baat samjhaye then only humara society ka yeh difference kam hoga… Hope u understand what i want to say…

      1. Luthfa

        Girls are always advised what to do or not but boys in less things.Parents prioritize only male children that’s why they don’t consider to make them learn something important for their life which they will face later.Here all the privileges are for only boys and girls are minorities.Parents should change their typical mindset for boys being the ultimate.Discrimination starts from girls own family then it haunts them in in-law as well.Anyway,thank you sooooo…much for your love.God bless you?

  9. Hi guys after a long time I’m here to comment how r guys? today’s epi was osum

    1. Hi Harry ,,WLC back dr ,,yes today’epi is just supper se bhi upper wala tha ,,very funny epi ,,

      1. Tanq Tania dhi

    2. He Harry..
      Welcome back yarr..
      After soooooo many days…..
      How are you????????.
      Yeh Episode was awasome.

      1. Yah I’m fine yah its quiet a long time after long time in ib a epi full of fun

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Harry,how are you?
      Welcome back to PKJ family with band-baja and lots of love.Hope you have performed khidkitode in your exams.I am good.Thank you so much.See you soon.Take care?

    4. Banita

      Heyy Harry…
      WELCOME BACK dr….
      It’s really longgg time…
      Hope now u will not be gayab again…

  10. Fama

    Hi everyone…
    seems like Rudy’s sixth sense is having an effect on me today by making sure I don’t miss this episode today
    The title of today’s written update itself cracked me up “Rudra shares his huge problem” ?????? ….. THANKS AMENA
    I haven’t even watched today’s episode yet and by reading the update I couldn’t control my laughter (but then I have to get ready for the laughter dose just 30mins to go before watching the episode)

    1. Fama

      Asli role change happened in today’s episode….. l mean Rudy’s illogical logic went to Shivkara and vice versa…. Rudra was able to join the dots of Bhavya’s symptoms but not Shivkara and Omkara made Rudra pregnant ?????
      “Bacchas are cute” and “bachas can be very cute” I was actually expecting Shivaay to next say “bachas are the cutest” but nevertheless the obros didn’t left any stone unturned in making us hysterically laugh so much in almost 20 minutes…… I didn’t even mind the breaks today because the thought of Rudra’s “huge problem” makes me lol ?
      Khanna ji ‘what is’….. you’re calling Rudy baba as uncle….. very bad khanna ?????
      Precap: Shivaay you were ready to become Siddhi mai’s Daddy but not Ansh/Shivika
      Waiting eagerly for next episode!!!

      1. Hiii Fama..welcome back my dear.
        So rudy gave his sixth sense to you????????…
        Good.go and watch it..
        I am sure you will crack up..
        Soooo funny.
        Lets see na.what will Sso say today.

      2. Luthfa

        Hi Fama,
        Yes episode was laughter riot.Laughed so much that my cheeks were hurting literally.All three Obros have gone nuts and behaved weirdly.Rudra very successfully dragged ShivKara in his drama.They were afraid because of Uncle Phobia.LOL!!!!!And you are right.Shivaay is the official Dad of OmRu and to some extent to a great exten to whole Oberoi khandan but refusing to become Dad of his own child.This is going to be very interesting.Let’s see.Take care?

      3. Fama

        Thank you Arpita
        I got Rudy’s sixth sense but am worried thatI might actually follow his sixth sense and later see myself in a mental asylum ??????? following his stunts in yesterday’s episode

      4. Fama

        Luthfa… uncle phobia ?????
        I think Shivaay is afraid of becoming a father as there is already a child (Rudy) they have to take care of

    2. Banita

      Welcome back Fama…
      HRU dr??
      Khanna said Rudy Uncle nd Ruvya baba… Hahaha…
      yeh whole epi cracked me up badly…

      1. Fama

        Thank you Banita
        Am good or perhaps recovering from yesterday’s rollercoaster ride episode…. hope you’re also doing good???

  11. Hello pkjians.. i’m very srry i cnt comment nowadays. How are you all? Hope u all are doing awesome after tdays epi….ib is my stress reliever nowadays. Today’s episode was soooooooo funny I died laughing bt my laugh disappeared wen i saw the precap. Poor Anika. She died there wen shivaay said dat. I guess she was expecting Shivay to do dhinka chika wen he receives the news bt instead he said he dsnt want kids..

    Bt the episode was hilarious. During Sidhi Mai’s episode everyone was like Rudy forgot his character and all. So tday CVS gave us our old Rudy. Obros water scene was the best. Rudra ho Gaya pani pani.. Tej is going to b very happy that the next waris is from his son. I wonder wat the changed pinky wld have felt. Bt who ever has the first kid, the kid is going to b soooo very lucky. He’ll have 3 set of parents. Today shivom’s expressions were funnier than that of Rudy????. Shivay is like I can’t think due to stress, om you handle. You even have longer hair?????. I died there.. but ruvya?? Please CVS after giving khidkitod names like Anika, shivay, Omkara and rudra please don’t name like Yrkkh. Ansh is the only acceptable name fr a kid????.. that kid was soooooooo cute and khannaji stole the show in that scene??????.. can’t wait fr tomorrow.. gdnyt pkjians… Tc

    1. Banita

      Hlo Krishna…
      I m good dr… How about U???
      I dont think Rudy ever changed his avtar becz in siddhi maai track also he was same baby funny Rudy… But yeh in this epi he fully back to his old format… In cry baby avtar…
      Yeh Shivom’s reactions r funniest yesterday..
      Me too waiting 4 today epi…

  12. Today’s episode was awesome.

    1. Luthfa


  13. Banita

    Hlo Pagals….
    No comparison of Mr. Drama queen… No no Mr. Drama king…. Arre nahi it should be DRAMA UNCLE… ???????????
    Shivom’s reactions also????
    Ek toh itni late ghanti baaji nd jb baaji toh kya “Rudra tu pregnant hain”???????
    Tauji… Shivay – bade tau nd Om – Chote tau… LOL…
    Family tradition… Hahaha…. Sahi hain… Wase bi Rudy Ko humesha room Ko Jane ki jaldi thi toh????? ab bhugto?????????
    When that small girl said papa nd that small boy said uncle??????
    Most important our Khannaji…??????????????????? It’s cracked me up badly…..
    Today I was am laughing like madly…. My stomach is aching becz of too much laugh…. Lee again nailed in this fun epi…..
    Precap – Hope Shivay didn’t mean it…. Whatever it will be, but it hurt Anika….
    P S – I sacchi mein don’t want any baby now in Shivika’s life… Nd I m sure makers also don’t want it…
    GN PKJ….

    1. Ha ha ha exactly……….
      Room main jaane ki jaldi tha usse..sahi pakde he Bani aap.
      Ha ha yeeh no need of baby soon……
      Ha ha ha..
      Hope Sso don’t mean that…
      But Annika was really going to tell that She is feeling that she is pregnant………..
      Now she will be hurt..but Sso is here na..
      Lets see

      1. Banita

        O M G….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Am I dreaming…!!??????
        Bani AAP…!!!??? Itna saara ijjat… Mere liye… Wo vi tujhse…!!!! Haawww…!!!
        Yeh toh kamal ho gaya…
        Yeh why fear when SSO is here… It will be really fun to watch when Shivay will manawing Anika…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Hehehehe…..I laughed like anything watching the episode and now laughing reading your comment.OF is the only Khandan where everything starts backwards.And I loved how Rudra explained Shakti being a religious person and flashback of Baby and Khanna along with Rudra.And baby track for Shivika will be too soon and I am expecting a neat and clean baby track which will be just perfect.Let’s see what is actually going to happen.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Lu i dont think there will be any baby track for Shivika so soon… May be there will be a small MU , but baby of Shivika… Not now… But yeh me also want when there will be baby track i also want a proper baby track with all fun consern from family specially from Shivay…. How he tc of Anika nd all these things…. But not for now sure…

  14. Hii Krishu di..
    Its ok problem …..
    Yehh Episode is really funny
    and good and gave a lot of laughter dose…..
    Yehh khanuji was in a trolll mode on Rudy’s imagination…..
    Lets wait.I am sure Sso will pacify annika..
    Lets see.

  15. Luthfa

    Hello Krishna di,welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love.
    Me too was thinking the same di.The first heir of OF will receive much more attention than any other kids followed by.Senior Oberois will definitely play their family politics in this matter to grab the rein of Oberoi Empire.Parenthood is a blessing and brings pure happiness but Oberois will face hard time because of the traditions of their family.And di,Ansh will be Shivika’s Son not of Ruvya or Rikara.It’s been decided long ago.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  16. Renimarenju

    Hello My Lovely Ishqbaaazians…
    No words 2 describe how was the episode……It was so hard to control my laughter, throughout the whole episode……Rudy…..Rudy…Rudy…Rudy…Rudy……..The supercool “UNCLE”………Rudy, superman……watching it was so nice………When he said baby’s milk bottle will be more cute than my protein shake…..Awwwww…….Rudy u will never leave ur trademark word “Protein shake”…….That “Tau” sounded nice…..And moreover when om said u are so selfish rudy, think about us….now we need to get ready…Oh, Om u never leaves that best man walah nature……The biggest fun was shivay’s advice 2 rudy…9 months is a big time….for getting mentally prepared as u are becoming father….. Waise what will happen if anika gets pregnant and shivaay finds it ?? “OH MY MAATA” ….That will be so fun……I know shivika progress is been going well and baby track can be bring later…..Still luv 2 hear from our anika…..Phail gaya raitaa……Ek nahi do-do kanchi aankhon walahe bagad bille ko dekhne padenge……Cv’s pls show some progress in our rikara track also…….Missing gauri’s dabang andazz
    And how are u my ishqies cum pkj’s…..1.Mukta
    2. Aqua
    3. Annika
    4. Nadiya
    5. Disha
    6. Priya15
    7. Priyaa
    8. Priya29
    9. Lijince
    10. Lax
    11. Lijitha
    12. Luna
    13. Shivani
    14. Ranilya
    15. Pushpa
    16. Piyalii
    17. Priyali
    18. Chandini
    19. Saku
    20. Shraddhadbo
    21. Shraddha sharma
    22. Veda
    23. Razna
    24. Krishna
    25. Kanfi
    26. Kritika
    27. Yashal
    28. Yashu
    29. Yazhu
    30. Cheequ
    31. Chaithu
    32. Chavi
    33. Ros
    34. Rose
    35. Rosu
    36. Roz
    37. Aliya
    38. Soniya
    39. Sejsmiles
    40. Nilash
    41. Nimisha
    42. Niharika
    43. Nivedha
    44. Nivedhita
    45. Aastha
    46. Archiya
    47. Arpita
    48. Nikki
    49. Nikitajai
    50. Uff
    51. Aahana
    52. Abiha
    53. Amaaya
    54. Anuluvsib
    55. Anulydiya
    56. Riddhima
    57. Mouni
    58. Pixie
    59. Kiana
    60. Maya
    61. MP
    62. Chetna
    63. Chitra
    64. Maahi
    65. Maahiswit
    66. Shekhar
    67. Dhruvv
    68. Maanik
    69. Manyapv
    70. Orchid
    71. Ooshi
    72. Akshaya
    73. Akshita
    74. Antara
    75. Ammu
    76. Aaryaraju
    77. Aarya
    78. Jara
    79. Ayath
    80. Ayesha
    81. Bshama
    82. Bhavana
    83. Ria
    84. Piyuu
    85. Roby
    86. The dreamsoul
    87. Anila
    88. Anitaa3
    89. Pinku
    90. Dasha
    91. Trisha
    92. Tridha
    93. Soha
    94. Dangerousdevil
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    99. Mukthi
    100. Stuthi
    101. Diyaa
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    103. Liya
    104. Akansha
    105. Harshan
    106. Harsha
    107. VHM
    108. Himagiri
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    111. Shree
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    113. Abhishek
    114. Devga
    115. Sunehri
    116. Sujina
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    118. Mishri
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    120. Shivika forever
    121. Surbhi
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    127. Dbo fans from kerala
    128. Sakshi
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    416. Kiggh
    @ Arpu darling…….Ur comment is khidkithod…
    @ Luthfa…..Nice analysis…
    @ Harry…Welcome back
    @ Banu ……Smile….Smile…..Always smile……

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Reni di,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love?
      Episode was hilarious.Rudra and his typical concern of his decreasing value in OF.Have seen this before ShiTia marriage as Rudra panicked same way.Don’t know what is cvs thinking about Rikara.Shivika as parents will be super cute.Let’s see how Shivaay handle the ongoing situation.And thank you sooooooo…..much for your precious love di.Love you?

  17. Hi reni, omg 416 aap ne itne name kase yaad rakhe hatts off u. Yesterday epi pagalbazz or daramabazz epi tha, i was laughing like a mad. Me ah soch rahi thi agar rudhar ka baby shiviya tau or om tau bolega tooo kasa lagega. Mujhe to aab pregnecy track chaiye pls cvs sun lo pukar hamari

    1. Renimarenju

      Hai simrat…….Yeah full of fun filled episode, feeling so much relaxed after watching it……. Oh So u wants 2 see junior sso/ junior anika…….It will be so interesting….But not in hurry babes, let them manage the story line and once the confusing mysteries will be sold, surely they can think abt baby track

  18. Shekhar

    So it is the VIRTUAL END of IB and of THEME too! All character are like PUPPETs jumping and dancing on the strings controlled by MAKERS at the end! Where we were and now where we are for? Instead of solving old mysteries, all types of SH*T they filled ! So now when they have nothing remain to say, work on, they ride over the SH*T like social messaage which we are seeing all around including serial!
    Having Short memory people sometimes forget they keep doing this and that, but for what?, but like lamb, they keep doing! The overdose of FUN make RUDY a JOKER behind the SCREEN too!, and I am not laughing, literally PITYING over him, because his character was framed to make is smile with proud, but being ended with our laugh at his baseless and mindless acting, rather over acting!

    They have murdered the SHIVIKA and now both are CHEAP actor/actress showing no talent, and vomiting out all the ugliest level of acting to which no sensible viewers would like to give a single CLAP even!

    They totally failed to keep oldies fan with new viewers , and it seems they forcing us to PASS TIME alongwith them with such directionless low levelled CHEAP stuff!!

    1. Yes the moment KM track got over the base plot of the story got over but this social message isn’t that bad either

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Hii renima dii….
    Episode is ok.. But i dont want the baby track soon… Wants some progress in rikara and ruvya pair…

  20. AHAM123

    Superb epi……. Poor rudy cry baby…… But pet me dard ho gya…. Lol

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